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Update Archives: December 21, 2008


Lou Gramm promo pic

LOU GRAMM signs with Spectra Records:
Press Release / The new Christian album from Lou Gramm is in the mastering stages and will be released on Spectra Records.  Artwork and packaging are being completed – we will keep you posted once a release date nears.

The artists provides further detail about the project in an article at earlier this summer:

Gramm, who has been a born again Christian since the early '90s, tells that the as-yet-untitled album "rocks from one end to the next -- that kind of attitude but with a different subject matter."  He recorded it in his hometown of Rochester, N.Y., with his band, which includes brothers Ben and Richard and Don Mancuso from his pre-FOREIGNER band, BLACK SHEEP. The album will be released by Spectra Records.

Gramm, who left FOREIGNER for a second time in 2003, says that his recovery from a benign brain tumor in the late '90s gave him the impetus for many of the album's faith-based songs.  "It's about how you can be so out of line with the way God would have you be and maybe have a major incident in your life kind of wake you up," he explains.  "I had my priorities not in order and I just think I'm looking at life in general a little bit differently."

Lou Gramm online: &

Impellitteri - Wicked Maiden

IMPELLITTERI - Wicked Maiden to receive European release date:
Press Release / IMPELLITTERI's long-awaited new album, Wicked Maiden, will be released in Europe on April 24 via Metal Heaven Records.

Due in Japan on January 21, 2009 via Victor Entertainment, Wicked Maiden, which reunites main man Chris Impellitteri with longtime lead vocalist and writing collaborator Rob Rock, is "IMPELLITTERI's metal masterpiece," according to a press release. The band - featuring Impellitteri, Rock, bassist James Pulli and drummer Brandon Wil - "challenged the boundaries of conventional metal by utilizing music theory, technique, innovation, technology, and creative story telling. The result is an intense guitar driven metal album that will satisfy the appetite of any true metal fan.  Wicked Maiden features memorable guitar riffs, fast shredding guitar solos, amazing screaming vocals, exciting lyrical content, and a mean heavy rhythm section."

Wicked Maiden took three years to complete from the writing through the mixing and mastering. Engineer and co-producer Greg Reely worked tirelessly to create a sonic freight train.

Commented Rock: "The record is pure metal with screaming vocals, shredding guitar solos, killer rhythm section, and a fat production. I am sure that all the fans of the classic Rob and Chris Impellitteri albums will be very pleased with our new release."

"Wicked Maiden is by far the most amazing recording I have been involved with," according to IMPELLITTERI main man/guitarist Chris Impellitteri. "It is filled with amazing riffs, fast shredding solos, screaming vocals, and, of course, a brutal rhythm section."

He added, "The goal of this record was to make a historic album that will rival Van Halen 1, OZZY's Blizzard Of Oz, PANTERA's Cowboys From Hell, YNGWIE's Rising Force, METALLICA's Master of Puppets, and even new artists like CHILDREN OF BODOM and AVENGED SEVENFOLD."

Wicked Maiden track listing:

1. “Wicked Maiden”
2. “Last Of A Dying Breed”
3. “Destruction”
4. “Garden Of Eden”
5. “The Vision”
6. “Eyes Of An Angel”
7. “No More School”
8. “Wonderful Life”
9. “Holy Man”
10. “Battle Rages”



* JACOBS LADDER is the new band of Matt Harding (APOSTLE):

* MAJESTIC VANGUARD update: “The (past several) years have been hard for MAJESTIC VANGUARD. You all know the story by now with Peter’s (Sidgriddon – lead vocals) vocal cords, his decision to leave MV and all the other issues the band has (faced). Somehow we have never been able (to get back) on the right track when we have been forced to deal with (issues) not concerning the music! It’s been very annoying never receiving the tools to start work (on a new) album and (begin) touring. We have come to a point when we see the need to reorganize the band. It’s time to proceed in a new direction.  A lot of changes have been made and more is about to embark! We will try to work towards the future in a way that actually can meet the needs of both our families and the band. We have a mission to accomplish and we’re hungry to meet you soon again on tour, but we also ask for your patience - a lot of work lay ahead.”


Update Archives: December 7, 2008


Theocracy banner

Angelic Warlord interview - Matt Smith of THEOCRACY

What are your feelings about Mirror Of Souls?  Are you happy with the way the album turned out? And how has the response been so far?
"Very happy.  I still really enjoy listening to it, even though there are things I can nitpick about it that bug me now--but I think that’s the case with any artist.  I’m not one of these, “Now that it’s done, I never want to hear it again” guys.  When I write, I’m writing as a fan, and trying to come up with songs that I would want to listen to.  So I really enjoy the album, just from the perspective of an outside listener, now that I’ve had time to step away from it a little bit."  Read Full Interview >>


Jon Hooper - Doorways To Other Worlds

JON HOOPER - Doorways To Other Worlds re-issued:
Press Release / Guitarist Jon Hooper is best known for his involvement in UNFORSAKEN, an Ontario, Canada based eighties influenced hard rock project that put out its full-length debut, Not Alone, in 2005.  The instrumental hard rock solo album that Hooper released the year prior, Doorways To Other Worlds, was recently re-issued by Unforsaken Productions. 

Commented Hooper: “I'd been writing the songs on this album over the previous decade. When I began writing, they were intended only for my own listening pleasure, but my friends heard some of the songs and encouraged me to do a CD, so I finally decided to record them and share them with everyone. So I hope you enjoy what I have put together for you. Please feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you think.”

Doorways To Other Worlds track listing:

1. “Grind”
2. “The Journey”
3. “Radio Intro”
4. “The Final Battle”
5. “Frozen In Time”
6. “Industrial Groove”
7. “Radial Boogie”
8. “War Machine”

Unforsaken Productions online:

Jon Hooper online:

Incarnate - Incarnate

INCARNATE details revealed:
Press Release / Unforsaken Productions (Canada) announces the release of the debut full-length by INCARNATE.  The self-titled release is now available online for worldwide sale through the Unforsaken Productions website:
A heavy metal project featuring UNFORSAKEN vocalist Thomas Wilson, Incarnate was recorded primarily by Wilson, with additional tracks recorded by former UNFORSAKEN bassist Sheldon D'Costa.  Guest appearances are made by Jon Hooper (UNFORSAKEN), JD Evans (LETTER 7), Chris Dickens (MISSION OF ONE), Brad Windlan (PASTOR BRAD) and more.
More than 60 minutes in length, Incarnate is a fast moving concept album about the life of Jesus Christ, focusing on the difference He can make in our lives today.

Incarnate track listing:

Act I:

1. “Rebellion”
2. “Paradise Lost”
3. “Follow The Star”
4. “Incarnation”
5. “The Sacrifice”
6. “Golgotha”
7. “It Is Finished”
8. “Death’s Demise”

Act II:

1. “Ways Of The World”
2. “Prodigal”
3. “Psychotropic Terror”
4. “Desperate Times”
5. “Believe in Me”
6. “The Return Home”
7. “Resolution”
8. “Serpent’s Lie”



Update Archives: November 23, 2008


Sin Dizzy - He's Not Dead

SIN DIZZY - He’s Not Dead re-issued by Girder Music:
Press Release / SIN DIZZY arrived on the heals of platinum recording artist STRYPER.  Formed in May of 1994 by guitarist Oz Fox and bassist Tim Gaines after STRYPER disbanded, SIN DIZZY released their self-produced full length debut He’s Not Dead on October 10, 1998.  It sold well among Christian metal fans, especially those who followed STRYPER.  However, only a limited number of copies of He’s Not Dead were produced and sold.  Now, after being out of print for years, He’s Not Dead has been digitally re-mastered and repackaged (with new album artwork) in this very special limited edition re-issue- with liner notes and historical band photos as well.

He’s Not Dead track listing:

1. “He’s Not Dead”
2. “I Gave It All To Him”
3. “Psalm 23”
4. “Enter Me”
5. “Sacred Blood”
6. “Back In Time”
7. “Rise Above”
8. “Long Way To Heaven”
9. “When The Son Comes Back”
10.  “Hebrew Kings”

SIN DIZZY online:

X-Sinner - World Covered In Blood

X-SINNER - World Covered In Blood updates:
The Southern California based group announces release of third full-length album and video (seen below) of the title track:

November 21, 2008:

“The new album CD's are in and shipping! You can order them now or wait until they are in the stores. Image Records is working on the distribution right now. Thanks to all who are pre-ordering their copy! A Los Angeles record release party is in the works with details to follow on our schedule page. The band may end up laying low for the holidays and then pick up the World Covered In Blood tour early 2009. Another contest involving a quiz on something specific about the album cover is in the works as well.”

September 21, 2008:

“After re-mastering one of the songs three times, the album finally is back on track to being pressed.  Image Records will be offering direct hard copy sales to fans from their site utilizing PayPal in the next week and all the downloads will be available in the next few days.  I-Tunes and the rest of the online downloading companies will follow after that.  Reviews have been awesome and have been exceeding our expectations! After such a long and hard fought battle to get this album to the light of day it is very rewarding to hear how much others like the project. Thanks to everyone involved and to all who waited so long for this!”

