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Stone Groove Records - Update 2014

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Press Release / Phoenix, Arizona based Stone Groove Records announces the digital release of new albums by HYPNOGOG and SWEET CICADA in addition to re-issues of older material from TYKKÜS and TROGLODYTE DAWN.  The label, founded by Randy Michaud with the goal of “specializing in doom/stoner, heavy rock, classic metal, ambient, experimental and reissues of lost underground classics”, has made available for download the following releases at the Bandcamp pages of each respective artist:

Tykkus - Hystorykkus Maximus

TYKKÜS - Hystorykküs Maximüs: 1985-2007
Hystorykküs Maximüs represents a complete TYKKÜS anthology by including the following:

1. RIZER (pre-TYKKÜS) 6-song EP from 1985
2. TYKKÜS 3-song 1995 demo and 2005 4-song Ümlaut EP
3. Live: Clams & All 8-song show
4. 4-demo tracks recorded with vocalist Will V

Release date: May 4, 2014

The 3-song demo and Ümlaut are also available for separate purchase.

RIZER is the original band to feature guitarist Dale Burton.  Burton later crossed paths with guitarist Justin Frear, drummer Steve Slack, bassist Brian Weldin and vocalist Randy Michaud in Phoenix, Arizona to form the initial TYKKÜS line-up.

TYKKÜS stands for Teaching You Kingdom Knowledge Unto Salvation

Commented Michaud:” I still cherish the memories of my time in the band and I feel privileged to be able to keep the legacy alive!”

TYKKÜS online:

Hypnogog - Syndrig Times

HYPNOGOG - Syndrig Times
HYPNOGOG founder Dan Lively is West Virginia’s best kept secret when it comes to being a riff prodigy.  Accordingly, the full-length HYPNOGOG debut, Syndrig Times, comes across in the form of massive riff driven instrumental stoner doom.  The album represents a collection of live-in-the-studio improvisations with little or no doctoring, and no writing before the tape started rolling.  In other words, what you here is what the artist did, right on the spot!

The 2-song singles “Paranormal Supernature” and “Reprimand Of The Watchers” are also available from HYPNOGOG.

Release date: May 7, 2014

HYPNOGOG online:

Sweet Cicada - Switch

Dan Lively is nothing if not prolific!  In addition to his improvisational jam project HYPNOGOG and playing bass for Victor Griffin’s IN-GRAVED, Lively has his own polished stoner-doom groove band SWEET CICADA.  For fans of SABBATH, KING'S X, SOUNDGARDEN and the like.  Lively’s songwriting and playing skills shine on the SWEET CICADA debut Switch, a 3-song EP re-issued by Stone Groove Records with a bonus track, “Trials”, to whet the appetite of fans for the upcoming full length sophomore release Ziklag later this year.

Release date: May 7, 2014


Troglodyte Dawn - Troglodyte Dawn

TROGLODYTE DAWN - Troglodyte Dawn
The doom metal with ambient tendencies of Randy Michaud’s 2003 self-titled TROGLODYTE DAWN debut has been re-issued with two bonus tracks originally part of the 1995 Before The Dawn demo: A live acoustic version of “Flowers” and “Dead Man’s Switch”, an early form of the track “Fallen World”.

Also released are three new epic-length ambient singles as part of a new group of recordings called the Mystoric Series, “Ant Tattoos (Retold)”, “Zatanfallen” and “Flaatinslang” (free bonus track only available with the purchase of “Zatanfallen”).  An extended single version of the “Fallen World” suite (including all 5-sections of the piece) is also available for the first time as a single track.

Release date: April 18, 2014


Stone Groove Records online:


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