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Meliah Rage - Madquerade

MELIAH RAGE vocalist makes statement of faith:
As taken from the MySpace prfile of front man Mike Munro:

“So, I figured church couldn’t be all bad. I started to go to support my family but something was happening.  God was calling me to Him; I was listening and understanding His love for me.  The Christian men and women I met did not judge me. They showed me acceptance and love for where I was at the moment.

"The problem I had was that I never thought God would forgive me for those years of evil lyrics that I wrote.  One night a speaker told a similar story to my own, and I realized God loves me right where I am today.  I didn’t get it until then.  I needed to accept Jesus as my Savior.  I cannot be what I was striving for without Him.  God loves me unconditionally, even on my worst day.

"God sent his Son so we can live with Him for eternity in Heaven.  This fact was a crossroads for me.  I had a tough time dealing with my background – my past actions and what I wrote about in my songs for MELIAH RAGE.  If anything, my lyrics pulled people away from God.  I thought, “How can God forgive me for that?” He can… and He promises that He will.

"My God loves me no matter what.  I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and He makes me whole.  I have Jesus as my Savior and He is the key to my Heavenly Father.  I never experienced unconditional love from a father figure, and it is something I desire every day.  When my younger son, Daniel, was little he used to tell us that “Jesus is the boss of my life”. That’s as simple as it gets.”

MELIAH RAGE is a Boston based heavy metal band that has been around since 1987.  The group has released eight albums, with Masquerade, its most recent from 2009, featuring the lyrical contributions of Munro, who is very forthright about his faith.  Check out the lyrics to the song “Lost Or Found”:

Why do you hide? Why do you lie?
Can’t you see that He knows all and all?
All that we do, all that we say
All shall kneel down on our judgment day

I am He who searches mind and heart
The Faithful and Truth the Morning Star
I am Son of Man King of Kings
The First and Last to Him I sing

The albums title track is forthright as well:

I need a Savior.  I need the Son
Fires in the heavens, rolling on and on
Deliverance from the Mighty
Bring me to Your home
Many rooms have been prepared
Please Father may I have one?

Musically, I might describe MELIAH RAGE as classic US power metal with the occasional thrash overtone.  The songs on Masquerade are catchy, heavy and riff driven.  Comparisons can be made to METAL CHURCH, VICIOUS RUMORS, FIRES OF BABLYON and ARMAGEDDON.  As a matter of fact, Mike Munro takes the same type of “gruff low key approach” as Mike Vance (ARMAGEDDON).

Look for a favorable review in the near future.

Mike Florio promo pic

The latest from the progressive rock recording artist:

"First of all, I have just recently released a brand new single, titled "He Won't Last", that can be streamed from my website. "He Won't Last" is a powerful hard melodic-rocking romp!  Joining me on this song is fiery guitarist David Wallimann (GLASS HAMMER) and Nashville session ace Jaymi Millard on bass.  Check it out if you have a mere 4 minutes!
"Work continues on my second solo album.  I hope to finish recording it over the winter and be ready for mixing by the spring.  Joining me on this album will be the same team that produced Arisen.  This album picks up where Arisen left off, and I'm very pleased with the way it is coming along.
"I am honored to be singing two songs with EVERLASTING ARMS at their CD release concert for their new album, On Broken Wings, in Staten Island, NY on October 18th.  It feels good to get out of the studio and in front of an audience again!
"Finally, CPR Volume 3 is now selling from my website at a reduced price.  This is a fantastic collection of progressive rock from many talented artists.  My contribution is a song called "The Wise Man", which is going to be included on the new album, and is currently only available on the CPR 3 compilation.  You can listen to it at my website, and read more about the Christian Progressive Rock compilations at:

"As always, please check my website for more details on these items as well as project updates, and thanks for your continued support."

MIKE FLORIO, a Westchester County, New York based vocalist/keyboardist, debuted in 2006 with the progressive rock of his first solo release, Arisen.

Mike Florio online:


Update: December 13, 2009


CHAINED - Grateful Sinner
Musically, Chained takes a foundation of thrash metal – the group lists its influences as Pantera, Living Sacrifice and Megadeth – and joins it with elements of traditional and classic metal.  The end result is a sound not only powerful and aggressive (please keep in mind the previously referenced influences) but memorable at the same time (it must be noted how Chained imbues its material with distinct melody structures).  Read Full Review >>

GUARDIAN - First Watch - 20th Anniverary Edition
First Watch was released in June of 1989 only to go out of print and became a hard to find collectors item.  Retroactive Records later re-mastered and re-issued First Watch in the fall of 2009 as a “20th Anniversary Edition” with revised album artwork and “Marching On” and “Spiritual Warfare” from the California Metal compilation as bonus tracks.  Read Full Review >>

Now, what I mean by “all-star project” is that LNJ founding member Justin Murr follows a tried and true method of bringing in numerous talented vocalists and musicians – some of the best in the business both past and present – in order to complete the recording process.  The same pattern was followed on Light It Up, the fifth overall all-star release from LNJ – scheduled to come out in early 2010 - and first on Retroactive Records.  Read Full Review >>

NARNIA - Course Of A Generation
Narnia continues to bring change on Course Of A Generation, its sixth full length studio release from 2009 and second on Massacre Records.  The album finds Narnia returning to the heaviness and power-progressive overtones of Desert Land and The Great Fall but interwoven with melodic sensibilities not unlike Enter The GateRead Full Review >>

MICHAEL PHILLIPS - Mirrors Within Mirrors
The artist returns again in 2009 with his first solo album, The Roxx Productions and NePlus Ultra Music release Mirrors Within Mirrors.  What we have in Mirrors Within Mirrors is an eccentric work in which Phillips takes a foundation of the progressive and mixes in acoustic leanings with the traditional metal and thrash of his past.  Read Full Review >>

SAINT - Hell Blade
Saint returns on Retroactive Records for its latest project, Hell Blade.  Scheduled for release in early 2010, the album finds Saint staying true to its classic metal roots (think Judas Priest, Armageddon, Accept and Metal Church) but this time heading in the darker and heavier direction.  Read Full Review >>

SWEET COMFORT BAND - Cutting Edge – Retroactive Re-issue
Those “heavier rock” leanings in question became even more pronounced on Sweet Comfort Band’s fourth Light Records release from 1982, Cutting Edge.  Up-tempo rockers “Runnin’ To Win”, “What Have You Got?” and “Valerie”, for example, represent some of the heaviest material from SCB to date while the palatial “Armed And Ready” draws upon a semi-progressiveness.  Read Full Review >>

SWEET COMFORT BAND - Perfect Timing – Retroactive Re-issue
At this point it must be reinforced that Perfect Timing is certainly not metal while roughly half its material can be classified as hard rock.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a quality “heavy rock” releases with accomplished songwriting backed by a top of the line band performance then Perfect Timing will not disappoint.  Read Full Review >>


Babylon Mystery Orchestra promo pic

BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA completes work on new album:
The latest from founding member Sydney Allen Johnson:

“Work has been getting done on the BMO front as well.  The new CD is finished. I am doing some remixing as well as working on the booklet.  I am not officially announcing the CD's title yet but there is a new interview posted on the Axis Of Evil reviews page with the Metal Resource where I do give it away.  I will be giving more information on the new CD soon.  Expect an early 2010 release.”

Following are the details from the interview in question:

“The record itself will be called The Godless, The Godforsaken And The God Damned.  Sure to be a controversial title.  This record really isn't a conceptual one, however, when I put that title over it, it starts to feel like one. There are songs about UFO's, conspiracies and, thanks to our recent election of a socialist president, there are quite a few political statements as well. I assure you it is a continuation of the fine art of "political incorrectness" that BMO has mastered.  I can't wait to see the reaction to a track called "Hate Crimes."  I promise you no one will hear that song and not have a reaction, one way or another. It is a diverse group of themes that somehow all fits nicely under the record's title. I am going to make sure the booklet lives up to it.”

BMO is a controversial Gothic metal/hard rock project form Greenville, Alabama.  Past albums include Axis Of Evil (2008), The Great Apostasy (2006), On Earth As It Is In Heaven (2004) and Divine Right Of Kings (2003).


Main Line Riders promo pic

MAIN LINE RIDERS looking for new band members:
From the groups MySpace profile:

"We were operating for a while with a singer and a bassist from Indiana, but other than making our new album and a few gigs over the summer, it became evident that we could no longer continue working that way so we're lookin' for some new blood. We've got our good friend, D-Rail, playin' bass for us in an as-needed capacity, but once we find the right permanent bassist he's happy to step aside. Also, we're lookin' for a new drummer.

"So...we need a new singer, bassist and drummer.

'We're signed to Retroactive Records and have done two albums for them so far. Now...this ain't no big money making deal, but the label is solidly behind us and our records are available all over the world.

"We practice in Elkton, Maryland on Sunday afternoons. We're lookin' for team playin' professionals with good equipment...people who know how to rock and still want to.

"We are Christians and the band has a very clear message, so if that ain't what you're about then this ain't for you."

MLR debuted with the late eighties sunset strip style hair metal of Shot In The Dark (2007) before moving on to a AC/DC influenced sound with Worldshaker (2009).  Both were released on Retroactive Records.


Six Minute Century logo

SIX MINUTE CENTURY recruits new bassist:
Press Release / Nightmare Recording Artist SIX MINUTE CENTURY is proud to announce the addition of bassist Michael Millsap to the band. Michael has been playing bass since the age of nine, and began performing at age 13. Michael received formal classical training at South Plains College and Wayland Baptist University. Michael has studied under bass legends Gary Willis, John Adams, and Dean Peer.

Professionally, Michael has played many styles of music from swing dance and country to rock and heavy metal. Michael recently played with 80’s rockers AXE, has backed up national gospel group “THE IMPERIIALS”, and notably Michael beat out bassists from across the United States for the bass slot in “TEXAS: The Musical Drama” in Palo Duro Canyon. If you would like to hear some of Michael’s then please visit his MySpace profile:

Michael takes over for John Sample (Sampy) who was with the band since its inception. Everyone in SMC wish Sampy the best in his musical endeavors.