September 8, 2008:

“After completing mastering at the end of August, the band decided to re-master one song that didn't turn out exactly like they wanted it to in the first run of mastering.  That is now done and the disc is back on track to manufacturing next week  Image will probably start taking presale orders next week too and utilize PayPal as the means to purchase the CD from all you fans.”

July 23, 2008:

“Mastering prior to manufacturing is taking longer than anticipated as the band plays the waiting game to see their labor of love come to completion.... "The bizarre that has plagued this project from the beginning continues even after the mix was finished" says lead vocalist Rex Scott. "We thought we were finally home free once we got the mix done but that sadly has not been the case".  More strange things have transpired to delay the album like the disappearance of a veteran engineer called upon to master the project. "We have no idea where he is or what happened to him - we are really concerned".  

Alternate avenues of mastering are now being pursued by the band and their label Image Records to get the new CD into the hands of fans as soon as possible. Plans are proceeding, however, and select radio stations are receiving the song World Covered In Blood via a special download offered by Image Records for airplay. That song will be the first video from the album as well. If you are a radio station and would like to participate in this promotion just email the band from their website and your request will be forwarded to Image Records.”

July 6, 2008:

“The new album is done being mixed and is onto mastering and manufacturing!  We were going to attempt a retail debut at Cornerstone 2008 at the end of June but just like the rest of this albums recording delays during the entire tracking period, it will now be for sale shortly after.  The mastering has taken longer than we anticipated. Keep all those encouraging emails coming!”

May 11, 2008:

“The new album World Covered In Blood is getting close to manufacturing!  The album art insert is being completed as we speak and the final song is being mixed.  Mastering and manufacturing are right around the corner (at last!!!)  We hope to be ready to press by the end of May or the first week of June.  Great reviews from mainstream press on our last release Fire It Up are coming in from Europe and Australia. It is only wetting the appetite for the new album.”

April 6, 2008:

“The mixing of World Covered In Blood continues and is sounding better everyday. Mixes are being completed in the Los Angeles area and then sent around the world to guitarist Greg Bishop in Australia, bassist Rob Kniep in Las Vegas and Image Records in Philly for all to approve or recommend changes. Rex is on site to oversee and direct the mixing first hand. The album cover design contest is now over and the label and band are going through all the entries to pick a winner over the next couple weeks. Thanks to all who took the time to design a cover and enter!”

World Covered In Blood track listing:

1. “Back In Red”
2. “What Rock Is For”
3. “Holy Ghost & Fire”
4. “World Covered In Blood”
5. “Storm On The Horizon”
6. “Ready To Go”
7. “Forgive Them”
8. “Who’s Your Friend”
9. “Wanna Be Set Free”
10. “Got Something To Say”
11. “That Aint Me”

X-SINNER online: &


Update Archives: November 16, 2008


Menchen - Red Rock

MENCHEN full length debut, Red Rock:
Press Release / Retroactive Records has announced the release of the debut album from MENCHEN, entitled Red Rock.  The album is truly a collaboration of the most talented players in the metal scene.  Bill Menchen (TITANIC, THE SEVENTH POWER, FINAL AXE) dominates as a master on guitar, Robert Sweet (STRYPER) handles drums, Tony Franklin (WHITESNAKE, QUIET RIOT, THE FIRM) is one of the world's most sought-after and recognizable bassists, and vocals by the ultra-talented HIS WITNESS lead singer, Ken Redding, all work together to create this stunning masterpiece!

Red Rock does a great job of building off the influences and former bands of these great players, while coming up with something inventive. With stunning artwork by Finland's Jan Yrlund, complex-yet-melodic hooks, and soaring vocals, this new masterpiece is sure to delight fans of DIO, SACRED WARRIOR, BARREN CROSS, and RUSH.

Red Rock track listing:

1. “Train Crossing”
2. “Moon Sun”
3. “A Salt Mine”
4. “Ashes And Dust”
5. “Forty”
6. “Shifting Sand”
7. “Time To Ride”
8. “Snowy Plain”
9. “Wild Wind Blows”
10. “Desert Rain”

Retroactive Records online:

Bill Menchen online: &

Seventh Avenue - Southgate

SEVENTH AVENUE - Southgate re-issued on Ulterium Records:
Press Release / The German power metal band SEVENTH AVENUE will have their classic album Southgate from 1998 re-issued by Ulterium Records in ealry 2009.  Southgate was originally released on Treasure Hunt Records 1998 and received a very good response around the world.  The album has been out of print for many years now, so fans of German power metal in the vein of old Helloween and Gamma Ray, don’t miss out!

The release date for Southgate is set to January 23rd, 2009 world-wide. 

Southgate track listing

1. “Introduce”
2. “Southgate”
3. “Protection Of Fool”
4. “Carol”
5. “Father”
6. “May The Best One Win”
7. “Puppet Of The Mighty”
8. “Storm”
9. “Heart In Your Hand”
10. “Nameless Child”
11. “Big City Sharks”
12. “Goodbye”


Herbie Langhans - Vocals, Guitars
Andi Gutjahr - Guitars
Willian Hieb - Bass
Mike Pfluger - Drums

Ulterium Records online:


* Interview with Matt Hunt (Retroactive Records):

* Australia’s EARLY WARNING SYSTEM has called it quits. The good news, however, is that guitarist Kevin Windross is working on an instrumental solo album entitled Standing Outside Circles


Update Archives: November 09, 2008


DELIVERANCE - Deliverance (Retroactive re-issue)
The Los Angeles based melodic speed metal outfit Deliverance burst onto the scene in 1986 with its critically acclaimed six song demo Greetings Of Death.  Putting together its second demo, After Greetings, in 1987, the band placed the tracks “Attack” and “A Space Called You” on the California Metal compilation later the same year.  Read Full Review >>

DELIVERANCE - Weapons Of Our Warfare (Retroactive re-issue)
Recorded in follow up to the groups critically acclaimed self-titled debut from 1990, Weapons Of Our Warfare finds Deliverance continuing to head in a melodic speed metal and thrash direction but with more focused songwriting, improved production values and superior packaging (particularly the album artwork).  If anything, Weapons… takes things to the next level in comparison to Deliverance- an album that was already very, very good to begin with.  Read Full Review >>

DRIVER - Sons Of Thunder
What Driver brings to the table is eighties influenced melodic metal with an edge.  Heavier than projects Rob Rock had been previously associated with (at the time), such as Joshua and Angelica, Driver reflects that “edge” in question with its penchant for the guitar driven- all the while delivering a sound that is catchy without trending towards the overtly commercial.  Read Full Review >>

FAITH FACTOR - Against A Darkened Sky
Against A Darkened Sky, the groups fall of 2008 Retroactive full length debut, brings a traditional classic power metal sound certain to appeal to fans of Sacred Warrior, Recon, Jacobs Dream (David Taylor era), Fates Warning, old Queensryche, Crimson Glory and Iron Maiden.  Those whose musical tastes trend towards classic metal – think Saint and Judas Priest – should find a lot to like in Faith Factor as well.  Read Full Review >>

HARMONY - Dreaming Awake (Ulterium re-issue)
After recruiting bassist Andreas Olsson (Narnia, Divinefire & Wisdom Call) and keyboardist Magnum Holmberg, Harmony entered the studio and recorded its 2003 Massacre Records full length debut Dreaming Awake.  Out of print and hard to find for several years, Dreaming Awake was re-issued in the fall of 2008 by the bands new label home, Ulterium Records.  Read Full Review >>

HARMONY - Chapter II: Aftermath
On Chapter II: Aftermath Harmony continues to combine elements of melodic metal and power metal.  Where the group diverges from the past, however, is that it now heads in a heavier and faster musical direction.  Read Full Review >>

INCARNATE - Incarnate
Incarnate can best be described as straightforward heavy metal with strong thrash overtones.  The likes of “Paradise Lost”, “Incarnation” and “Death’s Demise”, for example, walk a fine line between metal and thrash while hard hitting tracks “Prodigal” and “Psychotropic Terror” are, for a lack of better words, as heavy as they get.  Read Full Review >>

THEOCRACY - Mirror Of Souls
Those who enjoy the self-titled debut will find a lot to like in Mirror Of Souls.  The same catchy choruses and huge melodies, abundant backing vocals, epic arrangements and progressive elements make their presence felt: If anything, the music here is on the more progressive side of things in comparison to TheocracyRead Full Review >>


Eden's Way - IV

EDEN’S WAY to release new album, IV:
Press Release / Since forming in 2002, Knoxville, Tennessee based EDEN’S WAY have honed their music by playing dozens of shows throughout the southeast U.S. and have independently released three full-length studio albums:  T self-titled debut in 2003, a sophomore follow-up entitled 4-4-1 in 2004, and their third CD, Rock Solid, in 2006.  EDEN’S WAY fourth full length album, EW4, will be released on Soul Joy Records in late 2008.

Musically, EDEN’S WAY trends toward an arena-rock sound featuring radio-sensible compositional elements, highly polished studio production values and solid performances that showcase vocal and lead guitar capabilities.  The band has often been compared to PETRA, WHITECROSS and STRYPER.  The lyrics of EDEN’S WAY are the heart of the band's mission, however, as every song aims to touch the listener with biblical messages.

