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Update Archives: June 27, 2009


Saint logo

Hell Blade & Crime Scene Earth update from SAINT:
The latest from the band in regards to its two upcoming projects Hell Blade (new album) and Crime Scene Earth (re-record):

"Last weekend Dee (Harrington - guitars) and Rich (Lynch - bass) finished up a bunch of rhythm (guitar) tracks for Hell Blade.  This weekend is no different except it’s Jerry’s (Johnson – guitars) turn to put down tracks.  We’re still on schedule for Bomb Shelter Studio Aug 1st to record drum tracks and then they (Bomb Shelter) will be mixing it down.  

"Josh (Kramer - vocals) will be here at Armor Studio to redo Crime Scene Earth vocal tracks hopefully next week. None of us were happy with the first one’s- there were too many problems, glitches, and abnormalities.  The good news is Josh will be all warmed up for Hell Blade.".

SAINT also plans to re-record for Hell Blade “The Runner”, a track which made its initial appearance on the 1999 comeback release The Perfect Life.

SAINT online: &

Stairway promo pic

STAIRWAY parts ways with bassist Rob Jennens:
As reported by the band:

"With recent events we have found ourselves in one way or another, we have taken stock of where we are and where we want to be in the future. All the guys in the band have many family commitments, job commitments, etc, and as such, Rob has decided he wants to dedicate more of his time to his family and personal commitments and has decided to bow out and not continue forward with the band.

"This doesn't mean the end for STAIRWAY, and we feel very strongly that we still want to get out there and play these songs that have kept STAIRWAY so strong in the hearts of our fans since our 1st album (No Rest: N Mercy) back in 1993. So after a lot of discussion, we have decided we shall continue together as a three piece; really, we have come full circle as we started off as a three piece in the beginning.

"We love Rob very much and with STAIRWAY not being a full time career thing, we support him fully in what had to be a very difficult decision to make - we hope you will too!

"With this, and everything that has gone on recently, work on the new STAIRWAY CD has been delayed; rest assured, we are quite advanced with the recording: all the artwork has been done, and most of the songs are ¾ complete. We will let you all know when we get back to it, be sure to watch out for regular updates on the recording progress."

STAIRWAY online: &

Stryper - Murder By Pride

Frontiers Records announces European release of Murder By Pride:
Press Release / Frontiers Records is honored to welcome to its roster the legendary Christian hard rockers STRYPER for the European release of the band's brand new album, Murder By Pride, on August 28, 2009.

Formed in 1983, STRYPER are pioneers in the mainstream popularization of Christian hard rock and metal music, with overall sales in excess of 8 million records and one Platinum and two Gold records received for the albums To Hell with the Devil and In God We Trust.

The band released five studio albums before disbanding in February 1992.  With vocalist Michael Sweet pursuing a solo career and others members working on various projects, STRYPER reformed with new bassist Tracy Ferrie in 2005, releasing the acclaimed new album entitled Reborn.

In the past few years singer Michael Sweet started to cooperate with BOSTON and the result is a stunning recording of the classic song "Peace of Mind" on the brand new album Murder By Pride, which sees none other than Tom Scholz guesting on guitar.
"After years of speaking to fans and hearing comments like 'more guitars,' 'more solos' and 'more screams'", says Michael Sweet "I decided to keep those comments in mind as I wrote each song. It was important to me to try to get back to that early sound of STRYPER yet at the same time, to remain relevant today. It's certainly not an easy thing to do but as I listen to Murder By Pride, I think that was accomplished".

"I got the idea of the title Murder By Pride from seeing pride consume dreams, goals and many times, lives" continues Sweet "We all deal with pride and it can be crippling, so I wanted to write a lyric and a theme that would be a constant reminder of that. This record has been in the works for a long, long time and I can only hope that it was worth the wait!"

STRYPER have also already confirmed some live appearances in Europe in early 2010, which will be followed by more dates which are currently being worked out

Murder By Pride track listing:

1. “Eclipse Of The Son”
2. “4 Leaf Clover”
3. “Peace Of Mind”
4. “Alive”
5. “The Plan”
6. “Murder By Pride”
7. “I Believe”
8. “Run In You”
9. ”Love Is Why”
10. “Mercy Over Blame”
11. “Everything”
12. “My Love (I'll Always Show)”

STRYPER online: &


Update Archives: June 13, 2009


CODIGO ETERNO – Codigo Eterno
Codigo Eterno can best be described as melodic rock and hard rock but with modern overtones.  The bands influences (listed on its MySpace profile) range from Stryper, HB, Harmony and Narnia to Red, Skillet, Pillar and Kutless.  Yes, you will hear occasional elements of the latter here but not so much as to alienate fans of the former.  Read Full Review >>

While IV showcases Eden’s Way trademark blending of eighties influences melodic metal, hard rock and melodic rock, the album finds the band putting its best foot forward songwriting wise by cutting all filler tracks and going with its best material.  Read Full Review >>

HERO – Immortal
And this leads us to Immortal, a standout release which finds the artist “growing up” in that it showcases the maturity, consistency and musical depth Michael Hero hinted at in the past but could not quite deliver.  Gone are the bizarre “scratch your head moments” (you will find no rap vocals here) and cheesy narration; in its place we are offered ten quality songs – no filler – backed by front to back continuity.  Read Full Review >>

IMPELLITTERI – Wicked Maiden
Wicked Maiden represents a successful return to the classic Impellitteri sound.  Now, by “classic” I mean that Chris, Rob and company have turned back the  clock to draw upon many of the best moments of their past: take the hint of commercial found on Answer To The Master (reflected in the presence of backing vocals), the speed and aggression of Screaming Symphony and all out muscle of Eye Of The Hurricane and boil it all down and you end up with Wicked Maiden, perhaps the finest work in the bands repertoire- or at the very least the best since Answer To The MasterRead Full Review >>

KDB3 – Verite
What we have in Verite is keyboard driven progressive rock with a heavy 70’s slant.  Yes, keyboards play a heavy role here but, for the most part, not to the point of distraction or turning the album into a one dimensional release (as can often happen with keyboards based progressive music).  Read Full Review >>

PYLON – Doom
Doom, without question, is based upon a foundation of traditional and epic doom-metal.  Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Count Raven, Trouble, Candlemass, Faith and Nomad Son all come to mind when inviting a direct comparison.  Read Full Review >

TESTIFY – 24:27
Drawing the inspiration for the albums title from Matthew 24:27, Testify plays a joining of traditional heavy metal and straightforward hard rock certain to appeal to those whose musical tastes range from Saint to Resurrection Band- and all things in between (including Bride, F.O.G., Final Axe, Shining Force, Spittin Jonah and Stonefuze).  Read Full Review >>

KEVIN WINDROSS – Standing Outside Circles
Getting his start in the late nineties with his first band Kilter and its debut Hephzibah, Windross formed Early Warning System in 2004 prior to putting out the full length effort Overworld on Soundmass Records two years later.  After Early Warning System went its separate ways, Windross regrouped by recording his first solo album, the instrumental hard rock of the early 2009 release Standing Outside CirclesRead Full Review >>


Bride - Tsar Bomba

BRIDE completes work on new album, Tsar Bomba:
Press Release / BRIDE has completed all 17 tracks of Tsar Bomba.  We could not have done it without the support and encouragement of the BRIDE audience.  It seems we have a great number of people out there wanting to see a successful CD release and a tour. BRIDE is working hard to make this happen.  Offers from Brazil and Europe are already being considered. 

From the onset of our humble writing sessions between Troy and I in his basement to the completion of the CD we have known the songs for Tsar Bomba were special.  The team of players that we surrounded ourselves with (Jerry McBroom, Steve Osbourne, Glenn Watts and Tim Bushong) was a vital part of this project having life.
Our goal is to release this CD in August and by the grace of God be able to reach our audience in all parts of the world.

After every BRIDE CD there is always a rumor that BRIDE has broken up and that our last CD was our "last CD."  Well this band began in 1986 and after 13 studio recordings we hope to have life for at least the next couple of years with Tsar Bomba.  So if you want to see BRIDE rolling through your city, town or community, help us promote this project by encouraging others to take a listen. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.
Our mission is and has always been to reach the lost and introduce them to Jesus Christ through this unconventional means of heavy metal / rock music.

Tsar Bomba track listing:

1. “Industrial Christ”
2. “All We Are”
3. “Prokofiev”
4. “Love Shine”
5. “1973”
6. “We Are Together”
7. “Never”
8. “Separate”
9. “Nothing Means Anything To Me”
10. “Bach Minuet”
11. “Last Thing I Feel”
12. “Chopin Nocturne In E Flat Minor”  
13. “Downward”
14. “Look In My Head”
15. “When I Was A Kid”
16. “Rhapsodie Fur Ein Gitarre”
17. “We Are The People”

STRYPER online: &

Impellitteri - Wicked Maiden

IMPELLITTERI - Wicked Maiden limited picture LP:
Press Release / Ulterium Records will release a limited-edition 12" picture-disc edition of the new IMPELLITTERI album Wicked Maiden on August 4, 2009. A deal was inked with the German label Metal Heaven that released the album in Europe on April 24th.

The LP will be strictly limited to 250 copies.

Side A:

1. "Wicked Maiden"
2. "Last Of A Dying Breed"
3. "Weapons Of Mass Distortion"
4. "Garden Of Eden"
5. "The Vision"

Side B:

1. "Eyes Of An Angel"
2. "Hi-School Revolution"
3. "Wonderful Life"
4. "Holy Man"
5. "The Battle Rages On"

Ulterium Records online:


Mastedon banner

MASTEDON signs with Frontiers Records for new album:
Press Release / Frontiers Records announces proudly the signing of MASTEDON, featuring former KANSAS singer John Elefante for the release of the long awaited third studio album.

John Elefante’s name came to prominence in 1981 when he became the new lead singer and keyboardist for KANSAS. John sang the lead vocals and performed keyboards on three multi - platinum albums with band, giving also a major songwriting contribution. In 1984, together with his brother Dino, he started to become involved for the first time in producing the Christian act SWEET COMFORT BAND. Soon the couple became one of the most renowned producers in the genre, in particular their tenure with PETRA brought multiple gold and platinum albums, 10 consecutive CCM Magazine Reader’s Choice Awards, induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Hard Rock Cafe, and the only artist to ever have 4 albums in the SoundScan top-100 Christian chart.
Elefante also felt the songwriting muse and formed a metal band with his brother, MASTEDON. The band's name was a pachyderm-inspired reference to the brothers' last name. Although John was an accomplished vocalist and performer, the MASTEDON albums featured multiple lead singers and performances by other artists, creating an eclectic sound anchored by John’s songwriting. His brother Dino played a prominent role, contributing songwriting and handling most of the guitar work. The first MASTEDON release was titled It’s a Jungle Out There! (1989). A year later, the band released Lofcaudio. This album continued the guest performance theme, though John sang more of the lead vocals. Unfortunately, John and Dino’s production schedule preempted any touring to commercially support the album. Even so, the albums charted at #25 and #10, respectively in the Billboard Top Contemporary Christian chart. To this day, they are still considered classics in the genre.
John and Dino then formed their own record label, Pakaderm. Given their intense recording schedules, John and Dino decided to build their own recording studio in Nashville, the Sound Kitchen which soon became one of the largest complex studios in the USA, with artists such as ELTON JOHN and BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN that used it for their recording. In 1996 John started a solo career that brought him to release three successful albums more in the Adult Contemporary - Pop Rock vein.

