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The World Will Burn Reveals Cover Artwork To New Album, RuinNation

The World Will Burn - RuiNation

Press Release / International modern hard rock band THE WORLD WILL BURN plan to release its sophomore album, RuinNation, the first quarter of 2017.  Consisting of American guitarist Alan Zaring and New Zealand based vocalist Dale Thompson (BRIDE), THE WORLD WILL BURN got its start in January of 2016 with its independently released debut full length Severity.

The 85% Angelic Warlord review described Severity as “an expansive and rumbling modern to grungy to straightforward hard rock sound reminiscent to Bride’s 1997 release The Jesus Experience”  The album further “proves relevant musically from staying true to the hard rock side of things - the album surprises in terms of overall heaviness! - while not emphasizing the modern to a fault.” 

Vocally, Severity “avoids the vocal trappings that often turn many away from modern music: no rap or screamed or core or extreme vocals but rather Thompson’s trademark raspy and gritty blues influenced flavorings (that made him such a renowned front man from his time in BRIDE).”

According to THE WORLD WILL BURN press material, “Thompson and Zaring (worked) remotely to create music that transcends culture, language, and genres while focusing on emotion and passion rather than commercial success”.  Specifically, THE WORLD WILL BURN will further “change the way you look at hard rock music: New, fresh sounds combined with classic influences and thoughtful lyrics; power merged with grace; explosiveness married to innocence; rage fused with compassion.”

Comments Thompson: "The World Will Burn has been one of the highlights of my musical career.  My brother Troy and I conquered the metal world in the 90's and now Alan and I have created the same energy and infused it in the music that we create.  Our new album RuiNation is groove oriented rock with cool hooks that contain Alan's monster riffs and my best artsy vocals yet.”

States Zaring: "On Severity, we were really just figuring out our place in the hard rock world and weren't even sure there would be an audience for our different type of music.  We were having a blast, but at times we got bogged down by the technical side of things, since we were learning our software, equipment, and how to capture the energy while working remotely.  It was really just an experiment for our creative curiosity. 

“This time, we knew people were thirsty for a different sound and a different approach, so we had the confidence to make exactly the album we wanted to make.  RuiNation is a more mature recording than Severity.  It has deeper textures and, to me, a more complex sound and meaning.  At the same time we doubled down on our heavy hooks and really found some great grooves.  It's just a much better recording and we are really excited to get it released.  We don't have a huge following, but the people that have heard Severity have become super fans, and they are really spreading the word.  I really think they are going to love it.”

RuinNation track listing:

1. “Love To Hate”
2. “Welcome To The Freak Show”
3. “We All Die Alone”
4. “King For A Day”
5. “Child Of Tomorrow”
6. “Burn”
7. “Time”
8. “Nothing At All”
9. “What Goes Around Comes Around”
10. “All Things”

Mixed and mastered by Tim Bushong (LOVEWAR), RuinNation will be available for pre-order at THE WORLD WILL BURN website in the near future:


The World Will Burn - Severity

The World Will Burn - Dale Thompson & Alan Zaring


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