IV track listing:

1. “Shout”
2. “Everybody Wants Him”
3. “I Live For Him”
4. “All I Need”
5. “Tough Love”
6. “It’s All About Him”
7. “Messiah”
8. “Jesus Is His Name”
9. “All For Love”
10. “Fight”
11. “Untitled”

EDEN’S WAY online: &

Sweet Crystal - Still Standing

SWEET CRYSTAL is Still Standing:
Press Release / Nightcrier Music have released the full-length debut (from 2001) of melodic rock band SWEET CRYSTAL on its independent music label solely on the Internet. (The album is also available at CD Baby.)  Taking advantage of the webs worldwide reach, the album entitled Still Standing has been gathering accolades and airplay from such diverse locales as the Netherlands, Germany and New Zealand. The continued international acceptance and growing requests for the music has been a pleasant surprise to all the band members.

Commented vocalist & keyboardist Marq Q Speck: “Weve always wanted to reach the world with our music, and the Internet has become our passport.”

“Were pleased that there is an audience who still desire strong melodic content in the music as well as the more positive direction in the lyrics”, explains guitarist Bill Blatter in a recent interview for the Dutch rock magazine/website StrutterZine.

Marq Andrew Speck - Lead Vocals & Keyboards
Bill Blatter - Guitars
Steve Weiser - Electronic & Acoustic Drums

Still Standing track listing:

1. “Do You Believe In Love”
2. “Soldier Of The Crown”
3. “When I Think Of You”
4. “This Way Forever”
5. “Messiah Song”
6. “In God We Trust”
7. “No Two Masters”
8. “In Your Name”
9. “Stand Up & Shout”
10. “Looking Back”
11. “Ominicity”


Zephaniah  - Stories From The Book Of Metal

ZEPHANIAH release full length debut, Stories From The Book Of Metal:
Press Release / Fort Wayne, Indiana is not a city known for its power metal.  Since 2005, however, ZEPHANIAH has taken it upon themselves to change that.  Disinterested in the repetitive sound of the death metal and hardcore bands in the area, ZEPHANIAH focused on introducing a new style of music to the Midwest scene, drawing inspiration from bands such as MANOWAR, SYMPHONY X and a variety of European power metal acts.  A fairly young band (members aged 19-24), ZEPHANIAH is making a name in the region and creating a lasting impression among fans.

With the release of their latest album, aptly titled Stories from the Book of Metal, this group of Christians has claimed a stake in the hearts of their fans with stories of pirates, battle, and the power of metal.  Combining elements of power, progressive, and neo-classical metal, ZEPHANIAH brings forth a unique sound, filled with tightly-woven guitar harmonies and solos, speed-metal drumming, and strong vocal melodies.

ZEPHANIAH line up:

Logan Detwiler – Lead Vocals
Justin Zych - Guitars
Tyson Miller - Guitars
Tyler Sumwalt - Bass
Ian Bender - Drums

Stories From The Book Of Metal track listing:

1. “The Metal Prayer”
2. “Antietam”
3. “Avenger Of Souls”
4. “Deep Breath”
5. “Sword Of The King”
6. “Fight For Love”
7. “Blackbeard’s Revenge”
8. “The Lone Warrior”
9. “Flame Of The Dragon”


Update Archives: November 2, 2008


BRIDE update:
"BRIDE is gearing up for their most ambitious CD release ever.   In 2009 BRIDE will produce and release their final work.  Thirty songs are being considered for this project.  Other than Dale and Troy (Thompson), the founders of BRIDE, no other musicians have been announced.
"On December 16, 2008 Dale will undergo his second shoulder surgery.  After surgery and realistic recovery and healing time, BRIDE will begin the recording process.
"Over the past two decades BRIDE has offered a wide variety of music.  A lot of time and effort has gone into making BRIDE a recognizable name in Christian hard rock / metal scene.  The musical climate has changed a great deal over the past several years and BRIDE finds itself on the outside looking in. Young new talent has burst on the scene and bands like BRIDE are still only admired by devoted fans that have followed their careers. BRIDE hopes to reward the fans that have inspired the band to keep pressing forward with a masterful Spirit -filled CD that will encourage these fans for years to come.

BRIDE online: &

Pastor Brad - Heavenly Shred

PASTOR BRAD announces Heavenly Shred track listing:
As taken from the Christian Metal Realm:

“Hey guys, I haven't been able to hang out here at the Realm much lately- been real busy trying to finish this album up. I very proud of the way it turned out. All of the guest players just did an excellent job with their tracks- Dee Harrington (SAINT), David Wallimann, Jeff Garner, Jim Griffin and Mario Barisic and the entire CMR Crew on "The Christian Metal Realm" tune.”

You can hear the HEAVENLY SHRED demo MP3, including approximately 30 seconds of every song, on the album at my sound click page:

Everyone who pre-orders by Sunday, November 2 will get the CD as soon as I get it back from duplication.  Heavenly Shred is slated to be released at CD Baby on Thanksgiving.

Heavenly Shred track listing:

1. “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem”
2. “O Come O Come Emmanuel”
3. “Deck The Halls”, “Silent Night”
4. “Joy to the World”
5. “Nothing But the Blood”
6. “Holy Holy Holy”
7. “I'll Fly Away”
8. “Oh How I Love Jesus”
9. “Carol of the Bells”
10. “Christian Metal Realm”
11. “Psalm 33:3”

PASTOR BRAD online: &

Mike Baker - Shadow Gallery

SHADOW GALLERY mourns passing of lead vocalist:
Press Release / Vocalist Michael A. Baker of progressive metal band SHADOW GALLERY died on Wednesday afternoon, October 29, 2008 after suffering a heart attack.  He was 45 years old.

Mike was a founding member of SHADOW GALLERY and for the past 16 years, helped shape the band's sound with his magical voice.  Additionally, he made many appearances on rock records around the world.

According to a statement from SHADOW GALLERY, "Those who knew Mike best were moved by his gentle spirit, sincere kindness, fun nature and passion for both music and sports. He was a warrior in the studio, a true professional.  Mike was our friend, our singer and our brother. We loved him and will miss him enormously, but he will always be remembered in our hearts and through his music."

Magna Carta Records last year issued a "best-of" collection from SHADOW GALLERY, entitled Prime Cuts.  The CD featured 12 tracks chosen by the band, including a previously unreleased demo from the Carved In Stone sessions ("Rule The World") and edits of two tracks from Legacy ("The Crusher" and "Colors").

SHADOW GALLERY began in the early 1980s under the name SORCERER, changing their name just in time to sign with Magna Carta Records in 1991.  It was a young band joining forces with a young label.  Both were doing something brave and fraught with risk:  They were making music that is complex enough to merit careful attention, built around a compelling but oddly non-commercial blend of virtuosity and emotion, and saying that maybe there's a place in the world for something other than three-minute songs.  SHADOW GALLERY uses its chops to tell stories — big stories, sometimes so big they have to span across multiple albums.

SHADOW GALLERY's fifth album, Room V, was released in May 2005 via InsideOut Music.



* Guitarist Joshua Perahia on the next JOSHUA album, Resurrection (as taken from a recent online interview): “Jeff Fenholt has always been my favorite singer, as he did an incredible job on my second album, Surrender. He and I are working on the newest album (entitled) Resurrection. I know it will be my greatest album yet. Intense Defense has always been my favorite, but this album has everything I have in my musical abilities all in one. This album will have power, and message that pertains to our world today, and my feelings in faith. Jeff Fenholt's voice is out of this world. His power on my newest song, "The Dark Side of Man", should be a moving experience for all JOSHUA fans.”

* YouTube is home to footage of vintage (early eighties) RESURRECTION BAND:


Update Archives: October 19, 2008


DELIVERANCE re-issues on Retroactive Records:

Deliverance - Deliverance

DELIVERANCE - Deliverance:

Press Release / Frightening, awe-inspiring, and absolutely relentless, DELIVERANCE's self-titled album dropped onto the scene in 1989 with all the finesse of a metallic sledgehammer across the forehead.   In 1987, DELIVERANCE had made their presence known in dramatic fashion on the California Metal compilation (a sampler in the vein of Metal Blade's Metal Massacre compilations) with "Attack" being the very first thrash/speed metal song with a strong Christian message to ever be released. 

Overwhelmed with anticipation, fans lined up for two years trying to buy more of this West Coast speed metal as phenomenal as anything released by EXODUS, DEATH ANGEL, METALLICA, and ANTHRAX.   The long wait ended with the release of 1989's self-titled debut, and fans were not disappointed.  Having enlisted the production skills of famed mainstream metal producer Bill Metoyer (FLOTSAM AND JETSAM, TROUBLE, FATES WARNING, DRI, SLAYER) the debut exuded all the pure destructive power for which fans could have hoped.  Every note is executed with jaw-dropping levels of scientific precision.   Jimmy's vocals are both powerful and soaring.  The Retroactive reissue, scheduled for release on November 11, 2008, is re-mastered and includes both tracks from the California Metal compilation as bonus tracks

Deliverance track listing: “Victory”, “No Time”, “Deliverance”, “If You Will”, “The Call”, “No Love”, “Blood Of The Covenant”, “Jehovah Jireh”, “Temporary Insanity”, “Awake”, “A Space Called You” (bonus track ), “Attack” (bonus track)

Deliverance - Weapons Of Our Warfare

DELIVERANCE - Weapons Of Our Warfare:

Press Release / Only a year after the band released the historic self-titled debut, DELIVERANCE released their 1990 tour de force, Weapons of Our Warfare.  METALLICA created Master of Puppets, SLAYER bludgeoned the world with the classic Reign In Blood, FLOTSAM & JETSAM had Doomsday..., and EXODUS boasted Bonded By Blood - all albums that would create the standard for all other speed metal releases.  Weapons of Our Warfare was that album for DELIVERANCE.  It cemented the band's place as legitimate speed metal royalty.   To this very day, Weapons is still mentioned with hushed reverence among Christian metalheads as one of the elite speed metal albums of all time. 