SIX MINUTE CENTURY is currently finishing up the songs for the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut CD Time Capsules, on Nightmare Records. The band plans to enter the studio to start recording in January. The, as of yet, untitled CD will be released in the summer of 2010.

"The new music from SIX MINUTE CENTURY, while maintaining their signature sound, (is) darker and more progressive.  This band throws everything and the kitchen sink into their music, but in such a wonderfully unique and skilled way, you’re captivated and moved emotionally."   Lance King, CEO of Nightmare Records


Stairway band photo

Studio updates from STAIRWAY:
A series of updates from the UK heavy metal outfit in regards to its next album, Interregnum:

November 17, 2009
Pete (Jennens - guitars) is ripping through the new tracks at the moment; for all you shredders out there, we think you'll be satisfied, some of his best work me thinks!!

November 10, 2009
All the bass tracks are now finished.  We are moving on to Pete's lead guitar work; finished a couple of tracks and we are scheduled to continue on for the rest of this week; sounding great so far!

October 22, 2009
We're getting on well with the new recordings.  These passed two days we have done most of the bass parts, just a couple left to do; we're scheduled to finish them off next week - sounding good thus far!

October 19, 2009
We have now completed all the drum tracks and Andy (Edwards – drums) has gone for a long lie down!  Now getting on with the bass parts; done the first few tracks and (all is) sounding good.  We are really pleased with how the album is shaping up, and hoping to finish the bass parts during the course of this week.

October 12, 2009
(We) just finished the second drum session - sounding really great.  Andy is on a roll, one more to come and that will be the drums done!

STAIRWAY debuted in the early nineties on the White Metal Warriors - Last Ship Home compilation.  Since then the group has released four albums, including No Rest - No Mercy (1993), Bleeding Heart (1999), On Hallowed Ground (2002) and The Other Side Of Midnight (2006).

STAIRWAY online: &


* Brazil’s ADIASTASIA is in the studio at work on its next album, War Of The Worlds.

* GUARDIAN will be heading into the studio in January to record a worship EP.  The group is also considering invitations for an early 2010 tour of South America.

* THEOCRACY produced a tour documentary of its “Laying Europe To Rest Tour” from October.  Following is part one:

* Guitarist Val Allen Wood (THEOCRACY) completed work on his solo album.  A new song entitled “Phygian Lesson 101” can be heard at:


Update Archives: December 6, 2009


F.O.G.  promo pic

F.O.G. set to release new album:
Press Release / Judgement & Redemption, the most recent offering from the Aurora, Illinois based classic hard rock band F.O.G., was released on November 25, 2009.

Judgement & Redemption track listing:

1. “Message”
2. “Old Monsters”
3. “Cocktails & Dreams”
4. “Create”
5. “Blow The Trumpet”
6. “Dancin’ Dead”
7. “Bad Direction”
8. “Dreamer”
9. “I Wanna Live”
10. “Against The Ropes”

F.O.G. line-up:

Dave "Rev" Miller - Vocals
Warren  "W" Poi - Guitars
Ron "Bishop" Regnas - Bass
Jim "Animal" Groleske - Drums

F.O.G. describes its music and mission as follows:

“Some bands form in order to achieve fame and fortune. Some feel a burning desire to bend trends and push stylistic envelopes with esoteric art and deconstructionist ideals. Some bands wouldn’t be caught dead with the word deconstructionist hanging from their lips. They just want to rock, and hard.  The classic rock band F.O.G. is as esoteric as a runaway freight train full of wild boars barreling down a mountainside at high noon. Their guitars scream with the passion of a thousand murderous band saws and their amps crackle and smoke with the rage of ten thousand mother lions.

"And from their mouths fly swords, fire and mercy. They are on a mission – and yes, it is a mission from God.  F.O.G., a name originally chosen as an acronym for "Four Old Guys," is an old-school hard rock and heavy metal band as bent on sharing their passion for Jesus Christ as they are on reviving good old-fashioned musical mayhem.”

Judgement & Redemption is the group’s fourth full length album, released on the heels of Broken (2004), Visibility Clearing (2002) and Town To Town (2000).

Mehida - The Eminent Storm

New album from MEHIDA, The Eminent Storm:
Press Release / The (new) album (The Eminent Storm) is now completed and we are happy with the results.  The studio time was a great experience and the result sounds great.  We received the mastered album from Universal Mastering Studios New York last week and are really pleased with the final sound.  This one turned out to be really a powerful album, so be careful not to fall off your chair when you listen to it!  I (keyboardist Mikko Harkin) was extremely happy to be able to share a cool guitar/keyboard duel with Olli (Tanttu) our second guitar player in the song “A Block Of Wood”. Hopefully you will enjoy listening to this album as much as we enjoyed making it.

The Eminent Storm track listing:

1. “Wrath Of Flesh Fellowship
2. “Masquerade”
3. “Until The Day Breaks”
4. “Land Of Oblivion”
5. “Dream Giver”
6. “Draw Near To My Soul”
7. “Abandoned”
8. “A Block Of Wood”
9. “Where Could I Flee”
10. “Urban Scream”
11. “Celestial Tears”

MEHIDA line up:

Thomas Vikstrom – Lead Vocals
Jani Stefanovic – Guitars
Olli Tanttu – Guitars
Mikko Harkin – Keyboards
Toni Maki-Leppilampi – Bass
Markus Niemispelto

The Eminent Storm was released by Bullroser Records in Finland on November 18, 2009. 

MEHIDA debuted in 2007 with the full length effort Blood & Water.

MEHIDA online:

Oracle - Desolate Kings: The Oracle Anthology

ORACLE re-issue announced:
Press Release / Divebomb Records plans on releasing Desolate Kings: The Oracle Anthology, a compilation of material from the early nineties North Carolina based heavy metal band.  The re-issue will include re-mastered versions of the group’s four song demo (1990), seven song EP entitled Selah (1992) and an unreleased two song demo.

Vocalist Shawn Pelata notes at the Christian Metal Realm that they are “searching the archives for rehearsal tapes (soundboard recordings) of never released songs” and also “looking for video to add content to the anthology release”.

Desolate Kings: The Oracle Anthology should be released in the spring of 2010.

In 2002, Selah was reissued as a split CD with the band EMERALD on Magdelene Records.

DIVEBOMB Records online:


* Sweden’s REINXEED has put the finishing touches on its third album, Majestic.  Look for it to be released in the near future.

* SACRED WARRIOR played a recent warm up gig in preparation for an upcoming concert in Puerto Rico.  They are currently at work on a new album, having finished five songs and working on five others.


Update Archives: November 22, 2009


Darkwater logo

DARKWATER at work on new album:
The latest from the Swedish progressive metal band:

"We’ve understood that a lot of people are curious and would like an update on what is going on with DARTWATER at the moment.  It’s now been a while since we released our first album and we quite recently parted with our bass player.  So what is really happening in the “dark waters”?

"Regarding the bass player spot, we have auditioned several people but still haven’t found exactly what we are looking for.  We will keep looking until we find the perfect match.  In the meantime we will use Simon Andersson (ex-PAIN OF SALVATION) as a session player.  He is an amazing bass player with lots of experience, and a better substitute would probably be impossible to find.

"And what is happening with the new album?  For quite some time we’ve gone through all the music (that we) had laying around, re-written a lot of it and written a bunch of new songs.  So right now we have far too many songs to put on one album, or even ten albums.  But we are doing our best to choose the most fitting songs for this up-coming album.  We still have a lot of lyrics to write and also some melodies, but we are planning to head into the recording studios later this year.  So some time next year there will be a new DARKWATER album out for you to enjoy."

DARKWATER released its full length debut, Calling The Earth To Witness, on Ulterium Records in 2007.  The group features four of the five original members of HARMONY in addition to a yet to be named bassist.


Liberty N' Justice - Light It Up

Press Release / Retroactive Records & LIBERTY N' JUSTICE finally can reveal the final track listing for LNJ's new album Light It Up!  After months & months of revealing guest artists, the last song to be announced, "Wrestling With God", will feature TRIXTER members Pete Loran & Steve Brown with a guest guitar solo by Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal of GUNS N' ROSES!  

The song was co-written by LNJ founder Justin Murr and Steve Brown (who all so produced the track).  The album was also produced by Vic Rivera, Mike Layne, CJ Snare (who also did the pre-mastering), and Stephen Chesney.  The album will be mastered by J. Powell at Steinhaus Mastering (who also mastered the latest releases from BRIDE, MAINLINE RIDERS, SAINT & GUARDIAN).   

Matt Hunt of Retroactive Records stated," I've been a life long fan of hard rock and this is one of the best albums I have ever heard!"

The album has a January 19, 2010 release date planned.

Light It Up track listing (with guest appearances):

1. “Light It Up” (Phil Lewis of LA GUNS & JK NORTHRUP)
2. “The Other Thief” (Dale and Troy Thompson of BRIDE)
3. “Blink” (Lynn Louise Lowrey of VIXEN and Eddie Ojeda of TWISTED SISTER)
4. “Do What You Believe” (CJ Snare & Bill Leverty of FIREHOUSE)
5. “Man vs. Mother Nature” (Ted Poley of DANGER DANGER and Vic Rivera of CRUNCH)
6. “Treading On Serpents” (Les Carlsen of BLOODGOOD and Oz Fox of STRYPER/BLOODGOOD)
7. “Uncle Sam” (Sheldon Tarsha of TARSHA/ADLER’S APPETITE and Jeff Pilson of DOKKEN/ FOREIGNER)
8. “Every Reason To Believe” (Kelly Keeling of BATON ROUGE/TSO and Kerri Kelli of ALICE COOPER)
9. “Wrestling With God” (Pete Loran, Steve Brown of TRIXTER & Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal of GN'R / Lita Ford)
10. “Best Time You Never Had" (Chris Jericho WWE Wrestler/ FOZZY & Phil Collen of Def LEPPARD)
11. “Beautiful Decision” (Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance of HAREM SCAREM)
12. “Drunk Dead Gorgeous” (Marq Torien of BULLET BOYS and Chris Holmes of W.A.S.P.)
13. “Greed” (Robert Mason of WARANT/LYNCH MOB and Jerry Dixon of WARRANT)
14. “For Better Or Worse” (Shawn Pelata of LINE OF FIRE & Stephen Chesney of FRONTIERS)

Other guest musicians: Eric Rango, Terry Ilous (XYZ), Chris Dickens (MISSION OF ONE), Marc Danzeisen (BULLETBOYS/ LITTLE CEASAR), Doug Odell (CRUNCH/ TNA) & John Pine.


