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Millennial Reign logo

MILLENNIAL REIGN at work on sophomore album, The God Particle:
Courtesy of

Press Release / MILLENNIAL REIGN, the project led by ASKA bassist Dave Harvey, is putting the finishing touches on the songwriting process for its sophomore album, tentatively titled The God Particle.

Whether MILLENNIAL REIGN will seek label support or release independently is still yet to be decided.

A rough demo version of a new song, “Not On My Own”, that will appear on the upcoming disc can be streamed at the groups ReverbNation page:

Formed as Harvey's solo project, MILLENNIAL REIGN released its self-titled debut album in January 2012. All guitar, bass and keyboard tracks for the CD were written and recorded by Harvey. Also performing on the effort were vocalist Trae Doss and drummer Bryan Diffee.

After seeing the interest in MILLENNIAL REIGN's first album, Dave expanded the project into a full-fledged band. Joining him in the group's current lineup are lead vocalist James Guest (EDEN'S REALM), guitarist Mike Hamill, bassist Neil Bertrand and drummer Michael Feighan, who is well known for his work in white metal bands WHITECROSS and KING JAMES.

Two more MILLENNIAL REIGN demo songs will be released after they are finished.

ASKA, fronted by vocalist/guitarist George Call (ex-OMEN, BANSHEE, VIOLENT STORM), has been together more than 20 years, has played in over 40 countries and is signed to Pure Steel Records, based in Schwarzenberg, Germany.


Nomad Son - The Darkening

NOMAD SON release third album, The Darkening:
Officiall release date of August 30, 2013:

Press Release / Is there a speed limit in doom metal? If so, then NOMAD SON are surely close to breaking it on their third full-length album. It can certainly surprise some people who associate doom only with slow tempos, however they're not absent here either. Malta's cherished sons have returned with a spine-splitting and head-crushing juggernaut of an album that sees the band upping the dose of high-octane traditional doom metal combined with a plethora of influences from '70s hard rock through NWOBHM to '80s classic heavy metal. While those influences remain the same (CANDLEMASS, KRUX, TROUBLE, PENTAGRAM, BLACK SABBATH, SAINT VITUS, DEEP PURPLE, ELP, ATOMIC ROOSTER...), NOMAD SON have clearly consolidated their own recognizable style with unique vocals and ominous soundscapes created by Hammonds. Doom or be doomed!

Formed in early 2006, doom metal band NOMAD SON brings together the creative forces of Jordan Cutajar (vocals), Chris Grech (guitar), Julian Grech (keyboards), Edward Magri (drums), all members of FRENZY MONO (one of Malta's most prolific heavy rock bands), and Albert Bell - a veteran of the Maltese metal scene and bassist of FORSAKEN (established in 1991 and now at the forefront of the European doom scene).

Further NOMAD SON biographical details:

Bassist Albert Bell comments on the group’s lyrical direction (from an online interview at Metal Squadron): “I have no problem admitting that I do draw a lot from Christian theology and eschatology in my lyrics.  I am not really trying to shove anything down people’s throats…each to his/her own ways I say. However, I do find value in Christendom’s fundamental precepts and am fascinated by the richness of Christian theology.  We are not however an evangelical band or anything like that.  I think you can best describe Nomad Son as a secular band with a Christian outlook on things, while remain very critical of the institutional hold and narrow-mindedness that grips Christendom, and this is even more the case with Catholicism, today.”

Read full interview at:
The Darkening track listing:

1. “Light Bearer”
2. “Age Of Contempt”
3. “The Devil’s Banquet:
4. “Only The Scars”
5. “Descent Into Hell”
6. “The Darkening”
7. “Caligula”
8. “Orphaned Crown”
9. “Epilogue”

NOMAD SON line-up:

Jordan Cutajar - Lead Vocals
Chris Grech - Guitars
Julian Grech - Keyboards
Albert Bell - Bass
Edward Magri – Drums

NOMAD SON online:


* New JACOBS DREAM website:

* SUPERNAL ENDGAME update (Facebook - December 25, 2013): “Thank you all so much for your continued support, and for your Job-like patience with us as we finish up the new album! We are VERY excited about the new music, and we can't wait for you to hear it! It will be essentially a "double-length" album (just under 80 minutes) on a single CD.

“We can tell you that mixing is done and the album is scheduled to be mastered during the first full week of January for a first quarter 2014 release. More info (and audio) to come ... but in the meantime, our hope for you is much peace, rest and joy on this "incarnation day," and a healthy and prosperous New Year!”

The title to the new SUPERNAL ENDGAME album is Touch The Sky: Volume II.

* New VISUAL CLIFF song, “Between Two Kingdoms”:

“Between Two Kingdoms” is the title track to the groups recently released new album.


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Barren Cross - Birth Pangs

BARREN CROSS release new live album, Birth Pangs:
Press Release / Christian metal veterans BARREN CROSS commemorate thirtieth anniversary by releasing first new album in eighteen years, Birth Pangs.  Recorded live at the 2012 Elements of Rock Festival in Switzerland, Birth Pangs captures the entire Barren Cross performance in encompassing 18 songs and over an hour and a half of music. 

The album, which reunites the original line-up of vocalist Michael Drive (Lee), guitarist Ray Parris, bassist Jim LaVerde and drummer Steve Whitaker, saw a digital download release on December 21, 2013.  The group plans a CD release for February of next year.

Commented Drive, “I personally, have never been as excited over an album in its performance as I am with Birth Pangs. I would like for every BARREN CROSS fan to own this, they must hear it. I feel stronger about this concerning Birth Pangs than any other album we have ever released!”

Birth Pangs draws its material from each of the four BARREN CROSS studio albums in addition to including two new songs and one which is previously unreleased.

Birth Pangs track-listing: “Living Dead”, “Stage Of Intensity”, “Close To The Edge”, “The Unsuspecting”, “Two Thousand Years”, “Return Of The Light”, “Believe”, “Light The Flame”, “He Loves You”, “Dying Day”, “Bigotry Man”, “Here I Am”, “Waking With God”, “Whitewashed Love”, “Rattle Your Cage”, “Deadlock”, “Cultic Regimes”, “Killers”

BARREN CROSS represents one of the foundational bands to have emerged out of the mid-eighties “white metal scene”.  The group independently released its six song debut EP Believe in 1985 prior to signing with Star Song Records for its first full length album from 1986, Rock For The King.  A contract with mainstream label Engima Records ensued, which resulted in follow up full length releases in Atomic Arena (1988) and State Of Control (1989).  BARREN CROSS remained productive into the nineties, putting out its first live album on Medusa Records in 1990, Hotter Than Hell! Live, in addition to its 1994 Rugged Records swan song effort Rattle Your Cage.

Samples to Birth Pangs can be streamed at:

Birth Pangs ordering information:

Also available at the Barren Cross shop is a digital download of the re-mastered version to Rock For The King (CD release scheduled for February of next year).  A six song compilation of the groups demo material recorded in 1983-1984 can be downloaded as well.

BARREN CROSS online: &

Project Aegis - Collide & Spark

“Collide & Spark” - C harity single for homeless relief:
Press Release / Ulterium Records is proud to announce the release of "Collide & Spark", an all-star charity track for sale with 100% of the income going to The Bridge Bunch, an organization dedicated to serving the homeless population of Nashville, TN, in the United States.

The song, which is almost seven minutes in length, is being released under the banner Project Aegis, and was composed by THEOCRACY vocalist and songwriter Matt Smith. It features vocals by Nils K. Rue (PAGAN’S MIND), Henrik Båth (DARKWATER), Elin Redin (END OF SEPTEMBER) and Smith, as well as a guitar solo by Markus Sigfridsson (DARKWATER, HARMONY).

The artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE) and designed by Markus Sigfridsson.

"This is such a cool opportunity to help make a difference in a small way", says Smith. "Ninety-nine cents can go a long way toward giving someone a hot meal or a sleeping bag, especially now, in the heart of winter. Everyone associated with The Bridge Bunch works nonstop to serve the large number of people struggling in the Nashville area, and every penny of this goes to that very worthy cause. And the caliber of talent on this track makes it something truly special indeed!"

Check out a teaser of "Collide & Spark" at YouTube:

"Collide & Spark" lyrics:

"Collide & Spark" can be purchased at the following online outlets:

Amazon mp3:


* In depth interview with Michael Sweet (STRYPER) at MetalShrine Blogspot:

* New BARREN CROSS website:

* DIVINE MERCY, Christian metal from Poland:


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BLOODGOOD - Dangerously Close
The presence of a second guitarist cannot help but yield a heavier element to the Bloodgood sound.   The overall feel to Dangerously Close, as a result, is straightforward metal akin to Out Of The Darkness (which should not surprise when factoring the line-up) with strong hints of Bloodgood and DetonationRead Full Review >>

BRIDE - Skin For Skin (Retroactive re-issue)
On Skin For Skin Bride continued the trend but heavier and more varied.  Imagine the raw intensity to Snakes In The Playground (1992) and hook and groove of Scarecrow Messiah (1994) merged with periodic Live To Die (1998) metal overtones.  Throw in bluesy Kinetic Faith (1991) touches, toss everything in a blender and the upshot is Skin For SkinRead Full Review >>

BRIDE - Lost Reels I, II & III
Real longevity is rare in the music industry.  Only a handful of bands survive past the two to three decade mark and fewer still maintain the ambition that would allow them to make new music on a consistent basis.  Read Full Review >>

BRIDE - Incorruptible
The stage, as a result, has been set for Bride’s fourteenth (and what it claims to be its final) album in Incorruptible from the fall of 2013.  Musically, Incorruptible continues the throwback trend the group started with This Is It but this time drawing heavily from the bluesy hard rock of Kinetic Faith (1991) but interspersed with acoustic moments akin to the aforementioned DropRead Full Review >>

DELIVERANCE - Hear What I Say!
Hear What I Say!, the tenth and reported final studio album from Christian metal veterans Deliverance, might not occupy the rarified air of classics such as Weapons Of Our Warfare (1990) and Learn (1993) but is not without its share of merit all the same.  Read Full Review >>

EDEN’S REALM - Eden’s Realm
If into any of the already noted artists - not to mention Action, Mastedon, Sweet Crystal and AdrianGale - then I can see Eden’s Realm being of interest.  Again, melodic hard rock on the heavier side of things but not forsaking accessible hooks in the process.  Read Full Review >>

It’s not easy being a European power metal band.  In the company of giants like Blind Guardian, Helloween, Stratovarius and Rhapsody Of Fire, an up and comer such as Slovakia’s Signum Regis can potentially get lost in the shuffle and struggle to receive the notoriety that is its due.  Read Full Review >>

THEOCRACY - Theocracy (Ulterium re-issue)
Great songs make for a great album and such is the case here.  The choice songwriting at hand helped turn Theocracy into such a notable release and later created demand for its re-issue.  Read Full Review >>


Signum Regis logo

New SIGNUM REGIS interview online:
Angelic Warlord had the recent opportunity to talk with SIGNUM REGIS bassist Ronnie König, who discusses further the group’s new album Exodus.  In the interview, König expands upon the meaning behind the albums concept, the writing and recording process and future plans for SIGNUM REGIS.  Following is an excerpt:

How did the writing and recording process for Exodus go?  And what inspired you to record a concept album based around the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt?
Few years ago, I wrote 3 songs: “Let Us Go!”, “Wrath Of Pharaoh” and “Exodus”. Honestly, I can’t remember, what was the inspiration to write such lyrics. Probably, I was reading the Bible or watching the Moses movie. One way or the other, those 3 songs were meant to be together. The idea to record a full-length album came from Emil Westerdahl of Ulterium Records. He liked the idea so much, that he suggested, that we write more songs and release it all together as a concept album. It was much more difficult to write a whole concept about one topic, but it has been very rewarding.

Read full interview: HERE


The return of GUARDIAN:
Courtesy of

Press Release / After more than 10 years on hiatus, veteran rock band GUARDIAN has returned to the music scene with a new record, Almost Home, and brand new rock single entitled "The Real Me", which will be released through digital music outlets on December 13.

More than two years in the making, the Almost Home project reunites all original GUARDIAN members: vocalist Jamie Rowe, guitarist Tony Palacios, bassist David Bach, and drummer Karl Ney. The album was produced by veteran guitarist Jamey Perrenot (LeAnn Rimes, Taylor Swift), who also recently joined GUARDIAN for a reunion tour of Latin America.

The Kickstarter-funder project was not without drama as the band struggled to regroup creatively after so many years apart.

"This new record was a marathon… definitely not a sprint," said Bach. "With lots of stops and starts along the way…and a few epic band fights thrown in for good measure."

Recorded in Perrenot's studio in the Nashville area, the album shows the band returning to their hard rock roots while still retaining the acoustic sensibilities of previous releases.

"Jamey Perrenot brings a whole new dimension to GUARDIAN," Bach added. "His acoustic prowess and innovative production really bought out a new chapter in GUARDIAN and we think these are possibly some of the best songs we have ever written."

Originally slated for a 2012 release, the album went through continued delays as the group labored to break new musical ground without riding current trends or fads.

"It was actually a bit like training for a prize fight," Bach said. "Things got more intense as we finished the record. I think that the first single 'The Real Me' embodies that struggle. It's about breaking free and shedding the layers that we all pile on ourselves trying to fit in somewhere. Musically, its loud guitars in your face. It's definitely the opening bell."

“The Real Me” is available for download at:

GUARDIAN line-up:

Jamie Rowe - Lead Vocals
Tony Palacios - Guitars
Jamey Perrenot - Guitar
David Bach - Bass
Karl Ney - Drums

GUARDIAN online: &

AdrianGale logo

ADRIANGALE to release new compilation album, Final Piece - The Best Of AdrianGale:
Press Release / With ADRIANGALE landing surprise hits to the body this past fall - their aptly titled Suckerpunch! album and their return to the stage at MelodicRock Fest 3 - both band and label closed out 2013 with solid blows, leaving the melodic fan base wanting much more. Well fear not, get up and shake it off:  We are going to start 2014 as much of a hard hit as we closed out 2013 with.

What does this all mean?

To celebrate years of hard work, blood, sweat and tears, on February 1st, 2014 Adriangale will release something that has been a long time coming: Final Piece - The Best of Adriangale!, which will encompass the band's entire back catalog and their new album with a collection of fan favorites, bonus tracks and a few other surprises!

