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Visual Cliff collage

New albums from VISUAL CLIFF, Out Of The Archives & Between Two Kingdoms:
Press Release / Out Of The Archives and Between Two Kingdoms, the final two full length albums from VISUAL CLIFF,  will be released together later this year.  Those that pre-buy Out Of The Archives will be sent the final mastered tunes (mp3's) to download as they are completed along with 2 videos.  We are now sending 6 completed tunes.  No sneak peak mixes will be posted for Between Two Kingdoms.

Between Two Kingdoms is a full band effort.   The extra special ingredient on this album is that original members Rob Klan (keyboards) & Eric Fuller (bass) will guest on the very last track as a very special way to close out this incredible run.

Look for Between Two Kingdoms to be released late in 2013 and encompass eight tracks, three of which will be in the 10-12 minute range and tied conceptually to the album title.  The three will weave in and out of vocal sections and extended instrumental sections.

Out Of The Archives is an album that sees original bass & drum composer Rick Mals working with Rob Perez on material (eleven songs total) that was never released from the 2003-2007 albums.  Rob is handling the keyboard duties on this album along with all the guitar work.

Both albums will be released on CD but the extended digi-booklets will be sent electronically.  The digi-book for each album will contain extensive notes on recording processes, guitar rigs and fx used, mixing tips & tricks along with follow along meanings behind each song.

Please note that VISUAL CLIFF is not going away permanently!  We are, however, calling it a day on producing full length albums.  The future will see VC releasing only a couple singles per year and offering them as free downloads on the "Our Music" page.


Shane Lankford – Lead Vocals
Rob Perez – Guitars
John Neiswinger- Keyboards
David Michael - Bass
Thomas Schuffert – Drums

VISUAL CLIFF discography:

Lyrics For The Living (2003)
Key To Eternity (2004)
Freedom Within (2005)

Into The After (2007)
Collective Spirit (2010)
Out Of The Archives (2013)
Between Two Kingdoms (2013)

VISUAL CLIFF online: &


* ADRIANGALE announces new rhythm section, bassist Matt Mahoney & drummer Lee Nelson (Facebook - 06/27/13):  “We've eagerly wanted to make this announcement for some time now, and all good things come to those who wait. So please join ADRIANGALE in publicly welcoming its newest members to AG. Our Powerhouse rhythm section duo: Matt Mahoney (Bass Guitar) and Lee Nelson (Drums) !

Matt and Lee are each long-time friends, superb musicians and seriously great people to boot! The decision to invite them to join our outfit was a no-brainer. Having true team players on board makes us a better unit than ever before. It's going to be loud, energetic, and dangerous!

We are looking forward to bringing you our best performance come September at MelodicRockFest - you are going, right? Of course you are!!! So get your tickets now at: 

And don't forget: preorders are now being taken for our upcoming new album Suckerpunch!, which will be released at the show! Paypal $12 (US orders) or $15 (International orders) to  Shipping is included in price! Plus ALL pre orders will be signed by the band”.

* MISSION OF ONE signed with Tate Music Group for the distribution of its new album Hostile To The Gospel.  More details (in terms of release date) as they become available.

* SAINT EP update (Facebook – 06/04/13): “Here's what Saint is up to. Starting this week we go into full production mode for the new EP that's looking like a full LP with videos. We'll do some reviewing in a month or so and see if there's enough strong material and if so then it will be a new Saint album”.

Also be sure to check out the SAINT YouTube video page:

* SOUND OF ETERNITY, the English version of Honduras based CODIGO ETERNO, is at work on a new album entitled Visions And Dreams.  “Reason To Live” is the first single off the album:


Update Archives: June 23, 2013


AMASEFFER - Slaves For Life
Placing Amaseffer within a specific style segment proves problematic due to the diverse and distinct nature of their sound.  Progressive metal is the first word that comes to mind - along with some power and melodic metal aspects - but that would be limiting in that there is much more to the group from a musical standpoint.  Read Full Review >>

John Elefante - On My Way To The Sun
On My Way To The Sun finds Elefante heading in a direction not unlike that of 3 by joining aspects of Kansas (in terms of occasional 70’s influences and progressive overtones) and Mastedon (touches of melodic rock and hard rock) with that of his solo material (from a smooth AOR and commercial standpoint).  It is this tasteful mirroring of styles - and the creativity and inspiration therein - that helps make On My Way To The Sun, as already noted, such a special work.  Read Full Review >>

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE - Before The Revolution
A compilation albums key selling point is its predictability.  Most, for instance, are exclusive to an artist’s radio hits with a variety of fan favorites, concert staples and quality deep cuts added to round things out.  To generate further interest and increase sales, it is not uncommon for a couple of new songs to be included as well.  Read Full Review >>

Darrell Mansfield - Revelation (Expanded Edition)
Revelation delivers as promised a blues heavy hard rock sound that at times borders on heavy metal.  The album really flexes its muscles and comes across as a true hard rock releases as a result- and not some haphazard and thinly disguised attempt at the genre.  Read Full Review >> 

Musically, Trinity trends towards eighties based melodic metal and straightforward hard rock but intermingled with a few traditional and power metal overtones.  Hence, the likes of Whitecross, Bride, Stryper, Sacred Warrior and Rez Band are mentioned throughout the review as basis for comparison.  Read Full Review >>

RAZORIGAMI - Weathering The Winter Of The Soul
The main calling card to Razorigami is Luke Richard Weber’s high octane and multifarious vocal abilities.  To say that he is one of the up and coming talents in the metal and hard rock world would be an understatement.  Read Full Review >> 

WARLORD - The Holy Empire
On The Holy Empire Warlord strikes a balance between the dark, epic metal of its past and classically influenced sounds of Lordian Guard.  It proves a compelling combination, particularly when factoring the manner in which the group stays true to the epic song structures and deep melodies of its first two releases while mixing orchestral and choral parts with the cinematic elements in which Tsamis later gained renown.  Read Full Review >> 

WONROWE VISION - Pictures Of The Past Present And Future
It’s only fitting that Melbourne, Australia based Wonrowe Vision bears the name of its founder, vocalist and bassist Steve Rowe.  After all, Rowe is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the Christian metal scene, having cemented his legacy with his signature group Mortification but getting started in the mid-eighties as part of the lesser known but no less notable Lightforce.  Read Full Review >>


Kinetic Element logo

KINETIC ELEMENT signs with Melodic Revolutions Records:
Press Release / KINETIC ELEMENT is a neo/symphonic progressive rock band from Richmond, Virginia that harbors musical roots in classic artists like EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER, YES, ASIA and GENESIS and blends those influences with philosophical and spiritually powerful and uplifting lyrics.

KINETIC ELEMENT was formed to perform the music of vocalist Mike Visaggio's solo CD Starship Universe, which was released in 2006 after Mike was selected to perform at the 2006 Pop Montreal festival.   That original group was a keyboard prog trio with Mike Visaggio (keys), Matt Harris (bass) and Michael Murray (drums). Since then they have assembled a repertoire of that entire CD, plus selected classic prog and classic rock covers and their new prog pieces they have put together since they formed and released their debut CD Powered By Light, which was nominated for Best Debut CD of 2009 by The Prog Awards.

The band is now comprised of Mike Visaggio (keyboards and lead vocals); Michael Murray (drums and backing vocals), Todd Russell (electric and acoustic guitar), George DeCola (lead vocalist, guitar and keyboards) and Len Dupika (bass).

Powered By Light was done at Sound of Music Studios in Richmond, Virginia and it was released in September 2009. In May 2008 KE was privileged to be a support act for CIRCA (featuring Tony Kaye and Alan White of YES, at Jaxx in northern Virginia), RARE BLEND (at Orion Studios in Baltimore, Maryland one of prog’s must-play venues), IZZ (who have played every prog festival in America, at the Artomatic festival in Washington, D.C.) In 2009, KE supported MORGLBL (at Capitol Ale House Music Hall in Richmond VA). In 2010, with Edensong (at Orion again). Kinetic Element opened the nation’s longest running prog rock festival, Prog Day, at the Pre-Show on August 29, 2008 with Speechless and again on Sept. 3, 2010 with Jack Dupon. They played The Magic Room in Boston in November 2011 headlining, with suppport acts ECCENTRIC ORBIT and RESISTOR. Besides promoting Powered By Light the band is actively writing new material and doing pre-production. They were invited to play the first Ohio Prog festival to be held in September 2012 before the festival was unfortunately cancelled.

At this time (May 2013) the band is working on a second CD in their cavernous garage home studio and playing gigs at venues around Richmond.

Further reading:


Signum Regis logo

SIGNUM REGIS signs with Ulterium Records:
Press Release / Ulterium Records are proud to announce the signing of the melodic metal band SIGNUM REGIS.

With their two previous albums The Eyes Of Power (2010) and Signum Regis (2008) they established themselves as a highly respected band in the scene, especially with the diverse concept album The Eyes Of Power that received great reviews from around the world. The singer on both albums was no other than Göran Edman, known for his work with Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum and many more.

SIGNUM REGIS is currently putting the finishing touches to their third album entitled Exodus, a concept album that will be released later this year. The difference between this album and the previous albums is that SIGNUM REGIS won't be fronted by one singer, but each track will feature different singers. Confirmed so far are Matt Smith (THEOCRACY), Michael Vescera (OBESSION, ANIMETAL USA, ex. Yngwie Malmsteen), Thomas Winkler (GLORYHAMMER, EMERALD) and Göran Edman [ex. Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum]. More singers will be announced later on, as well as release dates, artwork etc.

Ulterium Records online:

SIGNUM REGIS online: & 


* AFFECTOR, “New Jerusalem” radio edit:

* BLOODGOOD, Metal Missionaries 25th Anniversary Edition CD back in stock:

This is the original BLOODGOOD Metal Missionaries demo from 1985 totally re-mastered. It includes the first versions of “Awake!”, “Accept The Lamb”, “Anguish & Pain”, and “Battle Of The Flesh”. Also included is a demo version of the new song, "Man in the Middle" and an exclusive interview with the band from 1986.

* Chris Impellitteri is currently at work on material for the next IMPELLITTERI album.  Further details (in terms of who will be fronting the project) to be announced as they become available.

* “Grace And Gravity” is a new song scheduled for release as part of the upcoming LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE compilation, 4-All: Best Of LNJ 2:  The song features four of the five members of the current LNJ roster: David Cagle (vocals), JK Northrup (guitars), Eric Ragno (keyboards) and Justin Murr (bass). 

4-All: Best Of LNJ 2 will include 4 new songs in addition to one each from prior LNJ releases Soundtrack Of A Soul (2006), Independence Day (2007) & Hell Is Coming To Breakfast (2012), 4 from Light It Up (2010), 2 from Chasing A Cure (2011) and 5 from The Cigar Chronicles (2013).  Release date is set for October 22, 2013.

You can pre-order 4-All: Best Of LNJ 2 at:
“No Honor Among Thieves”, another new track off 4-All: The Best Of LNJ 2, can be streamed


Update Archives: June 16, 2013


Mission Of One - Hostile To The Gospel

MISSION OF ONE - Hostile To The Gospel final track-listing announced:
Work has been completed on the fourth MISSION OF ONE album:

Hostile To The Gospel track listing (in proper order and with guest musicians):

1. “Crashing Down On You” - David Franey (lead guitar), David England (drums)
2. “Does Anybody Care” - Jacob Veal (formerly of EDEN’S WAY/EOWYN on lead guitar), David England (drums)
3. “Feed My Sheep” - David Franey (lead guitar), Darren Dickens (drums)
4. “Give In To Him” - David Franey (lead guitar), Darren Dickens (drums)
5. “Gloryland” - David Franey (lead guitar), Darren Dickens (drums)
6. “Hostile To The Gospel” - David Franey (lead guitar), Darren Dickens (drums)
7. “I Know” - JD Evans (of LETTER 7 on lead guitar), Darren Dickens (drums)
8. “No Other” - David Franey (lead guitar), Darren Dickens (drums)
9. “Prodigal” - Kevin Hasselquist (of SARDIS on lead guitar), Darren Dickens (drums)
10.”Someone Save Me” - JD Evans (lead guitar), Darren Dickens (drums)
11. “The Third Door” - Kevin Hasselquist (lead guitar), Darren Dickens (drums)
12. “Walk On Water” - Brad Windlan (Pastor Brad on lead guitar), David England (drums)

Founding member Chris Dickens (vocals, bass & rhythm guitars) recently offered his thoughts regarding the production process:

"Concerning the guitar tones & bass he commented: “That's the power of a Line 6 POD.  It's just the small kidney shaped processor, but it has some killer tones built in.  You can also customize the sounds and save them, but I like it because I can quickly find a sound I like.  Very plug 'n play.

"I do the same thing with the bass.  Instead of an amp, I use a processor called a V-Amp.  Again, I can just plug in and find a tone I like.”

He goes into detail about drums as well: “This is definitely an electric kit, but they sound much fuller than most electric drums.  The cymbals were a lot crisper in the mix before mastering, but they had to be clipped a bit because they were causing ear fatigue.  So, you can tell that they are not real metallic cymbals.  They are rubberized pads, actually.  But, Darren Dickens and the other drummer I used did a wonderful job.”


Pastor Brad - Trinity

Trinity, Pastor Brad compilation, available for download:
The Bay City, MI based guitarists provides further details concerning the album:

"I launched in April of 2004 along with the release of two demos, Get Real and Rock You Up.  Over the course of the next couple of years I released three more 80's Style Christian Metal albums: Out Of The Hellhole (2004), Telecaster (2005) and The King Has Come (2005).  Yes, I was a busy guy!   Also in 2005, I released my first instrumental disc, titled simply, SHREDSHRED launched me down a path of back to back to back instrumental releases (with guest artists).  I never really got back to singing--with the exception of the couple vocal tracks I recorded for Break Out.
"In 2009 I was honored to be asked to play at Cornerstone.  This was, as you can imagine, a pretty big deal for me.  I rehearsed like crazy - so much that I injured my playing hand - I made it through Cornerstone, but the condition got worse quickly afterward.  I can still play rhythm guitar, but my lead playing days are behind me until: a) I can get insurance that will cover the procedure I need to fix my problem), or b) God heals my playing hand.
"The 2011 release Back To The Shredder was recorded before 2009.
"God is good - I hope to release new music in the future - it will just be a different style minus leads, unless I have some friends play lead.
"All that to say this caused me to take a fresh look at my older material...
"I want to re-promote my early vocal music.  Trinity contains my favorites from Out Of tThe Hellhole, Telecaster and The King Has Come.  Production is what it is on these releases - I was early in my journey of learning how to mix back then -they have a rawness about them but I like 'em so."

Trinity track-listing: “City Streets”, “Bring It On”, “Cut Down To Size”, “It’s Just Faith”, “Smack Dab”, “No Turning Back”, “Exalted One”, “Running For The Prize”, “Surrender”, “How The West Was One”, “The Way”, “Fatal Attraction”, “The Invitation”, “Justified”, “Heaven”, “Crazy”, “Well Done”, “Old Bones New Life”, “Red”, “Roller Coaster”, “More Love”

Pastor Brad online: &


* ABSOLON signs to Liquid Tree Records (Facebook - June 9, 2013): “Absolon is extremely pround to announce that it has signed a recording contract with Liquid Tree Records out of Germany.  With worldwide promotions and reach, LTR has the connections and resources to put Absolon on the map.  We are truly excited and believe that great things are in the future for us.  We have to give big thanks to Miguel Johnson who is taking a chance on a new and untested metal band.  Big thanks to our manager, Kevin Dunham, for putting us on LTR radar and a big thanks to Kimmy from KBMP touring/booking.  Absolon is pleased to be in the LTR family.”

Further details:

The group has also recruited a new bassist, Tim Starace: "Also, we are very happy to introduce the newest member of Absolon, Tim Starace. He is stepping in on bass guitar and this guy is nothing short of incredible. We know he's going to blow everyone away. Welcome to the Absolon Nation Tim. A new drummer will be announced shortly as well."

* BRIDE putting finishing touches on new album, Incorruptible (Facebook - June 14, 2013): “As it turns out we will need one more full day of recording.  The string section on the ballad took longer that we had expected.  Troy did not have a chance to get to the acoustic guitar parts so that will be addressed next Thursday along with anything else we have missed.  I really want to thank everyone for supporting Bride and encouraging us to record Incorruptible.  This has been a real joy and pleasure to serve you.”

* RIVERA BOMMA re-issue scheduled (Facebook - June 16, 2013): “Rivera Bomma is currently back in the studio re-recording bass and guitars.  We will be remixing and re-mastering one of our albums.  Full press release of what album and who will be doing the re-mixing and re- mastering in the coming weeks. We will keep all our Facebook family posted.”

* New SACRED WARRIOR album, Waiting In Darkness, available for order:

* SUPERNAL ENDGAME remains at work on its next release, Touch The Sky: Volume II (Facebook - June 11, 2013): “SE members are "soaking" today in (what are essentially) final mixes of the three instrumental tunes that will be on the new Supernal Endgame album.  One is a 2 1/2 minute ambient solo guitar piece written and performed by John Crafton. Another is the album opener - a 5 minute heavy prog piece rife with both dissonant and melodic moments, time changes a-plenty, and a decidedly Holdsworthian guitar solo tucked in the middle; this second piece written "in the studio" by John Eargle and Rob Price while recording drums back in January of 2011. The third ... is hard to describe ... but the working title for it is "Epic" (and that's with a bit of a wink).

So great to be in the home stretch of what has been a long - but is turning out to be a very satisfying - musical project. More mixes to come in the days ahead, and we'll be posting samples and tracks in the run-up to release!”

The group promises that the remainder of the album will consist of “four big heavy symphonic pieces (each about 10-14 minutes in length), and four shorter, AOR-with-a-touch-of-prog pieces (each between 4-6 minutes in length)- with an abundance of vocal-age.”


Update Archives: June 9, 2013


King James - Maximus

News KING JAMES album, Maximus, set for June 11, 2013 release:
Guitarist Rex Carroll and vocalist Jimi Bennett reunite for third KING JAMES album:

Press Release / KING JAMES is a melodic Christian hard rock band with a lead vocalist who powerfully delivers emotionally driven lyrics, a shredding guitarist, a pounding rhythm section, and songs that tell compelling, truthful stories with passion and conviction!

Formed in 1993, KING JAMES has been called a hard rock super group for good reason.  In 1993, Rex Carroll (WHITECORSS) met Jimi Bennett (SACRED FIRE) at the Kingdom Bound Festival in Buffalo, New York. Over the next several months they developed a bond of music, ministry, and friendship. The timing was right; Jimi was looking to put together a new band, whereas Rex was feeling the pull toward new musical horizons.

As fortune would have it, STRYPER was in a down season as well. Rex called Tim Gaines, Jimi called Robert Sweet, and the original line-up of KING JAMES was born. Jimi on lead vocals, Rex on guitar, Robert Sweet on drums, and Tim Gaines on bass, pulling together these members of STRYPER, SACRED FIRE, and WHITECROSS.  KING JAMES recorded one successful album for StarSong in 1994, and toured extensively.

During a European tour in 1995, they signed with Viva Records. Viva was a smaller label with distribution in Europe, extended the band’s influence. Having experienced a great deal of success in the “80’s metal” days, the musical climate of the 90’s found the band re-inventing itself. In 1997, they penned a new set of hard rock gems – harder, deeper, louder, and reflective of the times.  Upon its initial release, their second album The Fall sold well in Europe. With limited resources of Viva Records, the album was available in the U.S. as an import only. STRYPER re-formed, WHITECROSS was playing together again, and Jimi Bennett started a new band, Viktor, with Louie Weaver (CLASSIC PETRA/PETRA).

 While KING JAMES was on hiatus, it was never “out-of-sight / out-of-mind.” In fact, the band and their albums have attracted a steadily growing world-wide audience. Interest grew to a point that in 2010 “The Fall” was re-released to an enthusiastic fan base.

