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Imagine the best aspects of early Narnia (Awakening and Long Live The King) and Yngwie Malmsteen but joined with the symphonic, epic and melodic metal sensibilities of Divinefire, Theocracy and Rob Rock, respectively.  Further mix in notable melodies, bombastic vocal arrangements, classically influenced keyboards, incessant double bass and virtuoso guitar work and it adds up to the neo-classical metal that is Golden Resurrection.  Read Full Review >>

HB - The Battle Of God
So how does The Battle Of God add up?  Well, the album finds the group shifting gears musically by abandoning much of the trademark symphonic aspects to its sound and heading in the more straightforward metal and hard rock direction.  Read Full Review >>

KDB3 - Autobiograph
Musically, there is quite a bit going on with Autobiograph.  Yes, the album can be progressive - very progressive at times - but otherwise finds Bowers branching out musically and embracing styles as far reaching as classic rock, symphonic rock and acoustic rock while also mixing in some heavier guitar driven moments.  Read Full Review >> 

MASS - New Birth (Retroactive re-issue)
New Birth, in a similar vein as Fighter, finds Mass heading in eighties influenced melodic metal and hard rock territory.  Now, I hate to invite direct comparison because Mass has its own sound, but if you embrace much of the hair metal of the time, then I can see the group being of interest, albeit they bring a bit more muscle and musical depth than some.  Read Full Review >>

What The Light, Higher and Majestic, all good albums in their own right, hinted at, 1912 delivers by taking things to the next level in terms of songwriting, performance and production- and helps to create that immediately comfortable listening experience in the process!  Read Full Review >>

SINS OF A NATION - Sins Of A Nation
But what do I find so surprising about Sins Of A Nation?  Specifically, it is the musical direction: A foundation of modern metal fused with some heavy classic and traditional metal influences.  Read Full Review >>

THEOCRACY - As The World Bleeds
As The World Bleeds, the third Theocracy release from the fall of 2011 (also on Ulterium), maintains the same musical leanings while building upon the strengths of its predecessors: And that is by taking the group’s trademark qualities - the catchy chorus hooks, epic arrangements, multi-layered vocal melodies and intricate (at times progressive based) songwriting - to the next level.  Read Full Review >

GREG X - Dream
If you are a fan of Foreigner, Journey and Giant - not to mention contemporaries Line Of Fire, Action, Adrian Gale and James Guest - then you will find a lot to like in Greg X.  Those into metal on the lighter side of things, and by that I am thinking Shout, Guardian, Stryper and a slew of other hair metal bands, should be able to embrace this as well.  Read Full Review >>


Driver promo pic

DRIVER studio updates from Rob Rock:
The most recent progress regarding the next DRIVER album, Driver 2, from the vocalists Facebook page:

Heading back into the studio 10 down so far! Coming out great! Some new stuff, some vintage Driver from 1989...

Two more lead vocals done this weekend and lots of backing vocals...busy week next week as we try to get 'er done!

Had a delay last week due to a tooth problem... so much for my 5 day run. Lost a few studio days but got two ballads nearly complete earlier in the week. More recording all this weekend! Hopefully "Murphy" will stay away this week!

Yea, two songs done! Rolling along well with my engineer Sean Shannon at RedRoom. Both songs are good rockers with about 17 tracks of vocals - lots of harmony backing vocals. Gonna take a few days to recoup the voice and then start a big 5 day run later in the week.

First song went very well! Finished the lead and all the backing vocals. Today we shoot for another one.

Note: The full length debut of DRIVER, Sons Of Thunder, was released in 2008.  The album included all six songs off the group’s acclaimed demo from 1990 along with six new tracks.  Look for Driver 2 to be out early next year.

DRIVER online:

Bill Menchen unveils new projects, REDEEMER & MENCHEN:

Redeemer - One Way

Press Release / While guitarist and vocalist Bill Menchen is most often associated with his work in FINAL AXE, REV SEVEN, TITANIC and THE SEVENTH POWER, what many do not know is that the artist got his start in the mid-eighties as part of an obscure Southern California based group called REDEEMER.  REDEEMER had a somewhat nondescript history, forming in 1984 and recording its first and only demo prior to disbanding in 1989.

Menchen resurrected REDEEMER in 2007 by releasing a 2 CD set, Double Edge Sword and Anno Domini, consisting of songs off the original REDEEMER demo in addition to many others that were either lost or never recorded.  On both projects the artist handled all aspects of the recording process, including vocals, guitars, bass and drums.

In terms of specifics, REDEEMER can best be described as “an eighties influenced blend of metal and hard rock with occasional classic metal and doom-like touches” (as taken from the Angelic Warlord reviews of the two albums).

A third incarnation of REDEEMER from the latter half of 2011 finds Menchen joining forces with drummer Robert Sweet (STRYPER) and bassist Bruce Menchen (DTS) to re-record a second package of REDEEMER songs under the title One Way.  Available on a limited basis (100 CD copies printed), One Way encompasses 12 of the songs that originally appeared on the Double Edge Sword and Anno Domini releases.

One Way track listing:

1. “One Way”
2. “King Of Glory”
3. “In Your Hands”
4. “Let The Light Shine On”
5. “The King Of The Light”
6. “Flying”
7. “Escape”
8. “Daystar”
9. “Eternal Power”
10. “The Story Is Old”
11. “Unite”
12. “The Lord Lives”

REDEEMER line-up:

Bill Menchen - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards & Trombone
Bruce Menchen - Bass
Robert Sweet - Drums

Menchen - In The Light

Press Release / Red Rock, the 2008 solo album of Bill Menchen released under the appropriate title MENCHEN, was perhaps the most critically acclaimed and artistically relevant work of his career.  Angelic Warlord gave Red Rock a 95% grade in describing it as “straightforward hard rock with the occasional groove, blues, metal and funk overtone” while also featuring “some of the finest compositions from Bill Menchen to date”. 

Red Rock was actually a full band effort in that it also included the contributions of vocalist Ken Redding (HIS WITNESS), drummer Robert Sweet (STRYPER) and bassist Tony Franklin (WHITESNAKE, BLUE MURDER).  So an “all star project” might be the best way to describe things.

Fast forward to the fall of 2011 and Bill Menchen is back with the second MENCHEN release, In The Light.  But this time the artist is paying tribute to his past by re-recording four songs from his older groups REV SEVEN and REDEEMER (two each) and eight others that date back to the early nineties when Ken Redding was briefly a part of REV SEVEN.

Also a limited edition release (100 CD copies printed), In The Light maintains the same line-up from Red Rock but with Franklin replaced by Bruce Menchen (DTS) on bass.  The album draws its title from 1 John 1:7: “But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus, his Son, purifies us from all sin”.

In The Light track listing:

1. “Don’t Leave”
2. “Remember My Chains”
3. “Hole In Your Heart”
4. “Master Of Destiny”
5. “The Day That He Died”
6. “King Or Liar”
7. “Man Of Pain”
8. “You’re Not Alone”
9. “Passin’ Through”
10. “Love”
11. “Crucified”
12. “King Of Glory”

MENCHEN line-up:

Ken Redding - Lead Vocals
Bill Menchen - Guitars   
Bruce Menchen - Bass
Robert Sweet - Drums

Bill Menchen online: &

Millennial Reign - Millennial Reign

MILLENNIAL REIGN announce new album:
Press Release / Classic Christian metal band consisting of Dallas-Forth Worth and Little Rock, Arkansas based musicians Trae Doss (lead vocals), Dave Harvey (guitars), Harm Wilson (bass) and Bryan Diffee (drums) will be independently releasing its self-titled debut full length in the winter of 2012.

MILLENNIAL REIGN started out several yeas ago as a studio project made up of Doss, Harvey and Diffee.  When the three decided to turn the group into a live performing act, they subsequently rounded out its line-up with the recruitment of Wilson.

Characterized by huge vocal harmonies and big choruses, MILLENNIAL REIGN wears its influences on its sleeves in no uncertain terms (as taken from its Facebook page): PETRA, STRYPER, BLOODGOOD, AUDIOVISION, DOKKEN, BON JOVI, RATT, WARRANT, DEF LEPPARD, VAN HALAN, QUEENSRYCHE & IRON MAIDEN.

Millennial Reign track listing:

1. “The Ascension”
2. “Broken”
3. “We Are The Ones”
4. “Run For Your Life”
5. “Left Alone”
6. “Always”
7. “Fire By Night’
8. “Live Forever”
9. “Everyday”
10. “Lost In Vegas”


Trae Doss – Lead Vocals
Dave Harvey – Guitars
Harm Wilson – Bass
Bryan Diffee – Drums


Stryper logo

Audio clips available for two new STRYPER songs:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Christian hard rockers STRYPER have released short audio clips of "Bleeding From Inside Out" and "Blackened", the two new tracks which will be included on a collection of re-recorded versions of the band's classic songs, to be released in the summer of 2012. The CD will contain a total of 16 cuts - two from The Yellow And Black Attack, six from Soldiers Under Command, six from To Hell With The Devil, as well as the two aforementioned new tracks.

In other news, STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet will enter the studio on December 18 to begin recording his new solo album. Sweet states, "Kenny Aronoff (CHICKENFOOT) will be drumming on the record, there will be a few 'guests' musicians/singers as well." Sweet is also writing his first "book/autobiography," which he promises "will outline my life and give you a page-by-page layout of the early years, the ups and downs of being in a Christian rock band, behind-the-scenes stories of what really goes on 'behind the scenes' of a successful Christian rock band (good and bad), getting through the toughest battle of all, joining the legendary classic rock band BOSTON, and much, much more."

The two clips can be heard at: “Bleeding From The Inside Out” & “Blackened”

STRYPER online: &


* BEYOND BELIEF is a new Finnish melodic metal band made up of vocalist Christian Palin (Random Eyes), keyboardist Mikko Harkin (Mehida) and guitarist Sami Ronkko (Random Eyes).  More details - including additional band members and the group’s first album - as they become available.  Facebook:

* Update from BRIDE regarding the tragic passing of guitarist Steve Osborne (Facebook - 11/18/2011): “By now many of you have heard about the death of Bride's off and on long time guitarist and friend Steve Osborne. Steve's death was a suicide. Before anyone begins to judge my friend I want to say for certainty Steve is with the Lord and his pain on this earth is behind him. Steve was one of the few people that I considered ‘dear true Christians’.  No one will ever know why Steve left this world in this horrible fashion but depression and mental pain is real. I am sure he would say to anyone experiencing this sort of illness to trust God, seek professional help and have faith.”

Osborne played on classic Bride albums Show no Mercy, Live to Die, Skin for Skin and Tsar Bomba.

* Felipe “FG” Gonzalez recorded a cover of the classic Rob Rock tune “Warrior”:

* HARVESTBLOOM released a video to a new song entitled “The Narcissist”.  Musically, it maintains the heaviness the group established on the 4 song EP, Let It Go, it released earlier in 2011: Guitar Patrick Cornette delivers riffs almighty while vocalist Anji Cornette brings her trademark guts and soul.  Solid melody as well.  Check it out at:

* Latest from MAJESTIC VANGUARD: “It's been long since you heard anything from us and we'd love to give you a progress report on what's happening in Majestic Vanguard.  We just want to be clear that we love playing music and that we are hungry for more MV. We all have a feeling that we are not finished with the band and that the vision we have still stands!  As long as we feel this way, we will do everything we can to build a band for the future.

We still lack a singer to front the band and it's very difficult to find the right man.  We have worked with a few names in the past year, but has not progressed so far that we can present anything yet.  We will not give up, but have great faith in the future and know that God has a plan for Majestic Vanguard.  Please stay with us and continue to support the band and please follow the progress of the band in all different communities where we operate.”  Official:

* SACRED WARRIOR keyboardist receives new heart (Facebook 12/16/11): “As you can tell, October plans became November plans. Then all of a sudden, it's December! We would say this with an apology or some kind of regret, but God has his plans and timing that are perfect and always overrule ours. You may have read that keyboardist, Joe Petit, found out he needed a heart transplant. Well, he got on the recipient "list", and 48 hours later, the medical team at University of Chicago had found and offered him a new heart. His recovery is going amazingly well. Keep praying for us, as we minister to each other, family, friends and fans of the band. We will do the same for you. All you believers are ministers.”

* SHINING FORCE has made available a new song, “Resist The Devil”, for streaming:  “Resist The Devil” is off the groups upcoming sophomore album By The Blood.

* SIX MINUTE CENTURY is near completion of the tracking of its next (yet to be titled) album.  The group hopes to begin mixing the album early next year and is shooting for a late spring or early summer release.  A demo song is scheduled to be ready in January.


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Liberty N' Justice - Hell Is Coming To Breakfast

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE to release 11th studio album, Hell Is Coming To Breakfast:
Press Release / Roxx Productions along with LIBRETY N’ JUSTICE are very pleased to announce for LNJ’s 20th Anniversary (1992-2012) the release of their 11th studio album Hell Is Coming To Breakfast. This marks the bands second release on Roxx Records after a successful partnership on the Limited Edition charity CD entitled Chasing A Cure LP that the two teamed up on earlier in 2011.  Hell Is Coming To Breakfast is set for release on March 1, 2012 with pre-sales beginning now.

Justin Muir of LNT has this to say about the release: “We recorded so many songs for our yet to be released 2 CD project entitled The Cigar Chronicles and with the delay on this release not happening until late in 2012 or early 2013 we didn’t want the fans to have to wait that long to get some new LNJ in their hands. So when Bill and Roxx Records approached me and asked if we had anything else up our sleeves we could release, we realized we had to many songs that were not all going to fit on ‘Cigar’ so we took the 6 songs that we couldn’t fit and then recorded another brand new song which is the title track Hell Is Coming To Breakfast especially for this release and added 5 more previously unreleased rare cuts and demos just for this one, I am really excited for our fans to hear this collection”

Bill from Roxx Records had this to say about the new release “We are very excited to be working with Justin and LNJ once again, especially in the bands twentieth year! Justin and all the wonderful artists he works with continue to release nothing but top notch material and after twenty years it is just amazing how they keep coming up with so many great Melodic Rock songs again and again and again”

In addition to the 7 brand new tracks and various demos and rarities we are very excited to be able to include on this release and on CD for the very first time ever the original acoustic demo version of “Sin” featuring the late great Janie Lane of Warrant on vocals.

Hell Is Coming To Breakfast track listing:

1. "Hell Is Coming To Breakfast" - Seann Nichols (Adler’s Appetite / Tarsha), JK Northrup (Kings Kobra/ XYZ)
2. "Madhatter" - Donnie Vie (Enuff Z' Nuff), JK Northrup (Kings Kobra/ XYZ), Chris Dickens (Mission Of One) & Tommy Denander
3. "Whack A Mole" - Johnny Lima, JK Northrup (Kings Kobra/ XYZ), Jerry Johnson (SAINT) & Richard Lynch (SAINT)
4."Thankful Heart" - Philip Bardowell (MAGDALEN/Unruly Child), Lynn Louise Lowrey (Vixen/Testify), & Anthony Gravley
5. "Nakatomi Plaza" - JK Northrup (Kings Kobra/ XYZ), Greg Bishop (X-Sinner) & Scott Weisenborn (Testify)
6. "Stretch Armstrong" - Louis St August (Mass), JK Northrup (Kings Kobra/ XYZ)& Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper)
7. "Get Down" - Tony Mills (TNT/ Shy),Mark Allen Lanoue (Chasing Karma/ Bilioxi), & Anthony Gravley
8. "Your Memory Just Won't Do" (Previously unreleased on CD) - David Cagle, Alex Grossi (Quiet Riot) & CJ Snare (Firehouse)
9. "Thy will be done" (demo) - Jamie Rowe (Guardian)
10.”What do you believe?" (Original demo of “Do What You Believe” - Mike Ledesma (FAR CRY) Vic Rivera (Crunch)
11. "Monkey Dance" (Alternate Mix) - Jack Russell (Great White)
12. "Sin" (Original Acoustic Demo) - Janie Lane (Warrant)

Roxx Productions online:



* Sweden’s GOLDEN RESURRECTION released a video to the title track of its most recent album, Man With A Massion:

* Welcome To The Theater is the working title to the next REINXEED album.  Look for it to come out in March/April of next year.