After a few years of hiatus, John is now working on a new MASTEDON album that - contrary to the predecessors - will only feature his amazing lead vocals. Musically, the new album will hearken back to the best of MASTEDON and to his work with KANSAS.
"MASTEDON has far surpassed my expectations as far as longevity and shelve life" says John. "I would say it has garnered somewhat of a cult following. I have people from 17 years old to 50 something that still ask me about MASTEDON and will there ever be another one? My answer has always been "I don't know"  But the writing is on the wall that after all this time, it is time to deliver a new MASTEDON record and mainly because people that loved the first 2 can't be ignored any longer. This record will differ in some ways and others it won't. Being the majority songwriter there will be obvious similarities in style. I will be singing everything so that will change a bit from prior MASTEDON projects. Also the sonic quality will be very much up to date. Rich melodic harmonies and melodies are the keys to a MASTEDON record. This record will most certainly be the beginning of a new chapter in my life both musically and lyrically. One day you turn around and it's been 10 years since you've done a project, but when it really sinks in that you were put on this earth to something, YOU MUST DO IT !!!"
Some song titles in the works include: “This Revolution of Mine”, “The Western World”, “Slay your Demons”, “That's What You Do When You Love Someone”, “Falling in to Place”, “You Can't take Anything at All”, “I'm Lying Again” and “I'm Nothing Without Your Love”.
Frontiers salutes the return of a legendary artist and looks set to release MASTEDON “III” in the fall of 2009.

John Elefante online: &

Joshua Perehia - Something To Say

JOSHUA PERAHIA re-issues 2001 solo album Something To Say:
Press Release / The 2001 JOSHUA PERAHIA (JOSHUA, MPIRE) release Something to Say has been made available at after being out of print for over 5 years. All songs from the album will also be available for downloading for the first time. Something To Say is the artists critically acclaimed album that topped many 2001 "Album of the Year" charts worldwide and features guest appearances by members of SANTANA and CHICAGO.

In conjunction with the CD release, a new promotional video has just been released for the power ballad "One Night is Not Enough." The video can be viewed at:

In other JOSHUA news, JOSHUA PERAHIA and vocalist JEFF FENHOLT are expected to enter the studio by late summer to begin recording a brand new album tentatively entitled Resurrection. Stay tuned for further details.

Something To Say track listing:

1. "Remembering You"
2. "Something To Say"
3. "I Can Feel Again"
4. "Precious Love"
5. "The First And The Last"
6. "Let Your Love Shine Down"
7. "Guiding Light"
8. "It Hasn’t Been Easy"
9. "Tears Of Joy"
10. "One Night Is Not Enough"
11. "Steady Weapon"
12. "Remembering You" (acoustic)

Joshua Perahia online: &


* The title to the upcoming DELIVERANCE tribute project has been changed to Temporary Insanity – A Salute To Deliverance.  Look for it to be released on Roxx Productions by the end of the year.

* The Wrath That Is To Come is the tentative title to the second FAITH FACTOR CD.

* SAINT completed work on two new songs, “Too Live Forever” and “Hell Blade”, for its upcoming album Hell Blade.  The group added a new member in drummer Bill Brost.

In other SAINT news, vocalist Josh Kramer will be appearing on the DELIVERANCE tribute project, performing the track “Temporary Insanity”.  Backing up Josh on guitars and bass will be Matt Smith (THEOCRACY).

* SHINING FORCE returned to the studio to complete work on its next CD, By The Blood.  A summer release is planned.


Update Archives: May 30, 2009


Chaz Bond promo pic

Angelic Warlord interview - Chaz Bond of JACOBS DREAM & BIOGENSIS:

JD has a new album coming out entitled Beneath The Shadows.  Please go into more detail about BTS.  Specifically, how does it compare musically to past releases from JD?
One thing that I have always loved about JD is that they/we have never made the same album twice.  Each album is unique in its own way and Beneath The Shadows is no exception.  I think that due to the subject matter of the lyrical content this will be the most emotional album the band has ever done.  On the last album Dominion Of Darkness John Berry chose to pretty much drop the guitar synth.  On this album however there will be an abundance of synth and keyboards.  We all agreed that this is a trademark of the band and so it will now return with a vengeance so to speak.  Read Full Interview >>


My Disgrace - Rise

MY DISGRACE - Progressive metal from Tennessee:
Press Release / MY DISGRACE is a band like no other.  Bridging the gap between progressive metal and grunge yet not selling their souls in the process.  Unlike many new bands copying the trends of this day, MY DISGRACE is setting the pace for a new generation of powerful, meaningful and relevant modern metal.

Deriving their sound from the duel lead guitar onslaught of Rob Young and Joel Price (with both guitarist sharing lead vocal duties), MY DISGRACE is not your typical progressive metal outfit.  MY DISGRACE’s music is powerful and emotional and yet raw and refreshing with a hint of something old, something new and at times something that you just weren’t expecting.

Sometimes a band comes along that just has something that sets them apart form the herd and MY DISGRACE is that band.  Their debut album Rise rocks harder than anything to come out in recent years and this is just the beginning of this promising new band…

Rise track listing:

1. “My Disgrace”
2. “Break”
3. “Forgive And Forget”
4. “Tears Of Sorrow”
5. “Still I Cry”
6. “Higher Than God”
7. “Torn”
8. “Rise”
9. “Changed”
10. “Day And Night”
11. “Set Free”

Narnia - Course Of A Generation

NARNIA reveals track listing and artwork for new album:
Press Release / Finally, we can proudly announce the track listing and cover artwork of our new album Course Of A Generation.

The artwork was made my Carlos Barbosa/Artiside, Brazil and the logo was redesigned by Rainer Mittelstädt, InLine design, Germany.

The album was mixed by Fredrik Nordström and Henrik Udd at legendary Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden - and the result is simply: the NARNIA album we've been waiting for!

Studio Fredman has been the choice of bands like IN FLAMES, SOILWORK, ARCH ENEMY, DIMMU BORGIR and many others.

Course Of A Generation track listing:

1. “Sail Around The World”
2. “When The Stars Are Falling”
3. “Curse Of A Generation”
4. “Scared”
5. “Kings Will Come”
6. “Rain”
7. “Armageddon”
8. “One Way To Freedom”
9. “Miles Away”
10. “Behind The Curtain”

NARNIA online: &

Rob Rock - The Voice Of Melodic Metal - Live In Atlanta

The Voice Of Melodic Metal - Live In Atlanta released by Rob Rock:
Press Release / The Voice Of Melodic Metal – Live In Atlanta, the first live solo release from Rob Rock, contains the full performance of Rob and his backing band at the ProgPower USA IX festival in Atlanta, Georgia on September 27, 2008.

Initially released on May 22, 2009 as a CD/DVD package in Europe on AMF Records (in the “PAL” format), The Voice Of Melodic Metal – Live In Atlanta will see a USA release of July 28, 2009 on the Regain/Koch label (in the “UTSC” format).

DVD bonus material includes a complete artist discography (with commentary from Rob) and unreleased footage and live clips.

The Voice Of Melodic Metal track listing:

1. "Garden Of Chaos"
2. "First Winds Of The End Of Time"
3. "Rock The Earth"
4. "In The Night"
5. "Slayer Of Souls"
6. "Judgment Day"
7. "Only A Matter Of Time"
8. "This Time Is The Last Time"
9. "Savior's Call"
10. "Metal Breed"
11. "I'm A Warrior"

Musicians performing on The Voice Of Melodic Metal – Live In Atlanta:

Rob Rock – Lead Vocals
Carl Johan Grimmark – Guitars
Peter Halgren – Guitars
Andreas Olsson Passmark – Bass
Tracy Shell – Drums

Rob Rock online: &


* HARMONY recorded a video of the track “Prevail” (from Chapter II: Aftermath):

* Vocalist Lou Gramm talks about his new Christian rock album in a recent online interview:

* MESSENGER uploaded live footage of “The Rapture” (recorded during a CD release show):


Update Archives: May 9, 2009


Adiastasia banner

ADIASTASIA at wok on sophomore release, War Of The Worlds:
Press Release / Look for ADIASTASIA to release its sophomore album, War Of The Worlds, on Bombworks Records in 2009.  Hailing from Brazil, ADIASTASIA plays in your face power metal with a heavy dose of the progressive.  The group released its debut Life War, also on Bombworks, in 2006 to critical acclaim worldwide.                              

ADIASTASIA continues to refine their sound, working on more intricate and complex song structure while still incorporating their trademark melodies, hooks, blazing guitar leads, and soaring multi-octave vocals.  Obvious influences include HELLOWEEN, ANGRA, DREAM THEATER, and RHAPSODY, although you will also hear some elements of METALLICA and MEGADETH sprinkled in for good measure- creating a heavy (but) melodic sound.

ADIASTASIA will soon be heading into the studio to record War of the Worlds, which will be released worldwide in the second half of 2009.  You can check out several tracks from their debut Life War at:

Deliverance logo

DELIVERANCE 25th Anniversary tribute CD announced:
Press Release / Roxx Records in conjunction with the Christian Metal Realm are set to celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of Christian metal thrash legends DELIVERANCE with an upcoming tribute CD along with a few more surprises! Full Details to be released soon!

The release promises to just be the beginning of a grand celebration of the history of DELIVERANCE and we have a few more surprises we will be revealing later this year all in celebration of the 25th anniversary of DELIVERANCE in 2010!

We are currently lining up artists and just by word of mouth we are already getting quite a bit of interest from various artists for this project.  If you would like to be immortalized as a part of DELIVERANCE history email Arttie or Bill at:

DELIVERANCE formed in 1985 as a speed metal outfit, where the Christian metal community first encountered them on the compilation album California Metal.  They put forth their self-titled debut album in 1989 with Jimmy P Brown (guitars and lead vocals), Glenn Rogers (lead guitar), Brian Khairullah (bass), and Chris Hyde (drums), but did not make major waves in the Christian metal community until their 1990 release Weapons of Our Warfare.  During this time, the band replaced guitarist Glenn Rogers with George Ochoa formerly of RECON, and released a video on MTV for the title track of “Weapons Of Our Warfare”.

The "Weapons" video made it's first of many appearances on MTV's Headbanger's Ball with Ricky Rachtman calling it a "Great new video."  This was a HUGE breakthrough for the world of CCM speed metal because, at this point, the only CCM bands to have appeared on MTV were STRYPER, BARREN CROSS and PETRA.  First appearing in 1991, it would slowly climb its way to the Top 3 "Triple Thrash Threat" after a few weeks and would remain their for the next few weeks.

While this was a very high point in the history of DELIVERANCE, they would continue on and off over the next twenty five years and even carry on today- releasing new and re-reissuing old albums through the likes of Retroactive Records.  “D’ still performs one off shows on occasion upon request.  If you’re lucky enough to catch their live performance don’t miss it as they always put on an amazing live performance!

Roxx Productions online:


Orphan Project - Spooning Out The Sea

Sophomore album from ORPHAN PROJECT, Spooning Out The Sea.
Press Release / Spooning Out The Sea, the bands first full length album since their critically acclaimed self title debut from 2003, is scheduled for a world-wide release on June 30th via NePlusUltra Music.

ORPHAN PROJECT recently released two singles from the album, “Head On Your Platter” and “One Dark Moment (Providence)”:

“Head On Your Platter“ will be released to rock and college radio stations.  Vocalist Shane Lankford describes the song: “Definitely the heaviest thing OP has ever written but still has a very melodic chorus that has a very opposite feel to the verses.  The song was written to depict the brutal killing of the “Old Man” in those of us who are believers but also speaks of the promise to us that we have the “Feast of the Ages” to look forward to as we commune with all the saints when all is said and done, who have gone before.”

“One Dark Moment (Providence)” will be released to the Christian Radio market.  Vocalist Shane Lankford describes the song: “Slow but moving piece that illustrates God’s providence throughout all our hardships and toils.  These lyrics share what I was thinking as I laid on concrete 20′ below where I fell on 9/10/08.  The Lord’s providence was greatly shown to him and his family through His church and their giving.”

