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Dynasty - Motus Perpetuus
Musical Style: Melodic Power Metal Produced By: Ricardo Parronchi
Record Label: Avantage Country Of Origin: Brazil
Year Released: 2004 Artist Website:
Tracks: 11 Rating: 80%
Running Time: 57:21
Dynasty - Motus Perpetuus

I find it difficult not to get excited about the talented Christian metal bands coming out of Brazil in recent years.  And Dynasty certainly deserves to rank among those bands.  Its full length debut Motus Perpetuus moves in a melodic power metal direction not unlike Harmony or Magnitude 9 while reflecting the influence of other Brazilian bands such as Eterna, Shining Star and Destra.  Displaying a great deal of confidence in its instrumental sound, Dynasty launches into several extended instrumental passages allowing the top notch guitar team of Tuta and Cesar Martins to showcase their abilities.  Frontman Nahor Andrade contributes a very fine clean sounding mid-octave ranged voice.  Ademir Machado furnishes the albums tight sounding work on double bass and forms a solid rhythm section with bassist Ivan Almeida.  Keyboardist Gustavo Ivon enhances the bands sound without unnecessarily detracting from it.

Producer Ricardo Parronchi (Destra) performed an immaculate job on Motus Perpetuus.  Crystal clear sounding sonics allow for a near perfect blend of rhythm and lead guitar backed by audible bass lines, crisp double bass and a clean mix of keyboards.

A great deal of credit goes to Avantage Records for an excellent packaging job featuring professionally done album artwork in addition to a sixteen page CD booklet with easy to read lyrics and several band photos.
After "Not In Vain" takes off in a fast paced manner to a prominent mix of keyboards, a near perfect blend of rhythm guitar and keyboards leads the way to a smooth sounding chorus detailing the work of Christ in the cross:

Died on a cross for you and me
Gave us His life for our sins
Died on a cross
Why can't you see?
Gave us His life for our sins

A combination of bass guitar and keyboards opens an instrumental passage carried by several seconds of tight sounding lead guitar work.

Commencing to a quickly moving double bass driven riff, "Eternity" slows as a crisp rhythm guitar steadily pushes it to a chorus giving rise to a good commercial feel.  Thirty seconds of fluid lead guitar work aligns itself with the songs upbeat tempo.  "Eternity" talks about exactly that:

Eternity, living in my reign
Is my promise to you
Just believe in my words
Walking in my holy ways
Eternity, I died for this
A new life, a new world
Forever inside the Lord
With eternal love

Once the hard hitting rhythm guitar at the start of "Against All Evil" drops from the mix, Almeida’s bass guitar is left to carry the beginning of the songs first verse.  The rhythm guitar returns, however, to impel the song in emotionally charged fashion until it culminates for a chorus backed by just the right amount of double bass.  Thirty seconds of dual lead guitar work highlights an instrumental passage ending to tastefully done keyboard solo.  "Against All Evil" deals with spiritual warfare:

The enemy tries to destroy my life
But God's love gives me strength to fight
I believe in the name of Christ
Because He has power to save my life

Subsequent to an acoustic guitar slowly moving "The Word That Remains" through its first verse, the rhythm guitar kicks in at the start of the second and carries it to an incredibly catchy melodic flavored chorus.  Eduardo Parronchi (Destra) makes a guest appearance on lead guitar and delivers a very well done fiery guitar solo.

"Mitzvoth" gets underway to an even blend of edgy rhythm guitar and keyboards, the two propelling the song until it slows for a sweeping chorus accentuated by Andrade's clean sounding vocal delivery.  Eduardo Parronchi contributes another impressive performance on lead guitar, his solo starting slowly until it picks up in speed and ends in a satisfyingly fast paced manner.

The seven minute progressive metal masterpiece "Following The Sign" is by far the albums strongest track.  Quickly conveyed through its first and second verse by a near perfect mix of rhythm guitar and double bass, the song culminates for a beautifully flowing chorus with a huge refuse to go away hook.  A two minute instrumental passage showcases a combination of rhythm guitar harmony and flashy lead guitar work.  The songs subject matter is self-explanatory:

We saw the sign at night
Shining in the sky
Was written a prophecy
The Savior is coming...
We walked along waiting
The Son of God to be born
Salvation is coming for us
A miracle on the earth

Initiated by a bass guitar solo, "Another Chance" moves forward to a crisp rhythm guitar prior to slowing to a quietly played guitar line upon reaching its first verse.  As "Another Chance" picks up in pace, the rhythm guitar returns and drives it to an extensive chorus in which the band makes a statement of faith:

Because my great Savior
Heard the prayers of my heart
Put on me your hands
Freeing me from sin forever

A nice lengthy guitar solo stands in perfect complement to the songs pace and feel.

A seventies influenced mix of rhythm guitar and organ opens "Salvation" before an edgy guitar riff carries its first and second verse and double bass the swiftly moving chorus that follows.  Slowing to a bluesy guitar solo, one of the albums finest moments occurs when a minute long dual lead guitar trade off is carried over more double bass.  The message to "Salvation" is self-explanatory:

Salvation - I found in my Lord
He gave His love for me on the cross
His love - that gives me life

A piano takes the ballad "Just For Loving You" through its first and second verse until the rhythm guitar enters the mix at the start of the third.  Picking up in pace for its bridge, the song flows to a good commercial flavored chorus bolstered by vocal harmonies.  "Just For Loving You" talks about the forgiveness offered in Christ:

Upon me I supported your sins and your pains
In a rock I buried
My forgiveness you received 
Introduced to a rapidly moving combination of rhythm guitar and keyboards, "The Time Is Over" advances through its first verse at an upbeat tempo.  After the bass guitar moves to the front of the mix, it helps leads the way to an energy laden chorus progressing at breakneck speed.  A tastefully done dual lead guitar trade off carries a well timed instrumental passage.

"Goldenland" begins to a slowly moving mix of keyboard and rhythm guitar until it builds momentum and proceeds through its first and second verse in a fast paced manner.  Gaining impetus during its bridge, "Goldenland" crest for an anthemic chorus ending to a bass guitar solo.  Lead guitar and keyboard interplay carry the song through its instrumental passage.

Motus Perpetuus is a musically solid effort from front to back that gives prominence to an immaculate production job and the bands top notch musicianship.  "Against All Evil" and "The Word That Remains" stand out with their catchy melodies, while "Following The Sign" is nothing less than a great example of progressive metal.  The rest of the albums compositions, however, I would rate as good to very good but not quite great.  Hence, the challenge facing Dynasty is to continue to improve its songwriting skills to come up with even better material highlighting catchier choruses and more noteworthy melodies.  I look forward to hearing more from this promising young band in the future.
Review by: Andrew Rockwell

Track Listing: "Not In Vain" (4:58), "Eternity" (3:34), "Against All Evil" (4:20), "The Word That Remains" (6:11), "Miztvoth" (5:55), "Following The Sign" (6:57), "Another Chance" (5:48), "Salvation" (4:37), "Just For Loving You" (4:45), "The Time Is Over" (4:23), "Goldenland" (5:51)

Nahor Andrade – Lead Vocals
Tuta – Guitars
Cesar Martins – Guitars
Gustavo Ivon – Keyboards
Ivan Almeida – Bass
Ademir Machado – Drums

Guest Musicians
Eduardo Parronchi – Guitars
Ricardo Parronchi – Bass
Fulano de Tal - Cello


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