* Update from STRYPER vocalist Michael Sweet: “First up - I’m writing an autobiographical book, with the help of my good friend Doug Van Pelt (of HM Magazine). I’m really excited about this. For the first time it will be an opportunity for me to share with you the real story of my life.

"I’m also recording a new solo record that I’m very excited about. Believe it or not but it's been 11 years since the release of my last solo project, Truth!

"Both the book and the record will be released through Big3 next year.”


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Theocracy promo pic

New THEOCRACY interview online:
Athens, Georgia based epic metal band THEOCRACY released its third full length album, As The Word Bleeds, in November of this year on Ulterium Records.  Founding member and vocalist Matt Smith conducted a recent interview with The Washington Times in which he discusses not only the new album but also an upcoming music video, his songwriting techniques and life as a Christian power metal artist.  Following is an excerpt:

Being a Christian band and a progressive metal band definitely puts Theocracy in a minority. Would you say your listenership is predominantly Christian? Or do you share a lot of fans with secular bands like Blind Guardian and Dream Theater?
“It’s actually both. It’s hard to break it down percentage wise, but we get a lot of Christian listeners who appreciate the lyrics and every aspect of it, and alternately we have plenty of people who aren’t believers but they like the music. I think in general we have a lot of discerning fans, and I think they appreciate the amount of effort that goes into [our music] and that it’s not just thrown together.”

Read full interview: HERE


Amaziah - Straight Talker

AMAZIAH - Straight Talker re-issued on Born Twice Records:
Press Release / Copies of the 1979 vinyl release Straight Talker from AMAZIAH have been spotted for close to $1,000.  Originally, this was a custom release in England (where the band was located), and that’s the one that has skyrocketed in value. Those with ears trained to homemade heavy rock monster sounds will find a real treasure here.  A few progressive influences shine through on “Way, Truth, Life” but mostly just loud cranking hard rock with aggressive guitar coupled with power synths and organ.  Great stomping head banger riffs abound on the closer “He Is Lord”.  AMAZIAH can be melodic too, as proved on the one ballad “All Is Peace”. 

Canada’s legendary Tunesmith label (SERVANT, BARNABAS & STRONGHOLD) picked up the record and released it on luscious red vinyl, replacing the original simple logo cover with the now classic band photo that makes them out to be punk rockers (which they’re not).  The band shown on the Tunesmith label was a later line-up of the band, not the one actually heard on the record. By the time of that photo the band was actually doing some punk stuff, hence the more radical look. 

On the Born Twice Records: Legends Remastered Volume One you can hear this legendary release in digital format for the very first time, remastered by specialist J Powell of Steinhaus.  As an added bonus you can hear the post-album four track demo that showcases the new slightly punk-influenced direction of the new line-up.  Everything is packaged in a beautiful 6 panel digipak featuring both the original custom release’s cover and the Tunesmith cover with the classic picture of the band (leopard skin and all!).  It even includes a band biography to introduce the band to new fans! 

For fans of BTO, AEROSMITH, DANIEL BAND, BARNABAS, NAZARETH, and DEEP PURPLE!  Collect all of the Legends Remastered special series that resurrects classic Jesus Music and Christian rock releases from the 70’s!  See also BILL MASON BAND and EXKURSIONS for Volumes 2 & 3 of this collectible series. 

Straight Talker track listing:

1. “Way Truth Life”
2. “Say Good Night”
3. “No. 1”
4. “All Is Peace”
5. “Night Walker”
6. “Slowly”
7. “Peace”
8. “He Is Lord”
9. “No. 1” (demo)
10. “Vision” (demo)
11. “All Is Peace” (demo)
12. ”Susie” (demo)

Born Twice Records online:

Further reading: HERE

Greg X - Dreams

Guitarist GREG X teams up with vocalist Ken Tamplin for new CD, Dream:
Press Release / Polish-born and London based guitarist GREG X (not to be confused with PETRA vocalist Greg X. Volz) released his debut album Dreams on August 15, 2011.  Dreams features a literal all-star cast of well known players from the 80’s, including vocalist Ken Tamplin (SHOUT, MAGDALLAN, JOSHUA) and drummer Jay Schellen (UNRULY CHILD, ASIA).  The album, recorded with a passion for the best AOR and melodic rock based sounds of the 80’s, is available on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon Mp3 and directly from the artists website at where the track “Dream The Dream” can be downloaded for free.

Greg has gained renown as one of London's most accomplished and influential guitar teachers and founder of the Wimbledon School of Guitar. Greg's teaching business has produced hundreds of quality guitar players, many of whom have gone on to have an impact in the industry. Greg is also a regular columnist on several guitar instructional websites such as Ultimate Guitar. He undertakes guitar instruction clinics across the UK and regularly performs in London and elsewhere.

In 2008 he took part in the internationally released Compilation CD Under the Same Sky while 2011 found him releasing his debut solo album Dream.

The artist’s objectives for the next few years are to become a successful touring musician, and he is working hard to reach this goal. Greg wishes to realize his dream of restoring the melodic rock sound prevalent in the 80ss as the dominant movement in rock music, with an empowering and positive message in difficult times. As a music instructor, Greg takes pride in helping his students reach their goals in music and beyond.

Greg's Influences: Deep Purple, Rainbow, Joe Lynn Turner, Whitesnake, Europe, Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Paul Gilbert & Tom Hess

Dream is for fans of: Ken Tamplin, Shout, Whitesnake, Dio,Y&T, Unruly Child, GPS, Ratt, Cindirella, MSG, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Asia, Foreigner, Night Ranger, Heart, Dokken, Twisted Sister, ACCEPT, Loudness, Mr. Big, Alcatrazz, Journey, Stryper, Guns n' Roses, Whitecross, Scorpions, Led Zeppelin Aerosmith, Motley Crue, Pink Floyd, Queen, Thunder, Black Sabbath, White Lion, FM, Lionsheart, TNT, Tyketto, Firehouse * Skid Row.

Ken Tamplin has always been referred to as a “singer's singer” with vocal references to his cousin Sammy Hagar, while guitarists have hailed his playing, songwriting and production in equality to some of the biggest names in the business.  Ken's past successes, such as his highly acclaimed groups Shout and Magdallan, has continued to expand his horizons as he has been asked to sing for such groups as Foreigner, Motley Crue, INXS, Skunk Baxter (Doobie Brothers) , Jeff Lynn (ELO), Geazer Butler (Black Sabbath), Accept, Journey and even Peter Frampton.

Tamplin released his last CD, Wake The Nations, in 2003 and is currently helping singers from all over the world how to sing better via Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy singing lessons.

Dream track listing:

1. “As the World Spins ‘Round”
2. “Dream the Dream”
3. “How To Love”
4. “Wake Me (Before You Go)”
5. “Stand Up”
6. “Love And Hate”
7. “Waiting On You”
8. “Victory”

Geg X online:  &


* Four Shadows, the new album from SOMBRE HOLIDAY, should be out in January of 2012.  The album brings to a close the story that began with the group’s 2009 full length debut In Search Of Understanding…  Specifically, the concept revolves around one man’s struggle to choose between lady wisdom and lady folly.  Further reading and samples:

* Brazilian Christian heavy metal band TO THE LAMB has signed with Stryke Management & Promotion.  Keys Of Treasures, the full length debut from the group, was independently released earlier this year.  Promotion & booking (Attn: Eduardo S. Bonadia):  Further reading:


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Gladius - Post-Operation Demonstration

Debut EP from GLADIUS, Post-Operation Demonstration:

"Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil."
(Ephesians 6:11) 

Gladius -- n. {glad-ee-uh's}
1. sword
2.  virtuoso guitarist, composer, session-player, instructor, producer, and band-leader
3. epic Christian metal-fusion outfit

Press Release / In an era when expertise and originality are often overlooked in lieu of fleeting flash and flare, GLADIUS defines innovation as a composer and mastery as an instrumentalist. Inspired by the great classical composers (Vivaldi), Spanish flamenco legends (Paco De Lucia), and melodic metal masters (Marty Friedman and Jason Becker), GLADIUS is perpetually pushing the boundaries of his Baroque-Ethnic-Metal fusion.

Just a few short years ago however, it appeared the guitarist's career might have been finished before it ever started.  A mysterious medical condition manifested its symptoms literally overnight.  On June 14th 2005, while studying classical guitar at Georgia State University's School of Music under Professor John Sutherland, the aspiring virtuoso suddenly suffered from a rather crippling case of nerve damage, greatly hindering the sensation and dexterity of both hands...

But that wasn't going to stop an ambitious career that had hardly begun. Over the next several years, driven by more relentless discipline and determination than ever before, and owing in part to surgical procedure and extensive (ongoing) physical therapy, the neurological condition improved significantly.

Much later on June 14th 2011, GLADIUS released a triumphant studio debut, a 5 song EP entitled Post-Operation Demonstration, which celebrates his recovery while bringing this story to vivid life for a whole world of listeners to hear.

Though still recovering, the composer continues to strive for the unattainable, feeding off the endless inspiration the good Lord provides.

Post-Operation Demonstration track listing:

1. “The Mighty Tempest”
2. “The Great Physician”
3. “Flamenco Frenzy”
4. “Baroque Boogey (Life's Disguise)”
5. “bonus track”

GLADIUS line-up:

Gladius - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards & Spoken Word
Joe Fry - Drums & Percussion &Vocals
Glen Brooks - Drums ('Baroque Boogey” & “The Mighty Tempest”)
Austin Turner - Vocals (“The Great Physician')

GLADIUS online: &

KDB3 - Autograph

New concept album from KDB3, Autobiograph:
Press Release / Multi-instrumentalist Christian progressive rock artist Doug Bowers has released his second album, Autobiograph, under his nom de plume, KDB3.  The self-produced CD was released in September and is available at CD Baby, Doug Bowers Music and MP3 dealers worldwide.

Autobiograph is a concept album chronicling Bower’s life and personal testimony.  His introspective lyrics, while sometimes humorous and often unpredictable, describe the hopes, dreams and reality of a life lived with and without God.  Musically, Bowers has departed from the symphonic prog styling of his first album, Verite, to a more song structured approach with numerous segues from one piece to the next.

As before, Bowers plays most of the instruments and sings most of the vocal tracks, leaving the “hard” parts to some very proficient, if not well known, heavy hitters: Athens, Georgia based wunderkind Bill Holmes provides some sizzling electric guitar solos throughout while former GLASS HAMMER shredder, David Wallimann, offers an incredible, Gilmore-like lead for the albums finale.

Autobiograph will appeal to fans of keyboard driven, proggy pop rock music.  Those familiar with the CPR series of compilation CD’s from will recognize KDB3’s contribution to CPR4 entitled “Crisis Of Faith” from Autobiograph.

Autobiograph track listing:

1. “King’s Highway”
2. “Crisis Of Faith”
3. “I Won’t Play The Game”
4. “Dark Side”
5. “Second Coming”
6. “Grace Of God”
7. “Street Preacher”
8. “Promise Of A New Day”
9. “Death… You Lose!”
10. “He Knows”

Autobiograph actually consists of 16 songs, with the remaining six being shorter “interlude” pieces that serve to tie the storyline together.  Due to time and space constraints, however, I chose to list just the 10 full length songs.  The album reminds me somewhat of the NEAL MORSE Testimony and Testimony 2 CD’s in the manner in which it chronicles the artist’s spiritual journey in both music and words.  Look for a review in the near future.

KDB3 online:

Lance King - A Moment In Chiros

LANCE KING releases debut solo album, A Moment In Chiros:
Press Release / Etheric Progressive Power Metal from the voice of PYRAMAZE & BALANCE OF POWER, for fans of REDEMPTION, DREAM THEATER and SYMPHONY X with a nod at legends LED ZEPPELIN:

Lance King is world renowned in the underground as “The Voice” in metal, singing on over 25 worldwide releases over the last 21 years. Known best for his voice on five albums with PYRAMAZE and BALANCE OF POWER, what is truly special about Lance is his ability to morph his voice to fit any mood and intensity of a song, he’s proved this over the years by adding a very "special something" to every album he has been a part of. Said to have the golden touch, Lance’s voice just seems to connect the dot’s making head banging metal also into a good song.

On the last day of June, 2011 Lance decided to invite some of his musical friends to co-write songs with him as he ventured into his first solo album. An act of faith only knowing their work, never working with them before creating music. In just two months, those involved had created an epic masterpiece and in under three A Moment In Chiros was mixed and mastered and off to the presses. This album was meant to be out by 11/11/11 and is destined to stand the test of time.

The album's concept is based on the 11:11 time prompt phenomena happening to over 75 million people around the world, Lance is one of these people, and has dived in deep to find more about what it’s all about. This album is one man's journey as a seeker of truth looking for answers to the world's greatest mysteries.

Lance has chosen "Human Trafficking" (sex slavery), one of the fastest growing criminal activities worldwide as the charitable cause he would like to champion, profits from this album will go to efforts to abolish this slave trade worldwide through an organization called "NOT FOR SALE"!

Featuring amazing musical contributions from past and present members of Bruce Dickenson. Beyond Twilight, Anubis Gate, Thought Chamber, Jorn, Spheric Universe Experience, Darkwater, Phonomik, Myrath, Wuthering Heights & Avian

Produced by: Kim Oleson (Anubis Gate) & Jacob Hansen, (Volbeat, Heathen, TYR, Amaranthe, Communic, Mercenary, Onslaught, Rob Rock, Blotted Science, Raunchy, Pretty Maids, Cryoshell)

A Moment In Chiros track listing:

1. “A Sense of Urgency”
2. “Awakening”
3. “Manifest Destiny”
4. “A Given Choice”
5. “A Moment in Chiros”
6. “Dance Of Power”
7. “Kibou”
8. “Infinity Divine”
9. “Joy Everlasting”
10. “Sacred Systems”

Lance King online: &

New album & video from SINS OF A NATION:
Press Release / SINS OF A NATION are a hard charging modern metal band with tons of energy and a commercial sense.  Searing guitars, thunderous bass and drums with soaring vocals complete the 5 man roster.  Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, the group was founded in 2007 by original members drummer Frank “Hammer” DePinto and guitarist Ralph “Riff” Sorce but later rounded out its ineup with Dave Dunsire (guitar), Dane MCCartney (lead vocals) and Dusty Raven (bass).

SINS OF A NATION will be certain to appeal to fans of both the modern and old school with a combination of styles that is near impossible to match.  Bringing a strong, aggressive stage presence, energetic performances and a captivating sound, look for SINS OF A NATION to be a force to be reckoned with for time to come.

The fall of 2011 finds this talented quintet releasing both its full length self-titled debut and first video from the album in “Never Say Die”.  Sins Of A Nation was produced by Joe Floyd, who has worked with Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Slash and Warrior, while album artwork was handled by Cam Rackem.

Sins Of A Nation track listing:

1. “Bow Down”
2. “Threshold”
3. “Tyrant”
4. “Lethal Injection”
5. “Daylight”
6. “So Cold”
7. “S.O.A.N.”
8. “Deafening”
9. “Self Evident”
10. “Never Say Die”


Dane McCartney - Lead Vocals
Ralph Sorce - Guitars
Dave Dunsire - Guitars
Dusty Raven - Bass
Frank DePinto - Drums

Sins of A Nation - Sins of A Nation

SINS OF A NATION brings a modern metal sound (sort of like Avenged Sevenfold) but mixed with some heavy classic and traditional metal influences, as reflected in the Dickinson-like vocal qualities of Dane McCartney.  Many of you will remember McCartney from his time in the Christian power/classic metal band Septer and its 2006 sophomore release The God Key.  Do not confuse SINS OF A NATION with being a Christian band; however, McCartney did compose 95% of the lyrics- so the best way to describe the lyrical approach might be written with a Christian worldview in mind.  A review is planned for next weeks update to Angelic Warlord.