Spooning Out The Sea track listing:

1. “Reach”
2. “Angels Desire”
3. “Fallen”
4. “To Me
5. “One Dark Moment (Providence)”
6. “My Goodness”
7. “Head On Your Platter”
8. “Empty Me”
9. “The Battle Rages On”
10. “Spooning Out the Sea”

The band plans to play two release shows.  The first is on June 12th at Mountain Christian Church in Joppa, Maryland.  All proceeds from the show go to support Bethany Christian Services (Adoption Services).  The second will take place on July 3rd at the Cornerstone Music Festival in Bushnell, IL.

ORPHAN PROJECT started in 2001 when vocalist Shane Lankford (a veteran of progressive bands VISUAL CLIFF and FALL OF ECHOES), collaborating with composer John Wenger, conceived the groundwork for a concept album based on spiritual and physical adoption that incorporated progressive, hard rock, and contemporary influences.

Orphan Project line-up:

Shane Lankford - Vocals
Shane McBride - Guitars
John Neiswinger - Keyboards & Vocals
Tim Kehring - Drums & Vocals
Bill Yost - Bass & Vocals


ReinXeed - Higher

REINXEED raises standard Higher:
Press Release / The story of REINXEED, the musical creation and vision of Tommy Johansson, began in a town called Boden in Northern Sweden.  The Light, the full length debut of REINXEED, was released in the spring of 2008 and showcased a new band and talent in the melodic metal world.   A year later finds REINXEED putting out its second album, Higher.

With musical inspirations including GARY MOORE, ANGRA, STRATOVARIUS, SYMPHONY X and HELLOWEEN, REINXEED has spent the past year touring throughout Sweden in addition to working on new material.  Look for Higher to be released on Rivel Records/CMS on May 15, 2009.

Higher track listing:

1. “Haunted Mansion”
2. “Star Shine”
3. “Magic Still Remains”
4. “Dragonfly”
5. “Higher”
6. “Always Be There”
7. “Reality”
8. “Light Of The World”
9. “Fantasia”
10. “Heaven”

REINXEED online: &


* JACOBS DREAM signs with Retroactive Records (per vocalist Chaz Bond at the Christian Metal Realm): "(We) have reached an agreement and JACOBS DREAM is now officially signed to its second record label in the bands history, Retroactive Records. As most of you know, the last album (Dominion Of Darkness) was done independently. I am excited to be releasing our new album, Beneath The Shadows, through Retroactive! Yes the name isn’t as well known as Metal Blade Records (the groups previous label) BUT I think that what Retroactive will do for us is just what we need right now. I am proud to now have two bands on the same label (BIOGENESIS is also with Retroactive). The production of the new album is close to completion. We are aiming for a July release date! Also keep a watch out for the new video "Welcome To My World"!"


Update Archives: April 26, 2009


BRIDE to tentatively entitle new album Tsar Bomba:
Press Release / BRIDE is very busy these days with writing and recording.  Our new CD is fan financed and you can help.  Details are over at:

Troy (Thompson - guitars) and Dale have been writing songs for the past few months together.  This upcoming project may very well be BRIDE’s last endeavor.  Back in 1985 when BRIDE first was formed Dale and Troy never imagined that the band would still be viable after over twenty years of music making.  BRIDE has had incredible opportunities to write record and release songs world wide while also touring to support every release.

This 2009 project is a no hold barred when it comes to creativity and music making.  This labor of love should take
the listener beyond any imaginative work BRIDE has ever done in the past and challenge the audio senses.
It is important concerning this work tentatively titled Tsar Bomba to capture the listener and to unpredictably throw them into the vat of “mechanosensation”. 
Tsar Bomba simply means Mother Of All Bombs and was the largest most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated. It is important for this work to leave such an impact.  Even though some would argue that a Christian CD should have nothing to do with such destruction, it is our belief that in this day and time a certain amount of destruction leads way to new growth and a fresh start.
Back with the Thompson brothers is drummer Jerry McBroom.  It is only fitting that the most popular drummer in BRIDE's history rejoins them for the finale. G.W. Watts notoriously known for his Hong Kong sessions will be contributing bass guitar. Also returning will be guitar virtuoso Steve Osborne.
One of the most exciting aspects to the new work is the studio master Tim Bushong.  Tim will be exercising all of his recording talents on the project.
Expect to hear raw rock, heavy metal, and all of the surprises that make you smile when you hear a BRIDE release.

BRIDE online: &

Liberty N' Justice logo

LIBERTY N' JUSTICE gets ready to Light It Up:
Press Release / The new LIBERTY N' JUSTICE project, now entitled Light It Up, will be released on Retroactive Records in the fall of 2009.

The group is proud to announce two new tracks have been added to the album: “Treading On Serpents” features guest appearances by Les Carlson (BLOODGOOD) and Oz Fox (STRYPER & BLOODGOOD) while “Drunk Dead Gorgeous” includes the contributions of Marq Torien (BULLETBOYS) and Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P.).

Light It Up track listing:

1. “Light It Up”
2. “The Other Thief”
3. “Blink”
4. “Do What You Believe”
5. “Man vs. Mother Nature”
6.”Treading On Serpents”
7. “Uncle Sam”
8. “Every Reason To Believe”
9. “Wrestling With God”
10. “Best Time You Never Had”
11. “Beautiful Decision”
12. “Drunk Dead Gorgeous”
13. “Greed”
14. “For Better Or Worse”

Retroactive Records online:



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Codigo Eterno - Codigo Eterno

CODIGO ETERNO signs to YoungSide Records:
Press Release / Female fronted rock band, CODIGO ETERNO was formed in early 2004, in San Pedro Sula, Honduras.  Originally the instrumental project of guitarist Jean Funes, it was decided to add vocals after receiving an invitation to perform at an evangelical concert, thus enabling the band to deliver a clear gospel message along with the music.
Recording for CODIGO ETERNO’s self-titled debut project began back in 2007.  The much anticipated album features an impressive line-up of guest musicians: Andreas Passmark (NARNIA, DIVINEFIRE, ROB ROCK, 7 DAYS) on bass; a guest guitar solo by Markus Sigfridsson (HARMONY, 7 DAYS, DARKWATER) as well as some renowned local musicians.
The album was mixed by Goran Werner (Sweden) and mastered by Mikael Vaarala of Solid mastering in Sweden. The artwork was created by Markus Sigfridsson of Tenement Design. (Designer of HARMONY, DIVINEFIRE, AUDIOVISION, and MAJESTIC VANGUARD covers among others.)
Although the lyrics are in Spanish, fans of HB, LACUNA COIL, NIGHTWISH and VOICE OF GLASS will enjoy CODIGO ETERNO.

Codigo Eterno track listing:

1. “Tocar El Cielo”
2. “En Medio De La Noche”
3. “Puera De Ti No Hay Nada”
4. “Llevame”
5. “Solo Tu”
6. “Misterio”
7. “Estar Junto A Ti”
8. “Romance”
9. “Promesa”
10. “Siempre”


Testify 24:27

TESTIFY - Metal with a message:
TESTIFY, a Christian heavy metal band out of Visalia, California, has just finished recording their full length debut album 24:27.  The group is currently booking shows in addition to looking to sign with a label.

TESTIFY lists its main influences as QUEENSRYCHE, AC/DC, DIO, IRON MAIDEN, OZZY, BLACK SABBATH and other 80's metal bands.

24:27 was recorded at FAT LABS Studio IN Visalia, CA from January 2008 to November 2008 and mastered at Fast Traxx studios in Fresno, CA.

Music and lyrics written by TESTIFY (except for "Death Inside of Me" which was written by Lynn Louise Lowrey)

24:27 was produced by Dana Long and TESTIFY and mastered by Bill Sayre.  Dana Long engineered and mixed the project.

24:27 track listing:

1. “I Believe”
2. “Off The Ground”
3. “Sinner's Cage”
4. “Matt 24:27”
5. “Judgment Day”
6. “Reborn”
7. “Second Chance”
8. “My Sacrifice”
9. “Shout Out”
10. “Born Again”
11. “Lightning Comes”
12. “Death Inside of Me”

TESTIFY line-up:

Ron Poggione - Lead Vocals
Scott Weisenborn - Guitars
John Angle Jr. - Bass
Chuck Hernandez - Drums

TESTIFY online:


* GUARDIAN recently launched a new website:

* YouTube is home to live footage of guitarist KEVIN WINDROSS performing at a biker event in Australia:


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Liberty N' Justice - The Cigar Chronicles

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE unveils track listing to new album, The Cigar Chronicles:
Press Release / LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE, the melodic rockers with a message, are unveiling a little more info on their upcoming release, The Cigar Chronicles.  This will be LNJ's 9th studio album and 5th All-Star project.  The concept is pretty simple: get high profiled singers to sing the songs from highly competent song writers. 

The leader of LNJ, Justin Murr, goes on to say, "With TCC we wanted everything bigger and louder!  The album features big guitars, big hooks, big vocals, and the thing that makes a LNJ project...  Big Names!  This is the most commercial sounding record we have ever released and I promise this record rocks!!"

The project is being produced by Vic Rivera , Steve Brown of (TRIXTER), Mike Layne, and Stephen Chesney.  The album artwork was done by Rex Zachary who previously did LNJ's Independence Day cover.  The album has a late fall of 09' projected release date.  The track listing is as follows with the addition of announcing two of the tracks guest performers, Dale & Troy Thompson of BRIDE on the song "Bastard" and Marq Torien (BULLETBOYS) with Chris Holmes (WASP) on the track "Drunk Dead Gorgeous".

The Cigar Chronicles track listing:
1. “Light It Up”
2. “Bastard”                            
3. “Blink”
4. “What Do You Believe”
5. “Man vs. Mother Nature”
6. “Treading On Serpents”
7. “Uncle Sam”
8. “Every Reason To Believe”
9. “Wrestling With God”
10. “Best Time You Never Had”
11. “Beautiful Decision”
12. “Drunk Dead Gorgeous”     
13. “Greed”
14. “For Better Or Worse”


Retroactive Records signs RIVERA BOMMA and SAINT:
Press Release / New Jersey’s RIVERA BOMMA and Salem, Oregon based SAINT represent the latest acts to join the Retroactive roster:

Rivera Bomma promo pic

RIVERA BOMMA got its start in 2001, debuting with the full length release Invisible Force (Secret Port Records) before following up five yeas later with I Am God (Mausoleum Records).  A joining of vocalist Johnny Bomma – who brings a clean but powerful classic tenor voice – and guitarist Rod Rivera (his dazzling fretwork has been compared to Ritchie Blackmore, Michael Schenker and Yngwie Malmsteen), RIVERA BOMMA brings a combination of US power metal and straightforward hard rock with the occasional progressive overtone.

Look for the groups Retroactive debut, Angels & Demons, to be recorded this spring and summer and released the latter half of the year.

RIVERA BOMMA online: &

Saint promo pic

SAINT, obviously, needs no introduction.  One of the classic bands in the history of Christian metal, SAINT debuted with the 1984 EP Warriors Of The Son before recording the Pure Metal full length releases Time’s End (1986) and Too Late For Living (1988).  After going on extended hiatus, SAINT returned following the turn of the century with In The Battle (2004), The Mark (2006) and Crime Scene Earth (2008).

Retroactive plans to re-issue out of print SAINT albums such as Warriors Of The Son and In The BattleCrime Scene Earth will be re-issued as well, but with Josh Kramer contributing lead vocals on all its track (the original version of CSE featured Josh on just three songs).  Josh will be returning to the studio to record vocals on the other six, which were originally handled by bassist Richard Lynch.

