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Update Archives: January 22, 2017


THE HERO - “The Broken Hearted” Lyric Video Premier:
The Stockholm, Sweden based Gothic hard rock band THE HERO has released a lyric video (above) of the track “The Broken Hearted”, which comes off its December of 2016 Roxx Records full-length album Miracles.

Miracles is the first album from THE HERO since its 2013 release Afterlife, which came out subsequent to previous releaes Immortal and Bless This Nation from 2009 and 2006, respectively.

According to THE HERO press material, “(We) may not be the hardest band out there, nor the fastest, but definitely (we are) an original band not to be compared to anyone. Having said that though, Miracles is heavy, yes! It’s beautiful, yes! It’s catchy, yes! It’s gothic, yes! It’s dark, yes. But most importantly at the end of the day it leaves you with Hope! Yes, that is ‘THE HERO and we are excited to bring you Miracles this winter 2016.”

The 75% Angelic Warlord review described Miracles as representing “a new and improved Hero whom pursues a musical direction rooted further in Gothic territory”.  The album is further described as “(allowing for) the same signature Hero heaviness to come into play but is more of the straightforward hard rock and melodic metal type as opposed to the power metal variety (to previous albums) ”.

THE HERO line up:

Michael Hero - Guitars & Baritone Lead vocals,
Emanuel Wärja - Guitar & Background vocals
Henrik Deleskog - Bass
Daniel Mouton - Drums & Background vocals

Miracles track listing:

1. “Kill The Monster”
2. “The Broken Hearted”
3. “Miracles”
4. “Tell The World”
5. “Via Dolorosa”
6. “Corpus Christi”
7. “Melancholiah”
8. “Crying In The Rain”
9. “Join Me In Life”
10. “When Evil Blooms”
11. “Shot”
12. “Mr. Rigor Mortis” (CD Only Bonus Track)
13. “Viva Victoria” (CD Only Bonus Track)
14. “The Swedish National Anthem” (CD Only Bonus Track)

Miracles ordering information:

THE HERO online: &

True Strength - Steel Evangelist - Roxx Records Edition

TRUE STRENGTH - Steel Evangelist, Roxx Records Edition:
Press Release / Roxx Records is very excited to welcome US metal band TRUE STENGTH to our roster, please join us in welcoming them as we get ready to unleash their latest album entitled Steel Evangelist upon the world!
TRUE STRENGTH's sophomore album Steel Evangelist was independently released digitally on Pentecost, May 15, 2016.  Due to budgetary restrictions, however, the original release of Steel Evangelist suffered slightly from production quality issues.

All of this changed with the late 2016 signing of TRUE STRENGTH to Roxx Records.  Bill Roxx put the band in touch with engineer Cliffy Walker, guitarist of the Christian punk band THE HUNTINGTONS, to re-master Steel Evangelist, with the new version is like night and day in comparison to the original.  Both TRUE STRENGTH and Roxx Records cannot wait for the world to hear and own Steel Evangelist for the first time ever on CD!

Here is what the critics have to say about TRUE STRENGTH and Steel Evangelist:

"When it comes to the guitar work on this 2016 release, one is immediately taken back by the level of shred presented here. Yes, it's easy to tell that this isn't Ryan & Josh's first release. There were a few moments where I thought I smelled smoke ascending from the fret boards as my speakers began to melt down. Josh and Ryan deliver up a molten metal buffet of hard, galloping, driving, Power Metal to sink ones teeth into." - Jacob Folk from Christian Molten Metal Bands
"Lyrics are full-on for Christ showing both a love for the lost and for Christians as one can see here." - Jacob Folk from Christian Molten Metal Bands
"Steel Evangelist is a classic example of a traditional-power-epic-Gothic-doom metal hybrid album.  It presents with some fantastic material accordingly, with “Don’t Take the Mark of the Beast”, “The War We Fight”, “The Fall of the Ripest Apple” and “Woe To The Sons Of Ishmael” standing out among my favorites.  Sound performances in the areas of guitar and vocals add to the value at hand…  In the end, due to its ability to not only incorporate various forms of metal but the specific styles they incorporate, True Strength ranks among the many bands in which I am waiting with baited breath for a follow up release." - Andrew Rockwell from Angelic Warlord

Roxx Records will be releasing Steel Evangelist on CD for the first time ever with completely new cover artwork designed by renowned metal artist Scott Waters. The updated and re-mastered version will also be re-released digitally with the new cover artwork and will be called Steel Evangelist - Roxx Records Edition (to differentiate between the independent version).  Both versions of the re-mastered Steel Evangelist album will be released everywhere on February 17, 2017.

