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Crossforce - Rockin' Til The Final Day

CROSSFORCE - Rockin’ Til the Final Day details revealed:
Press Release / Roxx Records is pleased to announce the final track listing for their Limited Edition release from CROSSFORCE! The CD will consist of the long lost and previously unreleased cassette only 6 song demo tape simply entitled Crossforce originally released in 1986, making it the 25th Anniversary of this recording. As well as the never before released demo entitled the Frontline Demo recorded in 1987 and made only to send to former Frontline Records Exec Jimmy Kempner in an effort to get the band signed to the label. Rounding out this special CD collection is a long lost practice session version of Rockin Til The Final Day the bands anthem song!

Rockin’ Til The Final Day track listing:

1. “Tomorrow Will Come” (86 Demo)
2. “Our Father” (86 Demo)
3. “Smoke Filled Room” (86 Demo)
4. “Out Of The Darkness” (86 Demo)
5. “Ready N Waiting” (86 Demo)
6. “Rockin’ Til The Final Day” (86 Demo)
7. “Stompin In The Streets” (Frontline Demo 87)
8. “Cool The Call” (Frontline Demo 87)
9. “Heavens Door” (Frontline Demo 87)
10. “It’s Your Life” (Frontline Demo 87)
11. “Wait And See” (Frontline Demo 87)
12. “The One Who Loves You” (Frontline Demo 87)
13. “Weeping World (Frontline” Demo 87)
14. “Rockin’ Til The Final Day” (Lost Practice Session 5-13-87)

Pre-orders have now begun and are available in your choice of 2 packages, the single disc version or the Deluxe Edition two disc version. Both versions will come with a Limited Edition Roxx Records signature series guitar pick # 4 featuring CROSSFORCE/MERCY/KRUSH lead guitarist Phil Castillo.

The 2 disc version will come with an exclusive bonus disc only available to the first 100 pre-orders. This disc will contain live tracks from a previously unreleased CROSSFORCE show recorded in San Francisco in 1987 as well as long lost demo tracks from the band MERCY, which was the band featuring Tony (Krider – lead vocals) and Phil post CROSSFORCE days. These demos and all of the live tracks have never been released.

Get in early on the pre-order once they are gone, they are gone and this is a special Limited edition pressing of only 500 copies. All pre-orders will ship to arrive on or before the official release date of September 6th 2011.

Roxx Records online:



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BROKEN SILENCE - Discerning The Times
Musically, Broken Silence compares favorably to Holy Soldier in terms of consistency and continuity but with the heaviness of Crystavox and occasional commercial leanings not unlike Guardian.  Rounding things out is talent of a Stryper-like capacity.  It all adds up to one of the better melodic metal bands most people have never heard of.  Read Full Review >>

What we have in Rex Carroll & The Bleed is nineties alternative hard rock.  Specifically, the group reflects the moodiness and down-tuned flavorings of The Fall era King James but joined with the groove driven presence of Lovewar and swirling backing vocals not unlike prime King’s X.  Read Full Review >>

Crucible Divine is one of those unique acts that could not but help make a very positive first impression with me.  My introduction to the group was the amazing cover of “Ramming Speed” (originally off Stay Of Execution) it recorded for the Deliverance tribute CD Temporary InsanityRead Full Review >>

IMAGES OF EDEN - Rebuilding The Ruins
Despite the passage of five long years, the group has returned with a work every bit as relevant and dynamic - both musically and lyrically - while maintaining its penchant for inspired songwriting within a progressive format.  Images Of Eden does, however, present with a bit of variety this time around.  Read Full Review >>

Musically, Chasing A Cure stays true to past LNJ projects by featuring an eighties influenced blend of melodic rock, AOR and hard rock.  If I were to invite comparison, the project falls in between Independence Day and Light It Up in that it showcases some of the acoustic touches of the former but is not quite as guitar heavy as the latter.  Read Full Review >>

PYLON - Armoury Of God
In Armoury Of God you can expect over an hour of traditional and epic doom metal in the vein of Black Sabbath, Nomad Son, Saint Vitus, Trouble, Count Raven and Candlemass.  Specifically, Pylon continues to embrace lengthy songwriting and a penchant for very heavy and slow placed riffing and low-end swarthiness.  Read Full Review >>

VISION - Streetfigher
In my reviews of Mountain In The Sky and Vision, I describe the group as “a joining of commercial hard rock and classic rock with a heavy seventies and eighties slant.”  The same holds true here but - much to my delight - with a more consistent hard rocking edge.  Read Full Review >>

WONROWE VISION - Mission Invincible
That being said, perhaps due to a creative rut or need to brand out musically, but Rowe recently joined forces with former Mortification guitarist Lincoln Bowen and formed a new project under the name Wonrowe Vision. Now, this is where that reinvention in question comes into play in that Rowe breaks from his extreme metal past and heads in a “heavy edge rock n’ roll direction” (artists own words) on Wonrowe Vision’s 2011 debut Mission Invincible.  Read Full Review >>


KANSAS - Vinyl Confessions & Drastic Measures re-issues announced:
Press Release / Classic KANSAS albums have been re-released on Rock Candy Records:

Kansas - Vinyl Confessions

Despite the fact that KANSAS went relatively unheard of in Europe, they were one of America’s most successful rock bands during the mid-to-late ’70s. Their brand of progressive pomp rock had spawned several multi platinum albums and hit singles, including the ubiquitous radio staples “Carry On Wayward Son” and “Dust In The Wind”. However, by the early 80s all was not well within the KANSAS camp. Singer Steve Walsh had elected to leave the band, paving way for the appointment of a new vocalist, the previously unknown John Elefante.

Recorded in Los Angeles at Chateau Recorders with producer Ken Scott (SUPERTRAMP, JEFF BECK) and featuring Roger Taylor (QUEEN) on backing vocals, the band crafted a winning slice of melodic rock with all the twists and turns that you might expect from such masterful musicians. Vinyl Confessions, originally released in 1982, manages to remain true to the roots of KANSAS, while at the same time noticeably moving from the band’s traditional sound of the ’70s into the more AOR-friendly ’80s. The impact of spiritualism on this version of KANSAS can certainly be heard in the lyrics, too, but it would be wrong to define this album as a Christian record. It doesn’t attempt to bludgeon you to death with its message and, above all, it doesn’t neglect the most important thing of all, which is, of course, the music.

24-bit re-mastering from original source tapes, 3,000 word essay about the making of the album, interview with John Elefante and additional photos spread out over a 12 page full color booklet.

Vinyl Confessions track listing:

1. “Play The Game Tonight”
2. “Right Away”
3. “Fair Exchange”
4. “Chasing Shadows”
5. “Diamonds And Pearls”
6. “Face It”
7. “Windows”
8. “Borderline”
9. “Play On”
10. “Crossfire”

Kansas - Drastic Measures

They say nine lives, cat’s eyes. Amazingly the same can be said for KANSAS. Drastic Measures was the band’s ninth and final studio offering before hanging up their instruments. As the prime purveyors of progressive pomp rock, KANSAS ruled the roost during the ’70s accruing the sort of multi platinum success that they could only have dreamed of at the start of their career back in their hometown of Topeka, Kansas. But it wasn’t just album sales that won them an immense following. Against all odds they actually scored hit singles, taking their music into the hearts and minds of a new and expansive audience. ‘

Drastic Measures, originally released in 1983, was the band’s second album to feature new vocalist John Elefante- an appointment made necessary after the departure of Steve Walsh. Not surprisingly, the band’s sound was evolving, moving with the times and displaying a more accessible timbre. Sure, the progressive rock element was still entirely audible but the songs and delivery fitted into the jet stream of men on a mission. AOR for sure but with an edge and urgency that leaves little room for debate. Produced by Neil Kernon (QUEENSRYCHE, DOKKEN) the sound is both contemporary and sophisticated, allowing the band to fully embrace their past yet utilize the latest technology. Contains the top five rock hit single “Fight Fire With Fire”.

24-bit re-mastering from original source tapes, 3,000 word essay about the making of the album, interview with John Elefante and additional photos spread out over a 12 page full color booklet.

Drastic Measures track listing:

1. “Fight Fire With Fire”
2. “Everybody’s My Friend”
3. “Mainstream”
4. “Andi”
5. “Going Through The Motions”
6. “Get Rich”
7. “Don’t Take Your Love Away”
8. “End Of The Age”
9. “Incident On A Bridge”

Rock Candy Records online:

Saviour Machine - 20th Anniversary - 1990 Demo

SAVIOUR MACHINE - 20th Anniversary - 1990 Demo details revealed:
Press Release / Retroactive Records has re-issued the group’s demo from 1990:

Since the band’s inception in 1989, SAVIOUR MACHINE has directly influenced a number of bands, including EVANESCENCE, VIRGIN BLACK and DELIVERANCE.  The term “Gothic Metal” was first used to describe the groups 1993 debut Saviour Machine I (Metal Hammer – Sept 1993 Greece).  According to The Encyclopedia of CCM, “SAVIOUR MACHINE is an experimental rock band that has no competitors and no equals in the world of Christian rock – or even in the general market.”  Often tagged “gothic” (masks, make-up, theatrics during live performances) their sound draws on art-rock, metal, classical, and progressive influences.

In 1990 the band began as one of the first ever to self-release a professionally recorded album on compact disc independent of record label support!  True Tunes Magazine would describe the music as “dramatic, metal-edged, ambient music.”  Of primary interest to fans is the 20 minute track “The Revelation,” which is divided into five distinct parts and serves as a precursor to their epic Legend series releases. 

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the release of the eight track 1990 Demo, Retroactive Records and Paradox Productions present the album completely remixed (by Eric Clayton and Brian Kehew) and re-mastered (J Powell of Steinhaus), from the original analog tapes!  Also included are three bonus tracks originally recorded in February of 1991 available now for the first time ever in all their controversial glory!  For fans of SISTERS OF MERCY, BAUHAUS, DAVID BOWIE, PETER GABRIEL, PINK FLOYD, U2, BLACK SABBATH, QUEENSRYCHE and DREAM THEATER!

20th Anniversary - 1990 Demo track listing:

1. “Carnival Of Souls”
2. “Ludicrous Smiles” (Bonus)
3. “Streams”
4. “The Wall Of Life”
5. “Transcendence”
6. “Silent Vision”
7. “Retribution”
8. “When The Cat Came Home”
9. “A World Alone” (Bonus)
10. “Church Of The Vatican Slaves” (Bonus)
11. “The Revelation”
I. The Blood of The Lamb
II. The Plague
III. The Veil of Armageddon
IV. The Wrath
V. The Resurrection

Retroactive Records online:



* JERUSALEM plans to hit the road this summer for a series of dates in Norway and Sweden.  Carl Johan Grimmark (NARNIA) will be joining the group on guitar and keyboards.

* PLACE OF SKULL is tentatively scheduled to enter the studio in July to begin work on its fifth album.  More details as they become available.

* PROTO-KAW has completed work on its fourth album, appropriately entitled Forth.  Look for a July 7, 2011 release date.

* New SACRED WARRIOR album update.  From the groups Facebook page (May 13, 2011): “Some things we developed for the Elements Of Rock Festival helped us refine our passion along with our commitment to God and our listeners. Some of the songs that we thought we were finished with have been put back on the table.  Lyrics and arrangements- man, some of these songs have a life of their own.  They are so much better now!  Can't wait to share them.

We're tracking instruments, healing up from some physical trials and developing a unified vision for live shows and ministry opportunities. As you know, life has twists and turns yet God is faithful. He remains the focus of our efforts.”

One new song is entitled “Long Live The King”.  The group expands further: “LLTK had its conception decades ago and even a very "dated" demo. The 21st century version only has the same key, tempo and lyrics.”

* STAIRWAY reports that all the tracks for its new album are now sorted and that the demos are sounding great.  The group hopes to start recording in the next few weeks.