The Sacrificed - 2012 banner

THE SACRIFICED joins Roxx Records roster:
Press Release / 2012 … the truth will be revealed!!!  Roxx Records is pleased to announce the recent signing of… THE SACRIFICED!!!  All of your questions will be answered this spring with the release of the Roxx Records debut full length CD 2012!

THE SACRIFICED, based in Lakeland, Florida have been together since 2005 and already have one independent demo CD entitled The Da Vinci Hoax under their belts.  The demo has sold well and the band have been playing and getting rave reviews ever since!  Now they are set to take the world by storm with the release of their most powerful work yet, 2012.

While reminiscent of bands such as early QUEENSRYCHE, SACRED WARRIOR, HAVEN and DELIVERANCE, we assure you these boys are no copy cats or tribute band. THE SACRIFICED are not afraid to tell the truth, with brave, inspirational lyrics that illustrate their strong stance for what they believe in.  Combine all this with a classic power metal sound and 2012 is sure to please.  

Pre-Orders are being accepted now, and you will want to get in early as the first 100 copies only will come with an exclusive demo disc comprised of the The Da Vinci Hoax and demos compiled from the bands pre THE SACRIFICED days when they were known as SEALED FATE and SCEPTRE.

Roxx Productions online:



* 7 DAYS is currently mixing its new album.  Look for it to come out in early 2010 and feature 7 or 8 tracks (including a 20 minute epic).


Update Archives: November 8, 2009


Barren Cross logo

BARREN CROSS introduces new lead vocalist:
Press Release / Dean Kohn had his first musical beginnings at a very early age.  From playing the trumpet in grade school to Rock-n-Roll in high school, he loved to listen to bands like CHEAP TRICK and AC/DC.

In 1985, at the age of 20 years old, Dean began singing and excelled quickly to the point where in 1986 he decided to take up singing full-time.  Over the next two years he took vocal lessons from Hollywood vocal coach Elizabeth Sabine, who has trained such vocalists as Michael Sweet (STRYPER), Don Barnes (38 SPECIAL) and Dave Mustaine (MEGADETH).

In 1988, Dean was singing lead vocals for the band ATTAKK, when friend and band mate, Hideo Inakuma, introduced him to the Japanese band LOUDNESS.  Upon recording and pre-releasing a demo in Japan for the band ATTAKK, the members of LOUDNESS inquired if Dean would be willing to sing on their upcoming CD, Soldiers of Fortune.  Munetaki Higuchi, the drummer for LOUDNESS, and Hideo Inakuma contacted Dean and they all agreed to meet and set recording dates.  Although Dean began cutting tracks, Executive Producer, Max Norman, determined it would be better to replace Dean with Mike Vescara, whose vocals resembled more the prior singer’s.  Disappointed but not discouraged, Dean kept pursuing his career.

In 1989, Dean met with guitarist Mick Zane and bassist Mark Behn, from the band MALICE.  Dean was invited to join the band as lead vocalist.  However, due to Dean’s battle with drugs and alcohol he felt he had to leave the band.

In 1991, Dean was accepted Christ into his life; however, his desire was to still sing and pursue a career in music.

But God kept pursuing Dean and in 1992, he felt that he needed to surrender his whole life to Christ and he entered rehab at Victory Outreach Men’s Home (VOMH).  Here Dean was able to get clean and develop a (more) mature (faith) in Christ.  Upon graduation, from VOMH, Dean laid his musical dream down and began working with the VOMH faculty, helping others discover a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Dean has been serving and helping to build this ministry for over 17 years now.

Dean’s desire to sing has never waned through the years, but as a fully committed Christian he realized that he needed to personally wait on God and His timing.  Dean believes this is now the time.  He contacted BARREN CROSS after noticing that they did not have a lead singer listed on the band’s MySpace (profile).  Dean initially contacted Ray Parris (guitars) via email.  He then had subsequent phone conversations with both Ray and Steve Whitaker (drums).  Finally, Jim LaVerde (bass), Steve, Ray and Dean met and, after much prayer, Dean was asked to become the new lead vocalist for Barren Cross.

BARREN CROSS ranks with BLOODGOOD and STRYPER as one of the foundational bands in the Christian metal movement to come out of the eighties.  Debuted in 1986 with the Star Song release Rock For The King before following up on Enigma Records with Atomic Arena (1988) and State Of Control (1989).  The group released its final studio album in 1994, Rattle Your Cage.

BARREN CROSS online: &

Pastor Brad promo pic

PASTOR BRAD signs with Roxx Productions:
Press Release / Roxx Productions is proud to announce the signing of PASTOR BRAD to their roster!  After 5 consecutive instrumental shred albums, PASTOR BRAD is back with a full-length vocal album!  And while the old-school guitar shred influences are still here, this album will hit you square in the face with some of the heaviest sounding riffs ever recorded on any PASTOR BRAD album! 

This album will also feature three very special guest vocalists: Rachael (RAVENSHEAD), Richie Z (BLIND SEVEN), and "Ski" (FAITH FACTOR)!  And a very special guest appearance from original STRYPER keyboardist, Kenny Metcalf!  If that’s not enough for you, you will also get plenty of shredding from PASTOR BRAD himself as he will be handling the bulk of the guitar work for this his Roxx Records debut release Break Out coming in Spring 2010.

As an introduction to the Roxx Productions family, PASTOR BRAD is teaming up with Roxx Productions and JBM Design to provide you a very special Limited Edition Christmas CD entitled Christmas Shred! This very special limited edition CD is being offered at $7.77 with free shipping world wide!!  This special CD is being offered exclusively through Roxx Productions and PASTOR as both a Christmas Present and an Introduction of what’s to come from PASTOR BRAD and Roxx Productions! 

This limited edition promotional release is limited to only 100 copies and will only be made available for a very limited time in November and December. Shipping in late November Christmas Shred will be in your hands in plenty of time to play around the Christmas tree! 

Merry Christmas from PASTOR BRAD, JBM Design and Roxx Productions!

Roxx Productions online:

PASTOR BRAD online: &

Temple Of Blood - Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind

TEMPLE OF BLOOD - Vinyl re-issue of Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind:
Press Release / TEMPLE OF BLOOD, a four piece melodic thrash and speed metal band out of Huntsville, Alabama, recently struck a deal with Open Grave Records for a vinyl re-issue of their 2005 full length debut Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind.

Look for the re-issue to be limited to 300 copies.  An early 2010 release date is planned.

Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind track listing:

1. “Destruction Of The Twin Cities”
2. “Conviction”
3. “Return to Eden”
4. “Spiritual Warfare”
5. “Trampling The Serpent”
6. “Seeking The Truth”
7. “Legion of the Crypts”
8. “The Ultimate Sacrifice”
9. “Realm of Insufferable Burning (The Horrors of Hell)”
10. “Deliver Us From Evil”

“Deliver Us From Evil” is a DEADLY BLESSING cover in which vocalist Ski (FAITH FACTOR) makes a guest appearance.  TEMPLE OF BLOOD followed up with its sophomore effort, Overlord, in 2008.



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DESYRE - Warning Of The Night release date announced:

Desyre - Warning Of The Night banner

DESYRE is a Finnish hair metal band that previously put out a pair of demos in Hair Metal Madness (2004) and Out Of The Blue, Into The Red (2005).  Warning Of The Night is the groups independently released full length debut.

DESYRE online: &

Faith Factor promo pic

FAITH FACTOR recruits new keyboardist:
Press Release / Keyboardist David Peters has joined the ranks of FAITH FACTOR, a New Jersey Christian power metal band featuring former DEADLY BLESSING vocalist Ski.  The group goes into further detail at its MySpace profile: “Dave just performed with us at the STRYPER 25th Anniversary Concert in Allentown last night.  Dave's metal skills will be on a DELIVERANCE Tribute CD from The Christian Metal Realm and Roxx Productions.  FAITH FACTOR recently recorded the tribute song "Weapons Of Our Warfare"!”

Faith Factor line up:

Norm “Ski” Kiersznowski - Vocals
Blaine “Priest” Booth - Lead Guitar
Chris “Moe” Matusieski - Lead Guitar
Joe “Slayer Of Darkness” Manghan - Bass
Dan “Karaoke Kid” Jefferson - Drums
David Peters - Keyboards

FAITH FACTOR debuted in 2007 with the three song EP 07/07/2007 before signing to Retroactive Records for the full length follow up effort Against A Darkened Sky a year later.  The band is currently at work on its next CD, The Wrath That Is Yet To Come.

Stryper - Murder By Pride picture disc

STRYPER - Limited edition Murder By Pride picture LP:
Press Release / Ulterium Records are proud to announce the release of a limited 12" picture-disc edition of the latest STRYPER album Murder By Pride for the European market. A deal was inked with the Italian label Frontiers Records and the release date is set for December 4, 2009.
The LP will be strictly limited to 500 copies and comes with a full color poster inlay.
Side A:

1. “Eclipse Of The Son”
2. “4 Leaf Clover”
3. “Peace Of Mind”
4. “Alive”
5. “The Plan”
6. “Mercy Over Blame”
Side B:

1. “Murder By Pride”
2. “I Believe”
3. “Run In You”
4. “Love Is Why”
5. “Everything”
6. “My Love (I'll Always Show)”

Ulterium Records online:

STRYPER online: & 

Stryper - By His Stripes

STRYPER - By His Stripes details revealed:
Press Release / STRYPER: By His Strypes is a 25 year visual history of your favorite yellow and black clad rockers!  This high quality, hard cover coffee table book is packed with 200 pages of rare and never before seen pictures.  The last chapter is dedicated to YOU, the fans, and features fan submissions from all over the world!