Steel Evangelist track listing:

1. “No Cheek Left to Turn”
2. “Steel Evangelist”
3. “Cilician Gates”
4. “Don't Take the Mark of the Beast”
5. “The Fall of the Ripest Apple”
6. “Gabriel the Archangel”
7. “Woe to the Sons of Ishmael”
8. “Blood Waters the Cedars of Lebanon”
9. “Twenty-One Martyrs Clothed in Orange”
10. “The War We Fight”


Ryan "The Archangel" Darnell - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar & Bass
Josh Cirbo - Lead Guitar
Ryan Mey – Drums

Steel Evangelist pre-order:



* For a limited time, you an download the re-mastered version to the MISSION OF ONE debut album Take Another Swig at Bandcamp:

* Third BIOGENESIS album A Decadence Divine is scheduled for release on Roxx Records in March.  A new song entitled “Tears Of God” will soon be released in advance of the album.


Update Archives: January 15, 2017


FOUR STAR REVIVAL Release “The Underdog” Lyric Video:
The official lyrics video for “The Underdog”, a new song from FOUR STAR REVIVAL, can be see above.  The song comes off the groups 5 track sophomore EP The Underdog, which it released via Headstone Records on January 13, 2017.

The Underdog follows on the heals of the FOUR STAR REVIVAL Aztek Records fall of 2014 debut full length Knights Of The Revival.

Described in its press material as having an “early 80’s metal sound (but) with a modern twist”, FOUR STAR REVIVAL (again, from its press material) "is driven by soaring vocals, ripping guitars and a message of hope".

The 85% Angelic Warlord review of Knights Of The Revival reinforces how “the group draws upon the influence of old school classic US power metal and backs it with veteran musicianship to represent one of the more exciting up and comers to hit the hard music scene in recent years.”  The album is further characterized by “consistent songwriting, solid production and able musicianship, which allow Four Star Revival to shine in what is an already crowded power metal scene.”

FOUR STAR REVIVAL consists of vocalist Jack Emrick (LIFE AFTER DEATH) guitarist Benny Bodine (WARMINISTER), bassist Ed Girard (HOUSE OF JASON) on bass, and drummer Paul Strausburg (WORLD GONE WRONG).

The Underdog track listing:

1. “The Underdog”
2. “Liar”
3. “Rumors Of War”
4. “Broken”
5. “The Garden Of Good And Evil”


DELIVERANCE, Crowdfunding Old School Thrash Album:
Founding member & vocalist/guitarist Jimmy P. Brown II has joined forces with drummer Jim Chaffin and bassist Victor Macias to fund a new DELIVERANCE album via Indiegogo.

As noted by DELIVERANCE at its Indiegogo page:

“Hey Big D fans, this project is for you! Jimmy has teamed up with Jim Chaffin (THE CRUCIFIED, THE BLAMED, FASEDOWN) and Victor Macias (TOURNIQUET) for a thrash project that will bring back the classic DELIVERANCE sound. Fast and Heavy!!! The project is slated for a spring 2017 release and shows are lining up in Europe as this post goes live. We have plenty of extras for you to choose from. Whatever you can afford, we’d greatly appreciate it.”

Comments Brown: “We’re going to give you the fan what you’ve been asking for and what you want- the old school thrash days of DELIVERANCE.  We are so excited.  We’ve been writing great material (and) were getting great tones.  It’s going to be crunchy, fast (and) thick.  Everything you’ve always loved about DELIVERANCE since the Greetings Of Death days you’re going to get it with this record”.