* TESTIFY has composed 4 new songs and wants to get at least 12 before recording its next CD.  The group reports that its new material is “getting heavier and heavier” as they go along.


Update Archvives: June 12, 2011


Jacobs Dream profile pic

New JACOBS DREAM biography:
As taken from the groups Facebook page:

The History Of A Dream

JACOBS DREAM is a band that has long been known for its intelligent lyrics and its powerful melodic metal music. First appearing on the International scene in 2000, the band released its first three albums on Metal Blade Records: Jacobs Dream (2000), Theater Of War (2001) & Drama Of The Ages (2005).  After leaving Metal Blade, JACOBS DREAM released one independent album called Dominion Of Darkness in 2008. Then in 2009 the band released it's latest album, Beneath The Shadows, on Retroactive Records along with it's first ever music video, “Welcome To My World".

Jacobs Dream - demo

In The Beginning

Hailing from Columbus, Ohio" the band began in the late 1990's under the name of IRON ANGEL. Having learned of another band using the same moniker, the band changed its name to JACOBS DREAM. Under its new identity the band released an independent demo in the late 90's that would grant them some international attention. After successfully selling a huge number of copies of the demo, JACOBS DREAM was suddenly listening to offers from a handful of record labels. Eventually the band agreed to sign with Metal Blade Records.

Jacobs Dream - Jacobs Dream

A Dream Is Born

The bands self-titled debut was released at the start of the new millennium. Suddenly the metal world was getting its first real taste of JACOBS DREAM, especially throughout Europe and Latin America. With David Taylor's high soaring vocals and John Berry's signature use of his guitar synth to spear head a fantastic sound, JACOBS DREAM had arrived on the scene. Shortly after the release, the band went on a tour of Europe with ARMORED SAINT and BRAINSTORM. The album was receiving rave reviews and the bands international following was growing at a rapid pace.

Jacobs Dream - Theater Of War

Theater Of Change

In 2001 JACOBS DREAM found themselves in high demand for more and quickly released its sophomore album, Theater Of War. During that same year the band was touring the U.S and its native state of Ohio with a new local act known as BIOGENESIS. Shortly afterward, however, popular vocalist David Taylor suddenly announced that he was stepping down just as the band was beginning to write for a third album. This would prove to be a challenge for the band and would send them on a four year hiatus. The fans were left to wonder what the future might hold for JACOBS DREAM as well as who might fill the shoes of well loved Taylor as the new front man. The most important question, however was, how much would the sound that everyone came to know and love change as a result?

Jacobs Dream - Drama Of The Ages

Drama Of A New Era

Four years later all of those questions would be answered when JACOBS DREAM finally announced the arrival of a new front man and the tone for the future was set at last. BIOGENESIS vocalist Chaz Bond would become the new voice of JACOBS DREAM. Known for his vocal diversity, Chaz would offer a lower key vocal range when compared to David Taylor's high pitched voice along with some unique screams here and there that are not traditionally heard within the genre. Most of the bands 3rd album had already been written with the exception of the song "Spinning Leaf”, which was written by Chaz. In 2005, four years after David Taylor stepped down, the third album Drama Of The Ages was released. A new era of JACOBS DREAM had begun.

Jacobs Dream - Dominion Of Darkness

Dominion Of Independence

After surviving the difficult challenge of announcing a new front man to its fans, JACOBS DREAM had reached the end of a 3 album deal with Metal Blade Records. The band had received some offers from record labels but ultimately chose to go independent for the first time since the original demo. The band would also face the challenge of self producing an entire album from top to bottom for the first time. The result was Dominion Of Darkness from 2008. Due to its independent status, the album was not available in stores and could only be bought online or from the band at live shows. At the start of 2011 JACOBS DREAM re-recorded the vocals and guitars for this album and may choose to release the newer version at some point, which is expected to have a better production than the original release.

Jacobs Dream - Beneath The Shadows

A Light Is Cast Upon The Shadows

In 2009, just one year after the bands first indie release, JACOBS DREAM agreed to sign a one album deal with Retroactive Records out of Iowa. This time around the band would go on the difficult task of writing and recording a concept album. Based on a story written by vocalist Chaz Bond, the band recorded its 5th album Beneath The Shadows. The story follows a character that becomes a drug addict and loses everything he loves as a result. The album takes the listener on his journey from misery to redemption in epic fashion. As a precursor to the album, JACOBS DREAM also filmed its first music video (of the song) "Welcome To My World".

Looking Ahead

To date JACOBS DREAM has traveled to different parts of the world and has performed live for fans in Europe and Latin America as well as throughout the United States. The bands worldwide fan base continues to grow and ranges from die hard fans that have followed the group from the beginning to brand new fans that are just discovering them for the first time. At present, JACOBS DREAM is currently unsigned and is now writing for an upcoming 6th studio album. The band has yet to determine whether to sign with a new label or to go indie again for the next album. It should be noted that even though the band suffered through a few lineup changes over the early years, the main core of the band, John Berry (guitars), Jon Noble (guitars), James Evans (bass) and Gary Holtzman (drums), have for the most part remained intact throughout the bands history. Also, the bands current lineup of Berry, Noble, Evans, Holtzman and Chaz Bond has remained intact from 2004 to the present. So here is to the future of JACOBS DREAM. Let the Dream live on…

JACOBS DREAM online: &


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Theocracy promo pic

New THEOCRACY interview online:
Ulterium Records has posted a new interview with THEOCRACY vocalist Matt Smith at the bands official forum. Matt shares what's going on in the THEOCRACY camp at the moment, future plans for the band and also what’s been happening with the band that past several years.  Here’s an excerpt:

So, let's move forward! A couple of weeks ago you started the recordings of the third Theocracy Magnus Opus, what's the status right now?
“Indeed! Things are moving along; it's slow work but we're making progress. The drums have been recorded, and recently I've been going through all the drum takes and editing everything, which takes forever. We're about ready to knock out the guitars and bass and start vocals, so that's what we'll be doing this month. We're all working full-time day jobs, so it's really hard to get everything done; sleep pretty much becomes a thing of the past. But I'm super-excited about this album and can't wait for everyone to hear it!”

Read full interview: HERE


Roxx Productions to re-issue CROSSFORCE demos:

Press Release / Roxx Records is very proud to announce that they have unearthed another RARE Christian Metal Gem for the world to enjoy! We have signed an exclusive deal to be able to bring to you in a strictly Limited Edition format the long lost ‘cassette’ only demo from one of San Francisco’s premiere Christian Metal bands… CROSSFORCE!

CROSSFORCE were a vastly underrated metal band from the San Francisco Bay Area. Melodic but heavy with simply GREAT songs and GREAT melodies! The band was led by a very young, energetic and very charismatic front man named Tony Krider, who also played rhythm guitar and piano for the band and was a very versatile and talented musician. Unfortunately Tony would leave this world way too early in 2002, leaving us with his music to help fill the void.

CROSSFORCE was also led musically by the fierce guitar playing of a young guitar virtuoso named Phil Castillo who would go on to play in many instrumental Christian Metal bands like MERCY and KRUCH! Tony would also become a part of MERCY alongside of Phil briefly after CROSSFORCE had run it’s course, they would put out one more cassette only demo tape out under this name. The band was rounded out by Jeff Scott on bass, Mark Wrapley on keyboards and Mark Cassettari on drums and together they were CROSSFORCE.

The band would play a couple of very seminal Christian Metal festivals in Southern California. They would play the first annual ‘His Festival’ and they would also be invited to play the very first Sanctuary sponsored Christian Metal Festival called ‘Metal Mardi Gras’. They would go on to print and sell 500 copies of their original demo tape in 1986, 25 years ago this year! Unfortunately despite a lot of buzz and interest in the band from several labels the band would never quite break out of the local scene and would never officially record or put out any other releases.

The bands demo tape would become a much sought after collectible reaching easily in to the $100 mark for an original copy on sites like eBay. The tape itself would never be reproduced or see the light of day again until now, despite the fact that the demo would be widely traded amongst collectors all over the world for years to come.

We are very excited to finally make this classic title available to the general public for the very first time EVER on CD.  But not only are we releasing the very first six track demo but after working with Phil Castillo from CROSSFORCE as well as some close friends of the band from the bay area like former White Throne magazine cohorts Dave Johnson and Keven Crothers, we have unearthed an extremely rare demo tape that the band recorded live and in the studio to send exclusively to Frontline Records main man Jimmy Kempner. This audition tape has never been released and has never been heard outside of the close circle of friends and the band.

This collection is a true piece of Christian Metal history and you will get the chance to hear this demo for the very first time completely re-mastered and uncut with haunting intros and discussions from front man Tony Krider and the rest of the band as they sought their first record deal.

But if that still is not enough for you then you will want to get in early on the pre-order where the first 100 copies will come with an exclusive bonus disc featuring tracks from an unreleased CROSSFORCE show and the original MERCY demo tape which has also never been released on CD.

Stay tuned to the Roxx Productions site at or the Roxx Productions facebook page at as we begin to unveil more details of this classic release piece by piece!



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Broken Silence - Discerning The Times

BROKEN SILENCE - Discerning The Times re-issue on Retroactive Records:
Press Release / BROKEN SILENCE ranks with the more overlooked bands of their time. Formed in the Hawaiian Islands in 1989, the group rose to local fame and soon met former STRYPER and HOLY SOLDIER manager Daryn Hinton. She worked with the band on its debut EP, Discerning The Times, and introduced them to producer David Zaffiro, original BLOODGOOD guitarist and producer of the first two HOLY SOLDIER albums.

Known not only for their strength of conviction but also as one of the only rock bands to ever come out of Hawaii, BROKEN SILENCE soon gained notoriety that reached the shores of the mainland. The band was courted by several record labels but never quite found the right fit. In spite of the changing music industry, this critically acclaimed album was originally released as an EP (5 songs), later re-issued in Japan as a full length album (13 songs) and now is made available again on Retroactive Records.

The 2011 Retroarchives Edition features all 13 tracks digitally re-mastered by J Powell at Steinhaus and comes in a 6 panel digipak featuring lyrics and a band bio. With Zaffiro’s hand at the helm, it’s no surprise that the sound and recording of BROKEN SILENCE is of the highest caliber! Producer David Zaffiro even recruited BROKEN SILENCE vocalist Daniel Ysais to sing on several tracks on the second HOLY SOLDIER album. 

Discerning The Times is so good (and CDs are so rare) that No Life Til Metal webzine writer Scott Waters (ULTIMATUM) wrote, “BROKEN SILENCE is one of the greatest melodic metal bands that you have never heard.  Every song has a killer hook, jaw dropping guitar solo and phenomenal vocals.” Well said.  For fans of STRYPER, HOLY SOLDIER, GUARDIAN and CRYSTAVOX!

Discerning The Times track listing:

1. “Streets Of The Empty Soul”
2. “Higher”
3. “Not Love At All (It’s My Heart)”
4. “Naked”
5. “Ready To Go”
6. “Free”
7. “Innocent Kill”
8. “Break The Silence”
9. “Seasons”
10. “Hard Times”
11. “Follow The Leader”
12. “If I Love”
13. “Broken Crowns”

Retroactive Records online:


Vision - Streetfighter

VISION - Streetfighter details revealed:
Press Release / Few people knew about the rare private pressing of VISION’s 1984 masterpiece, Mountain In the Sky (featuring two LYNRYD SKYNYRD alum).  Even fewer know that the band recorded a third album in 1986, Streetfighter, that was never previously released!  Retroactive Records has worked diligently with the band to unearth this classic rock masterpiece and make it widely available for the first time ever! 