During the pre-order for the book, you will have the option to purchase the high gloss cover (shown), the Deluxe Limited Edition cover, or both!

The limited cover will feature the STRYPER logo and text in embossed gold foil on a faux leather cover resembling a bible.  This beautiful cover is extremely limited, hand signed and numbered by the author, and only available during the pre-order!

The books will ship in December in time for Christmas.  There will only be 1,000 copies pressed of "STRYPER: By His Strypes" worldwide.

Don't delay and miss out on owning one before they sell out!

STRYPER online: &


* The new IMAGES OF EDEN album, Rebuilding The Ruins, is currently in the mixing stages.   Expect a 75 minute conceptual work about changing the world for the better.

* PASTOR BRAD signed with Roxx Productions for his next CD, Break Out.  After four straight instrumental hard rock releases, the artist will be heading in a vocal direction this time around.

* STATIC FUSE, an eighties influenced metal and hard rock project comprising vocalist Sonia Sauruk and guitarist Ian Keith Hafner, is currently at work on its next album.  While untitled at the time of this writing, the album will be a full length release and comprise eight vocal pieces and an instrumental.  Look for it to come out by the end of the year.

Sonia offers f urther details (at the Christian Metal Realm): “The difference between this STATIC FUSE album and the first (self titled EP from 2008) is that Ian and I really got to talk about our idea about what we wanted the next album to sound like. What changes did we want to make or what styles did we want to add?  We agreed that we wanted more blues in this album and wait until you hear Ian's amazing blues guitar! If you bought the first album you will hear this clearly in the song, "Blues at Dusk."


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SWEET COMFORT BAND re-issues on Retroactive Records:
Press Release / Limited edition re-releases come packaged in a full color digipak with enhanced original artwork and properly re-mastered for a high quality audio experience!

Sweet Comfort Band - Breakin' The Ice

SWEET COMFORT BAND took the music industry by storm when their brand of pop and rock didn't sound like a Christian version of any mainstream band! They were sometimes compared to IDES OF MARCH, LITTLE RIVER BAND, CHICAGO, BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS, THE DOOBIE BROTHERS and HALL & OATES but were much better than any of those groups! This was due in large part to Duncan's expressive and soulful voice, one of the finest in rock and roll. Originally released in 1979 on the pioneering Light Records label, Breakin’ The Ice was produced by Bob Wilson of the progressive jazz-funk band, SEAWIND. The album was rightly described by Bruce Brown (CCM Magazine) as "one of the most legitimate R&B albums ever released." Such high praise for early Christian rock was unheard of and this was an artistic triumph that was fully embraced by the Christian community as the band toured internationally for the next decade!

Breakin’ The Ice track listing: “Got To Believe”, “Breakin' The Ice”, “Young Girl”, “Melody, Harmony”, “I Need Your Love Again”, “Good Feelin'”, “Searchin' For Love”, “The Lord Is Calling”, “I Love You With My Life”

Sweet Comfort Band - Hold On Tight

Originally released 1979, Hold On Tight shows SWEET COMFORT BAND beginning to move away from the jazz-fusion stylings they had become known for and easing toward the more mainstream rock sound that would become evident on their later releases. The album was produced by Jesus Music veteran Tom Stipe (COUNTRY FAITH, RICHIE FURAY BAND). The title track scores an early high point lyrically with an inspirational call for struggling believers to hold fast to the truth of Christ, which alone can sustain them. "Carry Me" is an interesting track musically with progressive, moody stylings. "Undecided" is some major ear-candy that exemplifies the sort of melodic pop that gives Top 40 radio something with hooks and a stunning melody! Duncan's voice soars and floats over countless magical, memorable moments by the album's end.

Hold On Tight track listing: “Hold On Tight”, “Take It - Save It”, “Falling Star”, “You're The One”, “Angel”, “Chasin' The Wind”, “Don't Tell Me You Love Me”, “Undecided”, “Carry Me”, “More Than You Need”, “Find Your Way”

Sweet Comfort Band - Hearts Of Fire

SWEET COMFORT BAND was one of the most original, proficient Christian bands to come out of the Jesus Music revival of the 70's, producing two of the most important releases of that decade. As the band launched into the 80's, SCB began reinventing themselves with a sound and message that would broaden their appeal and make them mainstays of Christian pop. Originally released in 1981, Hearts Of Fire mixes ballads, funk and all-out rockers to provide what John Styll (Editor, CCM Magazine) proclaimed the best Sweet Comfort Band album this far! "Isabel" sparkles with catchy hooks. "They Just Go On" is hopelessly melodic and "The Contender" is chock full of power chords! As an added bonus, the songwriting of both Duncan and Thomas begins to mature on this release, avoiding clichés and exhibiting an honest focus on emotion not very typical in Christian music from this era!

Hearts Of Fire track listing: “Isabel”, “You Can Make It”, “They Just Go On”, “The Road”, “Feel Like Singin'”, “Now Or Never”, “Can You Help Me?”, “Contender”, “Just Like Me”, “You Need A Reason”

Sweet Comfort Band - Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge from 1982 shows the band morphing into a streamlined stadium rock band In the order of KANSAS, TOTO, STYX or ALLIES. Production is slicker, keyboards are prominent and those horns from their earlier albums are completely gone. Fortunately, the important stuff remained - rhythm, big vocals and hooks, hooks and more hooks! SWEET COMFOR BAND scores another commercial hit and artistic triumph! The album features CCM giants Bryan Duncan (solo) and Randy Thomas (Allies) in addition to a guest appearance by Bob Carlisle (ALLIES).

Cutting Edge track listing: “Runnin' To Win”, “What Have You Got?”, “Falling In Love With You”, “Haven't Seen You”, “Breakdown Love”, “Valerie”, “Changed Hearts”, “Live It”, “What Did It Mean?”, “Armed And Ready”

Sweet Comfort Band - Perfect Timing

The 1984 SWEET COMFORT BAND release Perfect Timing shows the group fully embracing the high energy, progressive rock sound that made them peers of among KANSAS, STYX and PETRA.  The presence of mainstream rock band, KANSAS alums, Dino Elefante (producer) and John Elefante (guest vocals) only make the transition to full-on stadium rock all the more convincing. Perfect Timing was the last album SWEET COMFORT BAND released. Bryan Duncan would go on to become a superstar in Christian pop, filling the airwaves for more than fifteen years with heartfelt ballads and up-tempo dance songs. Randy Thomas joined forces with Bob Carlisle and formed ALLIES, one of the most important classic Christian rock bands from 1985-1992.

Perfect Timing track listing: “Perfect Timing”, “Habit Of Hate”, “You Led Me To Believe”, “Don’t Bother Me Now”, “Computer Age”, “Sing For The Melody”, “Looking For The Answer”, “Envy And Jealousy”, “Prodigal’s Regret (Never Should Have Left You)”, “Neighborhood Kids”

Retroactive Records online:



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BRIDE - Tsar Bomba
What it ultimately boils down to is this: what does the album sound like?  Bride.  In a nutshell, what we have in Tsar Bomba is a band being true to itself – and its roots in the process – while attempting to make the best record (its swan song) possible.  And you know what?  I cannot help but think Bride succeeded in achieving that goal.  Read Full Review >>

THE LOU GRAMM BAND - The Lou Gramm Band
In 2002 Gramm’s desire to explore musical directions that would allow him to perform more than just his Foreigner hits caused him to leave the group.  Subsequently putting together a new band with his brothers Richard (guitars & bass) and Ben (drums) along with guitarist Don Mancuso and keyboardist Andy Knoll, the recently formed five piece unit began performing in early 2004 and soon started work on an album covering spiritual classics of the past.  Read Full Review >>

JACOBS DREAM - Beneath The Shadows
Musically, Beneath The Shadows finds Jacobs Dream continuing to head in power metal territory but with a bit more emphasis on melody this time around.  Melody is the key word here in that this is perhaps the most “song orientated” album from the group to date.  Read Full Review >>

KINETIC ELEMENT - Powered By Light
The artist initially put Kinetic Element together to perform the music of Starship Universe.  The group, however, has expanded upon its repertoire by also incorporating select classic rock and progressive rock covers in addition to the material making up its independently released 2009 full length debut Powered By LightRead Full Review >>

ROB ROCK - The Voice Of Melodic Metal, Live In Atlanta
The most accurate way to describe The Voice Of Melodic Metal – Live In Atlanta would be a “best of” retrospective of his solo material performed live.  Yes, there is a heavy slant towards his two most recent albums, three and five songs each from Holy Hell and Garden Of Chaos respectively, but Rage Of Creation (two songs) and Eyes Of Eternity (one song) are represented as well.  Read Full Review >>

Obsessions found Sacred Warrior hitting its stride in peak form.  The album maintains the group’s penchant for power metal with touches of the progressive but this time blending in the occasional commercial element.  Read Full Review >>

THIEVES & LIARS - American Rock ‘N’ Roll
The group returns a year later with its sophomore outing American Rock ‘N’ Roll.  The album finds Thieves & Liars continuing the 70’s influenced hard rock trend but now taking the more “stripped down” and “back to basics” approach.  In other words, the group has “scaled things back” by simplifying the structure of its songwriting while still emphasizing a foundation of hard rock mixed with occasional blues elements.  Read Full Review >>

UNDER COMMAND - Back In The Thick
Back In The Thick proves as aptly entitled work as you will find.  Yes, an onslaught of thick (no pun intended) and crunchy guitars permeates the project – a hard hitting combination of straightforward hard rock and all out metal – along with sledgehammer drums and Wayne Johnson’s gravelly mid-ranged vocal presence.  Read Full Review >>


Guardian - First Watch

GUARDIAN - First Watch re-issued on Retroactive Records:
Press Release / Retroactive Records are thrilled to announce the reissue of the legendary debut release by Christian metal powerhouse GUARDIAN.