Metal Bible logo

Introducing the METAL BIBLE:
Press Release / The METAL BIBLE is a special Bible edition for all us that are into metal music. It contains the New Testament as well as Metalheads that share their life stories and talk about what God and the Bible means to them.

Participating Persons:

Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Tommy Aldridge (Whitesnake), Dave Ellefson (Megadeth), Peter Baltes (Accept), Brian Welsh (ex-Korn), Rob Rock, Michael Sweet (Stryper), Ken Tamplin, Metal Pastor Bob Beeman (Sanctuary International), Karl Walfridsson (Pantokrator), Shadows of Paragon, Luke Renno (Crimson Thorn), Simon "Pilgrim" Rosén (Crimson Moonlight), , Matt Smith (Theocracy), Ulf Christiansson (Jerusalem), Michael Hero (Sons of Thunder, Hero), Slav Simanic, Richard Lynch (Saint), Steve Rowe (Mortification), Ted Kirkpatrick (Tourniquet), Herbie Langhans & Mike Pflüger (Seventh Avenue) Scott Waters (Ultimatum), Gabriela Sepúlveda (Boanerges), Rod Rivera & Johnny Bomma (Rivera/Bomma) and some more.


The purpose of this special Bible is to break down prejudices and misconceptions that many metalheads have about the Bible and help people to realize that the Bible is not a boring book but an interesting and living book that has a lot to tell us today. Hopefully many will through this special bible edition see that the Bible and its message is something for them too.

Further reading:


* The release of the new BOARDERS CD, R-Existence, has been pushed back to January.  The group has finished recording and mixing each song and is currently at work on the mastering process.  The album will be available as a free download when it is available next month.

* Guitarist Rex Carroll (WHITECROSS) has debuted a video for a new song entitled “Medicine Man”:

* More details from former MALACHIA vocalist Ken Pike regarding his ABSOLON project and its concept album Darkness Rising:

“The concept CD is well underway.  We are finishing pre-production this Saturday, which has pretty much been laying down scratch tracks of all the songs and interludes- basically laying out the storyboard in music.  We are looking at a release date of June 2012.  This has got to be the biggest musical project I have ever undertaken by far.  There is a lot of moving parts, pieces connecting one song to the next and speaking parts that will tell a story.  I hope to have a product that is similar in stature to QUEENSRYCHE Operation Mindcrime and Judas Priest Nostradamus

"Initially, I simply set out to record one song and was going to take a wait and see approach before jumping into a full on CD.  I mean, although I have been continuously playing and writing music all these years, it's been over twenty years since I wrote and recorded a metal song.  So, I wasn't sure if it would go over once it was done.  I didn't want to simply re-write a MALACHIA tune, as my musical tastes have broadened quite a bit since those early days, but I knew there had to be an element of MALACHIA there...and, it goes without saying, QUEENSRYCHE as well.  I hope that, although those elements are there and are in all the songs I've written for the CD, it doesn't sound like a rehash of days gone by and sounds different while still sounding comfortably familiar.”


Update Archvives: November 27, 2011


Guardian - Three To Get Ready

GUARDIAN to release new EP, Three To Get Ready:
Press Release / We finally reassembled in the House of Guardian (AKA Jamey Perrenot’s home studio) to cut three new tracks in preparation for our 2011 Latin American tour.

We have been kicking around music ideas with each other over the last year and we knew it was prime time to record a few of them. The process was fast and furious…but fun! We set up once again in Jamey’s living room–picked through the pile of music ideas–and knocked out three new songs over the course of a weekend!

We were especially glad that we had a chance to work again with longtime GUARDIAN friends: Alex and Susanna Allen–who have worked on all of our Spanish recordings.

We are really excited about our upcoming Latin American tour. We always have a great time and our Latin fans are amazing!

We hope you like the new tunes! We have quite a few more that we hope to record soon…that’s why we called our new EP Three To Get Ready. Look for it soon on our website–on iTunes–and also on a special release for those who come see us live on this tour. Stay tuned for more details!

Thanks again for your support of GUARDIAN. We are grateful for all of our GUARDIAN friends around the world!

God Bless!

Jamie • Tony • David • Karl • Jamey

GUARDIAN online: &

RetroCross Records announces ILLUSTRATOR re-issues:

Illustrator - "Illustrator" & "Somewhere In The World"

Press Release / One of the first releases on the newly established Retrospect Records Christian subsidiary label RetroCross Records is the re-issue of the first two ILLUSTRATOR classic Christian melodic-pop-rock-Westcoast AOR albums, Illustrator (1987) and Somewhere In The World (1989), on one disc.  ILLUSTRATOR need no introduction as they have garnered quite a stellar reputation throughout the years as being one of the best Christian Westcoast artists in the late 80's!  Both albums feature the presence of guitar wiz Dann Huff (WHITE HEART, GIANT), who plays some of his best guitar solo's here as he is all over these songs!!

Don't even think twice about picking both re-issues up as what we have here is pure top notch, classy Westcoast AOR- digitally re-mastered and silver pressed!

Recommended to fans of: Richard Marx, Toto, Starship, Jay Gruska, Airplay, John Parr, Air Supply, Chicago, Bill Champlin, I-Ten, Dakota, Thrills, Mr. Mister, Pages, Little River Band, Bridge 2 Far, White Heart and Petra.

Somewhere In The World track listing: “New Way To Love”, “Dying To Meet You”, “Hold My Heart”, “Cryin’ Time”, “I Surrender”, “Help Is On It’s Way”, “Listen”, “Should’A Been Love”, “Feels Like”, “Carry The Cross”

Illustrator track listing: “Lonely Hearts For Sale”, “Love’s Not Your Enemy”, “Hidden Pain”, “Let It Go”, “Out Of Time”, “Don’t Change Your Heart”, “Gina”, “Holding On”, “End Of The Line”

Illustrator - III: Effect Of The Boomerang

Another release for RetroCross Records would be the final and perhaps best recording from ILLUSTRATOR, III: Effect Of The Boomerang..  ILLUSTRATOR has already built their reputation on their Christian Westcoast AOR masterpieces Illustrator and Somewhere In The World. III: Effect Of The Boomerang completes the trilogy and we can't rave about it enough!! They toughen up their sound here with edgier guitars, harder hitting drums, and the songs are possibly the best they have ever written. This release is loaded with superb musicianship, smooth vocals, huge stunning production, memorable hooks and poignant messages. It certainly gets our highest recommendations and sits in our top tier of releases at Retrospect. Check out the samples and hear what we're hearing!

III:Effect Of The Boomerang track listing: “Light Up The World”, “Blind Man”,  “I Guess You Know”,  “Cover My Eyes”,  “Someone Waiting For You”, “Idol “, “Every Step”, “So Goes The Story”, “One Rose”, “Chasing Rainbows”, “Angel Eyes”, “Burnin’ Down”, “First Time Falling”

Liberty N' Justice - "Your Memory Just Won't Do" single

Press Release / LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE is pleased to announce the release of their newest single, "Your Memory Just Won't Do".  The song features David Cagle, Alex Grossi (QUIET RIOT) & CJ Snare (FiREHOUSE) and was co-written by LNJ leader Justin Murr, Cagle, & Snare.  Production, mixing and mastering were also handled by Snare.  Artwork was done by Mark Allen Lanoue.  This is an iTunes exclusive and will not be released on any other LNJ albums.

LNJ's 28 song opus The Cigar Chronicles still has a 2012 release date.

In related news, CJ Snare of FIREHOUSE has released a new Christmas single:

“Hello everyone. Well, it's that time of year again and I'd like to announce the latest addition to my Christmas gift collection. Please check out my new single (on iTunes) "O Come Emmanuel".  I arranged, produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered this song as well as played all of the instruments and sang all of the vocals (My wife sang on the background vocals, too).  I'm pretty proud of this so I hope you will add it to your Holiday play list. Thanks....CJ”




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Stronghold - Fortress Rock

STRONGHOLD signs with Born Twice Records:
The 4 piece Rochester, NY metal/hard rock act to have its 1982 debut Fortress Rock re-issued:

From drummer Jay Molina (at The Christian Metal Realm): “Just a little after LARRY NORMAN and RANDY STONEHILL, Christian rock started to emerge to great controversy. It was stilled viewed as the devil's music by most churches and the Christian radio stations (that) would play it were few and far between. It was a miracle to hear DEGARMO & KEY or PHIL KEAGGY. PETRA was the standard bearer for the heavier brand of rock.

"Into this scenario came a little known Canadian label called Tunesmith who, unlike the mainstream labels, were willing to take a chance on emerging bands with a heavier edge. Their first foray into this market was the band SERVANT. As they looked to try a little heavier feel, they signed STRONGHOLD, a new band out of Rochester, NY. This was essentially a 3 piece band with a lead singer who longed to reach young people for the Lord with the kind of music they were hearing on AOR radio in the late 70's. Fortress Rock was their first and only effort which would have been followed by a second album with a more progressive bent to it. Unfortunately, that never materialized as the rigors of touring and recording took their toll on the band and the members chose to minister in ways that wouldn't take them away from their families as much. I know all of this because I was the drummer in that band. I just signed a contract with Retroactive Records to re-release Fortress Rock on CD and I will post the link as soon as it is available.”

Fortress Rock track listing:

1. “Stronghold”
2. “Barabbas”
3. “Dreams & Pretty Pictures”
4. “No Superstars For Jesus”
5. “Daybreak’s Coming”
6. “Desert Walker
7. “The Called”
8. “Nobody Owes You Nothin’”


Gary Smith - Lead Vocals & Keyboards
Pete Moore - Guitars
C.C. Cupp - Bass
Jay Molina - Drums & Percussion

Additional details (as taken from the original album liner notes): From the start STRONGHOLD was formed for the purpose of creating quality Christian music.  It did not take long, however, for the Lord to expand our direction towards the plan that He had in mind.  What was once fleshly desires of fame, recognition and glory were transformed into a sacrifice of time, talent, and love.  Not only towards the Lord, not only towards each other, but for the people to whom we were called to minister.  God the Father has given us the calling.  God the Son has given us the inspiration and example.  God the Holy Spirit has empowered and filled our lives.  STRONGHOLD is more than just our name, for He is our STRONGHOLD.

“The Lord is good, a Stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knoweth those who trust in Him.” (Nahum 1:7).

Born Twice Records online:


Update Archives: November 13, 2011


New GOLDEN RESURRECTION video, “Identity In Christ”:

Press Release / Sweden’s GOLDEN RESURRECTION has returned with their second album, Man With A Mission, in which they continue to highlight a neo-classical melodic metal sound combining symphonic elements with big, bombastic vocal arrangements.  GOLDEN RESURRECTION recently released its first video from the album, “Identity In Christ”.

Man With A Mission was recorded in follow up to the groups critically acclaimed 2010 full length debut, Glory To My King

Man With A Mission track listing:

1. “The Light Overture”
2. “Man With A Mission”
3. “Identity In Christ”
4. “Golden Times”
5. “Finally Free”
6. “Generation Of The Brave”
7. “Standing On The Rock”
8. “Metal Opus 1 In C# Minor”
9. “Are You Ready For The Power”
10. “Flaming Youth”

Digital bonus tracks:

11. “The End Of The World” (GARY MOORE tribute)
12. “Point Of Know Return” (KANSAS tribute)


Christian Liljegren - Lead Vocals
Tommy ReinXeed - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards & Orchestration
Steven K - Bass & Backing vocals
Rickard Gustafsson - Drums & backing vocals
Kenneth Lillqvist - Keyboards & backing vocals


Introducing ABSOLON, re-introducing Ken Pike:

Press Release / ABSOLON is the new project from Ken Pike, former lead vocalist/songwriter for the popular 80′s White Metal band MALACHIA.  In 1986, MALACHIA released its first full length album Red Sunrise .  Containing six re-recorded songs from its debut EP, Under The Blade, plus two new tunes, MALACHIA set itself apart from the larger White Metal community by pursuing a more European metal sound.  Unlike many bands at the time in the White Metal scene, keyboards played a big role in the overall MALACHIA sound.  Ken Pike’s vocals were a mainstay and gave the band its overall memorable quality.  With the expectation of a couple of songs, Ken’s writing tended to lean more towards a darker sound (See “Sightless Eyes”, “Red Sunrise” and “Masters Call” from Red Sunrise). 

Ken was greatly influenced by his favorite band QUEENSRYCHE, both in his songwriting and vocals and that influence showed thru on many of the songs on Red Sunrise.  It would rear its head again on the song “Runaway” which appeared on a compilation album produced by John and Dino Elafante

Now, Ken Pike is back after twenty plus years with ABSOLON and the release of the single “Darkness Rising”.  Ken’s writing has matured thru the years as has his voice.  Still on the dark side, “Darkness Rising” is the first song on, what is planned to be, a full length concept CD entitled Darkness Rising: The Tales Of Derek Blackheart.

Ken has officially partnered with guitar/songwriter Ed Dumas (formerly of The Turnpike Band and Psyco Lizards) to work on the project.  Ed is an incredible seasoned guitar player/songwriter and is an important addition to ABSOLON.  Ken and Ed will be meeting on Saturday, November 12th to begin pre-production of the forthcoming full length CD.  Plans will be made and a schedule for recording decided.  

Specifically, the story behind the CD is “about the ultimate fate of someone who decides to go down a road of darkness to achieve fame and fortune and, at the end of the day, has to ask himself . . . what is it worth to have reached the pinnacle of success, fame and fortune only to lose your soul in doing it?”

ABSOLON online: &


* Here is the official word regarding the new DRIVER CD (as taken from vocalist Rob Rock’s website on November 8, 2011): “Rob Rock and Roy Z are writing, producing, and recording the new Driver 2 album for an early 2012 release. Following in the footsteps of the 2009 Driver - Sons of Thunder CD, the band is currently recording tracks in Los Angeles. The new CD will be released worldwide on Metal Heaven, King Records, and RockZilla labels.”