Also, expect a new SAINT project, untitled at the time of this writing, to come out on Retroactive in November or December.

SAINT online: &

Stryper - 25th Anniversary banner

STRYPER to embark on 25th Anniversary Tour:
Press Release / STRYPER is gearing up to tour the United States starting in September of 2009, hitting approximately 50 cities across America.  This will be followed by International tour dates in January and February of 2010.

Twenty-five years ago (1984) STRYPER broke on to the scene with their debut EP The Yellow and Black Attack and have since gone on to sell 8 million records worldwide and tour the world spreading an inspirational message through their branded sound of rock songs, heavy guitars, and pristine harmony vocals.

The 25th Anniversary Tour will be a two set show. The first set will be new STRYPER material and include bassist Tracy Ferrie along with original members Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, and Oz Fox.  The second set will be classic STRYPER hits and will be all four original members, including original bassist Tim Gaines. Michael Sweet Jr's band will be the opening band on the tour.

2009 also marks the release of STRYPER’s newest studio album Murder by Pride on Big3 Records.  In May, fans can get sneak previews of the album, downloading select individual songs on iTunes and other on-line internet download stores.

All confirmed STRYPER tour dates will be announced at: and

Vocalist Michael Sweet offers further detail at the STRYPER forum:
“Before things get confused and misconstrued, I thought I would take a moment to clarify that we will be playing a 45 minute set of new material and then there will be a 20-30 minute break, and then we will perform another 45 minute set of old classic material.  We will then encore with a few songs as well.  So, the length of the set (from beginning to end) will be approximately 100 minutes long.  Also, as far as original yellow and black clothing goes, we will NOT be wearing original clothing of any kind.  We will have some new clothing made and we will incorporate yellow and black into the design.  We will do a wardrobe change during the 20-30 minute break/intermission.  I felt like I should clear this up so there are no surprises, although it was supposed to be a surprise.”

STRYPER online: &


* April 16, 2009 will see the release of a new BLOODGOOD DVD, BLOODGOOD Live In Norway.


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FOUNDATION TWELVE – Foundation Twelve
The key words here a “classic Christian hard rock”.  The bands 2007 independently released self-titled debut breaks down evenly between acoustic laced pieces and those heading in a more guitar driven direction.  Read Full Review >>

MAD MAX – Here We Are
Musically, Here We Are presents with the groups trademark joining of melodic metal, hard rock, melodic rock and AOR.  The album has its share of good moments (the better material here is great) but is a bit on the inconsistent side of things (you will find a few too many filler tracks).  Read Full Review >>

MENAHEM – Angels & Shadows
What Menahem brings to the table is a joining of power metal and progressive metal certain to appeal to fans of countrymen Eterna, Angra, Destra, Shining Star and Scelerata.  Those whose musical tastes trend towards Symphony X, Suspyre and Dream Theater will find a lot to like here as will proponents of Jacobs Dream, Faith Factor and Sacred Warrior.  Read Full Review >>

MESSENGER – I’m Talking To You
Haling from the Nation’s Capitol, Messenger brings a throwback sound that hearkens back to the eighties.  Now, by “throwback” I am not necessarily referring to the fluffy hair metal that was prevalent at the time but rather a heavier and more muscular side to the decade.  And by that I mean the joining of guitar driven hard rock (similar to Rez Band) and old school heavy metal (not unlike Saint) that characterizes the bands sound.  Read Full Review >>

NOMAD SON – First Light
After a two track demo made its way to Metal On Metal Records representative Jowita Kaminska, a contract was soon signed and Nomad Son entered the studio to begin work on its summer of 2008 full length debut First Light.  The album can best be described as traditional doom-metal certain to appeal to fans of Black Sabbath, Trouble, Candlemass, Saint Vitus, Place Of Skulls, Faith, Pylon and Troglodyte Dawn.  Read Full Review >>

7TH HEAVEN – Planet Under Siege
Despite coming out in the early nineties, the album (mercifully) reflects no influence of the grunge scene prevalent at the time.  If anything, I might describe Planet Under Siege as a blend of melodic rock, AOR and hair metal – heavily influenced by the eighties – certain to appeal to fans of Stryper, Guardian, Shout, Giant, Action and Line Of Fire.  Read Full Review >>

SEVENTH AVENUE – Southgate (Ulterium re-issue)
Southgate, an initial Treasure Hunt Records release, was re-issued in early 2009 by Ulterium Records.  The album finds Seventh Avenue bringing its trademark European power metal sound but touched up with elements of speed metal and melodic metal.  Fans of Helloween, Gamma Ray, Stratovarious and Blind Guardian will find a lot to like here as will those into Adiastasia, Dream Quest, Lightmare and Zephaniah.  Read Full Review >>

Time Capsules presents with a melding of power metal and melodic metal with the occasional progressive overtone.  While comparisons to Savatage, Dio, Fates Warning, Kamelot and TNT are warranted, I find there is a bit more than meets the eye here.  And that is the heaviness of Symphony X that the band rests its sound upon but mixed with the accessibility of Magnitude 9 and Theocracy.  Read Full Review >>


KDB3 - Verite

KDB3 release debut full lenght, Verite:
Press Release / KDB3 is the alter ego of Doug Bowers, a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who makes his home on the gulf coast of North West Florida.  Fresh from his inclusion on the CPR 3 compilation with his band, AD ASTRA, Doug’s solo release, Verite, stands solidly in the progressive rock tradition without being bombastic or unnecessarily complex.  This isn’t your 70s progressive rock knock off, Doug brings modern driving melodies, guitar lines and synth riffs to fill the ears and delight any fan of the genre.  Be certain that the themes represented reflect Doug’s Christian faith, but you won’t be lectured or preached into submission.  Lyrically you’ll find honesty, humor, irony and cause for self reflection.

A solo artist in the strictest sense of the word, Doug played or programmed all instruments save for a guitar solo, a conga track and a few backing vocal tracks.  He recorded, mixed and produced Verite himself leaving the mastering process to Audio Digital’s Gene Crout, co-producer of the CPR series.

Many people who grew up in the mainstream of Progressive Rock music of the 70s still have the desire for music that reflects an age when musicians were about music and creativity.  Verite is a CD that hits all the marks, pulls no punches and makes you want to be part of the Truth.

Verite track listing:

1. “New Life”
2. “One”
3. “Rock & Roll Ghetto”
4. “Truth Suite”
5. “Interlude”
6. “A Time For Renewal”
7. “Not The One”
8. “If Anybody Asks”

KDB3 online:

Unforsaken promo pic

New UNFORSAKEN album in the works:
Press Release / Unforsaken Productions announces that work has begun on a new album from Canadian Christian rock band UNFORSAKEN.  Four years after the release of their debut album Not Alone (2005), Thomas Wilson (vocalist) and Jon Hooper (guitarist) are back in the studio.
The new album will essentially be an EP, but longer in length than most EPs, consisting of seven tracks.  The album's running time will be over 30 minutes, so this should please even those who don't typically purchase EPs because of their normally short length.
The album will contain three brand new UNFORSAKEN songs, as well as some tunes from the band's acoustic set, including a well known cover song.  It is expected to be ready for sale in late Spring of 2009.
More details will be provided when available.  For further information on UNFORSAKEN, visit their website at:

Vertical Alignment - Lost In Space

Press Release This primarily instrumental release celebrates the achievements of NASA and the great American space program.  The triumphs and tragedies of the years in the cosmos have been etched on the consciousness of our nation.  Milestones such as the Mercury flight of John Glenn, the first American spacewalk of Ed White in Gemini 4 (pictured on the cover above,) and the stupendous moon landing of Apollo 11 helped to define the American 1960's.  Despite political and social turmoil, the men and women with the right stuff made it happen.  In following decades, flights of the Space Shuttle became stuff of legend.  The legends became a new reality with the ongoing construction of the International Space Station. In the near future, we look forward to returning to the moon with the exciting Constellation / Orion program.

What VERTICAL ALIGNMENT brings to the table on Lost In Space is mostly instrumental rock (there is one vocal track) with a heavy progressive slant.  GALACTIC COWBOYS sum it up best: Pump up the space suits!

Kevin Windross - Standing Outside Circles

KEVIN WINDROSS releases debut instrumental album, Standing Outside Circles:
Press Release / Kevin started life as a country boy growing up in a small town called Canowindra in NSW central west Australia.  The son of a pig farmer, he grew up on Johnny Cash and Slim Dusty and the legendary Tijuana Sound Of Brass, that is until a friend introduced him to a “Heavy Metal” compilation album featuring bands like MALMSTEEN’S RISING FORCE, SPINAL TAP, AC/DC, WHITECROSS, WHITE LION, STRYPERand the like.  Kevin was instantly drawn to the grinding guitar riffs and fret board wizardry. However it was not until a few years later, when he left his small home town and moved to the big smoke (....Canberra....), that he invested his first tax cheque in a Korean built Kramer Stryker and a small Washburn practice amp. So began his journey as a guitarist and musician…

Since these small beginnings Kevin has spent many hours becoming one with his axes and has jammed with Frank Gambale, toured with Phil Emmanuel, toured with EARLY WARNING SYSTEM, signed to Soundmass Records.  Toured  Australia’s East Coast and South East Asia and has just finished up his independently release debut instrumental album: Standing Outside Circles.

Influenced by a wide range of guitarists from Mark Knopfler to John Norum along with all the Steve’s and Joe’s in between, he hopes to have found his own sound and style, but all this aside, he loves to pick up his guitar and play from the heart!

The album was co-produced, engineered and mixed/mastered by Henning Pauly.  Henning was the brains behind both FRAMESHIFT concept albums, featuring James LaBrie (DREAM THEATER) and Sebastian Bach (SKID ROW).

Standing Outside Circles track listing:

1. “Desert Princess”
2. “Fisherman’s Bend”
3. “Into The Sun”
4. “After The Storm”
5. “Standing Outside Circles”
6. “The Road To Bourke”
7. “Little Caity”

Kevin Windross online: &


* New BRIDE live CD and DVD, In Your Face Unplugged, features 17 live acoustic tracks and a 72-minute running time.  Songs are taken from three separate live shows and encompass material off Kinetic Faith, Snakes In The Playground and The Jesus Experience. You will find three Gospel Favorites as well.

* Rob Rock is currently working on a live DVD/CD of his performance at ProgPower USA 9 in Atlanta.  The new DVD/CD, entitled "Rob Rock - The Voice of Melodic Metal - Live in Atlanta" will be released on AFM Records sometime in May. The DVD is being produced by Ken Young and Rob Rock with CJ Grimmark (NARNIA) mixing the live audio.

The high-energy 11-song concert features songs from all four of Rob Rock’s solo albums.


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Main Line Riders - Worldshaker

MAIN LINE RIDERS to shake the world:
Press Release / MAIN LINE RIDERS anticipates releasing its sophomore album, Worldshaker, in late June or early July in Retroactive Records.  The band has completed the songwriting process and plans to hit the studio in April.

Further details from the MAIN LINE RIDERS MySpace blog:

“We're very excited to have the folks hear our new music.  The new songs are all straight out of the AC/DC Bon Scott hard knocks era playbook.  Expect the production of our new album to be in line with the songwriting”.

Worldshaker track listing:

1. “It All Ends Tonite”
2. “Throwin' Bones To The Wolves”
3. “Hell Ain't A Good Place To Be”
4. “Broken Hearted”
5. “Comin' Home To You”
6. “We Are The Ready Ones”
7. “Power Surge”
8. “Through With You”
9. “It's A Revolution”
10. “Chrome And Steel”
11. “Rhythm And Blues”

Shining Force logo

Guitarist Bill Vaughn offered the latest at Christian Hard Music: “The new CD will be released (later) this year.  We have run into problems in the studio and that is what has set us back.  All the tracks are done.  We just lack bass and vocals on the rest of the tracks and the final mix.  We are hoping it will be done soon.