GUARDIAN First Watch: 20th Anniversary Edition will offer 14 amazing tracks of classic melodic metal that comes in a full color, four panel Digipak (with a tray), properly re-mastered by J. Steinhaus for a maximum metal auditory experience.  It will also feature exclusive liner notes by David Bach (bass), stunning enhanced (WAY better!) original artwork by the amazing Rex Zachary, and includes the original two bonus track exclusive to the original CD release in addition to the two Elefante brothers produced bonus tracks from the amazing and out-of-print 1987 California Metal CD compilation that preceded the release of First Watch in 1989!

Expect hook-laden melodic metal that combines huge STRYPER-like vocal harmonies with a top notch display of musicianship. Paul Cawley contributes a gritty but clean sounding mid-octave ranged vocal in addition to handling rhythm guitar duties. Guitarist Tony Palacios is a wonderful talent who brings out the best in the band's sound with his melodic flavored and fast paced soloing abilities. Drummer Rikk Hart and bassist David Bach comprise a tight sounding rhythm section

First Watch is the debut release from GUARDIAN on Enigma Records.  Produced and mixed by Oz Fox (STRYPER). 

First Watch track listing:

1. "I’ll Never Leave You"
2. "Mystery Man"
3. "Livin’ For The Promise”
4. "Miracle"
5. "Saints Battalion"
6. "Kingdom Of Rock"
7. "The Good Life"
8. "One Of A Kind"
9. "World Without Love"
10. "Rock In Victory"
11. "Hyperdrive"
11. "Marching On"

Retroactive Records online:

GUARDIAN online: &

Mastedon - 3

MASTEDON - 3 details revealed:
Frontiers Records set to release new MASTEDON CD in Europe on November 6, 2009:

Press Release / MASTEDON is the Hard Rock band put together by former KANSAS singer John Elefante, together with his brother Dino in the late 80’s.  The band's name was a pachyderm-inspired reference to the brothers' last name.  Although John was an accomplished vocalist and performer, the first two MASTEDON albums featured multiple lead singers and performances by other artists, creating an eclectic sound anchored by John’s songwriting.  His brother Dino played a prominent role, contributing songwriting and handling most of the guitar work.  Some of the collaborators in the band's first two albums were Dave Amato (REO SPEEDWAGON),  Stef Burns (Y&T), bassists John Pierce (Richard Marx) and John Patitucci plus guest vocalists David Pack (AMBROSIA), David Robbins (X-SINNER), Tom Bowes (TOWER OF POWER), James Dean Longacre (LIFE9) and Perry Lee (TRACER FOX).

In 1996 John Elefante started a solo career that brought him to release three successful albums more in the Adult Contemporary - Pop Rock vein.  After a few years of hiatus, John decided to go back to his roots sound with a brand new MASTEDON album that - contrary to the predecessors – would only feature his amazing lead vocals.  Musically, the new album, simply entitled 3 harkens back to the best of MASTEDON and to his work with KANSAS.  None other than main KANSAS songwriter Kerry Livgren appears on lead guitar on this new release, collaborating on a 11 minute piece of music that any KANSAS fan will surely love!  More famed musicians and such as Dave Amato (REO SPEEDWAGON), Anthony Sallee (WHITEHEART), Dan Needham (Michael McDonald, Neville Brothers, Amy Grant, Garth Brooks etc) and of course John’s brother Dino Elefante contribute to the performance of this superb new release.

Rich melodic harmonies and melodies are the keys to a MASTEDON record and 3 is clearly an instant winner in all its moments and will remain as an hallmark in John Elefante's career for many years to come.

3 track listing: “Revolution of Mind”, “Slay Your Demons”, “Nowhere Without Your Love”, “One Day Down By The Lake (See You Real Soon)”, “Water Into Wine (Fassa Rokka)”, “Questions (It’s About Time)”, “You Can’t Take Anything”,  “Lying”, “The Western World”, “That’s What You Do”, “Dust In the Wind” (exclusive bonus track).

Mastedon - It's A Jungle Out There

As a companion to this new release, Frontiers managed to acquire the rights for the re-release of MASTEDONS’s legendary debut album It’s a Jungle Out There!. Released originally in 1989, it charted at #25 in the Billboard Top Contemporary Christian chart. To this day, this album is still considered classics in the genre and has reached some amazing prices in the trades on E-bay.  Frontiers new reissue includes full lyrics and three bonus tracks” “Wasn't It Love" (from the compilation California Metal) and live versions of “Islands In The Sky” and “Right Hand” recorded live at Cornerstone in 1991.

It’s A Jungle Out There track listing: “It’s A Jungle Out There”, “Glory Bound”, “This Is The Day”, “Love Inhalation”, “Islands In The Sky”, “Get Up”, “Love That Will Survive”, “Innocent Girl”, “Shine On”, “Right Hand”, “Wasn’t It Love”, “Islands In The Sky” (Live at Cornerstone '91); “Right Hand” (Live at Cornerstone '91)

John Elefante online: &

Saint banner

Studio report from SAINT:
Vocalist Josh Kramer offers an update regarding the group’s next album, Hell Blade:

“Dee (Harrington – guitars) is recording for the upcoming project in Rich's (Lynch – bass) studio as I write.  My vocals are done on Crime Scene Earth remake and the tracks are getting mastered right now.  Ready for release within a matter of days.  After recording six songs including the title track of Hell Blade, my voice is ready to take a break.  Back in the studio Monday to continue recording vocals.”

Josh also discusses the decision to perform only three songs on (the original version of) CSE:

“Folks are asking why I didn't sing the songs that Rich sang the lead on CSE.  Ok, I confess, I talked Rich into it.  I take full responsibility for our fun little experiment.  Hey, I loved what he did on CSE.  Even though I am now singing 99.3% of the lead vocals on CSE, I made sure that he gets to sing a few lines that only he can do so well with his grit, growling, snarling, and head biting way.  Rich is a killer supporting vocalist and I think you will like what we have done. More new stuff on the way!”

Classic Christian metal band best known for eighties releases Warriors Of The Son (1984), Time’s End (1986) and Too Late For Living (1988).  SAINT reunited following the turn of the century and recorded In The Battle (2004), The Mark (2006) and Crime Scene Earth (2008).

SAINT online: &

Tiles promo pic

TILES at work on new material:
An update from the Detroit, Michigan progressive rock outfit:

"The season premier of A&E's Parking Wars will feature a small bit of our song "Static" (from Presents of Mind).  The episode will first air Tuesday, October 6th at 10pm EST. Visit the A&E site for more details and additional show times.

"Next year marks the 15th anniversary of the international release of our debut CD Tiles.  We have been discussing what to do to commemorate the event and thought it might be a good time for an official live CD... though probably just a self-released, limited edition, available through our website (and maybe one download site) - type of thing. So while we figure out the production details visit our message board and make your song requests.

" Work on new material is going well. In addition to the (15) songs already sketched out is the resurrection of "Destiny Undelivered," a 25-minute song cycle left over from the Window Dressing era.  We'll be auditioning these new tunes as we continue to play throughout the Detroit area in the coming months."

TILES brings a RUSH influenced progressive rock sound.  The group got its start in the nineties with the full length releases Tiles (1994), Fence The Clear (1997)and Presence Of Mind (1999).  Turn of the century found TILES following up with Window Dressing (2004) and Fly Paper (2008).

TILES online: &


* ADIASTASIA is currently in the studio at work on its next album, War Of The Worlds.

* Athens, Georgia based THEOCRACY is close to completing the songwriting process of its third album, untitled at the time of this writing.  The group is scheduled for a European tour later this month.

* Another X-SINNER album is in the works.  New song titles include “Devil Lover”, “Imposter” and “Live In Hell”.


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Jacobs Dream - Beneath The Shadows

JACOBS DREAM - Beneath The Shadows details revealed:
Press Release / JACOBS DREAM quickly rose to the top of the global progressive metal heap with their astounding 2001 self-titled debut and the 2003 follow up release Theater Of War.  Metal scribes around the globe likened the band as a more powerful QUEENSRYCHE and MAIDEN-esque in the Powerslave era.  After releasing three classic power/prog metal masterpieces on the immortal Metal Blade Records, the band took some time off and now returns several years later with their comeback release on Retroactive Records.

Beneath the Shadows is a concept album based on a story written by vocalist Chaz Bond.  The theme of the album is an intriguing tale, centering around the choices, experiences and decisions of Camren, the main character, who struggles to find his way in and out of darkness and into the light.

Bond is a critically acclaimed vocalist in the progressive/power metal genre and often compared to Bruce Dickinson (IRON MAIDEN, Geoff Tate (QUEENSRYCHE), and Jimmy Brown (DELIVERANCE).  The soaring vocal melodies are hook-filled and charismatic.  The guitar work is thick, powerful metal, filled with great riffs and hooks. Look no further for powerful, intelligent lyrics and top notch metal!

Beneath The Shadows track listing:

“Welcome To My World”
“Minds Will Burn”          
“Illusive Dream”
“Hand Full Of Dust”
“The Hell That I Breathe”
“The Darkest Hour”
“All My Fears”
“Reborn In Fire”
“Beneath The Shadows”
“The Blessing And The Curse”

A video to the track “Welcome To My World” can be viewed at:

JACOBS DREAM online: &

Kinetic Element - Powered By Light

KINETIC ELEMENT gets Powered By Light:
Press Release / KINETIC ELEMENT is a keyboard based progressive rock quartet out of Richmond, Virginia featuring vocalist, multi-keyboards and composer Mike Visaggio.  Joining Mike is drummer Michael Murray, bassist Tony D’Amato and guitarist Todd Russell.  The group has been compared to YES, EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER, early GENESIS, THE MOODY BLUES and PINK FLOYD but have their own style as well.
KINETIC ELEMENT was formed to perform the music of Mike Visaggio’s 2006 solo album Starship Universe.  Since then they have assembled a repertoire of material from Starship Universe in addition to selected progressive and classic rock covers and their new progressive pieces they have put together that comprise their new album Powered By Light, which was recorded during the summer of 2009 and released on September 5, 2009.

Mike Visaggio has been in many cover bands in the New York City area, recorded several discs with Billy Falcon's BURNING ROSE in the late 1970s and played with several Richmond, VA bands since 2000.  He began the Starship Universe project in the spring of 2005 and completed it in January of 2006 in response, he believes, to the prompting of God.