VISION was known for powerful, anthemic classic rock, and that’s exactly what Streetfighter is all about!  This recording is arguably the bands strongest material and includes the talents of LYNRYD SKYNYRD piano player, Billy Powell!  Billy’s extraordinary talents help give VISION a very distinctive sound on this previously unreleased rock gem.  Personal notes are included in the liner notes from David Brown (former Vice President of Heartland Records) and Barry Lee Harwood (former guitarist/vocalist and writer for The ROSSINGTON-COLLINS BAND and LYNRYD SKYNYRD).


Streetfighter track listing:

1. “Stop The Killing”
2. “I’m Gonna Live”
3. “I Know You”
4. “Break The Silence”
5. “Come Home”
6. “Streetfighter”
7. “Called To War”
8. “Mighty One”
9. “I’m Free”
10. “Rock This Town”
11. “Born To Rock”
12. “Let’s Ride”
13. “Your Eyes”

VISION hit the scene with its self-titled debut in 1984, an album which was re-issued in 2010 on Born Twice Records (a division of Retroactive) under the new title Mountain In The Sky.  The group returned on Heartland Records a year later with its self-titled sophomore release (also re-issued on Born Twice in 2010).

Vision - Mountain In The Sky & Vision

Retroactive Records online:


Update Archvies: May 22, 2011


End of an era, DELIVERANCE calls it quits:
From guitarist Michael Phillips at the Christian Metal Realm:

“After much thought and discussion Jimmy P. Brown II (founding member of DELIVERANCE) has decided to bring a close once and for all to the band we all know and love as DELIVERANCE!  Jimmy feels at this time that it would be best for all of us if we bring this to an official close rather than simply fade away into obscurity.  All the members of DELIVERANCE have families and work commitments, which make it hard to book shows and try to adhere to recording commitments, etc.

There is a great deal of peace in our hearts about this decision. No bitter disagreements, no tragic demise or anything of the sort. We all remain very good friends! I think we all wish we could time warp 20 years and maybe it would be different, however it is what it is.

As Jimmy said to me "DELIVERANCE had its day" and a darn good one!  I feel extremely privileged to have been a part of one of the Titans in Christian Metal!  Jimmy and I will continue working together on various projects but the DELIVERANCE chapter is now closed.  As I said it is bittersweet, but we know this is the right thing for all of us involved.”

Phillips reinforced that the group’s performance at GodzFest on August 20, 2011 will officially be its last.  The line-up will be:

Jimmy P. Brown II – Lead Vocals & Guitar
Michael Phillips - Lead & Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
George Ochoa - Lead & Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jim Chaffin - Drums
Tim Kronyak - Bass

The artist had the following to say regarding the bands planned album entitled The Annals Of Subterfuge:

“As far as the new record, unfortunately it will not be released under the DELIVERANCE name.  Jimmy has written some of the best songs I’ve ever heard him write, and i have a couple of songs written in mind as well.  So we are going to release them but under a different name.”


LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE - “When Mullets Ruled The World” world premiere video:

Press Release / Where were you when “Hair Metal” ruled the airwaves?  The days when you just couldn’t get enough of bands like STRYPER, CINDERELLA, TWISTED SISTER, FIREHOUSE, TRIXTER and XYZ!  Have you been longing for the days of “Hair Metal”? Or were you a little too young to see what all the hype was about?

Now thanks to the talents of MdK Video Promotions, and the wonderful music of LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE, we invite you to take a step back in time.  Sit back, flash back and enjoy the World Premiere video “When Mullets Ruled the World”.

And do not forget that the brand new release from LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE,  Chasing the Cure (LP), hits the streets on May 31, 2011!



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Neal Morse - Testimony 2

NEAL MORSE reveals Testimony 2 details:
New 2-CD progressive rock studio album is set for release on May 23, 2011:

Press Release / Some stories are left unfinished. Sometimes the best part is what happens after the tale’s end. Nearly a decade ago, Neal Morse released his landmark autobiographical progressive rock epic, Testimony. Now, he returns with an extraordinary cast of musicians to tell the rest of the story in Testimony 2. And he’s saved the best for last.
Picking up where he left off on Testimony, the sequel begins with Neal in the mid-‘90s when his band, Spock's Beard, begins to experience unexpected success. Neal sings about their glory days in “Time Changer” and the original band members join in. It’s a vocal extravaganza in their classic style and an extraordinary moment.
The album goes on to tell of Morse's daughter, Jayda, being born with a heart defect. Her miraculous healing has an unexpected impact on Neal, with repercussions that reverberate throughout the album.
Morse goes on into later years, quitting his regular gig in the Eric Burdon band, and continuing with Spock’s Beard. Along the way, he discovers something beyond his imagination. The album concludes with "Crossing Over," which describes his ultimate departure from Spock's Beard in 2002.
Neal Morse launched his solo career, the next year, with Testimony. With the sequel, Testimony 2, he dives deeper into uncharted musical and lyrical territory. Incorporating legendary drummer Mike Portnoy and brilliant bassist Randy George, this breathtaking album is a prog epic with breadth that dazzles and melodies that reach into the soul.
The story ends here (for now), but the music goes on. On the second CD, the songs include a 25-minute progressive rock epic featuring Steve Morse. In addition, the Testimony 2 Special Edition includes a behind-the-scenes DVD documentary about the making of the album.

Neal's largest tour, ever, will bring Testimony 2 to audiences throughout Europe and the United States. Coinciding with the album and tour will be the release of his autobiography, appropriately entitled Testimony. Together, all three occasions make for a unique artistic achievement, and Neal's greatest undertaking, to date.

Disc One track listing:

1. “Mercy Street”
2. “Overture No. 4”
3. “Time Changer”
4. “Jayda”
5. “Nighttime Collectors”
6. “Time Has Come Today”
7. “Jesus' Blood”
8. “T he Truth Will Set You Free”
9. “Chance Of A Lifetime”
10. “Jesus Bring Me Home”
11. “Road Dog Blues”
12. “It's For You”
13. “Crossing Over”
14. “Mercy Street Revisited”

Disc Two track listing:

“Absolute Beginner”
“Seeds Of Gold”


Neal Morse - Lead vocals, Keyboards & Guitars
Randy George - Bass
Mike Portnoy - Drums & Vocals

Matthew Ward - Vocals
Paul Bielatowicz - Guitar
Steve Morse - Guitar
Nick D’Virgilio, Alan Morse & Dave Meros (Spock’s Beard) - Vocals
Eric Brenton - Violin
Mark Leniger - Saxophone

Produced by Neal Morse

Released on Radiant Records & distributed by Metal Blade/RED/SONY and Inside Out/EMl

Neal Morse online: &

Rivera Bomma live pic

RIVERA BOMMA booking selected summer dates:
Press Release / New Jersey's RIVERA BOMMA are now booking International & National selected summer dates.  Rod Rivera (guitars) and Johnny Bomma (vocals) will be joined by bassist extraordinaire Mike Lepond of SYMPHONY X!

RIVERA BOMMA is currently recording their much anticipated third full length album entitled Infinite Journey Of Souls.

For serious National & International stable business proposal inquiries, please email:


RIVERA BOMMA formed in late 2000 and is named after founding members vocalist Johnny Bomma and guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Rod Rivera.  Their strong guitar driven debut album, Invisible Force, was released through Secret Port Records in 2002 to favorable reviews.  The group’s follow up effort I Am God came out on Mausoleum Records in February 2006.

RIVERA BOMMA is a Christian rock band playing a mixture of traditional hard rock and melodic American heavy metal, with a hint of progressiveness due to the presence of majestic but subtle keyboards.

Rod and John have written some epic anthems, which they perform over pulsating rhythms while revealing the influences of DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW. The power and range of Johnny Bomma’s voice is comparable to Ian Gillan or Ronnie James Dio while Rod Rivera is a guitar virtuoso parallel to Richie Blackmore or Michael Schenker, with occasional Malmsteen-style shredding or dazzling Latin Flamenco guitar.

RIVERA BOMMA is definitely not concerned with being part of any "flavor of the month" trend- rather they write and play from the heart!

Currently joining Johnny Bomma and Rod Rivera in the studio is bassist Mike Lepond (Symphony X) and Eddie Faust (Ted Poley).

Rivera Bomma - Invisbile Force & I Am God

RIVERA BOMMA online: &


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The CD version of Collective Spirit features eight tracks (three vocal and five instrumental).  Visual Cliff, however, will be offering three new singles for download throughout 2011- and turning Collective Spirit into an 11 song release in the process.  Read Full Review >>


Visual Cliff - Collective Spirit

VISUAL CLIFF offering three new songs for download:
Press Release / The Canonsburg, Pennsylvania progressive-rock-fusion group will be putting out 3 free singles for download throughout 2011.  The three will expand upon Collective Spirit, the most recent VISUAL CLIFF album from 2010, and should be considered tracks 9, 10 and 11.  Each single will be issued with its own wallpaper artwork.

Only those who ordered Collective Spirit or the VISUAL CLIFF catalog will receive the three for download as they are released:

“Soul To Find” - released 04/23/2011
“Awakening” - to be released by the end of summer
“Sabbath” - to be released by the end of the year

The three singles will not be offered in any other form.

“Soul To Find” can be downloaded at:

VISUAL CLIFF is best known for the manner in which it combines aspects of progressive rock, hard rock and fusion based instrumentals.  The group got its start with the instrumental albums Lyrics For The Living (2003) and Key To Eternity (2004) prior to combining both instrumental and vocal pieces on the follow up efforts Freedom Within (2005), Into The After (2007) and Collective Spirit (2010).

VISUAL CLIFF online: &


Update Archives: April 24, 2011


CLASSIC PETRA - Back To The Rock
Fast forward to the spring of 2010 and Petra has reunited its “classic” line up, including not only Volz but also guitarist Bob Hartman, keyboardist John Lawry, bassist Mark Kelly and drummer Louie Weaver.  Hence, Classic Petra is reborn (by “reborn” I am referring to the fact this is the same roster that also recorded Beat The System).  Read Full Review >>

What A Joke represents a transitional period in the history of Deliverance.  The group, having recently released two of the more groundbreaking albums to come out of the early Christian metal scene in the melodic speed metal and thrash of its self-titled debut (1989) and sophomore effort Weapons Of Our Warfare (1990), was at a crossroads musically.  Read Full Review >>

HALCYON WAY - Building The Towers
Just imagine the progressiveness of Dream Theater and Fates Warning joined with the thrash heavy riffs of Testament and Believer- but all the while built around melodic based songwriting not unlike Queensryche or Theocracy.  Mixed in you will find both clean and harsh vocals.  Read Full Review >>

HB - The Jesus Metal Explosion
The Jesus Metal Explosion, despite the platitudes of the title, finds HB staying true to its past efforts by complementing metal edged guitars with operatic female vocals, grandiose keyboards, orchestral arrangements and classical instrumentation.  Read Full Review >>

After a sixteen year hiatus, Jerusalem regrouped in 2010 with its six album of all new material in She.  The album can best be described as a musical continuation of Prophet in that the group maintains a distinct U2 vibe, although with fewer modern overtones and a greater propensity towards classic melodic hard rock.  Read Full Review >>

MEDISIN WHEEL - Fire On The Moon
While “power groove” is within the ballpark of what MediSin Wheel is all about, what I hear is straightforward hard rock mixed with blues and groove based overtones.  The occasional modern element makes its presence felt as well.  Read Full Review >>

SCARLET - Scarlet
Now, I do not think I need to go into too much detail about what Scarlet brings to the table, but if you are a fan of Stryper, Guardian, Shout, Angelica, Crystavox and Holy Soldier (and a host of others from the time) then I can see the group being of interest.  Read Full Review >>

STRYPER - The Covering
What we have in The Covering is a thirteen song effort featuring 12 covers and one new Stryper song.  Now, whenever a band records a cover, it is important that it walk a fine line between being respectful to the original while putting its own spin on the song.  Read Full Review >>


New CLASSIC PETRA live album, Back To The Rock Live:
Press Release / Reunited CLASSIC PETRA line-up has announced the release of a live album recorded from the show it performed at TBN on November 20, 2010.  Please note this is the audio recording only and features all the songs off the groups recently released studio CD Back To The Rock.