Having said that, this compilation is far from a final bow for the band; it will instead serve to fondly send off the past before embracing new beginnings. Over the course of their career - from the debut album Feel the Fire right through Suckerpunch! - ADRIANGALE have introduced themselves unto a genre, defined themselves and redefined themselves through their music - their way! They will not be pigeon-holed, classified or shackled by the ideals, trends or perceptions of what modern society deems good music should be. With Final Piece, Adriangale will soldier on yet again, reasserting themselves through perseverance and dedication, but most of all - through DEFIANCE!!



* Ulterium Records Label Sampler 2013 available for free download:

The sampler includes tracks from THEOCRACY, DARKWATER, SINBREED, HARMONY, SIGNUM REGIS, AUDIOVISION and others.  It also can be streamed at Spotify:

* Final words from BRIDE (by vocalist Dale Thompson - Facebook 12/10/13): “Bride wishes to thank everyone for your support.  Since 1985 we have been blessed to create music that speaks to the heart of people. It has been our good pleasure to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ through music.  We have released our final CD Incorruptible and there will be no tour.  We pray that you will keep the memory and music of Bride alive in your hearts for years to come. We have left you with a large library of our music.  We feel we have produced all we can and Bride is saying goodbye.  This is not see you later; this is the final curtain.  No encores the lights are out (and) Bride has left the building. God Bless You All.”

* EMPIRE 21 announces new lead vocalist (Facebook - December 12, 2013): “Ladies and gentlemen!  We welcome Mr. Ricard Hulteke as the new singer of Empire 21!!  This guy has a soulful and expressive voice, and a great personality on top of that, and we couldn't be happier.  CJ (Grimmark – guitars) and Ricard spent quiet some time in the studio together, making sure that the collaboration had the required potential.

“To quote our good friend Christian Liljegren, who had the chance to hear some of our recordings, without knowing the singer's name, "Wow, who is this guy? What a great singer! Sounds like a mixture of Glenn Hughes and Mats Levén".

“A more detailed introduction of Ricard will follow later on and we'll make sure that you'll get to know him pretty well. For now, You have our promise that You will NOT be disappointed!”

* JACOBS DREAM update (Facebook - December 15, 2013):  “In the downtime between vocalist auditions and waiting for James (Evans - bass) to find time in his schedule to do his parts, we worked on some guitar tones for Jonny (Noble - guitars) yesterday. Ended up tracking the rhythm for the song “Chains”. Sounds really sweet with James bass tone.”


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Worldview promo pic

WORLDVIEW signs with Ulterium Records:
Press release / Ulterium Records are proud to announce the signing of the US melodic metal band WORLDVIEW to the label. Their debut album The Chosen Few will be released during the spring 2014. More details forthcoming during the coming months.

Formed in Los Angeles and comprised of ex-members from bands like DELIVERANCE, RECON, SACRED WARRIOR and VENGEANCE, WORLDVIEW members are:

Rey Parra - Lead Vocals
George Rene Ochoa - Guitars, BGV, Keyboards
Johnny Gonzales - Drums
Todd Libby - Bass guitar, Keyboards
Ray Vidal - Guitars, BGV

The band-mates had always talked about at some point joining forces as they crisscrossed the country on tour with their earlier bands and finally the time has come and WORLDVIEW is ready to bring their unique blend of top-notch modern melodic metal with a message to the masses. Mildly technical, highly melodic, vocally harmonized, engaging, head pounding and fist pumping.

Ulterium Records online:


Saviour Machine - 1990 demo picture disc vinyl

SAVIOUR MACHINE - 1990 Demo picture disc vinyl announced:
Press Release / Since the band's inception in 1989, SAVIOUR MACHINE has directly influenced a number of bands including EVANESCENCE, VIRIGN BLACK and DELIVERANCE.  The term "Gothic Metal" was first used to describe SAVIOUR MACHINE’s 1993 self-titled debut album (Metal Hammer - Sept 1993 Greece). According to The Encyclopedia of CCM, "SAVIOUR MACHINE is an experimental rock band that has no competitors and no equals in the world of Christian rock - or even in the general market."

Often tagged "gothic" (masks, make-up, theatrics during live performances) their sound draws on art-rock, metal, classical, and progressive influences.  In 1990 the band began as one of the first ever to self-release a professionally recorded album on Compact Disc independent of record label support! True Tunes Magazine would describe the music as "dramatic, metal-edged, ambient music." Of primary interest to fans is the 20 minute track "The Revelation," which is divided into five distinct parts and serves as a precursor to their epic Legend series releases.

In celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the release of the eight track 1990 Demo, Retroactive Records and Paradox Productions present the album completely remixed (by Eric Clayton and Brian Kehew) and re-mastered (J Powell of Steinhaus), from the original analog tapes! Limited edition pressing of just 500 copies! For fans of SISTERS OF MERCY, BAUHAUS, David Bowie, Peter Gabriel, PINK FLOYD, U2, BLACK SABBATH, QUEENSRYCHE and DREAM THEATER!

1990 Demo track listing:

1. “Carnival Of Souls”
2. “Streams”
3. “The Wall Of Life”
4. “Transcendence”
5. “Silent Vision”
6. “Retribution”
7. “When The Cat Came Home”
8. “The Revelation”:
I. “The Blood Of The Lamb”
II. “The Plague”
III. “The Veil Of Armageddon”
IV. “The Wrath”
V. “The Resurrection”



* WHISPER FROM HEAVEN is offering a digital download of its new single, “Into Eternity”:


Amulyn - Lead Vocals
Derek Corzine - Lead & rhythm guitar, orchestration & BGV
Hunter Routh - Lead & Rhythm guitar
Darren Overcash - Bass
Kelly Cox - Drums


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STRYPER - No More Hell To Pay - Revised
No More Hell To Pay proves that when Stryper plays to its strengths, there are few better at producing eighties influenced melodic metal and hard rock. Read Full Review >>


Bloodgood - Dangerously Close

Release dates set for new BLOODGOOD album, Dangerously Close:
November 29, 2013 in North American and December 5, 2013 in Europe:

Press Release / Dangerously Close represents a great comeback album from US Christian Metal icons after 22 years since their last studio release All Stand Together in 1991.  Along with STRYPER, WHITECROSS, BARREN CROSS and GUARDIAN they raised the banner for Christian Metal in the 80´s. Still they have the fire passion to deliver heavenly metal to the people! Featuring Oz Fox of STRYPER!

The music & mission of BLOODGOOD has been a vital stepping-stone & driving force in the maturing process of Christian Metal since their 1986 self-titled debut release.  Sophomore record Detonation strengthened the band's signature style of theatrics, power & emotion- staples that would solidify their place in rock music history.  BLOODGOOD's music has been released all over the world, spanning 5 studio albums & 3 official live releases in their discography with their 7th studio record Dangerously Close releasing November 29 (North America) and December 5 (Europe).

BLOODGOOD was inducted into the Christian Music Hall Of Fame for their influential contributions to the music industry thus far. In the Trenches of Rock and Roll, a feature length documentary film about BLOODGOOD's history, is slated for release in 2014.

Dangerously Close track listing:

1. “Lamb Of God”
2. “Run Away”
3. “Child On Earth”
4. “I Will”
5. “Bread Alone”
6. “Pray”
7. “I Can Hold On”
8. “Run The Race”
9. “Father, Father”
10. “Man In The Middle”
11. “Crush Me”
12. “In The Trenches”
13. “The Word”


Rob Rock - Rage Of Creation - Ulterium vinyl re-issue

Rob Rock - Rage Of Creation limited vinyl edition announced:
Press Release / Ulterium Records are proud to announce the release of a limited 12" vinyl edition of the classic Rob Rock album Rage Of Creation. The edition includes an insert with lyrics as well as brand new liner notes and album history written by Rob Rock. The edition is strictly limited to 300 copies and features new artwork by Felipe Machado Franco (BLIND GUARDIAN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, THEOCRACY).  The release date is set to December 20, 2013.

Rage Of Creation is available for pre-ordering at the Ulterium Records Store:

Rage Of Creation track listing:

Side A:

1. “In The Beginning”
2. “The Sun Will Rise Again”
3. “One Way Out”
4. “Judgment Day”
5. “Streets Of Madness”
6. “Media Machine”

Side B:

1. “Eagle”
2. “All I Need”
3. “In The Night”
4. “Never Too Late”
5. “Forever”

Ulterium Records online: 

Rob Rock online:  &


* THE SACRIFICED have released “un-mastered masters” of its first two albums, The Da Vinci Hoax & 2012.  Further details from the band:

“Sometimes mastering can remove the warmth and clarity that was originally intended to be present in the final release.  This is definitely the case on both of these releases, The Da Vinci Hoax & 2012.  With 2012 there were a total of 15 tracks that were recorded over a 3 year span (and) to even out the overall sound some of the later recordings lost a lot of high end clarity and quality.  With The Da Vinci Hoax, however, the complete opposite happened, as much of the bass warmth was lost. These “Un-mastered Masters” are direct digital recordings from the multi-track masters (lyrics included)".

Download available at:

* Roxx Records signs TAKER.  As taken from the Roxx Records press release:

“At the kick off of this holiday season Roxx Records is very happy and excited to announce that we have just officially signed an agreement with classic Christian metal band TAKER for an exclusive limited edition anthology release coming in early 2014!

You may remember TAKER was featured prominently on the East Coast Metal compilation on Regency Records back in 1988!  What you may not know is the band had many, many unreleased songs that will finally see the light of day for the very first time EVER on CD next year in 2014!"

TAKER Facebook:

* Update from TRUE STRENGTH regarding the recording of its debut album, The Cross Will Always Prevail (Facebook - November 5, 2013):

“Due to medical reasons beyond our control our vocalist Ski will be delayed in recording his parts on the album.  The album looks like it will be delayed until the end of January.  Sorry everyone for posting this so late.  Please pray for Ski and his family for his quick recovery”.

* The new WALES ROAD album, Radio Scripture, re-adapts traditional hymns to hard rock metal, punk, blues, acoustic and ballads.  All done “Wales Road style”.  Songs include “Christ The Solid Rock”, “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”, Amazing Grace”, “I Surrender All” and six others.

* The one man band WARPRIEST has released their version of the traditional Christmas song, "We Three Kings". This version takes the traditional arrangement, adds a few doomy flourishes to the mix and rearranges the flow:

It is a free download from all these sites, with SoundCloud's being the lossless version.


WARPRIEST is a side project of the graphic artist Robert G. Wilson, Jr.  Robert has worked with such bands as BRIDE, THEOCRACY and KING JAMES.


Update Archives: November 17, 2013


SIGNUM REGIS posts new track online:
Press Release / The melodic metal band SIGNUM REGIS have uploaded the track "The Promised Land" to YouTube. The track comes off their up-coming album Exodus that will be released on November 15th in Europe and December 3rd in North America through Ulterium Records.

Exodus features guest vocals by Lance King (ex. Pyramaze, Balance of Power), Michael Vescera (Obsession, Animetal USA), Matt Smith (Theocracy), Daísa Munhoz (Vandroya, Soulspell), Eli Prinsen (Sacred Warrior, The Sacrificed), Samuel Nyman (Manimal), Thomas L. Winkler (Gloryhammer, Emerald), Göran Edman (ex. Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum) and Mayo Petranin (Castaway). The album was mastered by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jorn, Circus Maximus) and the artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire).

Exodus is a historical concept album about the Israelites who were enslaved in ancient Egypt.

Check out an album teaser at YouTube:

Exodus track listing:

1. “On The Nile”
2. “Enslaved”
3. “The Promised Land”
4. “Let Us Go!”
5. “Wrath Of Pharaoh”
6. “The Ten Plagues”
7. “Last Days In Egypt”
8. “Exodus”
9.  “Song Of Deliverance”
10. “Sole Survivor”
11. “Mountain of God” (CD bonus track)

Exodus can be pre-ordered at the Ulterium Records Store:

SIGNUM REGIS online: &

Stryper - No More Hell To Pay

Michael Sweet commentary regarding No More Hell To Pay:
As taken from the Christian Metal Realm (November 8, 2013):

“Here's a breakdown on all the solos from NMHTP:

“Revelation” - Me
“No More Hell To Pay” - Me
“Saved By Love” - Oz
“Jesus Is Just Alright” - Me/Oz/Me/Oz
“The One” - Oz
“Legacy” - Me
“Marching Into Battle” - Me / Oz
“Te Amo” - Oz / Me
“Sticks And Stones” - Oz
“Water Into Wine” - Oz
“Sympathy” - Me
“Renewed” - Me / Oz

“As you can see, it's split right down the middle, as it's always been. Most people assume that Oz played more solos or better yet, that he played most if not all the solos throughout the years.

“I've said this many times before and I'll say it again. We were a trio before Oz was ever in the band and may I say (humbly of course) a fairly good one at that. I started playing guitar at the age of 5 and started singing at the age of 12. I'm a guitarist first and a singer second, at least that's the way I see it

“Most (almost all) of the harmony solos you hear on all the Stryper albums I've written. I worked out the parts and the root and Oz worked out the harmony. It's been a little frustrating (a lot actually) to work so hard on something and not really see the recognition for it. It's like working on a painting for so long and then the press saying nah, so and so painted that one. Would it not frustrate you?

“Even now many of the reviews (I'm thankful for every one) say "Michael's vocals and Oz's guitars". For some odd reason I'm just not seen as a main guitar player for this band, as is Oz. We both have very different styles and if you're a die hard fan and or a guitarist who is a fan, you can tell who is who. I have nothing to prove believe me and I give Oz all the recognition he deserves but all I ask is that people learn the facts and based on the facts, give credit where credit is due.”

Further reading:

No More Hell To Pay was released November 5th in North America and is available in two formats - standard CD and deluxe digipak featuring exclusive video content. Produced by front man/guitarist/songwriter Michael Sweet, the album features some of STRYPER’s strongest and heaviest material ever.

STRYPER online: &


* Front Row Report discussion with Dale Thompson (BRIDE):

* CRIMSON STORM, heavy metal from Phoenix, Arizona:

* MISSION OF ONE interview at Untombed:


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Deliverance - Hear What I Say!