Guitarist Glenn Rogers (HIRAX) had exited the band and former RECON guitarist George Ochoa had joined in his place. Weapons of our Warfare turned out to be one monster of a record, a genuine speed metal classic.  Each and every song is played with a feverish fury, and once again the song writing is outstanding. George Ochoa's highly technical rhythm guitar style drives most of the album, setting new standards of power, precision, and stamina. The band is just as dexterous, playing with tightly controlled fury even at the most ridiculously fast tempos. The album shows marked musical growth with several adrenaline-driven, extended, multi-sectioned compositions foreshadowing the band's later progressive epics.  And the trade-off guitar leads by Brown and Ochoa provide first rate riffage that will satisfy even the most skilled guitar hero addict.

A video version of the title track became the first Christian metal song to gain airplay on MTV, and it placed among the top three on that network's Headbanger's Ball countdown for twelve weeks in a row!  In 1999, Lars Ulrich (METALLICA) hosted a show in which he named DELIVERANCE "Weapons..." as one of his top ten favorite metal videos of all time.  Weapons... is a classic album, and with a complete Digital Remastering, enhanced new artwork inspired by the original artwork, and one bonus track, this 2008 reissue - schedule for release on November, 2008 - is sure to delight all fans of Believer, SLAYER, EXODUS, METALLICA, TOURNIQUET, and ANTHRAX. 

Weapons Of Our Warfare track listing: “Supplication”, “This Present Darkness”, “Weapons Of Our Warfare”, “This Present Darkness”, “Flesh And Blood”, “Bought By Blood”, “23”, “Slay The Wicked”, “Greetings Of Death”, “If We Faint Not”, “Rescue” (bonus track from Decade Of Deliverance)

Retroactive Records online:


Faith Factor - Against A Darkened Sky

FAITH FACTOR - Against A Darkened Sky details revealed:
Press Release / Until 2006, Ski was known as the massive talent fronting the cult classic heavy metal band, DEADLY BLESSING (1988 Ascend From the Cauldron on New Renaissance Records & An Eye To the Past on Hellion Records).  Now, afforded a second bite at the apple, with divine guidance, Ski makes a return with FAITH FACTOR on Retroactive Records.  

FAITH FACTOR combines high end, melodic based vocals with a twin guitar attack to create a work that can best be described as galloping riffs of pure classic, technical power metal.  Former DEADLY BLESSING vocalist Ski fronts the group bringing a commanding, operatic elite vocal presence.  Ski displays a near unlimited range when he cuts loose and goes for a high note (think Lance King, Geoff Tate, Midnight, John Arch, Dio, Bruce Dickinson).  Metal To Infinity webzine calls Ski " of the best vocalists walking the planet..." And Magic Star Light zine says, "those familiar with Ski's vocals won't even bother reading the rest of this review before going to buy the album!"    

Against... is a rarity in the metal world.  It's a dark and weighty slab of classic traditional heavy metal, technical and progressive as reflected in the numerous time changes and the band's frequent excursion into instrumental territory.  Yet, the listener is drawn in by insanely catchy hooks at every turn.  Fans of RECON, IRON MAIDEN, CRIMSON GLORY, ICED EARTH, ROB ROCK, FORBIDDEN, and QUEENSRYCHE have every reason to raise their metal fists high into the air.  Epic, traditional, heavy metal is alive and well on Against A Darkened Sky!

Against A Darkened Sky track listing:

1. “Evila Si Eh”
2. “Keep It True”
3. “The Rapture”
4. "In God's Shadow”
5. “In Remembrance”
6. “Light Replaces Darkness”
7. “Armor Of God”
8. “Divine Temptation”
9 “Ascend Unto Heaven”
10. “Sinner's Prayer”

Against A Darkened Sky is going to be released on November 11, 2008 via Retroactive Records. The album was mixed at Cync Studio's in Deptford, New Jersey. The CD layout was designed by Christian artist Rob Rock's (IMPELLITTERI, DRIVER, JOSHUA) wife Liza with a 10-page booklet.

FAITH FACTOR will be performing at the Keep It True XI festival, set to take place November 15, 2008 at Soundpark-Ost (ex-Rockpalast) in Würzburg, Germany.

Retroactive Records online:

Harmony - Dreaming Awakw

Ulterium Records to re-issue HARMONY debut Dreaming Awake:
Press Release / The Swedish melodic metal band HARMONY will have their full length debut Dreaming Awake re-issued by Ulterium Records this fall.  Dreaming Awake was originally released by Massacre Records in 2003 and received fantastic response around the world. The album has been out of print and hard to find in recent years.

Dreaming Awake will be re-released on October 31, 2008, the same day Ulterium will be releasing the bands sophomore effort Chapter II: Aftermath in Europe.

Dreaming Awake track listing:

1. "Into The Afterlife"
2. "Eternity"
3. "Dreaming Awake"
4. "Fragile"
5. "Without You"
6. "The Fall"
7. "Fall Of Man"
8. "When Shadows Fall"
9. "Maze Of The Past"
10. "She"
11. "Remember"

Ulterium Records online:

HARMONY online:


* Detonation is a fanzine focusing on the UK Christian hard music scene:

* Update from CHRISTIAN LILJEGREN:  “I have joined forces with my brother Simeon Liljegren for the next AUDIOVISION album.  We played together for many years in BORDERLINE & MODEST ATTRACTION. I am really excited for this and looking forward to play live and record new material. It will be melodic 70´s & 80´s hard rock & metal with symphonic touch with lots of harmony vocals like THE SWEET & QUEEN.  I am working on my second solo album in Swedish called Christian Liljegren - Levande (Alive) together with my close friend and keyboard player Olov Andersson. The album will be released during 2009 and concerts are planned to promote the album.  I will also be doing vocals together with Thomas Vikstrom on the new 7 DAYS album by Markus Sigfridsson. The album is planned to be out during 2009."


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D.O.G.S. OF PRAY - The Rise…
When it comes to the classic definition of gothic influenced metal and hard rock, Nashville, Tennessee based D.O.G.S. Of Pray fits the bill.  A group that can trace its origin to a joining of lead vocalist Henley and guitarists Eddie Folk and Tom Meadows, D.O.G.S. Of Pray solidified its line up upon recruiting co-lead vocalist Bobbi Folk, bassist Doug Zirk and drummer Eric Walter.  Read Full Review >>

What we have in Way Home is a joining of acoustic rock and hard rock with the occasional progressive overtone.  Much of the material here is mid-paced while making us of the acoustic guitar; that said, the album never turns into a trite listen, which is testament to Ted’s ingenious ability to compose a song with a subtle but catchy melody.  Read Full Review >>

An evangelist by calling, Mansfield cannot think of any better way to share the Gospel than rock and roll, his motto being to “become all things to all people that you might win some”.  Hence, Mansfield, who considers himself a “fisher of men”, proceeded to record the heaviest album of his career in Revelation (1985) because, in his words, “the fish started biting hard rock”.  Read Full Review >>

NEAL MORSE - Lifeline
Musically, Lifeline delivers a tasteful element of variety.  Neal’s trademark progressiveness – and the creativity and inspiration that goes along with it - is best found on the thirteen minute epic “Lifeline” and twenty-eight minute mega-epic “So Many Roads”.  Read Full Review >>

REINXEED - The Light
The Light, the full length summer of 2008 CMS/Rivel Records debut of ReinXeed, can best be described as melodic power metal with the occasional epic or symphonic tendency.  Fans of Royal Hunt, Avantasia and Sonata Arctica will find a lot to like here as will those into Theocracy, Narnia, Essence Of Sorrow and Majestic Vanguard.  Read Full Review >>

SCELERATA - Darkness And Light
A five piece unit that debuted on Nightmare Records in 2007 with the full length offering Darkness And Light, Scelerata plays an up-tempo form of power metal with the occasional symphonic or progressive tendency.  Fans of the previously referenced artists will be sure to embrace Scelerata as will those into  Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Helloween, Sacred Warrior, Recon, Barren Cross, Septer and Theocracy.  Read Full Review >>

SORROWS JOY - Fallow Round
I might describe Fallow Ground as a mixture of classic and true metal with the occasional touch of the progressive or doom-like.  What stands out most about the project is the technical prowess of the artist’s songwriting skills in that much of the material here is not your typical “verse-chorus-verse” variety.  Read Full Review >>

STONEFUZE - Stonefuze
Stonefuze, by far the groups heaviest and most intense effort to date, delivers a straightforward and no-frills hard rock sound certain to appeal to fans of F.OG., Spittin Jonah, Resurrection Band, Heartcry and Jesus Joshua 24:15.  The albums first three songs  - the energetic “Alive”, heavy duty “Apocalyptic” and aptly entitled “Fire And Flames” – prove without a doubt Stonefuze can compose a song with a solid chorus hook.  Read Full Review >>


Legacy promo pic

LEGACY demo material set for re-issue on Eonian Records:
Press Release / Christian metal. The merging of the messianic message with loud, raucous, rowdy rock ‘n’ roll. To some, this sounds oxymoronic, the mismatched mixing of the sacred with the profane. But to the born-again mousse-abuse mavericks in Legacy–Matt Rice (guitars), John Rice (bass), John Jenkins (drums), Fred Blanchard (guitars), and Doug Meacham (vocals)–it sounded like a match made in, well, Heaven.