* The new SHINING FORCE CD will be entitled By The Blood.  Several songs from the album can be heard at:


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CORIOLIS - The Endless Funeral
Coriolis stays true to its industrial metal calling card on The Endless Funeral by taking metal based guitar riffs and fusing them with synthesizers, samplers and sequencers to create a sound that is dark and moody but quite heavy at the same time.  Read Full Review >>

FG - Battle For Souls
But what is all this previously referenced “fanfare” all about?  Well, what we have in FG is straight on heavy metal that brings to mind Impellitteri and Rob Rock (his 4 solo albums, particularly Holy Hell) but joined with aspects of melodic metal not unlike Stryper’s heavier material and Surrender era Joshua.  Read Full Review >>

MARTIRIA - On The Way Back
Many of the trademark qualities to doom metal, for instance, are now represented in the Martiria sound: Extremely heavy and slow paced riffing along with the needed dark and down tuned low-end heaviness.  Mix in the operatic and orchestral elements along with the classical instrumental and choirs characteristic to epic metal and you end up with the signature Martiria sound.  Read Full Review >>

My impression is of a group backing off somewhat in terms of its more overt progressive and heavier guitar driven elements but still staying true to its signature fusion based and jazzy and classic rock influenced sound.  The end result is the more relaxed and laid back effort in ForthRead Full Review >>

SAINT - Warriors Of The Son (Retroactive re-issue)
After The Gentile disbanded a year later, Lynch started work on new material prior to rounding out the first Saint line up with Mahan, vocalist Josh Kramer and drummer Gene McClendon.  Saint proceeded to send the better part of 1983 rehearsing the songs that would make up its debut EP Warriors Of The Son, which it released on Rotton Records in 1984.  Read Full Review >>

SAINT - Time’s End (Retroactive re-issue)
On Time’s End, Saint presents with several significant upgrades in comparison to its 1984 debut EP Warriors Of The Son.  Specifically, the group makes the same steps and strides - in terms of songwriting and production - made by Messiah Prophet (from Rock The Flock to Master Of The Metal), Barren Cross (from Rock For The King to Atomic Arena) and Bride (from Show No Mercy to Live To Die).  Read Full Review >>

SAINT - Too Late For Living (Retroactive re-issue)
The three classic Saint albums from the eighties - Warriors Of The Son (1984), Time’s End (1986) and Too Late For Living (1988) – have been re-issued numerous times, with the most recent occurring in the summer of 2011 on Retroactive Records - re-mastered and packaged in a 6 panel digipak with liner notes from bassist Richard Lynch - as part of a three disc Originals Collection.  Read Full Review >>

SAVIOUR MACHINE - 20th Anniversary / 1990 Demo
Mix in the dark and moody vibe that often goes hand in hand with most Gothic music in addition to some classical and ethereal leanings and the end result is a band in which a LOT is going on musically.  In other words, Saviour Machine was way ahead of its time.  Read Full Review >>


Heaven's Metal sampler - Issue #89

Heaven’s Metal compilation CD track listing:
As announced by Retroactive, Born Twice & Bombworks Records & included with Heaven's Metal issue 89:

1. BROKEN SILENCE - “Streets Of The Empty Soul “from Discerning The Times (Retroarchives Edition)
2. SAINT - “In The Night” from Time's End (The Originals: Disc Two)
3. MESSIAH - “Keep Searching” from Final Warning (Collector's Edition)
4. VISION - “Rock This Town” from Streetfighter
5. DANIEL AMOS - “Ordinary Extraordinary Day” from Mr Buechner's Dream (Collector's Edition)
6. REX CARROLL & THE BLEED - “Stay The Same” from Take Back A Life
7. MASS - “Voyager (Look For The Edge)” from Fighter
8. BRIDE - “Metal Might” from Live To Die (The Originals: Disc Two)
9. AMAZIAH - “Say Goodnight” from Straight Talker (Legends Remastered Volume One)
10. BILL MASON BAND - “Out On The Streets” from No Sham! (Legends Remastered Volume Two)
11. MASS - “Left Behind” from New Birth (Anniversary Remasters Edition)
12. SAINT - “Too Late For Living” from Too Late For Living (The Originals: Disc Three)
13. THE REX CARROLL BAND - “Working Man's Blues” from That Was Then, This Is Now
14. DANIEL AMOS - “Better” from Shotgun Angel (Collector's Edition)
15. SAVIOUR MACHINE - “Carnival Of Souls” from 20th Anniversary/1990 Demo
16. DAGON - “Where Captains Fear To Sail” from Vindication
17. A HILL TO DIE UPON - “Adept Of Divinity” from Omens
18. SKIES - “Disease” from Bane & Rebirth
19. I AM THE MESSENGER - “Br007@L P00dI3” from The War Between
20. DISAFFECTION - “Metal Kombat” from Begin The Revolution

Contact:, &

BATTALION & WARLORD re-issues on Arkeyn Steel Records:

Battalion - Runaway

Press Release / The amazing Christian band BATTALION from Wisconsin, US is the new addition to the Arkeyn Steel roster. BATTALION released in 1994 their first and only album Runaway on the indie label Moonlite and is quite hard to acquire now. With the aid of their singer Brad Lundstrom, Arkeyn Steel unearthed five unreleased songs recorded shortly before the band’s demise and tons of live material to compile a full audio CD featuring 16-pages full color booklet, digital re-master, many unreleased pics, bio and a brilliant new cover artwork represented from Rainer Kalwitz (Blackkout, Wardrum, Fatal Morgana, Katagory V and many more).


Runaway track listing:

1. “Don't Wait”
2. “Runaway”
3. “Only Human”
4. “He Is Lord”
5. “The Lord Sees”
6. “Eyes Of Love”
7. “Judgement Day”
8. “Gates Of Heaven”
9. “I Give You My Life”
10. “Take A Stand”
11. “Vices”

Arken Steel Records online:

Warlord shield

Press Release / Arkeyn Steel is taking the next big step releasing the entire back catalog of the most inspired and important band from the USA, a real legend, THE legend, WARLORD from Los Angeles, California. A double Anthology CD featuring everything that the band has officially recorded. The Deliver Us Mini-LP from 1983, the And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun album from 1984 and the Rising Out Of The Ashes album from 2002. The bonus material will be the "Mrs. Victoria" track from the Japanese edition of Deliver Us, the out of print "Lost And Lonely Days / Aliens 12" single, the "Hands And Feet (Thunderchild's Farewell)" instrumental from the Thy Kingdom Come compilation, plus the "Lost and Lonely Days" track from the Japanese edition of Rising Out of the Ashes.

The Anthology includes everything from the band's official recordings, fully re-mastered from the very time and packed with exclusive artwork, photos, lyrics and info. In addition to this, the first 300 of the 1000 hand-numbered copies of this double CD, will be packed with a book featuring the band's official biography full of details, along with information and photos never before available to the public provided by guitarist William J Tsamis himself.

WARLORD - Anthology double CD will be out in April 2012.

Following is more detailed biographical information about WARLORD (as taken from the Angelic Warlord review of Rising Out Of The Ashes):

“Warlord was initially put together in the early eighties by founding member’s guitarist William Tsamis and drummer Mark Zonder.  Playing an epic form of power metal influenced by the European metal aesthetic, Tsamis and Zonder took on mythological pseudonyms - Destroyer and Thunder Child respectively- before joining forces with vocalist Jack Rucker (aka: Damien King I) and keyboardist Diane Kornarens (aka: Sentinel) and recording a six song EP entitled Deliver Us in 1983.  After recruiting a new vocalist in Rick Cunningham (aka: Damien King II) and bassist Dave Watry (aka: Archangel), Warlord released its full length debut And The Cannons Of Destruction Have Begun - which served as a soundtrack to a concert video the band taped at the time - the ensuing year.  Cunningham was replaced on lead vocals by Rick Anderson (aka: Damien King III) before the band disbanded following the release of a compilation entitled Thy Kingdom Come in 1986.  Tsamis went on to record two albums with Lordian Guard while Zonder resurfaced in the progressive metal band Fates Warning.

The chapter on Warlord remained closed until 2002 when, following an eighteen year hiatus, Tsamis joined forces with Zonder and legendary Hammerfall vocalist Joacim Cans to record (the) comeback effort Rising Out Of The Ashes".

Arken Steel Records online:

WARLORD online:

The Sacrificed logo

THE SACRIFICED sign with Roxx Productions for third album, III:
Press Release / The SACRIFICED are very happy to announce they have signed on with Roxx Records and Divine Metal Distribution for the release of their highly anticipated third album aptly entitled IIIIII will see the band continue to grow and expand upon that signature sound that their fans have grown to love on their previous efforts 2012 and The Da Vinci Hoax.
The cover art of III is very simple, yet very powerful representing not only the title of the band’s third effort, but III is a symbol and representation of the three nails that pierced the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. The band has never been afraid of controversy our what the mainstream may think as you can tell from this cover and as you will see when you begin to explore the music and message of this brand new album from The SACRIFICED!
With the addition of two new members, Michael Phillips (DELIVERANCE, FASEDOWN) on guitars and backing vocals and Daniel Cordova (VENGANCE RISING) on bass, coupled with founding members Eli Prinsen as lead vocalist and Jay Williams on the drums, III promises to take the band to a whole new level, both musically and lyrically.
The music on III is stronger then ever and continues in a direction that fans of hard and progressive rock bands like SYMPHONY X, DREAM THEATER or QUEENSRYCHE fans are sure to enjoy. “This album marks a shift into progressive metal, and we’re extremely excited for people to hear it” says Michael Phillips on the musical direction and journey on III.
Lyrically the words and topics covered on III are not for the faint of heart. Covering such topics as The Ark of the Covenant and The Nephilim Agenda the band is not afraid to speak from the heart and tackle some very controversial topics, topics that many of today’s Christian artists shy away from.  Eli Prinsen says “Don’t take my word for it, do your own research, seek the truth through prayer and your eyes will be opened” on the lyrical content of III. III will definitely strike a few nerves, which means this is the release you MUST hear in 2012!

III is set for release in January 31, 2012 and all pre-orders will receive their copies in advance of the release date, so order yours early! Deluxe Limited Edition packages will go on sale beginning ‘Black Friday’ the day after Thanksgiving exclusively at

The Sacrificed - The Da Vinci Hoax & 2012

For band inquiries, interviews and promotional materials please contact


John Schlitt - The Greater Cause banner

New JOHN SCHLITT rock project, The Greater Cause:
Former PETRA vocalist is at work on his fourth solo album:

Press Release / The Greater Cause will be the title of my fourth solo album. The project is intended to be a fresh and powerful tool to accomplish what God has been doing through me for many years: connecting and encouraging people through my music. I’ve learned a lot since the release of The Grafting as an independent artist on my own label and I want to take it to the next level with this new album.

In these days filled with uncertainty and insecurity - both economically and politically - we as Christians need to remind each other who Christ is and who we are in Him. We need to use common sense in this world and awaken to the fact that Jesus is Lord, no matter what those around us may say – or do. This is my goal with The Greater Cause.”

The artist promises that The Greater Cause will head in a heavier rock direction not unlike his 1995 solo album Shake:

“I would say it’s going to be Shake with a little more current sounds but definitely that 70’s, 80’s, 90’s rock format. I think there’s going to be a lot of happy people, it’s exciting.  I went in with the intentions of ‘I’m a rocker.’ It’s where I’m most comfortable, at least at this point. I’ve had too many folks that go ‘John, love your new album, but I’d really love to hear some more rock.’  And I go ‘You know what? I totally agree. I love rock n roll, I love that exciting music style. There’s a lot to talk about right now that needs to be in a mode that’s in-your-face. It truly is rock.”

He offers additional information regarding the albums message as well:

“I’ve been in music for the greater part of my life… it’s what I do. I have been given a musical platform to speak from; I pray the message has been and will be heard through the lyrics of my songs and through my life.

The message is – and always has been – to encourage the listener to grasp the reality that we are on the winning team. The enemy is escalating his tactics, using every possible means he can to keep people from the truth - the truth that they are made in the image of God and are designed for a relationship with Him through Jesus Christ. Our Lord is alive and through Him we are to be victorious in His perfect plan for us - a plan that was designed for us from the beginning of time.”

Further reading:

John Schlitt online: & Facebook:


* Stryke Management & Promotions has signed the Brazilian power metal quintet POWER VISION.  The group is currently looking for a new bassist.

* XNilo Records is a new indie Christian metal and hard rock label:

*DRIVER is tracking the songs for its new album.  Drums and guitars are finished and they are currently at work on bass and guitar solos.  Lead vocals to follow next.

* Sweden’s HERO recently announced its new line-up: Daniel Mouton (drums), Henrik Stoor (bass), Bjorn Sundstrom (guitars) and Michael Hero (lead vocals and guitars).  The group remains at work on its upcoming album Afterlife.

* An update from MESSENGER in regards to its new album (as taken from the bands Facebook page on September 14, 2011): “The guys from Messenger met with producer Paris Hollins of Studiohouse North in Maryland to get an idea of how to proceed in tracking and mixing the next CD. It went so well that they were able to begin mixing their first attempts of tracking. Paris was very pleased with the results of the recording. Messenger hopes to have a physical CD ready for distribution around the turn of the year. Cover art and more will be revealed closer to that time.”

* ORPHAN PROJECT has just re-issued their debut CD entitled Orphan Found, which was originally released in 2003. It includes a bonus track of their cover of Pink Floyd’s "Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2". It is only available through CD Baby at or by emailing the band directly:

* JOSHUA PERAHIA plans to release his new album, Resurrection, in January of 2012.  The artist advises that the Resurrection artwork will be in the same theme as Intense Defense, the classic third JOSHUA album from 1988, in that the two albums share a bond lyrically.  Resurrection was produced by Dino Maddalone and mixed by Wyn Davis.  As for Intense Defense, Perahia plans to re-master and re-issue it with new bass tracks once Resurrection is out.

* STAIRWAY uploaded a new song, "Cantabile (instrumental)", to its ReverbNation page:

* Guitarist KEVIN WINDROSS advises that he has completed all the tracking for his upcoming 5 song EP, Tonelicious.  A release date has not been announced.


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The CD version of Collective Spirit features eight tracks (three vocal and five instrumental).  Visual Cliff, however, will be offering three new singles for download throughout 2011- and turning Collective Spirit into an 11 song release in the process.  Read Full Review >>


Mass - New Birth

MASS - New Birth, 2011 Anniversary Re-masters Edition released:
Press Release / Originally released on cassette and vinyl in 1985 on RCA Records, New Birth was nearly impossible to find through the 1990's up until 2007 when the Nevada based secular metal reissues label Retrospect Records finally put out a CD reissue. While legions of fans were thrilled to have this metal classic available on CD for the first time, the 2007 reissue featured significant packaging and mastering issues that left fans frustrated that it did not reflect the magnificence and perfection of the music on the album.

So in 2011, the Iowa based Christian label, Retroactive Records has reissued this heavy metal gem with impeccable packaging faithful to the original vinyl release (6 panel digipak with lyrics and a special message from vocalist Louis St. August).  Retroactive and the band also went to great lengths to have the album mastered from the original tapes for the first time ever, opting for the magic of the ten original tracks and leaving off the poorly recorded bonus track from the 2007 reissue.  New Birth (Anniversary Re-masters Edition) ensures this album has never sounded so clear, so powerful, and so pristine giving the reissue the audio perfection it deserves - for the first time ever.   

Musically, New Birth is one of the heaviest Mass albums. NoLifeTilMetal music critics describe the album as “…100% heavy metal.” There is a slight pop influence that runs throughout, but it's more in line with bands like KISS, STARZ or SWEET.  Vocalist Louis St. August has a high, soaring vocal style that is perfect for this style of melodic heavy metal. "Do You Love Me" was the single for the album, even getting them some play on MTV. However, it's the heavier material like the title track, "Too Far Gone" and "Crying Alone" that feature smokin' guitar work, pounding drums and plenty of aggression. The album was produced by Tony Platt who had worked with bands such as URIAH HEEP, AC/DC, MOTORHEAD and IRON MAIDEN, so New Birth is actually produced better than a lot of other lesser known metal bands from the mid-80's.  For fans of KISS, QUIET RIOT, STRYPER, WHITECROSS, and BARREN CROSS!

New Birth track listing:

1. "Too Far Gone"
2. "Crying Alone"
3. "Time"
4. "Back To Me"
5." Do You Love Me"
6. "New Birth"
7. "Left Behind"
8. "Voyager (Look for the Edge)"
9. "Day Without You"
10. "Watch Her Walk"

MASS line-up:

Louis St. August - Lead Vocals
Gene D’ltria - Guitars
Kevin Varrio - Bass
Michael Palumbo - Bass
Joey “Vee” Vadala – Drums

Retroactive Records online:

MASS online :  Facebook:


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Theocracy - promo pic

New THEOCRACY digital single, “30 Pieces Of Silver”:
Press Release / The Athens, Georgia-based melodic metal band THEOCRACY will release the digital single "30 Pieces of Silver" on October 20th. The track comes off their up-coming album As The World Bleeds, which will be released on November 25th in Europe through Ulterium Records and on November 21st in North America through Nightmare Records. The album will also be released as a double gatefold vinyl edition, strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide.

Ordering information:

As The World Bleeds track listing;

1. “I AM”
2. “The Master Storyteller”
3. “Nailed”
4. “Hide In The Fairytale”
5. “The Gift Of Music”
6. “30 Pieces Of Silver”
7. “Drown”
8. “Altar To The Unknown God”
9. “Light Of The World”
10. “As The World Bleeds”

THEOCRACY line-up:

Matt Smith - Lead Vocals
Val Allen Wood - Lead Guitar
Jonathan Hinds - Guitar
Jared Oldham - Bass
Shawn Benson - Drums

Check out an album teaser for As The World Bleeds at:

THEOOCRACY online: &


* The new MENCHEN album, In The Light, consists of covers of four REV SEVEN and REDEEMER songs (two each) and eight others that date back to 1992-93 when vocalist Ken Redding was in REV SEVEN.  In terms of line-up changes, bassist Tony Franklin has been replaced by Bruce Menchen and Rod Reasner.  The CD version should be available in a couple of weeks.