DELIVERANCE reveal Hear What I Say! details:
Press Release / DELIVERANCE’s final album entitled Hear What I Say! will be released officially on December 10th, 2013.  Hear What I Say! has been one of the most talked about and anticipated thrash metal albums of 2013.
Fan reaction all over the internet has grown to a fever pitch in anticipation.  When the demo track of ‘The Annals of Subterfuge” from the upcoming Thrashmageddon compilation album started making the rounds the chorus’s of approval have been deafening.

3 Frogz Records and Roxx Records are extremely excited to announce that the new album Hear What I Say! has been fully recorded and mastered and is currently being manufactured for release!  This is the final offering from this legendary thrash band!
This last outing from Jimmy Brown and DELIVERANCE features a who’s who of the underground thrash metal scene! Check out this stellar line up...
Jimmy Brown (DELIVERANCE): Lead Vocals & Guitars
Michael Phillips (DELIVERANCE, THE SACRIFICED, JOIN THE DEAD): Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Manny Morales (DELIVERANCE): Bass

This line up nails it and delivers what is destined to become a metal classic and it makes an excellent swan song for the Mighty ‘D’!  Hear What I Say! contains the following 10 brand new blistering tracks:

1. “Liber 111 (Intro)”
2. “The Annals Of Subterfuge”
3. “Angst”
4. “Hope Lies Beyond”
5. “Detox”
6. “Nude”
7. “Passing”
8. “A Perfect Sky”
9. “Where Eagles Dare” (IRON MAIDEN cover)
10. “Entgiftung” (German Version of “Detox”)

There you have it, the album the world has been waiting for the 10th and FINAL long awaited album from DELIVERANCE! And also a special treat for our German fans with the very first ever German language track from Jimmy Brown and DELIVERANCE.
As an additional bonus the first 200 copies will also feature a Limited Edition poster that will be hand numbered and signed by DELIVERANCE front man and founder, Jimmy Brown. But get those orders in quick, there will only be 100 available from 3 Frogz Records and 100 from Roxx Records!

A demo version of the song “Annals Of Subterfuge” can be streamed at:

“Annals Of Subterfuge” is also the opening track to the Thrashmageddon Volume 1 compilation.


Ulterium Records Label Sampler 2013

Ulterium Records announced Label Sampler 2013:
Press Release / We're proud to announce a free label CD sampler that is available starting November 7, 2013!  The sampler will be handed out at the Blast of Eternity festival in Germany this weekend in addition to being sent out with all orders placed through the Ulterium Records Store (it will also be handed out by some of our partners like Nordic Mission, First Paradox, Music Buy Mail, PowerProg and more). A digital release is forthcoming later in November as well.  Enjoy, and thanks for your support!

Ulterium Records Label Sampler 2013 track listing:

1. Theocracy - “Hide In The Fairytale”
2. Sinbreed - “Newborn Tomorrow”
3. Harmony - “End Of My Road” (radio edit)
4. Signum Regis - “The Promised Land”
5. Darkwater - “Why I Bleed”
6. Sleeping Romance - “The Promise Inside”
7. Innerwish - “Full Of Lust”
8. Theocracy - “On Eagles' Wings”
9. End of September - “Fallen”
10. Incrave - “Shattered”
11. Darkwater - The Play I”
12. Harmony - “Dreaming Awake”
13. Theocracy - “Theocracy”
14. Audiovision - “Keep The Fire Burning”
15. Grand Lux - “Rainbow's End”

Ulterium Records online:


* Update from THE BRAVE regarding new album Rise (Facebook - November 5, 2013): “Rise is coming soon! All I can say is that it will be worth the wait… the songs sound great, the band is on point, and I just can't wait to give you all a glimpse into the new material!  We are a little behind schedule, but we won't disappoint. Melodies a-plenty, screaming lead guitar, thundering drums and vocals… vocals… vocals!!!  I'm ready to start on the next one!! thanks for hanging in there with us gang!”

* GX PROJECT & X-SINNER news (from Christian Hard Music - November 10, 2013): “GX would like to thank everyone for the nice comments on their music here. While undertaking the follow up to the critically acclaimed debut Bite Stick the GX crew and X-SINNER are discussing the possibility of a dynamic duo release of both new projects in one release. Since GX is an extension of sorts of X-SINNER this makes a lot of sense to everyone involved especially considering the guys from both projects have fused into one band for live outings performing GX and X-SINNER material on stage. GX has currently five new ones tracked and X-SINNER has two even though several by both have been written and tracked in pre-production (demo) form.”


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WARPRIEST debuts new song, “The Witch”:
One man doom metal project of artist Robert G. Wilson (also known as Death Is Gain):

Press Release / My musical roots consist of the great riff masters of the 70's.  Bands such as LED ZEPPELIN and BLACK SABBATH were my core. When eighteen I picked up the bass on a whim of a friend.  I loved holding down the bottom end of the musical realm.  During the nineties, I played bass in a couple of bands in the South Florida scene but never did much.  I took a break to pursue graphic design and to raise my family.  That was 17 years ago.  I missed playing the music I loved.  A lot has changed since then.  I used to record music on 4-track cassettes and played blues based metal.  Now it is all on the computer and my sound has gotten heavier.  Right now, I am trying to keep it simple: make the best music I can, on the cheap, and keep it sounding real.

A couple of months ago, I decided to dust off my guitar and start playing and recording again.  I have the skeleton of a few songs floating around, but I decided in the spirit of Halloween, to make this my first song to release.  "The Witch" is a song about people who are controlling and it has a four-minute psychedelic inspired solo in the middle.  I created a little video to go along with it as well.

The name of this project/band is WARPRIEST.  Most of my lyrics tend to be on the darker side of Christianity with heavy riffs and big drums.  If I had to label it, it would probably be doom.  I mainly did this for fun and to see if I still had the chops

Soundcloud -
Bandcamp -
Reverbnation -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Death Is Gain:


* BLOODGOOD Dangerously Close release date update (from the band): “We have all been anxiously awaiting the release of Dangerously Close and it is soon to be unleashed… but the project is taking a bit longer than we had anticipated, however, we are still on target for a November release.
“The first series of mixes have been good, but we want Dangerously Close to be the best comeback record of the year! That means every nuance and dynamic has to be considered.  We want to WOW our fans and if that means taking extra time listening, tweaking, listening again and making changes then it is worth the wait.
"Lamb of God" was mixed about a dozen times before we agreed it was ready for release and the results have met with rave reviews. We want nothing short of that for every cut on this recording.
“We appreciate our fans and everyone who has supported us throughout the years. Without you none of this would be possible”

* SUNROAD, promo video for new album Carved In Time:

A November 20, 2013 release date is planned for Carved In Time.

* Ulterium Records uploaded the track “Theocracy” off the upcoming re-issue of the self-titled THEOCRACY debut:

Theocracy is scheduled for release in Europe on November 15, 2013 and North America on November 19, 2013.  Pre-order at Amazon:

* WORLDVIEW video update from Rey Parra and George Ochoa:


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BRIDE - Lost Reels I, II & III re-issued on Retroactive Records:
Release date set for November 5, 2013:

Bride - Lost Reels I

Press Release / Lost Reels 1 is a collection of songs from previously recorded material that was never released by BRIDE. Most tracks were submitted as possible songs for BRIDE albums but not used. Tracks 6-9: Recorded in 1989 with Dale & Troy Thompson, Jerry McBroom & Frank Partipilo. Tracks 10-12: Recorded in 1988 with Dale & Troy Thompson, Steve Gilbert, Frank Partipilo. Tracks 13-20: Recorded in 1992 with Dale & Troy Thompson, Jerry McBroom & Rik Foley.   “I Am The Devil” and “It’s The Devil” would later surface on Drop under the title “I’m The Devil”. “How Long” made its first appearance on the live album Across The Border (1994). The band made this available as a 2000 copy limited edition CD release in 1994.

The 2013 Retroactive Records reissue comes in a full color 4-panel digi-pak, completely re-mastered by the ultimate mastering guru, J Powell at Steinhaus. Never before have these songs been heard with the warmth, depth, and sheer grit that now exudes off of this top-notch classic reissue. Long out of print, Retroactive went the extra mile by providing superb artwork to go with this long out of print reissue. Limited Edition. For fans of classic BRIDE, GUNS ‘N ROSES, WHITECROSS & STRYPER!

Lost Reels I track-listing: “How Long”, “Fine Line”, “Only Hurts When I Laugh”, “Lisa”, “Let The Son Shine”, “I Don't Get It”, “Hollywood”, “Sugar”, “I'm The Devil”, “Good Rock 'N' Roll”, “Dirty”, “18”, “Help”, “Could You Live In My World”, “Think About Our Future”, “Sleepy Southern Town”, “Pyramid”, “Echoes Of Mercy”, “I Miss Dancing With You”, “It's The Devil”

Bride - Lost Reels II

Lost Reels II is comprised of demo versions of songs that appeared on Kinetic Faith, Snakes In The Playground, and Scarecrow Messiah. The band made this available as a 2000 copy limited edition CD release in 1994.  This 2013 Retroactive Records reissue comes in a full color 4-panel digi-pak, completely re-mastered by the ultimate mastering guru, J Powell at Steinhaus. Never before have these songs been heard with the warmth, depth, and sheer grit that now exudes off of this top-notch classic reissue. Long out of print, Retroactive went the extra mile by providing superb artwork to go with this long out of print reissue. As an added bonus for fans, Retroactive included a bonus track found only on the REX compilation, I Predict A Clone – A Tribute To Steve Taylor. Limited Edition.  For fans of classic BRIDE, GUNS ‘N ROSES, WHITECROSS & STRYPER!

Lost Reels II track-listing: “Scarecrow”, “Place”, “Beast”, “Some Things Never Change”, “Same Ol' Sinner”, “I Miss The Rain”, “Kiss The Train”, “Everybody Knows My Name”, “Hired Gun” “Ever Fallen In Love”, “Young Love”, “Sweet Louise”, “Rattlesnakes”, “Would You Die For Me”, “We Don't Need No Colour Code” (bonus track)

Bride - Lost Reels III

Lost Reels III is comprised of professionally recorded demo tracks from The Jesus Experience sessions. Nine of the songs have never appeared on any other BRIDE album. “Alive” was included on the Heaven’s Metal Hard Music Compilation Volume 1 (under the title “I’m Alive). The band made this available as a 1000 copy limited edition CD release in 1997.  This 2013 Retroactive Records re-issue comes in a full color 4-panel digi-pak, completely re-mastered by the ultimate mastering guru, J Powell at Steinhaus. Never before have these songs been heard with the warmth, depth, and sheer grit that now exudes off of this top notch classic reissue. Long out of print, Retroactive went the extra mile by providing superb artwork to go with this long out of print reissue. Limited Edition.  For fans of classic BRIDE, GUNS ‘N ROSES, WHITECROSS & STRYPER!

Lost Reels III track-listing: “Guilty”, “One Race”, “Break My Spine”, “Cosmic Christ”, “Cover Dry Bones”, “What Am I Supposed To Do”, “I Believe”, “Days Of Shame”, “I'm Trying To Tell You”, “What Are We”, “I'm Not Alone”, “I'm Alive”

Retroactive Records online:

Desyre - Glamtron

DESYRE release new album, Glamtron:
Vocalist Mazi Bee offers his thoughts at the Christian Metal Realm:

"You probably know already that we've finally released the Glamtron album. We've been getting very encouraging feedback.  Actually, some (of the comments) are almost scary.  (Here is one from) a British record company representative after he got the CD by mail:

"It’s been on all day, really like it, it’s been going down well in the office I can tell you. There’s bits of Dragonforce, Reckless Love, Dream Evil and even Steel Panther for good measure, lol...

"We are in negotiations of getting it released by them on license.  Also  other European countries have shown their interest. We hope to get it released in the USA also. We have our foot in the door for that one too.

"Hopefully our many years of hard work will finally pay off. We are keeping our fingers crossed, and why not even our eyes. What a Face God is great. All the glory to Him. He has blessed us big time!

"We have this only October offer just for this month: Glamtron CD only 12€ (including shipping worldwide). To collectors, this is the chance to get the original pure GLAMNation Records-version. I highly doubt that we'll print it by ourselves after this batch of 500 copies are gone".

Glamtron track listing:

1. “Enter The Glamtron”
2. “Too Hot For Radio”
3. “Party Song”
4. “Dangerous Desyre”
5. “Mystery Eyes”
6. “Beyond the Horizon”
7. “The Magic of Your Kingdom”
8. “War Of Stars”
9. “Protector”
10. “First Blood”
11. “Follow Me”

DESYRE online: &

Mission Of One - Hostile To The Gospel

MISSION OF ONE - New Hostile To The Gospel cover artwork:
Fourth MISSION OF ONE album released & available for order:

Press Release / MISSION OF ONE delivers 12 blistering tracks of 80's metal with a no-holds barred lyrical approach. This is hook filled 80's metal in the vein of BRIDE, ROSE, RESURRECTION BAND, RED SEA, etc that is destined to get you banging your head while praising the Lord!

MISSION OF ONE is the long running musical project of Chris Dickens.  Chris has been writing and recording music since 1994.  MISSON OF ONE to date consists of Chris playing all guitars, bass, and doing all vocals in the studio.   Several guest musicians including Darren Dickens, JD Evans (LETTER 7), Pastor Brad Windlan, and Kevin Hasselquist (SARDIS) have all contributed to recordings from MISSION OF ONE.

Further insight from Dickens concerning the albums title track and overall musical direction:

“You will understand when you hear the song. It was written about how the media seems to want to erase the Christian faith. In that sense, they are the ones that are "hostile to the gospel". You will be able to tell from the other 11 songs that my faith in Christ Jesus is still there. The album will meet even the strictest of "lyrical standards". This is a metal album that does not shy away from the reality that people need Jesus to be right with God.

The style will be a bit varied (but still metal) this time around. There are three or four songs in a kind of X-Sinner or AC/DC vibe. "I Know" is bluesy and funky. "Gloryland" is also kind of bluesy but in a Whitesnake kind of way. I also kept the Southern Gospel harmonies for this song to really give a tip of the hat to the original. "Prodigal" would have fit well on Mad At The World"s rock albums (some of Roger's songs, not Randy's). "Someone Save Me" and "Give In to Him" are just straight ahead 80's rockers. The title track is leaning towards power metal. "Does Anybody Care?" is a kind of odd song that I am not sure how to classify. I wrote it in the 90's to be a grunge/alternative song but rearranged it to make it more metal. Like I said, there is some variation on here, but I think it all blends well."