Back To The Rock Live is currently available for download at Itunes and Amazon.  DVD and CD releases are forthcoming.

The CLASSIC PETRA live performance at TBN is also scheduled to air between May 25 and June 6.

Back To The Rock Live track listing:

1. “Angel Of Light”         
2. “Adonai/Back To The Rock”
3. “Second Wind”          
4. “Bema Seat”
5. “Clean”         
6. “Rose Colored Stained Glass Windows”
7. “God Pleaser”
8. “More Power To Ya”
9. “Let Everything That Hath Breath”
10. “Grave Robber”
11.” Too Big To Fail”

Download: Itunes and Amazon

Place Of Skulls - Love Through Blood - Outlaw & Maniacal re-issue

PLACE OF SKULLS - Love Through Blood re-issue details:
Press Release / Love Through Blood, the 4 song EP from PLACE OF SKULLS originally released in 2004, has been jointly re-issued by Outlaw Recordings and Maniacal Records.  The new edition is limited to 1000 copies and will come in the DigiPak format with new artwork. 

Two live bonus tracks are included in “Wartime” (a song penned by founding member Victor Griffin and originally recorded on the second PENTAGRAM album Day Of Reckoning) and “Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” (making its initial appearance on the PLACE OF SKULLS debut album Nailed from 2002).  The two were recorded live at the Hammer Of Doom 4 Festival in Wurzburg Germany in 2010.

Please note that PLACE OF SKULLS originally recorded the four songs with the intention of being included on Nailed, but they were rejected by the bands label at the time, Southern Lord, due to their upfront Christian lyrical content.

Love Through Blood track listing:

1. “Consuming Fire”
2. “Cornerstone”
3. “Days Of Trouble”
4. “Blood Of Jesus”
5. “Wartime” (live)
6. “Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood” (live)


Random Eyes - Light Up

RANDOM EYES announces new album, Light Up:
Press Release / The Finnish melodic metal band has revealed that Light Up will be the title to its third full length album.  The title track is available for streaming at:

Vocalist Christian Palin offers detail in regards to the meaning behind “Light Up”: “The song says that despite the difficulties, there is hope for better times.  “Light Up” is faith for a better tomorrow.  That helps you to carry on (through) the difficult times. It also describes my own life really well”.

Look for Light Up to be released on the group’s new label, Random Productions, later this spring.

In other RANDOM EYES news, the group recently hired NIGHTWISH producer Tero Kinnunen to engineer and produce Light Up.  Mape Ollila, webmaster and chief of Finland's leading online metal music monolith, was also recruited to be the groups PR man.

RANDOM EYES line-up:

Christian Palin - Lead Vocals
Sami Rönkkö - Guitars
Karim Elbanna – Guitars
Voitto Rintala - Bass
Rolf Pilve – Drums

RANDOM EYES got its start in 2003 with its aptly titled full length Rivel Records debut Eyes Ablaze before following up on Bullroser Records in 2008 with its sophomore release Invisible

Random Eyes - Randim Eyes & Invisible


ReinXeed promo pic

Fourth REINXEED album, 1912, set for release:
Press Release / The symphonic power metal band from Boden, Sweden will be releasing its fourth full length album, 1912, in Japan on May 25, 2011 and Europe and North America on June 14, 2011.  1912 is a concept album detailing the rise and fall of the mighty ship Titanic.  Lyrics describe the turbulence of mankind and how it hasn't changed in 100 years since Titanic sank in the Atlantic Sea.

REINXEED recently debuted the first official video from the album, “We Must Go Faster”:

REINXEED line-up:

Tommy Johansson - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboard & Orchestration
Calle Sundberg - Guitars
Matt Machine - Guitars
Nic Svensson - Bass
Björn Edlund – Drums

The Light (2008) and Higher (2009), the first two REINXEED albums, were released on Rivel Records while the most recent effort from the group, Majestic (2010), came out on Liljegren Records (same label but different name). 

ReinXeed - The Light, Higher & Majestic

REINXEED online: &

Servant banner

SERVANT to perform at CORNERSTONE 2011:
Press Release / The classic Christian rock band will be reuniting for a performance at the Cornerstone 2011 festival.  Five of the seven original members will be featured:

Sandie Brock - Lead Vocals
Bob Hardy - Lead Vocals
Ric Hordinski - Lead Guitar
Owen Brock - Rhythm Guitar
Matt Spransy - Keyboards
Rob Martens - Bass
Josh Suerkamp - Drums

Please note that original guitarist Bruce Wright passed away from cancer in 1993.

SERVANT is participating in what is billed as a commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the beginning of the Jesus Movement.

Founding members Owen & Sandie Brock go into further detail: “Thank you for the thoughtful feedback about our ministry after all of these years. It has been encouraging. God is truly amazing. How can we forget the many expressions of His amazing love through all of those years? Ourselves and many others were shaped by those experiences, and are forever changed. We are who we are today because of the work that Jesus did in our lives during that rich and rugged season.

We are looking forward to some wondrous recollections with a bit of fun thrown in. Last night found us penciling in a set list! We’ll put some updates on this page as we are able. If you want to find out more about the band, you can go for a walk down memory lane at our site:

The two also offer insight into the group’s history: “The SERVANT story began during the early months of 1976 in Victoria, British Columbia. Although the band that emerged was mostly young and inexperienced, a rigorous immersion in coffeehouses, parks, playing in bars and eventually concert venues, as well as attentive management and booking, changed all that. The band was also part of an intentional, missional community, whose role would become foundational to their music, reflecting shared beliefs about the world, the church, God’s kingdom, community, compassion and justice for the poor.

Servant - Shallow Water

Between 1976 and 1990 Servant released six records and toured relentlessly, often playing as many as two hundred concerts each year. The release of their first record, Shallow Water in 1979, is perhaps hard to appreciate in today’s saturated market. When this award-winning album hit the streets with its contemporary cover image, social commentary and progressive music seared onto red vinyl, it was a tidal wave through the fledgling Christian music scene.

Servant - Rockin' Revival

Five more records were to follow: Rockin’ Revival (1981), adding a fuller, richer sound; World of Sand (1982), underscored a new depth and a loss of innocence, emphasizing life’s deeper themes surrounding death and grief; Caught In The Act (1983), with its palpable sense of urgency and subsequent call to mission; Light Maneuvers (1984), with its compelling theme of spiritual battle; and finally Swimming In A Human Ocean (1985), added a depth of soul, a cry born from the human condition, and a desperate need for the timeless care and direction of God.”

SERVANT online: & 


* UK based STAIRWAY is working on new song ideas.  The group has around 30 songs put together and plans to select the best ones and develop them further.  STAIRWAY is also looking for a label to release its next album.

* EDENS WAY continues to remain an active live act, with shows scheduled in Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia and Tennessee.  The bands current line-up consists of Dave Underwood (lead vocals), Jimmy Large (guitars), Butch Coleman (guitars), Alan Lenderman (bass) and Steve Workman (drums).


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Rex Carroll & The Blooed - Take Back A Life

REX CARROLL & THE BLEED - Take Back A Life re-issue announced:
Press Release / Back in 1997, Rex Carroll (Christian metal's reigning guitar hero) got together with former LOVEWAR vocalist and extraordinary talent, Tim Bushing!  They called themselves THE BLEED and released an album called Ouch!  At the coaxing of their record label, they used silly, fake names in the liner notes to purposely obscure the fact that it was them.  Unfortunately, this poorly marketed album was quickly forgotten and has long been out of print. 

Almost 15 years later, Retroactive Records has yanked this 90's hard rock gem out of the clutches of obscurity and made it available once again!  The album has been digitally re-mastered (J Powell at Steinhaus), given all new artwork, re-titled, and slightly renamed so you know the star power behind this stunning release!  Rex provides his usual guitar heroics and Bushong puts in the best vocal performance of his illustrious career!  If you enjoy Rex's work with KING JAMES or bands like LOVEWAR, KING’S X, GALACXTIC COWBOYS and TY TABOR then this is a must-have release! 

Take Back A Life track listing:

1 “These Shoes”
2 “Love Over All”
3 “Sake/Round The World”
4 “Hose Me Down”
5 “Let The Rain Fall Down”
6 “Me, My Orb, And Mine”
7 “Take Back A Life”
8 “Lies/That's The Way Life Goes”
9 “Too Late (Time Has Come)”
10 “Stay the Same”

Retroactive Records online:

Temple Of Blood logo

TEMPLE OF BLOOD finalizes line-up for new album, A Show Of Force:
Press Release / The Alabama based melodic thrash/speed metal band TEMPLE OF BLOOD has officially announced the roster that will be performing on its upcoming third album to be titled A Show Of Force:

Jim Mullis - Lead Vocals
Matt Barnes – Rhythm & Lead Guitar
Andre Corbin - Lead Guitar (ex-HELSTAR)
Lance Wright - Drums

Conlon and Corbin are recent additions to the group’s line up.

Vocalist Jim Mullis offers further detail (from the Christian Metal Realm) “I am VERY excited about having the opportunity to play with such incredible musicians. I am a huge fan of their previous bands and this is really an honor for me personally. I really think the combination of strong songs, our best lineup yet, better mix/production will yield our finest effort to date. This is our heaviest and most technical material we have recorded and I think it is also our best. I spent two years singing in a local cover band and I can't wait to get in the studio and sing over these new songs! We are incorporating blast beats at times where it makes sense and we really want to distinguish ourselves from the retro-thrash pack by playing in a unique style.

"We wish to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported us in the past and we hope to win over some new fans with our latest offering.”

Tentative song titles include:

"Greater Than Death"
"A Show Of Force"
"The Advocate And The Accuser"
"Curse Of Black Hearts"

A cover version of the SANCTUARY classic "Battle Angels" is in the works as well.

Look for A Show Of Force to be released in early 2012.  The album is being recorded in follow up to the groups 2005 full length debut Prepare For The Judgement Of Mankind and 2008 sophomore release Overlord.



Update Archives: April 10, 2011


Crucible Divine - Commitment

CRUCIBLE DIVINE release debut album, Commitment:
Press Release / Influenced by classic and modern bands like STRYPER and THEOCRACY, CRUCIBLE DIVINE brings songs of encouragement, praise, worship, and rebuke with melodic guitar solos, heavy riffs, big sing-along choruses, and a few acoustic ballads.

CRUCIBLE DIVINE was formed out of the ashes of several bands throughout the years. Mainly the vision and dream of Raymond Christie, he recruited past band mates and fellow musicians/ songwriters to record their first full-length album. Leading the project on vocals is Clint Glazner, a longtime friend and former band mate from the Eyewitness days of the early '90s. Also as a guest vocalist on "Let Your Reign" is the talented and beautiful Michele Laymon. Laymon was the bass player and singer for the CLC praise band, who Christie was the guitar player for from 2001-07. Laymon also had a band called The Burnt.

On lead guitar is Kevin Wale. Wale and Christie have been friends for a long time and have partaken in many different musical endeavors, including praise bands, ENDUVUS, and BIPOLAR ECHO. Wale and Christie shared rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass guitar duties on the recording. On drums is Brandon Lopez from Oklahoma City. Lopez is the drummer extraordinaire from the Christian death metal band BROKEN FLESH and the progressive rock band VANGOUGH.

Christie's influences for this project include some of the great classic bands like DELIVERANCE, STRYPER, WHITECROSS and VENGEANCE RISING while also including newer bands THEOCRACY, CIRCUS MAXIMUS and DISCIPLE.