Renowned for the ‘Metallica cross Queensryche’ sound of its earlier material, DELIVERANCE debuted in 1986 with the speed metal and thrash of its independently released six song demo Greetings Of Death, which went on to sell an impressive 5000 copies.  The group later placed the tracks “Attack” and “A Space Called You” on the 1987 California Metal compilation prior to signing with Intense Records.  The DELIVERANCE 1989 Intense self-titled debut maintained the speed metal and thrash leanings as did 1990 spiritual warfare themed sophomore release Weapons Of Are Warfare.  DELIVERANCE closed out its thrash era with its third release on Intense, What A Joke from 1991.

You can support the upcoming DELIVERANCE album at:


* “The Z Cyphers”, official lyric video of new song from ENERGEMA:

“The Z Cyphers” comes off the group’s upcoming sophomore album World Of Zionix.

* Vocalist Greg X. Volz (PETRA, CLASSIC PETRA) will be recording an album with his new band, CPR:

“I'm excited to announce that I will be heading to Nashville the first of the week to record vocals on the new CPR project which has four former Petra members! That should give you some indication of what this is about. There will be nine Classic Petra songs as well as one classic rock song on this project. I will be releasing EXCLUSIVE behind the scenes videos and interviews with the band during our time in the studio on my Website BLOG and Facebook. Stay tuned!”

Two of the re-recorded cuts include “Not Of This World” (off the album of the same name) and “For Annie” (Never Say Die).

CPR line up:

Greg X. Volz - Lead Vocals
Kirk Henderson - Guitars
John Lawry - Keyboards
Ronnie Cates - Bass
Louie Weaver - Drums


Update Archives: January 8, 2017


Michael Cutting - Unspoken banner

Michael Cutting Releases Debut Solo Album, Unspoken:
Press Release / The independently released solo album from HOLY SOLDIER guitarist Michael Cutting has been five years in the making and it shows.  Excellent songs- from lyrics to songwriting to the recorded vocals and all the instruments this thing smokes. Featuring none other then David Zaffiro producing the vocals and engineering this release, and even contributing vocals to the tracks “Leave It Behind” and “Karma”.

From the opening track “Table For One” with its very ALICE IN CHANGE like styling to the ballad like “Leave It Behind” and “Never Forget” and everything in between you get a little bit of variety here.

Michael truly put his heart on his sleeve as he shared this masterpiece with the world. Styles ranging from rock to hard rock to metal, I even hear his PINK FLOYD influences coming through as well as some BEATLES influence in some of the tracks making this a very eclectic release sure to appeal to the tastes of hard rockers and HOLY SOLDIERS fans a like.

CD pressing comes packaged in a beautiful high gloss digi-pack format with an extended 24 page fold out booklet with one side having all the lyrics and credits and the other opening into a full size poster portrait of Michael.

Further commentary from the artist: “Musically, (Unspoken) is difficult to put under one classification. It is not just any one "style"- it is not all rock or pop or metal or blues. Although it has elements of all those styles. In other words, it is not one dimensional.

“I played a strong role in the writing of the first Holy Soldier record, as well as the Promise Man CD and Encore. So as there were elements of my style as a writer and guitarist on those recordings, there will be familiar elements of this "style" on the new record. Those of you familiar with my work with Holy Soldier will perhaps hear where some of my “style” and ideas show up on this record.

“There are also elements of my influences a well, which quite honestly are too vast to list here. Just think of all the great bands old and new (rock, blues and otherwise) that come to your mind. Probably a lot of the same bands you all grew up with and have enjoyed throughout the years were my influences as well. Unspoken has some heavy music, some heavy blues influenced music, some slower thought provoking stuff, some heavy "pop" (I really dislike using that term!) and a lot of melodic elements throughout.

“I can say that there are elements and vibes of the following in particular: Led Zep, Hendrix/SRV, 90’s music, HS, Pink Floyd and even a little Gospel vibe thrown in.

“Lyrically, I would say that the songs cover a wide variety of topics, all of which are drawn from my own personal experience: life, love, loss, spirituality.”