The band’s creation began on September 17, 1987, in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. Eric Adams, a youth minister, felt called to build and manage a band that could not only rock your face off, but share the love of God while doing so. With John Rice, Matt Rice, and Matt Reedy already on board, Eric reached out to Fred Blanchard, the younger brother of a friend of his, wondering if he knew of any singers seeking work. As divine providence would have it, Fred’s band had just broken up that day, so he and Doug Meacham were both available to join.

Undecided on a name, the band fluctuated between Xristas, Threshold, and Cross as they strived to learn the songs and mesh their individual talents into one smooth, all-cylinders-cranking metal machine. But before they actually played any gigs, Matt Reedy left the fold and Blanchard enlisted his friend John Jenkins as a replacement. With this infusion of fresh blood also came a new band name- Legacy.

Legacy made no bones about being a Christian metal band. While the music was important, a sizzling salvo of heavy guitars, thunderous rhythms, melodic hooks, and layered harmonies, the band placed equal, if not more, importance on their message, ensuring their lyrics cleaved true to who they were as men of faith.

Claiming Columbus, Ohio as their home and citing bands like Stryper, Dokken, and Scorpions as influences, Legacy launched themselves into the live circuit, playing their first show at Tree of Life Christian School where Fred was still a senior. But the band did not limit themselves to Christian audiences; instead, they took to heart Jesus’ command to take His message into the world and invaded secular venues on a regular basis. One of their biggest accomplishments was winning the Battle of the Bands at the renowned heavy metal club Alrosa Villa in the winter of ‘89, becoming the first white-metal band to ever take the crown in that head-banging competition.

Gaining momentum, Legacy opened for several Christian rock legends, including REZ, Shout, Sacred Warrior, Mylon Lefevre & Broken Heart, and Allies.  In fact, one of the band’s favorite memories involves opening for Mylon Lefevre and REZ at the Ohio Center in downtown Columbus on New Year’s Eve ‘88. As Legacy rocked out a 20-minute set, a mob rushed the stage and began pummeling their approval in an impromptu mosh pit. Legacy ripped through five songs like a pack of righteously rogue soldiers, feeding off the frenzy in front of them, and exited the stage totally fired up. Only later did they learn that Lefevre had been watching in the wings and told his road manager, “The crowd seems to really like these boys. Why don’t we let them do another song?” Too bad that Legacy, too stoked to sit still, had already left!

Legacy - Legacy

Of course, every band has their amusing road stories and Legacy is no exception. En route to a show in Illinois, John engaged in his usual quirk of practicing “air drums” on the steering wheel while listening to some tunes, only this time he was practicing with a pen. Like a scene in some slapstick comedy, the tip went flying off, unbeknownst to John, who didn’t realize what had happened until he had “air drummed” ink all over the roof of the truck, himself, and pretty much everything else in the cabin in one big, black, splatterific mess.

But all was not light and laughter. Back in the 80’s, Christian metal was considered controversial, labeled as blasphemous by conservative believers who lambasted bands for wedding what they deemed “the devil’s music” to the holy gospel. Protesters repeatedly rallied at their shows, spewing their judgmental bullets. But Legacy simply ignored the laments of the extremists and marched on with their mission to rock for the Rock and sound a call to arms to all those metal-loving believers striving to stay strong in a cold, dark, dying world.

Legacy’s star seemed to be on a meteoric rise. They garnered praise wherever they went. They were featured in CCM Magazine and Heaven’s Metal Magazine.  They placed the tracks “Cross The Line” and “What A World” on the Heavy Righteous Metal: Chapter II and Brave New Music compilations, respectively.  They were on the brink of being signed by a major Christian label.  But then it all unraveled. Matt left the band to pursue alternate ministries; Fred departed soon after. Within a year, the band experienced a string of personnel pains, and before a new incarnation could be solidified, grunge steam-rolled onto the scene The members of Legacy remain eternally grateful to God for granting them the opportunity to serve and worship Him through the medium of metal. The band may someday squeeze a small reunion into their busy schedules and possibly even crank out some new music, but regardless of what the future holds for Legacy, their heritage in the Christian metal realm is one they can be proud.

They appeared on compilations from Pure Metal (“Cross The Line”) and Star Song Records (“What A World”). They were on the brink of being signed by a major Christian label.  But then it all unraveled. Matt left the band to pursue alternate ministries; Fred departed soon after. Within a year, the band experienced a string of personnel pains, and before a new incarnation could be solidified, grunge steam-rolled onto the scene and the radical shift in the musical winds shattered any chance Legacy might have had at wider success. By the spring of ‘92, Doug and John remained the only original members and during a telephone conversation, both agreed Legacy was no more. They had answered the call, danced with destiny, and now it was time to move on.

The members of Legacy remain eternally grateful to God for granting them the opportunity to serve and worship Him through the medium of metal. The band may someday squeeze a small reunion into their busy schedules and possibly even crank out some new music, but regardless of what the future holds for Legacy, their heritage in the Christian metal realm is one they can be proud.

Legacy track listing: “Salvation Is Law”, “It’s Real”, “Cross The Line”, “Forever In Your Arms”, “Don’t Run Away”, “Red, White, And Blue”, “Change Of A Broken Heart”, “Comin’ Home”, “Soldiers Unite”, “One Way Or The Other”, “Live It”, “What A World”, “Model Citizen”, “Vision Of Perfection”

Eonian Records online:

Venia promo pic

VENIA studio report:
"Everybody has been so busy this month that it has just passed by without anything happening considering the album.  Now we are gearing up to finally put all the missing pieces together with the mixing, artwork and booklet and I'm getting cautiously optimistic that we'll finally get this album done. Let's hope I'm right.

"After another long break the final mixing has started nicely. I'd say roughly half of the songs are completely mixed. We're really close now!

"I also just got to see the cover art. It's looking quite promising. It will be a continuation to the In Our Weakness art although painted by a different artist since my wife didn't have time to paint it this time. I think it's similar and different at the same time, which is sort of what we wanted. Hopefully people will be able to see the connection."

VENIA, which is the Latin translation for forgiveness, formed in 2004 prior to putting out its first demo entitled Genesis.  The group later signed to Bombworks Records for the thrash influenced power metal of its five-song debut EP, In Our Weakness.

VENIA online:


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Harmony - Chapter II: Aftermath

HARMONY - Chapter II: Aftermath North American release date announced:
Press Release / Ulterium Records (Sweden) and Nightmare Records (U.S.) have inked a deal for the North American release of the new HARMONY album Chapter II: Aftermath.  The album will be released in Europe October 31st and in North America November 25th.

The album was mixed by Pelle Saether (A.C.T, DARKWATER) in Studio Underground, and mastered by Göran Finnberg (IN FLAMES, THE HAUNTED, DARK TRANQUILITY) at The Mastering Room.  Daniel Heiman (ex. LOST HORIZON, HEED) is doing guest vocals on the track “Inner peace” and Kristoffer Gildenlöw (DIAL, ex. PAIN OF SALVATION) handles the bass during the entire album.

Chapter II: Aftermath track listing:

1. “Prevail”
2. “Aftermath”
3. “Rain”
4. “Don’t Turn Away”
5. “Kingdom”
6. “Silently We Fade”
7. “Inner Peace”
8. “Weak”
9. “I Run”
10. “Hollow Faces”
11. “End Of My Road”

Ulterium Records & Nightmare Records online: &

HARMONY online:

THEOCRACY - Mirror Of Souls to receive North American release:
Press Release / Ulterium Records (Sweden) and Nightmare Records (U.S.) have inked a deal for the North American release of the new THEOCRACY album Mirror of Souls. The album will be released in Japan November 25th, and in North American December 9th.  The Japanese version will contain the bonus track “Wages Of Sin”.

Mirror Of Souls was produced and mixed by Matt Smith and mastered by Mika Jussila (NIGHTWISH, STRATOVARIUS, CHILDREN OF BODOM).  The cover was designed by Robert Wilson and the booklet designed by Felipe Machado Franco (ICED EARTH, AYREON, AT VANCE).