The full length debut from CRUCIBLE DIVINE, Commitment, will be officially released on June 21, 2010.  The album, however, is available for order at the web store of the groups label Tate Publishing: HERE

Commitment track listing:

1. “Woe To You”
2. “Won't Let Go”
3. "The Road Not Taken"
4. "Commitment"
5. "No One Like You Left"
6. "Let Your Reign"
7. "Praise To You"
8. "Tell Me"


Desyre profile pic

New album update from DESYRE:
From the blog of the Finnish hair metal band:

"We've written about fifteen new pieces and (ten of them) have been chosen for the forthcoming album.  Pre-production is in progress. Some delay in the studio timetable, though, but what else is new, right?

"Our last disc, Warning Of The Night, had nice Glamtron™-advert in the booklet, which is chosen for the working title. It will most likely be THE title. If we decide otherwise, it will be announced no later than one minute before the actual releasing of the album.

"Those lucky ones, who've attended our latest gigs, know already the musical direction we've taken (yeah, we've played some of the new songs live). The band wishes to thank you for the positive feedback.  We are happy and (some what) relieved that the fans haven't run away in fear for the new heavier stuff.  We assure you that the new direction is as much for ourselves as it is for you, and it is the natural course for DESYRE."

DESYRE line-up:

Mazi Bee - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Coco Tommy - Guitars
Lady Soundwave - Keyboards
Mike Seeker - Bass
Jayce Prime = Drums        

DESYRE online: &

Liberty N' Justice - Chasing A Cure

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE recruits Carmine Appice for Chasing A Cure LP:
Press Release / Drum legend Carmine Appice (VANILLA FUDGE, ROD STEWART, OZZY OSBOURNE) has been added to the list of artists appearing on the limited-edition LP Chasing A Cure from the Christian rock band LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE due out on May 17. He guests on the track “Ground Zero”.

Chasing a Cure (EP) track listing:

1. “Say Uncle” - Paul Shortino (QUIET RIOT/ROUGH CUT), Ron Keel (KEEL), Eddie Ojeda (TWISTED SISTER)
2. “Throwing Stones” - Donnie Vie (ENUFF Z’NUFF) & JK Northrup
3. “Paige’s Song” - Philip Bardowell (MAGDALEN,UNRULY CHILD, THE BEACH BOYS) & Tony Palacios (GUARDIAN)
4. “Playing God” - Terry Ilous (XYZ), Jeff Paris, Richard Kendrick (NEAR LIFE EXPERIENCE)
5. “Chasing A Cure” - Benny Mardones, John Pine, Bill Leverty (FIREHOUSE)

Chasing A Cure (LP) bonus tracks:

6. “Black Or White” (Michael Jackson cover) - Terry Ilous (XYZ), Alton Hood (D.O.C.), JK Northrup
7. “Quicksand Jesus” (SKID ROW cover) – Kelly Keeling (BATON ROUGE)
8. “Snake Eat Snake” - David Raymond Reeves & Don Webster (NEON CROSS)
9. “Butterface” - Mark Allen Lanoue (BILOXI), Joshua Perahia (JOSHUA)
10. “When Mullets Ruled The World” - Philip Bardowell (MAGDALEN,UNRULY CHILD, THE BEACH BOYS)
11. “Ground Zero” - Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge), Kerry Livgren (KANSAS/PROTOKAW), Carmine Appice
12. Eve (demo) - Tommy Denander
13. Damascus Road (demo) - Tommy Denander

This CD will be available for a short time in a very limited quantity of only 500 copies.  In addition, the first 100 to pre-order will receive an exclusive LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE guitar pick.

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE is trying to create awareness of epilepsy and raise money for research to find a cure with this special release.

The disease hits very close to home for LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE founder Justin Murr and his family.  Justin‘s oldest daughter, Trinity Paige Murr, was diagnosed with epilepsy at age seven. For the past five years she has battled through daily medication, hospital stays, cluster seizures, induced comas, three weeks in the ICU - and finally even undergoing brain surgery.

All of these artists donated their talent and time for this EP. The cover artwork was created and contributed by Rex Zachary and the CD layout and design will be contributed by Scott Waters.



* Retroactive Records plans to re-master and re-issue the 1990 full length debut of HAVEN, Your Dying Day, later in the year.  The album will feature the original artwork along with liner notes from vocalist Kevin Ayers.  No bonus tracks planned at this time.

* THEOCRACY recording new album (from THEOCRACY has completed all the drum tracking on their new magnum opus as of April 3! Shawn (Benson- drums) did his usual amazing job, and the band cannot wait for you to hear the new tunes--you're gonna love them!  In the meantime, login or join the Club of Souls section to check out some exclusive photos from the studio this past weekend.  Stay tuned for further updates and videos as the recording progresses.


Update Archvies: April 3, 2011


Saint - Warriors Of The Son, Time's End & Too Late For Living

Retroactive Records to re-issue classic SAINT albums:
Press Release / Salem, Oregon based SAINT has announced its first three albums are going to be re-mastered and re-issued on Retroactive Records later in the year:

Warriors Of The Son – 1984
Time’s End – 1986
Too Late For Living – 1989

Warriors Of The Son was initially released as a six song EP on Rotton Records in 1984 and re-issued later the same year on Morada Records with new artwork.  SAINT went on to sign with Pure Metal Records and followed up with the full length releases Time’s End (1986) and Too Late For Living (1989), two albums that are considered mainstays in the Christian metal community. 

The Retroactive re-issues will feature the original album artwork for Time’s End and Too Late For Living.  It has not yet been determined which artwork (Rotton or Morada) will be used for WOS.  Also, it is the original version of WOS that will be re-issued and not that re-recorded by SAINT in 2004.  The re-recorded version will be re-issued at a later date. 

Liner notes from bassist Richard Lynch will be included with all three.  No bonus tracks planned at this time.

In other SAINT news, the group is midway through recording its next album, which is scheduled to come out in late summer or early fall.  A working title is yet to be announced. 

A remix is also in the works for the groups 2006 end times themed concept album The Mark.  Look for it to be available as a download only release in the near future.

Bassist Richard Lynch offers his thoughts regarding The Mark (from the Christian Metal Realm): “As I set here in the studio listening to The Mark tracks, and more specifically the drums, it is clear to me that Larry London is one of the all time greatest drummers in Christian Metal history.  Wait till you here “Babylon the Great”.   If you listen to it on the CD you already have you’ll (understand) what I’m saying- this isn’t just a bunch of double bass dribble.  When we’re done with this you’ll know that London is amazing…  And don't even get me started on how underrated Dee Harrington is.  He is the greatest guitar player in Christian Metal history. No brag, just facts…”

SAINT online: &


* Shred Rhema is the title to the next instrumental solo release from PASTOR BRAD, with “Shred” meaning “aggressive, instrumental, melodic, skillfully played, guitar rock/metal style music” and “Rhema” a “Word from God (that is) spoken/revealed”.  The artist describes the project as “an attempt to combine the best of both of those worlds in a PB and Friends kind of way.”

He currently has six songs mastered out of ten and hopes to have it released in late spring or early summer.
PB goes into further detail: “If you would like to hear a little samples (then) tune into my latest Max Life Christian Metal Podcast (The Out of The Hellhole Episode) here:  The songs featured in the podcast are a LITTLE bit harsh sounding.  I'm doing some more EQ work in them, but you'll get a good idea of what the project is about.”


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Teramaze - band photo

TERAMAZE signs with Intromental Worldwide:
Press Release / International renowned management and booking agency Intromental Worldwide is proud to announce the signing of Australian progressive thrash metal band TERAMAZE.

Whilst loosely befitting the genre of thrash metal, the music of TERAMAZE conjures such adjectives as "modern", "innovative", "progressive" and "groove-laden". Keeping the fundamental elements of metal alive in its music, TERAMAZE has the potential to push metal into un-chartered waters with innovative guitar work, powerful grooves and soaring melodic vocals.

The band has enlisted the talents of Jeff Waters (of ANNIHILATOR fame) and Neil Kernon (QUEENSYRCHE, NEVERMORE, NILE, and many more) to produce its forthcoming full-length album, Anhedonia - a critique of modern man's diminishing ability to experience life's simple pleasures. The album will be mastered by Alan Douches (MASTODON, DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN).

TERAMAZE has been creating tidal waves on its native shores of Australia with its explosive live performances and is ready to bring its music to the masses on the world stage.

Think TERAMAZE. Think metal spirit. Think the future.

TERAMAZE line-up:

Brett Rerekura - Lead Vocals
Dean Wells - Guitars/Vocals
Mat Dawson - Guitar
Andrew Pitman - Bass
Miles Krenzin – Drums

TERAMAZE discography

2011: Anhedonia
1998: Tears To Dust
1995: Doxology

A rough-mix version of a new song, "Smashed Face", from the upcoming album Anhedonia can be heard at:

Intromental Worldwide official:

TERAMAZE online: &


Teramaze - Doxology & Tears To Dust


* Sweden’s LEVITICUS plans to celebrate its 30th anniversary by reuniting and performing a show at Valhall in Skövde on Saturday, May 7, 2011.  Tickets will be released on March 25, 2011.  Further reading:


Update Archives: March 11, 2011


David Benson - Purpose Of The Cross - Intense Millennium re-issue

DAVID BENSON - Purpose Of The Cross re-issue:
Press Release / Intense Millennium Records is very proud to announce the details of the first of their new releases from their recent signing of Christian Metal artist DAVID BENSON! DAVID BENSON has signed on with IMR for a multi album deal (in which) we will be bringing back to life some classic reissues, re-mastered and expanded with new artwork and liner notes!

The first of these classic reissues will bring you a newly re-mastered and expanded version of the LONG out of print DAVID BENSON album entitled Purpose Of The Cross. Purpose Of The Cross was originally released in 1996 independently in a pressing of only 1000 copies, of which, these have been completely long gone for years and have been a really tough collectible to come by for the DAVID BENSON fan!

Now you will have one more chance to pick up a Limited Edition version of this classic DAVID BENSON album as we will only be releasing 1000 copies of this which will soon make even this re-mastered and expanded edition tough to come by!

But wait that’s not all! This expanded version will be coming with three previously unreleased bonus tracks that have never before seen the light of day! In 2002 Mick Rowe of another famous Christian Metal band called TEMPEST would recruit DAVID BENSON to sing on what was to become a brand new TEMPEST album entitled Crushing The Dark Cathedral. Unfortunately after 3 tracks were written and completely recorded the album would never see the light of day and those three songs would be locked away never to be released to the general public until now!

Intense Millennium Records is proud to be releasing to the world on May 31, 2011 DAVID BENSON Purpose Of The Cross- completely re-mastered and expanded with brand new cover art and liner notes from the artist himself! Get your copy quick before they are once again long gone!

Purpose Of The Cross track listing:

1. “Purpose Of The Cross”
2. “Works”
3. “Second Coming”
4. “America Wake Up”
5. “Shout”
6. “Give In”
7. “Holy Psychotherapy”
8. “Revelation Man”
9. “We Are One”
10. “Faith”
11. “Crushing The Dark Cathedral” (demo bonus track with Mick Rowe)
12. “Dark Star” (demo bonus track with Mick Rowe)
13. “Dear Aleister” (demo bonus track with Mick Rowe)

David Benson online:

Fall Of Vegas logo

THE FALL OF VEGAS - New supergroup:
Press release / A band 25 years in the making... The FALL OF VEGAS is comprised of rockers, Joey Knight (STRYKEN) on lead vocals, Ron "Zilla" Campbell (MONSTERUS) on drums, Ez Gomér (JET CIRCUS, LEVITICUS) on bass/vocals, Paul Cawley (GUARDIAN) on rhythm guitar/vocals, and a soon to be announced explosive lead Guitarist to round out the lineup.