Unspoken track listing:

1. “Table For One”
2. “Karma”
3. “Leave It Behind”
4. “Crush”
5. “Never Forget”
6. “Happy Hollowdays”
7. “Shadow Man”
8. “Angel On My Mind”
9. “Slip Away”
10. “Shuffle Off To Buffalo” (CD only bonus track)

Michael Cutting online: &

Stryper - Fallen promo pic

Oz Fox Talks About STRYPER’s Hiatus:
Courtesy of

STRYPER guitarist Oz Fox has spoken out about the "personal issues" that have resulted in the band taking a hiatus and possibly considering a future without bassist Tim Gaines.

Asked by The Vinyl Mishappenings (during an online interview) what the reason is that STRYPER is planning to take some time off, Fox said: "Well, it's a number of things. A lot of it is Michael (Sweet, guitar/vocals) has a lot projects coming up that he wants to take time off to do, which is fine by me, because I've got a lot of stuff going on here in town, and, as I get older in age, I kind of want to set myself up so that I'll have more opportunities here in (Las) Vegas so that someday if I ever stop touring with STRYPER, I can maybe stay here and work as a musician. He (Michael) definitely is going to be doing a second album with George Lynch and he also just released a solo album and he wants to go out and tour that album a little bit and we (STRYPER) are going to be playing on the Monsters of Rock cruise the first week of February."

Pressed on whether this means that STRYPER's original lineup - including Gaines - will appear on the Monsters Of Rock cruise, Fox said: "As far as I know, yes, but Tim, our bass player, is going through some personal issues and we're trying to let him work all of that stuff out. It's no secret anymore, but he's going through a divorce, so we're giving him time to work those things out. As far as I know, he's looking like he's on his way to making all of that stuff in his life correct and fixed, and then we'll see where he stands after he's all done with that, and I know he wants to keep touring. It's a very difficult thing to go through a divorce; it's difficult for everybody. We're very close to him and his wife, so it hurts us as much as it hurts them. These things do happen in the Christian world, and I want to reference back to a lot of those really hardcore conservative Christians; it's very taboo to see somebody, especially in the limelight, going through that kind of thing, and so a divorce is one of those, kind of, 'bad' words. Now there are a lot of Christians who understand. I understand the situation, because I went through a divorce myself in 2006 with my first wife. It's very difficult - it really is - but we're going to give him time to do that and go through and deal with his issues. As far as I know, he's going to be on the cruise with us. And then the only other thing I can say after that is there are plans to do another STRYPER album, so we'll see how that goes later on."

Asked if he thinks Tim's personal issues and Michael's other projects will delay work on a new STRYPER album, Oz said: "I think there were plans to possibly get on it in January. It hadn't been booked or anything, but once this whole thing started happening with Tim, we thought it was a better idea to just postpone everything. We decided to maybe wait until later on in the year. I think it's good for us to just give him time to do his thing and deal with his issues, and then later on, we can come back together and, after everything is already healed over, have a solid time of being able to work together."

Michael Sweet recently told the WSOU radio station that STRYPER has "no plans of stopping," despite the latest setback. He explained: "I mean, we had considered it and thought, well, maybe we should, but then we realized, well, that's just fair to us, that's not fair to the fans. So we're gonna continue on for sure; we just don't know how and when exactly."

Sweet also said that it was "probable" that STRYPER would carry on without Gaines, explaining that "if we were to disband or dissolve or stop, it really wouldn't be fair to the fans, it wouldn't be fair to the other guys, and it's important to keep that in mind as well."

STRYPER's latest album, Fallen, entered The Billboard 200 chart at position No. 43 with first-week sales of just over 10,000 units - nearly all from pure album sales. The set followed the No. 35-peaking No More Hell To Pay, which was released in 2013.

Read the full interview with Oz Fox: HERE

Oz Fox online:

STRYPER online: &


* Vocalist Germán Pascual (ESSENCE OF SORROW, ex-NARNIA) has released a lyric video for a cover of Shania Twain’s "Ka Ching!", a great influence of the singer:

The video was made by Rafael Tavares and the cover was recorded and produced by Michael Oliveira, one of Germán's best friends.