Mirror Of Souls track listing:

1. “A Tower Of Ashes” (4:44)
2. “On Eagles’ Wings” (4:11)
3. “Laying The Demon To Rest” (9:37)
4. “Bethlehem” (5:51)
5. “Absolution Day” (6:46)
6. “The Writing In The Sand” (6:43)
7. “Martyr” (7:39)
8. “Mirror Of Souls” (22:26)

Ulterium Records online:

THEOOCRACY online: &


* Kerry Livgren to put out a re-recorded version of the final AD album, Prime Mover: “As was done with Collector's Sedition (the Director's Cut), Prime Mover (Redux) will not be just a re-issue, it is a (nearly) complete re-recording of the album. Warren Ham's vocals are still featured, but in every other aspect it will be a new rendering of the music with new performances and additional artists. Watch for a release announcement.”

* MAD MAX new album update: “It's time to celebrate 25 years of MAD MAX with a brand new album, Here We Are, coming your way on October 1, 2008 (on A-Minor Records)! We will provide you with all the details in the next few days! First, we (will) have the video clip for the first single and title track called "Here We Are" online later next week! So enjoy the video and (send) it to all your friends!"

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Sacred Warrior banner

SACRED WARRIOR reunites to record new album:
Press Release / Reactivated '80s Christian metal legends SACRED WARRIOR are currently working on material for a new studio album, tentatively due in early 2009.  According to singer Rey Parra, the upcoming album "will be one of our heaviest discs yet. It is hard yet still has the SACRED WARRIOR feel to it and don't be thinking that we are going to wimp out on the lyrics.  We think that today more that ever we need to bring the gospel of Jesus to the forefront.  We are currently recording the music in Chicago and I will be recording the vocals in Florida.  This long-awaited disc will be finished sometime towards the end of the year, Lord willing, so please be patient and be prayerful so that all goes well."

SACRED WARRIOR is a Christian band which played melodic, progressive hard rock/metal, often quite reminiscent of mid-period QUEENSRŸCHE, a label that SACRED WARRIOR considered a compliment. SACRED WARRIOR broke up in 1994 and then reformed at least temporarily in 2000 to do a Cornerstone festival reunion show. There was talk of a new album sometime in the future, but nothing ever became of it.

SACRED WARRIOR can trace its history to a mid-eighties Chicago area mainstream group named NOMAD that included vocalist Rey Parra, guitarist Bruce Swift and drummer Tony Velazquez.  Swift was the first of the three to become a Christian and played an influential role in Parra and Velazquez making decisions for Christ.  After forming a new band to make music reflective of their faith, the three met bassist Steve Watkins at a Bible study and recruited keyboardist Rick Macias during a jam session shortly thereafter.

The group upon the name SACRED WARRIOR because it reflects not only that their commitment to Christ is sacred, but that as warriors they need to put on the armor of God and prepare themselves for battle on a daily basis.

SACRED WARRIOR signed with Intense Records on December 10, 1987 and recorded four albums with the label: Rebellion (1988), Master’s Command (1989) Wicked Generation (1990) and Obsessions (1991).


Theocracy - Mirror Of Souls

THEOCRACY - Mirror Of Souls details revealed:
Press Release / The new THEOCRACY album, Mirror Of Souls, will be released in Europe via Ulterium Records on November 21st and in Japan on November 25th by Soundholic Records.  The Japan version will contain the bonus track “Wages Of Sin”.  A North American release date is forthcoming.

Mirror Of Souls track listing:

1. “A Tower Of Ashes” (4:44)
2. “On Eagles’ Wings” (4:11)
3. “Laying The Demon To Rest” (9:37)
4. “Bethlehem” (5:51)
5. “Absolution Day” (6:46)
6. “The Writing In The Sand” (6:43)
7. “Martyr” (7:39)
8. “Mirror Of Souls” (22:26)

Mirror Of Souls was produced and mixed by Matt Smith and mastered by Mika Jussila (NIGHTWISH, STRATOVARIUS, CHILDREN OF BODOM) and the booklet design was created by Felipe Machado Franco (ICED EARTH, AYREON, AT VANCE).

Ulterium Records online:

THEOOCRACY online: &


* ORATORIO recruits new bass player: “We have found the suitable bass player for ORATORIO, Lauri Joutsiniemi from Jokela, Finland.  As some of you may know, Lauri is one of the founders of ORATORIO and he also played on O's first demos and in the first full-length album, Reality Of Existence. After ROE, he left the band but now he is back.  God has done many wonderful things in Lauri's life, and I think that maybe in some point we all can hear his testimony.”

* Cross Rhythms is home to an insightful article about the V-RATS:


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D.O.G.S. of Pray - The Rise...

D.O.G.S. OF PRAY - Theatrical Gothic metal from Nashville:
Press Release / With a decadent flavoring of heaviness, seasoned with gothic tones, and topped with a dark theatric presentation, this juggernaut of chaotic beauty seems to be fueled by something otherworldly.  D.O.G.S. OF PRAY, originally the brainchild of Henley, Eddie Folk (after relocating from Los Angeles) and Tom Meadows (in Virginia), was reformed in 2006 adding Bobbi Folk, Doug Zirk and Eric Walter to their permanent lineup.  Fronting vocalists, Henley (male) and Bobbi Folk (female), call out in siren enchantments and haunting verses, as they vocally duel and melt in the many masterful songs.   Bassist Doug Zirk gives a deep march of war crunch to the cement cracking heavy riffs thundered out by guitarists Tom Meadows and Eddie Folk.  Drummer Eric Walter hammers machine like beats of orchestrated complexity to tie everything together.  Some of the songs have the additional gifts of keyboards and an industrial bell.

Like the anticipation of a lightning strike, or the smell of rain, some experiences just cannot be put into words.  They are too powerful and overwhelming to be justified in speech or text.  Only those who have felt the intensity of these moments could understand what they really are.  Such is D.O.G.S. OF PRAY.  Once they begin their plotted notes of musical theatrics, something happens that must be felt, must be lived through, and must be remembered to be understood.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of D.O.G.S. OF PRAY is that they are entirely made up of Christians, who come with a message of faith, hope and love.  Far from your grandmother’s Christianity of clean cut brow beating self righteousness, they seek to influence and entertain the world with deep, dark, gothic melodies and meaningful poetic lyrics.

D.O.G.S. OF PRAY released their single, "Catastrophic", to radio nationwide on Tuesday, July 29th.  The song is featured on their debut CD, The Rise…, which is available for purchase on iTunes.

The Rise... track listing:  

1. “My Conviction”
2. “Catastrophic”
3. “Trinity”
4. “The Enemy”
5. “Theatre”
6. “The Day”
7. “Pirates Of The Galilean”
8. “How”
9. “Final Days”
10. “Righteous Awakens”
11. “Omission”
12. “Alone In The Darkness”

Harmony - Chapter II: Aftermath

HARMONY Chapter II: Aftermath details revealed:
Press Release / The new HARMONY album Chapter II: Aftermath will be released in Europe on October 31, 2008 via Ulterium Records.  Release dates for North America and Japan will be announced within the coming weeks.

Chapter II: Aftermath track listing:
1. “Prevail”
2. “Aftermath”
3. “Rain”
4. “Don’t Turn Away”
5. “Kingdom”
6. “Silently We Fade”
7. “Inner Peace”
8. “Weak”
9. “I Run”
10. “Hollow Faces”
11. “End Of My Road”

The album was mixed by Pelle Saether (A.C.T, DARKWATER) in Studio Underground, and mastered by Göran Finnberg (IN FLAMES, THE HAUNTED, DARK TRANQUILITY) at The Mastering Room.  Daniel Heiman (ex. LOST HORIZON, HEED) is doing guest vocals on the track “Inner peace” and Kristoffer Gildenlöw (DIAL, ex. PAIN OF SALVATION) handles the bass during the entire album.

Ulterium Records online:

HARMONY online:

Neal Morse - Lifeline

NEAL MORSE - New progressive rock album, Lifeline:
Press Release / Hot on the heels of his breakthrough concert DVD, Sola Scriptura & Beyond (which sold out before its release date), Morse unleashes another progressive rock masterpiece with Lifeline.  

Following SPOCK’S BEARD Snow album, Neal crafted some of the most acclaimed concept albums in the annals of progressive rock.  His rich sonic landscapes capture the imagination—musically, lyrically, and often spiritually.  When Neal began writing his next opus, though, he took a fresh approach and let his songs stand on there own.
Lifeline is a collection of songs exploring a variety of topics in musical styles ranging from the classic sound of early SPOCK’S BEARD to the fiery intensity of Sola Scriptura.  For the first time in his solo career, most of his album’s songs span five minutes. (Then again, this is a Neal Morse album. So yeah, you’re also in for a 30 minute prog tour de force.)  Overall, Lifeline is a breathtaking leap into uncharted musical territory, and a triumphant return to the eclectic sound of his early work with SPOCK’S BEARD and TRANSATLANTIC.
The album opens with the title track, “Lifeline”, a song that might have overslept the SPOCK’S BEARD V sessions.  Neal honors the desperation he experienced for most of his life, and celebrates his eventual escape.  Morse explores this previous life more intimately in the beautifully tragic “Can’t Find My Way”. (If the title sounds like a TRANSATLANTIC song, then you’re already prepared.)