Founded by former STRYKEN drummer turned vocalist Joey Knight, these Christian rock veterans have come together to forge their own blend of new rock sound in following with the success of such supergroups as VELVET REVOLVER, AUDIOSLAVE and CHICKENFOOT.  FOV marks the spot for a new beginning from this band of brothers united by some legendary pasts and a suddenly brighter future.

For over a year the band has been putting the pieces in place, and the sound coming forth is a sonic amalgamation that forges a number of classic rock influences, all slathered with a heavy dose of hard rock muscle. "I'm excited for what's ahead," explains the group's lead singer Joey Knight. "This band has been a total God thing in how He brought us all together - we're looking forward to sharing His message once again through the medium of rock-n-roll and having a great time together doing it!"

The formula for FOV has been brewing for sometime, as the guys lives have been intertwined through mutual friendships for years. "Joey actually came out to work with us for about a month back in the early days of MONSTERUS," explains drummer Ron. "Then I get a call from Van Pelt (HM Magazine founder) saying that Joey has been trying to contact me for sometime and needed to chat. Joey spotted me on Facebook... sent a chat with his digits ... and three hours later the FOV embryo was born."

Fortunately, Ron had been friends for years with Ez... even being tapped to do some European dates on drums in support of JET CIRUCS' sophomore release Look At Death Now. "When we started talking prospective bass players, I told Joey if we wanted the best, we needed Ez," says Ron. "So I shot my Swedish brother an email and it was game on!" Ron was also spending time socially with Paul, and helping to pull things together to assist with a forthcoming all original GUARDIAN reunion. Through the process, Ron mentioned to Paul about joining FOV and they were off to the races.

The band has been hard at work and while FOV inevitably offers a few echoes of its members' pasts, their sound is defiantly forward-looking and truly fresh. "The development of the sound is evolving," says Joey. "but we're firing on all cylinders." So much so, that Joey's lifelong best friend, Doug Pinnick (KING’S X) has signed on to produce the project. "Doug will bring fresh collaboration with a modern element that will represent now," says Joey. "We talked a lot of old school producers but kept coming back to Doug. We knew we needed to go in a different direction... this needed to be relevant and not a tribute to anything but the future"

The band now readies for their forthcoming debut album and subsequent supporting (tour) dates.

Get ready world for THE FALL OF VEGAS!



* Hawaii’s BROKEN SILENCE will be having its 1995 full length release Discerning The Times re-issued on Retroactive Records this spring.  Further details as they become available.


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Driver band photo

DRIVER to record new album in April:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Reunited '80s melodic heavy rock band DRIVER - featuring powerhouse vocalist Rob Rock (IMPELLITTERI, JOSHUA, WARRIOR, AVANTASIA, AXEL RUDI PELL) and acclaimed guitarist/producer Roy Z (BRUCE DICKINSON, HALFORD, JUDAS PRIEST, SEBASTIAN BACH, ROB ROCK, TRIBE OF GYPSIES, HELLOWEEN) - has begun writing material for its new album. According to a posting on Rob's web site, "Rock and Roy Z will start production in April on a new DRIVER CD, slated for a fall 2011 release! The new CD will carry on in the tradition of the latest DRIVER CD, Sons Of Thunder, and feature brand new songs as well as a few re-workings of some classic demos. The CD will be released worldwide on King Records (in) Japan, Metal Heaven (in) Europe, and RockZilla (in the) USA."

Sons Of Thunder was released in September 2008 via Metal Heaven.

DRIVER issued a widely circulated five-song cassette EP demo in 1990 that garnered the band a dedicated worldwide following as well as attained cult status as one of the most underrated hard rock acts of its time. Since then, Rock and Roy Z have forged ahead to garner long successful careers in the music business. 2008 saw the reunion of the band which resulted in the recordings of the aforementioned CD.

DRIVER line-up:

Rob Rock - Vocals
Roy Z - Guitars
Reynold "Butch" Carlson - Drums
Ed Roth - Keyboards
Aaron Samson – Bass

This press release appears courtesy of

DRIVER online: 

Medisin Wheel - Fire On The Moon

MEDISIN WHEEL debut release, Fire On The Moon:
Press Release / MEDISIN WHEEL is much, much more than just a Detroit heavy rock band. They are a thinking man's band. A spiritually influenced band. They are poets, storytellers, street preachers, revolutionaries, and a power groove machine boasting world class players and performers from Los Angeles and Detroit.

Consisting of band members Steven Urenda (singer), Rick Ramsden (bass), Dann Howard (guitar), and Mike Blackann (drums), MEDISIN WHEEL has one mission in mind: To challenge this life and this legacy that they leave behind under the watchful eye of God Almighty and John Q. Public. While Urenda floods the band with his Los Angeles intensity, the rest of the band is pure Detroit—all blue collar heart and soul—a combination that delivers a massive explosion of the best of both worlds in heavy rock music.

MEDISIN WHEEL impeccably showcases their hard rock skills on the incendiary and satisfying Fire On The Moon, all the while inspiring listeners to rock hard and rock righteously.

Fire On The Moon track listing:

1. “Zen Nowhere”
2. “Table Talk”
3. “Everybody Knows”
4. “Slay Your Dragons”
5. “Fire On the Moon”
6. “One Sparrow”
7. “Weight”
8. “Make You Believe”
9. “Soft Parade’
10. “He Don't Know”
11. “Dia De Los Muertos”

Note: MEDISIN WHEEL plays straightforward hard rock with blues and groove based overtones.  The occasional modern element can be found as well.  Look for a favorable review in the near future.


Veni Domine logo

New VENI DOMINE album update:
The latest from vocalist Torbjorn Weinesjo at the Christian Metal Realm:

“Thought I (would) update (everyone) about what's going on in the band.

"Me, Fredrik (Sjoholm – vocals) and Thomas (Weinesjo –drums) have been working (on new songs) since last fall.  Mostly me and Fredrik meet and share ideas, record demos, arranging....rearranging...and then (more) rearranging. Thomas will stop by and give thumbs up or thumbs down or just stay silent. The preproduction time on this CD already is way more than the last few ones and we will (keep working) until we find something worth putting on disc. We're looking for a new way to approach our ideal sound that works well with Fredrik’s voice and gives us the abyss depth and the shimmering glimpse of heaven. It's funny how we still approach the ideas in the same way we did back in late 80's but with a different outcome, let's see what happens.  We have no deadline for this, we just wanna get back to having a good time using our gifts in the best way. Currently we have like 14 songs.”

He goes into further detail regarding the AUDIOVISION break up:

“AUDIOVISION died a bit unfortunate I might add.  We had a good thing going and stuff for the next CD written and it was going to be awesome!! I think Christian (Liljegren – vocals) did not have the time (to do) this so we'll carry on elsewhere.”

In addition to other projects he is involved in:

“I'm joining keyboardist Olov Anderssons (AUDIOVISION) with the symphonic/progressive metal band GRAND STAND, working on the bands third release. Also I have two CD’s that I will produce during the spring, not metal. Also I will put my solo band back (together) to keep the chops up.”



* Two new BIOGENESIS songs, “Paradox” and “Hatred Seed”, can be streamed at:  The two will be included on the groups upcoming album The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth, which is scheduled to be released on Soundmass Records later this year.

* A new MENCHEN CD is in the works with a working title of Electric Saints.  Vocalist Ken Redding and drummer Robert Sweet (STRYPER) will again be joining guitarist Bill Menchen.  Further details forthcoming.

In other Bill Menchen news, he is part of a new group called DTS, which plays melodic metal not unlike old STRYPER.  Robert Sweet will be involved as well along with Bill’s cousin, vocalist/guitarist Bruce Menchen.  Again, more details as they become available.

* X-SINNER will be playing a series of concerts in Ontario, Canada from March 31 thru April 3, 2011.  Special guest will be DANIEL BAND.  Further reading:


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BRIDE - Show No Mercy (Retroactive re-issue)
Show No Mercy can best be described as straight on metal delivering a bit more muscle than much of the “hair metal” popular at the time.  The album also presents with a dark and moody vibe that at times approaches the Goth-like. Read Full Review >> 

BRIDE - Live To Die (Retroactive re-issue)
Similar to its predecessor Show No Mercy from 1986, also on Pure Metal, Live To Die maintains a straightforward metal heading, albeit a bit heavier this time around and with more variety.  Bride, for instance, has expanded upon its sound by giving prominence to some thrash influences along with the occasional bluesy element. Read Full Review >>

BRIDE - Silence Is Madness (Retroactive re-issue)
While not the biggest fan of eighties era Bride, Silence Is Madness is by far my favorite of its three album output from the decade.  Why?  Well, it all comes down to the growth and maturity made by the group in terms of its songwriting.  Read Full Review >>

BRIDE - This Is It (Retroactive re-issue)
I cannot help but think this is what Bride accomplished on This Is It: Not following the latest “trend” or attempting to sound “modern” or “current” but rather being true to themselves and creating a quality work in the process.  The end result is a blues based hard rocking throwback that will delight those who embrace albums such as Kinetic Faith (1991), Snakes In The Playground (1992) and Scarecrow Messiah (1994).  Read Full Review >>

If you are looking for fantastic melodies and hooks non-stop, polished vocal arrangements and speed, speed and more speed (the tempo here can border on the relentless) then you will find a home in Golden Resurrection.  Throw in virtuoso guitar work and plenty of incessant double bass and it all adds up to neo-classical metal paradise.  Read Full Review >>

RANSOM - Ransom (Intense Millennium re-issue)
Ransom can trace its history to the mid-eighties and the burgeoning white metal scene that originated following the commercial success of Stryper.  Yes, a well known player in what was a literal flood of Christian metal bands at the time, but what set Ransom apart is that it was one of the few to be fronted by a female vocalist.  Read Full Review >>

7 DAYS - Into Forever
Whereas Harmony strays towards melodic metal with power metal tendencies and Darkwater melodic progressive metal, 7 Days strikes a balance by combining the best elements of the two: Catchy melody structures and occasional elements of the epic and symphonic are merged with frequent instrumental excursions and a penchant for technical time changes.  Read Full Review >>

STATIC FUSE - Fire Endures
At this point the following question begs to be answered: Does the scene have room for yet another female fronted Christian group?  I have to answer with a resounding yes!  Enter the joining of vocalist “Red” Sonia Sauruk and guitarist Ian Keith Hafner that is Static Fuse.  Read Full Review >>


Neal Morse promo photo

New NEAL MORSE project announced:
Press Release / At the end of November we told you about Neal Morse's new project with his namesake, Steve Morse, drummer Mike Portnoy and bassist Dave LaRue. Meanwhile, there is some news to announce that we don't want to hold back. Among other things, it is now clear that Neal is not the main singer of the still nameless combo. But look for yourself...

The place behind the microphone was taken over by Casey McPherson from the American alternative rock band Alpha Rev. Drummer Mike Portnoy called their 2010 album New Morning his absolute favorite album of last year and thus recommended Casey as a singer for the project.

In early January, the five men met for an eight-day session at Neal Morse's studio in Nashville and composed/conceived eleven songs. The motto: Collaboration is everything - so there is no main songwriter. Based on song snippets and ideas of all five musicians that were jointly developed further, a very varied and diverse album was formed that Neal Morse describes as a mix of Coldplay, Transatlantic and the Steve Morse Band. Mike Portnoy describes in his studio diary that although there are progressive elements in the music, the compositions are not too sprawling. The longest track by far has a playing time of eleven minutes. The basic direction of the project seems to be more song-oriented - presumably, we can look forward to melodic and catchy songs that are interspersed with virtuoso solos.

By the way: The right sound, honest feedback and creative input is ensured by producer Peter Collins, who, among other things, is responsible for the sound of the Rush albums "Counterparts" and "Test For Echo" and produced the heavy metal concept album "Operation: Mindcrime" by Queensryche. For all that became interested now and want to know more: we have collected Mike Portnoy's studio diary reports as well as all other known information in our forum. Just take a look!