Then, in late 2011, Jimi and Rex learned of Memphis-based record label and management company Madison Line Records. After several meetings and inspiring conversations, the band and Madison Line came to several conclusions.

1. The band has a loyal audience that is fueling the drive to a new album and more concert tours, and
2. The musical and ministry integrity of the band is a perfect match with the goals Madison Line seeks to promote.
3. Finally, the band is in the right place and the right time to “change the culture, and change lives.” Partnering with Madison Line Records and Artist Management is an ideal fit for the label, and the band.

Once the decision was made to sign KING JAMES with Madison Line Records, the task remained to round out the new lineup with a hard-hitting, tight and spiritually sound rhythm section. The ideal choices were Benny Ramos (bass) and Michael Feighan (drums) who had been touring with WHITECROSS (Michael 1991–1995 and 2000–present, Benny 2000–present). Michael and Benny joined Rex and Jimi at the Madison Line Records Launch Party in spring 2012 and this group recorded the soon-to-be-released KING JAMES album, Maximus.

Updating for a new decade, Maximus will be a modern production. The band, entering the studio with John Lawry (CLASSIC PETRA/PETRA) handling production duties, is set to release the new album on June 11, 2013.  Maximus will be available worldwide and will be supported by a worldwide tour.

Samples to Maximus are available at Amazon: HERE

Maximus track listing:

1. “The Void”
2. “Hard Road To Go”
3. “Black Stone Woman”
4. “Mississippi Kidd”
6. “X Maximus”
7. “Waiting For The King”
8. “A New Beginning”
9. “The Highlander – In Exile”
10. “The Prisoner”
11. “Just As I Am (Lamb of God)”
12. “Desperate”
13. “Miracles” (acoustic version)

KING JAMES discography

King James (1994)
The Fall (1997)
Maximus (2013)

King James - King James & The Fall

Madison Line Records online:

KING JAMES online: 


* Update from vocalist Jamie Rowe (Facebook - June 5, 2013):  “In the past 12-16 hours, I had a great meeting with Guardian to get this record completely done soon and am excited about the new remaining couple songs.  This morning, I spoke with Vic Rivera about all things AdrianGale and he played me some vocal rough mixes over the phone that were pretty freaking stellar! Vic was getting his Def Leppard/Mutt Lang bgv's happening. I'm stoked to have two records out this fall! Both of them, I'm proud of and thankful to work with great people all around. and considering I don't get many opportunities to play live these days, you better believe I'm stoked for MelodicRock fest in Chicago this September with 'Gale. Hopefully you'll see a lean, mean rock and roll machine in strong form leading the band through an hour of hard rock love. Can you tell I'm stoked?”

* New song from LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE, “No Honor Among Thieves”:

“No Honor Among Thieves” will be included as part of the LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE compilation 4-All: The Best Of LNJ 2 scheduled for release on 10/22/2013.  4-All: The Best Of LNJ 2 can be pre-ordered at:


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The Brave - Rise

Return of THE BRAVE: First album in twenty years, Rise:
Press Release / The twelve track album will feature a mixture of THE BRAVE classics, taken from its two albums Battle Cries (1992) and Trust (1994), and five new songs.  The group describes the new album as an “amalgamation of everything our fan base dug us for- melody, shredding and great songs”.

THE BRAVE came onto the music scene in 1991, releasing 2 successful CDs with Pakaderm/Word records under the high production standards of John and Dino Elefante. The first, Battle Cries, was met with critical success and yielded over 6 top ten CCM singles, including “All Together Now”, “The Waiting”, “Just A Man” and “If That Ain't Love”. The lineup consisted of Stayce Roberts and Freddy Tierra on dual guitars, Randy Roberts on drums, Malcolm Paris on bass and James Salters on vocals. THE BRAVE produced a huge arena rock sound, laden with fiery guitars that were rich in melody and attitude, DEF LEPPARD type harmonies, thundering drums and bass, all glued together with the Lou Gramm/Klaus Meine inspired vocals of James Salters. Battle Cries was mixed by none other than Neil Kernon(the mastermind behind QUEENSRYCHE’s Operation Mindcrime and DOKKEN's Under Lock And Key), and together THE BRAVE became a crowd and radio favorite, touring over 32 states in 3 months in support of an album that has garnered fans the world over, even after 20 years since its release.

THE BRAVE had always been a five part vocal group, so after surviving personnel changes they were in need of a singer (STRYPER’S' Oz Fox was even considered). So up to the plate came drummer Randy Roberts, who had never sung vocals in a band, much less a demo. What you hear on the sophomore record, Trust, was Roberts' first time ever in front of a microphone, but you would never know it. Though more bluesy in its style, Trust solidified THE BRAVE as a serious contender, specifically as they watched the entire music landscape change before their eyes as groups like Nirvana and Soundgarden began to turn the tides musically. So shift they did. Randy Roberts kicks off the album with “The River”, a song he co-wrote with brother Stayce and John Elefante, and it debuted at number 1 on the CCM rock charts, to be followed by several other hits that showcased the unbridled guitars of Tierra and Roberts, and the soulful, dynamic range of Randy Roberts. While some fans didn't embrace the changes, a whole new group of listeners emerged, as well as new bassist Steve Irwin and drummer John Spittle. The band continued in its evolution and was just hitting its stride when their label, Pakaderm picked up and left for Nashville, and the group disbanded.

Sadly, THE BRAVE lost singer/drummer Randy Roberts in 2007. In tribute to their fallen brother, remaining members put on a concert in his name, and certainly, his presence was felt.

And now, almost 20 years later, there is a rumble on the horizon. THE BRAVE is set to return in 2013 with new spins on Brave classics, and a few new surprises. Pre-production on the new Brave record are under way, and the stage is set.

The Brave - Battle Cries & Trust

THE BRAVE online:

Jacobs Dream - The Demo Years & Jacobs Dream

JACOBS DREAM vinyl re-issues:
The group’s 1996 demo and 2000 self-titled debut available on vinyl by No Remorse Records:

Press Release / JACOBS DREAM, a classic U.S. power metal band in the vein CRIMSON GLORY, early QUEENSRYCHE, SACRED WARRIOR and RECON, got its start in 1996 with its acclaimed seven song self-titled demo (also know as Demo 96).  A deal with Metal Blade Records followed, which led to the groups self-titled debut full length from 2000.  No Remorse Records has made both releases available in a variety of formats, including limited edition red vinyl (100 copies) and black vinyl (300 copies).  A limited edition leather box set (100 copies) features both albums on exclusive orange vinyl in edition to a JACOBS DREAM t-shirt.

The Demo Years track listing:

1. “Wisdom”
2. “The Jewel”
3. “Of Love And Sorrow”
4. “The Violent Truth”
5. “Sarah Williams”
6. “Rape Of Innocence”
7. “The Outer Realm”

Jacobs Dream track listing:

1. “Kinescope”
2. “Funambulism”
3. “Scape Goat”
4.”Mad House Of Cain”
5. “Tale Of Fears”
6. “Crusade”
7. “Black Watch”
8. “Love & Sorrow”
9. “The Gathering”
10. “Never Surrender”
11. “The Bleeding Tree”
12. “Violent Truth”

No Remorse Records online:

JACOBS DREAM online: &

Stryper - To Hell With The Devil promo pic

STRYPER completes work on new album, No More Hell To Pay:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Christian hard rockers STRYPER have completed work on their new studio album, No More Hell To Pay, due this fall via Frontiers Records. The CD will include STRYPER's cover version of "Jesus Is Just Alright", a gospel song written by Arthur Reid Reynolds. STRYPER guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet said, "It rivals our cover of EARTH, WIND & FIRE's 'Shining Star' — riffs!"

"Jesus Is Just Alright" was first recorded by Reynolds' own group, THE ART REYNOLDS SINGERS, on their 1966 album, "Tellin' It Like It Is". It was later covered by THE BYRDS and THE DOOBIE BROTHERS.

No More Hell To Pay track listing:

1. “Revelation”
2. “No More Hell To Pay”
3. “Saved By Love”
4. “Jesus Is Just Alright”
5. “The One”
6. “Legacy”
7. “Marching Into Battle”
8. “Te Amo”
9. “Sticks & Stones”
10. “Water Into Wine”
11. “Sympathy”
12. “Renewed”

Regarding the musical direction of STRYPER's new material, Michael Sweet told Screamer Magazine: "The song “God”, which is on The Covering; if you took that song along with “Bleeding From Inside Out” and “Blackened” (from Second Coming, and you put it on the same album, that's a pretty good indication of where we are going and where we are at right now. But at the same time this album is all its own."

He added: "Every song has a hooky guitar riff. Everything is in minor keys, so it's a little darker sounding and a little tougher. It's definitely our heaviest record and I think people will be pleasantly surprised.

"The people who do like the poppier side of STRYPER, like Calling On You and Holding On, this record isn't going to really give them that. There are a lot of vocal hooks and melodies going on, but it's a little darker, and a little edgier. To reference, there is less songs like Calling On You and more songs like To Hell With The Devil. It's more in that vein than the poppier vein."

Michael Sweet previously stated that the new STRYPER CD would contain "the best (songs) of our career (with) no pop or fluff musically or lyrically." He added: "I'm counting the days for its arrival and when it does arrive, it will be like a train speeding down the tracks — fast, heavy, unstoppable and loud! I get excited for every record, but I've never quite been this excited before. This record will be one for the books, and in my humble opinion, our best yet bar none. No pride here, just confidence that it's going to be great — really, really great."

In a 2012 interview with Guitar World, Michael Sweet stated about STRYPER's plans for the next album: "We're going into this new record with the mentality and thinking of making it like a To Hell With The Devil 2. That's not to say it will actually sound like that album, but we really want it to be as great as To Hell With The Devil, which was our biggest album. We want people to put on this record and go; 'Whoa! Wow! This is as good as or better than To Hell With The Devil! We want the new album to be a powerhouse and we're going to do whatever it takes to make that happen."

STRYPER online: &


* ADRIANGALE new album, Suckerpunch!, update (Facebook - May 14, 2013): “DONE! Next up Mixing stage! Now, I want to take a moment to say something about this past week. Jamie Rowe and Vic Rivera have went above and beyond in the studio. Productivity was on 11 around the clock, with good vibes and fun times to matched. I'm amazed out the powerhouse team these two have become.

Now let me just say something here. I promise and guarantee, I will swear to this and stand by every word. I am not ashamed and I am proud beyond words. To state publicly, that Adriangale is about to release their BEST album to date hands down. If you "Liked" AG before, then you are going to "LOVE!" them now more then ever.

Ring The Bell....throw a Right....Everyone gets SUCKER PUNCH! Sept 28th at Melodicrockfest III.”

* DELIVERANCE is finishing up the last of the recording and mixing process for its next album, Hear What I Say!

* Update from EMPIRE 21 regarding its untitled debut album (Facebook – June 2, 2013): “We just want to give you an update and say that all the lead vocals by Mr. Germán Pascual were completed successfully last week. Germán felt it was his best vocal takes ever, and that's most likely correct

Tobias Lindell, who is mixing the record, has sent us some tracks and the result is awesome, as expected, as the guy indeed knows his stuff. The mixes are lively, organic and rocking, just the way we want them.”

* New single from KING JAMES, “Waiting For the King”: &

“Waiting For The King” is taken from the groups upcoming album, Maximus, scheduled for release this month.

* SACRED WARRIOR is putting the finishing touches on the mix and mastering of its new album, Waiting In Darkness.

* SAINT is at work recording a video of an unreleased song.  More details as they become available.

* Latest from VENI DOMINE (Facebook - May 26, 2013): “Took the time listening through the coming album so far as we have minor things left to do except mixing. We have quite a long album ahead of us in terms of minutes. What struck me is that it feels like a solid album made by a band, not a one man show which is very rewarding. Some really nice moments on this and a lot of personality from all involved, me like!! It's moving forward friends!”


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Liberty N' Justice -  4-All: The Best of LNJ 2

New LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE Compilation, 4-All: The Best of LNJ 2:
Press Release / LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE is proud to announce the release date (10-22-13) of there new 4-All: The Best Of LNJ 2 CD.  The CD features four brand new tracks and 15 tracks off their past albums.  Marking the "end" of the all-star project (era), LNJ wanted to release this CD before unveiling there brand new band album The Vanity Project, which will be released early next year.

You can pre-order The Best Of LNJ 2 now at for a discounted early bird price!  You can get the CD + plus digital files before the release date for $12.99 or just the digital files for $7.99.  All digital files will be delivered before June 15th and anyone who pre-orders the CD this weekend will get the first single sent to them in a digital file, "No Honor Among Thieves".

4-All: The Best of LNJ 2 track listing:

New Tracks

1. "No Honor Among Thieves"
2."Grace & Gravity"
4. "Lost And Found"

From Soundtrack Of A Soul (2006)

5. "Show Me The Way"   (Oni Logan of Lynch Mob)

From Independence Day (2007)

6. "Fade" (Jamie Rowe of Guardian/ Adriangale)

From Light It Up (2010)

7. "Do What You Believe" (CJ Snare & Bill Leverty of Firehouse)
8.  Man vs. Mother Nature (Ted Poley of Danger Danger & Vic Rivera of Adriangale)
9. "Wrestling With God" (Pete Loran of Trixter, Steve Brown of Trixter, & Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal of Guns N' Roses")
10. "Best Time We Never Had" (Chris Jericho Fozzy/ Prowrestler & Phil Collen of Def Leppard)

From Chasing A Cure with Vic Rivera (2011)

11. "Throwing Stones" (Donnie Vie of Enuff Z'nuff & JK Northrup of Liberty N Justice/ XYZ/ King Kobra)
12. "Chasing A Cure" (Benny Mardones, John Pine, & Bill Leverty of Firehouse)

From Hell Is Coming To Breakfast (2012)

13.  "Stretch Armstrong" (Louis St. August of MASS, JK Northrup, & Keri Kelli)

From The Cigar Chronicles Vol.1 with JK Northrup (2013)

14.  "Stayin' Alive"    (Kip Winger of Winger)

From The Cigar Chronicles Vol. 2 with JK Northrup (2013)

15. "The Greatest" (David Cagle of Liberty N' Justice, Mark Allen Lanoue of Chasing Karma, & Brad Stetler)
16. "Cupid's Gonna Bleed" (Gunnar Nelson of Nelson & Steve Brown of Trixter)
17."Under Construction" (Eric Dover of Slash's Snakepit, Mark Kendall of Great White, Eric Ragno,&  Ian Keith Haffner of Jaguar Blaze
18. "Cut Me Mick" (Ron Keel of Keel & Michael Phillips of Delieverance/ The Sacrificed)
19.  "Sin" (Jani Lane of Warrant, Bill Leverty of Firehouse, & Keri Kelli)



* BLOODGOOD recently launched its new and improved website:  A download of the re-imagined track “Rounded Are The Rocks” is available for free.  The song was re-mixed by former BLOODGOOD guitarist David Zaffiro.

The band is currently writing and rehearsing brand new music for their much anticipated new album and will be launching a Kickstarter website to fund the project within the next few weeks.

* Facebook studio updates from BRIDE regarding the progress of its next album Incorruptible:

05/26/13 – “Another fantastic productive day in the studio. We got so much accomplished and are hitting it again tomorrow. It is amazing watching these songs take life from their humble beginnings in Troy's basement with a drum machine. You guys are going to love this CD. We are already talking about a follow up.”

05/25/13 – “Thanks to everyone that is writing today showing your support for us in the studio. We still have several hours left today and we are recording every second. Aimee Rhea visited the studio today and laid down incredible backups on two songs. My son Alex who sings and sounds just like me along with Brad Holland our bassist added backing vocals as well.”

Further information about the groups KickStarter campaign and Incorruptible can be found: HERE

* STRYPER has completed all lead vocals for its upcoming album No More Hell To Pay. Mixing started last week with song samples to follow soon.


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Gideon's Army - Warriors Of Love

GIDEON’S ARMY - Warriors Of Love to be re-issued on Retroactive Records:
Press Release / This album is se to go to manufacturing early next week - it's first time ever on CD (since being released on vinyl in 1986) and digitally re-mastered for full sonic clarity.  The cover has been updated quite a bit without losing any of its iconic status.  For those who have not been introduced to this great indie band, I included some bio info below.  Pre-order info will be out soon. I'd love to hear any stories about this band or albums that you might have to share!

GIDEON’S ARMY was born in 1973, during the early years of CCM. Hailing from the San Francisco Bay Area, the band worked to support the prison ministry that is now known as Follow Up Ministries, Inc. GIDEON’S ARMY worked closely with juvenile halls, the CA Youth Authority, and CA State and Federal prisons. Their sound started out as acoustic, laid back gospel similar to the Maranatha! bands out of L.A. Before long, the band would morph into a full-fledged aggressive Christian rock act. The change was better suited for their outreach which included street ministry (Jews for Jesus, S.O.S. San Francisco), Christian coffee houses, and concert ministry (Great America, Oakland Civic Auditorium, H.P. Pavillian San Jose) among many other ministry opportunities.

It wasn’t until 1982 the band recorded and independently released Rock n’ Roll For Your Soul.  The debut record reflected what was happening in the S.F.B.A. music scene at the time - dual lead guitars, horns and an R&B feeling. The 1986 release of the now iconic Warriors of Love brought big changes both in personnel and sound. Gone were the horns, dual guitar leads and most notably there was a more aggressive rock format. The new sound stood shoulder to shoulder with bands like VAN HALAN, NIGHT RANGER, PETRA and .38 SPECIAL. The album sold like crazy at shows, but with no formal distribution many people never got their hands on the now high dollar collectible vinyl of this legendary classic rock release.

Retroactive Records has re-mastered this essential AOR album, packaged it in a full color four panel digipak CD, and it is now available in digital format for the first time ever. Take it from White Throne Reviews, who say, “Their well written melodic rock tunes would’ve fit well with fans of IDLE CURE or NOVELLA. Give Warriors of Love a spin and enjoy!”

Opening Warriors Of Love track “Moment By Moment” can be heard at:

Warriors Of Love track listing:

1. “Moment By Moment”
2. “It’s Your Love”
3. “Warriors Of Love”
4. “No Fun”
5. “I Know Someone”
6. “Runaway”
7. “I Know You Could See”
8. “Video”
9. “Backsliding Brother”
10. “Face To Face”

Retroactive Records online: 

ReinXeed promo pic

REINXEED at work on new album, A New World:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Tommy ReinXeed vocalist, guitarist & producer of the Swedish melodic/power metal band REINXEED are currently in the studio at work on their 6th album, A New World.  The album will be released in the second half of the year and is the follow up to Welcome To The Theater from 2012.

A new video update was posted yesterday in which REINXEED is recording vocals. The band commented: “The vocals are nearly completed, so be patient and stay tuned for more video blogs on the studio updates for the next REINXEED album A New World.

REINXEED is confirmed for this year’s edition of ProgPower USA (held September 4-7, 2013), the annual progressive and power metal festival in the United States.  Confirmed acts include HEAVEN’S CRY, WOLF, CIRCUS MAXIMUM, ARMORED SAINT and SABATON. They will also play at the annual Brainstorm Festival in the Netherlands, November 1. Other dates & locations are listed below.

The groups most recent studio album Welcome To The Theater was released May 30th, 2012 via Liljegren Records. Their style of melodic power metal should appeal to fans of HELLOWEEN, RHAPSODY OF FIRE, AVANTASIA, SABATON and EDGUY.