Hostile To The Gospel track listing:

1. “Crashing Down On You”
2. “Does Anybody Care”
3. “Feed My Sheep”
4. “Give Into Him”
5. “Gloryland”
6. “Hostile To The Gospel”
7. “I Know”
8. “No Other”
9. “Prodigal”
10. “Someone Save Me”
11. “The Third Door”
12. “Walk On Water”

MISSION OF ONE online: &

Thrashmaggedon Volume 1

DELIVERANCE place track on Thrashmageddon Volume 1 compilation:
Press Release / Roxx Records and Metal for a Dark World Records have teamed up to bring you a very special compilation that will thrash the denim and leather right off of you!  Thrashmageddon Volume 1 is destined to become a thrash classic for years to come! Featuring some of the best new thrash metal out there and even a couple surprises!
Including the brand new lead off track from classic thrashers DELIVERANCE by way of a previously unreleased demo version of the track “The Annals of Subterfuge”, which is soon to be released on their brand new and final album entitled Hear What I Say!  As well as some classic new tunes from JOIN THE DEAD, ULTIMATUM, TSAVO INC, BOARDERS, STEP COUSIN and many more!

Thrashmageddon Volume 1 track listing:

1. Deliverance - “The Annals of Subterfuge” (from the forthcoming album Hear What I Say)
2. Join the Dead - “Idol Faith”
3. Ultimatum - “Blood on a Thousand Hills”
4. Tsavo Inc. - “Immunodeficiency”
5. Boarders - “IV Reich”
6. Kyrius - “Cara a Cara (Face to Face)” (previously unreleased)
7. Step Cousin - “Bitter Reminder”
8. Disaffection - “Prepare to Die” (previously unreleased)
9. Divulgence - “The Swarm of Eden”
10. Last Rites - “Wisdom Of Job”
11. Puritan - “Faixa De Gaza”
12. Supresion - “Total Thrashing”
13. Truster - “A.C.D. (Attack Against The Devil)”
14. Temple Of Blood - “Fearsome Warrior” (re-mastered)
15. Spirit’s Breeze - “Another Day”
16. ESDRASH - “Suicidio N.E.L.S”
17. Moshketeers - “Internal Torment” (previously unreleased)

There you have it 17 rock your face off, metal melting thrashterpieces! And if you noticed the last track is a long lost never before released classic track from one of the best underground thrash bands in the scene back in the late 80’s, none other than the Moshketeers!

This album will be available in a strictly Limited Edition one time only pressing CD and digital versions in November 26, 2013!

Roxx Productions online:


* DooLittle Group AB signed BLOODGOOD for their new album Dangerously Close.  A release date in Europe and Southeast Asia is planned for November 29, 2013.

* New BARREN CROSS live album entitled Birth Pangs is set for a December 15, 2013 release.  Capturing the groups entire performance at the Elements Of Rock 2012 Festival in Switzerland, Birth Pangs will be a 2 CD set and feature 19 songs.  New songs include “Return Of The Night” and “Whitewashed Love”.  More details forthcoming.

* World premier debut video of the song “All Is Lost” by the Swedish metal band EMPIRE 21:

“All Is Lost” is from the group’s forthcoming album (untitled at the time of this writing).  EMPIRE 21 features guitarist CJ Grimmark and vocalist Germán Pascual.

* Roxx Records update regarding new DELIVERANCE album Hear What I Say!: We are VERY close to starting the pre-sale and getting this thing out! I have now heard the whole album and I almost want to delay it until January JUST so it can be in people's top 10 releases for 2014! But I know people want to hear it! It sounds incredible! Top notch!

Jayson Sherlock (drums), Manny Morales (bass), Michael Phillips (guitars) and Jimmy Brown (lead vocals & guitars) are in the best form I have seen. I am absolutely stoked for this thing! We are working on the lay out! Tracks just got mastered! This thing is going to be in your hands soon! I am humbled and honored just to be able to a part of what truly looks to be the last Deliverance album we will see!

Hear What I Say, is going to be an excellent Swan Song for Jimmy and the 'D' camp. Stay Tuned!”

* Michael Sweet interview at PopDose:

* ZAXAS completed the final mix on its new album, Returns The Machine.  Once the group sets the song order, the album will go to mastering.  More details forthcoming.


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GIDEON’S ARMY - Warriors Of Love (Retroactive re-issue)
Musically, Warriors Of Love finds Gideon’s Army doing away with the rhythm and blues of its past and delivering a heavy dose of melodic hard rock better suited for the radio friendly sounds of the time. I hesitate to invite direct comparison, but if you enjoy Idle Cure, Novella, Petra and early nineties Guardian then I can see the album appealing to your tastes.  Read Full Review >> 

HAVEN - Your Dying Day (Retroactive re-issue)
It’s tempting to dismiss Haven as another generic power metal band- another cookie-cutter-dime-a-dozen classic tenor front man wailing, nonsensical double bass driven and high fantasy lyrical themed act that have overpopulated the metal scene over the years.  Tempting, that is until you listen to the groups 1990 R.E.X. full length debut Your Dying DayRead Full Review >>

HERO - Afterlife
Some metal bands defy easy classification.  The multifarious ability of Stockholm, Sweden’s Hero proves no exception.  Read Full Review >>

Wayne Johnson - North Of Nowhere
North Of Nowhere stays true to the trademark thick and crunchy intertwined with a hint of the blues and no-nonsense hard rock Under Command sound.  If one were to instead place North Of Nowhere under a heading of Under Command, as a matter of fact, long term fans would not think twice (by no means a fault but rather testament to the comparable musical leanings between the two projects).  Read Full Review >>

LEVITICUS - The Strongest Power (Ektro re-issue)
Really, what can the old, retired dog that is Leviticus teach the current generation of hard music fans?  Well, a few things, starting with the longevity that goes hand in hand with creating quality art that has stood the test of time- and not just years but rather decades.  Read Full Review >>

REINXEED - A New World
A New World finds ReinXeed taking it to the next level.  It begins with songwriting, which reflects the steps and strides the group continues to make in terms of crafting material that is mature and engaging while staying true to its melodic power metal roots at the same time.  Read Full Review >>

STRYPER - No More Hell To Pay
No More Hell To Pay proves that when Stryper plays to its strengths, there are few better at producing eighties influenced melodic metal and hard rock.  Read Full Review >>

VISUAL CLIFF - Out Of The Archives
Out Of The Archives finds Visual Cliff staying true to its jam-fusion-progressive-meets-hard-rock roots, with 8 songs being re-recorded demo instrumentals and 1 a new vocal piece.  Now, no need for concern in that the material here in no way can be considered ‘leftovers’ or ‘second bests’.  Read Full Review >>


Bride - Incorruptible

Details revealed for new BRIDE album, Incorruptible:
Press Release / Since their debut album took the Christian metal world by storm in 1986, BRIDE spent the next three decades demonstrating musical brilliance every step of the way. The band treated fan loyalty with sensational music, and thought provoking lyrics in a musical genre known best for pushing the musical equivalent of processed generic cheese down the throats of Christian hard rock enthusiasts. While contemporaries like WHITECORSS, GUARDIAN, BARREN CROSS, and yes, even STRYPER (with whom the band toured and the lead vocalist position was offered to BRIDE vocalist, Dale Thompson in the 90’s) all “broke up” or took an extended hiatus - BRIDE never failed their fans, never broke up, and never made excuses.

With Incorruptible, the band continues to push the envelope, delivering what critics are calling the best record of their distinguished career! Packaged in a full color 6 panel digipak, Bride’s 2013 release is both visually and musically stunning! For fans of GUNS ‘N ROSES, GUARDIAN EXTREME and STRYPER!

Incorruptible track listing:

1. “Unbelievers”
2. “Darker Days”
3. “Darker”
4. “We Lie”
5. “Serenade”
6. “All The Kids Are Gone”
7. “Melting”
8. “Free”
9. “Religion”
10. “I Can't Imagine”
11. “I Want It All”
12. “2nd Suite For Children”
13. “Where You Want To Go”
14. “Sleep On”
15. “Uke”
16. “Something I Need To Know”
17. “I Choose You”

Retroactive Records online:

BRIDE online: &

PK Mitchell - All Hail The Power II samples:
Press Release / In the 1990's P.K Mitchell with the help of his friends released the critically acclaimed All Hail the Power: The Rock Hymns Project album consisting of 10 old-school church hymns done in a modern rock formats to much celebration.

Now he's back for another go around.

Introducing the new rock hymns album from P.K. Mitchell All Hail the Power II: Rock Hymns Revisited.  AHTPII features vocals from Robyn Kyle Basauri of RED SEA/DIE HAPPY/JOSHUA fame.

AHTPII will be available Oct, 23rd on CD, and major digital outlets worldwide.

All Hail The Power II track listing:

1. “Redemption Ground”
2. “God Of Mercy, God Of Grace”
3. “Man Of Sorrows”
4. “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”
5. “Abide With Me”
6. “We've A Story To Tell The Nations”
7. “I Gave My Life For Thee”
8. “The Old Rugged Cross”
9. “All Hail The Power”
10. “The Wideness (Of Gods Mercy)”
11. “What If It Were Today?”
12. "Raise His Praise”

PK Mitchell online:

STRYPER - “No More Hell To Pay” official video:
Press Release / First new STRYPER video in more than twenty years.  Full length album of same name due out November 5th in North America via Frontiers Records.

STRYPER fans worldwide can click HERE to check out the exclusive worldwide premiere of the brand new video for “No More Hell To Pay” on Loudwire. The song is the title track of their forthcoming studio album No More Hell To Pay and is the band’s first new video in more than 20 years.  No More Hell To Pay will be released on November 5th in North America via Frontiers Records and will be available in two formats – standard CD and deluxe digipak featuring exclusive video content.  Produced by front man/guitarist Michael Sweet himself, the set features some of STRYPER’s strongest and heaviest material ever.  To pre-order a digital copy of No More Hell To Pay, click HERE; all iTunes pre-orders include an instant download of the album’s title track.  Physical copies of the album are available for pre-order via – the standard CD can be pre-ordered HERE, while the deluxe digipack version may be pre-ordered HERE.

STRYPER is one of the top Christian rock bands of all time.  Comprised of the original line-up of Michael Sweet (vocals/guitar), Oz Fox (guitar), Tim Gaines (bass), and Robert Sweet (drums), Stryper has been rocking since 1984, and is responsible for such '80s metal classic albums as Soldiers Under Command, To Hell With The Devil, In God We Trust and such MTV hit singles/videos as "Calling on You," "Free," and "Honestly." After a sabbatical for much of the 1990's, Stryper returned strong in the early 21st century.  To date, the band has sold upwards of 8 million records worldwide and is a Dove Award-winner and Grammy nominee.  STRYPER is the first band to have two songs in MTV’s Top 10 simultaneously.

STRYPER online: &


* BIOGENESIS debut set for re-issue (Facebook - October 12, 2013): “Great news Bio freaks! Our Label Soundmass will be releasing the original recording of our first album! This release will be called The Mark Bleeds Through… First Blood. The project will also include two early demo tracks that were originally used to obtain our first recording contract with Rowe Productions as well as a few tracks from the very rare Tunnel Vision demo! Stay tuned..”

* The Metal Resource interview with vocalist Dale Thompson (BRIDE):

* New FRÜHSTÜCK song, “Rage”:

“Rage” is off the groups next album (February 2014 release) entitled Story.

* MISSION OF ONE Hostile To The Gospel promo:

Hostile To The Gospel can be ordered at:

* RIVERA BOMMA interview with HM Magazine:

* STRYPER will be recording their upcoming show at the Whiskey in Hollywood on 11/16 for an upcoming CD/DVD.

* Re-mastering notes from J Powell at Steinhaus regarding upcoming Retroactive re-issue of SAINT’s Warriors Of The Son: 20th Anniversary Edition (Christian Metal Realm - October 16, 2013): “Much better now...drums sound a LOT less electronic, guitars are much tighter...more in the pocket and vocals are much clearer, too.  I also fixed the intro to Abyss so it no longer sounds cut off at the beginning and I made the entire intro to the title track to Richard's liking...that is, the snare sounds properly double hit all the way up until the bass guitar kicks in.

I didn't care for this release I like it better than the original version.  The recording now reminds me of The Revelation (The Mark remix/re-master)”.

* SUPERNAL ENDGAME new album, Touch The Sky: Volume II, update (Facebook - September 4, 2013): “We have finished mixing the entire new album save some lead vocal treatments that will be worked on next week in a different studio. After that, it's off to be mastered! Between now and then, we reserve the right to tweak a few details, but by and large, we can stick a fork in it! More details to come....”

Touch The Sky: Volume II, is due out this fall.


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THEOCRACY - Theocracy re-issue vinyl edition announced:
Press Release / The self-titled debut album from the Athens, Georgia-based melodic metal band THEOCRACY will be re-released through Ulterium Records on November 15th in Europe and November 19th in North America.

Ulterium Records will release a 12" double gatefold vinyl edition of the album, strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide.

The vinyl can be pre-ordered at the Ulterium Records Store at

Theocracy 12" double gatefold vinyl track listing:

Side A:

1. “Prelude” (01:35)
2. “Ichthus” (04:40)
3. “The Serpents Kiss” (11:56)

Side B:

1. “Mountain” (04:48)
2. “Theocracy” (06:01)
3. “The Healing Hand” (11:35)

Side C:

1. “Sinner” (06:08)
2. “New Jerusalem” (05:10)

Side D:

1. “The Victory Dance” (05:02)
2. ‘Twist of Fate’ (11:31)

THEOCRACY drummer Shawn Benson recorded drums on all tracks, while nothing else was re-recorded. Vocalist Matt Smith completely re-mixed the album, with the mastering handled by Mika Jussila (STRATOVARIOUS, NIGHTWISH, EDGUY). The THEOCRACY debut album was originally released through MetalAges Records in 2003 and is currently very rare and hard to find.

THEOOCRACY online: &


* Italian melodic metal band METRATRONE recently announced its new bassist, Dino Fiorenza.  He replaces the departed Virgilio Ragazzi.