Neal Morse online: &

Liberty N' Justice - Chasing A Cure

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE teams up with Roxx Records:
Press Release / LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE are teaming up with Roxx Records for a very special strictly Limited Edition Pressing of their recently released Chasing A Cure EP.  Originally the EP was released as a digital only download and made available for a donation of $7.50 or more.
Now and for a limited time you can own a CD copy of the Chasing A Cure EP with a portion of the proceeds being donated to The Epilepsy Foundation. This new version of the EP will also be expanded to now become the Chasing A Cure LP and will now include both some brand new and previously unreleased tracks!
LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE are trying to create awareness of epilepsy and raise money for research to find a cure with this special release. This disease hits very close to home for Justin Murr and his family. Justin's oldest daughter, Trinity Paige Murr, was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 7. For the past five years she has battled through daily medication, hospital stays, cluster seizures, induced comas, three weeks in the ICU - and finally even under going brain surgery.
All of these artists donated their talent and time for this EP while the cover artwork was created and contributed by Rex Zachary and the CD layout and design will be contributed by Scott Waters. The line up on the original EP alone is enough for the hard rock fan to want to purchase this CD! But also check out just some of the tracks being included...
Chasing a Cure (EP) track listing:

1. “Say Uncle” (Paul Shortino of Quiet Riot / Rough Cut, Ron Keel of Keel & Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister)
2. “Throwing Stones” (Donnie Vie of Enuff Z Nuff & JK Northrup)
3. “Paige’s Song” (Philip Bardowell of MAGDALEN/Unruly Child/The Beach Boys and Tony Palacios of Guardian)
4. “Playing God” (Terry Ilous of XYZ, Jeff Paris and Richard Kendrick of Near Life Experience)
5. “Chasing A Cure” (Benny Mardones, John Pine and Bill Leverty of Firehouse)

Chasing A Cure (LP) bonus tracks (with more to come):

6. “Black Or White” (Terry Ilous of XYZ, Alton Hood of D.O.C. & JK Northrup) Originally Recorded by Michael Jackson
7. “Quicksand Jesus” (Kelly Keeling of Baton Rouge) Originally Recorded by Skid Row
8. “Snake Eat Snake” (electric version) (David Raymond Reeves & Don Webster of Neon Cross)
9. “Butterface” (Mark Allen Lanoue of Biloxi & Joshua Perahia of Joshua)
10. “When Mullets Ruled The World” (Philip Bardowell of MAGDALEN/Unruly Child/The Beach Boys)
11. “Ground Zero” (Kelly Keeling of Baton Rouge and Kerry Livgreen of Kansas/Protokaw)

 This CD will be available for a short time in a very limited quantity of only 500 copies being pressed. If you would like to own one of these Limited Edition pressings pick one up now before they are gone. Once these are gone, they are gone and will not be reproduced! In addition the first 100 Pre-Orders will receive an exclusive LIBERTY N’ JUSTINCE guitar pick!  Preorders have begun now and the CD’s will be shipping in May!

Roxx Productions online:



* AUDIOVISION on hold.  From the groups Facebook page (February 15, 2011): “Due to different circumstances and life situations the band AUDIOVISION is now put on hold. No new album or tours are planned. All AUDIOVISION members will continue in different ways to deliver new music, albums & concerts.  Thank you all for your support and prayers.”

* DAVE BENSON is currently at work on a new doom album, which is scheduled for release this spring.  A new DBEALITY album is also in the works.  Robert Sweet (STRYPER) will be handling drum tracks and Neil Kernon production duties.  No title announced for either project.  Also, Holy Psychotherapy and Purpose Of The Cross, the artists independently released mid-nineties doom releases, will be re-issued on Intense Millennium Records with bonus material. 

* BLOODGOOD is writing material for a new album, untitled at the time of this writing.  The group hopes to begin tracking later this spring.

* BRIDE is at work on its next album (also untitled).  Look for a release date in the summer.

* New DESYRE album update:  “The next album is on the table. There have been a lot of prayers and conversations about it in the DESYRE camp. We have certainly enough new glam-pieces for it.   Let's see... At least ten songs will make it to the disc, including a nice intro (again!), maybe even more. And this time almost the whole band are the composers and this ensures some new colors in the music. We'd like to say that it's all in the hand of God, though. He's the Man!”

* DARRELL MANSFIELD plans to re-record his classic Revelation album with 2 to 3 new songs.

* Guitarist JOSHUA PERAHIA has initiated a search for a new vocalist. From the artists Facebook page (February 20, 2011): “The Joshua Perahia Band is auditioning lead vocalists for our new international album Resurrection. MUST have previous recording  success, credentials, resume, references, incredible range, professional studio attitude, etiquette, and vocal power. MUST co-operate with "veteran" producer. Finders fee to anyone who places a singer for the sessions.”

Further detail from the artist: “This is a massive record, with incredible layers of music, and orchestration, with an all star player line up. Please, no inexperienced singers. Must fly to Los Angeles, and have the ability to sing a dynamic album, that is hard rock.”

* Eric Clayton, responding to a February 20, 2011 inquiry at the SAVIOUR MACHINE Facebook page, about the chances of Legend 3:2 being released in 2011: “Absolutely NO chance whatsoever...  Not working on it at this time...  This year, we are focusing our complete attention on PERFORMING these rare (and) unique acoustic concerts...  Thank you for your patience and support!”


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Stryper - The Covering

STRYPER returns to roots on new covers album, The Covering:
Press Release / Christian rockers STRYPER are offering fans a head banging view of who their influences were early on, with the arrival of an almost entire album's worth of covers, The Covering.  Set for release on February 15th via Big3 Records, the album includes twelve rocking covers, as well as an all-new original tune, "God." And most significantly, the album marks the return of original bassist Tim Gaines back into the Stryper fold, setting up the first STRYPER release in years to feature the definitive line-up of Michael Sweet (vocals/guitar), Oz Fox (guitar), Tim Gaines (bass), and Robert Sweet (drums).

According to Michael Sweet, the impetus for putting out a mostly covers set was a simple one. "Every STRYPER album is pretty serious and pretty bold in the lyrical faith sense of the word. We just wanted to roll our sleeves up, cut loose, and have some fun." And when it came time to pick out a listing of tunes to cover, all the band had to do was look back upon their club days. "Growing up, before STRYPER was even STRYPER, we were a cover band. We played Gazzarri's on the Strip for years - we would do originals but also do covers, as well. We always did Priest covers and Maiden covers, all those bands that we grew up on and influenced us."

What fans get is a CD that runs the gamut from 1970's era classic rock (Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song," Deep Purple's "Highway Star," Kiss' "Shout It Out Loud," etc.) to 1980's era heavy metal (Black Sabbath's "Heaven and Hell," the Scorpions' "Blackout," "Iron Maiden's "The Trooper," etc.). "A few things we set out to do on this album was to stay true to the original - we didn't want to disrespect the original versions," explains Michael. "I'm never going to sound like Bruce Dickinson or Ronnie James Dio, nor would I ever try to. And having me sing the song puts our own spin on it. We just all did our own thing and with our own touches and feel - Robert, Tim, Oz, and myself - it has that STRYPER feel to it as well."

Big3 Records Chairman Bill Edwards adds, "We are excited to allow STRYPER the creative freedom to do what they do best, and take this album to the next level. We are very excited about working with the band and helping make The Covering a widespread success."

To support The Covering, STRYPER is planning a tour that begins in March, and when it comes to the set list, it will contain quite a few surprises for longtime fans. "We're probably going to pull out four STRYPER songs that haven't been played in the set in years. And then we're probably going to do four covers. And then we've got a whole slew of other STRYPER songs that we've been playing for a long time. So we probably have 20 songs in the set." STRYPER fans rejoice, more anthemic metal will soon be on the way!

The Covering track listing:

1. “Set Me Free” (SWEET)
2. “Blackout” (SCORPIONS)
3. “Heaven And Hell” (BLACK SABBATH)
4. “Lights Out” (UFO)
5. “Carry On My Wayward Son” (KANSAS)
6. “Highway Star” (DEEP PURPLE)
7. “Shout It Out Loud” (KISS)
8. “Over The Mountain” (OZZY OSBOURNE)
9. “The Trooper” (IRON MAIDEN)
10. “Breaking The Law” (JUDAS PRIEST)
11. “On Fire” (VAN HALAN)
12. “Immigrant Song” (LED ZEPPELIN)
13. “God” (STRYPER)

STRYPER online: &


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Liberty N' Justice - The Cigar Chronicles

New LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE music for free:
Press Release / Got the Valentine Blues? LIBERTY N' JUSTIC is here to cheer you up!

Between now and midnight Valentines Day (2-14-11) LNJ is going to give anyone and everyone a chance to get a sneak peak at the "yet to be announced" new LNJ double CD The Cigar Chronicles.  The disk features 26 new studio tracks (14 cover tunes and 12 original tunes) and is being produced by JK Northrup, CJ Snare, Anthony Gravley, & Mike Layne. The CD will feature 26 guest vocalists and a loaded up list of guest musicians.

The recording process is about 50% done and LNJ is planning on a late 2011- early 2012 release date. To get your free music (4 demos 3 featuring scratch vocals by JK Northrup "Cupid's Gonna Bleed" ,"Whack A Mole" & "YMCA" and one featuring Baton Rouge's Kelly Kealing "Quicksand Jesus" go to click on the contact button and send an email to Justin Murr with the subject line "Cupid's Gonna Bleed".

In other LNJ news, LIBERTY N' JUSTICE has now raised over $6k for epilepsy research and is still taking donations through their website. For a donation of at least $7.50 you get LNJ's latest EP Chasing A Cure, which features Paul Shortino, Ron Keel, Jeff Paris, Terry Ilous, Donnie Vie, Eddie Ojeda, Bill Leverty etc.



* Update from Joshua Perahia regarding the new JOSHUA album Resurrection: "I am so humbled by the incredible sound of my new album, Resurrection.  (The album features) Dino Maddalone on drums, and production (the best producer I have ever had, after working with 5 of the most famous on earth), Bryan Fleming (super bassist, and best friend), and my guitars that make it sound like an orchestra. (I am) still waiting for keyboards, and the singer of singers Jeff Fenholt. Please look out for this album. It already has great pre sales. Melodies, vocals, and compositions that will change your life!”


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Deliverance - What A Joke

DELIVERANCE - What A Joke re-issued on Intense Millennium:
Press Release / After the near-perfect thrash metal assault of Weapons Of Our Warfare (1990), Deliverance took a bit of a left turn with its 1991 release What A Joke. This somewhat misunderstood album is the result of creative differences in the band beginning to manifest, which resulted in some of the most unique and interesting work in the band’s catalog.

Where before the songs were all serious subject matter and thrash played to perfection, What A Joke saw the band taking themselves and their music a bit less seriously, showing the fun side of metal and taking on topics that could be handled with more humor and still get the message across. Classics such as “It’s the Beat” and “Purgatory Sandwich With Mustard” see Jimmy and company tackling topics other bands may have seen as taboo, thus this album remains an important piece in the DELIVERANCE catalog.
What A Joke track listing:

1. “Intro”
2. “Prophet Of Idiocy”
3. “Pseudo Intellectual”
4. “Cheeseburger Maker Du”
5. “What A Joke”
6. “Chipped Beef”
7. “Alter Forever”
8. “It's the Beat”
9. “A Product Of Society”
10. “Happy Star”
11. “J.P.D.”
12. “Pray”
13. “Silent Night”
14. “J.I.G.”
15. “Purgatory Sandwich With Mustard”
16. “Attack”

Note: Look for the What A Joke re-issue to come out in March of this year.