Upcoming Shows:

Friday, 2 August 2013, Rock out Wild Festival, Sorsele, SE
Friday, 2 August 2013, Guitar Workshop @ Rock out Wild Festival, Sorsele, SE
Friday, 6 September 2013, Progpower USA, Atlanta, USA
Friday, 1 November 2013, Brainstorm Festival, Apeldoorn, NL
Saturday 2 November 2013, Le Magick, Belgium

REINXEED discography

The Light (2008)
Higher (2009)
Majestic (2010)
1912 (2011)
Welcome To The Theater (2012)

REINXEED line-up:

Tommy ReinXeed – Lead vocals, guitars, keyboards & orchestration
Alex Oriz - Lead guitars & backing vocals
Chris David - Bass & backing vocals
Alfred Fridhagen – Drums

REINXEED studio updates: Vocals (05/10/13):\, Drums (05/03/13):

REINXEED online: &


* New BRIDE album update from vocalist Dale Thompson (Facebook- May 17, 2013): “Tonight May 17th Bride enters the studio after a three year hiatus. The new CD is Incorruptible, and we promise to deliver a combination of power and emotion. We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as we take on this project. It will take the next four weekends to complete and then it will be delivered to Retroactive Records who will then package and distribute the disc. At this time August is the release date. We will soon have the CD cover art work up for all of you that wish to help promote the project. God Bless you.”

* Guitarist CJ Grimmark, thoughts on EMPIRE 21 (as taken from Christian Metal Realm - May 15, 2013):”(EMPIRE 21) is a band put together by Germán Pascual (Narnia, solo) Tobias Enbert (Darkwater, Harmony) John Svensson, Andreas Ålöv and myself.  I feel so lucky being involved in this band, knowing that this is something I REALLY (have) wanted to do for quite some time (now)!

I know you've heard statements like this before, but I must say that since we've had so much time working on this without any deadlines - if it's not good - we can't blame anybody for it.  You may love it or hate it, but I'm sure it will be reviewed as quiet a solid and well made album. Sorry for the not so humble approach, but we worked hard on this one.

We're in the middle of finishing up the whole thing here. We start tracking the lead vocals on Monday, May 20th, and our mixing engineer Tobias Lindell (producer of Europe, Mustasch, Hardcore Superstar etc) is just starting the final mix on his end, parallel to our vocal recordings.

It will be a strong, melodic, organic rock/metal album carrying a message that we think is needed in today's society. We may have the greatest intentions in our behavior, politics, science or whatever...but something's missing...

PLEASE, visit our Facebook page and *LIKE*! That's all we have at the moment, but we will launch as soon as we can.”

* Hostile To The Gospel, the new MISSION OF ONE project, is 100% mixed.  Next up is mastering.  Guests appearing on the album include drummers Darren Dickens and David England and guitarists Dave Franey, Kevin Hasselquist, J.D. Evans, Brad Windlan, and now Jacob Veal.  Founding member Chris Dickens is planning to also master the 2004 debut MISSION OF ONE album Take Another Swig and re-issue it with new album artwork.


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John Elefante - On My Way To The Sun

John Elefante releases new solo album, On My Way To The Sun:
Press Release / John Elefante, former lead singer of the powerhouse rock band KANSAS, announces the release of his new solo album, On My Way to the Sun, on May 7, 2013. What started as a Kickstarter project in January of 2012 is now a full-length album distributed and marketed by Syntax.

"My new CD is really birthed out of demand from my core fan base, as well as a longing to make a new record better than the one before," Elefante says.

When he began plans to make a record, Elefante took a detour from the often unsure record label route and decided to try a new approach. "With a cutting edge company like Kickstarter, your fans pledge money to enable you to record," he says. With the help of nearly 500 backers, Elefante raised more than $57,000.

"The songs fell together, and I believe the result is a new rock record that classic rock lovers will really sink their teeth into," he says.

On My Way To The Sun track listing:

1. “This Is How My Story Goes”
2. “Where Have The Old Days Gone”
3. “On My Way To The Sun”
4. “All I Have To Do”
5. “The Awakening”
6. “Half The Way Home”
7. “We All Fall Short”
8. “Don’t Hide Away”
9. “This Time”
10. “Confess”

According to the artist, KANSAS members Rich Williams (guitars) and David Ragsdale (violin) played on the eleven minute opening cut, “This Is How My Story Goes”.

John Elefante online: &

Stryper promo pic

STRYPER reveals title to new album:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Christian hard rockers STRYPER have set No More Hell To Pay as the title of their new studio album, due this fall via Frontiers Records.

Regarding the musical direction of STRYPER's new material, the band's guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet told Screamer Magazine: "The song “God”, which is on The Covering; if you took that song along with “Bleeding From Inside Out” and “Blackened” (from Second Coming), and you put it on the same album, that's a pretty good indication of where we are going and where we are at right now. But at the same time this album is all its own."

He added: "Every song has a hooky guitar riff. Everything is in minor keys, so it's a little darker sounding and a little tougher. It's definitely our heaviest record and I think people will be pleasantly surprised.

"The people who do like the poppier side of STRYPER, like “Calling On You” and “Holding On”, this record isn't going to really give them that. There are a lot of vocal hooks and melodies going on, but it's a little darker, and a little edgier. To reference, there is less songs like “Calling On You” and more songs like “To Hell With The Devil”. It's more in that vein than the poppier vein."

As previously reported, STRYPER is recording a cover version of "Jesus Is Just Alright", a gospel song written by Arthur Reid Reynolds, for its next studio CD. Sweet said, "It rivals our cover of EARTH, WIND & FIRE's “Shining Star” — riffs!"

"Jesus Is Just Alright" was first recorded by Reynolds' own group, THE ART REYNOLDS SINGERS, on their 1966 album, "Tellin' It Like It Is". It was later covered by THE BYRDS and THE DOOBIE BROTHERS.

Michael Sweet previously stated that the new STRYPER CD would contain "the best (songs) of our career (with) no pop or fluff musically or lyrically." He added: "I'm counting the days for its arrival and when it does arrive, it will be like a train speeding down the tracks — fast, heavy, unstoppable and loud! I get excited for every record, but I've never quite been this excited before. This record will be one for the books, and in my humble opinion, our best yet bar none. No pride here, just confidence that it's going to be great — really, really great."

In a 2012 interview with Guitar World, Michael Sweet stated about STRYPER's plans for the next album: "We're going into this new record with the mentality and thinking of making it like a To Hell With The Devil 2. That's not to say it will actually sound like that album, but we really want it to be as great as To Hell With The Devil, which was our biggest album. We want people to put on this record and go; 'Whoa! Wow! This is as good as or better than To Hell With The Devil!' We want the new album to be a powerhouse and we're going to do whatever it takes to make that happen."

Frontiers Records in January announced the signing of STRYPER to a multi-album deal. The first CD to be made available the agreement was a collection of re-recorded versions of the band's classic songs, released in North America on March 26. Entitled Second Coming and produced by Michael Sweet, the album contains a total of 16 cuts - two from The Yellow And Black Attack, six from Soldiers Under Command, six from To Hell With The Devil, as well as two new tracks, "Bleeding From Inside Out" and "Blackened".

STRYPER online: &


* BRIDE has completed pre-production work for its next CD, Incorruptible.  The group plans to enter the studio and begin recording on May 17, 2013.  An official release date is yet to be announced.

* EMPIRE 21 new album update (Facebook - May 12, 2013): “Today mixing engineer Tobias Lindell got his hands on our material and he will start working on the mix while we're tracking the lead vocals during a few weeks ahead.  So, we're really getting our stuff together here and it feels GREAT!  Tobias has produced some great albums by Mustasch, Europe and many others, and we are really happy to have him on board.”

*”Waiting For The King”, new song from KING JAMES:

* Second new album sampler from TERAMAZE:


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Mission Of One - Hostile To The Gospel

New album from MISSION OF ONE, Hostile To The Gospel:
Watertown, Tennessee based vocalist, bassist & guitarist Chris Dickens set to complete work on fourth MISSON OF ONE CD:

The artist goes into detail regarding the mixing process (from Christian Hard Music):

“After talking to several people about helping with the mixing, I am pleased to announce that Jacob Veal and VR Music Group in Cookeville, TN will be mixing the new project. Jacob used to play guitar for Eden's Way and later for Eowyn. His expertise will take this project to a new level. Under our agreement, the mixing will be complete by June 30th.”

He also offers his thoughts concerning the albums title track and overall musical direction:

“You will understand when you hear the song. It was written about how the media seems to want to erase the Christian faith. In that sense, they are the ones that are "hostile to the gospel". You will be able to tell from the other 11 songs that my faith in Christ Jesus is still there. The album will meet even the strictest of "lyrical standards". This is a metal album that does not shy away from the reality that people need Jesus to be right with God.

"The style will be a bit varied (but still metal) this time around. There are three or four songs in a kind of X-Sinner or AC/DC vibe. "I Know" is bluesy and funky. "Gloryland" is also kind of bluesy but in a Whitesnake kind of way. I also kept the Southern Gospel harmonies for this song to really give a tip of the hat to the original. "Prodigal" would have fit well on Mad At The World"s rock albums (some of Roger's songs, not Randy's). "Someone Save Me" and "Give In to Him" are just straight ahead 80's rockers. The title track is leaning towards power metal. "Does Anybody Care?" is a kind of odd song that I am not sure how to classify. I wrote it in the 90's to be a grunge/alternative song but rearranged it to make it more metal. Like I said, there is some variation on here, but I think it all blends well."

Hostile To The Gospel track listing:

1. “Hostile To The Gospel”
2. “I Know”
3. “Feed My Sheep”
4. “Give In To Him”
5. “The Third Door”
6. “Crashing Down On You”
7. “Does Anybody Care?”
8. “Prodigal”
9. “No Other”
10. “Gloryland”
11. “Someone Save Me”
12. “Walk On Water”

Please note that this is not the final order in which the songs will appear on the CD.  Also, “I Know” is a revamped (new drum tracks, vocals and guitar solo) version of the song “The End” from the 2008 self-titled MISSION OF ONE release.  “Give In To Him” also appeared on Mission Of One but now has a new guitar solo.  “Gloryland” is a metal rendition of the old Southern Gospel hymn “Just Over In The Gloryland”.

Mission Of One collage

MISSION OF ONE discography:

Take Another Swig (2004)
Show Me The Way (2005)
Mission Of One (2008


Michael Sweet to record with George Lynch:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Guitarist/vocalist Michael Sweet of Christian hard rockers STRYPER has signed a deal to make a record early next year with legendary guitarist George Lynch (T&N, DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB), bassist James Lomenzo (MEGADETH, WHITE LION, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY) and Brian Tichy (S.U.N., WHITESNAKE). He writes on STRYPER's Facebook page: "I'm excited! And you?"

Sweet in December confirmed that he will hit the road later this year with T&N (formerly TOOTH AND NAIL), the new project featuring current and former members of DOKKEN (George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown), in support of that band's recently released debut album, "Slave To The Empire", and upcoming follow-up effort. He wrote in an online posting: "It should be a blast and a lot of fun singing those classic DOKKEN tunes."

He added: "And to ease your mind, I WILL NOT be leaving STRYPER, just having some side fun with George, Jeff and Mick when this actually takes place."

The artist is also set to release his autobiography and new solo album (both untitled at the time of this writing) in the near future.  The most recent STRYPER album, Second Coming, made up of re-recorded versions of 14 songs off the groups first three albums, The Yellow And Black Attack, Soldiers Under Command and To Hell With The Devil, and 2 new tracks, came out on March 26, 2013.

Michael Sweet online: &

SWEET CRYSTAL sweeps Detroit Music Awards Show:
Press Release / In unprecedented style, Christian rock band SWEET CRYSTAL made it a “clean sweep” at the 22nd Annual Detroit Music Awards Show (DMA) on Friday, April 19, 2013, winning all five awards in the “Outstanding Gospel/Christian” category.  For the third year in a row, the band took home the “Outstanding Gospel/Christian Act” award, solidifying their hold on that prestigious category. This turned out to be just the first of five awards they were to garner.

Keyboardist and lead singer Marq Andrew Speck was then awarded “Outstanding Gospel/Christian Vocalist”, “Outstanding Gospel/Christian Songwriter” and shared the award for “Outstanding Gospel/Christian Musician”, to make it four for four at the DMA pre-show. What came next at the live concert awards ceremony turned out to be even sweeter for these musicians.

SWEET CRYSTAL opened the DMA show with a live performance in front of the nearly one thousand attendees packing the Fillmore Theater in downtown Detroit. The band (Marq Andrew Speck-keyboards/vocals; Bill Blatter–guitar; Steve Wieser-drums; Marty Zarski-bass) picked up their 5th award for “Outstanding Gospel/Christian Recording”. Their song “Nothing Here (For You To Fear)” from the feature film “War Flowers” made it five for five wins, creating the first awards “sweep” in SWEET CRYSTAL’s career.

“Absolutely surreal and humbling” says Speck about the night’s outcome. “To be nominated and in the company of some of Detroit’s best musicians is one thing; to walk away with all these awards…knowing that we won because others support us, believe in what we are doing and then vote for us…what a blessing.”

Sweep – it’s not just for sports anymore. Just ask SWEET CRYSTAL.



* BLOODGOOD remains at work on its (untitled) new album.  The group has completed work on seven new songs, with titles including "Dangerously Close", "Lamb of God", "Run the Race” and "Father, Father”.  Oz Fox (STRYPER) and Paul Jackson contribute lead guitar.  Former guitarist David Zaffiro co-write one of the songs.  Look for it to be released this summer.

* Frontline Records Rewind Episode 17 (includes interviews with Bruce Swift (SACRED WARRIOR), Les Carlson (BLOODGOOD) and Michael Preciado (RANSOM):


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BOARDERS - R-Existence
R-Existence adds up to another solid work from Boarders.  Yes, the album flexes its muscles a bit more than The World Hates Me, and takes a few more listens to grow on you as a result, but do not let the heavier propensity dissuade you in that there is more than adequate melody (even if on the subtle side of things) to draw you in.  Read Full Review >>

HEDDA - The Storm
Yes, a wide array of styles, but all rightly serve to depict the musical trajectory of The Storm, which is a foundation of melodic power metal with a penchant for the European, symphonic, neo-classical and epic genres.  Mix in occasional touches of the progressive (both rock and metal) with some decidedly melodic metal overtones and the upshot is the well-rounded Hedda sound.  Read Full Review >>

IN-GRAVED - In-Graved
No, it would not be fair to label In-Graved “doom metal”, but you will encounter much of the heavier set and trenchant particulars inherit to Nailed and With Vision, albeit on the lighter and more tempered side of things.  Mixed in are also the traces of the outlaw biker rock, stoner groove, classic rock and bluesy hard rock that made The Black Is Never Far and As A Dog Returns such solid releases, keeping in mind In-Graved is not quite as dark as the two.  Read Full Review >>

What I hear in Lordian Guard is metal composed with the Middle Ages in mind.  More specifically a foundation of epic metal and classical, renaissance and Byzantine music with lyrics written in 16th century Gothic poetic form that document the classic battle between good and evil.  Read Full Review >>

Phantom Serenade is the most recent “one man band” to hit the scene.  The creation of the multi-faceted Matthew Snell, Phantom Serenade released its full length debut In Need Of Rain in early 2013.  Read Full Review >>

RIVERA BOMMA - Infinite Journey Of Soul
Read any review of Infinite Journey Of Soul, the January of 2013 Retroactive Records third full length album from New Jersey based Rivera Bomma, and you will see the same list of compliments and complaints: Strong songwriting and first-rate band performance, but production leaves much to be desired.  Read Full Review >>

STRYPER - Second Coming
Second Coming picks up where The Covering leaves off but this time features re-recorded versions of the bands classic songs, with two taken from The Yellow And Black Attack and six each from Soldiers Under Command and To Hell With The Devil.  Two new tracks are included as well, “Bleeding From Inside Out” and “Blackened”.  Read Full Review >>

SYZYGY - A Glorious Disturbance
After listening to A Glorious Disturbance, the late 2012 three disc live DVD/CD package from Ohio based Syzygy, we find it hard to believe progressive rock ever went out of fashion.  Few bands within the genre have the presence that would allow them to put both the “progress” and “rock” into progressive rock in the same fashion as Syzygy.  Read Full Review >>


Deliverance banner

New DELIVERANCE album release date announced:
Press Release / In 1985, in a small damp garage in the midst of middle class housing in Los Angeles, CA. three musicians met up with a 15 year old singer/guitar player who placed an ad in the local Recycler Newspaper classifieds for “band wanted”. Little did they know that this was the beginning of what would become one of the most revered and celebrated musical entities, known to the metal world as DELIVERANCE!
After only a few months of rehearsing, DELIVERANCE began their march on the LA Club Scene. Playing and becoming regulars to such venues as The Waters Club, The Whiskey a Go Go, The Troubadour, The Country Club and The Oasis the group was becoming well known amongst their peers and garnering a rather large fan base in a short time.
After the release of their four song demo, Greetings of Death in 1987, the band became a nationally known act as the now infamous demo was receiving ranting reviews, and orders were coming in from all over the United States and even South America and stretching into Canada. This of course led to invites to play shows states-wide, and also playing festivals in Southern and Northern California.
DELIVERANCE’s unique sound of combining thrash/speed metal with melodic vocals was received well with the media and fans alike. This led to “D” being asked to contribute (2) songs to a compilation album aptly titled California Metal on Regency Records. Alongside other giants in the Christian Metal world such as BARREN CROSS, GUARDIAN, NEON CROSS and others, “D” was asked to provide a more melodic type of track as the brutal sound of thrash made the Pakaderm Production Team of John and Dino Elefante a little uncomfortable.
 “D” was of course up to the task and had the perfect song to balance out the edge of thrash with the song “A Space Called You”. But, as band leader Jimmy P. Brown II insisted, there would need to be an absolute representation of the bands live performance. This would be the world’s first national release of a Christian speed metal track with the song “Attack!” Unsure of how this new sound would be received by the world of CCM, the song was nicely hidden toward the end of the album. Much to the surprise of the label and production team, DELIVERANCE was voted the most popular band of the entire release! The Big “D” (as the fans began to call them) were now on the path to become what CCM Magazine would call them years later, “The Biggest Band in CCM since Stryper”…

Deliverance - California Metal & Deliverance

Four years after their beginning, the world was now ready to get what they’d been waiting for, the release of their self entitled debut full length LP. With the release of this album, “D” began their career as a touring band on the road. They now were taking their LA brand of speed metal to the world! The album received rave reviews and “D” has the esteemed honor to hold the Number 45 spot on Metal Hammer’s list of the Top 50 Thrash Albums of All Time! This list contains many of their musical peers such as SLAYER, METALLICA, MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, SACRED REICH and many others. DELIVERANCE is the only metal band on this list with a Christian worldview being hailed as a contemporary among these Thrash Legends!
Through many years and many changes, DELIVERANCE has stood the test of time with stylistic, personnel, and the constant flood of change in the music scene. (9) Studio Releases and (2) live albums, a healthy share of airtime on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball with their ground breaking video “Weapons of our Warfare”, 7 National and International Tours, “D” continues to be a welcomed guest to this huge party we call “The Metal Music Scene”!
Now, 28 years later, 2013 will see the release of The Big “D”’s 10th and Final Studio Release. Hear What I Say is a surprising fresh blend of the entire “D” musical repertoire rolled into one record. With (9) originals and (2) surprise cover songs, this release will once again show the world that Jimmy P. Brown II has not missed one step with his 4 man army! Always ready to deliver, he assembled a true cast of players for this final venture that were up to the task!
Michael Phillips - of DELIVERANCE, FASEDOWN and JOIN THE DEAD fame on Lead and Rhythm Guitar
Manny Morales - of DELIVERANCE fame on the 5 String Bass
And Jayson Sherlock – of MORTIFICATION, PARAMECIUM, HORDE and REVULSED fame on drums

Lead vocalist and guitarist Jimmy P. Brown II says:
“I wanted to put the final chapter to this book called “Deliverance” in its proper prospective! There have been ups and downs, but in the end it was a magnificent journey with all the band members over the years, and more importantly our fans! This album is for them, to say goodbye in true “D” fashion! I am ever grateful to all the supporters throughout the years, but “D” has run its course. I want her to rest and go out with a nice beautiful and loud bang! To all our fans, supporters, and ALL of my former band-mates, it was a wonderful roller coaster ride, scary, exciting, nauseating, thrilling, terrifying, but in the end it was fun! Lives were touched, people found what they needed at the time, and now, the next journey will begin…”

3 Frogz Records/Roxx Records are very pleased to announce the release of the final offering from DELIVERANCE entitled Hear What I Say!  September 3, 2013 the world will get what they have been waiting for the brand new and final album from DELIVERANCE.
Stay Tuned for full release details in the coming weeks.