Visaggio credits the playing of Felix Cavaliere (YOUNG RASCALS), Mark Stein (VANILLA FUDGE) and Lee Michaels as influences, but also lists YES (Tony Kaye & Rick Wakeman), EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER and ASIA.  But what sets his music apart is the mix of progressive and classic rock blistering from the keyboards, especially the Hammond B-3 and the Alesis synthesizer in addition to the wonderful inspiration provided by God, to whom Mike is forever indebted, as he found true Christianity in 1978.  However KINETIC ELEMENT is NOT a "Christian rock band" and does not proselytize. 

The artist sums things up best:

“Join me in the journey with KINETIC ELEMENT aboard Starship Universe.  Someone's waiting for us at the journey's end!  And the journey is ready to go to light speed as KINETIC ELEMENT prepares to release Powered By Light.”

Powered By Light track listing:

1. “Riding In Time”
2. “The Ascent”
3. “Now And Forever”
4. “Peace Of Mind, Peace Of Heart”
5. “Meditation”
6. “Reconciliation”
7. “See The Children”


Stairway logo

STAIRWAY making progress on new album:
The latest concerning the next album, Interregnum, from the UK based heavy metal outfit:

"After a very uneasy and upsetting period over the past few months due to illness, we are happy to tell you all that we have now returned to recording the new STAIRWAY album, which we started at the beginning of this year.

"All the rhythm guitars tracks and the harmony vocal tracks were done earlier in the year; Andy (Edwards) has started the drums tracks and has completed the first 4 songs.

"We have scheduled some more sessions and hope to complete all the drum tracks in the next week or so.  This will leave us to concentrate on Pete’s (Jennens) lead solos etc, which we hope to get on to in the next few weeks."

Debuted in the early nineties on the White Metal Warriors – Last Ship Home compilation.  Since then STAIRWAY has released four full length albums, with the most recent, The Other Side Of Midnight, coming in 2006.

STAIRWAY online: &

Voice Of Glass promo pic

VOICE OF GLASS signs with NePlusUltra Music:
Press Release / VOICE OF GLASS was formed originally in March, 2002, by American guitarist and songwriter David Meek while living in Europe.  He formed the group originally under the name 10 SECONDS OF SILENCE in 2002.  Its original members were Todor Mihailov (drums and vocals), Olya Mihailov (vocals), and David Meek (guitars).  In 2005 they added Stanimier Kostov as their bassist and changed the band’s name to VOICE OF GLASS.  At this time the band teamed with producer Tony Grapes from Millennium Studi in Sofia, Bulgaria, and they recorded their first single “Valley”, which was based on Psalm 23. T hey made a music video with the project, which was played often on European music channels MM TV and M2TV during the summer of 2006.  The video also opened the door for them to be interviewed live on the TV show for metal music from Bulgaria and the world - FRACTURA on MMTV.

After the success of “Valley”, the band underwent some internal changes as the band’s drummer and vocalist Todor left the band.  This left them with the unique opportunity to re-define their style and sound as Olya began to take the full load of the vocal responsibilities in their music.  They added drummer Julian Nedkov and began the process of completely re-defining the vision and direction of their music.

On November 24th, 2006, VOICE OF GLASS recorded the song “Song Of Songs” as their second single.   “Song Of Songs”, which was based on the book Song Of Songs from The Bible, was recorded in the European city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria, at Sound Design Studio.  The single, Song Of Songs, entered the Top 10 international music chart on the MM TV show INTERACTIVE.

After “Song Of Songs”, the band set goals to tour in the United States and to record their first full EP. VOICE OF GLASS began a six-month U.S. tour on May 31st, 2007.  As the band was on its U.S. 2007 tour, they added a new band member, Juan Hernandez.  He replaced the previous bassist Stanimier Kostov, who left the band before the US tour.

While on tour, the band also made arrangements with Ken Steorts (co-founder of SKILLET and director of Visible School) to record at the legendary Ardent Studio in Memphis, Tennessee.  On October 1st 2007 VOICE OF GLASS accomplished its goal of making a full EP by recording three new songs: “Beautiful”, “You Let Dying In”, and “Making Me Real”.

From March 29th-June 7th 2008, they went on their second U.S. tour in promotion of the new EP.  After the tour and almost two years of non-stop traveling, the band took the rest of the year off to recover and plan the next steps for the future.  In March of 2009, David and Olya moved to Chicago and officially relocated the band to the United States with the goal being to find a record label and record a full length album.  On July 2nd 2009, VOICE OF GLASS had the privilege to play at the Cornerstone Music Festival in Bushnell, Illinois. They were able to play twice that day, once on the Sanctuary Stage and once on the Fat Calf Stage.

On September 13th 2009, VOICE OF GLASS agreed to sign a contract with NePlusUltra Music and Open Grave Records that would re-release the EP along with the “Song of Songs” single and music video, and then the bands debut full length.

VOICE OF GLASS is currently based in Chicago, Illinois, where they are writing material and planning the recording for their first full length Album. The album is planned to be released early in 2010.



* PLACE OF SKULLS is working on new material, although nothing has been solidified in terms of a new album or recording sessions.  Also, bassist Lee Abney is now back in the band.


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Shadow Gallery - Digital Ghosts

SHADOW GALLERY - New vocalist and album details revealed:
Press Release / SHADOW GALLERY, widely considered a major and innovative force within the realms of progressive rock and metal, have returned with their sixth studio effort, Digital Ghosts.  Following up 2005's Room V as well as the Prime Cuts compilation release of material from previous albums in 2007, Digital Ghosts will be released on October 26 in Europe and November 3 in North America via InsideOut Music.

After the tragic passing of lead singer Mike Baker in October 2008, Digital Ghosts finds SHADOW GALLERY introducing new vocalist Brian Ashland in addition to seeing the entire band once again sharing additional vocal duties along with guest vocal appearances by Ralf Scheepers (PRIMAL FEAR) and Clay Barton (SUSPYRE) to complement the release.

With Digital Ghosts , SHADOW GALLERY members Brendt Allman, Carl Cadden-James, Gary Wehrkamp, Ashland and returning drummer Joe Nevolo (who appears on two songs of the record) have focused their powerful energies on creating a seamless blend of progressive, metal and symphonic rock as a transcendent work of musical art that advances the boundaries of these genres into new directions.

Commented Wehrkamp: "As a band, we are thrilled to have new music to share with everyone. This album is a dedication to our wonderful fans, and also to the memory of our singer and friend Mike Baker.

"We had to deal with a few tragic events during the course of this recording, but pressing on we approached the production the way we always do: Trying to provide our very best.  We had a terrific time making this record and hope all the emotion and love we put into it endures, transcends and touches everyone who is ready for it.

"You can expect some shades of a new direction on this record.  We had long been trying to incorporate more progressive elements and the time was right to stretch out a little bit, while remaining true to the heavy and powerful rock based songs that have been a staple of SHADOW GALLERY since the earliest days."

Digital Ghosts track listing:

1. “With Honor”
2. “Venom”
3. “Pain”
4. “Gold Dust”
5. “Strong”
6. “Digital Ghost”
7. “Haunted”


THEOCRACY - Laying Europe to rest:
European tour dates announced by Athens, Georgia based group:

Theocracy tour banner

THEOOCRACY online: &


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Narnia promo pic

NARNIA guitarist Carl Johan Grimmark recent online interview with Lords Of Metal:
“I think that Course Of A Generation is the most unique album we have ever done, and I'm not sure I agree that many bands sound very similar.  We have our roots in a very melodic classic metal/hard rock soil but we now blend this with low tunings and aggression in a way that I think is special.”

Read full interview: HERE


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New JERUSALEM album update:
The latest from vocalist and guitarist Ulf Christiansson:

"We have decided to hold the release (of the next album) until next year, and are shooting for a release in March or April.  This is because I'm not done yet with the vocals and the guitars.  And I feel it wouldn't be completed the right way if we released it now.  Also we will put everything we have together in finding ways to make this record a (groundbreaker) for what the band wants to see and have been waiting for, for years.  And we need more time for this.

"We will spend this fall connecting and talking to the right people for finding new (big or small) ways for distribution, marketing, such as the Internet etc.  We will also try to go to festivals in Scandinavia and other places next year.  We have been doing some "secular" festivals these last two years and feel it's time for us to break the ranks and move out on greater areas.  And it has been a real blessing and a lot of fun!  It feels like we are made for that.

"When we released Prophet (the bands sixth studio album from 1994) we did it through four different record companies: REX in USA, Pila Music in Germany, Zero in Japan, and Viva Records in Scandinavia- and all (four) went bankrupt within a year.  And it totally destroyed the record.  It didn't help we had the best reviews we ever had on any record.  Still it was kind of "locked" into a box.  Therefore we want to have more control over it this time.  We will go step by step- taking risks but not being stupid or pushed.

"We are of course giving this to God.  Seeking Him.  He is the real thing - not a religious symbol or an icon or whatever we have made him to be... He is a person talking to us every day, if we just want to listen.  And I will not take one single step without him, ever…

"I can also tell you it will be done in English.  As we see it, this is a follow-up (to) Prophet (but) not saying it sounds like Prophet.

"So we will get back to you all, asking for help.  When we are getting closer, we want you to be together with us on this. Actually we need your help hoping you want to give us some.  Tell you more about that later."

JERUSALEM online: &

Michael Phillips - Mirrors Within Mirrors

MICHAEL PHILLIPS - Mirrors Within Mirrors track listing:
Press Release / Roxx Records and Ne Plus Ultra Music are set to release the debut solo release, Mirrors Within Mirrors, from the guitarist that helped define the sound of both DELIVERANCE and FASEDOWN: Michael Phllips.

Mirrors within Mirrors is an eccentric piece of work that if you had to define could be called an epic journey to the ear containing both progressive elements intertwined with acoustic pieces throwing in some slight touches of the defining metal and thrash that he has so clearly helped define. This release is a true masterpiece of music that truly tells a story, but not just any story this is his story and his life!

