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Sinbreed - When Worlds Collide
Musical Style: Power Metal Produced By: Markus Teske
Record Label: Ulterium Country Of Origin: Germany
Year Released: 2010 Artist Website: Sinbreed
Tracks: 10 Rating: 90%
Running Time:

Sinbreed - When Worlds Collide

Sinbreed is the project of 27 year old German guitarist Flo Laurin.  Getting his start in the late nineties and initially using the moniker Neoshine, Laurin joined forces with vocalist Martin Brendler (Dragonfly) to record his first demo, With A Neoshine, in 2005.  A second demo recorded later the same year was sent to Seventh Avenue vocalist Herbie Langhans, who Laurin met while working as a sound technician at a festival in 1996.  After Langhans agreed to take part in the project, drummer Frederik Ehmke (Blind Guardian) and bassist Alexander Schulz were recruited shortly thereafter.

With its line up solidified, Neoshine returned to the studio in 2007 to put the finishing touches on its third and final demo, appropriately entitled III.  A legal conflict with an American corporation of the same name, however, led Neoshine to permanently change its moniker to Sinbreed.  Sinbreed later signed with Sweden’s Ulterium Records in 2009 and soon began work on its spring of 2010 full length debut When World’s Collide.

What we have in Sinbreed is European power metal delivering equal parts speed, melody and aggression.  While drawing upon the influence of its member’s bands (including Seventh Avenue and Blind Guardian), Sinbreed will be certain to appeal to those into Helloween, Theocracy, Narnia, Sacred Warrior, Rhapsody, ReinXeed and a host of others within the same genre.

When Worlds Collide features its share of hard hitting tracks (“Dust To Dust” and “Enemy Lines”) and others heading in a more melodic direction (“When Worlds Collide” and “Through The Dark”).  You will also encounter moments bordering on speed metal (“Book Of Life”, “Room 101” and “Infinity’s Call”), epic metal (“Newborn Tomorrow” and “Salvation”) and even the neo-classical (“Arise”).

Herbie Langhans brings the perfect complementary touch with his at times gravelly and at others smooth sounding vocal presence.  The best way to describe his style might be powerful but raspy, a unique joining of Les Carlson (Bloodgood) and Andi Deris.  Michale Kiske (Helloween) almost comes to mind when he goes for a high note (such as on “Book Of Life”).

Flo Laurin proves masterful in his ability to imbue the project with his tight as they get riffs and harmonies, ranging from the galloping to the melodic based to all out speed metal.  Soloing wise, the album is full of emotionally charged lead work that gives guest guitarists Oliver Lohmann (Courageous) and Andreas Iancu the opportunity to shine.

It must be noted the first rate drumming of Frederik Ehmke, who joins with bassist Alexander Schulz to put in place quite the fixed low end.  Keyboardists Morten Sandager (Pretty Maids) and Joost Van Den Broek (Ayreon, Star One) excel in adding just the right amount of texture.

Production values come across polished but not so much as to take away from the bands natural raw energy.

While I might hesitate to label Sinbreed a Christian band, lyrics to “Book Of Life” and “Salvation” leave little doubt as to where the group is coming from lyrically.

Things get underway to “Newborn Tomorrow”, an uplifting piece that rushes its distance at a furious pace - Frederik Ehmke gets quite the workout on double bass – while giving rise to quite the affluent melody (the epic flavored chorus is done to perfection).  Put this one either of Theocracy’s albums and it would sound right at home.
“Book Of Life” maintains the tempestuous pace.  Upheld by a dark and weighty low end, the song grinds through its staunch verses and a rollicking chorus featuring some cool interplay between Herbie and the groups pointed backing vocals.  In the end I am reminded of Obsessions era Sacred Warrior (think “Temples On Fire” or “Fire In Heaven”).

“When Worlds Collide” introduces some highlighting keyboards to the backdrop.  The song might slow the pace somewhat – at least in comparison to the two preceding it – but still brings an intricate feel and complementary poignantly driven chorus (the groups big backing vocals again make their presence felt).  An adeptly done stretch of lead guitar rounds things out.

“Dust To Dust” represents the albums heaviest.  With a literal avalanche of rhythm guitar leading the way, the song storms its distance in relentless fashion (some of the riffs here almost have a thrash flavor to them) in putting forth quite the aggressive environs.  The Seventh Avenue song “Raging Fire” (off Eternals) comes to mind in the process.

A return to an up-tempo direction is taken on “Infinity’s Call”.  The song begins to a brief keyboard solo prior to kicking into a double bass driven riff.  The song storms the rest of its way, showcasing a smoothly flowing chorus and some guitar harmonies during its instrumental moments that bring to mind Blind Guardian.

“Through The Dark” delivers one of the albums stronger melodies.  Occasionally touched up by keyboards but standing out with a prodigious chorus hook, the song almost comes across Narnia-like in capacity (think Enter The Gate era).  The lead work is again scintillating and aligns well with the music at hand.

“Enemy Lines” takes the more mid-paced heading.  The song is highlighted by its steadfast riff action but can also make a time change to a calmer passage upheld by some quietly played guitar.  A weighty low-key presence can be found as well, with the outcome a track joining a technical feel with proclivity on the straightforward side of things.

The bands trademark double bass returns on “Room 101”, a high energy number characterized by its punch driven momentum and aggressively delivered backing vocals.  A galloping guitar driven instrumental section precedes a quieter passage featuring some spoken word moments.  It also must be noted how Herbie exhibits the full range to his voice on this one.

The instrumental opening to “Arise” features some classically driven keyboards.  Moving forward, the song proves a swarthy piece with its tenacious verse sections and lighter chorus giving rise to a more resounding feel.  The neo-classical flavorings to this one are understated and remind me somewhat of Impellitteri.

More classically driven keyboards open “Salvation”.  What we have here is an epic-based number that brings to mind the best of Theocracy, Rhapsody and ReinXeed.  The over the top chorus, for instance, is upheld by medieval influenced vocal melodies (very catchy) while the lead guitar and keyboard interplay carries a tasteful instrumental interlude.  The only complaint is that I wish “Salvation” were a minute or two longer.

Track Listing: “Newborn Tomorrow” (4:44), “Book Of Life” (4:07), “When Worlds Collide” (3:53), “Dust To Dust” (4:30), “Infinity’s Call” (3:44), “Through The Dark” (3:56), “Enemy Lines” (4:19), “Room 101” (4:35), “Arise” (4:17), “Salvation” (5:06)

Herbie Langhans – Vocals
Flo Laurin – Guitars & Keyboards
Alexander Schulz - Bass
Frederik Ehmke - Drums

Guest Musicians
Oliver Lohmann & Andreas Iancu – Guitars
Morten Sandager & Joost Van Den Broek - Keyboards


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