Roxx Records online:

Empire 21 promo pic

EMPIRE 21 - New band from CJ Grimmark & Germán Pascual:
Former NARNIA members at work on new album:

Press Release / EMPIRE 21 are a brand new hard rock/metal act from Sweden, determined to bring you a debut album as strong as it gets. Neither the band nor the album to come was brought together by coincidence, but rather by a urgent need to fill a gap in today’s music scene.

The force behind EMPIRE 21 consists of:

Germán Pascual – Lead Vocals
CJ Grimmark - Guitars
John Svensson - Keyboards
Andreas Ålöv - Bass
Tobias Enbert - Drums

The group has worked hard on the debut album behind locked doors over the past few years.  Now that all songs have been produced, the final mix and mastering have been set for late spring 2013 with the day of release coming visibly closer.

The album mix will be handled by none other than Tobias Lindell, the man behind the sound on albums by EUROPE, MUSTASCH, HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, CRASHDIET and many others.

Heavy, melodic rock/metal with tons of energy, passion and great musicianship awaits you. And as soon as the album is released, EMPIRE 21 will be ready to hit the roads and travel anywhere to meet their audience.

Ladies and gentlemen, keep your eyes and ears open in the next weeks, we're looking forward to presenting you with something really BIG!

EMPIRE 21 online:

Stryper logo

STRYPER to record cover version of “Jesus Is Just Alright” for next album:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Christian hard rockers STRYPER are recording a cover version of "Jesus Is Just Alright", a gospel song written by Arthur Reid Reynolds, for their next studio album, tentatively due before the end of the year via Frontiers Records. The band's front man, Michael Sweet, says, "It rivals our cover of EARTH, WIND & FIRE's “Shining Star” — riffs!"

"Jesus Is Just Alright" was first recorded by Reynolds' own group, THE ART REYNOLDS SINGERS, on their 1966 album, "Tellin' It Like It Is". It was later covered by THE BYRDS and THE DOOBIE BROTHERS.

Michael Sweet previously stated that the new STRYPER CD would contain "the best [songs] of our career [with] no pop or fluff musically or lyrically." He added: "I'm counting the days for its arrival and when it does arrive, it will be like a train speeding down the tracks — fast, heavy, unstoppable and loud! I get excited for every record, but I've never quite been this excited before. This record will be one for the books, and in my humble opinion, our best yet bar none. No pride here, just confidence that it's going to be great — really, really great."

In a 2012 interview with Guitar World, Michael Sweet stated about STRYPER's plans for the next album: "We're going into this new record with the mentality and thinking of making it like a To Hell With The Devil 2. That's not to say it will actually sound like that album, but we really want it to be as great as To Hell With The Devil, which was our biggest album. We want people to put on this record and go; 'Whoa! Wow! This is as good as or better than To Hell With The Devil!  We want the new album to be a powerhouse and we're going to do whatever it takes to make that happen."

Frontiers Records in January announced the signing of STRYPER to a multi-album deal. The first CD to be made available the agreement was a collection of re-recorded versions of the band's classic songs, released in North America on March 26. Entitled "Second Coming" and produced by Michael Sweet, the album contains a total of 16 cuts — two from The Yellow And Black Attack, six from Soldiers Under Command, six from To Hell With The Devil, as well as two new tracks, "Bleeding From Inside Out" and "Blackened".

STRYPER online: &

Tiles band photo

TILES making Other Arrangements:
Press Release / We have been rehearsing diligently, putting the final touches on each song's basic rhythm track arrangement in preparation for entering the studio later this month. Terry Brown will again produce and engineer for us, splitting his time between Detroit and his new studio in bucolic Muskoka (several hours north of Toronto). It's no secret our pending sixth album is entitled Other Arrangements - an ambitious 60-minute song cycle relating the story of a man disillusioned by betrayal, his descent into darkness, and the struggles he faces coping with the unpleasant realities that have redefined his life. What's not disclosed is if the story has a happy ending (?).

With pre-release hyperbole a new art form that would make even PT Barnum cringe - all we're willing to say is that musically "Other Arrangements" will be a progressive hard rock album full of Mark's drumming, Jeff's bass playing, Paul's singing, some guitars & keyboards, and maybe some special guests who will play things we can't (or who are at least fun to work with!).

Somewhere during the recording process (probably around the halfway point) we'll launch our "crowd funding" / patronage efforts to help push the project over the finish line. Besides the standard signed CDs, we'll have a variety of unique items that may be of interest like signed lyric sheets & song charts, mp3 rehearsal demos, and possibly even an instrument or (small) amp used during the recording process. It's likely we'll have an exclusive pre-release listening party too. But, we've got a little time to get this campaign organized...

Other Arrangements track listing:

Part One:

1. “Pretending To Run”
2. “Shelter In Place”
3. Voir Dire (instrumental)
4. “Drops Of Rain”
5. “Taken By Surprise”
6. “Midwinter” (reprise)

Part Two:

7. “Small Fire Burning”
8. “Battle Weary”
9. “The Disappearing Floor”
10. “Fait Accompli”
11. “Other Arrangements” (reprise)
12. “Uneasy Truce”
13. “Backsliding”

TILES online: &


* David Benson has joined forces with Victor Griffin (IN-GRAVED, PLACE OF SKULLS) for an album in the traditional doom metal vein, Evil Killer.  Look for it to be released this fall and be available in CD, vinyl and digital download formats.  A European tour is scheduled in support of the album.

* BLOODGOOD documentary In The Trenches Of Rock And Roll is scheduled for release in September.  The group’s new album (untitled at the time of this writing) is set to come out this summer to pre-date the documentary release.

* Glamtron, the new DESYRE album, is currently being mixed.  A release is planned for the end of summer.

*90 second previews of each song off the new John Elefante solo album On My Way To The Sun:

A May 7, 2013 release date is planned.

* Finland’s MEHIDA is at work on its next album.  According to drummer Markus Niemispelto (Facebook - 04/21/13) “The arranging sessions were very creative and it really showed on the results. Quite impressive and inspiring in my opinion. Mikko's  (Harkin- keyboards) songs will be tight and atmospheric”.

* In 2013 SACRED WARRIOR will be releasing its first studio album in 22 years, Waiting In Darkness.  A studio update was recently provided by the group:

* SUPERNAL ENDGAME contributed the track “Parallels” to the YES tribute album Tales From The Edge:

The group also offers the latest concerning its upcoming album Touch The Sky: Volume II (Facebook - 03/17/13): “Finishing up the transfer of drum tracks, treated by the great Rob Perez! Just one more violin session, lead vocal treatments, and a few more mixing tweaks and the new album will be sent off to be mastered!”

* Update from TEMPLE OF BLOOD regarding new album A Show Of Force:  “Drums are done and rhythm guitars should be tracked soon. Most of the vocals have been demoed and worked out at home. I may have another really awesome "name" guitarist joining us doing solos on this disc in addition to Andre' Corbin (ex-HELSTAR). I am still waiting on confirmation of this. I'd like to have this out in 2013 but it depends on how quickly the rhythm guitars get tracked and if we get picked up by a label for this release.

"Sorry that I don't have more to report but once we get some tracks completely recorded and a 2nd lead guitarist solidified I will post another update. I hope to win over some folks with this disc. I put an awful lot of time into this but I hope you all will agree that it has been worth the wait! Thanks again to everyone for their continual support!”

* The next (untitled) TERAMAZE album will be based around a concept of “mass control and dictatorship, a secret society to rule all, using technology as strings on a puppet to keep the masses in line with their agenda”.  The group also started an IndieGogo fundraider for the album:


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Liberty N' Justice logo

April of 2013 update from LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE:
Press Release / LNJ Records along with Arttie Parker, Sculley's Shooters, and soon to be announced sponsors are proud to announce a 3 day music event in North Platte, Nebraska (18th, 19th, & 20th) in October! The event features over 30 bands over 3 days, which includes headliners Jack Russell of Great White (doing a story teller performance), Kip Winger, and Miljenko (the voice of Steelheart) plus Phil Lewis (the voice of L.A.Guns), Ted Poley (the voice of Danger Danger), Bill Leverty, Hurricane, Marq Torien of the Bullet Boys, Enuff Z'nuff, Ron Keel, Rhino Bucket, Leatherwolf, Anthony Corder of Tora Tora, White Cross and for the first time in 20 years appearing live will be Roxy Blue and FearNot, among others. Fans from 18 states and 2 other countries have bought tickets to this very cool and unique concert.

You can get tickets directly at Sculley's Shooters or online at

For more information or the complete list of acts, VIP packages or for more info please visit the Skull Fest event page at

Liberty N' Justice The Cigar Chronicles has been out for a month and a half and the response we have been getting has been overwhelming! The double CD features 26 songs and over 70 guest musicians like George Lynch, Jeff LaBar, Kip Winger, CJ Snare, Gunnar Nelson, among a host of others!!!! For a limited time still you can get all 26 songs off of iTunes for an amazingly low $9.99, or get the physical CD with other LNJ swag (t-shirts, old LNJ CDs, and even a chance to write and record with LNJ) at

With the release of The Cigar Chronicles, another LNJ release has been overlooked. Roxx Records has recently released Before The Revolution: The Best of LNJ the Early Years, which is a best of CD of our earlier albums 1992-2000, before we got "known" for all the guest artists appearing on our albums. It also has some cool demos and one new unreleased song that features present day LNJ band members JK Northrup and David Cagle. The CD can be purchased at:

Liberty N' Justice - Before The Revolution: Best of the Early Years

Speaking of LNJ "The Band Project" ...some of you have noticed LNJ has pulled out of our live appearances. JK, Eric, Michael, David, and myself want LNJ to be a brand and we "ALL" feel there is still some confusion. Some of you are still emailing me asking if "so and so" will be appearing live with us. We are very, very happy to be associated with such a vast array of musicians and without them you most likely would never have heard of LNJ, but without any apology or any more confusion, David Cagle "IS" now the voice of LNJ. In saying that, we have gone back into the studio to make sure "YOU" guys have plenty of new material from LNJ and we have more of an accurate depiction of "OUR" sound and what songs to expect when seeing us live! Over the next 15 months, LNJ will release not just one new record, but two new studio albums. The two new albums will be released at different times, with the first being projected released in late fall/ early winter of this year.

The two new records being worked on are:

Liberty N' Justice That's Gonna Leave A Mark is a rock concept album that is fully recorded (13 songs) except drums and keyboards. For a limited time we would like to share a quick mix sample/demo of one of the songs at

The second CD is an acoustic rock record (yet to be named) and 2 songs are recorded for this album and for a limited time we would like to share a quick mix sample/ demo with you at

In closing, everyone else is staying busy till we bring "OUR" LNJ to the masses:

*JK Northrup is still taking clients and recording at his studio, Alien Productions (

*David Cagle is currently recording on a few other projects such as "Marty and The Bad Punch" from Germany, and also working on LA songwriter Jonathon Brannon's new album. You can get more info on David at and also follow him on Facebook at

*Eric is still the most sought after Keyboard player in the melodic rock genre and besides playing in the studio he is getting ready to perform live in Chicago with Mecca at Melodic Rock Fest 3 (more info on this great event or tickets can be found at

*Michael Feighan just got back from playing overseas at The Element Of Rock fest with his two other bands King James and White Cross. Michael is all so gearing up for the release of a new King James record and giving drummer lessons. More info at

*Justin Murr can't decide if he wants to be a concert promoter, songwriter, or rock star.


* Metal To Infinity interview with ABSOLON vocalist Ken Pike:

* BLOODGOOD members Les Carlsen (lead vocals) and Oz Fox (guitars) of BLOODGOOD are in Las Vegas recording an acoustic version of "I Want To Live In Your Heart” for the upcoming All Stand Together: Re-imagined re-issue.  In other BLOODGOOD news, Michael Bloodgood (bass), Paul Jackson (guitars) and Kevin Whistler (drums) recently had the first pre-production rehearsal for the group’s new (untitled) album.

* New Blog discussing “100 Christian Rock Records Of Note”:


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End Of September - Left In This World digital single

New digital single available from END OF SEPTEMBER:
Press Release / The Swedish female fronted melodic metal band END OF SEPTEMBER have just released a digital single for the track "Left In This World". "Left In This World" comes off their self-titled debut album that was released in Europe and North America last year through Ulterium Records. The digital single also includes the bonus track "Left In This World (Acoustic version)".

"Left In This World” can be heard at Spotify or purchased at Amazon:

Up-coming END OF SEPTEMBER shows;
April 30th: Vappugospel - Kouvola, Finland
July 4th: Seaside Festival - Risoya, Norway

END OF SEPTEMBER is definitely one of the most promising bands from Scandinavia at the moment. This young band shows with their debut album that they know how to create fantastic, memorable songs, and perform them to perfection. They have also been able to successfully create a mix between melodic metal and more modern metal that not many bands have.

With the well-crafted and intelligent song-writing of Erik Tordsson and the smooth and emotional vocals of Elin Redin, END OF SEPTEMBER is a force to be reckoned with during the coming years. The band, hungry to hit the stages around the world, is destined to make it.


Worldview logo concrete

New song from WORLDVIEW, "The Last Cry":

Press Release / Hailing from Los Angeles, metal veterans and friends have come together to form WORLDVIEW.  The now band-mates had always talked about at some point joining forces as they crisscrossed the country on tour with their earlier bands and after years of talk they found the time to all get together in the studio and it all fell organically into place.

Although individually the members have put their share of studio and road miles under their leather belts, this is all just the beginning…rest assured the dichotomy within their sound will secure WORLDVIEW’s place within the metal and rock scene. Expect WORLDVIEW’s full length debut The Chosen Few later this year.

“The Last Cry”, a new song recently debuted by WORLDVIEW, is available for streaming at:

WORLDVIEW line-up:

Rey Parra (SACRED WARRIOR) - Lead Vocals
George Rene Ochoa (DELIVERANCE, RECON) - Guitars
Eddie Starline Lopez (RECON) - Guitars
Ronson Webster (RECON, BARREN CROSS) - Keyboards
Todd Libby (RECON) - Keyboards
Mike Grato (RECON, DELIVERANCE) - Bass
Johnny Gonzales (RECON) - Drums



* New Michael Sweet interview with SleazeRoxx:

* TERAMAZE unmixed album sample:

* Studio footage of Slovakian power metal band NONA recording a new song:


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AdrianGale logo

New album announced along with digital re-issue of bands back catalog:

Press Release / As a result of the recent buzz surrounding the group - and in trying to keep up with the times and technology - for the first time ever, the entire ADRIANGALE catalog will be up for purchase digitally via iTunes!

Spanning back to 2000, ADRIANGALE has released some of the most consistently well-regarded, high quality melodic rock in the genre. From the debut Feel The Fire (2000) to the sophomore release Re: Program (2002) to its most recent album Crunch (2000), ADRIANGALE have continually set a high water mark for themselves and for their brand of music, doing it with great songs, great musicianship, and often thought-provoking lyrics and themes.  Popular musical styles and tastes inevitably come and go, but ADRIANGALE has managed to forge and maintain their own identity through it all.

ADRIANGALE, consisting of vocalist Jamie Rowe (GUARDIAN) and guitarist Vic Rivera, will also be releasing a new album entitled Suckerpunch! in addition to a “Best Of” compilation featuring unreleased and newly recorded bonus tracks.  Both are set to come out on September 27, 2013.

The Suckerpunch! CD release party will be taking place at the MelodicRockFest 3, scheduled for September 27 - September 29, 2013 in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  Pre-orders for both ADRIANGALE releases to start in August at:  Pre-orders can be picked up at MRF3 at the Kivel Records booth and will be signed by the band in person.  Pre-orders from customers not attending MRF3 will ship October 1st.

AdrianGale - collage

ADRIANGALE discography:

Feel The Fire (Full length - 2000)
Under The Hood (EP - 2001)
Re:Program (Full length - 2002)
Live Program (Live - 2003)
Crunch (Full length - 2004)


Pylon - The Harrowing Of Hell

PŸLON - The Harrowing Of Hell (Deluxe Edition) announced:
Press Release / Roxx Records is excited to unleash upon the world the most thunderous DOOM metal release of 2013. Landing from Swiss metal powerhouse…PŸLON .  On June 11, 2013 be prepared for the arrival of the Doom metal album the world has been clamoring for.

PŸLON, hailing from Switzerland, have been garnering quite a bit of attention in the world of doom. The band has already successfully released 2 EP’s and 4 full length albums independently. Their previous 3 albums combined to form a three part opus. The first part of the trilogy entitled The Eternal Wedding Band has been out of print for years, and as a commitment to their fans that purchased it, they have vowed never to repress it again. The second and third part of the trilogy, Doom and Armoury of God, are equally becoming harder and harder to find for doom fans worldwide.

Now upon us is the band’s 5th full length release, and this new album may be the one that moves them to the head of the pack. In late 2012 this album was released as a Limited Edition vinyl version of only 300 copies and contained 7 tracks for those avid vinyl collectors. Now for the first time in a strictly Limited Edition pressing of 500 copies you can purchase an expanded CD version of… The Harrowing of Hell.

As an added bonus for those that act fast and if you have been searching for the Trilogy this may be the only chance you have at getting some of those tracks on CD again, and only here as a part of their brand new release. We are offering a special 2 disc deluxe version which is set to contain a collection of tracks from the Trilogy, including a beautifully 2013 remixed version of “Falling Into The Sun” exclusively here!

The Harrowing Of Hell (Deluxe Edition) track listing:

1. “Gethsemani” (2:44)
2. “Psalm 139” (4:43)
3. “The Stream Of Forgetfulness” (6:38)
4. “Psalm 139” (6:22)
5. “Returnal Etern” (10:50)
6. “You Have Been Warned” (5:43)
7. “Paranoid” (Black Sabbath cover) (4:05)
8. “Golden Voice” (new track) (4:21)
9. “Lines” (new track) (9:13)

Bonus CD track listing:

1. “Anaconda” (3:50)
2. “Falling Into The Sun” (2013 re-mix by Raphael Angst) (7:44)
3. “2046” (4:31)
4. “To My Brethren” (6:09)
5. “Doomstone” (9:09)
6. “Ho Theos Erchestai” (7:09)
7. “Beneath, Beyond” (5:43)
8. “An Angel Tale” (6:26)
9. “The First Church” (8:05)
10. “In From The Funeral Fields” (6:17)
11. “Hollow Sky” (8:46)

Roxx Productions online:

PŸLON online:

Wonrowe Vision - Pictures Of The Past, Present & Future

WONROWE VISION paints Pictures Of The Past, Present And Future:
Press Release / With Pictures Of The Past, Present And Future WONROWE VISION have finally honed the exact sound they have been after for 3 and a half years! Steve Rowe is singing and the band Is rocking! WONROWE VISION is Steve's 80s band LIGHTFORCE 1986-era revisited. The CD even contains 2 re-worked versions of LIGHTFORCE 1986 classics, “Pictures” and “You're So Kind, Yours And Mine'”, from the very first LIGHTFORCE blue demo! These never before heard on CD songs are also included in the bonus material!