This release is both an escape and a defining moment for Michael as he was able to truly break free of all the boundaries and labels often put on artists.  Michael had complete and utter freedom putting this very special release together for all to hear.  He even recruited a little help from his friends for this one including some very special guest appearances from Jim Chaffin (CRUCIFIED, FASEDOWN), Mark Solomon (CRUCIFIED, STAVESACRE), Jimmy Brown (DELIVERANCE, JUPITER VI), Devin Shaeffer (FASEDOWN, ONCE DEAD), Matt Davis (OH SLEEPER) , Bill Bachman (NEAL MORSE) and Scott Waters (ULTIMATUM, ONCE DEAD).

Mirrors Within Mirrors track listing:

1. "All I Ever Wanted"
2. "Mirrors Within Mirrors Pt. 1"
I. Outer Darkness
II. Infinite Mirrors
III. Divisions
IV. Tempus Fugit
3. "Mirrors Within Mirrors Pt. 2"
I. Without Form
II. The Journey
III. Secret Games
IV. The Darkest Hour
V. Passion
VI. Nails And Tears
4. "Prelude #3 From The Well Tempered Clavier"
5. "Always Remember"
6. "Anthem"
7. "Omega"
8. "Seasons of Life"
9. "One Day"
10. "It's The Beat"
11. "Who Am I? Pt.1 (A Song For Christopher)"
12. "I Will Praise Him Still"
13. "Omega (guitars only)"

Roxx Productions online:


* RIVERA BOMMA studio update: “We have (had) the pleasure of Michael Lepond, bassist of the progressive metal band SYMPHONY X, to contribute his playing on a few tracks for the up coming third album from RIVERA BOMMA, Angels & Demons.  Along with our other good friend, Eddie (Faust) on drums, listening to the backbone of (our new songs) give us the chills. Can't wait for the world to hear it!”

Look for Angels & Demons to be released on Retroactive Records in late 2009 or early 2010. The album is being recorded in follow up to the groups 2001 full-length debut, Invisible Force, and sophomore effort I Am God from 2006.


Update Archives: August 30, 2009


Bride - Tsar Bomba banner

BRIDE announces Tsar Bomba release date:
Press Release / The release date (for the new CD, Tsar Bomba) has been pushed back to Oct 27, 2009. This doesn't mean that we won't have copies before then because most of the time the band will receive drop shipments from the manufacturer before the CD actually hits the street.  The moment our personal supply arrives we are ready to ship out all pre-orders.
Secondly, our trip to Brazil is in the hands of the Brazilian Embassy.  Because of time restraints we are cutting it close to get our Visas processed. So please add this concern to your prayer list.  Our departure date is scheduled for Sept. 5, 2009.
In order to help Retroactive promote our new CD we are complying with a request from them to send you this information. And we quote "Please blog, post, e-mail, etc.....and ask your fans to e-mail me direct at and request to be added to the Retroactive Records/Bombworks Records e-mail list."  So if you are interested in updates from the label on BRIDE and other affiliated bands drop them a note and they will gladly add you to their mailing list.
BRIDE has a Secret Site set up for those that send more than the $14.99 price on the new CD.  For $20.00 or more and this extra money helps us with not only our production cost for the CD but also helps us promote the new CD we give contributors access to the BRIDE Secret Site.  On this site there are post of rare pics, videos from the recording session and a song player which contains rough tracks, rehearsal tracks and some finished tracks that are appearing on Tsar Bomba.  You will also receive a signed copy of Tsar Bomba.  If you are one of those that missed the original offer we are extending it for you through this email now.  This is the last time we will offer this.  When ordering PayPal just mention in the narrative that you are contributing $20.00 or more and you are requesting access to the secret site.
Last but not least, BRIDE is planning a CD release party and concert at Evangel Tabernacle in Louisville Ky.  The plans are still in the works but anyone in the Louisville/Southern Indiana area that wants to help promote can contact Jeff Montgomery at Evangel.
Thank you for your prayers and support and we are believing that this last BRIDE CD will touch the hearts of many and be a great blessing to bring glory to God and magnify His holy name.

BRIDE online: &

Deliverance - The Annals Of Subterfuge

DELIVERANCE at work on next album, The Annals Of Subterfuge:
Press Release / Three of the four original members of DELIVERANCE, lead vocalist and guitarist Jimmy P. Brown II, bassist Brian Khairullah (JUPITER VI) and guitarist Glenn E. Rogers (HIRAX), are currently at work on a new album to be entitled The Annals Of Subterfuge.  A release in 2010 is planned.  Joining the three on drums is Mike Reed, who contributed his timekeeping skills to the groups 2007 project As Above - So Below.

DELVIVERANCE will also be performing with BELIEVER on December 5, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio at Peabody’s Down Under.

Jimmy P. Brown offers further insight at the Christian Metal Realm:

“Brian, Glenn, Jimmy- three guys that were pounding the clubs, churches, backyard parties, Catholic Church bazaars, my parent's garage, rehearsal studios named after dogs, you name it (and) we played there!  Anywhere in California that was willing to listen, we were there!!!

"We made a demo. Called it Greetings Of Death (and) printed over 5000 copies.  We were signed (and) recorded our first CD.  Then after five years together (things) started changing: Glenn left for what he felt were better opportunities for him.  Brian and I started feeling the pressure of other NON original members in the band and soon after Brian left.

"Things were never quite the same.  Music changed, years passed, different bands and projects, we all continued being friends but things were indeed different.

"The magic we made together those first few years was gone.  The feeling we all got when we worked on songs together, and played them for friends and future fans and shows…

"Forgive me if I wanted to re-live that with my Bro's...  But, regardless of Christian, Catholic, Atheist, Jew, White, German, Pakistani, "Mexican, Green Alien from Uranus, we were all friends that made a sound together.  The message was equally as strong, and NOT ONE of us can deny it!!!  Regardless of personal beliefs now, there were moments that moved us.  And, we all want to share that again, with each other and with you all who have been there over the frightened passing of 25 years since its inception.”


Faith Factor - Against A Darkened Sky

FAITH FACTOR announces full length debut:
Press Release / New Jersey based FAITH FACTOR plans to regroup in early 2010 to begin the songwriting process for its next CD, The Wrath That Is Yet To Come.  Look for the band to compose 10 new songs and, if time and money is available, to re-record its three song 2007 EP 07/07/07.

FAITH FACTOR also hopes to record a metal based praise and worship song in addition to a cover tune as well, with one possibility being “Fight The Good Fight” by TRIUMPH.

Contributions were made by FAITH FACTOR to several recent tribute albums:

Covering the song “American Metal” for a LIZZY BORDEN tribute CD, Baptized In Blood, to be released soon on Metallic Archangel Records.

The group has also covered “Weapons Of Our Warfare” for the upcoming DELIVERANCE tribute CD.

Lead vocalist Ski plans to contribute lead vocals to a song entitled “Cold Blooded Killer” for the next PASTOR BRAD release as well.


Update Archives: August 16, 2009


KREYSON – 20 Years Of Kreyson
After going on extended hiatus, Kreyson regrouped in 2008 by putting out its first and only live album, Noc plná hvìzd Tøinec 2007.  Kreyson continued to stay active by returning to the studio a year later to re-record ten of its classic songs of the past for its first North American release on Retroactive Records, 20 Years Of KreysonRead Full Review >>

MAIN LINE RIDERS – Worldshaker
My overall feeling is that if you enjoy AC/DC (in both its eras) and X-Sinner (in both its eras as well- Dave Robbins and Rex Scott) you will find a lot to like in Worldshaker.  If your tastes trend towards any type of eighties influenced metal and hard rock then I can see this also appealing to you.  Read Full Review >>

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when going into detail about Rise: the music is very catchy – My Disgrace proves masterful at interweaving its material with notable melodies and chorus hooks – and that each of its songs brings enough diversity to stand out from its neighbors.  No two of the albums songs sound the same.  Read Full Review >>

ORPHAN PROJECT – Spooning Out The Sea
Spooning Out The Sea, similar to its predecessor Orphan Found, combines the best aspects of hard rock, metal and progressive rock.  You will find some leanings towards melodic rock and adult contemporary as well.  If anything, the album proves the more polished, well rounded and consistent work: Production values are done to perfection, musicianship and vocals remain in top form while songwriting brings just the right amount of catchy hooks, melody and the guitar driven.  Read Full Review >>

Releasing its full length debut The Light on CMSweden/Rivel Records last year, an album I described as “on the inconsistent side of things” and suffering “shortcomings in the area of production”, ReinXeed returns in the summer of 2009 with the CMSweden/Rivel follow up effort Higher.  The album finds founding member Tommy Johansson improving upon all aspects of the recording process, including the key areas of songwriting (more consistent and with stronger melodies throughout) and production (cleaner and with the more balanced mix).  Read Full Review >>

STRYKEN – First Strike (Collectors Edition)
While First Strike went out of print and became a hard to find collectors item, Girder Records in 2006 digitally re-mastered and re-issued First Strike on CD for the first time with new album artwork and a detailed band history written by HM Magazine editor Doug Van Pelt.  Three years later First Strike was re-mastered and re-issued again, this time by Retroactive Records as a “collectors edition” in the digipak format and with the nine songs from the Blitzkrieg recording as bonus tracks.  Read Full Review >>

STRYPER – Murder By Pride
Unlike Reborn, which treaded the waters of modern hard rock territory, MBP finds Stryper returning to its root by incorporating guitar solos and vocal harmonies while featuring the heavier sound.  If I were to invite a comparison, it might be To Hell With The Devil (again, the all around heaviness) and In God We Trust (due to touches of the commercial) but with some modern elements not unlike RebornRead Full Review >>

VENIA – Victory By Surrender
Victory By Surrender, the group’s 2009 full length follow up effort on Open Grave Records, heads in the same musician direction with its joining of power metal and technical thrash.  What I find unique about Venia is how it joins very heavy and aggressive music with clean female vocals and occasional extreme vocals.  Read Full Review >>


Desyre - Warning Of The Night

DESYRE to release debut album, Warning Of The Night:
Press Release / The Finnish hair metal act DESYRE is close to completing work on its latest project, Warning Of The Night.  After spending seven months in various studios, the band is currently in the mastering process and hopes to have the album out in the near future.