* Latest SAINT news: “Matt Hunt at Retroactive Records is reissuing the 2004 re-recorded version of Warriors of the Son.   J. Powell of Steinhaus has been working on the re-master and of course it sounds fantastic.  We will have a limited supply of 250 as Retro will only print a thousand of these. We’ll send out a notice as soon as they’re available for pre-order.  On the new CD project we were about half way to the finish until Jerry decide to throw another song in which makes it an even 10 song CD.  Were guessing early next year you’ll see a new Saint album.”

* THEOCRACY tour update: “Theocracy will tour Europe in November this year. The tour will span over three weekends and will take them through Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and more. Touring is quite expensive, so we're setting up a bunch of auctions below to help support Theocracy on this tour. All money (excl. shipping costs) will go straight to the band to help cover the expenses for the tour.”

Check the following link for additional details, and thanks for your support: HERE


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Theocracy - Theocracy - Ulterium re-issue

THEOCRACY - Theocracy re-issue details revealed:
Press Release / The self-titled debut album from the Athens, Georgia-based melodic metal band THEOCRACY will be re-released through Ulterium Records on November 15th in Europe and November 19th in North America.

THEOCRACY drummer Shawn Benson recorded drums on all tracks, while nothing else was re-recorded. Matt Smith completely re-mixed the album, with the mastering handled by Mika Jussila (STRATOVARIOUS, NIGHTWISH, EDGUY).  The THEOCRACY debut album was originally released through MetalAges Records in 2003, and is currently very rare and hard to find.

Check out an album teaser at YouTube:

Theocracy track listing:

1. “Prelude”
2. “Ichthus”
3. “The Serpent's Kiss”
4. “Mountain”
5. “Theocracy”
6. “The Healing Hand”
7. “Sinner”
8. “New Jerusalem”
9. “The Victory Dance”
10. “Twist of Fate”

THEOOCRACY online: &

Bride - Skin For Skin - Retroactive re-issue

BRIDE - Skin For Skin re-issued on Retroactive Records:
Press Release / Originally released in 2006 by founding BRIDE members Dale and Troy Thompson, Skin For Skin features recorded new songs that re-awakened the groups fans with a high voltage electrical charge. Not since the release of the legendary Snakes in the Playground had any BRIDE CD been so highly anticipated. 

Dale’s vocals induced cold chills up the spine.  Troy invented some of the most memorable and groove oriented metal licks of his career.  Lawrence Bishop on bass drove the bottom end like a M1 Tank - pilfering this release with double bass thunder throughout. Contributing to the ultra heaviness of Skin For Skin is Show No Mercy and Live to Die-era guitar virtuoso Steve Osborne (R.I.P.). 

An essential BRIDE CD for all fans, Skin for Skin made it known they were back full throttle and all metal!  The 2013 Retroactive Records reissue is packaged in a 4 panel, full color digipak, featuring the album completely re-mastered from scratch by J Powell at Steinhaus, and two exclusive bonus tracks found only on this album! 

Skin For Skin track listing:

1. “The Calm”
2. “Skin For Skin”
3. “End Of Days”
4. “Take The Medication”
5. “Inside Ourselves”
6. “Hard To Kick”
7. “Fuel And Fire”
8. “Breathless”
9. “Prodigious Savant”
10. “Bang Goodbye”
11. “Rise Above”
12. “The Government”
13. “Super Ego Star”
14. “Hang On”
15. “I Want To Know You” (bonus tracks)
16. “Kid” (bonus track)

Retroactive Records online:

Warlord logo

WARLORD announces new vocalist:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Nicholas Leptos of epic power metallers ARRAYAN PATH has been named the new lead singer of reunited '80s metallers WARLORD.

Comments WARLORD's William J. Tsamis (guitar, keyboards): "Although Rick Anderson did a phenomenal job for us on 'The Holy Empire' and Giles Lavery performed extremely well during the WARLORD shows in April 2013, I have had my eye on Nicholas Leptos now for a long time for a few reasons:

"The music for the next WARLORD album will offer a heavier, epic power metal soundscape in which the voice of Nicholas will elevate our sound into a whole new realm. His vocals are ideal for the powerful epic material that I am composing for the next WARLORD album.

"Nicholas has also proven that he can perfectly cover every WARLORD singer 'live.'

"In short, Nicholas Leptos will not only be able to carry WARLORD into an even more epic future, but he will also be able to present the classic WARLORD material in a 'live context,' perfectly covering every WARLORD vocalist that has come before him.

"Needless to say, we are very excited to have Nicholas on board. In a word, he is the ideal Damien King that we had been looking for since the inception of WARLORD."

Leptos' WARLORD audition recordings can be downloaded from Mediafire:

WARLORD released its new album, "The Holy Empire", in March. The effort was made available on CD and digitally via Sons Of A Dream Music/Battle Hymns Music.

"The Holy Empire" was engineered and mastered by the multi-Grammy Award winner Phil Magnotti (FATES WARNING, OVERKILL, ARCH/MATHEOS, OSI).

WARLORD online:


* Metal For Jesus album teaser:

* New GX PROJECT song, “I Sell Love”:

* Vocalist Chaz Bond has departed JACOBS DREAM (Facebook - October 6, 2013): “Hello friends and fans. Today I bring you news that is a mixture of both sorrow and pride for me. As of this moment I am no longer the vocalist of JACOBS DREAM. Today it was decided that now is the time for this great chapter in my life to come to a close. I joined the band at the end of 2003. I spent ten exciting years as the front man of JD while having the honor of attempting to fill the shoes of original vocalist David Taylor. I will tell you that it has been an amazing ride. Being a member of JD allowed me to perform live in Germany, Mexico and twice in Puerto Rico. Those were and always will be some of the greatest memories of my life that I will cherish until my days are no more.”

* PROMISE LAND video teaser posted online:

The video reveals the title to the groups new album, Harmony In Ruins.  No word on a release date.

* STRYPER, “Legacy” - Exclusive song premiere:

No More Hell To Pay samples are available as well:

* Roxx Records has a TAKER ‘anthology’ in the works.  More details as they become available but it may be a 2 CD set.  TAKER gained renown for the demo material it released during the eighties, including placing the tracks “Yesterday, Today And Forever” and “Living By Faith” on the East Coast Metal compilation (1988) and “Look Into His Eyes” on the White Metal Invasion tape (1989).  “Look Into His Eyes” can be streamed at:

* The Age of Metal interview with THEOCRACY vocalist Matt Smith:

* VISUAL CLIFF, Between Two Kingdoms 7 song album teaser:


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Signum Regis - Exodus

SIGNUM REGIS - Exodus details revealed:
Press Release / Third SIGNUM REGIS album, Exodus, set for release on November 15th in Europe and December 3rd in North America through Ulterium Records.

Exodus features guest vocals by Lance King (ex. Pyramaze, Balance of Power), Michael Vescera (Obsession, Animetal USA), Matt Smith (Theocracy), Daísa Munhoz (Vandroya, Soulspell), Eli Prinsen (Sacred Warrior, The Sacrificed), Samuel Nyman (Manimal), Thomas L. Winkler (Gloryhammer, Emerald), Göran Edman (ex. Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum) and Mayo Petranin (Castaway). The album was mastered by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jorn, Circus Maximus) and the artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire).

Exodus is a historical concept album about the Israelites who were enslaved in ancient Egypt.

Check out an album teaser for Exodus at YouTube:

Exodus track listing:

1. “On The Nile”
2. “Enslaved”
3. “The Promised Land”
4. “Let Us Go!”
5. “Wrath Of Pharaoh”
6. “The Ten Plagues”
7. “Last Days In Egypt”
8. “Exodus”
9.  “Song Of Deliverance”
10. “Sole Survivor”
11. “Mountain of God” (CD bonus track)

Ulterium Records online:

SIGNUM REGIS online: &

Sleeping Romance - Enlighten

SLEEPING ROMANCE signs with Ulterium Records:
Press Release / Ulterium Records are proud to announce the signing of the symphonic metal band SLEEPING ROMANCE to the label. Their debut album Enlighten will be released on November 1st in Europe and December 3rd in North America.

Fronted by the emotional vocals of Federica Lanna and the epic songwriting from guitar player Federico Truzzi, SLEEPING ROMANCE creates something really exciting together that should appeal to fans in the scene.

Enlighten was mastered by Roberto Priori [Los Angeles, Danger Zone, Vision Divine] and the artwork was created by Felipe Machado Franco [Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Iced Earth].

Check out an album teaser for Enlighten at YouTube:

Enlighten track listing:

1. “Hybrid Overture”
2. “Enlighten”
3. “The Promise Inside”
4. “Soul Reborn”
5. “Free Me”
6. “December Flower”
7. “Finding My Way”
8. “Passion Lost”
9. “Devil's Cave”
10. “Aeternum”

SLEEPING ROMANCE will tour Europe together with THEOCRACY in November. These are the confirmed dates so far:

November 2nd: Brainstorm Festival - Apeldoorn, Netherlands
November 9th: Blast of Eternity - Neckarsulm, Germany
November 11th: Call for Eternity - Collosseum, Kosice, Slovakia
November 12th: Melodka - Brno, Czech Republic
November 13th: Club Hoodoo - Prague, Czech Republic

Ulterium Records online:


My Silent Wake - Pylon - split EP

MY SILENT WAKE & PŸLON announced new split release:
Press Release / Quam Libet Records (Switzerland) and Roxx Records (Los Angeles) are excited to announce a new joint venture of a brand new split release album featuring British death/doom metal band MY SILENT WAKE and Swiss doom metal band PŸLON! Roxx Records will secure distribution for North America, while Quam Libet Records will handle distribution throughout Europe and Asia.

The album titled Empyrean Rose will be released in the fall of 2013 and is scheduled to contain a total of 11 tracks. Five brand new and unreleased tracks from MY SILENT WAKE and six brand new or previously unreleased tracks from PŸLON . This album will be released digitally to all markets and in a strictly Limited Edition ONE TIME only digi-pack pressing of 500 pieces split between the two labels!

MY SILENT WAKE track listing:

1.”Tower Walk”
2.”Tearing Worlds Apart”
3. “Mirrored”
4. “NDE Part 2”
5. “Welcome To The Village”

PŸLON track listing:

6. “Doomstone 2013” (with Jordan Cutajar on lead vocals)
7. “Droid” (CANDLEMASS Cover)
8. “By Loving Forces” (previously unreleased)
9. “Falling In To The Sun” (2013 remix)
10. “Golden Voice” (2013 remix featuring Matt Brand on lead vocals)
11. “Post Tenebras Lux” (previously unreleased)
Vist and for full release details and ordering information.


* Upcoming releases on Retroactive Records include re-mastered re-issues of BRIDE compilations Lost Reels: Volumes I, II and III.  The BRIDE 2006 release Skin For Skin is also schedule for re-issue (re-mastered and with two bonus tracks).

* Track-listing for upcoming BLOODGOOD album, Dangerously Close: “Lamb Of God”, “Run Away”, “Child On Earth”, “I Will”, “Bread Alone”, “Pray”, “I Can Hold On”, “Run The Race”, “Father, Father”, “Man In The Middle”, “Crush Me”, “In The Trenches”

Dangerously Close is scheduled for release on October 31, 2013.

* ”Party Song” is a new cut from the upcoming DESYRE album, Glamtron:

Release date is October 10, 2013.

* New GOLDEN RESURRECTION video, “Golden Resurrection”:

* Good and bad news from VISUAL CLIFF (Facebook - 09/20/13):

“First the sad - Due to all the production demands for his soon to be released album, bassist David Michael will be unable to continue being involved with VC. Please keep an eye out for his band's forth coming release. If you like your metal symphonically aggressive with sweeping orchestrations and great vocals then you will certainly dig Promise Land. We love ya brother and are praying for you and this long awaited release.

“Now for the happy - Renown Nashville session bassist extraordinaire Jaymi Millard has joined VC to be a part of the "Between Two Kingdoms" release and future singles. VC is blessed to have him onboard and what has been produced thus far is amazing. All the bass tracks are done and are being mixed in and Jaymi's talent and approach to VC's style will offer some radical flavors to the album. Welcome aboard brother!”


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Liberty N' Justice - "Can't"

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE - Late summer of 2013 update:
Press Release / I (bassist Justin Murr) just wanted to say thanks for all your support and blessings over the years to LNJ. To show my gratitude we went back in the studio and David Cagle (our new vocalist) recorded his vocals for one of your favorites off The Cigar Chronicles, "Under Construction". The song is yours to download for free and also features the talents of Mark Kendall (Great White), Eric Ragno, Giancarlo Floridia (Faithsedge), Ian Hafner, and of course JK Northrup...enjoy!!!!

For those who donated to our epilepsy drive...again THANK YOU!!!!  We are still waiting on our new order of t-shirts and all those orders will be shipped out before Oct 1st!!!!  LNJ has 2 new digital downloads on iTunes, Amazon etc: 4-all: The Best Of LNJ 2 and a new song that will only be available as a single called "Can't".

Speaking of the album all you seem excited about the LNJ band project... well the CD now has a name, The Vow, and it is a concept album based on my own relationship about falling in and out of love, loosing and seeking God for restoration. It is a very cool rock record and JK, David, Eric, Michael, myself, and a bunch of guests like Gunnar Nelson (Nelson), Fergie Fredrickson (TOTO), Kelly Keeling (Baton Rouge), Richard Kendrick, Louis St. August (MASS), and Donnie Vie (Enuff Z'nuff) are excited to share with you next year!!!!!
Want to own the whole LNJ collection on CD?  We are running a special: Just Paypal $150 (includes shipping) to and we will send you the following: 4-All:The Best Of LNJ 2 (2013), The Cigar Chronicles Volume 1 & 2 (2013), Hell Is Coming To Breakfast (2012),  Before the Revolution: Best of LNJ the Early Years (2012), Chasing A Cure LP with Vic Rivera (2011), Light It Up (2010), 4-All:The Best Of LNJ (2008), Independence Day (2007), Soundtrack of a Soul (2006), Welcome to the Revolution (2004), Bargain Bin (2000), Forever Till The End (1996), Big Guns (1994), & Armed With The Cross (1992) in addition to a CD of  studio demos and stuff never released!!!

I am all so involved in this very cool 3 day Concert festival called Skull Fest (Oct 18-20,2013)  in North Platte, Nebraska. 30 bands over 30 days that include Michael Sweet & Oz Fox of Stryper, Jack Russell of Great White, Black N Blue, Tony Harnell of TNT & Faster Pussycat plus many many more get details at:


Warlord logo

WARLORD confirmed for Rock Harvest 3 in 2014:
Press Release / Classic US epic power metallers WARLORD has confirmed a headlining appearance at RockHarvest III festival to be held in Baltimore, MD in 2014.