Steve's life-long interest in and passion for 70s classic heavy rock and early 80s classic gospel rock is alive and well in the presentation of the WONROWE VISION soundscape! Imagine a combination of 70s mainstream bands STATUS QUO, DEEP PURPLE and MOTORHEAD, combined with the 80s gospel rock sounds of RESURRECTION BAND, JERUSALEM, BARNABAS and 100% PROOF... and there you have it! Combine that with Steve's quirky but God glorifying lyrics and Lincoln Bowen's genius guitar playing and WONROWE VISION is a breath of fresh air, retro rock attack! Along with young drummer Andrew Esnouf, WONROWE VISION has a very distinct driving edge with a realistic street level appeal. This is high energy rock for both the young and the young at heart. Together, reliving the daze of classic heavy rock dance ability - music that gets you jumping and jump-starts your holy hearts.

Studio versions track listing:

1. “That's Total Evil”
2. “Pictures”

Live At The Metal Bible Launch (2012) track listing:

1. “That's Total Evil” (Live)
2. “Pictures” (Live)
3. “You're So Kind, Yours And Mine” (Live)
4. “The Spirit Of The Rock” (Live)
5. “Mission Invincible” (Live)
6. “Resident Spider” (Live)
7. “Vaporizer” (Live)
8. “The White Rock” (Live)
9. “Smile Your Way Through Life” (Live)
10. “I'm Not Afraid Of The Dark” (Live)

Bonus Material track listing:

1. “Pictures” (1986 LIGHTFORCE demo version)
2. “You're So Kind, Yours And Mine” (1986 LIGHTFORCE demo version)
3. “12 Men” (1986 LIGHTFORCE demo version)
4. “12 Men” (2004 MORTIFICATION version)

Wonrowe Vision online:

Worldview logo

WORLDVIEW debuts new single, “The Last Cry”:
Press Release / WORLDVIEW debuted their highly anticipated single “The Last Cry” on Thursday March 28th through Beyond The Riff.  “The Last Cry” and an interview with guitarist George Rene Ochoa and vocalist Rey Parra can be heard at:

WORLDVIEW, a powerhouse progressive metal band made up of veteran musicians from iconic bands such as SACRED WARRIOR, DELIVERANCE, RECON and VENGEANCE RISING, is setting out to blast the world with their new metal along with a powerful message.

Vocalist Rey Parra (formerly of SACRED WARRIOR) recently clarified on his personal Facebook page (March 26, 2013) about his reason to depart SACRED WARRIOR and the name change from RECON to WORLDVIEW:

“(I am) really getting excited about the release of Worldview. For those of you who don't quite understand why I am no longer with (Sacred) Warrior because of time constraints yet, I am doing an album with Recon members. First and foremost let me start out by saying that, Steve, Bruce, Tony and Joe are still and always will be my brothers. I have spent many years building what I call, a life long family of friends. There never was nor is there now any animosity between the guys and myself. We really wanted to release a new Warrior CD for you guys but It was a long hard road (with) me living in Florida and the guys in Chicago. In addition to the distance thing, there have been lots of health issues as well. The guys were ready to put this thing out for you guys but I was holding them back so, Bruce and I spoke and we both felt that it would be best for everyone if I stepped down. So I did and God has sent Eli Prinsen to the band, I want every one to accept him and respect him as a great vocalist. I know he loves Jesus and I know that he is a great addition to Warrior.

“Now about the Worldview Project, this is the result of one brother having a wish for two friends, sort of his last wish. Rick Macias had told me for a long time that he wanted to do a CD with George, Rick and Rey, something different yet awesome. Well Rick never had the satisfaction of doing the disc with George and myself so, after Rick going off to be with Jesus, George and I decided to do this in Ricks memory.  This is not Warrior or Recon, it's completely different but it is very anointed and it rocks. That's why we did not pursue the Recon name for the project. I hope everyone who reads this post will tune in on Thursday and rejoice with us as we unveil the song, "Last Cry" on Beyond the Riff. Thank you to all my friends and family”

WORLDVIEW online: &


* Update in regards to new BRIDE album (Facebook - March 30, 2013): “Bride's new CD Incorruptible will be released in early summer. Do not wait to pre-order your copy today. By pre-ordering your copy you will get exclusive access to video footage of the band in the studio creating the CD. You will see rehearsal's and writing sessions and be the first to hear the demo's and possibly even songs that will not make the CD. Visit today.”

* Preview sampler of songs off the upcoming John Elefante solo release, On My Way To The Sun:


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Biogenesis logo

New BIOGENESIS interview online:
Angelic Warlord had the recent opportunity to talk with BIOGENESIS vocalist Chaz Bond, who goes into detail about the groups most recent album The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth.  In the interview Bond expands upon the meaning behind the albums title, the writing and recording process and future plans for BIOGENESIS.  Following is an excerpt:

What are you thoughts in regards to The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth?  Are you happy with the way the album turned out?  What are some of your favorite songs off the album and why?
I am happy with the album overall.  It is different than our first album.  During the early days we were happy and excited to be out there performing and our first album reflects that.  I think that this album is darker and more somber and personal.  I think that all we were going through personally and professionally really had an impact on our latest release.

Read Full Interview: HERE


Warlord - The Holy Empire

WARLORD announces band line-up for upcoming shows:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Reunited '80s metallers WARLORD, featuring guitarist William J. Tsamis and drummer Mark S. Zonder (FATES WARNING), will perform at the Keep It True XVI festival, set to take place April 19-20 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany. This will mark the group's first appearance in eleven years - having last performed in 2002 in Itzehoe, Germany and at the Wacken Open Air festival.

WARLORD's line-up for Keep It True XVI will be as follows:

Giles Lavery - Lead Vocals
William J Tsamis - Guitars
Paolo Viani - Guitars
Angelo Vefeiadis - Keyboards
Philip Bynoe - Bass
Mark S. Zonder - Drums

Commented Tsamis (Facebook - 03/19/13): "When Mark, Rick (Anderson), and I embarked on this new venture of doing a new WARLORD album, I had no intention of doing any live shows, mostly because of my health situation (as many of you know). However, when we were invited by Oliver Weinsheimer of Keep It True to headline that German festival, and when I received clearance from my doctor that I could physically endure such a trip to Europe, suddenly we were approached by Greek promoters as well. Now, Thessaloniki and Athens were on the table.

"I realized (along with Mark) that the WARLORD fans would primarily want to hear 'classic WARLORD.' And as you know, there is a distinction between the 'classic WARLORD' sound and the 'new WARLORD' sound (which will one day become 'classic' as well). Although Rick is the perfect (ideal) singer for the 'new' WARLORD, I knew we had to find someone who could approximate the 'higher-range' style of the early WARLORD vocalists. I had heard our friend Giles Lavery sing 'Lucifer's Hammer' already and I asked him to send me an audition tape of five songs . . . [Below] you will find excerpts from that audition tape (no 20-minute trailer here), and you will understand 'why' I (we) decided to go with someone like Giles, who is not only a great vocalist in the higher range (as well as the AOR style), but he is someone who has been a WARLORD fan since his youth, and is a person who understands the mindset of 'the WARLORD fan.' In sum, Rick is better suited to sing the new WARLORD material while Giles is better suited to sing the classic WARLORD material."

Warlord live singer audition:

WARLORD released its new album, The Holy Empire, earlier this month. The effort was made available on CD and digitally via Sons Of A Dream Music/Battle Hymns Music.

The Holy Empire was engineered and mastered by the multi-Grammy Award winner Phil Magnotti (FATES WARNING, OVERKILL, ARCH/MATHEOS, OSI).

Says WARLORD: "WARLORD is returning to Phil after his excellent work on the Rising Out Of The Ashes album, as well as several FATES WARNING projects. Rest assured that the new WARLORD album will be of the highest-quality production."

WARLORD's last album, Rising Out Of The Ashes, was released in July 2002 via Atrheia/Drakkar. The CD featured Tsamis and Zonder

The Holy Empire track-listing

1. “70,000 Sorrows”
2. “Glory”
3. “Thy Kingdom Come”
4. “City Walls Of Troy”
5. “Kill Zone”
6. “Night Of The Fury”
7. “Father”
8. “The Holy Empire”

WARLORD online:


* ABSOLON signed with Germany’s Underground Power Records for the European distribution of its new album, Darkness Rising: The Tale Of Derek Blackheart.  Further information:

The group is also planning to shoot a music video in May.  A specific song, however, has not been decided upon.  Contact ABSOLON at its Facebook page for any suggestions:

* BIOGENESIS recruits new keyboardist (Facebook - 03/17/13): “Today we are happy to announce the newest member of the Bio family! Bio freaks and BioGenechicks, meet Evan English, our new and first ever keyboard player! Evan is also a founding member of the band "Coffin Birth Conspiracy". Evan is a very talented young musician with a great personallity. We are excited for him to add to an already dark and extremely unigue and diverse sound. You will see Evan on stage with us soon as he adds to our classics that you all know and love but most of all look for him to be a an added writing force on our next album! Welcome aboard Evan!!!”

* BRIDE to begin work on new album, Incorruptible, in May (Facebook – 03/22/13): “Dale (Thompson - vocals) and Troy (Thompson - guitars) are right now in our secret sublimely evocative room where we are putting final touches to the new Bride songs. Sunday full blown rehearsal with the band to confirm three songs. We will be posting lots of valuable information and sharing insight into the writing process and the making of the CD which is named Incorruptible”.

Please note that Incorruptible is a fan financed project.  Further details:

* WHITECROSS Elements Of Rock 2013 full concert:


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Stryper - promo pic

New online interview with Michael Sweet:
In a recent interview with Guitar World, Michael Sweet provides an update regarding both STRYPER and his upcoming autobiography and solo album.  Following is an excerpt:

What's the status of your solo album?
The solo record has been completed for some time. I'm just waiting to have the book finished so they can be released simultaneously, but they're both coming out this year. So we've got the Stryper Second Coming album out March 26, the solo album and book and then, in November or December, we're going to go back in and do another record. This one's going be a live/behind-the-scenes record and DVD.

Read full interview: HERE


* Video from HB with new vocalist Miia Rautkoski performing the song “Battle Of God”:

* Facebook update (03/15/2013) from vocalist Rey Parra regarding his new recording project with guitarist George Ochoa: “OK My friends and family. The new project that Recon and Rey Parra (ME) are doing is called Worldview! We will be featuring 1 or 2 songs on, Beyond The Riff on Thursday March 28th at 7 PM Pacific / 10 PM Eastern Time where, George and I will be on the radio, you will be able to call in and ask either George or myself any questions you have. This has been a great experience working with George Ochoa, Mike Grato, Johnnie Gonzales, Ronson and Eddy, Oh yea and lets not forget Ray Vidal (Crazy man)

I believe that this project will do two things, first and foremost it will bring Glory to Jesus through lyrical content and musical ability and secondly, It was Rick Macias last wish for me and George. I still get very emotional when I think about Rick. I hope every one who can, will tune in and rejoice with us for this new venture. Blessings.”


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HB and INNERWISH announce new vocalists:

Press Release / Well known Finnish symphonic metal band HB is looking forward to hitting the gospel gigging scene with new singer Miia Rautkoski.  Better known as the vocalist of the dance band G-Powered, Mia is very excited and more than happy to take this opportunity to be lead singer of HB.  HB also would like to thank former vocalist Johanna Aaltonen and wish her all the best now that she’s going to relocate overseas.

Fans can see the first live gig with Miia on March 16, 2013 at Nosturi, Helsinki.  HB will be touring Finland and Europe this year and a live performance in Brazil is forthcoming this summer as well.

Currently HB is producing a compilation of older material in Finnish that will include two powerful CD’s of fan favorites. The album will be released in late March. HB is also at work on the English version of its 2010 Finnish release Pääkallonpaikka.  Look for it to be available this fall.

Following is a video to the G-POWERED song “I Belong To You”:

Note: No, "I Belong To You" is not metal, but it will allow you to get better acquainted with Miia’s abundant abilities.  I cannot help but feel that she will do a more than adequate job in filling Johanna’s shoes.  BTW, was this filmed during the only warm and sunny day they get each year in Finland?

HB online : &

Innerwish promo pic

Press Release / The Greek melodic metal band INNERWISH announces new vocalist, George Eikosipentakis, who replaces the departed Babis Alexandropoulos:

Hey there! It has been a quite busy, but creative period in the INNERWISH camp and now it’s time for an updated at last.
Finally, the search for our new singer following the departure of Babis Alexandropoulos is over.  We are extremely happy and proud to announce that George Eikosipentakis will be the voice of INNERWISH from now on!  George is an excellent and experienced vocalist, and fits exactly with the past but also with our plans for the future of the band.

Our first live show with George will be at the Metal From Hellas Festival which will take place on the 26th of May at Gagarin 205 Live Music Space in Athens, Greece.

But before that our fans worldwide will be able to listen to two covers we made, which mark the first recordings with George on vocals and Fragiskos Samoilis behind the drums. The first is the WARLORD classic “Black Mass” for the Sons Of A Dream - A Tribute To Warlord release, and second the  BLACK SABBATH  opus “Neon Knights” for a tribute CD that will be released with the Greek edition of Metal Hammer magazine.

Beside all of this we are working on songs for our next studio album. Some tunes are already shaping up and more will be announced in the coming months.  INNERWISH are back on track and the best is yet to come! The desires are burning more than ever!"

INNER WISH online: &

Absolon - Darkness Rising

ABSOLON signs with Roxx Productions:
Press Release / Florida based Power Metal band ABSOLON signs on with Roxx Productions to handle North American Distribution.

ABSOLON is a new symphonic/goth power metal band hailing from Orlando, Florida. With a combination of old school European heavy metal and today’s modern symphonic/goth power metal, ABSOLON has carved out a unique niche in the metal scene.

Darkness Rising: The Tale of Derek Blackheart, is the epic debut release by ABSOLON...and it is indeed epic.  Not since QUEENCRYCHE Operation Mindcrime has there been such a epic recording. Much like itS inspiration, Darkness Rising: The Tale of Derek Blackheart, is a dark story told thru music, instrumentals, sound effects and speaking pieces. Make no mistake, this is heavy metal at its best and one that will take the listener on a roller coaster ride of thrills and emotion. This release will satisfy fans of IRON MAIDEN, JUDAS PRIEST and QUEENSRYCHE, as well as fans of KAMELOT, EPICA and LAQCUNA COIL.

Darkness Rising: The Tale of Derek Blackheart is the story of a young man, Derek Blackheart, who locks himself away in his room and becomes a virtuoso on the guitar. With dreams of fame and fortune in his head, one stormy rainy night he sells his soul to the Dark Master. In exchange for his obedience, his band Blackheart becomes the biggest metal band in the world, selling millions of records and playing sold out arenas. After years of doing the Dark Masters bidding and at the height of his success, Derek decides he’s had enough and wants out. He takes his own life one night in his Beverly Hills mansion but finds that, even in death, there is no escaping his fate.

Epic metal for the masses: Buy it, put it on and play it loud.

Available From Roxx Productions at:
For Band interviews & Press please contact

You can also hear two songs off the album, “Even Heroes Fall” and “Screaming In The Dark”, at:

Darkness Rising: The Tales Of Derek Blackheart track listing: “What Have I Done/The Beginning”, “The Master Calls”, “Nail Head”, “Darkness Rising Interlude”, “Darkness Rising”, “Pretender”, “Even Heroes Fall”, “Devastation Suffocation”, “The Escape Part I”, “The Escape Part II”, “Eulogy”, “Breaking News”, “Screaming In The Dark”, “State of Mind”, “The Master Calls Reprise”, “Deaths Frozen Sting”

ABSOLON line-up:

Ken Pike - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Ed Dumas – Guitars

Dave Mikeal - Keyboards
Will Cochran - Bass
Axel - Drums

ABSOLON online :  Facebook:


* ARMAGEDDON uploaded a new song entitled “Time Divider”:

* New DELIVERANCE album in mastering process (Facebook - March 4, 2013): “Good afternoon "D" fans! We know that you have all been patiently awaiting the release of the new album, and a lot of you are having doubts of it even existing, and I can assure you that it does indeed! The band is extremely busy with their personal lives, but they are doing their best to get this album out for you guys already! The album is in the mastering process right now, and you will not have to wait much longer. Be patient! This album is KILLER and WILL be worth the wait.”

* Mike Florio update: “Just a quick note to let you know I've released a brand new CDsort of "under the radar", but I thought some of you might be interested. It's called Artifacts Volume 1, and it really features lots of keys/synth instrumental stuff (if you like that sort of thing), although there are vocals on a few tracks. Please swing by and check it out if you get a chance.

I am also getting close to finishing up another progressive rock CD, which is basically the follow-up to my 2006 Arisen album, which I know many of you have heard. This one has been a long time coming, as I really got side-tracked for a few years chasing my tail a bit. But I think the wait will be worth it!
Plus, in addition to that, I have been working on yet another rock project which I'm really excited about. This is music I've wanted to record for a long time, and it will showcase a wide range of material from soft ballads to hard rockers! This will also have a few guest musicians on it.”

* RIVERA BOMMA interview at Rock United:

* Michael Sweet autobiography update (Facebook - 02/21/2013): “Writing and finishing my autobiography has gone WAY beyond my expectations, good and bad. It's been much more difficult than I could ever imagine yet it's been somewhat therapeutic being able to talk about my life and the past 30+ years of all things Stryper. I get into everything and share things that may surprise you. I talk about the dysfunction in this band, the pain and heartache of being so close to each other that we sometimes hurt each other the most, the ups and downs from our highest point (1987-1988) to our lowest point (1991-1992) and why we were driven to bankruptcy and how we climbed our way back from complete loss and despair.

I share my personal pain from considering to give up music all together to the day I broke the news to the guys that I would be leaving the band and why. From that day forward I had everything a man could ask for and then, in what seemed like an instant, it was all taken away. I'm almost 50 yet I feel like I've lived the life of a man who is almost 90. I look back on everything and all I can say is - Thank you God for allowing me to serve you and for giving me my gift, my life! "Honestly" will be available soon and I can say from the bottom of my heart, it is brutally honest and my hopes and prayers are that it touches you in some way.”

* New single from STRYPER, “Bleeding From The Inside Out” (off the groups soon to be released Second Coming album):

*STRYPER also recently put together a promo video for Second Coming:

* Unplugged live footage of WALES ROAD performing the track “I Need You” at the Blues For The Homeless Festival (Rochester, New York, February 24, 2013):


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Theocracy promo pic

New THEOCRACY interview online:
Vocalist Matt Smith goes into detail about the re-issue of the THEOCRACY self-titled debut album in a recent online interview with Metal Underground.  Following is an excerpt:

There hasn’t really been any word since November about when there will be a release date set for the re-mixed re-release of it. Is there a release date set now?
It’s completely done as of yesterday, ready to go off for mastering. Basically now, it’s just up to me uploading files. I’m going to go ahead and try to do that this weekend so that it will be mastered. It just took awhile to get a hold of the original artwork and write some new liner notes and things like that. We’ve just been working on detail work, but for all intents and purposes, it is done. It’s really up to the label when they want it to happen.

Read Full Interview: HERE


Halcyon Way promo pic

HALCYON WAY at work on new album:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Georgia-based metallers HALCYON WAY have completed the writing process for their fourth album, to be released in the second half of 2013. The as-yet-untitled follow-up to IndoctriNation (Nightmare Records) will once again feature the hook- and riff-infused brand of metal HALCYON WAY has been notorious for.

HALCYON WAY's new album is being produced by the band's own Jon Bodan (guitar), while Lasse Lammert will once again handle mixing. Additionally, the group will work for the first time with Seth Von Paulus, the vocal engineer who has worked with names such as Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera and SMASHING PUMPKINS, among others.

"We're all very excited about the material that we have in our hands," says Bodan. "We believe that this will be our best release yet, and with both Lasse and Seth onboard, I believe this will be the album that will help cement the HALCYON WAY brand once and for all."