The Seventh Power - Power & Glory

New EP from THE SEVENTH POWER, Power And Glory:
Press Release / A four song THE SEVENTH POWER EP, Power And Glory, was recently released by guitarist Bill Menchen:

Power And Glory track listing:

1. “Doom Has Come”
2. “In The Prison House”
3. “No Other Name”
4. “Power And Glory”

Bill Menchen – Lead Vocals, Guitars & Bass
Robert Sweet - Drums

The EP is currently available only as a download:

The CD release, which is forthcoming, will include some bonus remixes and possibly one more song.  The EP was recorded in follow up to full length THE SEVENTH POWER albums The Seventh Power (2006) and Dominion & Power (2008).  A new MENCHEN CD is in the works as well.

Bill Menchen online: &


* CROWNED WARRIOR is new Christian power metal band:

* BRIDE has not broken up!  The band went on temporary hiatus while vocalist Dale Thompson was writing a book.  In terms of a new album, BRIDE has six new songs ready and will be working on six others within the next few months.  Look for a summer release date.

* Update from Joshua Perahia regarding the new JOSHUA album Resurrection: “I am in the studio as we speak, finishing up rhythm guitars. I have two more songs for that, then the solo's will go on after the bass, lead vocals, background vocals, and keyboards are finished. We will be... in there for 6-8 more weeks. I have been predicting that this will be many people's favorite album of all time, since we are pioneering some great recording here. I also have the greatest singer alive in the free world, Jeff Fenholt singing the album. Dio keyboardist Scott Warren and Eric Ragno will be coming in too. The songs are greater than anything I have ever heard.”

* New PROTO-KAW album update: “Lynn (Meredith) finished his vocals today.  John Bolton (saxophone & flute) came to watch and after Lynn finished, they both listened to all 11 songs with Kerry (Livgren- guitars & keyboards).  Kerry has really progressed with the rough mixes and the songs are sounding great.  The CD release won't be in January, but probably early March.  Kerry has 2 of 12 songs mixed and moving along nicely (towards) completing the next album Forth for a release this spring.  Further reading:!/pages/Proto-Kaw/118870094841228

* New STRYPER album in the works for 2012.  From vocalist Michael Sweet at the Stryper Forum: “…an all original record to follow, hopefully to be released in 2012.  I've been writing a lot lately and will continue to write throughout the year so we have plenty of new material.  Expect an edgy record, in line with the style of the new song "God".  The goal will be to record the best sounding, best written, most powerful STRYPER record to date!”  You can listen to “God” at:

* SAINT will be re-issuing replicas of its Pure Metal releases Time’s End and Too Late For Living.  The only thing difference will be the small print around the disc's center. All art, logos and sound will be as if you purchased an original version of either CD.  Time’s End should be available by the end of February 2011 and Too Late For Living later in the year.

Bassist Richard Lynch offers further detail: “I believe these two albums are classics and need to be available so as not cause the price to go through the roof again as they did 10 yrs ago.  I’m not releasing these to get anyone to buy yet another Time’s End CD.  So if you have one of the many issues, thank you for your support.  If you want a replica, not re-mastered, same art and logos, etc, as the 1986 version then this will be for you.”


Update Archives: January 16, 2011


BLOODGOOD – Bloodgood (Intense Millennium re-issue)
Bloodgood started work on material in 1985 and released later the same year a critically acclaimed four song demo, Metal Missionaries, that led to a deal with Frontline Records.  Bloodgood began the recording process of its self-titled full length debut in the fall of 1985 and released it the spring of 1986.  Read Full Review >>

BLOODGOOD – Detonation (Intense Millennium re-issue)
Most well known bands record a signature album in which they make a statement regarding the artistic and creative pinnacles of their career.  For Stryper that would be To Hell With The Devil and Bride Snakes In The Playground.  Deliverance had Weapons Of Our Warfare – although I would not argue with anyone who mentions Learn – while Bloodgood had DetonationRead Full Review >>

HARVESTBLOOM – Devil’s Poison
Vocalist Anji Cornette, to put it bluntly, is a first rate talent with a serious set of pipes.  I might describe her style as mixing the grit and soul of Lisa Faxon and Sonia Sauruk with some of the emotion and passion characteristic to Nancy Jo Mann and Christine Steel.  Read Full Review >>

Chasing A Cure got its start when Murr joined forces with guitarist Vic Rivera (Crunch/AdrianGale) and started writing material with the goal of raising awareness for epilepsy research.  This hits close to home for Murr, whose oldest daughter Trinity was diagnosed with epilepsy at age 7.  Read Full Review >>

PLACE OF SKULLS - As A Dog Returns
Musically, the album fits well with the Place Of Skulls back catalog, which also includes With Vision (2003) and The Black Is Never Far (2006), in staying true to the doom metal and stoner rock genres.  Read Full Review >>

SACRED WARRIOR – Rebellion (Intense Millennium re-issue)
Rebellion is Sacred Warrior’s 1988 Intense Records debut after signing with the label on December 13, 1987.  The album, long out of print and a hard to find collectors item, was re-mastered and re-issued in late 2010 by Intense Millennium Records with new artwork and two bonus tracks, “Day By Day” and “Prince Of Peace”, taken from Sacred Warrior’s unreleased demo from 2001.  Read Full Review >>

Sweet Crystal has been around since the mid-eighties, debuting in 1985 with the six song EP Power-N-Glory only to remain on the sidelines until the turn of the century when it put out the full length offering Still Standing in 2001.  The group returns in 2010 with its appropriately entitled third overall release in IIIRead Full Review >>

TORMAN MAXT - The Problem Of Pain: Part 2
Things are starting to look up for Costa Mesa, California’s Torman Maxt, if their fall of 2010 release The Problem Of Pain: Part 2 is any indication.  The album picks up where the groups previous effort, The Problem Of Pain: Part 1 from 2007, leaves off in that it is the “second chapter” of a two CD progressive rock concept series based around the story of Job from the Old Testament with the ultimate theme revolving around why God allows evil and suffering on earth.  Read Full Review >>


Divinefire - Eye Of The Storm

New DIVINEFIRE album, Eye Of The Storm:
Press Release / A comeback is in the works from DIVINEFIRE!  The symphonic power metal band, disbanding after releasing its fourth full length album, Farewell, in 2008, has recently regrouped with a second vocalist: Joining original front man Christian Liljegren (AUDIOVISION, GOLDEN RESURRECTION) is newcomer German Pascual (NARNIA). Rounding out the DIVINEFIRE line up is holdover drummer and guitarist Jani Stefanovic.
Look for DIVINEFIRE to release its fifth studio album, Eye Of The Storm, in Japan in late March of 2011 and to the rest of the world the following month.

Please note that Liljegren and Pascual previously worked together when they fronted the melodic metal band NARNIA for its last concert on December 3, 2010.

DIVINEFIRE, renown for combining elements of the melodic and extreme, debuted with its first two albums in 2005, Glory Thy Name and Hero, prior to following up with Into A New Dimension in 2006.

DIVINEFIRE online: &

Neal Morse & band promo pic

New NEAL MORSE album update:
We can look forward to a new NEAL MORSE album that is expected to be released in May! It became public on Facebook that Neal will start recording the successor to his progressive solo debut Testimony in December - again with the usual suspects, drummer Mike Portnoy and bassist Randy George.

Whether it will be a double album again this time is still open. According to Randy George, however, enough material for a double CD is available, but he doubted that the three have enough time to fill more than a single disc. In just one week, the well attuned team will conceive the album in Neal's studio in Nashville and record the basic tracks, i.e. drums and bass. The remaining tracks - keyboards, vocals etc. - will be done by Neal in the following months.

The first priority should be class, and not mass. On the other hand, Neal is known for coming in with well prepared demos and for recording albums very quickly. What the CD cover could look like is shown in our rough sketch. There are no details about the lyrical content yet, but it is natural to assume that Neal will tell his life story just like on Testimony and pick up where he left off last time - in 1997, approximately. We will see and will keep you posted about everything and anything!

The artist offers additional details:

“I'm sitting on the studio couch listening to Randy do his bass overdubs, singing an occasional line to him as needed. He is great and takes care of himself for the most part...I mean he punches himself in and knows what is good and doesn't need much "producing". Mike is like that too. These guys are incredible.

"So we/Mike actually finished the drum tracks last night. Crazy. Not only did Mike finish playing all kinds of amazing stuff, but we rewrote and arranged quite a bit of music from the demo and incorporated several themes from Testimony 1. It all turned out exceeding my expectations, which were already pretty high considering the people involved.

Total time is at about 75 minutes. Hopeful release will be in May.”

Further reading at the Randy George Studio Diary:

Neal Morse online: &

Place Of Skulls logo

PLACE OF SKULLS signs with Volcom Enterainment:
Press Release / After signing with Giddy Up! Records in October for the North American release of As A Dog Returns, PLACE OF SKULLS is pleased to announce label and distribution for Europe, UK and the rest of the world with Volcom Entertainment! Please note that As A Dog Return on Volcom will be distributed thru ADA Warner.

Guitarist Victor Griffin adds, "We're extremely happy with this arrangement. I've had my eye on Volcom for sometime now. They're a wide reaching company and have their hand in other markets besides music...a clothing line for men & women, boys & girls, skateboard & surfing apparel, and more. What's cool is a company like this loves heavy music and only puts out the stuff they really dig. It's just a whole different angle than the way labels typically work".

Please note that As A Dog Returns, the fourth full length album from PLACE OF SKULLS in ten years, was initially released on Giddy Up! Records in late 2010.



* The remaining members of FAITH FACTOR following the departure of vocalist Norman “Ski” Kiersznowski have decided to form a new band.  Further details will be forthcoming regarding the new band development and name.  No word regarding the future plans of Ski.

* PETRA returned to the studio in early January to begin recording a second volume of classic hits (no official title as of yet).  The band plans to follow up with an album of all new material.

* THE SACRIFICED continue to make progress on its yet to be titled next album.  Eli Prinsen completed work on the vocal tracks of a new song called “Offended”.  He reports that the work of guest lead guitarist Mike Philips is “absolutely unbelievable”.  Look for a release date in the summer or fall.  Eli also handled vocals on an Iron Maiden cover song (“Final Frontier”) for the Athens, Greece based band Orion’s Reign.

* TIMESWORD parted ways with vocalist Mark Pastorino and is currently looking for a replacement.  Contact the band for further information:

*UNDER COMMAND will be debuting its new single, “My Madness”, on Metal Pulse Radio on January 17, 2011 between 8-10 PM.  This will be followed by a live chat at


Update Archives: January 2, 2011


Static Fuse - Fire Endures

STATIC FUSE release new album, Fire Endures:
Press Release / The classic Christian metal band STATIC FUSE announces the release of its sophomore album Fire Endures, recorded in follow up to its self-titled seven-song debut from 2008. Combining the soulful vocals of “Redd” Sonia Sauruk with the bluesy playing of guitarist Ian Keith Hafner, STATIC FUSE will be certain to appeal to those into other female fronted bands such as RANSOM, ARSENAL, ROSANNA’S RAIDERS and HARVESTBLOOM.

Fire Endures track listing:

1. “Blowin' In The Wind”
2. “Psalm”
3. “Come Home” 
4. “Let It Go”
5. “Still The Same” 
6. “Keep On Fighting”
7. “Fire Endures”


* SAINT has a new album in the works.  From guitarist Jerry Johnson at the Christian Metal Realm: “We are a few months out from being in the studio (in that) we are still in the writing (and) preproduction stage. Rich (Lynch – bass) has a dozen parts to go over (and) I have a handful of parts.  Josh (Kramer- vocals) has a complete song.  So it will all start moving fast.  The line up is Rich, Josh, myself and Jared Knowland.

“Jared has done a great job on drums and I am really excited to have him on board when we start putting these songs together and recording them.  He's the man behind the sound for Hell Blade and is pushing us to update the way we record so you can expect a great sounding album.”

Angelic Warlord Update Archives: HERE


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