"We are trying to work out at a new location to complete the CD.  I think the devil is worried about this CD coming out- why else would he keep trying to stop us?   I pray that this new CD will touch many souls and that many people will come to Jesus through this CD.  People’s salvation is most import to us not the music.  But the music has to be good to get their attention. "

If I can not continue to play guitar that won't stop me from preaching God's word.  I am being ordained as an evangelist in the next few weeks.  I will continue to win souls to God's kingdom till God calls me home.  Thanks again for your prayers.  I need real prayer warriors as yourselves praying for me and my healing.  I know its coming.  God hears all of our prayers”.

Also, please keep the artist in your prayers as it pertains to his health.  Vaughn offers further commentary: “I have been diagnosed with chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver. The specialist wants me to go on a program that is like chemo therapy. I would have to take shots weekly and take pills everyday for a whole year. Even with this therapy it does not guaranty to work. The next step would be a liver transplant in the future.

“I have posted this so that everyone that reads this will pray for me. I believe that God still heals today and hears the prayers of his children. I am asking you to please take time out of your day to pray for my healing. The Bible says where 2 or more are gathered together and if we agree in prayer there I am in the mist of them. So if you will stand in the gap for me in prayer and agreement then I believe God will hear our prayers.

“I will be doing one last show with SHINING FORCE this Saturday at the Jet Lounge in downtown Houston off of 1515 Pease Street. Please come out to see us, I would love to meet you in person. Please come and see the band perform our last show. This is one show you will not want to miss. If in the future God lets me continue to play, then we will let everyone know that we are back together. God Bless You as you pray for me. Many souls have been won through our ministry and I pray God will answer my prayer for healing so that I may continue his work with SHINING FORCE.

“I thank you personally from the bottom of my heart. As you pray for me, I ask that God will provide all your needs and answer your prayers also.”


Theocracy - Mirror Of Souls

THEOCRACY - Mirror Of Souls limited edition vinyl release:
Press Release / Ulterium Records to release a limited edition 12" picture disc edition of the THEOCRACY album Mirror of Souls.  The LP will be strictly limited to 250 copies.  Look for a release date set of April 3rd, 2009.

Mirror Of Souls track listing:

Side A:

1. “Mirror of Souls”

Side B:

1. “Laying The Demon To Rest”
2. “Absolution Day”
3. “Wages Of Sin”

Ulterium Records online:

THEOOCRACY online: &


* Columbus, Ohio based JACOBS DREAM is halfway through recording its next album, Beneath The Shadows. A conceptual release, Beneath The Shadows details the life of a man who falls into drugs and loses everything he loves in the process. The subsequent emotional roller coaster leads him to seek beyond himself to find meaning in life.

JACOBS DREAM hopes to have the album out this summer. The group has also filmed a music video (its first ever) of the song “Welcome To My World”.

* SAINT at work on new album (from bassist Richard Lynch at the Christian Metal Realm): “What do you get when you take Josh Kramer (vocals), Dee Harrington (guitars), Jerry Johnson (guitars), and Richard Lynch (and) give them about 9 or 10 (new) songs? Yes, you're right, a new SAINT CD!”

SAINT has started work on new material and hopes to have preproduction done this summer. Also, Richard anticipates Josh singing every song this time around.


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Angelic Warlord interview - Ian Keith Hafner & Sonia Sauruk of STATIC FUSE:
How did the name Static Fuse come about?  Does it have any special meaning?
IAN - I actually came up with the name Static Fuse before Sonia and I started working together.  It’s the idea that God is explosive (like a fuse), but hopefully we can stay static (not moving) and stay near to the power of God.  In other words, having a relationship with God is like plugging into a fully loaded Marshall stack!  Read Full Interview >>


Bride logo

New BRIDE album in the works:
Vocalist Dale Thompson offers the latest concerning the project in a recent e-mail update:

"As I sit here writing this update I am listening to the first 6 tracks of the new CD.  Troy (Thompson – guitars) and I have been working on the project with incredible results.  No studio tracks have be laid down yet. Dale and Troy will be putting a band around the project in the coming weeks.
"BRIDE's new CD has a release date for summer.  We have confidence that distributors will make sure that you can get this CD conveniently.
"As soon as we are happy with some of the studio work, we will post a track on MySpace for your listening pleasure.
"BRIDE wishes to thank everyone that have prayed and encouraged us to write and record a new CD.  Of course after 20 years plus writing and recording Troy and I need a nudge from time to time.  Thank you for your support."

BRIDE online: &

Guardian promo pic

GUARDIAN re-unites classic line-up:
From the blog of vocalist Jamie Rowe:

"Yes, it's true! After YEARS of on again, off again banter...GUARDIAN will turn on the lights for a season. I still can't give a whole lot more info yet, but here are some things that I can say:

• GUARDIAN will tape the debut episode of "House Of Guardian" this weekend in Nashville. H.O.G. is going to be a main component of Guardian's activity for this new run.

• House Of Guardian is also "Casa De Guardian”.  The Latin American fans have gone above and beyond for GUARDIAN over the years, they won't be left out!  Our Spanish speaking audience will be pleased!
•All members of the classic GUARDIAN line-up are back: David Bach (bass), Karl Ney (drums), Tony Palacios (guitars) and myself...along with Jamey Perrenot (guitars). Yes, 5 dudes instead of 4!  Can you say "more guitars"?

"It's a new era for the music business, and we have found a unique way to embrace it.  Great for the fans...and great for the band too!  While we all have great "non-band lives" going right now, we all miss "being GUARDIAN".

No word on if there will be a new GUARDIAN album. That said, with the band now featuring two guitarists, hopefully any future project it records will be along the lines of Fire & Love and Miracle Mile.

GUARDIAN online: &

Messenger - I'm Talking To You

MESSENGER is talking to you:
Press Release / MESSENGER brings Christian heavy metal from the Nation's Capital on its independently released 2008 full length debut I’m Talking To You.

A group that came together in the winter of 2007, MESSENGER showcases a sound drawing heavily from the influences of their favorite metal and progressive rock acts such as RUSH, LED ZEPPELN, NICKELBACK, DAUGHTRY and BLACK SABBATH.

MESSENGER describes itself as a “modern metal sound (that) kicks hard but with originality and progressive artistry.  The message of Christ is couched in an amusement park roller coaster ride of vocal and guitar solo highs and bottom end lows that rumble the floor.  Get on and ride into glory.”

I’m Talking To You track listing:

1. “Hell Is No Party”
2. “King Of Kings:
3. “Bright And Morning Star”
4. “Don’t Shoot The Messenger”
5. “Special Delivery”
6. “Forbidden Love”
7. “Wallowing In The Mire”
8. “The Rapture”
10. “Chained”
11. “America, Why”
12. “So Good”

MESSENGER line-up:

Frank Clifton Herring – Lead Vocals, Guitars and Keyboards
Vlad Gurin – Guitars
Joe “Axeman” Fulford - Guitars
Roy Richardson - Bass
‘Tim “TNT” Tieff - Drums

MESSENGER online: &


* LIBERTY N' JUSTICE is proud announce they have begun recording their 9th studio album and 5th "All-Star" project, The Cigar Chronicles. It will once again feature a plethora of "known" singers on the albums 14 tracks. The album will also feature a whose who of guest musicians. The project is being produced by Vic Riveria, Mike Layne, & Stephen Chesney.


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FIRES OF BABYLON – Fires Of Babylon
Fires Of Babylon delivers what is promised in featuring ten tracks of classic US power metal heavily influenced by the eighties.  Fans of St. Paul’s previous work with Winters Bane will find a lot to like here as will those into the various projects Rob Rock has participating over the years, including his four solo albums, material with Impellitteri and Warrior’s Code Of LifeRead Full Review >>

HB – Piikki Lihassa
Piikki Lihassa builds upon the strengths that made Frozen Inside such a solid release.  Still inviting comparison to Nightwish and Within Temptation, HB maintains its penchant for taking an upfront rhythm guitar sound and lacing it with operatic vocal harmonies, epic arrangements, grandiose keyboards and classical instrumentation.  Read Full Review >>

KING’S CROWN – King’s Crown
When King’s Crown hits the nail on the head songwriting wise, it does not get much better.  The group puts its best foot forward on straightforward hard rockers such as the driving “For Christ’s Sake”, Rez Band flavored “Can’t Keep Me Down”, mega melodic “Passion Statement” and all out metal of “C/O A Raging Fool”.  Read Full Review >>

LEGACY - Legacy
A relatively obscure power trio that placed first at the national battle of the bands contest at the 1994 Kingdom Bound Festival (Buffalo, NY), Legacy returned to Kingdom Bound for a cameo appearance in 1996, the same year it released its self-titled full length debut on Organic Music.  The band describes itself as “incorporating influences of hard rock, metal, funk and groove”, all qualities which come to the forefront throughout LegacyRead Full Review >>

KERRY LIVGREN – Prime Mover (Redux)
Prime Mover (Redux), the most recent solo outing of guitarist/keyboardist Kerry Livgren, has accumulated quite the history.  Originally released on Sparrow Records in 1988 under the title Prime Mover, the album was re-recorded and re-issued as Prime Mover II ten years later.  The third and final version of the project, Prime Mover (Redux), came out in the fourth quarter of 2008.  Read Full Review >>

VARIOUS ARTISTS – Scandinavian Metal Praise
The latter half of 2008 finds the release of Scandinavian Metal Praise.  The project upholds the tradition of Metal Praise and All Hail The Power by taking several popular praise and worship songs and making them over with metal edged guitar, soaring vocals, pounding drums and a hard rock beat.  Read Full Review >>

X-SINNER – World Covered In Blood
The latter half of 2008 finds X-Sinner returning with World Covered In Blood, its third full length album of original material and first on Image Records.  WCIB represents a return to the old school AC/DC sound of Get It, Rex Scott brings a “Brian Johnson meets Bon Scott” vocal approach, but without much of the polish and gloss inherit to the Pakaderm style of production (more on both of these later).  Read Full Review >>

ZEPHANIAH – Stories From The Book Of Metal
A group that got its start in 2005 but did not debut until three years later with the full length release Stories From The Book Of Metal, Zephaniah has made quite the impact on the Midwest metal scene with its energetic but technical approach to the genre.  Read Full Review >>


Dynasty - Warriors Of The King

DYNASTY - Warriors OF The King details revealed:
Press Release / Brazil’s DYNASTY to release sophomore album, Warriors Of The King, on Silent Music Records.  Recorded in follow up to the melodic power metal of the group’s 2004 Avantage Records debut Motus Perpetuus, Warriors Of The King finds DYNASTY taking a more aggressive musical heading with a joining of traditional and classic metal.

Andre Marcio recorded, mixed and mastered the album at WZ Studios in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.  He shared production duties with Alan Wallace.

Warriors Of The King track listing:

1. “Faith”
2. “Life Is A Miracle”
3. “Warriors Of The King”
4. “Holy Fire”
5. “King Of Kings”
6. “Brighter Than The Sun”
7. “Master Of Disguise”
8. “See No Evil”
9. “Bloody War”
10. “Freak Show” 

DYNASTY online:

Mission of One logo

Vocalist/bassist Chris Dickens recently provided the latest in regards to his MISSION OF ONE project:

"I have definitely started on some new tunes with MISSION OF ONE. Right now, I have rhythm guitars & bass finished on two songs. One is called "Feed My Sheep" and it is very reminiscent of AC/DC musically. The other song is called "Gloryland" and it is a remake of the hymn "Just Over In the Gloryland". I have the vocals finished on "Feed My Sheep" and am almost done with them on "Gloryland". Both songs still need drums. "Feed My Sheep" has the guitar solo finished as well.