This will be the first EVER live appearance of WARLOD in the United States and it's for a great cause too; Rock Harvest is an annual charity festival benefiting the families of fallen police officers outside the line of duty. More information on the charity and Rock Harvest at:

WARLORD features guitarist/composer William J Tsamis (LORDIAN GUARD), drummer Mark S Zonder (FATES WARNING/SLAVIOR) and bass player Philip E Bynoe (Steve Vai,RING OF FIRE, SLAVIOR).

Tickets are on sale at:  Other event details can be found at


* DELIVERANCE, Hear What I Say update from vocalist Jimmy P. Brown: “I apologize for the slow down of the release of Hear What I Say as it was due for release this month.  Some personal issues with family passing away and other mitigating circumstances have prevented the finalizing steps of the mix and mastering.  But the album is in final stage and will be released before the years end...
I apologize, but between all of these items listed above, and working a 60 hour work week, it has been tough to accomplish! None the less, it will be delivered... (pun fully intended)”

* Review of KANSAS 40th anniversary concert:

* Lance King (BALANCE OF POWER, PYRAMEZE & AVIAN) is handling vocals on the sixth album, My Misanthropia, from the Australian power/progressive metal outfit ILIUM.

* SAINT update: “Still working on the new Saint CD.  We played some samples last week on the Beyond the Riff show with Brian Bishop- hope you were able to catch it.  It’s official, the new CD will be full length and It will be available on Disc.  The Discs however may be limited.  The recording process should be starting by Oct 1st.  Somewhere between now and January we’re hoping to fit a couple more music videos to go with the release.”


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STRYPER - “Revelation” lyric video released:
Press Release / Legendary rock band STRYPER has partnered with for the exclusive premiere of a new lyric video for the track "Revelation," from their upcoming album No More Hell To Pay. Starting at 12:00PM, August 28, 2013, the video will be available for viewing exclusively at

Produced by front man Michael Sweet, the all-new studio album features some of STRYPER's strongest and heaviest material to date. No More Hell To Pay will be available in North America on November 5th via Frontiers Records, and is now available for pre-order at Amazon in STANDARD CD and DELUXE DIGIPAK featuring exclusive video content. Within 24 hours of becoming available for pre-order at Amazon on August 22nd, No More Hell To Pay shot to #10 in the Rock Music category, and #20 in Music, thanks to word of mouth from STRYPER fans.

STRYPER online: &

True Strength - The Cross Will Always Prevail

TRUE STRENGTH - New Christian power metal band:
Press Release / We are pleased to announce TRUE STRENGTH, a brand-new Christian metal band from the United States!  TRUE STRENGTH can be described as traditional U.S. power metal / NWOBHM in the vein of bands like IRON MAIDEN, SAINT, BLOODGOOD, LEVITICUS, QUEENSRYCHE and MEGDETH.

TRUE STRENGTH features the soaring vocals of Norm "Ski" Kiersznowski (DEATLY BLESSING, FAITH FACTOR) and the songwriting of Ryan "The Archangel" Darnell! TRUE STRENGTH will be releasing their independent 8-song debut album, The Cross Will Always Prevail, in the fall of 2013! The debut album will be a digital release available on CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody etc. All sales of the album will be donated to charity. 

The Cross Will Always Prevail track listing:

1. “Exorcism (Intro)”
2. “The Cross Will Always Prevail”
3. “Christian Battle Cry”
4. “Under the Scimitar”
5. “Starve the Fires of Moloch”
6. “Michael the Archangel”
7. “When We Meet at Armageddon”
8. “Key to the Abyss”


Norm "Ski" Kiersznowski - Lead Vocals
Ryan "The Archangel" Darnell - Rhythm Guitar, Bass
Josh Cirbo - Lead Guitar
Chris Clark - Drums


AdrianGale - Sucker Punch!

ADRIANGALE reveal Suckerpunch! track-listing:
Press Release / ADRIANGALE, a powerhouse combination of vocalist Jamie Rowe and guitarist Vic Rivera, set to release new album on September 27, 2013.  Rivera recently provided a detailed breakdown of each Suckerpunch! track:

“Suckerpunch!” - We’ve been away for a while, pursuing other endeavors and navigating the often slippery slope that is real life, but we’ve always been in close contact. John approached Jamie at the right time, and we all felt we were ready to reconvene and get this all started again. Thing is, we approached our return REAL quiet-like, agreeing not to go public with our impending comeback until all the pieces were in place...and so it went. This song encapsulates that feeling, that ideal - surprise! Jamie did a killer job with running with the majority of the lyrics on this one, once I sang to him the chorus I had already written. That’s what I love about working with him, he’s just so good ! Some fun dual solo work from Eddie and I here as well.

“The Black and Blue” - Fact: human nature isn’t always pretty. Too often friendship and loyalty are treated as cheap afterthoughts. Worst part is people who do so don’t realize the incredible and lasting damage done to others. This is about being strong, secure and accomplished, in spite of disingenuous people. Accordingly, picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and declaring you are determined to move forward is the gist of the lyrics here. This is dedicated to all those who need to rediscover themselves after such ordeals.

“Give Me A Sign” - It’s all over the place: accounts of politicians, teachers, assorted role models, even “friends” - talking out of both sides of their mouths, employing double standards, and doing a million other shady things at the expense of other people. So here  is a nice, friendly little ode to those folks expecting blind faith while we get taken for a ride...

“What Will You Do” - A song about confronting a person so self-righteous about themselves or a particular situation and ideal that it is destroying their relationship with you.  Posing the hypothetical to your adversary can’t guarantee results but every so often, they might pause for a moment to think.

“The World We Knew” - A bleak yet hopeful testimony to someone you love...when the world is falling down, when all noble deeds and righteous causes aren’t making a difference any longer, you’re there with them no matter what, and you want them to be there with you as well. Written for the ARFM fundraiser CD put together in 2009, this was one too good not to re-record and include on a proper release. Some great trading of solos between Eddie and I once again on this one.

“All About The Money’ - Some folks are singularly focused on the accumulation of wealth, or on making money off the backs of others. They discard all notion of friendship or decency and shoot themselves in the foot time and time again. It’s a miserable, self-perpetuating road to ruin that you can only step back and watch happen (if you care to) when such people eventually have nothing. This is another one where Jamie’s talent as an incredible songwriter himself allowed him to build on the chorus I presented to him. All bow down to Stratosphere...

“Believe” - We’ve all been there - with a friend, a lover, a family member - when it seems nothing you can do is going to salvage or repair your relationship, yet somehow there still exists deep-rooted traces of the good things that once existed between you, and hope once again promises to find its mark.

“Temporis Intermisso” - Latin for “a brief pause”, and very apropos for this instrumental interlude on the album...really let Eddie and myself stretch out a little on this one to show some chops. Well, going toe to toe with the King Kong guitarist that is Eddie Campbell is an exercise in futility, so I decided to play the more melodic foil to his pyrotechnics. This one’s for the guitar aficionados in our fan base for sure!

“When I Said You’d Be The One” - The last song written for this album and one I actually couldn’t wrap myself around for a bit - at least until I wrote the chorus. I let Jamie take command of the rest of the song’s lyrics and he did a bang-up job of capturing the message, another one saying “I never saw you capable of turning on me like you have but you did - oh well.” John Kivel INSTANTLY fell in love with this and declared it the teaser single for the new album. His instincts proved very sound - the fans ate it up!

“Could Have Been Me” - Ever give so much of yourself to someone that you just can’t stomach the fact that you shouldered the burden of such a negative soul-sucker in the first place? Yep - I thought so. On rare occasion the offending party MIGHT have a moment of clarity and try to get back into your good graces, but there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to say “sorry, too late!”

“YOU” - Jamie’s undying and intense love for his wife Heather inspired him to write some of the most beautiful and heartfelt lyrics you could ever hope for. I felt Jamie would best be able to come up with something really special for the music I wrote for this song and did he ever make a statement that will stand with our best ballads prior...I’d get a real kick out of it if this was used as someone’s wedding song one of these days!



* Article discussing the top ten Christian hard rock/metal bands of the eighties:

* BENSON/GRIFFIN Evil Killer sample reel:

* BIOGENESIS at work on new album (Facebook - August 26, 2013): “Biogenesis may be entering the studio to begin recording the bands third album "tentatively" called Devolved very soon depending on our meeting with the potential producer this weekend. If all goes well this may be our best sounding album to date. Stay tuned as we embark upon a new chapter.”

* New BRIDE song “All The Kids” (off the groups upcoming album Incorruptible):

* The melodic metal band SIGNUM REGIS will release their third album Exodus later this fall through Ulterium Records. Exodus is an epic concept album that will feature different vocalists on each track.

Already announced vocalists are Matt Smith (THEOCRACY), Michael Vescera (OBSESSION, ANIMETAL USA, ex Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum). To that list we're now proud to add Lance King (ex.PYRAMAZE, BALANCE OF POWER) and Daísa Munhoz (VANDROYA, SOULSPELL).

More guests will be announced soon, as well as release dates, artwork etc

Official:  Facebook:

* VISUAL CLIFF update (Facebook - August 28, 2013): “The 2013 Out Of The Archives album is DONE!!! Soon to be available on iTunes and all the other usual non-thieving like services. Or buy the digital album direct from us at and you will also get the physical copy when released in December”.


Update Archives: August 25, 2013


Leviticus - The Strongest Power - Ektro re-issue

LEVITICUS - The Strongest Power re-issued:
Available on Ektro Records as of August 21, 2013

Press Release / Ektro Records once again have expanded its arsenal with a reissue of Christian metal classic The Strongest Power from LEVITICUS.  Yes, you read correctly- Christian metal.  A cult classic The Strongest Power most definitely is, released in 1985 to widespread acclaim in the international heavy metal press, with even Kerrang! calling it "one of the best records of the year."

And yet, as time went on and the "white metal" tag became more a curse than blessing, not to mention the band breaking up in 1990, the LEVITICUS legend was banished to the back-pages of obscurity. That the Swedes' lyricism unabashedly espoused their Christian beliefs doesn't detract from the timeless heavy metal song craft across The Strongest Power: Spanning the gritty, working-man's American metal of VIRGIN STEELE to the sometimes-moody/sometimes-shimmering melodicism of HEAVY PETTIN’, with even bouts of up-tempo TOKYO BLADE style action, this crucial LEVITICUS document encapsulates everything boisterous and brilliant about '80s metal.

With a clutch of immediately memorable, energetic-at-any-tempo tracks as its foundation, the spiritual themes of The Strongest Power can be extrapolated into traditional heavy metal themes - individuality, freedom, power, glory, rocking, running in the night - thereby making the record a true "diamond in the rough" which generations of metallers can now enjoy as they please. On your knees and praise The Strongest Power!

Ordering information:

The Strongest Power track listing:

1. "The Winner"  
2. "Deborah And Barak"
3. "On The Rock"
4. "King Of Kings"
5. "Stay With Us"
6. "I Got Power"
7. "Look Around"
8. "I Love You"
9. "A New Day"
10. "Light For The World"

LEVITICUS line-up:

Bjorn Stigsson - Guitars, Synthesizers, Bass Pedal & Organ
Hakan Andersson - Lead Vocals, Bass, Bass Pedal & Synthesizers
Kjell Andersson - Drums & Percussions


PK Mitchell - All Hail The Power II

New rock hymns album from P.K. Mitchell, All Hail The Power II: Rock Hymns Revisited:
Press Release / Twenty years ago P.K Mitchell with the help of his friends released the acclaimed All Hail the Power: The Rock Hymns Project album consisting of 10 timeless church hymns done in a modern rock format to much celebration.

Now he's back for another go around!

Introducing the new rock hymns album from P.K. Mitchell, All Hail the Power II: Rock Hymns Revisited.

All Hail The Power II track listing:

1. “Raise His Praise”
2. “Redemption Ground”
3. “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”
4. “Man of Sorrows”
5. “We've a Story to Tell the Nations”
6. “I Gave My Life for Thee”
7. “The Wideness (of Gods Mercy)”
8. “The Old Rugged Cross”
9. “All Hail the Power”
10. “God of Mercy, God of Grace”
11. “Abide With Me”
12. “What if it Were Today?”

PK Mitchell online:

Audio samples available for new STRYPER album, No More Hell To Pay:
Press Release / Legendary rock band STRYPER reveals audio samples for three tracks, "Revelation," "Saved By Love" and "Marching Into Battle”, from their forthcoming studio album, No More Hell To PayNo More Hell To Pay is set for a November 5th release in North America and will be available in two formats - standard CD and deluxe digipak featuring exclusive video content. Produced by front man/guitarist/songwriter Michael Sweet, the set features some of STRYPER’s strongest and heaviest material ever.

STRYPER is one of the top Christian rock bands of all time. Comprised of the original line-up of Michael Sweet (lead vocals/guitar), Tim Gaines (bass), Robert Sweet (drums) and Oz Fox (guitar), Stryper has been going strong since 1984, and is responsible for such '80s metal classic albums as Soldiers Under Command, To Hell With The Devil, In God We Trust and such MTV hit singles/videos as "Calling on You," "Free" and "Honestly." After a sabbatical for much of the 1990's, STRYPER returned strong in the early 21st century. To date, the band has sold upwards of 10 million records worldwide and is a Dove Award-winner and GRAMMY nominee. STRYPER is the first band to have two songs in MTV's Top 10 simultaneously.

No More Hell To Pay track listing:

1. “Revelation”
2. “No More Hell To Pay”
3. “Saved By Love”
4. “Jesus Is Just Alright”
5. “The One”
6. “Legacy”
7. “Marching Into Battle”
8. “Te Amo”
9. “Sticks & Stones”
10. “Water Into Wine”
11. “Sympathy”
12. “Renewed”

STRYPER online: &


* Glamtron, the new album from Finland’s DESYRE, is set for release on October 10, 2013.  The group conducted a recent online interview with Untombed WebZine:

* Song titles for the upcoming X-SINNER album “Going Out With A Bang” include “Satisfaction Guaranteed”, “C'mon, C'mon”, “Goin Out With A Bang”, “Dopamine High”, “Runnin Out Of Time”, “Lightning Strikes Twice”, “Twice The Son Of Hell” and “Finish Line”.