* PASTOR BRAD is at work on a new vocal album entitled I Just Wanna Rock.  The artist plans to handle vocal duties in addition to backing away from playing all lead guitar.  He will instead be concentrating on producing well written and arranged songs that feature a variety of musical ideas (in place of lead guitar).  He states at the Christian Metal Realm that “All I have right now is a "gut feeling" about how this will all work out- but I'm excited to see where it all leads”.

*Desperate Night is the title track to the new SAINT CD.  The group is pausing in the songwriting process long enough to prepare for its previously announced upcoming tour of Texas.

* THEOCRACY European tour updates (from the groups Facebook page):

October 21, 2011: Holy smokes...the rest of Europe has a lot to live up to, because The Netherlands set the bar through the roof! Sold out show, a sea of Theocracy shirts, everyone singing along...doesn't get any better than that! Wow!!

October 22, 2011: The Eckenforde show was great! Fantastic venue, great people, and the crowd was enthusiastic. Now to drive 11 hours to Bratislava.

October 23, 2011: Theocracy would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to the people at Metal Church in Eckenforde for their incredible hospitality. They were so kind and generous with food, sleeping arrangements, and generally going out of the way to make our stay pleasant. We were blown away by their spirit of service as they stayed late to tear everything down to get ready for the service the next morning. Thank you, guys!

October 23, 2011: The Bratislava show was excellent! We were a little concerned due to not going to bed last night and driving 14 hours today but the fans were energetic and our performance was probably our tightest yet. Hoping to actually sleep tonight, and excited for another Slovakia show tomorrow!


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Theocracy - As The World Bleeds

New THEOCRACY album, As The World Bleeds:
Press Release / The Athens, Georgia-based melodic metal band THEOCRACY will release their new album As The World Bleeds on November 25th in Europe through Ulterium Records and on November 21st in North America through Nightmare Records. The album will also be released as a double gatefold vinyl edition, strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide.

As The World Bleeds track listing:

1. “I AM”
2. “The Master Storyteller”
3. “Nailed”
4. “Hide In The Fairytale”
5. “The Gift Of Music”
6. “30 Pieces Of Silver”
7. “Drown”
8. “Altar To The Unknown God”
9. “Light Of The World”
10. “As The World Bleeds”

THEOCRACY line-up:

Matt Smith - Lead Vocals
Val Allen Wood - Lead Guitar
Jonathan Hinds - Guitar
Jared Oldham - Bass
Shawn Benson - Drums

Check out an album teaser at YouTube:

Theocracy is heading to Europe for an eight date headliner tour starting October 21st that will take them through Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia and Czech Republic.

THEOCRACY is a metal band from Athens, Ga., whose melodic style has more in common with their European contemporaries than with most of their U.S. counterparts. Characterized by huge choruses, epic arrangements and progressive elements, Theocracy’s music is both immediate and deep, managing to be instantly catchy and memorable, yet revealing new levels of intricacy and depth with each subsequent listen.

The self-titled debut album from THEOCRACY was released at the end of 2003 on Metal Ages Records, to fantastic reviews and worldwide acclaim within the metal community. After the release the band started playing shows (including the prestigious ProgPower USA) and working on new material. After years of hard work, THEOCRACY signed with Ulterium Records and released their second album Mirror Of Souls.

Mirror Of Souls was definitely a huge breakthrough for THEOCRACY and it received fantastic reviews from press around the world, and it was released in Europe, North America and Japan. The European live debut took place at the Elements of Rock festival in Switzerland 2009 in front of 500 crazy fans.

THEOCRACY now present their third magnum opus entitled As The World Bleeds. The album was mastered by Mika Jussila (NIGHTWISH, STRATOVARIOUS, CHILDREN OF BODOM) and features artwork by Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, ICED EARTH).

Theocracy - Theocracy & Mirror Of Souls

THEOOCRACY online: &


* Stryke Virtual Metal Magazine & Promotion is currently accepting promotional material from Christian bands (heavy metal, hard rock, AOR, progressive, etc).  Bands and labels should send all submissions to the following address:

CEP 18013-972

Stryke also manages two Christian bands in CROSSROCK (hard rock) and WARRIORS OF LIGHT (heavy metal) and expects to sign another in the near future.

Official:  E-mail:

* Ken Pike, vocalist of the eighties white metal band MALACHIA, is currently at work on a new project under the name ABSOLON, which he describes as a “mixture of newer JUDAS PRIEST (with) a Black Sabbath vibe (circa Ronnie James Dio) and just a touch of that old MALACHIA sound”.  “Darkness Rising” is the first song off what he hopes to be a full length CD.  The artist believes he has found a formula that will excite new listeners while still satisfying MALACHIA fans.

As for a re-issue of the 1987 MALACHIA album Red Sunrise, Pike states (at the Christian Metal Realm), that “I, for one, would love to see (the re-issue) done.  We had a very limited budget when we cut that record so the mix isn't all that great in my opinion.  I think a re-mix would make it sound so much better, especially with the recording technology of today.  I wish we could go back in and do some overdubs too just to make it all around sound better.  Every once in a while, I'll pull it out, blow the dust off and listen to it.  I hear so many things now we could do that would make those songs a lot better. I've matured as a songwriter/vocalist since those early days and there are a number of things I'd do differently now if I had the chance.”

* BRIDE has put together 30 new songs to be considered for inclusion on its next album, untitled at the time of this writing.  Look for a release in early 2012.  More details as they become available.

* Guitarist Bill Menchen changed the title of the new MENCHEN album to In The Light.  The artist has started mixing the project and hopes to have it available as a download next week.  There will also be a limited run of 100 CD copies.

* New SACRED WARRIOR album update.  From the groups Facebook page (September 27, 2011): “New album recording is definitely gaining momentum after setting the "6 songs done by Christmas" goal: 99% of the guitar and drum tracks are done; same for bass.  Keyboards for “Long Live The King”, “Waiting In Darkness”, “Fallen Hero” & “Nightmares” all got arranged and recorded in September!  Please note that song titles are working titles only”.

* Salem, Oregon based Saint will be playing in the Beaumont and Corpus Christi area the last weekend of October.  In the bands own words, “Texas get ready for some SAINT styled Heavy Metal....”


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Neal Morse - Testimony 2: Live In Los Angeles

NEAL MORSE announces 2 DVD/3CD set Testimony 2: Live In Los Angeles:
Press Release / Neal Morse is renowned for amazing live performances with some of progressive rock’s most accomplished musicians. With Live in Los Angeles, Neal throws down the gauntlet: 2 DVDs and 3 CDs of his incredible Testimony 2 tour (recorded) live at the Whittier Theater in Los Angeles, California.

For the first time since the original Testimony, Neal’s music is performed by the original musicians who created it: Mike Portnoy, Randy George, Eric Brenton, Rick Altizer and Mark Leniger. And with two new members (Nathan Girard and Nathan Brenton), it’s Neal’s biggest band ever. They bring to life every nuance and detail of Morse’s extraordinary compositions, with the virtuosity and energy from some of prog’s most seasoned performers.

The 3+ hour concert begins with Neal’s seven biggest epics, including the new 30-minute juggernaut, “Seeds of Gold.” Then, Morse and company deliver the best of the Sola Scriptura album. In the final act, Neal unleashes the entire new Testimony 2 album—note for note, start to finish.

After the final notes fade from the stage, go behind the scenes with the band in a full-length feature tour documentary. And check out Neal’s triumphant reunion with Spock’s Beard at the High Voltage festival in London!

In this year’s Testimony 2, Morse added a bold new chapter to his musical cannon. On Live in Los Angeles, Neal brings his most extraordinary band, yet, to fulfill his music’s full potential. This is the one Neal Morse live experience that prog fans can’t afford to miss!

Look for the set to be released on November 8, 2011.

Track listing:

DVD 1:

1. “Main Concert, Part I”
2. “Spock’s Beard Reunion at High Voltage”

DVD 2:

1. “Main Concert, Part II”
2. “Tour Documentary”
3. “Neal’s Macrobiotic Cooking Tips”
4. “Photo Gallery”

CD 1:

1. “Lifeline”
2. “Leviathan”
3. “The Separated Man”
4. “Sola Scriptura” (edited album performance)

CD 2:

“Seeds Of Gold”
“Testimony I (Part 5) Reunion”

CD 3:

“Testimony 2” (full album performance)

Neal Morse - Lead Vocals, Keyboards and Guitars
Mike Portnoy - Drums and Vocals
Randy George - Bass
Eric Brenton - Guitar, Violin and Flute
Nathan Brenton - Cello, Guitar and Vocals
Rick Altizer - Keyboards, Guitar and Vocals
Nathan Girard - Keyboards and Vocals
Mark Leniger - Saxophone, Percussion and Vocals

Distributed by Metal Blade/SONY (NA) and Inside Out/EMI (EU)

Neal Morse online: &


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DAVID BENSON - Purpose Of The Cross
Musically, there is a lot to like here.  However, the key deciding factor - at least as far as this reviewer is concerned – comes down to not the fact the artist sounds like Ozzy but whether or not the songs are any good.  Read Full Review >>

CROSSFORCE - Rockin’ Til The Final Day
What we have in Crossforce is eighties metal, pure and simple.  The group stands out with its understated heaviness, almost leaning towards some NWOBHM and classic metal influences in places, while proving masterful in its ability to interweave its material with standout hooks and melodies.  Read Full Review >>

PASTOR BRAD - Back To The Shredder
After going the “all star” vocal route on his 2010 release Break Out, in which he recruited some of the best known vocalists in the Christian metal scene, both past and present, Pastor Brad decided it was time to get “back” to doing what he does best: And that is heading in an instrumental “shred” metal and hard rock direction.  Read Full Review >>

PROPHET AZAL - Elijah Returns
Elijah Returns can best be described as hard rock with a blues heavy edge.  With wailing guitars, a big bass sound, thunderous drums and gritty, blues soaked vocals, the group brings a “throwback sound” that reminds me of old school Resurrection Band (think late seventies to early eighties).  Read Full Review >

S91 - Volonta Legata
What I appreciate about Volonta Legata is how it brings enough over the top progressiveness to appeal to those whose tastes range from Neal Morse to Pink Floyd to Shadow Gallery to Dream Theater and all things in between.  And this is what helps separate S91 from the crowd in that it is truly progressive- none of this hinting at the progressive but not always delivering as can occasionally happen in today’s hard music scene.  Read Full Review >>

SAREPTA - Smokin’ Vineyard
Sarepta can best be described as hard rock with touches of what used to be called metal.  Some heavy 70’s blues rock influences can be found as well.  Read Full Review >>

In Soul Chamber, the Christian metal scene has a major new talent.  If that were not self evident in the spiritual warfare themed video the group produced for the track “Stand Alone”, one of the more creative this reviewer has seen in some time, it is amply established in its 2011 full length debut KingdomRead Full Review >>

Yes, the group fits the bill when it comes to the widely held definition of Gothic metal: Combining the dark melancholy of Gothic rock with the aggression of heavy metal.  And true to form, Voice Of Glass takes a leaning for the swarthy and atmospheric while mixing in prominent guitar lines, a disconsolate low end and resonant female vocals.  Read Full Review >>


Retroactive/Born Twice Records Fall/Winter 2011 release schedule:

Retroactive Records:

• MASS - New Birth (Anniversary Edition)
• DANIEL BAND - Rise Up (25th Anniversary Edition)
• DANIEL BAND - Running Out Of Time (Retroarchives Edition)
• DAVID BENSON - Premonition Of Doom
• SAINT - The Mark/The Revelation (CD Re-mix/Re-master)

Retroactive Records online:

Born Twice Records:

• AMAZIAH - Straight Talker (Legends Edition- 70's hard rock/metal)
• BILL MASON BAND - No Sham! (Legends Edition- for fans of The Clash)

Born Twice Records online:

Golden Resurrection - Man With A Mission

GOLDEN RESURRECTION to release new album, Man With A Mission:
Press Release / The Swedish neo-classical metal group has announced the release of its second full length album, Man On A Mission, on October 26, 2011.  Glory To My King, the 2010 debut from GOLDEN RESURRECTION, was received with critical acclaim worldwide, with fans delighted that vocalist Christian Liljegren was back with a new band in the great melodic tradition of NARNIA.

Since forming GOLDEN RESURRECTION in 2008, Christian and guitarist Tommy ReinXeed have been very productive in working on albums by 7DAYS, DIVINEFIRE, AUDIOVISION, REINXEED & SWEDISH HITZ GOES METAL.

The songwriting process for Man With A Mission has been really exciting and the songs just came with passion and a great flow. You will hear, of course, the same melodic neo-classical & symphonic elements with big bombastic vocal arrangements.  Both Christian &Tommy are big fans of EUROPE, KANSAS, QUEEN, RAINBOW, MALMSTEEN, STRATOVARIUS & DIO and you will hear these influences in their music as well as those from their respective bands NARNIA, DIVINEFIRE & REINXEED.

In March this year GOLDEN RESURRECTION made a charity single & video called “Pray For Japan” to support their friends and fans in Japan.  Japan has a very special place in the hearts of GOLDEN RESURRECTION & REINXEED.

More details about Christian and Tommy follows:

Christian Liljegren - Lead & backing vocals & main composer in GOLDEN RESURRECTION has achieved success in the past with his bands NARNIA, DIVINEFIRE & AUDIOVISION and sold over a 200.000 albums all over the world. He’s toured in places like Japan, Mexico, Europe and Israel to name a few, together with big bands like DIO, STRYPER, SONATA ARCTICA, STRATOVARIUS and many more.

Tommy ReinXeed - Guitars, keyboards & vocals is following the good tradition of great guitar heroes like Gus G, Yngwie Malmsteen, Chris Impellitteri, John Sykes, Jake E Lee, John Norum & Gary Moore.  Tommy has an exceptional technique of playing shredding guitar with a fast, heavy style, with a great melodic tone and with lots of feeling in his playing and composing. Gary Moore is his biggest influence and on the Japanese edition of Man With A Mission you will hear the song “The End Of The World” as a bonus track, complete with the intro guitar solo and a vocal duet between Tommy & Christian.

We also show our dedication to our musical heroes by making GOLDEN RESURRECTION versions of songs by GARY MOORE (“The End Of The World”) and the symphonic progressive band KANSAS (“Point Of Know Return”).  Both songs will only be available on the digital release of the album.

The mastering of Man With A Mission was done by Michael Lind at Masterplant, Sweden, who has also worked with DIVINEFIRE, REINXEED, DIO, CANDLEMASS, TALISMAN, THE POODLES and many others.

Man With A Mission track listing:

1. “The Light Overture”
2. “Man With A Mission”
3. “Identity In Christ”
4. “Golden Times”
5. “Finally Free”
6. “Generation Of The Brave”
7. “Standing On The Rock”
8. “Metal Opus 1 In C# Minor”
9. “Are You Ready For The Power”
10. “Flaming Youth”

Digital bonus tracks:

11. “The End Of The World” (GARY MOORE tribute)
12. “Point Of Know Return” (KANSAS tribute)



* Sidney Allen Johnson continues to make progress on the next BABYLON MYSTERY ORCHESTRA album, untitled at the time of this writing.  He is currently at work on the eighth song, the longest in the BMO catalog.  Look for a release in 2013.

* BOARDERS will be releasing its next album, “Re-Existence”, on November 9, 2011.  The group advises it will be available as a free download at its website ( “The music will be licensed under Creative Commons, (CC BY-NC-ND), which means that it shall be accessible for anyone, anywhere, for free- so from the release date/time on, you'll be able to download it immediately and anonymously. We ask you to spread this message, as our only aim and joy is to let our music be heard by as many as possible.  Freely you received, freely give...”

* Songwriting is nearly complete for the new (as of yet untitled) DRIVER CD.  The group, featuring vocalist Rob Rock and guitarist Roy Z, is currently recording demos and has started pre-production.  A fall release date is planned on Metal Heaven (Europe), King Records (Japan) and RockZilla (USA).