In touring news, HALCYON WAY will hit the road in North America as the support act for U.D.O., the German metal band fronted by former ACCEPT vocalist Udo Dirkschneider. The ten-show trek kicks off on April 9 in Amityville, New York and runs for eleven days throughout the Northeastern/Midwestern U.S. and Canada.

Angelic Warlord (95% review) described the 2010 HALCYON WAY sophomore release Building The Towers as “a melding of a variety of forms of metal, including power, thrash, melodic and progressive, with the end result a work every bit as diverse as it is accessible.  Just imagine the progressiveness of Dream Theater and Fates Warning joined with the thrash heavy riffs of Testament and Believer- but all the while built around melodic based songwriting not unlike Queensryche or Theocracy.”

Two things stand out about HALCYON WAY from the review: “1) How the group refuses to be pigeonholed in terms of style classification.  Again, a diversity of influences here, which cannot help but leave you impressed with how Halcyon Way merges so many different types of metal and make it “work” in the process.  2) The all out melody to the group’s material.  No matter how heavy, fast, hard hitting or progressive a song might be, each one brings that notable hook or riff that would separate it from the rest and allow it to remain in your head for some time.”

As a result, the prospects of a new HALCYON WAY album cannot help but excite.

HALCYON WAY online:  &

Liberty N' Justice - The Cigar Chronicles

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE - The Cigar Chronicles set for release:
Press Release / This Tuesday 2-26-13, Liberty N’ Justice The Cigar Chronicles gets an official release! You can purchase it through all major digital sites like Itunes (, Amazon ( and others.

The double CD features over 70 guest musicians and took over four years to record. The CD features the talents of JK Northrup (Liberty n' Justice/ King Kobra/ XYZ) with Kip Winger (WINGER), George Lynch (Dokken/Lynch Mob), Jeff LaBar (Cinderella), Cj Snare & Bill Leverty (Firehouse), Gunnar Nelson (Nelson), Tony Harnell (TNT), Mark Kendall & Terry Ilous (Great White),Jerry Dixon (Warrant), among many many others!  The CD and other LNJ swag can be purchased at:

Wanna see LNJ live?  Justin Murr & JK Northrup are now joined by vocalist David Cagle, keyboard legend Eric Ragno, and drummer Michael Feighan (White Cross /King James). They have two dates already booked:

Skull Fest in North Platte ,Nebraska (10-18 &10-19-13) which is a two day event that will all so feature Jack Russell of Great White, Phil Lewis (LA Guns), Kip Winger, Ted Poley and Band, Ron Keel, Enuff Z'nuff, Hurricane, MASS,Tango Down, plus many more! Info can be found at:
Liberty n' Justice will all so be at Rock Harvest 2 which is a 3 day event in Maryland in November and you get more info at:

And in closing… (if you can't) get enough of LNJ music (then) "The Band Project" has an unofficial name and all 13 songs have been written and recorded we are just waiting on Cagle to finish one more vocal, Michael to lay down his drums, and Eric to bring it all together with his keys!  JK and Justin are extremely happy with this concept album and can't wait to play these songs live!


SYZYGY - A Gloriious Disturbance

SYZYGY release 3-disc live DVD/CD package, A Glorious Disturbance:
Press Release / SYZYGY is the highly-acclaimed American based progressive music group featuring Carl Baldassarre (guitars, vocals, lyrics), Sam Giunta (keyboards), Paul Mihacevich (drums, vocals), and Al Rolik (bass, vocals).  The members of SYZYGY are classically trained, award-winning composers/performers.  They have received praise the world over with loyal fans and record sales on all continents.  Legends such as Steve Hackett (GENESIS) have gushed about their work as being “easily the best I have ever been given… masterpiece.”

The group melds highly-complex, contrapuntal writing with exquisite vocal arrangements, memorable melodies and spiritually uplifting lyrics in a package that can only be described as “SYZYGY”.  This very special group expands the boundaries of music by putting both “progress” and “rock” back into “progressive rock” which enables them to transcend this genre altogether.  Their compositions possess the same qualities of the great music in history: memorable, moving, powerful, dynamic, intelligent, compassionate, purposeful, inventive, diverse and accessible.

The band’s discography includes 1993’s Cosmos And Chaos (under the predecessor band name Witsend), Allegory Of Light (2003) and the stunning 2009 release, Realms Of Eternity.  This latter release according to critics has “propelled them into the upper echelon of American progressive rock” having received three Grammy submissions from former Grammy-winning artists.

The group’s first live DVD/CD (2012), A Glorious Disturbance, is a 3-disc package covering two concerts (5.1 surround) and lost of bonus features for nearly 5 hours of enjoyment.  As good as the band is in the studio, they are even better live, as they are very entertaining performers who mesmerize their fans with a combination of power, ease and joyful music making.  You are encouraged to check out the reviews, interviews and features founds on the band’s website ( as well as their YouTube channel (

A Glorious Disturbance, three discs - 2 DVDs and 1 CD - nearly five hours of content:

DVD 1: Almost 2 hours from two different SYZYGY concerts: 2009’s “Three Rivers Progressive Rock Festival” and 2010’s “A Day of Prog Festival” (Syzygy headlined)

Both concerts in 5.1 surround sound with incredible aural imaging. Track-list includes a diverse collection of SYZYGY compositions as well as an exciting encore set of two classic progressive rock covers!

CD: Over 72 minutes of live music.  Several new and exciting interpretations of some of the band’s earlier work as well as pieces performed live for the first time. Incredible sound quality.

DVD 2: Over an hour and a half of special features:

An in depth interview with Carl Baldassarre by Michael Heaton (the Minister of Culture for the Cleveland Plain Dealer).  Carl discusses the history of the band with tons of behind-the-scenes footage dating back 30 years!
The Writing of Realms: An in-depth look at Realms of Eternity, the album that Steve Hackett (Genesis) called, a “masterpiece.”  This feature includes a track-by-track breakdown in the studio of these great compositions.  Musicians and audiophiles will love this!

The great Mark Boals discusses his perspective on working as lead vocalist and front man for SYZYGY (both in the studio and live on stage).
Band Roundtable: Listen in as the members of SYZYGY discuss the past, the DVD and SYZYGY’s future.  Lots of additional footage included in this roundtable discussion.

You will be hard pressed to find a more gorgeous looking DVD package.  The color, design and graphics are beyond compare!  The package comes with a pullout poster containing a lyric sheet and a photo montage of the band in action. 

SYZYGY online:


* Live performances of “Children Of Winter” and “Fight On” by INNERSIEGE at Sanctuary From The Streets in Nashville, Tennessee on 02/15/13: &

Both songs are taken off the groups 2012 Roxx Records full length debut Kingdom Of Shadows.

* MESSENGER signed with Two Side Moon Promotions to promote their new album, You Choose, in the United Kingdom and Europe to magazines such as Fireworks and Powerplay in addition to radio stations Headbangers FM and TBFM Online.  MESSENGER artist showcase:

MESSENGER also recently introduced its new bassist, Richard Sandoval, who replaced the departed Roy Richardson.  The group had the following to say about Sandoval: “It was a challenge to find someone to play the kind of bass lines and rhythms in Messenger's music.  There is scaling, different time signatures and a lot of changes.  We were looking for someone with a lot of energy and motivation.  After months of searching, we found it all in Rich Sandoval.”

* THEOCRACY performing “I Am” live at Bloodwork Fest 2013 in Costa Rica:


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ABSOLON - Darkness Rising: The Tale Of Derek Blackheart
Musically, you will find a lot going on with Absolon.  Initial impression is of a group centering itself upon a European power metal sound (with the keyboards and orchestration that goes along with it) but with the necessary darker undercurrents to reflect some symphonic Gothic aspects.  Read Full Review >>

ATKINS MAY PROJECT - Valley Of Shadows
Valley Of Shadows builds upon the momentum gained from Serpents Kiss by taking things to the next level on all fronts.  It starts with songwriting, which does not let up start to finish in showcasing great song after great song.  Read Full Review >>

BIOGENESIS - The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth
Biogenesis makes a seamless transition between The Mark Bleeds Through and The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth by continuing to focus on diversity.  It starts with how the group takes a foundation of straightforward heavy metal and mixes it with strong doses of thrash, modern groove, progressive and Gothic metal.  Read Full Review >>

GOLDEN RESURRECTION - One Voice For The Kingdom
The musical direction of One Voice For The Kingdom, the January of 2013 third full length album from Sweden’s Golden Resurrection, is spot-on: A continuance of the neo-classical power metal of the groups first two releases but mixed with strong hints of eighties influenced melodic metal and more expeditious speed metal.  Read Full Review >>

INNERSIEGE - Kingdom Of Shadows
The album finds InnerSiege staying true to the European power metal classification - the groups press material lists Firewind, Kamelot, Dream Evil and Iron Maiden as influences - but mixed with hints of classic US power metal along the lines of Jacobs Dream, Faith Factor and The Sacrificed.  Read Full Review >> 

John Schlitt - The Greater Cause
Musically, the artists press material has built up The Greater Cause as a “return to his rock roots”, which it does to, well, a certain extent.  Yes, the album can hit hard, as it does on the seven tracks taking a commercial melodic hard rock heading, but can also mellow out for the four others approaching things from an acoustic rock standpoint.  Read Full Review >> 

Power And Glory, a late 2012 release and the third The Seventh Power project from the year (the artist also put out a revamped version of the self-titled debut under the title The Power), highlights a sound more akin to Dominion And Power with its focus on heavy set guitars and doom-ish overtones.  Read Full Review >>

ZAXAS - Zaxas
What Zaxas brings to the table is a technical take on the power metal genre.  Yes, the group’s songwriting is intricate and complex, almost to the point of head spinning.  Read Full Review >>


Boarders - R-Existence Super Deluxe Edition

Roxx Records to release Super Deluxe Edition of BOARDERS R-Existence:
Press Release / Well the “Deluxe Edition” just quite was not enough for you BOARDERS fans was it?  Well we will be releasing a “Super Duper Deluxe Edition” just for you!

This is an EXTREMELY Rare version! You know how these 2 disc sets go when we offer them up! (Just try finding one of the ULTIMATUM, THRESHER or CROSSFORCE 2 disc versions now)

Well the wonderful gentlemen that the guys in BOARDERS are they are graciously allowing us to release 100 copies of the bands long lost 1993 demo Soft Fail System.  This demo has NEVER before been available to the general public and we are offering it here and only here! For the first and last time ever!

This 2 Disc version will only be available directly from the Roxx store!  Disc 1 contains the new Deluxe Edition of R-Existence CD!  Disc 2 contains the complete Soft Sail System and more!

Again we are only pressing 100 of these EVER! So get one quick!

PS: If you ordered the one disc version and want the bonus disc simply email us at with your original Roxx order number and we will work with you on getting the bonus disc! But act fast!

R-Existence track listing (CD 1): “Prelude”, “The Agony Of Lying”, “Signs Of Resistance”, “Vengeance Is Yours”, “IV Reich”, “Pure Gold”, “Lightbringer”, “Sixth Out Of Five”, “Cause Of Life”, “Meet My Heart”, “To My Father”, “A Warm Place” (Deluxe Edition 2013), “Pure Gold” (Acoustic Version, Deluxe Edition 2013), “This Time” (Deluxe Edition 2013), “Deliver You Back To Hell” (Unreleased Demo 2003, Deluxe Edition 2013) “For What It’s Worth” (Unreleased Demo 2003, Deluxe Edition 2013)

Soft Sail System track listing (CD 2): “Chains”, “Farewell To All”, “No Heaven On Earth”, “Some Rage”

Note: BOARDERS put out its full length debut The World Hates Me in 2007 and sophomore effort R-Existence five years later.  Initially a download only release available at the group’s website, R-Existence was re-issued early 2013 by Roxx Records (as a Deluxe Edition) with five bonus tracks.

Roxx Productions online:

BOARDERS online: &

Press Release / The Swedish neo-classical metal group pays its respects to departed musicians Jon Lord (DEEP PURPLE, WHITESNAKE) and Gary Moore in a video put together by guitarist Tommy ReinXeed.  The song in question, appropriately entitled “Moore Lord”, is the closing track from the most recent GOLDEN RESURRECTION album One Voice For The Kingdom.

The Angelic Warlord review (80%) of One Voice For The Kingdom described “Moore Lord” as “(taking) a blues driven approach (with) forward keyboards playing a fitting role in addition to guitars dripping of feeling and emotion.  Tommy (at the same time) stands out in showcasing a side to his playing we have not seen in the past (if he recorded an entire album in this direction I would buy it).”

At this point I would like to offer an apology to the group for suggesting in the review that the song should actually have been entitled “More Lord”, when at the time of writing I failed to realize it was performed in tribute to Gary MOORE and Jon LORD.  It was a classic case of a well intentioned reviewer not knowing the facts ahead of time prior to putting pen to paper.  Keep up the good work guys!

GOLDEN RESURRECTION, a joining of vocalist Christian Liljegren and guitarist Tommy ReinXeed, can trace its history to 2010 when it released its debut Glory To My KingMan With A Mission, the groups 2011 sophomore effort, preceded the release of One Voice For The Kingdom in January of 2013.


Lordian Guard - Anthology

LORDIAN GUARD - Anthology 2 CD set re-issue:
Re-mastered with new artwork and 16-page booklet on No Remorse Records:

Press Release / LORDIAN GUARD is the unique inspired Christian medieval epic metal majesty of William J Tsamis.  Melodic, yet powerful, Anthology includes both albums of LORDIAN GUARD, Lordian Guard and Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God (originally released from Hellion Records), in addition to the "Behold A Pale Horse" single, "Invaders" (advance mix) and "Lady Vidonne", a ballad by William J Tsamis & Vidonne Sayre-Riemenschneider.

Official released for the first time are the LORDIAN WINDS demo recordings with William J Tsamis (guitars, keyboards), Rick Anderson (vocals) and Dave Watry (bass).  Included are the tracks “My Name Is Man”, “Stygian Passage”, “In The Name Of God” and “Dark Civilization”.

Anthology track listing (CD 1): “Lost Archangel”, “Revelation XIX”, “My Name Is Man”, “Winds Of Thor”, “War In Heaven”, “In Peace He Comes Again”, “My Name Is Man” (Lordian Winds), “Stygian Passage” (Lordian Winds), “In The Name Of God” (Lordian Winds), “Dark Civilization” (Lordian Winds)

Anthology track listing (CD 2):, “Golgotha”, “Behold A Pale Horse”, “Stygian Passage”, “Father”, “Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God”, “Battle Of The Living Dead”, “Children Of The King”, “Behold A Pale Horse” (12” single version), “Deliver Us from Evil” (12” single B’ side), “Invaders”, “Lady Vidonne (A Love Song)” (bonus track)

No Remorse Records online:


Radiant Records announces Neal Morse Box Set, Live Momentum:
Press Release / When progressive rock icon Neal Morse was preparing to tour his highly acclaimed 2012 studio release, "Momentum," he turned to YouTube to audition touring players to support his faithful duo of Mike Portnoy (drums) and Randy George (bass).

He had high hopes, but the final players selected from more than 70 applicants dramatically surpassed his expectations. They hit the road for an 8-stop North American tour. And now that band's epic New York performance is captured on the new "Live Momentum" 2DVD/3CD Box Set.

Fortified by the energetic live contributions of Eric Gillette (keyboards, guitars, vocals), Bill Hubauer (key-boards, violin, sax, vocals) and Adson Sodré (guitar and vocals), Morse, Portnoy and George blazed through two lengthy sets that spanned Morse's entire, highly-heralded catalog, with the exception of material from Testimony 2, which was previously captured in 2011's Testimony 2: Live in Los Angeles box set.

The set list is mammoth. The players are virtuosic. Their performances are jaw-dropping. And this dynamic box set documents it all-including a special one-hour behind the scenes look at the tour.  It's a Morse tradition to go big, and this new release unquestionably extends his powerful legacy of merging musical madness with addictive melodies in epic compositions that showcase the masterful musicianship of every member on stage.

Live Momentum reveals the exceptionally inspired nature of this unique band and leaves listeners and viewers mimicking those in the audience on this tour-shaking their heads and wondering, "How could they possibly top that?"

This ENORMOUS 2 DVD / 3CD set includes over 4 hours of video, including and exclusive Tour Documentary and over 3 hours of audio.

Neal Morse - Live Momentum

Live Momentum track listing (DVD 1): “Momentum”, “Weathering Sky”, “Author Of Confusion”, “The Distance To The Sun”, “Testimony Suite (Sleeping Jesus, Prince Of The Power Of The Air, The Promise, Wasted Life)”, “Thoughts Part 5”, “The Conflict” (from Sola Scriptura)

Live Momentum track listing (DVD 2: “Question Mark Suite” (The Temple Of The Living God, Another World, Entrance, Inside His Presence), “Fly High”, “World Without End”, “Crazy Horses”, “Sing It High”, “King Jesus”, “Bonus Feature: A Long Strange Journey - Tour Documentary (Edited By Randy George)”

Live Momentum track listing (CD 1):, “Momentum”, “Weathering Sky”, “Author Of Confusion”, “The Distance To The Sun”
5) “Testimony Suite (Sleeping Jesus, Prince Of The Power Of The Air, The Promise, Wasted Life)”

Live Momentum track listing (CD 2): “Thoughts Part 5”, “The Conflict” (from Sola Scriptura), “Question Mark Suite (The Temple Of The Living God, Another World, Entrance, Inside His Presence)”, “Fly High”

Live Momentum track listing (CD3): “World Without End”, “Crazy Horses”, “Sing It High”, “King Jesus”

Ordering information:

NEAL MORSE online: &


* A tribute concert is being planned for APOSTLE vocalist and guitarist Matt Harding, who tragically passed away six months ago.  The concert is scheduled for April (specific date not yet announced) at the Murray Hill Theater in Jacksonville, Florida.  More details as they become available.

* Latest regarding the next BRIDE album (Facebook):

02/11/2013 - “Bride rehearsals and pre-production for the new CD is going incredibly well. We have 12 working songs and have now kicked everything into high gear so we can produce this CD before summer.”

02/13/2013 - “Tonight Troy and I confirmed 8 new songs that are ready for the studio. The new untitled CD will feature a new bassist and drummer to the band. This weekend these 8 songs will began their "band" transformation into Bride songs. We have at least four more songs that will be added but the last four are under intense scrutiny in order to make them Bride worthy.”

* KINETIC ELEMENTS update (from “Fretless bassist extraordinaire Len Dupilka joined Kinetic Element in the summer of 2011.  He has worked out very well and has contributed new material to what will be the band's next CD.  We're kind of experimenting with a multidirectional approach.  Mike (Visaggio - keyboards & vocals) and Todd (Russell - guitars) have collaborated on a 15-minute symphonic prog piece, George (DeCoal II - vocals, guitars & keyboards) has taken us a bit into Asia territory with a pop song which we have “progged” up, and Len's (Dupilka - bass) prog/fusion piece has taken us where we never expected to go.  

The new CD will be full of surprises.  Thanks for staying with us.  Female vocalist Melanie DeCola did not stay with the band so we might have been 6, but we are pretty well set now with these five members, with Old Mikey (Visaggio) on keys and Michael Murray still holding down the drum chair.”

Further reading:

* New WONROWE VISION album set for release (Facebook - 02/13/13): “Vic Campbell our Australian Manager will be releasing the new Wonrowe Vision CD, Pictures Of The Past, Present And Future, on his Silver Bullet Records Label!  Vic released Mission Invincible (the Wonrowe Vision debut) in 2010 & so we continue our strong working relationship in Gospel Rock Mission!! Thank You Vic! The new Album will be available at Easterfest & at the Mortification Show at The Evelyn Hotel Sat March 23rd! Blessings to ALL! Steve.”

