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Band/Artist Title Style Label
Halcyon Way Building The Towers Heavy Metal Nightmare 2010 95%
Halcyon Way Conquer Heavy Metal Nightmare 2014 90%
Hallowed End Of The Age Melodic Metal Little Rose
Harmony Dreaming Awake Melodic Power Metal Massacre
Harmony Chapter II: Aftermath Melodic Power Metal Ulterium 2008 90%
Harmony Theatre Of Redemption Melodic Metal Ulterium 2014 95%
Harmony Remembrance Melodic Power Metal Ulterium 2015 80%
HarvestBloom Devil's Poison Hard Rock Independent 2010 75%
Haven Your Dying Day Power Metal R.E.X. 1990 85%
Haven Age Of Darkness Heavy Metal R.E.X. 1991 75%
Haven III Heavy Metal Retroactive 2017 80%
HB Frozen Inside Symphonic Metal Bullroser 2008 85%
HB Pikki Lihassa Symphonic Metal Bullroser 2008 80%
HB The Jesus Metal Explosion Symphonic Metal Data Universum Oy 2010 75%
HB Pääkallonpaikka Symphonic Metal Bullroser 2010 85%
HB The Battle Of God Metal/Hard Rock Youngside 2011 70%
Heartcry Lightmaker Hard Rock Rivel
Heartcry Firehouse Hard Rock Rivel 2006 70%
Hedda The Storm Power Metal Independent 2013 85%
Hero Bless This Nation Groovy Hard Rock Good News Music 2006 45%
Hero Immortal Melodic Power Metal Retroactive 2009 80%
Hero Afterlife Power Metal Retroactive 2013 80%
The Hero Miracles Gothic Hard Rock Roxx Records 2016 75%
His Witness Kingdom Come Melodic Metal Retroactive 2008 85%
Holy Saint Holy Saint Melodic Metal Independent 1990 75%
Holy Soldier Holy Soldier Melodic Metal Myrrh
Holy Soldier Last Train Melodic Metal Myrrh 1992 85%
Jimmy Hotz Beyond The Crystal Sea Progressive Art Rock Born Twice 2010 85%
Hypersonic Existentia Power Metal Revalve 2016 85%
HypnoGog Syndrig Tymes Stoner Doom Stone Groove 2014 75%










































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