Update Archives: January 1, 2017


Jamie Rowe promo pic

New Jamie Rowe Interview Online:
In a recent online interview with Melodic Music Reviews, vocalist Jamie Rowe goes into extensive detail about his background with TEMPEST, GUARDIAN and ADRIANGALE.  Following is an excerpt:

So was Tempest your first band and how did it start?
“Tempest was the first band I was a part of, yes. I was originally only the bass player. At 17, I wasn’t a very good player at that point so after I tracked my parts they had a session player come in and re-do them after I left! Haha! The producer of the record heard me sing and said “We should put him on a few tracks” so I sang on half of the album. By the time it was released I was the full-time vocalist for the band. Those albums are available on iTunes legally, anything else you find out there (other than original pressings) are bootlegs and someone trying to make a buck. Unless the label who owns the masters decides to do a proper release of physical media they will likely be digital only.”

Read Full Interview: HERE


DELIVERANCE, SAINT & HERO Vinyl Releases on Roxx Records:
Press Release / Roxx Records is kicking off the 2017 New Year with a bang with not one, not two, but THREE, brand new limited edition vinyl releases!  Release date for all three is January 13, 2017.

Saint - Hell Blade - Roxx Records vinyl release

After the successful launch of our Limited Edition vinyl ‘Underground Series’ we are very happy to announce the fifth release in the series, Hell Blade from the classic Christian metal band SAINT.  As the eighth official album from SAINT, Hell Blade was hailed at the time of its 2010 release as an amazing return to form for the Salem, Oregon based group in featuring original member’s vocalist Josh Kramer and bassist Richard Lynch in addition to guitarist Jerry Johnson and drummer Bill Brost.

Roxx Records is very excited to be giving Hell Blade its very first appearance on Limited Edition vinyl complete with brand new cover art.  This release is limited to 150 pieces with each individually numbered on black vinyl.

Hell Blade track listing:

A1. “The Ascent”
A2. “The Blade”
A3. “To The Cross”
A4. “Crying In The Night”
A5. “Hell Train”

B1. “Endless Night”
B2. “You & Me”
B3. “New World Order”
B4. “Sinner Peace”
B5. “Hell Blade”

Hell Blade vinyl pre-order:

Deliverance - Weapons Of Our Warfare

In addition, we are very happy to announce that after the HUGE success of the 2014 vinyl reissue of DELIVERANCE’s Weapons Of Our Warfare we are releasing a second and final pressing of this historic Christian metal album.  Each of the 100 copies pressed is hand numbered and comes in a unique black and blue vinyl swirl pattern.  A CD download disc comes with each copy as well.  If you missed out on the first pressing, act fast and get one of these as part of your personal collection before they are gone!

The DELIVERANCE sophomore album from 1990, Weapons Of Our Warfare is a landmark thrash release with the title track receiving prominent rotation in the MTV metal show Headbangers Ball back in 1990 where it would remain in the top 3 videos for 12 weeks.

Weapons Of Our Warfare track listing:

A1. “Supplication”
A2. “This Present Darkness”
A3. “Weapons Of Our Warfare”
A4. “Solitude”
A5. “Flesh And Blood”

B1. “Bought By Blood”
B2. “23”
B3. “Slay The Wicked”
B4. “Greetings Of Death”
B5. “If We Faint Not”

Weapons Of Our Warfare vinyl pre-order:

The Hero - Miracles

This is a Limited Edition vinyl version of the brand new album Miracles from THE HERO. The album was actually released by the band on vinyl in Sweden.  We have limited quantities available here in the US. Get yours now!

Miracles is the fourth full length album from THE HERO, and first new music since the release of its critically acclaimed 2013 third album Afterlife.

Miracles track listing:

A1. “Kill The Monster”
A2. “Miracles”
A3. “The Broken Hearted”
A4. “Tell The World”
A5. “Crying in the Rain”

B1. “Corpus Christi”
B2. “Via Dolorosa”
B3. “Join Me In Life”
B4. “When Evil Blooms”
B5. :Shot”

Miracles vinyl pre-order:


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