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Release Dates: 2017
Band/Artist Title Date
Biogenesis - NEW A Decadence Divine May 26, 2017
Band/Artist Title Date
Michael Cutting Unspoken January 1, 2017
Deliverance Weapons Of Our Warfare (Roxx Records vinyl release) January 13, 2017
Four Star Revival The Underdog (EP) January 13, 2017
The Hero Miracles (Roxx Records vinyl release) January 13, 2017
Saint Hell Blade (Roxx Records vinyl release) January 13, 2017
Lipstick Lipstick II January 25, 2017
Pastor Brad Up January 2017
True Strength Steel Evangelist (Roxx Records Edition) February 17, 2017
Various Artists Metal Pulse: A Tribute To Dale Huffman March 3, 2017
Signum Regis Decennium Primum March 17, 2017
The Neal Morse Band Morsefest 2015 (2 Blu-Ray, 2 DVD, & 4 CD) March 24, 2017
Choirs Of Veritis I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life March 27, 2017
Pastor Brad Storm The Gates 2 April 1, 2017
The World Will Burn RuinNation April 11, 2017
Rainforce Lion's Den April 14, 2017
Sacred Warrior Master's Command (Roxx Records CD Edition) April 14, 2017
Sacred Warrior Master's Command (Roxx Records Vinyl Edition) April 14, 2017
Sombre Holiday The Sea Of Distance April 14, 2017
Sunroad Wing Seven April 17, 2017
Seventh Angel Demo Collection April 25, 2017
Zeal ZealApril 2017
Ultimatum Puppet Of Destruction (Roxx Records Vinyl Edition) June 2017
Holy Soldier Last Train (Roxx Records 25th Vinyl Edition) July 2017
The Crimson Bridge Ministry Choices Summer 2017
Holy Soldier Last Train (Roxx Records CD & vinyl re-issue) September 2017
Vengeance Rising Once Dead (Roxx Records Vinyl Edition) October 2017
Vengeance Rising Destruction Comes (Roxx Records Vinyl Edition)October 2017
Vengeance Rising Released Upon The Earth (Roxx Records Vinyl Edition) October 2017
Energema World Of Zionix 2017
Amaseffer When Lions Leave Their Den (Exodus Part II) TBA
David Benson Death To Black TBA
Jimmy P. Brown II Eraserhead TBA
Crucible Divine Secret Sins TBA
Dynasty Inspirations TBA
Faith Factor Against A Darkened Sky (re-issue) TBA
Formed In Fire Symptoms Of Eternity TBA
Guardian Fire & Love (Retroactive Records CD & vinyl re-issue) TBA
Guardian + Whitecross Revival TBA
Haven Your Dying Day (Retroactive vinyl re-issue) TBA
Haven Age Of Darkness (Retroactive vinyl re-issue) TBA
Images Of Eden Soulrise TBA
Imari Tones Jesus Wind TBA
Jacobs Dream Sea Of Destiny TBA
Lordchain For The Love Of God TBA
Place Of Skulls Nailed (re-issue) TBA
Sardonyx Sons Of The Kingdom TBA
Shining Force By The Blood TBA
Temple Of Blood A Show Of Force TBA
True Strength Sanguinary Vivification TBA
Visual Cliff Refuge TBA
X-Terra God Made Me And God Don't Make Junk TBA
Zaxas Returns The Machine TBA
Release Dates: 2016
Band/Artist Title Date
Liberty N' Justice Life Songs (EP) January 16, 2016
Terry Friesen Windchill Factor January 18, 2016
The World Will Burn Severity January 2016
Zephaniah Reforged February 12, 2016
Razorigami Embracing A Temporal Exile February 21, 2016
Pÿlon The Eternal Wedding Band (Roxx Records 10th Anniversary re-issue) February 26, 2016
Fierce Heart Fierce Heart (AOR Blvd Records re-issue) February 2016
Metatrone Eucharismetal March 11, 2016
InnerWish InnerWish (Europe & North America) March 18, 2016
Leviticus 35 Years Anniversary: In His Service March 18, 2016
Recon Behind Enemy Lines (Roxx Records CD & vinyl re-issue) March 18, 2016
InnerWish InnerWish (Japan) March 30, 2016
Various Artists A Celebration Of The Death And Resurrection April 1, 2016
Philadelphia Warlord April 1, 2016
Project Aegis "Angel In The Ashes" (Charity Single) April 20, 2016
Wytch Hazel Prelude April 22, 2016
Tempest Hollywood Anti Sleaze Rock N' Roll (EP) April 23, 2016
Black Fate Deliverance Of Soul (Ulterium re-issue) April 29, 2016
PEO Welcome To The Party April 29, 2016
True Strength Steel Evangelist May 15, 2016
Stairway Power & Glory May 20, 2016
King James Maximus (Limited Edition CD Version) May 2016
Signum Regis Chapter IV: The Reckoning (Ulterium Records Vinyl Edition) June 3, 2016
Sweet Crystal 5 Carat Rock June 9, 2016
The Union Of Sinners & Saints The Union Of Sinners & Saints June 17, 2016
Energema The Lion's Forces June 28, 2016
Meliah Rage Masquerade (re-issue) June 2016
Pastor Brad Storm The Gates July 4, 2016
Oblivion Myth Inside The Mirror July 8, 2016
Pÿlon A Lament July 29, 2016
The Neal Morse Band Alive Again August 5, 2016
Philadelphia Warlord (Roxx Records CD re-release) August 19, 2016
Michael Sweet One Sided War August 26, 2016
My Darkest Time The Last August 31, 2016
Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band When Your Time Comes August 2016
Dynasty Into Righteousness (1997 demo re-release) August 2016
Oracle Selah (Roxx Records vinyl release) September 2, 2016
Cell 9 The Devil's Feast September 9, 2016
Narnia Narnia September 16, 2016
Joshua's Creed Joshua's Creed September 20, 2016
Björn Stigsson A New Beginning September 23, 2016
Dan Cummins Storm October 7, 2016
Sleeping Romance Enlighten (Ulterium Records Vinyl Edition) October 7, 2016
Thee Final Chaptre It Is Written (Deluxe Edition re-issue) October 14, 2016
Theocracy Ghost Ship October 28, 2016
Amos Jade October 31, 2016
The Seventh Power V7 October 31, 2016
S91 Behold The Mankind November 7, 2016
The Neal Morse Band The Similitude Of A Dream November 11, 2016
Eden's Way Can't Get Enough November 2016
Pÿlon Homo Homini Lupus (Roxx Records vinyl release) December 2, 2016
The Hero Miracles December 16, 2016

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