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Band/Artist Title Style Label
Rage Of Angels Rage Of Angels Melodic Metal Regency
Rainforce Lion's Den Hard Rock Roxx Records 2017 85%
Random Eyes Eyes Ablaze Hard Rock Rivel
Random Eyes Invisible Melodic Metal Bullroser 2008 80%
Ransom Ransom Melodic Metal Intense Millennium 2011 75%
Razorigami Weathering The Winter Of The Soul Metal & Hard Rock Independent 2013 75%
Razorigami Truths From Beyond The Machine Hard Rock Tate Music Group 2014 85%
Razorigami Embracing A Temporal Exile Hard Rock Independent 2016 80%
Recon Behind Enemy Lines Power Metal Roxx Records 2016 90%
Redeemer Double Edge Sword Heavy Metal Watergrave 2007 80%
Redeemer Anno Domini Heavy Metal Watergrave 2007 75%
Redeemer One Way Heavy Metal Wrenchen Menchen 2011 75%
Regime Straight Through Your Heart Melodic Hard Rock Retroactive
No Quote
Reign Reign Heavy Metal Independent 2015 80%
ReinXeed The Light Melodic Power Metal CMS/Rivel 2008 70%
ReinXeed Higher Melodic Power Metal CMS/Rivel 2009 75%
ReinXeed Majestic Melodic Power Metal Liljegren 2010 80%
ReinXeed 1912 Melodic Power Metal Liljegren 2011 85%
ReinXeed Welcome To The Theater Melodic Power Metal Liljegren 2012 75%
ReinXeed A New World Melodic Power Metal Doolittle 2013 90%
Resurrection Band Awaiting Your Reply Hard Rock Star Song
Resurrection Band Rainbow's End Hard Rock Star Song 1979 90%
Resurrection Band Colours Hard Rock Light 1980 85%
Resurrection Band Mommy Don't Love Daddy Anymore Hard Rock Light 1981 80%
Resurrection Band DMZ Hard Rock Light 1982 60%
Rev Seven Heavy Laden Volume 1 Heavy Metal Watergrave 2007 75%
Rev Seven Heavy Laden Volume 2 Melodic Metal Watergrave 2007 80%
Revelation Spiritual Wind Heavy Metal Thrashback 2018 No Quote
Revelation Project Revelation Project Progressive Metal Independent
Rez Civil Rites Hard Rock Grrr 1991 80%
Rite Of Passage Angels & Demons Progressive Metal Independent 2014 80%
Rivera Bomma Invisible Force Hard Rock Secret Port
Rivera Bomma I Am God Metal/Hard Rock Mausoleum 2006 85%
Rivera Bomma Infinite Journey Of Soul Heavy Metal Retroactive 2013 65%
Rob Rock Holy Hell Melodic Power Metal AFM
Rob Rock Garden Of Chaos Melodic Power Metal Victor Entertainment 2007 90%
Rob Rock The Voice Of Melodic Metal, Live In Atlanta Melodic Power Metal AFM 2009 No Quote
Romeo Riot Sing It Out Melodic Hard Rock Kivel 2017 80%
Rosanna's Raiders Fire From Heaven Hard Rock Retroactive
No Quote
Rose Songs For The Ritually Abused Hard Rock Independent 2017 80%








































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