“Leviathan”, the third track, expresses Neal’s lighter side. Humor is not usually associated with prog…then again, neither are metal guitars answered by funk horns, and sneezing sea monsters.  Perhaps ironically, this is also probably the heaviest track of Neal’s career.
Neal explores spirituality, love, and hope on the next two songs.  The most recognizable for Morse and Beard fans will be the second, “Children of the Chosen”. Its anthemic, harmony-laden choruses evoke Snow’s “Wind at My Back”.  Together, both songs are among Neal’s most engaging.
“Many Roads” is Lifeline’s inevitable, majestic epic.  Chronicling Neal’s life, musically and biographically, the song traverses the many musical paths leading to the establishment of one of rock’s distinctive voices.  Prepare for a surprisingly candid account of Neal’s early experiences, and his motivation to seek a new life.
Bringing Lifeline full circle is the closing track, “Fly High”.  Neal sings of returning to the beginning… before there were so many questions, so many roads.  We return to where we were as children—safe in the eye of a raging storm.  Looking skyward, we see a path leading out. We reach upward, higher than we ever could, and grab hold…

Lifeline track listing:

1. “Lifeline”
2. “The Way Home”
3. “Leviathan”
4. “God’s Love”
5. “Children Of The Chosen”
6. “So Many Roads”
7. “Fly High”

Neal Morse online: &


* Drummer Jani Stefanovic goes into detail about the new DIVINEFIRE album, Farewell, in a recent interview at Lords Of Metal:

* Lords Of Metal is also home to an interview with Tommy Johansson of REINXEED:

* NARNIA announces new vocalist, Germán Pascual: “We are happy to announce that the new NARNIA lineup is now complete! The singer who will join us on our way into the second chapter of NARNIA is Germán Pascual! Germán truly shares our vision and has shown us that he can handle old NARNIA songs with finesse, but most importantly that he fits perfectly with the material of our coming album.  Germán grew up in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil, but moved to Sweden in his teens. You may have seen and heard him with various bands and artists, such as MINDS EYE and MENDEZ, to name a few.”


Update Archives: August 17, 2008


Divinefire is renowned for combining elements of the melodic and the extreme and Farewell proves no exception.  If anything, the album places added emphasis on both with the end result being one of the groups most well rounded efforts to date.  Read Full Review >> 

FAITH - Blessed?
Blessed? continues to find Faith heading in doom metal territory.  But it is not just doom you will find here in that the group mixes its “gloomy” sound with elements of the epic, symphonic and progressive- all the while backed by occasional touches of traditional folk music.  Yes, an eclectic (and creative) mix but it works.  Read Full Review >> 

HIS WITNESS - Kingdom Come
Musically, Kingdom Come is like opening a “time vault” from another era.  Delivering a blend of melodic metal and hard rock heavily rooted in the decade it came out of, His Witness is certain to appeal to fans of Bloodgood, Whitecross, Barren Cross, Stryper and Holy Soldier.  Read Full Review >>

LETTER 7 - Follow The Light
Letter 7 got started in early 2007 by releasing its critically acclaimed debut Salt Of The Earth.  The summer of 2008 finds the group presenting with its sophomore effort Follow The Light, another high quality work also charting the waters of melodic metal and hard rock territory.  Read Full Review >> 

MISSION OF ONE - Mission Of One
Initially getting started while under the moniker Missionary One, Chris recorded the straightforward hard rock of his full length debut Take Another Swig in 2004 before renaming the project Mission Of One and following up a year later with another hard rocking effort in Show Me The WayMission Of One, the summer of 2008 self-titled third release from the artist, picks up where Take Another Swig and Show Me The Way leave off by taking a foundation of hard rock and joining it with elements of guitar driven classic rock and heavy blues rock.  Read Full Review >>

On Behind The Mask Jeff Scheetz Band stays true to its form by delivering a blend of blues, classic rock and hard rock intermixed with occasional funk and “jam band” flavorings.  Fans of Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan will find a lot to like here as will those into Glenn Kaiser Band, Rez Band, Die Happy and Red Sea.  Read Full Review >>

Finally, CPR Volume 3, the most recent in the series, was released in 2008 and, similar to its predecessors, does an excellent job supporting the two fold CPR purpose of expanding knowledge of progressive rock into the Christian community and to increase Christian themes with the progressive rock community.  Read Full Review >>

V-RATS - Intelligent Design
The album finds the group showcasing a blend of hard rock and metal backed by some heavy groove, funk and blues based moments.  Fans of early nineties Bride, Love War, Die Happy and Red Sea will find a lot to like here as will those into Resurrection Band, Gethsemane Rose, F.O.G. and Heartcry.  Read Full Review >>


His Witness - Kingdom Come

HIS WITNESS - Kingdom Come re-issue on Retroactive Records:
Press Release / We are glad to announce that Retroactive Record's most recent release is now in stock as of August 5, 2008! The long awaited CD release by California-based... HIS WITNESS, Kingdom Come.

This album sat "in the can" and unreleased since it was recorded in 1988.  Only a handful of cassettes were sold to fans at an occasional concert.  Bill Menchen (TITANIC, THE SEVENTH POWER, FINAL AXE) and vocalist Ken Redding had been friends since their days in the OMEGA BAND. Bill took it upon himself to remix the album and start the resurrection process.  The original 2 inch tapes were discovered years before when the guys had been cleaning out a garage.  If it hadn't been for Ken's brother-in-law taking them home, this metal gem would have been thrown away and lost forever!

The album was recorded by the legendary Randy Thomas (ALLIES, SWEET COMFORT BAND, etc.), and mixed at John and Dino Elephante's (KANSAS, MASTEDON) Pakaderm Studio by Mike Mierau (X-SINNER). From day one, the album was surrounded by greatness, and Retroactive Records is proud to make this heavy metal gem available world-wide for the first time ever!

The deep, rich vocals of Ken Redding show an obvious DIO influence, but the music will also appeal to fans of melodic metal in the vein of BARREN CROSS, BLOODGOOD, JUDAS PRIEST and WHITECROSS.

Kingdom Come track listing:

1. “Everlasting Life”
2. “Kingdom Come”
3. “Last Days”
4. “Jesus Heals”
5. “Call On Him”
6. “Guard Your Heart”
7. “Pick Up Your Cross”
8. “Jesus Died For You”
9. “Love Of God”
10. “Party’s In Heaven”

Retroactive Records online:

Orphan Project - Promo Pic

ORPHAN PROJECT signs with Open Grave Records:
Press Release / Open Grave Records is proud to announce the addition of Abingdon, Maryland's ORPHAN PROJECT to it's roster.  ORPHAN PROJECT was started in 2001, when vocalist Shane Lankford, collaborating with composer John Wenger, conceived the groundwork for a concept album based on spiritual and physical adoption with progressive, hard rock, and contemporary influences.

With a full length album and an EP under their belt, and in addition, Lankford being a veteran of progressive local bands in his hometown such as VISUAL CLIFF, and FALL OF ECHOES , the band felt they were ready to strengthen their influence within the Christian scene, as well as build more of a following in the secular market, and mainstream. Lankford states, "We felt this was an excellent opportunity to get our material exposed to a bigger audience. And being with an indie label such as Open Grave allows us to do exactly that, while still retaining that personal relationship that bigger labels can't give you."

This addition also takes place on the heels of a change in the style of artists signed by the label.  Open Grave Records CEO James Mattern was quoted as saying "We feel that ORPHAN PROJECT, as a band, has a little something for everyone.  Rock fans, progressive fans, even adult contemporary fans will be able to appreciate this music. It's a great addition in support of our recent diversification efforts.  I'm very excited about this release." ORPHAN PROJECT is planning to release new material in March of 2009.


Tykkus logo

Dale Burton to reorganize TYKKÜS: 
As posted by the Phoenix based guitarist at the Christian Metal Realm:

“After about a year of working with LETTER 7, I have decided to step down from the group.  The last month has brought about new and exciting changes as God is moving again in the metal music scene for us Christians here in the greater Phoenix area.  Know that Jeff Evans and I are still very good friends and he has helped me be a better guitarist while sharing the axe with him.  Please continue to keep LETTER 7 in your prayers as I pray and wish them great success in the future.

"TYKKÜS is being dusted off after about a year of being out of circulation.  The good Lord has been opening some doors and much to our surprise... here we are.  It's not the same line up from 2007 as we are still making adjustments and knocking off the rust.  What we have heard as we have played is exciting.  We're still holding on to that 80's metal vibe ala HAMMERFALL, JUDAS PRIEST or DOKKEN."

Please note that replacing Dale in LETTER 7 is Sebastian Luciano, who has previously worked with Lita Ford.

Tykküs online:


* Legend III:II update from the SAVIOUR MACHINE forum: “III:II is very far along...  the bottom line is, Eric (Clayton) is just too sick to work on it, it literally makes him ill.  Other projects and things he does is ok, it's just working on III:II - it takes way too much out of him.  He's just taking it easy and waiting for the right time to finish it.  I can't expect anyone to understand it fully, but I have seen what it does to him and what it's done to him so that is why I can fully support him and it's also why I defend him.  I'm not over exaggerating here at all... III:II is seriously capable of killing the man.  There are people who have given up on SM, there are a lot of rumors about this or that, but just know that Eric hasn't given up on the fans or on III:II. He just needs time to do it right and do it in a way that he doesn't harm himself or his family in the process."

