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Impellitteri announce new album, Venom

Impellitteri - Venom

Courtesy of Frontiers Music srl

Press Release / We are excited to announce the release of the brand new IMPELLITTERI studio album entitled Venom on April 17th in Europe and April 21st in North America!

With the release of the new album Venom, IMPELLITTERI deliver a record filled with addictive and memorable riffs, guitar solos that feature Chris Impellitteri’s blistering shredding technique coupled with strong melody. Rob Rock's vocals are mesmerizing, melodic, and will have fans singing each song long after the record is over. Lastly, the band boggles the mind with brutal drumming filled with speed and groove, courtesy of John Dette (ex-TESTAMENT, SLAYER band, etc.) and beastly bass playing courtesy of James Pulli. IMPELLITTERI wanted to create music that would take the listener on a musical journey thru different time periods of metal and rock… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Chris Impellitteri is heralded as one of the world’s greatest guitar shredders. He has won Best Rock Guitarist Awards from several magazines during the years for his guitar soloing. He is the first guitarist to be branded as the fastest guitarist in the world by the international media. Recently and without any prompting or campaigning, Impellitteri was voted 2nd fastest guitarist in the world by “Guitar One” magazine; and “Guitar World” magazine recently listed Chris Impellitteri within their top 50 fastest guitarists of all time!

Chris Impellitteri formed IMPELLITTERI in 1987, together with Rob Rock. That year, they released an EP called the Black Album which was well-received, and IMPELLITTERI went on to release the full-length album Stand In Line in 1988. As of today IMPELLITTERI have released a total of 9 acclaimed studio albums. The new record Venom follows 2009’s Wicked Maiden.

During the writing and recording of the new album Venom the band pushed the limitations of their musical abilities in both performance and composition. All musical areas and ideas were explored with only the best recorded.

Frontiers will release the album with two superb, new exclusive bonus tracks as add-ons.

Venom track listing:

1. “Venom”
2. “Empire Of Lies”
3. “We Own The Night”
4. “Nightmare”
5. “Face The Enemy”
6. “Dominoe Theory”
7. “Jehova”
8. “Rise”
9. “Time Machine”
10. “Holding On”
11. “Rock Through The Night” (bonus track)
12. “Reach For the Sky” (bonus track)


Chris Impellitteri - Lead Guitar
Rob Rock - Lead Vocals
James Pulli - Bass
Jon Dette - Drums

Produced by: Impellitteri and Greg Reely

Impellitteri promo pic


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