* Guitarist Joshua Perahia will be re-mastering and re-issuing the classic JOSHUA album Intense Defense.  It will not be available until the artists upcoming album, Resurrection, has been released.

* “LORDCHAIN remains at work on a new praise and worship project.  A re-recorded version of the song “Diffuse”, which originally appeared on the groups 2002 release Cracked, is being planned.  A KING’S X song is in consideration as well. 

* MEDISIN WHEEL has announced its new bassist, Larry Fritzley.  As taken from the group’s website: “Larry Fritzley is the new bass man for MEDISIN WHEEL, and we're excited with what he's brought to the table.  Larry brings a deep track record with him.  Starting with the Detroit band Meridian, and previously signed to Atlantic Records, Larry has played professionally in numerous powerhouse bands in the scene for 30 years.  Before finding his new home here in camp MEDISIN WHEEL, Larry has left his thunderous mark all over Detroit in places like The Ritz, Blondies, Harpos, and the I-Rock opening for such bands as Testament, Primal Fear, Kings X, Trapt, Gary Hoey and a host of others.  Larry is a bass MONSTER who's fluid and melodic playing has earned him current endorsement deals with GHS Strings and VF Cables.  The MEDISIN WHEEL juggernaut is truly honored to have Larry in the family, and we look forward to 2012 with amazing live shows and an even heavier and melodic new CD.”


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Liberty N' Justice - "Sin" single

New LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE single, “Sin”, featuring Jani Lane:
Press Release / The delayed single "Sin" from LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE, which features (former WARRANT singer) Jani Lane's last 100% finished recording performance, will finally make it's way to iTunes on August 30, 2011.  We are excited for fans of Jani Lane and of LNJ to hear this rocking emotional piece of art that also features the talents of Keri Kelli (ALICE COOPER), JK Northrup (KING KOBRA), and Bill Leverty (FIREHOUSE).

This was one of the 28 songs due out next year on LNJ's double CD The Cigar Chronicles (half covers and half originals) but as a farewell to a great "Song & Dance Man" LNJ is making the single available this Tuesday.  A portion of the proceeds will be going to charity in the name of Jani Lane.

Said LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE founder Justin Murr, “We are deeply sorry for the untimely passing of Jani Lane. Like many stars, his light burned very brightly but faded too quickly. We have one of, if not the last, recording that Mr. Lane finished in the studio. We have witnessed an out pouring of emotion from the world’s music community regarding Jani’s death. We feel obligated to his family, friends, and fans to share one of his last artistic

The “Sin” single can be downloaded: HERE


SAINT - The Originals released on Retroactive Records:
First three SAINT albums have recently been re-issued:

Saint - Warriors Of The Son

Press Release / Warriors of the Son is the 1984 six song debut release of the legendary Christian metal band, SAINT.  The band broke into the infant Christian metal scene at a time when Christian metal heads had very little to choose from and were looking for anything that was even close to quality.  Some bands had the sound (DANIEL BAND) and some bands had the look (STRYKEN) but finding a Christian metal band that had the sound and the look was almost impossible!  When SAINT burst on the scene in 1984, metal fans were treated to amazing metal songs coupled with a fierce metal look that would please the most diligent JUDAS PRIEST fan!  Warriors of the Son was originally released on the indie label Rotten Records and later picked up by Morada Records (different covers). 

The 2001 CD reissue by M8 left fans fuming because of a pitiful re-mastering job.  This 2011 Retroactive Records release is packaged in a 6 panel digipak faithful to the original vinyl six track release and includes a digital re-master that will knock fans off their feet!  These songs have never sounded better (nor will they)!  Retroactive Records even includes exclusive liner notes from band leader, Richard Lynch! This is part of the Retroactive Records Originals reissues collections that celebrates and enhances the brilliance of the original releases without sub par bonus material!  Enjoy this Christian metal classic now more than ever!  For fans of JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH and IRON MAIDEN!

Saint - Time's End

On its 1986 Pure Metal debut, the band improves on their 1984 debut EP by leaps and bounds.  Time’s End SAINT plays classic heavy metal with an occasional speed metal and thrash influence, the band’s energetic sound easily inviting comparison to the likes of JUDAS PRIEST, IRON MAIDEN, METAL CHURCH and BLACK SABBATH.  Lead vocalist Josh Kramer exhibits a great deal of power and presence with his versatile Halford-like voice.  The improvement in production and recording quality over Warriors of the Son was astonishing.  With Times End, SAINT leaped to the top of the Christian metal world – displaying the skill, talent, and look on the level of IRON MAIDEN and JUDAS PRIEST.  Christian metal fans finally had an album they could blast with confidence anywhere, anytime!  Proving to stand the test of time, Times End is a Christian metal classic that stands side by side with the best Christian metal albums ever!  The vicious beasts rising out of the sea adorning the artwork only solidified the band’s growing legions of fans!

 The 2002 CD reissue by M8 left fans fuming because of a pitiful re-mastering job.  This 2011 Retroactive Records release is packaged in a 6 panel digipak faithful to the original vinyl nine track release and includes a digital re-master that will knock fans off their feet!  These songs have never sounded better (nor will they)!  Retroactive Records even includes exclusive liner notes from band leader, Richard Lynch for this 2011 reissue! This is part of the Retroactive Records Originals reissues collections that celebrates and enhances the brilliance of the original releases without subpar bonus material!  Enjoy this Christian metal classic now more than ever!  For fans of JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH and IRON MAIDEN!

Saint - Too Late For Living

Two years after the release of their popular 1986 studio album, Time's End, the Christian metal band SAINT returned in 1988 with what was arguably their strongest release to date, Too Late For Living. Combining powerful, hard driving heavy metal with convicting apocalyptic lyrics, SAINT became one of several Christian bands of the 1980's that were discriminated for their choice to merge biblical Christian themes with hard rock music. While Christian leaders and parents criticized SAINT, Christian youth embraced them as Christian metal heroes that were essential components to getting through those impossible teenage years!  This album shows up on every list of top Christian metal releases of all time, proving that SAINT will always be considered a pillar in the history of heavy metal. 

The album has never been reissued on CD individually. This 2011 Retroactive Records release is packaged in a 6 panel digipak faithful to the original vinyl nine track release and includes a digital re-master that will knock fans off their feet!  These songs have never sounded better (nor will they)!  Retroactive Records even includes exclusive liner notes from band leader, Richard Lynch for this 2011 reissue! This is part of the Retroactive Records Originals reissues collections that celebrates and enhances the brilliance of the original releases without sub par bonus material!  Enjoy this Christian metal classic now more than ever!  For fans of JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH and IRON MAIDEN!

Retroactive Records online:

SAINT online: &

Seventh Avenue - Tales Of Tales

SEVENTH AVENUE - Tale Of Tales digital release:
Press Release / Ulterium Records are proud to announce the digital release of the classic SEVENTH AVENUE album Tale of Tales on August 31, 2011.  The album is available for download at iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and Spotify.

Tale Of Tales track listing:

1. "Prolog"
2. "Tale Of Tales"  
3. "Heavens Tears"
4. "Time"
5. "Temptation"
6. "Where Are You?"
7. "Grave Of Heart"
8. "Iron Man"  
9. "Pink Elephant"  
10. "This Night"
11. "Sailing"


Herbie Langhans – Lead Vocals & Guitars
Bass - William Hieb
Drums - Louis Schock

Originally released in 1996 and considered a cult classic, Tale Of Tales followed the groups 1995 full length debut Rainbowland.  SEVENTH AVENUE returned with Southgate in 1998 prior to putting out three albums over the next ten years: Between The Worlds (2002), Eternals (2004) and Terium (2008).

Theocracy banner

European tour dates from THEOCRACY:
Press Release / The Athens, Georgia-based melodic metal band THEOCRACY has scheduled the following European tour dates for the fall:
October 21 - Stedsj - Barneveld, Netherlands
October 22 - Metal Church - Eckernförde, Germany
October 23 - Randal Club - Bratislava, Slovakia
October 24 - Collosseum Club - Kosice, Slovakia
October 25 - Barrak Music Club - Ostrava, Czech Republic
October 26 - Exit-Us Chmelnice - Prague, Czech Republic
October 28 - Rampe Club - Bubikon, Switzerland
October 29 - Rock Without Limits - Balingen, Germany
THEOCRACY is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on its third album.  More details to be forthcoming in the near future.  The first THEOCRACY album, a self-titled work from 2003, came out on Metal Ages Records and its second, Mirror Of Souls, followed five years later on Ulterium Records.

Theocracy - Mirror Of Souls & Wages Of Sin

THEOCRACY - Mirror Of Souls digibook & “Wages Of Sin” single set for release:
Press Release / Ulterium Records are proud to announce the release of a limited digibook edition of the THEOCRACY album Mirror Of Souls as well as a 7" vinyl single of the bands classic bonus track "Wages of Sin".
The Mirror Of Souls limited digibook edition is strictly limited to 2000 copies worldwide. Except for the tracks from Mirror Of Souls the limited 20 page digibook edition also includes:

- The classic THEOCRACY bonus track "Wages of Sin"
- New images created by Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, ICED EARTH)
- Foreword and track-by-track commentary by THEOCRACY vocalist Matt Smith
"Wages of Sin" will also be released as a 7" vinyl single which features brand new artwork from Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, ICED EARTH) as well as a previously unreleased b-side. The 7" vinyl single is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide.
"Wages Of Sin" single track-listing:

Side A

1. "Wages Of Sin" (3:37)
Side B

1. "Theocrapella" (4:03)
The track "Wages of Sin" will also be released as a digital single.
The release date for all the above is set for October 7th. The DigiBook and the 7" single can be ordered at the Ulterium Records Store:

THEOCRACY received fantastic response and reviews around the world when Mirror Of Souls was originally released in November 2008. Since then THEOCRACY has toured Europe twice, and performed in the US with SONATA ARCTICA & BLIND GUARDIAN among others. THEOCRACY are currently in the studio putting the finishing touches to their third album and also preparing for their up-coming European tour that will take place in October.

After releasing its next album, THEOCRACY is also considering re-mixing and re-issuing its self-titled debut with real drums.

THEOOCRACY online: &


* HARVESTBLOOM is currently in the studio working on a new song, “The Narcissist”, which it hopes to release in early January.  A Christmas song is in the works as well.  Both will be released as digital singles.  In 2012 the group plans to put together a compilation CD of the better material from its 3 EP’s in addition to the two digital singles.


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Soul Chamber -  Kingdom

SOUL CHAMBER - New Christian metal band with new album:
Press Release / The Ada, Oklahoma based group recently released its full length debut Kingdom:

Kingdom track listing:

1. “Kingdom”
2, “Queen Of Darkness”
3. “Hear Me”
4. “Lead Me Down”
5. “Remember Me”
6. “Stand Alone”
7. “Land Of Canaan”
8. “Last In Line”
9. “Armageddon”


Steve Littlefield – Lead Vocals & Guitars
Darin Hawkins – Guitars
James Monroe – Bass
Strick Scott – Drums

SOUL CHAMBER amalgamates a variety of forms of metal - including classic, power and melodic - but with a hint of the classic eighties sound.  For fans of BARREN CROSS, SACRED WARRIOR, HAVEN, SEPTER, early JACOBS DREAM and FAITH FACTOR.  “Last In Line” is a cover of the DIO classic.  Look for a review in the new future.

A video that the group put together for the track “Stand Alone” can be viewed at:

Tykkus live pic

TYKKÜS update:
Guitarist Dale Burton provides the latest regarding the Phoenix, Arizona based band (from Christian Hard Music):

“It's really cool that there are those out there still asking about the band. Thank you so much. I wish we could have been around longer, but a five year run was pretty good. God really opened doors for the band and the fruit was there. TYKKÜS started its first gig at a church function in 2004, and quickly went to bars, clubs, and larger events. We were playing out almost every weekend, and then went on to Bless Fest, the first Up From the Ashes Fest in California, and winding up opening for DOKKEN in December of 2005. The band ULTIMATUM was a big blessing as we had played five shows with them.

“TYKKÜS continued on through 2007 with a different vocalist as Randy (Michaud) had stepped down in 2006. Our last gig was with ULTIMATUM here in Phoenix in 2007. Shortly after that, I moved on to LETTER 7, and our other guitarist, Justin Freer, helped out ULTIMATUM and then hooked up with Phoenix metal band BLIND SEVEN. I joined LETTER 7 after Salt Of The Earth was completed. I then learned all of the Follow the Light play list and managed to get into the studio to do some recording for that release. My humble contributions got me a mention on that CD. After a year of LETTER 7, it was time for me to leave as the Lord was moving. I'm still great friends with JD Evans and I've heard good things about the third LETTER 7 recordings! Stay tuned!

“When we broke up in late summer 2007, we were in the process of doing our first full length CD. It got as far as rough mixed demos and some of them were released online at the now closed MySpace account. I still have a MySpace account but hardly go there. I'll provide a link to the site so that anybody can check out the other TYKKÜS songs. There are some LETTER 7 samples on there as well since I was playing with them at the time.

“So what am I doing now you ask? I'm still writing music and keeping TYKKÜS alive. It's my baby since the Lord gave "her" to me. I'm also a hired gun of sorts. I've been keeping my chops up and helping out a local 1980's metal cover band here in Phoenix. It's strange re-learning JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON, SCORPIONS, OZZY, and so! I used to teach guitar students this stuff when it was "popular" and current! So I have two gigs lined up with this band. One is opening for metal legends SAXON at Club Red in Tempe Arizona in October. I'm keeping the band name under wraps for right now.

“But here's the bottom line. I am going to share Christ with Biff and the boys! While I'm a SAXON die hard fan, I also know that God wants His time, and so I shall rock hard, shred, and share the Gospel with Saxon! Pray for them!

“As for TYKKÜS, I do have a bass player and drummer on board. I have also come across another guitarist and killer vocalist, (but) both are backslidden but as I have shared my faith, they are searching their hearts. It's the Lord's band and will remain so. I hope to bring you more TYKKÜS news. Thanks again for being great fans and keeping the faith.”

Tykkus - Umlaut

The artist closes with his thoughts about the Christian metal scene in Phoenix:

“On a tougher note friends: Christian rock/metal bands in the Phoenix area! The musicianship is poor as it cannot compete with seasoned hard rock/metal secular bands period! I am sick and tired of these match stick Christian bands who whine and moan about not getting paid, or not getting gigs. Sad truth...the current crop are shallow in their walk with Christ, and the talent pool is not there. I believe that God isn't blessing a mess.

"There was one local Christian band who got fed up with "no gigs and no pay"! Frankly they got angry at God. They even boasted about "we used to be a Christian band but we got no where". Now they have a different name, and post the same garbage the world offers! In short, they told the Lord to get lost and they'll have fun doing it there way. I fear for those who denounce Christianity in favor of the world. I even offered to share my heart with them...not interested. As to their style, they claim to play metal and hard rock. As a well rounded music critic myself, they are musically bad! I won't mention their band name either. Payday is coming though and they will give an account!”

TYKKÜS, standing for Teaching You Kingdom Knowledge Unto Salvation, released its 5 song debut EP Ümlaut in 2005.

TYKKÜS online:


* Vocalist/guitarist Rex Scott (X-SINNER) is at work on a yet to be titled side project with producer Glenn Thomas.  Further details available at:


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Harvest Bloom -  Let It Go

HARVESTBLOOM releases third EP, Let It Go:
Press Release / HARVEST BLOOM follows up the success of their 2010 EP release Devil’s Poison with another EP entitled Let It Go.  The Let It Go EP features 3 songs plus a remix of the title track.  The EP was released on August 2, 2011.

“Let It Go”, the first radio single from the EP, explores shortcomings such as impatience and being quick to anger, being too proud and being quick to judge others.  The chorus gives gentle instruction to counter these transgressions.