Additional details from  “The BIG news this month is that the new Wonrowe Vision CD, Pictures Of The Past, Present And Future, will be complete in layout and ready for pressing! I have the album masters and it sounds KILLER!  We are really nailing that Heavy 70's and early 80's Rock sound that we have been looking for!  Pictures… is a mix of my (favorite) Christian heavy rock band, RESURRECTION BAND, and my (favorite) mainstream heavy rock band, MOTORHEAD. Add to that a splash of STATUS QUO, DEEP PURPLE, 1979 New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (i.e. SAXON and ANGEL WITCH), with early 80's Gospel rock bands BARNABAS, DANIEL BAND, JERUSALEM and 100% PROOF, and that is how it sounds!”


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John Elefante - On My Way To The Sun

On My Way To The Sun, new John Elefante solo album:
As taken from the first review of the album (at the artists Facebook page - February 7, 2013):

“Something special happened in the creation of this new John Elefante album.  It's not just that Kansas fans will be treated to outstanding orchestral rock riffs throughout the project, or that Mastedon lovers have been given candy for their ears as well, or that John continues to set the bar of vocal excellence and production prowess, but there's more.  There is something “extra” inside.  It seems that while allowing the listener full access to his thoughts, John found a way to sing the thoughts of my mind as I battle through life on this broken planet.  A message of grace-filled conviction for a world abandoning God; a message of simpler days gone by; a message of powerful love; and a simple message to change lives forever.

I am honored to have been given access to John's heart while taken on this outstanding musical journey.  It's a journey that makes this my favorite Elefante record to date.  There is a reason John Elefante fans plead with him to create more music. It's because his music is just that good.”

On My Way To The Sun track listing:

1. “This Is How My Story Goes”
2. “On My Way To The Sun”
3. “All I Have To Do”
4. “Half The Way Home”
5. “This Time”
6. “Don’t Hide Away”
7. “We All Fall Short”
8. “The Awakening”
9. “Where Have The Old Days Gone”
10. “Confess”

According to the artist, KANSAS members Rich Williams (guitars) and David Ragsdale (violin) played on the eleven minute opening cut, “This Is How My Story Goes”.

John Elefante online:  Facebook:

Stryper promp pic

STRYPER Second Coming audio samples available:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Frontiers Records last month announced the signing of iconic Christian rockers STRYPER to a multi-album deal. The first CD to be made available (as part of) the agreement will be a collection of re-recorded versions of the band's classic songs, due in North America on March 26.  Entitled Second Coming and produced by front man Michael Sweet, the CD will contain a total of 16 cuts -  two from The Yellow And Black Attack, six from Soldiers Under Command, six from To Hell With The Devil, as well as two new tracks, "Bleeding From Inside Out" and "Blackened".

Commented Sweet: "We're really excited about this record. The re-recorded songs are sounding awesome... better than the originals in many ways! One word to describe the record? Heavier."

He added: "Why did we re-record old songs? That's a multiple-answer question.

"First, because we wanted to cut out the middle men and have a little more control over our own songs.

"Second, we wanted to 'fix' some things that have annoyed the 'hell' out of us for the past 30 years such as: no bass in the mix of The Yellow And Black Attack or Soldiers Under Command, and no Tim (Gaines, bass) on the mix of To Hell With The Devil. The fact that I sound a little more like a man instead of a helium-induced kid at Disneyland. :-) The sheer joy of still loving these songs and still being able to perform these songs (well, we'll let the experts be the judge of that). And last but not certainly least? We did it just because we wanted to :-)

"So there you go, the mystery is over and the reasons have been revealed.

"Seriously, we're really excited about this record. It's one of the few re-records that I believe will stand against any of the originals if not surpass them.

"If you liked The Covering, you'll love Second Coming!"

Second Coming track listing (links to samples in bold)

1. “Loud 'N' Clear”
2. “Loving You”
3. “Soldiers Under Command"
4. “Makes Me Wanna Sing”

5. “First Love”
6. “The Rock That Makes Me Roll”
7. “Reach Out”
8. “Surrender”
9. “To Hell With The Devil"

10. “Calling On You"
11. “Free”

12. “The Way”

13. “Sing Along Song”
14. “More Than A Man”

15. “Bleeding From Inside Out”

16. “Blackened”

In other STRYPER news, vocalist Michael Sweet’s autobiography, Honestly, goes to editing next week.  A 12 song solo record (untitled at the time of this writing) from the artist will go hand in hand with the release of the book.  STRYPER also plans to record its next album of original material (also untitled) between April and June and release it later this year.

STRYPER online: &

WARLORD reveals details to new album, The Holy Empire:
Courtesy of

Press Release / Reunited '80s metallers WARLORD, featuring guitarist William J. Tsamis (LORDIAN GUARD), drummer Mark S. Zonder (FATES WARNING) and vocalist Rick Anderson (MARTIRIA), will release their new album, The Holy Empire, in March. The effort will be made available on CD and digitally via Sons Of A Dream Music/Battle Hymns Music.

The Holy Empire was engineered and mastered by the multi-Grammy Award winner Phil Magnotti (FATES WARNING, OVERKILL, ARCH/MATHEOS, OSI).

Says WARLORD: "WARLORD is returning to Phil after his excellent work on the Rising Out Of The Ashes album, as well as several FATES WARNING projects. Rest assured that the new WARLORD album will be of the highest-quality production."

As previously reported, WARLORD will perform at the Keep It True XVI festival, set to take place April 19-20 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Koenigshofen, Germany.  This will mark the group's first appearance in eleven years- having last performed in 2002 in Itzehoe, Germany and at the Wacken Open Air festival.

WARLORD's last album, Rising Out Of The Ashes, was released in July 2002 via Atrheia/Drakkar. The CD featured Tsamis and Zonder alongside HAMMERFALL vocalist Joacim Cans.

Guitarist Bill Tsamis (Facebook - January 16, 2013) describes (the new songs off) The Holy Empire as “(sounding) "powerful," "epic," "thunderous," "grandiose," "big time professional quality," "mindblowing," etc. You have never heard ANYTHING like this before, I swear it. The tones that Phil Magnotti has achieved make the songs sound like "serious (very serious) big time, compositions." We're narrowing everything down and we're in the "details" now… it's getting very close. Masterpiece, and a "new" type of powerful music that goes beyond heavy metal. If you expect typical metal here you're not gonna find it. If you are willing to hear something "from another planet" that transcends conventional heavy metal, you will be blown to smithereens. No redundancy here . . . but let me make it clear, when you first hear the "opening notes," you will say "this is Warlord.”

WARLORD online:


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InnerSiege promo pic

New INNERSIEGE interview online:
Dead To Self Radio recently interviewed INNERSIEGE vocalist Jeremy Ray, who talks about the groups history and the details pertaining to its new album, Kingdom Of Shadows.  Following is an excerpt:

The album we are referring to is your debut effort recently issued via Roxx Records entitled Kingdom of Shadows. Please talk about that album overall as well as the details surrounding the recording experience.
Sure. The album is Social – Political - Spiritual in nature. We wanted to write an album that reflected what was happening in our country and society from our point of view, using imagery similar to that of the European Power Metal Style and similar to what Ronnie James Dio did. We wanted to paint a colorful picture. Explaining an idea through a series of vivid words and phrases is not only exciting to the imagination, but also makes your point easier to understand and more easily relatable.

The recording experience was a lesson is patience. We started writing the album in 2008. We had many delays to deal with as well. Our founding bass player had been deployed to Afghanistan, the building our recording studio was located in was sold, our founding guitar player left for family reasons as well as a few other things we had to deal with. We never intended the album to take so long to finish, but it's just the way things worked out.

Read Full Interview:


In-Graved - In-Graved

New band from Victor Griffin, IN-GRAVED:
Press Release / IN-GRAVED, the new band led by former PENTAGRAM and PLACE OF SKULLS guitarist Victor Griffin, will release their self-titled debut album in Europe and the U.K. on Friday, March 22 via Finnish label Svart Records and in the U.S. on Tuesday, March 26 via Veritas Vinyl.

The debut self-tilted album was produced by Travis Wyrick (PLACE OF SKULLS) and founding guitarist/vocalist Victor Griffin (DEATH ROW, PENTRAM, PLACE OF SKULLS). The album was recorded at Lakeside Studios in Knoxville,Tennessee and engineered by Travis Wyrick & Mike Dearing (PLACE OF SKULLS) with cover art by Richard Schouten (PLACE OF SKULLS, MASSACRE).

As previously reported, original drummer of doom-metal legends TROUBLE, Jeff "Oly" Olson, will play the Hammond organ on the forthcoming debut album and will also feature drummer Pete Campbell (60 WATT SHAMAN, PLACE OF SKULLS), bassists Guy Pinhas (THE OBSESSED, ACID KING, GOATSNAKE), Ron Holzner (TROUBLE, EARTHEN GRAVE, DEBRIS INC), Greg Turley (PENTAGRAM), Marty Swaney (DEATH ROW, PENTAGRAM), and Dan Lively (SWEET CICADA), as well as keyboardist Mike Puleo (ORODRUIN).

IN-GRAVED will perform at the Roadburn festival on Saturday, April 20, 2013 in Tilburg, Holland. More tour dates will be announced soon.

Griffin had the following to say about the formation of IN-GRAVED in a recent interview at Metal Kaoz:

“Pete (Cambpell - drums) and I have stayed in touch since he filled in on a PLACE OF SKULLS tour back in 2005.  Then he joined us again on the last one a couple of years ago.  I love playing with the guy.  He’s got a great loose but tight groove and really inspires me musically to step out of the box, which is something I’ve been needing and working towards for the past several years.  So about a year ago, I had a few new songs and various parts for other songs and we were talking about getting them recorded.

So, we set up a session and with practically no rehearsal, which is a technique I’ve come to embrace, we worked out most of songs completely and partially the rest; (we) got in the studio and finished writing the rest as we went. We weren’t sure who to get on bass, so I sent out an email invitation to some of the best bass players I know to play on it as guests. I've also wanted to play with a keyboard player for a long time, and Pete was digging the idea too. So this was an opportunity to put something new together.”

He also comments about the status of PLACE OF SKULLS:

“Not really sure right now.  Maybe nothing.  Over the years, there were a lot of lineup changes and some were the same guys quitting and rejoining a few times. After the last round and a lot of contemplation, I decided it was best to let it dissolve and start fresh.”

The meaning behind the name IN-GRAVED, according to Griffin, is about “to die to your own selfish desires”.

Further reading:

IN-GRAVED line-up:

Victor Griffin – Guitars & Lead Vocals
Jeff "Oly" Olson – Hammond Organ
Guy Pinhas - Bass
Pete Campbell - Drums

IN-GRAVED online:


* Ulterium Records update (Facebook - 01/16/13): “At this moment it looks like we'll have 3 full new releases out this year, but it could be 5 as well if the timing is right. Then we're not counting the Theocracy debut album re-issue, or some vinyl editions we have plans for. Looks like it's going to be a busy year!”

* Sweden’s HERO will soon be releasing its next album Afterlife.  “Beautiful”, a new song off the album, is available for streaming at the groups website:

Several weeks ago the group also uploaded the track “Now Tears Are Falling”.  Look for HERO to be uploading more songs off Afterlife in the coming weeks.  A specific release date is yet to be announced.

* The next Scandinavian Metal Praise album will be a double CD that features 23 of the all time favorite praise/worship songs arranged in the hard rock/metal style.  A FundRazr campaign is currently in the works to help support the project: HERE

*Rough mix samples of three new tracks from the forthcoming STAIRWAY album (due in 2013):

* X-SINNER and GX press update for 2013: X-SINNER and Rex Scott's spin off band GX has metamorphosed into one unit for live performances in 2013 including dates in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. The bill is being advertised as 'X-SINNER featuring GX'. GX co-creator and lead guitarist Glenn Thomas will be guest appearing as the bassist during the X-SINNER portion of the set and switching to lead guitar for the GX portion of the set. GX drummer Craig Jeans will be holding down the drumming chores for both bands material. X-SINNER lead guitarist Greg Bishop will switch to the bass for the GX songs. The GX portion will include just a few of the hits off of the critically acclaimed debut album Bite Stick that will include “Tricky Little Devil”, “Angry Eyes”, “Love I.V.” and “Soul Stealer” with others possibly being added later.


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John Schlitt promo pic

John Schlitt update:
The latest from the website of the former PETRA front man:

Press Release / I’m starting to work on a new Christmas album and I hope you’ll be willing to partner with me again, using Kickstarter to help fund the project. I really enjoyed the interaction with Crew members on the special Crew website, which I hope to have again. I’m super excited about the fact that I’m finally going to do a Christmas album! I was very much reminded of it this past Christmas and I was really disappointed that I didn’t have a contribution to make to that wonderful season of the year. I want to take care of that this year! With a Christmas record you have to start on it at the beginning of the year if you want to do it right, so this is my plan. Keep your eye out for updates as it progresses…

 On top of that, Petra is rekindling itself! I’m very excited that Bob, Greg (Bailey), Cristian and myself are getting back together on a 40th Anniversary Tour involving an opening act that you all will remember as the Grammy winning producer of many Petra albums – namely John Elefante! This will create a very interesting mix of both secular and Christian music for both of us; the goal is to open up our pasts musically, showing the progress that God has done in both our lives – all wrapped around Petra’s ministry.

Petra has also been invited to perform on The Classic Rock Tour 2013 with several secular bands including Asia featuring John Payne, ELO Part II alumni Phil Bates (The Music of Electric Light Orchestra Klassik) and former Genesis frontman Ray Wilson (Genesis Classic), all getting together in different parts of the world as a team effort; we’re looking forward to the possibilities!

Here’s something very new with my own music: I now have a guitarist AND a back-up singer for solo dates, in addition to track and band dates! Rob Solberg, my band’s guitarist, and his wife Debra are joining with me to offer promoters a new way to hear my music. As a trio, it’s a step between a solo track date and a full band performance. Rob is an excellent guitarist, and Debra has a great voice – so all three of us will be live on stage. Here’s a sample of them on YouTube.

My concerts (solo, trio and band) will also be multimedia performances; I’ll be singing while select videos play on the overhead screens. The videos will include Petra hits, my recent videos from “The Greater Cause” and others from my three solo albums. It makes for a very exciting effect!

So far the year is looking very busy – and I love that kind of thing. So keep an eye open – you just never know where you may find me!

Thank you for your prayers of support; we’re going forward and asking God to guide us in each step that we make and each opportunity that opens up. So if the Lord puts us on your hearts - please pray for us and the right direction to go in.

Thank you so much for caring about the ministry that God has for us, and for partnering with us in prayer.

John Schlitt online: &


* New music on the way from BARREN CROSS (as taken from the groups Facebook page - 01/20/13):  “Hello everyone we are exited to get new Barren Cross music out there.  It really has been way to long, 1995 to be exact. Our desire is to produce 3 new songs every three or four months and to make them available through iTunes.  We are doing this on our own: no record label, no Promo companies (and) no middle man- just us with a producer making Barren Cross music.  Like Guardian, Tourniquet and many others we are starting with nothing.  So what we are doing is raising the money to get the ball rolling.  If you feel led to contribute we have set up a Barren Cross PayPal account at:

One thing we can promise you is that we will continue to preach to whole gospel of Jesus Christ, talk about the issues of the day. Thank you again for your support”.

* LORDIAN GUARD Anthology update from guitarist Richard Tsamis (Facebook - January 26,2013):  “LORDIAN GUARD Anthology with LORDIAN WINDS and "Lady Vidonne" (all re-mastered) to be released any time now by No Remorse Records.  Different (album artwork) altogether, which is intense as well as the original cover art (included) on the inside. PLUS, Hellion Records is thinking about doing LG vinyl with different covers chosen by me for collectors. Plus, "official LG t shirts" as well and maybe some other trinkets…”

* “Empty Desire”, new single off recently released RIVERA BOMMA album Infinite Journey Of Soul:

*Short promo video for the upcoming STRYPER covers album, Second Coming:

* ZAXAS is currently at work on a new record entitled Returns The Machine.  Many of you will remember ZAXAS from the joining of power metal and classic metal of its 1995 self-titled debut on Noise Records.

The group has the following to say about the album (Facebook - January 23, 2013):  “Hello to the ZAXAS Nation- ALL of you who have been waiting for this next record.  We are taking a survey to see how many of you are interested in purchasing the new album Returns The Machine.  When you see this post, please let us know by posting back, and have your friends do the same. When this survey is complete, we will know what the production level needs to be. We thank you for your help and your patience, and are Blessed to have ALL of YOU out there… Mik”

Two new songs that will appear on Returns The Machine are “Black Hole” and “Sinacle Man”: &


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GOLDEN RESURECTION release new album, One Voice For The Kingdom:
Press Release / GOLDEN RESURRECTION are one of the leading neoclassical power metal bands today!  Featuring members from NARNIA, DIVINEFIRE, AUDIOVISION and REINXEED, the group presents with a sound certain to appeal to fans of Yngwie Malmsteen, STRATOVARIOUS, DIO, RAINBOW, Rob Rock, IMPELLITERI and NARNIA.

With One Voice For The Kingdom, its third full length album in as many years, GOLDEN RESURRECTION wanted to present with a more “in your face” metal sound.  Says vocalist Christian Liljegren: “With the new (band) line-up (set) we had all the possibilities to succeed.  (And) with this newly found energy (behind us), (we started) the recording sessions in July 2012.  One Voice For The Kingdom brings in more of the neoclassical power metal elements than ever before.  We (are hearkening) back to the sound and melodies from Glory To My King (the groups 2010 debut) without having to re-use anything”

The one aspect used to improve the production on One Voice For The Kingdom, in comparison to the groups previous albums, was to involve Ronny Milianowicz in the album mix. He has worked with many artists, including PRIMAL FEAR, CANS, HAMMERFALL, Michael Kiske (HELLOWEEN), AMON AMARTH, WOLF, DIONYSUS, Fergie Fredriksen, SAINT DEAMON and many others.  Also, the group was looking for a powerful and natural acoustic drum sound and, as a result, did not use triggers on the drums.

Christian sums things up by stating, “The whole album is metal ”in your face” and we tried to deliver the energy and fire that Golden Resurrection is all about live on the stage”.

One Voice For The Kingdom was released in Europe and North American on January 18, 2013.  The album previously came out in Japan on November 21, 2012. 

One Voice For The Kingdom track listing:

1. “The Temple Will Remain”
2. “Spirit War”
3. “One Voice for the Kingdom”
4. “Night Light”
5. “Golden Resurrection”
6. “Can’t Slow Down”
7. “Heavenly Metal”
8. “God’s Mercy”
9. “Born for the Strangers”
10. “Moore Lord”


Christian Liljegren - Lead Vocals
Tommy ReinXeed - Guitars & Orchestration
Svenne Jansson - Hammond Organ & keyboards
Steven K - Bass
Alfred Fridhagen - Drums

Ordering information:


WARLORD making progress on new album:
Facebook updates from WARLORD members:

Guitarist Bill Tsamis (Facebook - January 16, 2013) describes the new WARLORD songs as “(sounding) "powerful," "epic," "thunderous," "grandiose," "big time professional quality," "mindblowing," etc.  You have never heard ANYTHING like this before, I swear it.  The tones that Phil Magnotti has achieved make the songs sound like "serious (very serious) big time, compositions."  We're narrowing everything down and we're in the "details" now… it's getting very close.  Masterpiece, and a "new" type of powerful music that goes beyond heavy metal.  If you expect typical metal here you're not gonna find it.  If you are willing to hear something "from another planet" that transcends conventional heavy metal, you will be blown to smithereens.  No redundancy here . . . but let me make it clear, when you first hear the "opening notes," you will say "this is Warlord.”

