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Bands/Artists Style Description
Affector Progressive Metal Official Site
America Gomorrah Progressive Hard Rock Official Site
Ancient Prophecy Melodic/Thrash Metal Official Site
Angelica Melodic Metal/Hard Rock Official Site - Dennis Cameron
ArkAngel Progressive Art Rock Official Site - Kemper Crabb
Ascension Theory Progressive Metal Official Site
Atkins / May Project Classic Metal Official Site
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Goth Metal Official Site
Barnabas Hard Rock/Metal Official Site
Barren Cross Heavy Metal Official Site
Bloodgood Metal/Hard Rock Official Site
Boarders Metal/Thrash Official Site
Bride Hard Rock/Metal Official Site
Broken Rain Hard Rock/Metal Official Site
Rex Carroll Metal/Hard Rock Offical Site
Chained Thrash/Speed Metal Official Site
Chaotic Resemblance Melodic Metal Official Site
Derek Close Hard Rock Official Site
The Crimson Bridge Ministry Metal/Hard Rock Official Site
Crucible Divine Hard Rock Official Site
Dan Cummins Hard Rock Official Site
Michael Cutting Hard Rock Official Site
Dead Moons Grey Hard Rock Official Site
Desyre Glam Metal Official Site
Deth Enemy Melodic Hard Rock Official Site
Driver Melodic Metal Official Site
Eden's Way Melodic Metal Official Site
John Elefante Melodic Rock Official Site
Empire 21 Melodic Heavy Metal Official Site
End Of September Hard Rock Official Site
Mike Florio Progressive Rock Official Site
Four Star Revival Heavy Metal Official Site
Oz Fox Metal/Hard Rock Official Site
Tim Gaines Melodic Metal/Hard Rock Official Site
Golden Resurrection Neo-Classical Metal Official Site
Lou Gramm Melodic Hard Rock Official Site
Gregorian Rock Gregorian Rock Official Site
Guardian Hard Rock Official Site
Halcyon Way Heavy Metal Official Site
Harvest Bloom Hard Rock Official Site
HB Symphonic Metal Official Site
Hero Metal/Hard Rock Official Site
Holy Soldier Melodic Metal Official Site
Images Of Eden Progressive Metal Official Site
Imari Tones Metal/Hard Rock Official Site
Immortal Soul Hard Rock Official Site
Incrave Melodic Metal Official Site
InnerSiege Power Metal Official Site
InnerWish Melodic Power Metal Official Site
Jacobs Dream Power Metal Official Site
Jaguar Blaze Hard Rock Official Site
Jerusalem Hard Rock Official Site
Joshua Melodic Hard Rock/Metal Official Site - Joshua Perahia
Joshua's Creed Metal/Hard Rock Official Site
Kinetic Element Progressive Rock Official Site
Lance King Power/Progressive Metal Official Site
Knights Of The Remnant Heavy Metal Official Site
Josh Kramer Classic Metal Official Site - Saint vocalist
LEAH Symphonic Metal Official Site
Letter 7 Melodic Metal Official Site
Leviticus Metal/Hard Rock Official Site
Lipstick Metal/Hard Rock Official Site
Kerry Livgren Progressive Rock Official Site
Majestic Vanguard Power/Progressive Metal Official Site
Darrell Mansfield Blues Rock Official Site
Mass Melodic Metal Official Site
Mastedon Melodic Rock Official Site
Messenger Metal/Hard Rock Official Site
Metatrone Melodic Power Metal Official Site
Millennial Reign Melodic Power Metal Official Site
Neal Morse Progressive Rock Official Site
Neal Morse Progressive Rock Fan Site
Narnia Power Metal Official Site
Oblivion Myth Heavy Metal Official Site
Pastor Brad Metal/Hard Rock Official Site - Guitar Jams
Pastor Brad Metal/Hard Rock Official Site - Pastor Brad Rocks
Peo Pettersson Melodic Rock Official Site
Joshua Perahia Melodic Hard Rock/Metal Official Site
Petra Melodic Rock Official Site
Phantom Serenade Metal/Hard Rock Official Site
Philadelphia Heavy Metal Official Site
Pilgrimsprog Hard Rock Official Site
Promise Land Heavy Metal Official Site