"My next song to start on will be called "The Third Door". It is a song that I co-wrote with another kid in my youth group. He started the lyrics based on a sermon I preached a couple of years ago. I rewrote most of the lyrics, but I kept the original thought intact. I'm giving Tyler equal writing credit due to him being the one to bring the song idea to me. This will be more of an 80's rock ballad.

"I'll also be working on a song on the bass for the new LIBERTY 'N JUSTICE CD. Hopefully, that will go well and I can use that on my musical resume to help find some other interested musicians in joining Mission of One.

"The new CMR 3 compilation is starting to ship out this week. MISSION OF ONE is on that compilation.

"So, it isn't a lot, but I am still doing some music! Maybe we'll see some other "surprises" this year as well.

"Last year's self-titled CD is still available.  You can find it here:  And here:

Also, I am still looking for musicians around the Wilson, Smith, DeKalb, or Davidson Co. areas who might be interested in joining MISSION OF ONE.  If you know of anyone, please send them my way!"

MISSION OF ONE online: &

7th Heaven - Planet Under Siege

7TH HEAVEN re-issued on Retrospect Records:
Press Release / Planet Under Siege”, the full length debut of Portland, Oregon based 7TH HEAVEN, was re-issued in 2008 by Retrospect Records.  Originally an independent release by the band in 1992, the album walks a fine line between AOR, melodic hard rock and hair metal.   For fans of STRYPER, GUARDIAN, SHOUT, ACTION, GIANT and LINE OF FIRE.

A review from Heaven’s Metal #36 (1992) described the album as “consistent and well recorded” and that “the overall sound is tight, the bass and drums laying the foundation for the bands overall high-energy melody-rock approach”.

Planet Under Siege track listing:

1. “Planet Under Siege”
2. “Shout”
3. “Watching And Waiting”
4. “Get So Mad”
5. “Child's Eyes”
6. “Cross The Border”
7. “Rapture”
8. “Giants In The Land”
9. “Daybreak”
10. “Stay” 

7TH HEAVEN line-up:

Doug Basler - Lead Vocals & Bass
Dennis Bush - Guitars
Brian Lawson – Drums


Six Minute Century - Time Capsules

SIX MINUTE CENTURY - Power/progressive metal from Houston, Texas:
Press Release / SIX MINUTE CENTURY formed in the summer of 2004 and has become one of the top power/progressive metal outfits in the Houston, Texas area.  Lead by guitarist Don LaFon (KRUCIBLE, MYSTIC CROSS, LOGAN) the band, which also features bassist John Sample and drummer Darren Davis (OUTWORLD), fuses a mixture of power/progressive metal with the groove of more southern style metal.  Add to the group the soaring vocal melodies of Chuck Williams and you get a musical sound in the vein of SAVATAGE, DIO and KAMELOT with the vocal style of FATES WARNING, DREAM THEATER and TNT.

While all members of SIX MINUTE CENTURY are technically proficient, they do not fit the category of a band that tries to impress with how many notes they can play.   Rather SIX MINUTE CENTURY prefers to write songs with melody, hooks, passion and groove that will appeal to a wider audience than many of today’s progressive metal bands. Chuck Williams writes lyrics about historical events to accompany Don LaFon’s musical orchestrations. SIX MINUTE CENTURY’s debut release, Time Capsules, brings the listener into such events as the Iraq War, the Oklahoma City bombing and the life of the legendary Martin Luther King Jr. as well as other non historical stories.

Time Capsules was released in the spring of 2008 on Nightmare Records.

This mainstream group with Christian members combines the heaviness of SYMPHONY X with the accessibility of MAGNITUDE 9 and THEOCRACY.  If I were to invite a direct comparison it might be THRESHOLD.  Vocalist Chuck Williams showcases a soaring style that hearkens back to Steve Perry (JOURNEY) and Steve Walsh (KANSAS) but with the high end touch of Lance King (AVIAN).  Look for a very favorable review in the near future.

Time Capsules track listing:

1. “Under The Moonlight”
2. “The Perfect Picture”
3. “One Man’s Dream”
4. “April 19, 1995”
5. “Zero Hour”
6. “Guitar Concierto”
7. “Saved In Time”
8. “Heaven’s Gate”
9. “Get Your Wings”
10. “Seven Seas”



* New NARNIA album update: "We're so happy to say that we've worked very hard in the studio lately and the result so far is VERY promising and we feel confident that we have the most interesting NARNIA album to date!  Andreas (Johansson) has smashed his drums with greater intensity than ever and the few vocal-tracks we have now recorded with Germán (Pascual) have width, depth, power and personality. Dare we say - even the GUITARS sound great!!

“The album will be finalized during the spring, and in may Fredrik Nordström will squeeze every little drip out of the material during the mix at "Studio Fredman". You have heard Fredriks work on albums by IN FLAMES, SOILWORK, HELLFUELED, ARCH ENEMY, AT THE GATES and many more.”

* THEOCRACY announce new guitarist: "THEOCRACY is proud to welcome Val Allen Wood as their new lead guitarist! Val is an amazing talent, and will be taking over the guitar duties along with Jon (Hinds), allowing Matt (Smith) to step fully into the vocalist/front man role. The band is very excited about this development, and the new lineup will be hitting stages in the U.S. and Europe soon!"

You can check out Val Allen’s playing at:


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Harmony: Chapter II: Aftermath

HARMONY - Chapter II: Aftermath to receive Japan release:
Press Release / The new album Chapter II: Aftermath by the Swedish melodic metal band HARMONY will be released in Japan by King Records. The release date is set to February 25th. The Japanese version of the CD will contain the bonus tracks "Alone" and "End Of My Road” (acoustic version)".

Chapter II: Aftermath was originally released on Ulterium Records in Europe on October 31, 2008 and North America on November 25, 2008.

The album was mixed by Pelle Saether (A.C.T, DARKWATER) in Studio Underground, and mastered by Göran Finnberg (IN FLAMES, THE HAUNTED, DARK TRANQUILITY) at The Mastering Room. 

Chapter II: Aftermath track listing:

1. “Prevail”
2. “Aftermath”
3. “Rain”
4. “Don’t Turn Away”
5. “Kingdom”
6. “Silently We Fade”
7. “Inner Peace”
8. “Weak”
9. “I Run”
10. “Hollow Faces”
11. “End Of My Road”
12. “Alone” (bonus track)
13. End Of My Road” (acoustic bonus track)

HARMONY online:

Nomad Son - First Light

Debut album from NOMAD SON, First Light:
Press Release / The doom metal band NOMAD SON came together in early 2006 and joins FRENZY MONO members Jordan Cutajar (vocals), Chris Grech (guitar), Julian Grech (keyboards) and Edward Magri (drums) with FORSAKEN bassist Albert Bell.

The inception of the band owes much to Temple Studios owner and music production guru David Vella.  While FRENZY MONO were recording their debut album Unorthodox, David deciphered a darker and meaner dimension to the band which could be nurtured  into a doom metal oriented project distinct from the traditional rock of the guys musical endeavors to date.  One phone call away and Albert Bell responded to David Vella and FRENZY MONO's invitation to team up for a studio recorded jam, which resulted in two molten, raw, Hammond-driven, doom-laden tracks in one afternoon session!

Enthused by the result of this session, the strong vibe that each of the guys felt during their jams, and moreover, mutual respect for each member's creative abilities, the guys continued to rehearse and build their repertoire in between meeting their commitments with their main bands.

What had simply started as a studio jam/project , NOMAD SON has now developed into a fully-fledged doom band with a characteristic sound influenced by BLACK SABBATH and other '70s classic bands, '80s heavy metal and milestone doom acts such as CANDLEMASS, PENTAGRAM and TROUBLE.

In the fall of 2007 NOMAD SON played live at Doom Nite, together with FORSAKEN and UNSILENCE.

Their debut album, entitled First Light, was recorded in March 2008 and released July 15th 2008 via Metal On Metal Records.  Expect no quarter! Enter the domain of NOMAD SON's world of apocalyptic, heavy doom!Y

First Light track listing:

1. “Forever Twilight”
2. “Shallow Grave”
3. “Seven Notes In Black”
4. “Delirium”
5. “At The Threshold Of Consciousness”
6. “The Wraith”
7. “Empyrean Fade”
 8. “The Light At The End Of The Tunnel”

NOMAD SON online:

Sacred Warrior promo pic

SACRED WARRIOR keyboardist Rick Macias passes away:
Vocalist Rey Parra goes into further detail:

“It is with deep regret that I have learned of the death of our dearly loved brother, Rick Macias.  I know that sympathy is poor compensation for so great a loss, but I hope that you will understand how I feel.

"I trust and hope that you will be able to bear up in this great trial and that you will think of him as he was when he went away. All the Joy he brought to everyone he surrounded himself with and his great ability to make friends no matter where he was and who he was with.

"I also want you to think dear friends that Rick is in a much better place now and he no longer has to deal with life’s worries. He died in the flesh yet, there was something in him which stands out clearly, “Life”. He went away with a smile to that heavenly place we all strive to see some day:

He will not grow old,
Age will not weary him
He will no longer get sick
nor do the years condemn him
At the going down of the sun
and in the morning

"We will remember Rick Macias as a true friend and brother he was, who wanted nothing more that to bring joy to everyone else never thinking of himself.”"



* STAIRWAY at work on new album: "We are moving on quickly now with the new album and hope to have all the recording finished by the end of March. We are really happy with how things are turning out and can’t wait to get it finished and out there.  The artwork has been provided by the legendary artist Rodney Matthews who also did the cover for our 1st album No Rest : No Mercy. It will have 11 tracks and is chock full of vocal harmonies."

* TEMPEST Guitarist Mick Rowe is re-mixing the groups 1988 sophomore release, Eyes Of The Storm, for a 20th anniversary re-issue.  Samples:


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Pastor Brad logo

Angelic Warlord interview with Pastor Brad:

You recently released a new album entitled Heavenly Shred. Are you happy with the way Heavenly Shred turned out? How has the response been so far?
"I’m really kind of surprised at the way Heavenly Shred was received.  As I was working on it—I thought, “Man, there are some really good tunes on here… and some really great guitar work.”  But, I wasn’t thinking, “This is going to be a great “Christmas album.”  I wanted to put the five Christmas Carols on there for a couple reasons.  First, because they represent timeless worship songs of the church—which was exactly what I was going for.  And then secondarily because it was a way to build toward a REAL Christmas album in the future."  Read Full Interview >>


Fires of Babylon - Fires of Babylon

FIRES OF BABYLON re-issued on Retroactive Records:
Press Release / Retroactive Records is set to re-issue the self-titled debut album by all-Star heavy metal band FIRES OF BABYLON. Already released in Europe, the album is only available as a pricey import. The USA release date is Tuesday February 3, 2009.

FIRES OF BABYLON is classic 1980's & 90's - style, shredding U.S. heavy metal reincarnated! Their lineup is one of highly skilled and lauded musicians, including guitarist Lou St. Paul (WINTERS BANE), vocalist Rob Rock (IMPELLITTERI, DRIVER, ROB ROCK), bassist Kelly Conlon (ex-DEATH), and drummer Robert Falzano (SHATTER MESSIAH).

In 1990, guitarist Lou St. Paul formed WINTERS BANE and since that time has consistently displayed his excellent songwriting skills, playing great riffs and shredding solos over intelligent, well thought out lyrical essays.  Highly impressed by Lou's playing on Redivivus, the owner of Metal Heaven Records asked St. Paul to write the material and put together a band to record a classic 80's metal album - and FIRES OF BABYLON is the result.