HARVESTBLOOM, formed in 2007, is Anji Kalita Cornette (lead vocals), Patrick Cornette (guitars), Greg Burkhammer (drums), Molly McGettrick (keyboards) and Craig Sibal (bass).  The members of HARVESTBLOOM have performed in numerous rock and worship bands and have years of experience performing live.  They have performed on various stages from New York City to New Orleans and in the states in between along the Eastern Coast.  Their past and present have collided for one purpose and that is with the gifts and talents He gave us and to serve Him.

Let It Go can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon, as well as on the HarvestBloom Store on their website. 

The group also plans to record a new song next month and make it available as a digital single later in the year.

Let It Go track listing:

1. “In Her Hands”
2. “Let It Go”
3. “Last Hour”
4. “Let It Go” (Tony Correlli remix)


Letter 7 logo

LETTER 7 at work on new album:
Press Release / Guitarist JD Evans has all the music and some of the lyrics written for the yet to be titled third LETTER 7 album.  He would like to again be able to work with vocalist Steve Young, who fronted the most recent LETTER 7 album, Follow The Light, from 2008.  In regards to the vocalist situation, Evans adds that “I have to walk through the open doors and not try and force my way through the closed ones” and that he is “praying and waiting on the Lord as there are other possible options as well”.

He hopes to start pre-production later this fall once both a vocalist has been decided upon and the lyrics are complete.  A 2012 release date is planned.

As for the lyrics, Evans states that “Lyrics are the hardest (part) for me- especially to write under deadlines.  So if anyone has any Christian based lyrics that they don’t know what to do with I am open to ideas.

"If I use them I would put their name in as the writer or co-writer of the song depending on if I edited them in any way. I would have them sign a small contract release form allowing me to use and edit as needed to fit the song but they would get the credit on the CD for contributing either way.  If they want royalties or payment for them then I would probably refuse those offers.”

Any lyrical contributions for the next LETTER 7 albums should be sent to:

LETTER 7 is a Phoenix, Arizona based project that got its start in 2007 with the Tom Collete fronted debut Salt Of The Earth.

Letter 7 - Salt Of The Earth & Follow The Light

LETTER 7 online: &

Voice of Glass - The End Of You

VOICE OF GLASS to release debut album, The End Of You:
Press Release / VOICE OF GLASS are proud to announce that its debut album, The End Of You will be available for digital download on August 31. 2011. 

VOICE OF GLASS was formed in 2002 by David Meek, Olya Meek and Todor Mihailov. The band produced its first single "Valley" in 2006 with producer Tony Grapes from Millennium Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria. A music video with this project was also released and received play on Bulgarian music channels. The video was successful and allowed the band members to be frequently interviewed live on Bulgarian Television.

After the success of "Valley", VOICE OF GLASS recorded the song "Song Of Songs’" as their second single at Sound Design Studio in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. For this project the band added drummer Julian Nedkov to replace Todor Mihailov.

A year later, in May 2007, VOICE OF GLASS began a six month tour in the United States. For the tour, a new band member, Juan Hernandez was added on bass. While touring, the band made arrangements with Ken Steorts (co-founder of Skillet) to record at the legendary Ardent Studio in Memphis, Tennessee. On October 1st, 2007, VOICE OF GLASS recorded three new songs: "Beautiful", "You Let Dying In", and "Making Me Real" for its first EP.

In March of 2009, David and Olya Meek moved to Chicago and officially relocated the band to the United States.

The End Of You track listing:

1. “Lost Within”
2. “Essence”
3. “In The Shadows”
4. “Between The Walls”
5. “Weathered Storm”
6. “Inside It Creeps”
7. “Believe”
8. “The End Of You”
9. “Mirror”
10. “Ballad”


Olya Meek - Lead Vocals
David Meek – Guitars
Juan Hernandez – Bass
Dragan Urosevic - Drums

The End Of You was recorded and mixed by Jay Walsh at Farview Studio, St. Charles, Illinois.  Mastering was done John Scrip at Massive Mastering, Chicago, Illionois.



* SAINT should have the pre-production work for its next album, untitled at the time of this writing, finished in September or October.  The group is planning for a December release.  The Warriors Of The Son, Time’s End and Too Late For Living re-issues are due out in the near future on Retroactive Records.

* TERAMAZE has completed work on its new album, AnhedoniA.  Guitarist Dean Wells, who mixed the album, describes it as “thrashy progressive (and) more metal than anything we have every done but its also melodic and epic sounding.  It’s got a lot of DREAM THEATER and MEGADETH influences but still (stays) true to the original TERAMAZE sound (Doxology & Tears To Dust).” 

AnhedoniA, which stands for “a critique of modern man's diminishing ability to experience life's simple pleasures”, was mastered by Lasse Lammert and will be available both on CD and as a download.  TERAMAZE consists of Brett Rerekura (lead vocals), Dean Wells (guitars), Mat Dawson (guitars) and Andrew Pitman (bass).


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DIVINEFIRE - Eye Of The Storm
Divinefire continues to showcase a symphonic power metal sound characterized by double bass galore, heavy duty riffing, neo-classical soloing, orchestral keyboards and all around bombast.  You will also still find an emphasis on (mostly) clean vocals mixed with (occasional) extreme vocals.  Read Full Review >>

KANSAS - Vinyl Confessions
Musically, Vinyl Confessions represents a contrasting of styles or “best of both worlds” scenario.  On one hand, Livgren continued to present with this 70’s style progressive and pomp rock sensibilities; Elefante, on the other, brought a slick and polished AOR friendly sound influenced by the 80’s.  Read Full Review >>

KANSAS - Drastic Measures
My impression is that Drastic Measures gives prominence to the least “Kansas-like” sound of any of the groups albums to this point.  Now, in no way am I implying this to be a bad thing in that what we have here is a band “switching gears” musically to align with the more commercial based times at hand.  Read Full Review >>

KREYSON - Angel On The Run
On Angel On The Run Kreyson delivers classic melodic metal mixed with occasional aspects of speed and power metal.  If you enjoy crunchy rhythm guitars, shredding leads, powerful drums and falsetto driven vocals then I can see Kreyson appealing to your tastes.  Read Full Review >>

KREYSON – Crusaders
Kreyson is a group of particular note, having released its full length debut, Angel On The Run, in 1990 and sophomore effort Crusaders two years later.  Both albums, long out of print and hard to find (the two were last made available in 1991 on Victor Entertainment in Japan), were re-issued on Ulterium Records - with new album artwork - in the summer of 2011.  Read Full Review >>

NEAL MORSE - Testimony Two
Morse, for instance, proves brilliant in crafting songs that are intense and moving while stretching the progressive boundaries at the same time.  So while labeling the album progressive would be accurate, there is much more going on here in terms of style classification that I do not wish to be limiting either.  Read Full Review >>

PARADOX - Power And Glory
Originating out of San Antonio, Texas, Paradox was highly regarded in the Christian metal underground as a result of its two demo tapes, Ruler (1987) and Power And Glory (1989).  The group also placed a song, “Meet The King”, on the Underground Metal compilation (1988) in addition to releasing the full length effort The Wrath (1999).  Read Full Review >

SAINT - The Revelation/The Mark
A new and improved version of The Mark - re-mastered and re-mixed from the ground up - was re-issued (as a download only) by Saint in the summer of 2011.  In order to distinguish it from the original, the album received a new title, The Revelation, in addition to being given slightly altered cover artwork.  Read Full Review >>


Michael Sweet departs BOSTON:
Press Release / STRYPER front man and accomplished solo artist Michael Sweet announced his departure from legendary rock band BOSTON today, in order to devote his full attention to his longstanding role as the lead vocalist and lead guitarist for multi-platinum rock outfit STRYPER – a band he co-founded in 1983. Sweet joined BOSTON in 2008, sharing lead vocals and playing guitar on a headlining tour of North America, performing the band's classic hits like "More than a Feeling," “Peace of Mind,” “Amanda” and “Don't Look Back.”

Following the BOSTON tour, STRYPER released the 2009 studio album Murder by Pride (featuring a cover of BOSTON’s "Peace of Mind"), which led to a yearlong world tour with all of the original members. In 2010, STRYPER released The Covering, and another world tour recently concluded. STRYPER is currently in the studio working on an untitled release for 2011, with tour dates already announced for this fall.

“My focus and my loyalty lies with STRYPER, the band that I've committed almost thirty years of my life to,” says Sweet. “The guys in STRYPER are my brothers and I’m excited about our future together. The music of BOSTON helped shape who I am as an artist, and the opportunity to be a part of their musical legacy is overwhelming. It’s been an honor to share the stage with them, and a bigger honor to call them my friends.”

In addition to the increasing demands for STRYPER, Sweet has been spending some of his time off the road in Nashville, writing with A-list songwriters such as Blair Daly (Rascal Flatts, Uncle Kracker, Lynyrd Skynyrd), Luke Laird (Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Tim McGraw), Britton Cameron (Steel Magnolia, Lonestar, Eden's Edge) and others.

“I’ve always loved the writing process and to be able to collaborate with some of the greatest writers in Nashville is an absolutely amazing experience for me,” explains Sweet. “I’m looking forward to many more successful trips to Music City.”

STRYPER has sold more than 8 million albums worldwide. The group’s unprecedented 1986 album To Hell with the Devil went double-platinum and was named one of the “100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music” by CCM Magazine.

Michael Sweet online: &


CPR 4 details revealed:
Press Release / Randy George and Gene Grout have again joined forces with select Progressive Rock bands and artists to produce and release the CPR Volume 4 CD. The deluxe packaged set will be released May 10, 2011 and will be available on the Internet at the participating band's websites. These artists have joined together in a continuing mission to promote their unique style of music, Progressive Rock.

CPR is an acronym for Christian Progressive Rock. Conceived by a core group of the artists themselves, CPR Volume 4 is the fourth in a series of Progressive Rock compilations from Christian artists. This release presents more members of the tightly knit group including VISUAL CLIFF, ERIC PARKER, GENE CROUT, FARPOINT, PURSUIT, KINETIC ELEMENT, KDB3 and SUPERNAL ENDGAME.  Exciting additions to this release include music by the bands SYZYGY and IONA.

The CPR 4 release moves into a new realm with the integrated artwork of Ken Westphal. The stone penguin theme is designed to provoke questions that demand the right answers. Westphal recalls that he was first struck with the idea back in the 1980's. "I was designing a promotional poster for a local printer and hit upon the theme of stone penguins in the desert," recalls Westphal. "I had played with that concept over the years and when asked to do the CPR 4 cover, I presented the idea." There was initial skepticism among the producers over the image, but after some discussion, they embraced it. "Since sharing this image on the web, I've had people describe the spiritual content I'd intended to convey."

Co-producer Gene Crout of Righteous Sinner Records carried the project to completion in his Denver based mastering facility. "It's God's design," Crout says "and there are a lot of brilliant minds in this group." As the music came together, Crout noted that although the overall theme was quite positive, the mix of songs was heavier and darker than previous releases. "As I heard all the songs together, I felt that dark times call for dark music." Crout found that the overall level of production from all the bands was superb. "We have again raised the bar for quality production in this new release," concludes Crout.

The purpose of the CD set is two-fold: to expand knowledge of Progressive Rock into the Christian community and to increase Christian themes into the Prog Rock community. Many people who grew up in the mainstream of Prog Rock music during the 70's still have a desire for music that reflects an age when musicians were about music, and creativity was colorful and abundant. There is also a growing desire for music with spiritual integrity that conveys a positive message. Each contributing project has a significant Christian influence and strives to move beyond existing standard musical forms. The result is CPR Volume 4. You will experience the songs of many talented musicians in this collection; and it is sure to bring enjoyment to the listener on many levels. If you take pleasure in the music of a particular band or individual, we would encourage you to support them by visiting their website to learn more about these talented folks.

CPR 4 track listing:

1. VISUAL CLIFF - “Exposed”
2. ERIC PARKER - “Thy Life”
3. GENE CROUT - “Pax Americana”
4. IONA - “Let Your Glory” (CPR Mix)
5. FARPOINT - “Calling Out”
6. PURSUIT - “Judah”
7. KINETIC ELEMENT - “See The Children”
8. DOUG BOWERS - “Crisis of Faith”
9. SUPERNAL ENGAME - “Still Believe”
10. SYZYGY – “Dialectic”

CPR online: 

The Sacrificed logo

New album from THE SACRIFICED:
Press Release / Lakeland, Florida based THE SACRIFICED anticipates completing the tracking of its next album, tentatively entitled III, by the end of August.  A fall release date is planned. 

Drummer Jay Williams offers further detail (from the Christian Metal Realm): “I have 1 drum track left to record and Eli (Prinsen) has 3-4 vocal tracks. I believe. Mike (Phillips) has most of the guitar tracks finished and Daniel (Cordova) has 2-3 bass tracks to complete.  We should be finished up this month. Mike has been doing some mixing and things are sounding great! "Offended" will sound a LOT different than the version that was released for the Summer Sampler compilation- guitars have been re recorded (and) everything will sound "polished" when complete. 

We should have some clips up before too long  This will be the most technical album to date with lots of killer solos from Mike Phillips and a very special guest appearance by Roy Z. Mike already mentioned this, but there will be a QUEENSRYCHE cover (of the track “Before The Storm”) on the album. We can't wait to get things all finished up and let you guys hear some samples!”

THE SACRIFED formed in 2005 when vocalist Eli Prinsen (formerly of SEALED FATE & SCEPTRE) met guitarist Johnny Bowden (THE UNDISPUTED). Although the two came from very different backgrounds musically, they shared a love for Jesus Christ as well as many similar musical interests. The two set out to fuse together Eli's classic/power metal vocal style along with Johnny's driving punk/metal guitar style to create a modern style of metal with a strong classic power metal feel.

THE SACRIFICED independently released their first demo album, The Da Vinci Hoax, on March 17th, 2007 and in July of 2007 added drummer Jay Williams (FORTRESS, ELECTRIC WARFARE) to the line-up.  Signed to Roxx Records in November of 2009, THE SACRIFICED released its full-length debut entitled 2012.  With its heavier and more power metal-ish vibe (in comparison to The Da Vinci Hoax), 2012 gained THE SACRIFICED a larger fan base and allowed it to reach a broader audience.



* Stryke Promotion, a subsidiary of Brazilian website Stryke Virtual Metal Magazine, has signed two local Christian metal bands: WARRIORS OF LIGHT and CROSSROCK.

WARRIORS OF LIGHT, listing its influences as ROB ROCK, STRYPER and BOANERGES, are currently at work on material for their first demo release.  CROSSROCK showcases a hard rock/hair metal based sound inspired by WHITECROSS, SHOUT, BLOODGOOD, HOLY SOLDIER and GUARDIAN.  The group is in the final stages of mixing its debut EP.

Further reading:

* CROWNED WARRIOR, a one man Christian power metal project from Kemptville, Ontario, brings a “God given message that matches the power of the music- speaking out against many heresies and myths prevalent in the organized church today and reaching out to isolated and hurting individuals with a message of true hope and freedom”.  The lone CROWNED WARRIOR member, Steven Mark Phillips, handles guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming & lead vocals. 

A new song, “Thunderous Dawn”, is available for streaming at the CROWNED WARRIOR ReverbNation page:

* MILLENNIAL REIGN has finished recording its debut CD, We Are The Ones.  The album was produced by Ty Sims at The Recovery Room Studio in Conway, Arkansas and should be released on Tate Music Group in the winter of 2011.  The band, which hails from the Dallas-Forth Worth area and compares its sound to PETRA, STRYPER, AUDIOVISION & GUARDIAN, consists of Trae Doss (lead vocals), Dave Harvey (guitars) and Bryan Diffee (drums). 

MILLENNIAL REIGN has uploaded 4 songs to its ReverbNation page:

* TILES added a new song, “Supply And Demand”, to its ReverbNation page:  The Detroit, Michigan based progressive rock act remains at work on material for its yet to be titled next album.  A live CD is in the works as well.