Prophet AZAL Hard Rock Official Site
Proto-Kaw Progressive Rock Official Site
Pursuit Progressive Metal Official Site
Pylon Doom Metal Official Site
Reign Heavy Metal Official Site
ReinXeed Power Metal Official Site
Resurrection Band Hard Rock Offical Site
Andy Robbins Melodic Metal Official Site - Holy Soldier bassist
Rob Rock Melodic Power Metal Official Site
S91 Progressive Metal Official Site
Sacred Warrior Power Metal Official Site
Saint Classic Metal Official Site
Sardonyx Classic Metal Official Site
Scandinavian Metal Praise Melodic Power Metal Official Site
Jeff Scheetz Band Blues Heavy Rock Official Site
John Schlitt Rock Official Site
Servant Classic Hard Rock Official Site
7 Days Progressive/Power Metal Official Site
Seventh Avenue Power Metal Fan Site
Signum Regis Power Metal Official Site
Six Minute Century Power/Progressive Metal Official Site
Slav Simanic Melodic Hard Rock Official Site
Sombre Holiday Progressive Metal Official Site
Stairway Heavy Metal Official Site
Bjorn Stigsson Metal/Hard Rock Official Site
Stryper Melodic Metal/Hard Rock Official Site
Stryper Melodic Metal/Hard Rock Fan Site -
Supernal Endgame Progressive Rock Official Site
Michael Sweet Melodic Rock Official Site - Stryper vocalist
Sweet Comfort Band Rock Official Site
Sweet Crystal Melodic Rock/AOR Official Site
SYZYGY Progressive Rock Official Site
Temple Of Blood Melodic Thrash/Speed Metal Official Site
Teramaze Heavy Metal Official Site
Theocracy Epic Metal Official Site
Threshold Progressive Metal Official Site
Tiles Progressive Rock Official Site
Time Horizon Progressive Official Site
Torman Maxt Progressive Rock Official Site
The Union Of Sinners & Saints Rock Official Site
Venia Power Metal/Thrash Official Site
Mike Visaggio Progressive Rock Official Site
Visual Cliff Progressive Rock Official Site
Greg X. Volz Melodic Rock Official Site
Wales Road Hard Rock Official Site
Thobias Wicklund Melodic Hard Rock Officla Site
Within Silence Power/Progressive Metal Official Site
The World Will Burn Hard Rock Official Site
Worldview Heavy Metal Official Site
X-Sinner Hard Rock Official Site
Greg X Melodic Rock Official Site
Zephaniah Power Metal Official Site
Blogs Description
Greatest Christian Albums Counting down the greatest Christian albums of all time
Guardian Blog The blog of bassist David Bach
Jesus Rock Legends Reviews and thoughts on Christ centered rock, Jesus Movement and CCM
Lady Rocker Lady Rocker: Musician & Minister
MetalFRO MetalFro's rock and metal review Blog
The One Hundred 100 Christian rock records of note
Sin Killer Webzine Christian Metal Blog from Brazil
White Throne Metal Reviews Reviews of current and not so current Christian metal releases
Worldwide Christian Hard Rock & Metal Spreading the Gospel through the music we love
Forums Description
The Cave Official Troglodyte Dawn & other stone groove message board
Christian Hard Music A very good place to discuss all types of Christian hard music- not just metal
Christian Headbangers A community for everyone who loves heavy Christian music
Christian Metal Realm CMR is THE premier place to talk about metal & hard rock
Firestream The believer's heavy music refuge
The Petra Zone The best place online to talk about Petra
Internet Radio Description
Classic Christian Rock Playing some of the greatest Christian rock ever made
The Cross Stream Bringing you the best in Christian metal radio
Dead To Self Radio Christian hard rock & metal radio
Fuel Radio 24 hour Christian hard music online radio
Heaven's Metal Podcast Music to raze hell
Metal Pulse Radio Bringing you the best in Christian metal
Reanimated Radio Music to wake the dead!