Powerhouse vocalist Rob Rocks's extensive discography includes classic albums with IMPELLITTERRI, WARRIOR, AXEL RUDI PELL, and M.A.R.S., PROJECT: DRIVER.  Rob has recorded three excellent solo albums ( Rage Of Creation, Eyes Of Eternity, and Holy Hell ), and his latest opus, Garden Of Chaos, was released last year.

The WINTERS BANE 'ghost' is all over the album, with Lou St. Paul providing some impressive guitar riffs/themes/leads the American way. Do not imagine something that old-school; we're primarily talkin' 'bout the post-mid-80s blend in Metal music in America, with semi-complex compositions and a variety in 'colors' of reference (JACOB'S DREAM and KAMELOT come to mind). There are hints of European metal displayed by bands like MYSTIC PROPHECY, BRAINSTORM, FALCONER and BLOODBOUND.  Without a doubt, fans of high energy melodic metal will agree that the skills of this All-Star cast shine as brightly as their royal Heavy Metal pedigrees!

Fires Of Babylon track listing:

1. “Falling To Pieces”
2. “Devilution”
3. “When The Kingdom Comes”
4. “Lake Of Fire”
5. “Holy Resurrection”
6. “Going Through Changes”
7. “Lazarus Rising”
8. “Revolution Coming”
9. “Generation Of Destruction”
10. “Castles Are Burning”

Retroactive Records online:


Kerry Livgren - Prime Mover (Redux)

Kerry Livgren - Prime Mover (Redux) re-release on Numovox Records:
Press Release / This album has accumulated quite a history (which is entirely my fault) The original Prime Mover album was released in 1988 on Sparrow Records. It was re-done in 1998 as Prime Mover II, and now we have the (final) version: Prime Mover (Redux), completed in 2008.

The original notes for Prime mover II explain why the album was re-recorded in the first place:

“Though any artist probably has some regrets about a portion of their recorded work, this one was the focus of most of mine. Unfortunately, it was done in a hurry, on a very low budget, and under a cloud of disappointment about the demise of AD. The thought occurred to me - they re-make movies, why not albums? Were it not for the fact that I believed the album was redeemable, and that these songs deserved a better fate, I would have left it as is. I believe the results justify the amount of effort that has been put into this collection of songs - it no longer occupies the position of my least favorite post-Kansas work, and I now have no regrets, rather a sense of fulfillment. Thanks so much to Warren Ham - he still kills me. This time I think we got it right.

“What was done: All of the re-recording was done on two EMU Darwins, two ADAT XT's, and an Apple Macintosh G3 using Digital Performer software. The original Prime Mover was recorded on 24 track analog tape, and was transferred to digital.  Unfortunately, one of the two-inch master tape reels had deteriorated so badly that it was unusable. Those songs were completely redone from scratch, which had not been my original intention. Generally speaking, there is little left of the original tracks, except for some of the lead vocals and certain of the guitar solos. All of them have, of course, been re-mixed and re-mastered. The most significant change in the songs themselves is that the drum machine was removed and replaced by drums that were played. Though they are (carefully crafted) sampled sounds, they were performed, not programmed. This has quite a dramatic effect in the feel of the material.”

So the question looms - why the third version of this music? Apparently we didn't get it right… so when is enough, enough? The best explanation I can offer is that, with time, the technology has taken such a leap forward that it became obvious to me that I could greatly improve both the quality of the recording, and in many cases the performances. First, all of the PMII tracks were transferred into my 24-bit Workstation. Of course, once I got rolling, some of the songs were completely transformed by adding new tracks and replacing many of the originals.

In a couple of cases, some of the guitar tracks I had done for PMII were missing, and one of Warren's harmonica tracks, so we had no choice but to play them again. Most of the drums were re-played and greatly improved with the wonderful BFD2 program. The sampled brass and woodwind sounds were, for the most part, replaced by real players and instruments, as was the bass guitar. There are quite a few additional background vocals.

Wherever possible and appropriate, reality has replaced facsimile. I hope the listener can appreciate all the meticulous time that went into this project... I think I am finished with it.

Prime Mover (Redux) track listing:

1. “Out Of Opus”
2. "Portrait II”
3. “Don’t Pass Me By”
4. “Fathers And Sons”
5. “Incantos”
6. “I’ll Follow You”
7. “Fair Exchange”
9. “New Kind Of Love”
10. “Brave Hearts”
11. “Wandering Spirit”
12. “One More Song”
“13. Item 89”
14. “Children Of The Shadows”
15. "T.G.B.”

Kerry Livgren online:


* The BARREN CROSS Pure Volume page features several tracks off the groups 1985 EP Believe:

* THIEVES & LIARS has been in the studio the past two months recording a new album with engineer Daniel Castlman (AS I LAY DYING, ZAO, WAR OF AGES).  The group is currently in the process of choosing its favorite from the high volume of songs it recorded for the final track listing.  While the new album is untitled at this time, THIEVES & LIARS promise it to be “straight rock n’ roll with no cut corners”.


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Legacy - Legacy

LEGACY re-issue self-titled debut:
Press Release / LEGACY, a power trio from Toronto, Canada, incorporates elements of hard rock, metal, funk and groove on its self-titled Organic Music debut from 1996.  The bands tight musical arrangements and talented compositions define a style that is uniquely theirs, while bringing forth a thought provoking lyrical message of hope and God’s love. 

LEGACY’s energetic live performances and distinctive sound scored them first place at the National Battle of the Bands Talent Contest at Kingdom Bound Festival 1994 in Buffalo, NY.  LEGACY was invited back for a performance at Kingdom Bound's 25th Anniversary celebration in 1996 unveiling the new Alternative Park Stage.  LEGACY has also opened for notable acts in Toronto such as Christian rock legends WHITECROSS.

Their nine song selection of original tunes covering everything from driving hard rock to ballads are show cased on their professionally recorded and quality packaged CD.

Legacy track listing:

1. “Hypnotized”
2. “Never Gonna Leave It”
3. “Killer Games”
4. “Walk (Through The Valley)”
5. “Take My Hand”
6. “For Christ’s Sake”
7. “TNT 160”
8. “Under The Sun”
9. “Blue Lightning”

Stryper - Murder By Pride

STRYPER - Murder By Pride release date announced:
Courtsy of

Press Release / Murder By Pride, the new album from Christian hard rockers STRYPER, will be released on July 21 via Big 3 Records.

STRYPER recently revealed the winner in the Murder By Pride artwork contest - Gilvan Rangel of Campina Grande, Brazil. The winning artwork, which will be used for the group's new CD, can be viewed above. The band says, "Hundreds of submissions were received and carefully reviewed. We were amazed and thrilled by all the accomplished artists in the STRYPER network of fans. Many of you are extremely talented and we extend our sincere gratitude to everyone that took time to submit art."

Murder By Pride track listing:

1. “Eclipse Of The Son”
2. “4 Leaf Clover”
3. “Peace Of Mind”
4. “Alive”
5. “The Plan”
6. “Murder By Pride”
7. “I Believe”
8. “Run In You”
9. “Love Is Why”
10. “Mercy Over Blame”
11. “Everything”
12. “My Love”

Commented singer Michael Sweet: "After years of speaking to fans and hearing comments like 'more guitars,' 'more solos' and 'more screams,' I decided to keep those comments in mind as I wrote each song. It was important to me to try to get back to that early sound of STRYPER yet at the same time, to remain relevant today. It's certainly not an easy thing to do but as I listen to Murder By Pride, I think that was accomplished.

"I got the idea of the title Murder By Pride from seeing pride consume dreams, goals and many times, lives. We all deal with pride and it can be crippling, so I wanted to write a lyric and a theme that would be a constant reminder of that. This record has been in the works for a long, long time and I can only hope that it was worth the wait!"

STRYPER will embark on a tour of the United States in September, hitting approximately 50 cities across America. This will be followed by international tour dates in January and February of 2010. The band’s 25th-anniversary tour will be a two-set show. The first set will be new STRYPER material and include bassist Tracy Ferrie, along with original members Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, and Oz Fox. The second set will be classic STRYPER hits and will be all four original members, including original bassist Tim Gaines. Michael Sweet Jr's band will be the opening band on the tour.

25 years ago (1984), STRYPER broke onto the scene with its debut EP, Yellow And Black Attack, and has since gone on to sell 8 million records worldwide and tour the world spreading an inspirational message through their branded sound of rock songs, heavy guitars, and pristine harmony vocals.

STRYPER online: &


* Finland’s DESYRE plans to release its next album, Warning Of The Night, later in 2009.  The group has spent close to seven months in various studios recording the project and promises “ten melodically aggressive Glam Metal pieces”.  Song titles include “The Battle”, “Undoings Of My Life”, “Dreams”, “Mr. Hyde In Delight” and “Ransom”.

* Footage of MEHIDA performing the tracks “Burning Earth’ and “Wings Of A Dove” at the 2008 Maata Näkyvissä festival can be viewed at: &


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Michael Sweet promo pic

Michael Sweet commentary:
The artist offers his thoughts in regards to STRYPER albums Reborn & Murder By Pride:

Reborn was originally written and recorded as a solo project. STRYPER wasn't together at the time and I was planning on shopping Reborn to a number of labels. I shared the music with the guys in Florida back in 04 and they really liked it. Oz in particular seemed very excited and even went as far as to say that it was what STRYPER should be doing. It's always a little difficult for me to explain the fact that I wrote a good percentage of the STRYPER material, from Y&B through to AGTL. As a writer, I've evolved over the years (hopefully) and things have certainly changed in regard to my style of writing and my influences. I've always been one to take chances and to try not to repeat anything from the past. I think my solo projects reflect that as well. It's just how I compose and how my mind works. Personally, I loved Reborn when I first recorded it back in 04 and as the years have passed, I still like the style and direction but I do regret having not added more guitar solos and a few more higher resister notes vocally. Other than that, I think it's a good disc and something I'm certainly proud of as well as the other guys.

“As far as MBP goes, I think it's our best record to date. No it's not a clone of any other STRYPER record, nor should it be in my opinion. I'm not a fan of trying to repeat the past by releasing an exact replica of what you did back in 1978, 1988 or 1998 for that matter. I don't think we could even if we had to. My musical tastes change year to year - I listen to new groups and I'm influenced by new music. It helps me to grow as a writer and an artist. I'm thankful for that. I know there are some who wish that it was 1988 all over again (no disrespect) but it's 2008 (uh, that's 2009) and things change, or at least they should.

“When I listen to MBP, I'm happy with the songs, I'm happy with the production and I'm happy with the outcome - 100%. At the end of the day, that's what matters - that we're (the band) happy with the music and message that is given to us. We can then only hope that most of you are happy too and excited about a new STRYPER record. I think most of you are yet there will always be those you can't please. It's just the way it is.

“I know this - we poured everything we had into this record at a very difficult time. It's a miracle that it came together as it did and we're very proud of that and thankful for that. I guess time will tell if the rest of the world feels the same. It's all in God's hands."

Stryper - Reborn & Murder By Pride

Also, please continue to keep Michael’s wife Kyle in your prayers (from an update by Michael at the STRYPER forum):

“I’m sitting here by Kyle’s side in a room at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and I felt led to write this letter as some form of comfort as we walk through the darkest time of our lives. As you all know, my wife Kyle was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer in February of 2007. Standing by her side and seeing her physically and emotionally face this horrible disease, I’ve realized that not only is she the love of my life, she is an angel and the most inspirational person I’ve ever known. I’ve stood faithful and hopeful in prayer through this battle, yet to see my love suffer and endure the pain and discomfort that she has over the past two years breaks my heart into a million pieces. No one deserves this, especially Kyle.