WARLORD drummer Mark Zonder also offers his thoughts (Facebook - January 13, 2013): “When Bill and I first started putting this together, I was not really sure of where it was going to wind up at.  But now with the recording complete and the mixing underway, I have a much better idea.  I always find it funny when bands talk about reinventing or not reinventing the wheel in regards to their upcoming release. Well Warlord is just Warlord, plain and simple.

"This album is a very diverse album with some shorter, catchy style songs, then some longer songs with the classic Warlord lyrics and storytelling. There is also the deeper, "epic", for lack of a better word tune as well as a traditional Warlord slower heavier song.  I would like to think this is the next step for the band as Bill and myself are not the same people we were years ago and have both progressed and advanced in our song writing and individual approach to our instruments.  Make no mistake, this is WARLORD, but it also gives a great idea of where the future of the band can go. Hope you enjoy it.”

WARLORD online:


* ”Now Tears Are Falling”, a song off the upcoming HERO album, Afterlife, can be streamed at:

* New Bandcamp page from SOMBRE HOLIDAY:  The group anticipates its next album, An Hour Of Light, being released next year.

* The latest from VISUAL CLIFF regarding progress of its upcoming album, Between Two Kingdoms (Facebook - January 17, 2013): “The first movement (about 5 minutes) for the title track Between Two Kingdoms has been written. Probably one of the most dreamiest sounding guitar tracks VC has ever crafted. Still have about 5 or so more minutes of composing for the remainder of the song. Shane's vocals will be soaring on this one!”

The group is considering releasing Between Two Kingdoms on vinyl as well.

* The new album featuring guitarist George Ochoa and vocalist Rey Parra will be under the moniker WORLDVIEW and not RECON as originally reported.  Further details as they become available.

Ochoa has also formed a new band named M24, which he describes as “heavy with melody” and that “Deliverance fans will love” (Facebook - January 13, 2013).  The M24 line-up consists of Glen Mancaruso (drums), Larry Farkas (guitars), George Ochoa (guitars), Daniel Cordova (bass) and Rod Dickenson (vocals).


Update Archives: January 13, 2013


1. AFFECTOR - Harmageddon
Brilliant Dream Theater style progressive metal with End Times themed based lyrics.

2. Joshua Perahia - Resurrection
Renowned eighties guitarist returns after ten year hiatus with melodic metal masterpiece.

3. ATKINS MAY PROJECT - Valley Of Shadows
Sophomore album from UK duo represents traditional metal at its finest.

Classically trained vocalist Eli Prinsen and guitar virtuoso Michael Phillips combine for top notch classic power metal release.

5. Neal Morse - Momentum
Another year and another great progressive rock album from Neal Morse.

6. Driver - Countdown
The partnership between vocalist Rob Rock and guitarist Roy Z remains a formidable one.

7. TERAMAZE - Anhedonia
Sometimes melodic, sometimes progressive and sometimes thrash-like comeback album from veteran Aussie unit.

8. INNERSIEGE - Kingdom Of Shadows
America’s answer to the European power metal scene- and a very good one at that.

9. Germán Pascual - A New Beginning
Debut melodic power metal solo release from former Narnia vocalist.

10. SAINT - Desperate Night
Veteran Salem, Oregon group maintain penchant for quality classic metal.

11. LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE - The Cigar Chronicles
Two CD set of original cuts and covers set to eighties melodic metal and hard rock.

12. SOMBRE HOLIDAY - Four Shadows
Overlooked and underrated SAVIOUR MACHINE meets DELIVERANCE progressive based metal.

13. MILLENNIAL REIGN - Millennial Reign
Quality melodic metal debut album that stays relevant to the past and the present.

14. GX PROJECT - Bite Stick
Exciting high energy rock and roll from vocalist Rex Scott.

15. MESSENGER - You Choose
An assertive joining of traditional heavy metal and straightforward hard rock.


Rivera Bomma - Infinite Journey Of Soul

RIVERA BOMMA reveal Infinite Journey Of Soul track-listing:
Press Release / Having two metal releases on several overseas labels, Christian metal heavyweights, RIVERA BOMMA storm the US with their first new release in 7 years!  Featuring a stunning collection of musicians, the band features Johnny Bomma (ex-HADES - Metal Blade Records) delivering vocal chops with grit, elegance, and swagger.  Rod Rivera began studying classical guitar and flamenco before discovering the likes of Ritchie Blackmore, Michael Schenker and Malmsteen - incorporating all of those influences in his axe-ellent guitar work.  Angelic Warlord reviews describes Rivera’s style as “dazzling” and that he “…is a shredder in the truest sense of the word.” 

Also playing on the new album is talented original drummer Ed Faust, and on bass you will hear the thundering tones of none other than Mike LePond of progressive metal giants SYMPHONY X!  

With two strong albums in the back catalog, fans always wondered what the band could release if all the right pieces to the puzzle came together…the band offers a definitive answer with the release of Infinite Journey Of Soul on the US based Christian label, Retroactive Records!  Truly the band’s heaviest, most melodic, most progressive album to date – I.J.O.S delivers elite, progressive Heavy Metal on every level! 

For fans of Rob Rock, DRIVER, Dio, IMPELLITTERI , Malmsteen, DELIVERANCE (mid-period), and SACRED WARRIOR!

Please note that RIVERA BOMMA got its start in 2001 with its full length debut Invisible Force prior to following up five years later with the sophomore effort I Am God.

Infinite Journey Of Soul track listing:

1. “I.J.O.S. Intro”
2. “Infinite Journey of Soul”
3. “Empty Desire”
4. “In Blood”
5. “Via Dolorosa”
6. “Angel and Demons”
7. “Horizon's End”
8. “In My Dreams”
9. “The Maker”
10. “Before the End - MMXIII (Solo)”

RIVERA BOMMA online: &

Stryper promo pic

STRYPER announces title & release date to covers album:
Second Coming set for release on March 22, 2013:

Vocalist Michael Sweet goes into further detail at the STRYPER Facebook page (January 11, 2013):

“Why did we re-record old songs? That's a multiple answer question.

"First, because we wanted to cut out the middle men and have a little more control over our own songs.

"Second, we wanted to "fix" some things that have annoyed the "hell" out of us for the past 30 years such as: no bass in the mix of "TYABA" or "SUC" and no Tim on the mix of "THWTD". The fact that I sound a little more like a man instead of a helium induced kid at Disneyland:-) The sheer joy of still loving these songs and still being able to perform these songs (well, we'll let the experts @Blabbermouth be the judge of that). And last but not certainly least? We did it just because we wanted to:-)

"So there you go, the mystery is over and the reasons have been revealed.

"Seriously, we're really excited about this record. It's one of the few "re-records" that I believe will stand against any of the originals if not surpass them. If you liked The Covering, you'll love Second Coming!”

Please note that Second Coming is slated to be released via Frontier Records and will feature two new songs, “Bleeding From Inside Out” and “Blackened”, in addition to tracks from The Yellow And Black Attack, Soldiers Under Command and To Hell With The Devil.

Second Coming track listing:

1. “Soldiers Under Command”
2. “Makes Me Wanna Sing”
3. “Reach Out”
4. “Loving You”
5. “Loud 'N' Clear”
6. “The Rock That Makes Me Roll”
7. “Calling On You”
8. “First Love”
9. “Surrender”
10. “To Hell With The Devil”

11. “Free”
12. “Sing Along Song”
13. “More Than A Man”
14. “The Way”
15. “Bleeding From Inside Out”
16. “Blackened”

STRYPER online: &


* Update from vocalist Jim Mullis regarding the upcoming TEMPLE OF BLOOD album, A Show Of Force (Christian Metal Realm – January 09, 2013):

“Drums are done and rhythm guitars should be tracked soon.  Most of the vocals have been demoed and worked out at home.  I may have another really awesome "name" guitarist joining us doing solos on this disc in addition to Andre Corbin (ex-HELSTAR). (I am) still waiting on confirmation of this.  So I'd like to have this out in 2013 but it depends on how quickly the rhythm guitars get tracked.

"Sorry that I don't have more to report but once we get some tracks completely recorded and a 2nd lead guitarist solidified I will post another update.  I hope to win over some folks with this disc. I put an awful lot of time into this and it may be the last one I ever record.”

* John Elefante entitled his next solo album On My Way To The Sun.  Additional details in terms of a release date, artwork, track-listing and musical direction as they become available.


Update Archives: January 6, 2013


Absolon logo

ABSOLON completes work on debut album, Darkness Rising: The Tales of Derek Blackheart:
The group recently provided several updates at its website:

December 9, 2012:  Absolon is close to completing their debut CD Darkness Rising: The Tale of Derek Blackheart.   It’s been a long, sometimes frustrating, process but, as it all falls into place it will have been well worth the journey.  For a debut CD, Darkness Rising is going to impress for sure.  If you like old school heavy metal, European metal or Symphonic/Goth Power metal, you will enjoy Absolon’s (debut) release.  It has all the aspects of a classic and will make a great addition to any metal heads collection.  With over an hours worth of material, the listener will be more than satisfied with the experience.  Look for a January release and remember . . . play it loud!

December 22, 2012:  Well, looks like we survived another day and the world didn’t come to an end!   But, the real news is, Absolon’s debut CD is finally finished.  We completed the mastering on the 21st and now it is ready to be sent away for pressing.  We are super happy with the finished product and know it’s going to do great once we get it out to the public.  Look for Darkness Rising: The Tale of Derek Blackheart to be released January 2013.  You can still pre-order it from our official website.  Be one of the first to own Absolon’s debut CD.

December 24, 2012:  The master CD has been mailed to the company in California that will be pressing it.  We should have retail ready product in hand sometime around the second or third week of January.  A CD release party is being discussed as well.  We will let everyone know when and where!

Please note that ABSOLON is the new project of vocalist Ken Pike, who previously fronted the eighties melodic metal bands MALACHIA and VISION.  Musically, Darkness Rising promises an epic sound for those that enjoy old school heavy metal in addition to European and symphonic/Gothic power metal.

The album is also concept related in telling the tale of Derek Blackheart, a young kid who dreamed of being in the biggest heavy metal band in the world and sells his soul to get it.  The story is told thru music, with musical/vocal/sound effects pieces interconnecting one song to the next. For reference, it is somewhat influenced by the concept albums Operation Mindcrime by QUEENSRYCHE and Nostradamus by JUDAS PRIEST.

Darkness Rising with be distributed in Europe and via Roxx Productions in the States.  The group also plans playing live in the near future, including booking some major festivals both hear and Europe.  Darkness Rising was engineered and produced by Dave Mikeal at KDS Studios in Orlando, Florida, while ABSOLON is managed by Mike and Heather Giovelli of Pegicorn Productions.

Darkness Is Rising is currently available for pre-order:

You can also hear two songs off the album, “Even Heroes Fall” and “Screaming In The Dark”, at: and

Darkness Rising: The Tales Of Derek Blackheart track-listing: “What Have I Done/The Beginning”, “The Master Calls”, “Nail Head”, “Darkness Rising Interlude”, “Darkness Rising”, “Pretender”, “Even Heroes Fall”, “Devastation Suffocation”, “The Escape Part I”, “The Escape Part II”, “Eulogy”, “Breaking News”, “Screaming In The Dark”, “State of Mind”, “The Master Calls Reprise”, “Deaths Frozen Sting”

ABSOLON line-up:

Ken Pike - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Ed Dumas – Guitars
Dave Mikeal - Keyboards
Will Cochran - Bass
Axel - Drums

ABSOLON online:  &

Liberty N' Justice logo

LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE update for 2013:
Press Release / Hey Guys, hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and here is looking forward to 2013! There are lots of things to speak about, so thanks for taking the time to read this. This will be more of an update then a press release. 2012 marked LNJ's 20th year anniversary, and we released a ton of new music:

*"15 Years Later" (exclusive single for MRCD9 for

*"In Time" & "Grinch" (free songs you can download at

*And of course the release of 3 new studio albums, Hell Is Coming To Breakfast, Before The Revolution: The Best Of LNJ The Early Years (currently taking pre-orders) and our last ever all-star project the 26 song mammoth The Cigar Chronicles Vol. 1 and 2 (with a release date of 2-26-13, but anyone who preorders will get the disk early and digital files of songs the same day). You can get all our LNJ CD's (all 13 of ‘em) plus a lot of other LNJ swag and merchandise at

The Cigar Chronicles CD's are preparing to be shipped to all (those who) pre-ordered. They have been ready for more than a week, but I messed up on some of the electronic rights on "The Covers" side and the manufacturer was holding the CDs until I got all the proper paperwork (thanks Mark Lanoue). When JK and I started working on this CD we envisioned a bigger label taking the CD so we could reach a bigger audience. We quickly found out a lot of labels wanted the project (7 offers) but the offers were minimal at best, and we had a better chance of recouping by releasing ourselves and licensing a certain amount of CDs to other labels (Roxx, Nightmare etc). We have decided that The Cigar Chronicles featuring all 26 songs will be a very limited, 1,000 CD run, and The Cigar will be rereleased as just the 13 original songs plus 3 new tracks later in 2013.
We are truly blessed to have "you" as a listener of our music. We did not do a kick starter or another fundraiser to finish the project - we just made a record. Through your pre-orders and supporting this project we were able to keep marketing the project and reach a larger listener base. We have plans on making a music video, starting a radio campaign for a single, and doing ads on different websites. If you were going to get a copy of The Cigar we ask that you pre-order it for 2 reasons: Firstly, we have already presold more than half of the 1,000 and if you want this very limited release we hope you pick up a copy before they are gone, and secondly, to help us raise the revenue needed to do what we need to do to market the CD. Some have asked and the answer is yes, iTunes will carry all 26 songs (2-26-13) for a limited time but we are offering the same digital files for less ($15.99) now.

With The Cigar being the last all-star project, what does the future hold for LNJ? We have stopped being a project and started being a band featuring David Cagle (vocals), JK Northrup of King Kobra/XYZ fame (guitars), Justin Murr founding member of LNJ (bass), Eric Ragno of China Blue/Graham Bonnet/FaithsEdge (keys) and Michael Feighan of White Cross/ King James (drums). We have already recorded 11 out of 12 songs for our debut LNJ the band project. The CD will be a concept album dealing with falling in and out of love, depression, and finally restoration. The album is sort of an insight of what Murr was going through a few years ago and how his marriage was saved. We are really looking forward to having you guys hear this remarkable, and hopefully for some, life changing release.
A lot of people have asked will LNJ the band perform live. We are in the process of finishing up and announcing a few dates at playing a couple of  festivals, opening for a couple of cool bands, promoting our own show  and always looking to book a few more. If interested in bringing LNJ to your city, email Justin Murr at

JK Northrup and Justin Murr are also offering a service to record "YOUR" song(s)! Get more info at under the store link.

Rivera Bomma - Infinite Journey Of Soul

RIVERA BOMMA announces release date for new album, Infinite Journey Of Soul:
Press Release / Great things come to those who wait, and the wait is over!!!  International melodic hard rock/metal recording artist RIVERA BOMMA has announced a release date of January 22, 2012 for their new CD, Infinite Journey Of Soul on Retroactive Records.  RIVERA BOMMA features bassist Mike LePond (SYMPHONY X), guitarist and virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Rod Rivera, powerful tenor lead vocalist Johnny Bomma & drummer extraordinaire Ed Faust

The new single "Empty Desire" can be heard at  An new video that was film in New Jersey, New York and Italy will be premiering in the near future.

Infinite Journey of Soul will be available on CD and music download on, Itunes and

RIVERA BOMMA iscurrently booking selected National & International Live dates.  For booking contact Shadow Entertainment Media at, and Bobby Siekkinen (940- 882-9755)

RIVERA BOMMA online: &

Michael Sweet promo pic

STRYPER vocalist Michael Sweet confirmed as front man for T&N tour in 2013:
As taken from an interview with guitarist George Lynch at Legendary Rock Interviews:

LRI:  Is it true that Michael Sweet of Stryper will be the touring singer for T&N when you tour?
George:  Yeah, that was the decision we all collectively came up with, we thought he was really the right choice.  Lynch Mob has done quite a few dates with Stryper and we know Michael as a man and he’s just such a wonderful guy which is important at this stage in the game.  I’ve learned that lesson the hard way over the years and now it’s to the point where you just wanna work with people who want to work with you and are dedicated, honest, transparent and have a good work ethic.  Michael is obviously talented, we all knew that but he is also  just a good person who has all of those qualities and architecture and is a solid guy but more importantly his voice is really suited to what we are trying to accomplish live which is to recreate the Dokken stuff  faithfully.  Jeff’s voice is not necessarily ideal for all of that because he has a bit of a raspier, harder edge which is better suited to the original music that T&N has done, Jeff will do some of the Dokken stuff but then Michael will come in and do some of the material that he’s better at.  The other advantage we have with Michael Sweet other than him being just a great human being is that he’s a really good guitar player and really suited to playing the rhythm parts we have which is something we really need collectively in this band and for this material.  There’s a lot of guitars on this record and we wanna reproduce the record faithfully.  Plus, he’s not a bad lookin guy either!

LRI:  I was really hoping it was true because I am a huge fan but kind of got the feeling that Michael didn’t want me to formally announce it.  His mother put it out there on Facebook (laughs).  Is it formally announced?  Is it alright for fans to officially plan on this?
George:  I guess we just announced it (laughs).  It’s something that we held back on only because of the fact that the tour isn’t going to happen for a few months, like I said, we are going to finish this second album and then tour behind the both of them.  We just have so many other touring commitments and Michael has Stryper so the timing has to be just right but we are looking to have that in place for summer of 2013.

Read full interview: HERE

William Tsamis - Sea Of Tranqulity

William J. Tsamis solo album, Sea Of Tranquility, re-issued:
Press Release / On December 21, 2012 Sea Of Tranquility, a project of guitarist Bill Tsamis (WARLORD, LORDIAN GUARD), will be released for first time officially from No Remorse Records on CD format (limited to 500 copies).  The album was recorded during 1993-1994 and was originally spread back then among very few friends of Tsamis via mail.

Sea Of Tranquility contains keyboard recordings in New Age style and among these songs there are some melodies that later were used in LORDIAN GUARD songs. William J Tsamis considers this music as the music of his heart and in the booklet of the CD release there will be a detailed story behind its creation. The re-mastering of these songs has already been completed by Nick Papakostas at Entasis Studio.

The artist offers his thoughts:

Sea Of Tranquility was written during a time of great despair in my life – indeed during a time of deep contemplation. It is music for the contemplative listener and music for the inspiration.  I have always told people that if they truly want to understand who I am, then they should listen to Sea of Tranquility. It is within those compositions where my soul lives.”

Sea Of Tranquility track listing:

1. “Icarus”
2. “King Of Kings”
3. “Meditation On A Life”
4. “Melody For Piano And Orchestra No 1”
5.  “Melody For Piano And Orchestra No 2”
6   “Melody For Piano And Orchestra No3”
7. Angel In Flight”
8. “Melody For Piano And Orchestra No 4”

No Remorse Records online:


* Swedish melodic thrash band CHAINED will be entering the studio in early 2013 to begin recording its new album.  No word on a working title or release date.  Following are live versions of two songs, “Steady Rock” and “Leave Me Home”, which will appear on the album: &

* LIBERTY N’ JUSTICE released a video of the track “The Greatest” (off The Cigar Chronicles: Volume 2 and featuring David Cagle, Allen Lanoue and Brad Stetler):

* PŸLON signed with Roxx Records for a Deluxe Edition of the traditional doom metal of its most recent album The Harrowing Of Hell.  The Deluxe Edition will include additional tracks and a full booklet with lyrics.  Further details are forthcoming.

* VISUAL CLIFF debuted the final mix of a new song “For What Its Worth” off its upcoming album Out Of The Archives:

Rob Perez handles guitars and keyboards and Rick Mals drums.

* WALES ROAD launched its recently revamped its website:

Angelic Warlord Update Archives: HERE


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