Sanctus Gladius Independent Christian metal radio
Tri Rock Radio Your Intelligent Rock Station
WGRK God Rocks Radio Your Home For Classic Christian Rock
Labels/Management Description
Frontline Records Home to Frontline Records Rewind
Grrr Records Featuring Glenn Kaiser, Resurrection Band & others
MCM Music Managing bands worldwide- Narnia, Veni Domine, Rob Rock & others
Melodic Revolution Records An independent progressive rock music label
Nightmare Records Prog-Power Label: All Metal Distribution and online store
Numavox Distributing the work of Kerry Livgren, AD & Proto Kaw
Retroactive Records Re-issuing the classic Christian rock albums of the past
Righteous Sinner Records Independent Christian recording label
Rowe Productions The home of true Jesus Metal & Jesus Street Rock
Roxx Productions Specializing in limited edition releases focusing specifically in the Christian rock & metal scenes.
Ulterium Records The home to Theocracy, Harmony, Diviner, Signum Regis & others
XNilo Records Indie Christian Metal & Rock Record Label
Resources Description
Album Art Exchange Dedicated to collecting & sharing scanned & edited album cover art
CCM Discography Exhaustive Christian music database
Christian 80 's Metal The name says it all!
Christian Molten Metal A resource for "finding bands that shred but have Christ centered lyrics"
Christian Music Archive Excellent Christian music database- includes plenty of metal/hard rock
Cool Text Where do you think I designed that cool Angelic Warlord logo?
Delta Ministries International Interdenominational evangelical organization specializing in short & mid-term missions
Firestream Music Vault Online resource for Christian rock & metal
Heaven's Metal Christian metal/hard rock database
HM The Hard Music magazine
Metal Archives A metal encyclopedia with discographies, links, lyrics & more
Metal Bible A special Bible edition for those into metal music
Music Sites Your music directory
No Life Til Metal Excellent site with TONS of band info & photos- both Christian & mainstream
Sanctuary International The rock & roll refuge
Sir Oz Academy Online guitar lessons from Stryper guitarist
Retailers Description
Brent's Christian Rock/Metal A list of Christian Rock/Metal merchandise
CD Baby The best in new independent music
CD Universe Your online store for music, CDs, movies & games
Christian Metal Distro A marketplace for indie Christian rock & metal releases
Christian Rock Shop Christian Metal/Rock: CD, T-shirts, vinyl, DVD, Accessories & Mp3
Girder Music Christian rock music & old school metal superstore
Metal Helm One stop metal and apparel shot
NEH Records Online music store in North America specializing in AOR & melodic rock
Nightmare Records Prog-Power Label: All metal distribution and Online Store
Nordic Mission Christian metal music & other products
Retroactive Records The official store of Retroactive Records
Soundmass Online source of new & used Christian music
Webzines Description
Art For The Ears The standard in hard music- providing up to date reviews, interviews & news
Christian Metal Onslaught To promote, advertise, review & interview Christian metal & hard rock artists
Classic Christian Rock Classic Christian rock blogspot
Heaven's Metal Magazine Heaven's Metal Magazine is back!
Metal For Jesus Christian metal resource with reviews and a wealth of historical information
Metal Resource Dutch metal website focusing on metal from a positive standpoint
Untombed Christian metal network
The Whipping Post The Whipping Post features up to date reviews, interviews & news
White Metal Italian Christian metal website
Bands/Artists Labels/Management
Blogs Resources
Forums Retailers
Internet Radio Webzines
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Vox Heaven - Vox Heaven
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