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Benson / Griffin logo

BENSON/GRIFFIN Evil Killer tour dates:

October 25th - Malta Doom Festival
October 26th - Sin City Swansea, England
October 27th- Birmingham, England, The Asylum 2
October 28th - Black Heart London, England
October 29th - Fibbers, Dublin, Ireland
October 30th - Voodoo, Belfast Ireland
November 2nd - Sluessin 7, Stockholm, Sweden

Evil Killer is the upcoming album to feature vocalist David Benson and vocalist Victor Griffin.  The two will be joined by bassist Andersson Winberg and drummer Tomas Eriksson.  Look for Evil Killer to be released on October 8, 2013.


Stryper - Second Coming vinyl

STRYPER - Second Coming Double LP:
Released in the UK, a limited number of vinyl copies are available at the online store:

Side A

1. “Loud N' Clear”
2. “Loving You”
3. “Soldiers Under Command”
4. “Makes Me Wanna Sing”

Side B

5. “First Love”
6. “The Rock That Makes Me Roll”
7. “Reach Out”
8. “Surrender”

Side C

9. “To Hell With The Devil”
10. “Calling On You”
11. “Free”
12. “The Way”

Side D

13. “Sing Along Song”
14. “More Than A Man”
15. “Bleeding From Inside Out”
16. “Blackened”

• A double album set
• 100% 180-gram vinyl
• Yellow vinyl
• Autographed by all four original band members
• Limited number available


* ADRIANGALE delivered the final mix of its new album, Suckerpunch!, to Kivel Records for review.  Mastering and press release are next.  Look for Suckerpunch! to be released at MelodicRockFest 3 on September 27, 2013.

* BLOODGOOD is planning for a Fall of 2013 release of its upcoming album Dangerously Close.

* Secret Sins is the title to the next CRUCIBLE DIVINE album.  You can view the tentative album artwork at the groups Facebook page:


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KING JAMES - Maximus
Maximus can best be described as a mish-mash of old and new songs with several shorter instrumentals added to fill things out.  One cannot help but get the feeling, as a result, that the group could have put a bit more time, thought and effort into the project.  Read Full Review >>

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE - 4-All: The Best of LNJ Volume 2
4-All: The Best of LNJ Volume 2 adds up to a worthwhile compilation of the better material from the LNJ “all-star project” period.  You will encounter not just a fine roster of songs and guest appearances but corresponding styles as well (again, ranging from AOR to melodic rock to hard rock to metal to acoustic).  Read Full Review >>

MISSION OF ONE - Hostile To The Gospel
A delectable union of hard rock heaviness and metal riffs with the hooks and melodies to match.  If into any of the already noted artists - Rez Band, Bride, X-Sinner, GX Project, Whitecross and Randy Rose - then HTTG comes with a solid recommendation.  Read Full Review >>

PASTOR BRAD - Get Real Rocked Up
Get Real Rocked Up, a 14 song compilation made up of material off the two debut demo releases (seven songs from each), also came out in 2011.  The same rules from Trinity apply here: Eighties based melodic metal and hard rock musical direction and the artist handling all musicianship, vocal, songwriting and production duties.  Read Full Review >>

PYLON - The Harrowing Of Hell
Give Pylon its due: The Switzerland based traditional doom metal act might be sticking to a tried and true method, but it also knows not to fix something that isn’t broken.  The same applies to The Harrowing Of Hell, the groups Roxx Records fifth full length album from 2013, with its immediately recognizable heavy set riffing, dark and down tuned low-end heaviness and forlorn vocal approach.  Read Full Review >>

SACRED WARRIOR - Waiting In Darkness
So how does Waiting In Darkness rate as a comeback album following a near 25 year hiatus?  In order to gain insight one must first take a look at the sports world, where sometimes comebacks work (Michael Jordan circa 1996-1998) but often they do not (can you say Brett Favre?).  Read Full Review >>

SONS OF DEITY - Who Do You Say That I Am?
That being said, it was also Theocracy front man Matt Smith who suggested (in an online interview) that "When you're dealing with the most powerful and serious subject matter in existence, you can't back it up with weak music- it just doesn't work."  So how does Sons Of Deity measure up in this capacity?  Read Full Review >>

Various Artists - Metal For Jesus
Ministry tool or career retrospective?  Boiled down to its essence, that is the question facing metal and hard rock enthusiasts as it pertains to the summer of 2013 Doolittle Records various artists release Metal For JesusRead Full Review >> 


Stryper - No More Hell To Pay

STRYPER - No More Hell To Pay cover artwork unveiled:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Frontiers Records will release No More Hell To Pay, the new album from Christian rockers STRYPER, on November 5 in North America. The effort will be made available in two formats - standard CD and deluxe digipak featuring exclusive video content. Produced by front man/guitarist Michael Sweet himself, the set features some of STRYPER's strongest and heaviest material ever.

Commented Sweet, “No More Hell To Pay marks our 30-year anniversary and what a journey it has been! It's our eleventh studio release since our first album in 1984 (The Yellow & The Black Attack) and it's quite possibly our best record to date. Why? It's everything you might expect from a STRYPER record — high-octane vocals, layered vocal harmonies, guitar solos galore, driving drums and bass and an energy that hasn't been achieved since our glory days. The message is equally as powerful as it offers hope and inspiration to anyone listening. If you're a STRYPER fan, it'll make you proud to be one. If you're not, listen with caution as you may actually become one.

"We've been waving the striped flag for 30 years and we're proud to say that it's an honor to still be making music with you and for you. The best is yet to come and it's coming November 5th!"

No More Hell To Pay includes STRYPER's cover version of "Jesus Is Just Alright", a gospel song written by Arthur Reid Reynolds. STRYPER guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet said, "It rivals our cover of EARTH, WIND & FIRE's “Shining Star” riffs!"

"Jesus Is Just Alright" was first recorded by Reynolds' own group, THE ART REYNOLDS SINGERS, on their 1966 album, "Tellin' It Like It Is". It was later covered by THE BYRDS and THE DOOBIE BROTHERS.

No More Hell To Pay track listing:

1. “Revelation”
2. “No More Hell To Pay”
3. “Saved By Love”
4. “Jesus Is Just Alright”
5. “The One”
6. “Legacy”
7. “Marching Into Battle”
8. “Te Amo”
9. “Sticks & Stones”
10. “Water Into Wine”
11. “Sympathy”
12. “Renewed”

STRYPER played a brand new song, "Marching Into Battle", during their July 14 concert at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, New York.

STRYPER will film two new videos and an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) in August in support of "No More Hell To Pay". The band's last three videos were shot and released in 1990 and 1991 when the band was promoting its "Against The Law" LP.

Regarding the musical direction of STRYPER's new material, Michael Sweet told Screamer Magazine: "The song “God”, which is on The Covering; if you took that song along with “Bleeding From Inside Out” and “Blackened” (from Second Coming), and you put it on the same album, that's a pretty good indication of where we are going and where we are at right now. But at the same time this album is all its own."

He added: "Every song has a hooky guitar riff. Everything is in minor keys, so it's a little darker sounding and a little tougher. It's definitely our heaviest record and I think people will be pleasantly surprised.

"The people who do like the poppier side of STRYPER, like “Calling On You” and “Holding On”, this record isn't going to really give them that. There are a lot of vocal hooks and melodies going on, but it's a little darker, and a little edgier. To reference, there is less songs like “Calling On You” and more songs like “To Hell With The Devil”. It's more in that vein than the poppier vein."

STRYPER online: &

Acoustic demo from Matt Smith, "Ghost":
THEOCRACY front man offers his thoughts:

“I love sad story songs and romantic tragedies in music, and I decided to demo some acoustic stuff I wrote in that vein. Since it's a bit different from what I normally do in Theocracy, I thought maybe someone out there would find it interesting and want to check it out, so I made a little video for one of the demos. Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy!”

THEOOCRACY online: &


* New AMASEFFER song, “Pillar Of Fire”:
“Pillar Of Fire” will be included as part of the groups upcoming album When Lions Leave Their Den (Exodus Part II).

* ”Free”, sample track from the upcoming BRIDE album Incorruptible:

* Ian Keith Hafner video blog update (in regards to JAGUAR BLAZE):

* Kerry Livgren is at work on re-releases of the first two PROTO-KAW albums, Before Became After & The Wait Of Glory.


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Bloogood - Dangerously Close

BLOODGOOD - New album update:
Press Release / Legendary heavy metal band BLOODGOOD is back in the studio, busy writing and rehearsing brand new music for their much anticipated first new studio album in 22 years. The Kickstarter goal of $15.000 for the release of the band’s new studio album has been reached, still 3 days to go until the end of the Kickstarter campaign.

The title for the new BLOODGOOD album has been revealed earlier this week Dangerously Close.

The band reported the following: “If we reach our new stretch goal of $20,000,we will be able to hire David Zaffiro (seven-time Dove Award recipient and Grammy nominee) and founding Bloodgood guitarist, to master the new record! In addition, the stretch goal enables us to acquire more studio time ensuring more time for mixes, better overall production and higher quality sound making it the best sounding record we have ever done!

In addition, every single Kickstarter supporter who has pledged $5 or more will receive a digital copy of Metal Missionaries 25th Anniversary Edition. If you have already pledged over $5 and we hit our new stretch goal, then you will get our Metal Missionaries digital download, too! So please help us by giving a shout out to your Facebook, Twitter and blog sites about our Kickstarter Campaign to help push us over the mark!”

A recent Facebook update (July 25, 2013) from the group offers further insight: “All but the last few bits of recording are now completed for Bloodgood‘s new album!  We have 13 potential songs for the new release.  The final four cuts are: ”Child on Earth”, “I Can Hold On”, “Run Away” and ”The Word”. Now it’s time to turn our attention to mixing, mastering and the art work.”

Further information:

BLOODGOOD online:  &


* The debut Benson/Griffin album, Evil Killer, is scheduled for release on October 8, 2013.  The group is promising an “epic slab of analog (classic) doom”.

* SARDIS, new album update (Christian Hard Music - August 4, 2013): “So here's the deal with the album, I'll start with a brief history. We started tracking this album in either 08 or 09; I can't remember but I know this much, we tracked drums first when our drummer was 15 and he is now 20 and married!  Since we began tracking, the process has been practically a comedy of errors and certainly a lesson in when and when not to start promoting a product. The funny thing is that I initially put this band together specifically to record this album. I never would have dreamed it would take this long. That said, I've heard the album several times now and I really think it will be worth the wait for those of you who have been with us for a while.

Anyway, I am pleased to say that last month Sardis approved of the final album master and it is ready to go into production. In the very near future (probably this coming week) I will be communicating with several inde labels to see if any of them want to pick it up. If not there will still be a physical release but we will have to fund it ourselves meaning it might take a little longer. Regardless of that situation my goal is for the album to be released before 2014”.

The SARDIS song “Cries Of The Dead” is available for free download at:

* New SUPERNAL ENDGAME album status (Facebook - July 26, 2013):  “The mixing process has been ramped up lately. We have set a target date to have the project mastered by Aug.8th. We will likely not meet this date, but this target is expediting the process. John is spending a ton of time working out meticulous details, making sure that every part can be heard and that no instruments are fighting for the same frequencies. While mixing, we sometimes determine that some parts need to be re-recorded or added.

In the past week, Rob has added some vocals and djembe. His daughter, Anna, added some incredible cello parts, John Crafton has added some classical and electric guitar parts and Tom just finished laying down some new bass guitar. I (John E.) have recorded the occasional guitar and keyboard part here and there and am trying to make these mixes something that I will be happy with years from now. The other band members and several trusted studio rats have been giving their thumbs up. We are so excited. A release date will likely be in the Fall as we shop the final mixes around or decide to release this independently. We appreciate your patience as we draw near the finish line.”


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ReinXeed - A New World

New REINXEED album, A New World:
Release date September 5, 2013:

Press Release / The symphonic power metal explosion continues! Tommy ReinXeed, vocalist, guitarist and producer, is back with the sixth REINXEED studio album entitled A New World.

REINXEED is Tommy ReinXeed’s musical creation and vision. The band was formed in 2002 and has worked very hard since then to develop what it refers to as its own unique style of “adventure power metal”.

In late 2007 Christian Liljegren, former vocalist of NARNIA and owner of Liljegren Records/Doolittle Group, received a demo from Tommy ReinXeed. He was so impressed with what he heard that he immediately signed REIXNEED to his label.

Highly praised label King Records in Japan licensed REINXEED and the release of their debut album The Light in 2008 and have since then also received good success with the groups other releases, Higher (2009), Majestic (2010), 1912 (2011) and Welcome To The Theater (2012).

The lyrical direction to A New World, discussing how our world is changing, works perfectly with REINXEED’s bombastic symphonic power metal.

The band filmed a new promotion video for the song “Guitar Hero”, which shows a heavier side to REINXEED.  The video can be viewed at:

Of note is the musical inspiration for REINXEED, including Gary Moore ANGRA, STRATOVARIOUS, Robby Valentine, SYMPHONY X and HELLOWEEN (Keeper Of The Seven Keys 1 & 2 era). 

Along with REINXEED, Tommy ReinXeed is also involved in Swedish Hitz Goes Metal and GOLDEN RESURRECTION.  He has received positive feedback worldwide as a result of his involvement with both projects.

A New World track listing:

1. “Distant Horizon”
2. “Into The Darkness”
3. “The Journey Home”
4.”The Star”
5. “Final Destination”
6. Northern Allstars”
7. “Chalice Of Time”
8. “Curse And Damnation”
9. “Guitar Hero”
10. “A New World”

REINXEED line-up:

Tommy ReinXeed – Lead vocals, Guitars, Keyboards & Orchestration
Alex Oriz - Lead guitars & Backing Vocals
Chris David - Bass 
Alfred Fridhagen - Drums

REINXEED online: &

THEOCRACY - Re-mixed debut album teaser posted online:
Press Release / The self-titled debut album from the Athens, Georgia based melodic metal band THEOCRACY will be re-released through Ulterium Records during the fall of 2013. THEOCRACY drummer Shawn Benson recorded the drums for the re-release, vocalist Matt Smith handled the re-mix and Mika Jussila (STRATOVARIUS, NIGHTWISH, EDGUY) mastering.