Warning Of The Night track listing:

1. “Dreams”
2. “Can't Let Go”
3. “Mr. Hyde In Delite”
4. “Ransom”
5. “Calling”
6. “No One Knows”
7. “Yule Night Brightness”
8. “Undoing Of My Life”
9. “The Battle”

DESYRE line up:

Mazi Bee – Lead Vocals & Guitars
Coco Tommy – Guitars
Mike Seeker – Bass
Jayce Price - Drums

DESYRE online: &

Pastor Brad logo

Four new recording projects in the works from PASTOR BRAD:
In The Studio update from the artist:

Break Out - a new vocal album featuring Rachel Ann and Richie Z on 4 tracks!
I am really excited about this album!  I haven't released a vocal album for a while...  I would describe this album as PASTOR BRAD meets Nu Metal.  I mean - I'm true to my old-school roots - OF COURSE!  But there are some songs on this one that sound a little bit like Brian Head Welch dropped by the studio recorded a track or two.  I like it a lot!  I plan to begin mixing Break Out around this fall... hopefully we'll be able to get it to the mastering engineer by early winter... we'll see how things progress.

Shredomatic - a new chapter in the evolution of PB shred!
There are a LOT of textures and different moods on this one... some really nice metal grinders... and then some cool melodic grooves... all of it is nice and heavy and melodic... sort of JUDAS PRIEST crossed with JOE SATRIANI.  As always there are plenty of rippin' guest artists.  I don't have a time scheduled to mix this ... yet... it's all on the hard-drive (backed up--don't worry)... It's next in line after Break Out.

Shred One For Me - more PB shred mania!
Dude, all I can say is --this thing's HOT---I was in a really nice creative season of life when I wrote/recorded these tunes---there's lots of nice emotion, texture, melody, and shreddin' on this baby!  And, of course, some killer guest appearances.  This one's 90% recorded...

Back To The Shredder - and still more shred mania!
Yup... even more riffin' melodic PB shred mania!  This one is about 50-60% recorded...  I really don't have a time in mind right now that I plan to finish it... but I'm sure as I get closer to finishing the above projects the "creative recording itch will need scratched" :- ) .

PASTOR BRAD online: &


* Guitarist Jacob Veal departs EDEN’S WAY: “We (EDEN’S WAY) are taking time to find a new guitar player to replace Jacob (Veal), who is off to school.  We have had (a very talented) guitarist contact us and we believe we are very close to having the new EDEN’S WAY roster filled.  So very soon, we will be back out ministering and using the talent God has given us.

“We want to thank Jacob for being part of EDEN’S WAY.  Little did we know that his fill in gig would become a full time position.  Jacob has a wealth of talent, ability and energy.  He has been a great asset for us and he will be missed.  He is off to find his future by attending Belmont College in Nashville.  His focus of study will be in audio engineering technologies.  We wish him all the best and say that he can have a place on stage with us anytime.”

* New John Elefante website:

* Rock Music Star interview with Michael Sweet:

* Finland's VENIA recruits new drummer: “It is with great pleasure that we present the new drummer of VENIA, Antti Melasniemi. Antti is a very strong addition to the band and despite his young age has been playing drums for many years, among other things in an IRON MAIDEN cover band. He is no stranger to VENIA either as he is a long-time fan and already played one gig together with us at Itägospel in 2008. Now that our lineup is once again complete it means that we will be able to perform live more often in support of our new album Victory By Surrender. Check back later for the first confirmed dates.”

* X-SINNER is considering recording one final album.  The working title for the project is Sinner’s Extreme.


Update Archives: July 26, 2009


AUDIOVISION - New album and line up announced:
Press Release / AUDIOVISION are currently at work on its second album, which has a working title of Focus.  A spring 2010 release date is planned.  Look for AUDIOVISION to continue in a melodic hard rock/metal direction with catchy songwriting and a divine message.

The Calling, the critically acclaimed 2005 debut of AUDIOVISION, was produced by Lars Chriss (LION’S SHARE) and featured guest appearances from members of KISS, WHITESNAKE, EUROPE and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN.  The album is still available at:
The current AUDIOVISION line up consists of:

Christian Liljegren – Lead Vocals
Torbjorn Weinesjo – Guitars & Vocals
Olov Andersson – Keyboards & Vocals
Simeon Liljegren – Bass & Vocals
Thomas Weinesjo – Drums


AUDIOVISION has recently performed several successful shows in Germany and Norway, with upcoming dates planned in Sweden and Slovakia.

In related news, Rivel Records will soon be changing its name to Christian Music Sweden.


Sinbreed promo pic

SINBREED signs with Ulterium Records:
Press Release / Ulterium Records are very proud to announce the signing of the German power metal band SINBREED.  The band is currently working on their debut album, which will be released in early 2010.

SINBREED is the project OF 27 year old Guitarist Flo Laurin, who has joined forces with vocalist Herbie Langhans (SEVENTH AVENUE) and drummer Frederik Ehmke (BLIND GUARDIAN) to create the distinctive power metal that is SINBREED: a blistering combination of speed, melodic and aggressive arrangements and soaring vocals.

SINBREED line up:

Herbie Langhans (SEVENTH AVENUE) - Lead Vocals
Flo Laurin - Guitars and Keyboards
Alexander Schulz - Bass
Frederik Ehmke (BLIND GUARDIAN) - Drums

Ulterium Records online:

Stryper promo pic

STRYPER bassist Tracy Ferrie to miss U.S. tour dates:
Press Release / Bassist Tracy Ferrie will not be performing on the U.S. leg of the STRYPER tour.  Instead, original bassist Timothy Gaines will be the sole bass player. What was originally planned as a 2-set show, will now be one full 90-minute show, consisting of all the greatest hits and new STRYPER material.  The band will be wearing new yellow and black outfits designed by the original outfit designer.  All original members, Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, Oz Fox, and Tim Gaines will be performing on the 25th Anniversary U.S. tour.

Tracy has made the very honorable decision, one in which we support, to put the needs of his family first. Contrary to what many may believe, most professional musicians (especially those with families) have other jobs when their band is not touring.  And in order to provide for their families, they often need to find other means of work during non-touring times.

We are living in extremely difficult economic times whereby finding a good day-job is difficult.  Tracy has a great one.  One that provides well for his family. Leaving this job could put his family in a tough situation upon returning from tour.  We support Tracy in this decision to ensure security for his family.  At the same time, we're excited to get back out on the road and share our new music and the 25th Anniversary show with our friends and fans whom we have not seen in a long time.

We're honored to have been doing this for 25 years and blessed to have the opportunity to go out on tour this fall. Without you, our friends and fans, we would not have lasted this long. Thank you. See you on the road soon.

STRYPER online: &


* Sidney Allen Johnson finished recording 10 new songs for the next BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA album.  Expect an early 2010 release.  A working title has not been announced.

* White Throne Metal Reviews blog features reviews of current and not so current metal releases:

* DARRELL MANSFIELD to record new studio hard rock album: “I’m in the process of putting together a new studio hard rock album to reach a whole new generation of fans that grew up in the 80’s listening to the hair bands and who miss that style of rock. I’ve always wanted to do another album like Revelation. That was a one time deal for Eric (Turner- guitars) and me and we’ve recently re-released Revelation. In the meantime, we’re writing new songs for a hard rock album to record this year.”

In other news, earlier this year Darrell was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame (Ambassador to California).


Update Archives: July 12, 2009


Michael Phillips promo pic

DELIVERANCE guitarist to release solo project:
Press Release - Roxx Records is proud to announce the release of the debut solo CD, Mirrors Within Mirrors, from the guitarist that helped define the sound of both DELIVERANCE and FASEDOWN, Michael Phillips.

Mirrors Within Mirrors is an eccentric work that can best be defined as an epic journey to the ear containing progressive elements intertwined with acoustic pieces all the while throwing in some slight touches of metal and thrash.  This release is a true masterpiece of music that truly tells a story, but not just any story- this is his story and his life!
This release is both an escape and a defining moment for Michael as he was able to truly break free of all the boundaries and labels often put on artists.   Michael had complete and utter freedom putting this very special release together for all to hear.

He even recruited a little help from his friends for this one, including some very special guest appearances from Jim Chaffin (CRUCIFIED, FASEDOWN), Mark Solomon (CRUCIFIED, STAVESACRE), Jimmy Brown (DELIVERANCE, JUPITER VI), Devin Shaeffer (FASEDOWN, ONCE DEAD) , Matt Davis (OH SLEEPER) , Bill Bachman (NEIL MORSE) and Scott Waters (ULTIMATUM, ONCE DEAD)
This limited edition release will be made available to the world on October 13, 2009.  The first 100 pre-orders will come with an exclusive limited edition poster personally autographed by Michael Phillips.  

Roxx Productions online:

Timothy Gaines - Breakfast @ Timothy's

TIM GAINES completes work on instrumental solo album:
Press Release / Former Stryper bassist Timothy Gaines first solo effort, Breakfast @ Timothy’s, will be released sometime this July or August of 2009.  Tim has been collaborating on this project over the last several months with his good friend, producer and songwriter Chris Eddy (son of famed guitar great Duane Eddy).

“This will be a bass instrumental album of original pop songs.  We are focusing on the songs rather than the flash and technique that is so prevalent in today’s instrumental bass albums.  This is an album for the listener as well as the musician.   I believe the music will be getting airplay right along with songs that feature singing.  I already have several video ideas in mind,” states Tim.

Breakfast @ Timothy’s track listing:

1. “Morning News”
2. “Rock Fiesta”
3. “Southern Stroll”
4. “Sunset At Doheney”
5. “A Sweet Lullaby”
6. “Serenity”
7. “Severely Blue”
8. “Stir Crazy”
9. “On The Run”
10. “Back On The Island”
11. “Old School”
12. “Breakfast At Timothy’s”

Timothy Gaines: &


* Vocalist Ron Poggione has left TESTIFY.  Replacing Ron is VIXEN bassist Lynn Louise Lowrey.

Angelic Warlord Update Archives: HERE


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