“You see, she is the backbone of our family, a pillar of strength, and as unselfish as one can be. She doesn’t want any credit for anything she does but truth be known – she deserves all credit. She is the perfect wife, mother and such a blessing to everyone she meets. I constantly wrestle with the reality of this monster that invades her body and I can tell you that it’s been a tremendous struggle to see my wife so sick. I have felt so helpless and at times completely hopeless, but I know I must be strong for my family and be that pillar of strength too, as she’s been throughout our marriage of almost 23 years.

‘When our son Michael was born, Kyle was hospitalized for over 2 weeks due to a severe blood clot in her leg. I was on tour at the time and I would fly home after shows to be with her and then fly out to catch the next show. I remember that time as if it was yesterday and I recall how brave and strong Kyle was then. It was a testament of her courage and an example to me. She never complained and she picked up the pieces and carried on with taking care of our newborn son, Michael.

“Kyle is also a very accomplished and successful makeup artist. This is actually how we met. She drove from Cape Cod to LA in the early eighties with a degree in child psychology but once there, she decided to pursue a career in makeup. Through hard work and perseverance, she went on to work in film and television. Her career had not even peaked and she chose to give it all up to spend 100% of her time raising Michael and Ellena as I toured the world. She sacrificed everything for us and again this was a testament of who Kyle is – a loving, caring, unselfish wife and mother. She wouldn’t have it any other way. She has given me so much joy and I guess I just wanted to give all of you a glimpse of who Kyle is and the character that she bestows.

“We covet and cherish every prayer from everyone of you and I thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts as I sit here by my love. If you can, pray for Kyle’s body and immune system to gain enough strength to fight so her body can get back to some sort of normal state, specifically her digestive system. She hasn’t eaten for days due to nausea and it won’t pass. She’s very weak and I just want to take her home.

“I’ll update as time permits. Kyle sends her love too. She lit up when I told her that I would post and ask all of you to pray. It means so much. More than you know.”



Michael Sweet online: &


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BOARDERS - The World Hates Me (Retroactive re-issue)
Italy is home to Boarders and the metal and thrash influenced sounds of its 2007 full length outing The World Hates Me.  A band that can trace its history back to the late eighties, Boarders presents a unique melding of the aggressive and melodic that draws extensively from the musical trends of the decade in question.  Read Full Review >>

DEBELLUM - Legacy Of Blood
Legacy Of Blood, the 2006 independently released full length debut of Debellum, can best be described as a blend of metal and thrash not unlike Boarders, Antithesis, Incarnate and old school Bride (think Live To Die and Silence Is Madness).  Those whose musical tastes stray towards the aggressive side of things - Deliverance, Ultimatum, Metallica and Megadeth come to mind – should find a lot to like in Debellum as well.  Read Full Review >>

HOLY SOLDIER - Holy Soldier (Silent Music re-issue)
Holy Soldier proceeded to record a five song demo with the goal of obtaining a secular recording contract but ended up signing with Myrrh Records- becoming the first “white metal” band to join the label (and ending Myrrh’s year long search for the right metal band to sign).  Originally released in 1990, Holy Soldier’s self-titled debut was re-issued in 2005 by Spaceport Records and again in 2008 by the Brazilian label Silent Music Records (with live versions of “Virtue And Vice” and “When The Reign Comes Down” as bonus tracks along with a video of “See No Evil”).  Read Full Review >>

MENCHEN - Red Rock
What we have in Menchen is straightforward hard rock with the occasional groove, blues, metal and funk overtone. No, this might not be as consistently heavy as the artists’ recent efforts with The Seventh Power (Dominion & Power) and Titanic (Full Steam Ahead), but if you enjoy early 90’s Bride, Die Happy, Red Sea and the V-Rats then Red Rock is certain to appeal to you.  Read Full Review >>

PASTOR BRAD - Heavenly Shred
What makes Heavenly Shred unique is that it brings a “holiday theme” in that half its compositions draw their inspiration from many of the popular Christmas carols of the past.  Now, there is no reason to be concerned in that PB proves ingenious in conceiving an instrumental hard rock song that, at the same time, is interwoven with a well known Christmas carol melody.  Read Full Review >>

Rolla, Missouri is home to Serpents Of Glory and its melding of the acoustic and electric: acoustic in terms of its how it establishes a classic rock driven environs but electric in how it also mixes in elements of straightforward hard rock.  The group presents with its independently released 2008 full length debut DieFlyRead Full Review >>

STATIC FUSE - Static Fuse
The fall of 2008 finds Ian and Sonia presenting with the self-titled debut of the classic Christian metal project Static Fuse.  The key words are “classic Christian metal” in that Static Fuse brings an old school metal and hard rock vibe – heavily influenced by the eighties – certain to appeal to fans of Bride, Whitecross, Holy Soldier, X-Sinner, Rez Band and a host of others from the same era.  Read Full Review >> 

SWEET CRYSTAL - Still Standing
One band that has been around for over thirty years – and, unfortunately, not always garnered the attention it deserves in the process – is Canton, Michigan based Sweet Crystal.  Debuting in 1985 with a six song EP entitled Power-N-Glory, Sweet Crystal remained on the sidelines until 2001 when it put out its independently released full length sophomore outing Still Standing…  Read Full Review >>


Boarders - The World Hates Me

BOARDERS signs with Retroactive Records:
Press Release / Retroactive Records has announced the signing of the Italy-based thrash/power metal band BOARDERS for the re-issue of its debut album The World Hates Me in early 2009. The World Hates Me originally saw a 2007 release on the German label Quam Libet Records.

A band that can trace its history back to the late eighties, BOARDERS presents a unique melding of the aggressive and melodic that draws extensively from the musical trends of the decade in question.  Nowhere is that more evident than in the group's thrash heavy material in that "Schmertzgarten", "Deliver You Back To Hell", "For What It's Worth" and "W.P.D." all deliver a sound certain to garner the interest of those into MEGADETH, METALLICA, TOURNIQUET and old-school DELIVERANCE. As a matter of fact, BOARDERS once received acclaim in Italy - back in their pre-Christian days - as a MEGADETH cover band; hence, the inclusion of the old MEGADETH song "In My Darkest Hour" makes perfect sense.

A more melodic aspect to the BOARDERS songwriting skills, on the other hand, can be found in the straightforward metal and hard rock direction taken on "True Rebellion", "Baptized With Fire" and "Jump For Joy". Fast, energetic and catchy, these are three up-tempo numbers that bring to mind BRIDE (both late eighties and early Nineties era), IRON MAIDEN, BARREN CROSS and SACRED WARRIOR.

The World Hates Me track listing:

1. “True Rebellion”
2. “Baptized With Fire”
3. “Schmertzgarten”
4. “Never Alone”
5. “In My Darkest Hour”
6. “Jump For Joy”
7. “For What It's Worth”
8. “Deliver You Back To Hell”
9. “W.P.D.”
10. “Till Life Do Us One”
11. “The World Hates Me”

Retroactive Records online:

BOARDERS online: &

Rob Rock promo pic

New Year’s update from ROB ROCK:
"Happy New Year to you all!  I am officially once again fronting the heavy metal band IMPELLITTERI.  There has been speculation of whether I am a member or not, so I am here to state that IMPELLITTERI is officially re-formed with Rob Rock as the lead singer, and we have every intention of building a future for the band.

"We will be touring and exploring every possible venue to build the band into an international brand.  We look forward to making many records in the future and look forward to touring as many countries as possible.  Our first release titled Wicked Maiden will be released in late January starting with Japan, followed by Europe, and then the United States.

"The record is pure metal with screaming vocals, shredding guitar solos, killer rhythm section, and a fat production.  Wicked Maiden was mixed in Vancouver Canada by Greg Reely, and mastered by George Marino!!  I am sure that all the fans of the classic Rob and Chris "IMPELLITTERI" albums will be very pleased with our new release, Wicked Maiden.

"2009 is looking to be an active year for me as I resurrect my role in "IMPELLITTERI", and the "ROB ROCK" solo band releases a live DVD later in 2009, and the "DRIVER" group performs at the "Bang Your Head" festival in June.  These activities come at a time when the economy worldwide is in turmoil and I am extremely grateful to all of the music lovers out there that continue to support my creativity. Cheers to all of you, and have a happy and blessed New Year!"

Rob Rock online: &

Zion - Thunder From The Mountain

ZION - Thunder From The Mountain set for re-issue:
Press Release / Image Records plans to re-release the 1989 ZION full-length debut Thunder From The Mountain:

Commented drummer Tommy Bozung (at the Christian Metal Realm): “(Look for the album to be) both remixed and re-mastered!  There has been a sample already done after Image acquired the 2-inch tape from (producer) DavidZaffiro.  This won't be an overnight affair.  It will take some time and resources to get the project to a finished state.

“ZION has been in talks regarding how to make the remix/mastering Thunder… a go and what if any tracks should be added to it. They are talking about any of the following or all the above:

1. Just a re-release, remix and re-master, which I hear is killer in its own right.

2. Add three bonus tracks. An original ZION song wrote by one the pre-Zaffiro era members of the original ZION. Another track (that is) a remake of a song off the second album pre-production that was suppose to (be the) follow up to Thunder…  A third track introducing a new song off a new album that they have just began forming ideas for now. One song has been formulated and it will rock. There may be one more song that is a song ZION has loved that was on the demo that never made it onto Thunder…

“So these are all the possibilities at this point! Whatever it may be it will be a slow process. The Thunder… re-release is in the hands of Image Records.  That will be a slow process as well because everything they have will be put into this album. They want it awesome. We are looking for at least a year to two years for the next release. I am sure they wouldn't even have done another album if it wasn't for awesome people like you and this board.”

ZION is also gearing up for a new album.  Again, Bozung offers further detail: “We (ZION) have talked off and on for the last few years about doing another project. The time just wasn't right and it has taken until this time to finally all agree that the timing is better. For one thing, we couldn't have done it anytime over the past couple years considering that X-SINNER was in process for some time. So, everything has its timing.

“It wasn't just 4 years or so ago that we all reunited for the first time in 15 plus years. That was a special time and we figured that it was a matter of time before we started talking about another project. In reality, Thunder From The Mountain was and is a special album. By today's standards maybe not as much, but at release, it was very respectable! (kudos to Zaffiro at the time). Thus, we have never underestimated the fact that a new album would have to be as good and better for us let alone anyone else. Even now, we are keeping things open approaching this new project. If things don't gel with the songwriting/production etc... it will probably be flushed. My standards are very high!”

Thunder From The Mountain track-listing:

1. “Who Pulls The Strings”
2. “Kick In The Gates”
3. “Is It A Crime”
4. “Help Me”
5. “Thrillseeker”
6. “Sold You A Lie”
7. “Roll The Rock”
8. “Less Of Me”
9. “He Loves You”

ZION online:


* Sweden’s NARNIA at work on sixth album: “Our sixth studio album, which has been heavily delayed because of us parting with Christian (Liljegren) and some other collisions in timing as well, will definitely be the biggest step we have taken in terms of songwriting and performance.  We don't have an official release date yet but we're confident that it will be out in mid-2009.”

* PROTO KAW disbands.  From guitarist Kerry Livgren at the groups Yahoo Digest: “PROTO-KAW has disbanded. What a great and fun band to have played in. We didn't "break up" as such, things just sort of lapsed for us. No bookings, label troubles, and lots of other personal circumstances contributed. Our unfinished album will eventually surface as a solo project by myself featuring members of PROTO-KAW and other guest musicians and vocalists.”

Angelic Warlord Update Archives: HERE


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