The THEOCRACY debut album, originally released through MetalAges Records in 2003, is currently a rare and hard to find collectors item.

The Angelic Warlord review (95%) of Theocracy it described as “epic melodic power metal with progressive tendencies” (that is also) “characterized by huge catchy choruses and infectious melodies backed by anointed lyrics and a versatile musicianship”.

In an interview with Angelic Warlord, Matt Smith offers his thoughts behind the meaning to the bands name: “A theocracy is a government ruled directly by God, and for us it means “Theocracy within,” as explained in the title track to the first album.  In other words, trying to live by God’s principles instead of just living selfishly”.

THEOOCRACY online: &

Ulterium Records online:


* On Faith’s Edge interview with WARLORD vocalist Rick Anderson:

* TEMPLE OF BLOOD update from vocalist Jim Mullis (Christian Metal Realm - July 24, 2013): “First of all, I want to thank everyone for being so patient and supportive of us over the years.  I am singing three songs with my good friends in the power metal band Cauldron Born for their upcoming album. I have already recorded one song for them and will be tracking the next one soon.

Once I am done recording all my vocals for Cauldron Born, I will resume recording rhythm guitars for TOB. Drums are all done and one song has its rhythms all done, but there are still 8 more to go. Then we'll start laying down vocals and getting all the contributions from the other guys (Kelly Conlon - bass (ex-Death, ex-Monstrosity), Andre' Corbin (ex-Helstar), and another incredible lead guitarist who I am not ready to announce yet.”

* ”Two Wonders”, new song from WORLDVIEW:


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Hero - Afterlife

HERO release third album, Afterlife:
Press Release / Vocalist & guitarist Michael Hero, founder of HERO, was raised in the cold northern part of Sweden. He started playing guitar when he was just 9 years old, rocking out to classic rockers like KISS and JUDAS PRIEST. Michael now runs a real-life "School Of Rock" project in Stockholm, working with youth and coaching many bands. In 2006, the band self-released an album called Bless This Nation that featured brothers Torbjörn and Tomas Weinesjö (from the legendary Veni Domine).

Their sophomore release, Immortal, instantly immerses the listener in an aura of majesty - heavy groove-ridden guitars, thundering bass, and bombastic drums. But it is Michael's melodic baritone vocals that bring it all together with drama-filled, memorable, strong melodies. Don't expect to find HERO trying to be the loudest, play the fastest, or sing the highest, but definitely expect Immortal to successfully grab the listener and intelligently journey through tragedy and triumph / despair & hope.

Afterlife is the band's third release that embraces what HERO does best by offering a strong classic rock & metal feel (STRYPER, KISS) combined with the dark, modern vibe of bands like VENI DOMINE, SAVIOUR MACHINE, HIM, LACUNA COIL and mid-period Deliverance! Goth-tinged metal filled with majesty and melody has finally found a worthy HERO!

Afterlife track listing:

1. “Now Tears Are Falling”
2. “My Heart Is Bleeding”
3. “Afterlife”
4. “Left Behind”
5. “Destination Graceland”
6. “Beautiful”
7. “The Dark”
8. “My Heroic”
9. “When We Die”
10. “When Afterlife Begins”

HERO line-up:

Michael Hero - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Bjorn Sundstrom - Guitars
Henrik Deleskog - Bass
Daniel Mouton - Drums & Percussion

HERO online: &

Theocracy live pic

THEOCRACY announce European tour:
Press Release / The Athens, Georgia-based melodic metal band THEOCRACY will return to Europe for a tour this fall. See a list of confirmed shows below. More shows will be announced soon.

Confirmed dates:

November 2nd: Brainstorm Festival - Apeldoorn, Netherlands
November 9th: Blast of Eternity - Neckarsulm, Germany
November 11th: Collosseum - Kosice, Slovakia
November 12th: T.B.A. - Brno, Czech Republic
November 13th: Club Hoodoo - Prague, Czech Republic
November 15th: Maata Näkyvissä - Turku, Finland
November 16th: Rock Without Limits - Stuttgart, Germany

In you're interested in booking THEOCRACY for a show on this tour then please contact Ulterium Records at:

The latest THEOCRACY album As The World Bleeds was released in Europe on November 25th 2011 through Ulterium Records, in North America on November 21st 2011 through Nightmare Records and in Japan on April 25th 2012 through King Records.

As The World Bleeds debuted at #40 in the Billboard Heatseekers Chart during the first week of release.

Check out the music video for the track "Hide In The Fairytale" at YouTube:

Ulterium Records online:

THEOOCRACY online: &


* The new BRIDE album, Incorruptible, is scheduled for release in September.

* Walk On Water, a new song off the upcoming MISSION OF ONE album Hostile To The Gospel, can be streamed at:

* New SAINT video, “We Will Fight”.  The video, which features new vocalist Brian Miller, starts after one minute:


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Various Artists - Metal For Jesus

Metal For Jesus compilation set for release:
Press Release / The Metal For Jesus album is a 17 track compilation and a good introduction to Christian metal from Sweden featuring the following bands: NARNIA, DIVINEFIRE, GOLDEN RESURRECTION, AUDIOVISION & MODEST ATTRACTION. The man behind this album vision and concept to release the Metal For Jesus album is Johannes Jonsson, who has written the liner notes in the booklet and also chosen each and every song. Johannes runs the Jesus Metal Community in Sweden and is a driving force for Christian Metal in Scandinavia.


Melodic metal band that has released 6 studio album, 1 live album and 1 live DVD with good success and topped metal charts in magazines. The band has toured with Ronnie James Dio, STRATOVARIUS and SONATA ARCTICA to name a few. One of the most loved Christian metal bands around.


This was from the beginning a solo project of vocalist Christian Liljegren, who invited lots of guests on the first album The Calling featuring members from KISS, WHITESNAKE, EUROPE and YNGWIE MALMSTEEN’S RISING FORCE. In 2009 AUDIOVISION became a touring band and released their second album, Focus, which received good feedback. AUDIOVISION toured with STRYPER in Sweden and Germany 2010.


A group creating a metal style in which they blended melodic metal with extreme metal elements to form a unique combination. The band has released 5 studio albums and topped metal charts in several metal magazines. They also did a successful tour in Japan. Metal fans around the world love their fast symphonic metal with harder elements.


Neoclassical power metal band formed by vocalist Christian Liljegren (NARNIA) and guitarist Tommy ReinXeed. GOLDEN RESURRECTION have released 3 studio albums and their latest, One Voice For The Kingdom, received great feedback in metal media and has been touring in Sweden, Norway, Finland & Germany.


MODEST ATTRACTIONA existed between 1991-1997 and played 70´s influenced hard rock like DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW, SWEET & URIAH HEEP. The group has performed with URIAH HEEP & Glenn Hughes and has done several tours of Europe. MODEST ATTRACTION, which plans a reunion show on October 26, 2013, released 2 studio albums and one mini album.

Enjoy the metal power with a heavenly message!

Metal For Jesus track listing:

1. Narnia – “People of the Blood Red Cross”
2. Narnia – “Living Water”
3. Narnia – “Long Live The King”
4. Audiovision – “The Way”
5. Audiovision – “We Will Go”
6. Divinefire – “Divinefire”
7. Divinefire – “Live My Life For You”
8. Golden Resurrection – “Proud To Wear The Holy Cross”
9. Modest Attraction – “Down On My Knees”
10. Golden Resurrection – “The Final Day”
11. Golden Resurrection – “God’s Mercy”
12. Divinefire – “Never Surrender”
13. Golden Resurrection – “Flaming Youth”
14. Golden Resurrection – “Golden Resurrection”
15. Divinefire – “Open Your Eyes”
16. Divinefire – “Bright Morning Star”
17. Divinefire – “The Way To Eternity”

All tracks have been re-mastered.

Please note that Metal For Jesus is a collaboration between Jonsson and Christian Liljegren, lead vocalist for the above referenced bands.  Look the album, already pre-released on Sweden Rock on the Swedish National Day of June 6, to be heavily promoted in the secular music world.  Metal For Jesus is scheduled for official release on Doolittle Records on August 30, 2013.

Jonsson offers his thoughts in regards to Metal For Jesus: “Lots of prayer has gone into this album to make sure that the right tracks were chosen and right comments written so that it should be everything God wanted it to be. We want Jesus to be glorified and we dedicate this album to Him! Focus on the album is totally on God and what Christian faith is all about. Booklet contains salvation prayer and comments by me where I explain the lyrics and talk about God's mercy, why Jesus is the only way to God, second coming of Jesus, prayer and how to get to know Jesus and overall what true Christian faith is all about.

“To sum it up: The Metal For Jesus album is a great ministry tool and a perfect gift to your unsaved friend to let him/her know about Christ and introduce them to quality Christian Metal.”

Metal For Jesus is currently available for order from Johannes Jonsson for $15 + $5 shipping all around the world.  Send payment via PayPal to:

 If you live in Sweden you can order the album from:

The Metal For Jesus album is also strongly connected to The Metal Bible and features info about it and how to get it:

If you want to support this album any gift would also be really appreciated so we can spread it to as many as possible all around the world. You can send donations via Paypal to:


* VENI DOMINE update (Facebook - July 9, 2013): “On a hot Swedish summer day we are pleased to move on closer to mastering the coming (new album).  We have no news yet on a release date, but we should know in (the near future).  All wheels are spinning now as we’re discussing album title, cover artwork, etc.”

* Latest from WORLDVIEW (Facebook – July 8, 2013): “Worldview has been rehearsing and recording. The band and the tracks are coming along nicely. “The Last Cry” is a fairly strong track, but I believe “Two Wonders” is quite possibly one of the strongest tracks on the record. The title track, “The Chosen Few”, is an epic sounding ballad type of song as well as “Why?” (Co-writen with Alan Agguire from Sacred Few) which is a mainstream potential type tune. There is some very "metal" type material with a modern edge on this record. The chainsaw-blistering guitar tones along with Rey's heavenly and powerful voice, it is a great blend."


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Bloodgood promo pic

BLOODGOOD - First studio album in 22 years:
BLOODGOOD is back in the studio with 13 brand new songs waiting to be tracked, mixed & mastered. The band is ready to rock!

The music & mission of BLOODGOOD has been a vital stepping stone & a driving force in the maturing process of Christian Metal since their 1986 self-titled debut release. Their platinum-selling sophomore record Detonation strengthened the band’s signature style of theatrics, power & emotion - staples that would solidify their place in rock music history.

Spanning from 1986-2012, BLOODGOOD's music has been released in various formats all over the world. Classic albums include: Rock In A Hard Place, Out Of The Darkness, Alive in America, & Shakin' the World.  Since BLOODGOOD's last studio album, All Stand Together in 1991, various live performances have been released including To Germany With Love (1993), Live In Norway (DVD, 2007) as well as various compilations & re-masters of their discography.

Oz Fox (STRYPER) joined the BLOODGOOD lineup in 2007 as a full-fledged band member & songwriting collaborator along side staple songwriters Michael Bloodgood, Les Carlsen, & Paul Jackson. In 2010, BLOODGOOD was inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame for their important contributions to the music industry thus far.

Also in the works is a full-length documentary, In the Trenches of Rock and Roll coming in 2014 recounting the dramatic story of BLOODGOOD. FYI: Although this project is sanctioned by BLOODGOOD - it is being independently financed & produced by an indie film company. For updates on the documentary, "like" the film's Facebook page:

What has the band been up to since their last record? Raising their families!

The kids are grown-up & now BLOODGOOD is ready to make another studio record with 13 brand new songs - but they need your support to ensure it becomes a reality!  The new lineup has been writing together for several years & the results are mind-blowing! The band has already begun pre-production on a catalog of new material in anticipation of raising the necessary funding to make this project come to fruition. That's where you come in! If you want to hear new music on a new album from these seasoned musicians & see their music mission continue, show them some love!

If you are unfamiliar with Kickstarter, this is an all or nothing effort folks. Here is how it works: You pledge an amount of money (in exchange for rewards like a copy of the record) to help BLOODGOOD reach their financial goal to make the new album. Your credit card is not charged unless the project is fully funded by the closing date. So, if BLOODGOOD receives $14,999.99 of their $15k goal - nothing happens. You keep your money & BLOODGOOD doesn't make an album. Sad face.

However, if BLOODGOOD hits or exceeds their Kickstarter goal, your credit card is charged by Amazon & the band immediately begins the process of making a new album. We'll then keep you updated on the progress & begin filling whatever "rewards" you should receive based on your pledge. If you feel the urge to give more than your initial pledge, you are free to do so as long as it is while the Kickstarter fundraising period is still live. If applicable, your "rewards" will automatically be upgraded to the level of your new pledge.

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BLOODGOOD online: &


* STAIRWAY new album update (Facebook - 05/24/13): “Recording on the new album is coming along - slowly but surely – we say slowly but surely for a particular reason; Andy has a chronic shoulder problem which he’s suffering with, he was hoping it was just a cramp and has been working through it aided by pain killers, but it seems to be something more; some days he can't lift his arms above his shoulders and finds it difficult to do the simplest of things at times; he is under the doctor but nothing conclusive has been suggested as to what the problem is.

“We’ve fitted in recording when he has good days and in not too much pain, and shall continue this way when he feels up to it. Hopefully, and God willing everything will be sorted out and he will be fit, pain free and back to his old self.

“We ask that you keep him and the band in your thoughts and prayers.”

* SUPERNAL ENDGAME remains at work on its new album, Touch The Sky: Volume II (Facebook - 06/20/13) “We've been mixing the longest epic on the forthcoming Supernal Endgame release and are so excited about this tune! This is the best piece of music I've (John) ever written with movements that all relate to each other (instead of just parts just crammed together like so many "epics"). Moments of sheer power - heavy and orchestral (thanks to Rob Perez's treatment of the drums), and calmer sections collide with some folky bits thrown in... all with melodic hooks and less than conventional harmonization. We can't wait to unleash this stuff!”

* European tour announced from THEOCRACY (Facebook - 06/20/13): “We'll head back to Europe in November for a two week tour, and we're very excited about it! Shows are confirmed for Germany, Netherlands and Finland, and some more shows will be announced soon in other countries. We're currently looking for promoters/booking agents in Belgium, France, Italy and Switzerland. If you want to book Theocracy or if you know someone who wants to please contact our label at about it. Thanks for your support!”

Look for the re-issue of the self-titled THEOCRACY debut later this year.

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