* Southern California based glam metal outfit SPECTRA uploaded its late eighties two-song demo to its MySpace page:


Update Archives: July 20, 2008


Driver - Sons Of Thunder

Full length debut from DRIVER, Sons Of Thunder:
Press Release / Reunited '80s melodic heavy rock band DRIVER - featuring powerhouse vocalist Rob Rock (IMPELLITTERI, JOSHUA, WARRIOR, AVANTASIA, AXEL RUDI PELL) and acclaimed guitarist/producer Roy Z (BRUCE DICKINSON, HALFORD, JUDAS PRIEST, SEBASTIAN BACH, ROB ROCK, TRIBE OF GYPSIES, HELLOWEEN) - will release its debut album, Sons Of Thunder, on September 26 via Metal Heaven.

DRIVER issued a widely circulated five-song cassette EP demo in 1990 that garnered the band a dedicated worldwide following as well as attained cult status as one of the most underrated hard rock acts of its time.  Since then, Rock and Roy Z have forged ahead to garner long successful careers in the music business.  2008 saw the reunion of the band which resulted in the recordings of the aforementioned CD.

DRIVER line-up:

Rob Rock - Lead Vocals
Roy Z - Guitars
Reynold "Butch" Carlson - Drums
Ed Roth - Keyboards
Aaron Samson - Bass

Sons Of Thunder track listing:

1. “Titans of Speed”
2. “I'm A Warrior”
3. “Fly Away”
4. “Heart's On Fire”
5. “Sons Of Thunder”
6. “Never Give Up”
7. “Change Of Heart”
8. “Dark World”
9. “Winds Of March”
10. “Only Love Can Save Me Now”
11. “Tears That I Cry”
12. “I Believe in Love”

DRIVER online:

Lou Gramm Band promo pic

Former FOREIGNER frontman LOU GRAMM to release Christian album:
Press Release / Gramm, who has been a born again Christian since the early '90s, tells that the as-yet-untitled album "rocks from one end to the next -- that kind of attitude but with a different subject matter."  He recorded it in his hometown of Rochester, N.Y., with his band, which includes brothers Ben and Richard and Don Mancuso from his pre-FOREIGNER band, BLACK SHEEP. The album will be released by Spectra Records.

Gramm, who left FOREIGNER for a second time in 2003, says that his recovery from a benign brain tumor in the late '90s gave him the impetus for many of the album's faith-based songs.  "It's about how you can be so out of line with the way God would have you be and maybe have a major incident in your life kind of wake you up," he explains.  "I had my priorities not in order and I just think I'm looking at life in general a little bit differently."

Gramm and his band will be touring this summer but don't plan on playing any of the new material until the album is released. So many of the FOREIGNER hits, he says, "don't work for me, but I will perform any and all of them for the time being.

"I can look back on (his previous music) with a lot of pride, and I can see how my path has led me to where I am now.  But I am much more in charge of where this band goes and what the music is than I ever had a chance to be in FOREIGNER. So for better or for worse, it's my direction."

Lou Gramm online: &


* New Jersey power metal outfit FAITH FACTOR signed with Retroactive Records for a five-year record deal.  Expect the groups full length debut, Against A Darkened Sky, to be released on November 1, 2008 (if all goes well).

* STRYPER bassist TIM GAINES conducted a recent 50 question “fan interview”:


Update Archives: July 6, 2008


BARREN CROSS – Rock For The King
The history of Barren Cross dates back to 1981 when drummer Steve Whitaker and guitarist Ray Parris both answered the same ad placed in a Los Angeles area music paper.  After the two recruited vocalist Mike Lee two years later by responding to an ad in the same paper, bassist Jim LaVerde met Lee at church and joined the group the next day during practice.  Read Full Review >>

FIRES OF BABYLON – Fires Of Babylon
Fires Of Babylon delivers what is promised in featuring ten tracks of classic US power metal heavily influenced by the eighties.  Fans of St. Paul’s previous work with Winters Bane will find a lot to like here as will those into the various projects Rob Rock has participating over the years, including his four solo albums, material with Impellitteri and Warrior’s Code Of LifeRead Full Review >>

HB – Frozen Inside
What we have in HB is female fronted symphonic metal inviting comparison to Nightwish – old and new – and Within Temptation (although Voice Of Glass and perhaps Lacuna Coil deserve mention as well).  Frozen Inside finds the group mixing a foundation of metal-laced rhythm guitar with highlighting touches of operatic vocal harmonies, grandiose keyboards and classical instrumentation.  Read Full Review >>

What we have in Joshua is eighties influenced melodic metal and hard rock.  Fans of Stryper, Holy Soldier, Angelica, Shout, Guardian, Whitecross and Bloodgood will find a lot to like here as will those into more recent acts such as Letter 7, Mad Max, Incrave and Eden’s Way.  Read Full Review >>

One name deserving mention with the very best is Joshua Perahia.  Perahia formed the first incarnation of his full time group Joshua after quitting his studies in pre-med at UCLA in the late seventies.  The bands 1983 Enigma debut, The Hand Is Quicker Than The Eye, preceded the Jeff Fenholt fronted Polydor release Surrender from 1986.  Read Full Review >> 

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania based Prodigal describes itself as a “mixture of sounds influenced by seventies and eighties rock bands – from Led Zeppelin to Van Halen – but with a modern Christian contemporary edge”.  After giving the groups 2006 full length debut Stand several listens, however, I feel it is necessary to go into a bit more detail.  Read Full Review >> 

RANDOM EYES - Invisible
The long wait of five years between albums has proved worthwhile in that Invisible showcases some of the finest material from the group to date.  Up-tempo tracks “Deep Waters” and “Living For Tomorrow” both stand out with abundant melodies as does the energetic sounds of “Alive” and “New Flow” (plenty of time changes on these two).  Read Full Review >> 

What we have in Temple Of Blood is a joining of old school thrash (think Dark Angel, Testament and Forbidden) and melodic speed metal (similar to early Deliverance) backed by classic and true metal sensibilities (in the same vein as Boarders and Symphonic Extremities era Ultimatum).  While Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind proved a capable debut, Overlord takes things to the next level.  Read Full Review >>


Harmony - End Of My Road

HARMONY to release five song EP, End Of My Road:
Press Release / The Swedish melodic metal band HARMONY will release their new EP End Of My Road through Ulterium Records on August 11, 2008.  The EP will contain three songs from their upcoming album Chapter II: Aftermath (to be released this fall) as well as two exclusive tracks for this release.

End Of My Road track listing:

1. “End Of My Road” (single version)
2. “Prevail”
3. “Alone” (exclusive track)
4. “Enter The Sacred” (exclusive track)
5. “Rain”

Ulterium Records online:

HARMONY online:

Saint - Crime Scene Earth

SAINT - Crime Scene Earth track by track:
As provided by front man Josh Kramer in regards to the Salem, Oregon based bands most recent album:

1. “Half A Time Measure”: Dee, Jerry Larry, Rich on all bass tracks.  Both Rich and I sing the 1st verse together.  I sing the pre chorus and Rich joins me on the chorus.  Rich and I both sing the 2nd verse.  I do the pre-chorus and Rich joins in the chorus.  Hitler is giving his schpeel after the train gets rolling.  Rich masterfully takes the reins on the bridge and we both sing the chorus.   I'm singing all the high stuff.  Who is playing the guitar solos?  This remains a mystery even to me.   Dee and Jerry have mind melted and there is no telling them apart.  At least I can’t.

2. “Terror In The Sky”: This little ditty features Mr. Lynch grunting and growling it out as only he can do.  I'll grab a guitar or bass live and jump into the string section of the orchestra and deliver supporting grunts and growls when not singing leads. (A most welcome break.)

3. “Everlasting God”: Rich sang the lead on this one.  I sang backing vocals on the outro chorus.

4. “Crime scene Earth”: I'm singing the leads on this one with Rich's unmistakable voice joining me on the chorus.

5. ”The Judas In Me”: Rich leads this one with me grunting out the chorus' with him.

6. “Too Many”: Rich solos this one.  I'll probably grab the bass on this one and let Rich go nuts with the mic.  Something he likes to do every so often.

7. “Invader”: I'm singing all the vocs on this one.

8. ”Bended Knee”: Rich sings the leads on this one as I jump in there on the chorus' backing vocs.

9. “Lost”: Rich handles all of the vocs on this one.

So there you have it.   It is a treat to hear Rich singing.  I still can't tell who is playing what solo where.  One of those little mysteries we get to enjoy. 

SAINT online: &


* RESURRECTION BAND box set on the way: “Brace yourself for the definitive RESURRECTION BAND box set coming this summer. This first career-spanning REZ collection includes three CDs with 52 digitally re-mastered songs, an 80-page full-color booklet detailing the history of REZ BAND with scores of photos, and one DVD with over an hour of previously unreleased live concert video footage and special features.”

* STRYPER’s cover of the BOSTON classic “Peace Of Mind” is now available on iTunes for download: “The song, which features a guest appearance by BOSTON guitarist Tom Scholz, will be on the upcoming STRYPER record due out in early '09 and is slated to be the first single. Also, be sure to catch Michael Sweet on tour as a member of BOSTON this summer.”

“Peace Of Mind” can be downloaded at:

Angelic Warlord Update Archives: HERE


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