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Guardian - Empire

GUARDIAN1 releases debut EP, Empire:
New band featuring former GUARDIAN members Paul Cawley and Rikk Hart announces release of new EP.  From the GUARDIAN1 Facebook page (July 26, 2011):

“Today we release worldwide our new 3-song EP, Empire. This is a day that’s been over 20 years in the making! It feels good to be making music again. We took a very grassroots approach to this record & we’re both very happy with the new sound. We hope you enjoy the songs as much as we did making them. Take a listen on iTunes, Amazon CD Baby or other digital download sites & let us know what you think! Thanks for being here with us on this special day. May God bless you, Rikk and Paul"

GUARDIAN was originally formed in 1982 by founder guitarist/vocalist Paul Cawley. Paul recruited bassist David Bach in 1982 in Santa Ana, California. Originally named FUSION, the band was joined by drummer Rikk Hart in 1984 and released an independent EP called Rock In Victory that caught the attention of Enigma Records via a high school friend of Rikk’s, Eric Blair. Enigma promptly signed the band to a record contract in 1985. At the suggestion of Paul Cawley and Rikk Hart, the band then changed their name to GUARDIAN.

Rikk Hart recruited guitarist Tony Palacios, and he joined the band in 1986. After many shows on the competitive Los Angeles club circuit, they became a top-drawing act on the Sunset Strip. The band recorded their official debut album, First Watch, with producer Oz Fox (STRYPER) in 1988, with the album releasing on Enigma in 1989. The band toured worldwide for the next year, which saw the departure of Cawley and Hart.

The two reunited in the fall of 2010 and began the process of working on new material. The result is a mix between their original sound and a fresh, more modern and progressive take on the melodic rock they have always enjoyed. The new EP Empire is an energetic blend of the original Guardian sound of the late ’80s and their progressive roots with an infusion of a modern rock sound.

GUARDIAN1 samples:

GUARDIAN1 online: 

S91 - Volonta Legata

S91 announces new album, Volontà Legata:
Press Release / Italian progressive metal band recently released its full length debut:

Volontà Legata track listing:

1. “Golgota” (3:42)
2. “Volontà Legata” (6:03)
3. “Memories” (9:41)
4. “Ribelle” (9:06)
5. “The Seal Of The Living God” (17:58)
6. “Spazio Inconcepibile” (5:33)

S91 plays what it describes as “progressive metal with psychedelic rock influences”.  The group has also previously released an EP entitled Sto Per Tornare.

S91 line-up:

Maria - Lead Vocals
Sefora - Lead Vocals
Sefora - Lead Vocals
Franz - Guitars
Jack - Bass
Ezio – Drums

S91 online:


* JACOBS DREAM is working on material for its sixth album.  From vocalist Chaz Bond (at the Christian Metal Realm): “We do not yet have a title, but I’m really liking it so far. We are also looking into ways to improve on production as we do on every album. Each step is a learning process for us as we are not producers but musicians who have to produce their own music. At this time JACOBS DREAM is unsigned. I would prefer to be on a label like Nuclear Blast, who offered us a deal after Drama Of The Ages, but the guys wanted to go independent. Well, let’s just say I’m not one of those that wants (to go independent).

Also, it is all talk and nothing more (but) at this point but we have discussed a possible live album as well as a European tour that would have both (original vocalist) David Taylor and myself doing duets and such throughout the tour. David has joined me a few times on stage in the past and was really awesome. But for now its all just words nothing imminent.”

* Forth, the aptly entitled fourth full length album from PROTO-KAW, has been shipped to the manufacturer for pressing. A yet to be determined release party and release date are in the works.  More details as they become available.

* New TEMPLE OF BLOOD album is in the works.  Vocalist Jim Mullis offers further detail (at the Christian Metal Realm): “If you guys liked our first two albums, I think you'll LOVE our upcoming one (to be entitled A Show Of Force).  I took a lot of time crafting these new songs and trying to create something powerful, memorable, and a even a bit different than standard thrash fare. I also spent two years working on voice in a local hard rock/classic rock cover band.

We have some AMAZING new musicians on board: Kelly Conlon (ex-DEATH, ex-MONSTROSITY, FIRES OF BABYLON) on bass guitar and Andre Corbin (ex-HELSTAR) on lead guitar. We always strive to top ourselves with each step we take and we put a lot of effort into making sure that happens this time. It has taken a lot of time because of a lot of reasons but I hope you all will think it was worth it when you hear our new disc.

We're not gonna make the same mistakes we made mixing/mastering the last one. It's going to a pro this time (Sterling Winfield, Jacob Hansen, James Murphy- someone like that).”


Update Archives: July 17, 2011


Crossforce - Rockin' Til The Final Day

CROSSFORCE - Rockin’ Til The Final Day artwork unveiled:
Press Release / Roxx Records and CROSSFORCE have just revealed the final artwork for Rockin Til The Final Day, The 25th Anniversary CD.

The CD will consist of the long lost and previously unreleased cassette only 6 song demo tape simply entitled Crossforce originally released in 1986.  As included is the never before released demo entitled the Frontline Demo recorded in 1987 and made only to send to former Frontline Records Exec Jimmy Kempner in an effort to get the band signed to the label. Rounding out this special CD collection is a long lost practice session version of Rockin Til The Final Day, the bands anthem song!

Rockin’ Til The Final Day track listing:

1. “Tomorrow Will Come” (86 Demo)
2. “Our Father” (86 Demo)
3. “Smoke Filled Room” (86 Demo)
4. “Out Of The Darkness” (86 Demo)
5. “Ready N Waiting” (86 Demo)
6. “Rockin’ Til The Final Day” (86 Demo)
7. “Stompin In The Streets” (Frontline Demo 87)
8. “The Call” (Frontline Demo 87)
9. “Heavens Door” (Frontline Demo 87)
10. “It’s Your Life” (Frontline Demo 87)
11. “Wait And See” (Frontline Demo 87)
12. “The One Who Loves You” (Frontline Demo 87)
13. “Weeping World” (Frontline Demo 87)
14. “Rockin’ Til The Final Day” (Lost Practice Session 5-13-87)

Pre-orders have now begun so get in early!  Once they are gone, they are gone!  This is a special Limited Edition pressing of only 500 copies (400 copies of the one disc version and 100 of the Deluxe 2 Disc Edition).

Roxx Productions online:


Kreyson - Angell On The Run & Crusaders

KREYSON - Angel On The Run and Crusaders re-issues announced:
Press Release / Ulterium Records are proud to announce the reissues of the classic KREYSON albums Angel On The Run and Crusaders. The heavy metal band KREYSON from Czech Republic released the albums in 1990 and 1992 respectively, with both being certified gold in their home country.  Angel On The Run was produced by Rolf Kasparek (Running Wild).
The re-issues will be released on August 5th through Ulterium Records and both will feature new artwork by Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, ICED EARTH).

Angel On The Run track listing:

1. “Kreyson”
2. “Skalp”
3. “Deep In The Night”
4. “No Blue Skies”
5. “Faraway”
6. “Angel On The Run”
7. “Dreamin”'
8. “Golden Ark”
9. “I Need You”
10. “Fade Out
 Crusaders track listing:

1. “Pilgrimage”
2. “Crusaders”
3. “Commandments”
4. “No Bad Thing”
5. “Still”
6. “Stay A Moment”
7. “Forgiveness”
8. “Cries”
9. “Give Me Hope”
10. “The Prisoner”
Click the links below to listen to one track of each album over at YouTube:

KREYSON - “Kreyson” (from Angel On The Run):

KREYSON - “Crusaders” (from Crusaders):

Both albums are available for pre-ordering through the Ulterium Records Store:

KREYSON online: &


Update Archives: July 10, 2011


Halcyon Way promo pic

Angelic Warlord interview - Jon Bodan of HALCYON WAY:

What are your feelings about Building The Towers?  Are you happy with the way the album turned out? And how has the response been so far?
We think it completely destroys AMFD in every way, and that's an album I'm proud of.  Everything we wanted to do with it, we were able to do and pull off.  So we're very, very happy with it.  The response so far in press as been amazing, we've gotten some album of the month awards, been in the running for album of 2010 awards, and gotten some great reviews in mags like BW/BK, Legacy, Aardschok! And so on. The material slays live, because we come across as a very heavy band, with all that sort of energy, but with all these big hooks and vocal harmonies that we do organically on stage.  So it's done well, the first pressing sold out very quickly and we had to do another one.  We're very excited about it, and I can personally still listen to it regularly which I think says a lot.  Read Full Interview >>


Biogenesis logo

New album update from BIOGENESIS:
From vocalist Chaz Bond (at the Christian Metal Realm):

"Hello again everyone. Once again I feel the need to up date everyone on the current state of BIOGENESIS.  Before I get started, I have a treat for you die hard BIO freaks.  I have just uploaded 2 tracks (to from the original Demo that landed us a deal with Rowe Productions back in 2000.  The songs are “The Mark bleeds Through" and "Digging Your Grave".  Just scroll down till you see the last 2 tracks.  Also for those of you who do not know, the first 2 tracks are unmixed versions of the songs "Hatred Seed" and "Paradox" from the new upcoming album The Rise The Fall The Rebirth.

"As for an update...I had to go to Puerto Rico to be with my family.  I’ve been out here for about 3 months now. This has placed the new record on hold until I return to Ohio. I tried and tried to get it all done before leaving but was unable to get the last 3 guitar tracks recorded in time to do so. The fact is we could have released the album awhile back but we discovered a way to make the guitars sound better and so we decided to re track ALL the guitar parts and that is what has been slowing it down. Other than the final 3 guitar tracks, everything is complete accept for mixing/mastering, then it’s off to Soundmass. I would like to thank you all for your patients with us as I know 10 years is a long long time to wait for a second album. I would also like to thank Soundmass for being so kind and understanding through all of this.

"That being said...I have to do alot of thinking about the future of BIOGENESIS. I will always believe that we had a chance to catch the wave of the BUZZ that was going on for us back in 2001, but by requesting a release from Rowe, everything just fell apart one by one until we officially disbanded in 05. It really is a sad oh what might have been kind of situation. BIO will always be my creation and my baby so to speak.

"However I also really love my other creation HUMAN PARADOX ( and I believe that at some point when we are ready HP will strike a record deal somewhere. You all know that I am dedicated to my position in JACOBS DREAM as well.

"So therefore I do not know the future of BIOGENESIS beyond this long awaited second release. Basically, if it sparks a new strong buzz then that may inspire me to carry on making more BIO music. However if it just ends up being a reunion record for all the die hard fans that still care like many of you (and God bless you!) then I may just decide to leave it at that. So therefore in many respects, the future is in YOUR hands when it comes to BIOGENESIS. I will keep you all informed as time passes.  For now just keep hanging in there its coming- I promise."

BIOGENESIS is best known for its 2001 Rowe Productions full length debut The Mark Bleeds Through.



* SAINT update (as taken from After much hard work The Mark/Revelation is now available for download at the online store. We know your going to enjoy this remix and thank you for helping support our ministry.  The re-masters of Warriors Of The Son, Time’s End and Too Late For Living should be out and in most online media outlets including the SAINT store by Aug.1st.  The new SAINT project is still in the making, we anticipate it to be done by years end.

* Intense Millennium Records is at work on re-mastering and re-issuing the 1991 debut from TRAXTER, Rock ‘N Race.


Update Archives: July 3, 2011


Pastor Brad - Back To The Shredder

PASTOR BRAD goes Back To The Shredder:
Press Release / Roxx Records is proud to announce that we have once again teamed up with guitar shredder virtuoso PASTOR BRAD to bring you his latest offering! Last year Roxx Records and PASTOR BRAD brought you Break Out, which featured a plethora of guest artists from through out the Christian music scene!  But this time we are going Back to the Shredder for a full on instrumental assault!

That’s right PASTOR BRAD has gone back to his instrumental shredding roots on this one and you are not going to be disappointed! This brand new release also highlights the talents of Mario Barisic, Derek Cosyns, Jim Griffin, John Huldt and Angel Zamora, who all make guest appearances on this new release.  Each is an amazing player in their own right.

Back To The Shredder track listing:

1. “Fish”
2. “Bubble Buster”
3. “Trust”
4. “Rock Your Face Off”
5. “Sometimes We Fail”
6. “Tested”
7. “When The Saints Go Marching In”
8. “Called”
9. “Pop Cycle”
10. “Disciplined”
11. “Hooked”
12. “Tempted”
13. “Control”
14. “Carry The Stone”

Pre-orders have now begun and the official release date is August 3, 2011.  You won’t want to miss out on this one as PASTOR BRAD has once again unveiled a masterpiece of guitar shredding with Back To The Shredder!  We will only be pressing a very small amount of these on CD for you collectors!  Digital release will coincide with the physical CD release as well!

Please note that Back To The Shredder is being recorded in follow up to previous PASTOR BRAD instrumental guitar releases Reshredded (2007), Shredded Sweet (2008) and Heavenly Shred (2008).

You can check out the track “When The Saints Go Marching In” at:

Roxx Productions online:

PASTOR BRAD online: &

The Sacrificed logo

Michael Phillips joins THE SACRIFICED:
Press Release Guitarist Michael Phillips has officially joined Florida based metal band THE SACRIFICED.  It had previously been reported that Michael had been recording with the band on their upcoming Intense Millennium Records album III, the follow up to last years acclaimed 2012 album.

Commented Phillips (at the Christian Metal Realm):

“I just wanted to let fans of THE SACRIFICED know that after talking with Eli (Prinsen- vocals) and Jay (Williams- drums) and getting to know Eli, they extended an opportunity for me to join their band, and so I said yes!  Right now we are almost finished with the recording of the new album.  I think the fans will enjoy what I bring to the table in terms of song writing and lead guitar- I think it complements the band well.

"Ever since Eli filled in for Jimmy Brown (DELIVERANCE) in Norway, we have become very good friends.  We have a very cool cover of a QUEENSRYCHE song from The Warning called “Before The Storm” and also a guest lead guitar appearance from guitar shredder, Roy Z (Bruce Dickenson, Halford) and a cool mix of power metal tunes, we are excited and can’t wait for people to here it.”

THE SACRIFICED got its start in 2007 with its independently released full length debut The DaVinci Hoax.  The group returned on Roxx Productions in 2010 for its sophomore outing 2012.


Saint - The Revelation

SAINT - The Mark re-mix and re-issue update:
J Powell of Steinhaus provided a recent update (at the Christian Metal Realm) regarding the upcoming re-issue of The Mark, the 2006 End Times themed concept album from SAINT:

“The mix is done and in my hands.  I'm about half way through the mastering process.  This new mix is absolutely monstrous.  It's really quite spectacular in every way that Hell Blade is.  It feels like a new joke.

"The album was completely remixed from the ground up.  Everything else is as it was, with guitars, vocals and bass EQ'd way better.  I then went to work on it, using my Hell Blade mastering work as a guide. I've got this new mix sounding very much like Hell Blade.”

He goes into further detail about the new title to the project and revised album artwork:

“Richard (Lynch- bassist) and I were talking about it and got the idea to actually distinguish it from the original release by giving it a new title. The cover art will be slightly different, but close enough to The Mark cover as to help tie in the fact that it's actually the same record.  The re-recording, remix/re-master will be called The Revelation.”

Unfortunately, the unmixed files to the track “Ride To Kill” were lost:

“Rich elected to have me re-master the original mix to match the rest of the new mixes as best as I could. While “Ride To Kill” isn't as huge and awesome as the rest of The Revelation, I have done a good job at getting it to not sound too out of place. I don't believe you will have any complaints.”

In other SAINT news, the group is considering doing similar work to Crime Scene Earth.  Also, the first three SAINT albums, Warriors Of The Son, Time’s End and Too Late For Living, are scheduled for re-issue on Retroactive Records.

Saint - Warriors Of The Son, Time's End & Too Late For Living

SAINT online: &


* Vocalist Christian Liljegren has announced that GOLDEN RESURRECTION is currently at work on its second album.  The group is planning to record and produce the yet to be titled album this summer, with an anticipated release date of October 27, 2011.  Further details as they become available.

* Finland’s VENIA has some line-up changes to report: Bassist Juhana Palttala departed the band and was replaced by Markus Lundmark.  Antti Melasniemi is the group’s new drummer.

Angelic Warlord Update Archives: HERE


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