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Band/Artist Title Style Label
Carlsen Cromwell The Lucky Side Rock Independent 2015 70%
Rex Carroll & The Bleed Take Back A Life Modern Hard Rock Retroactive 2011 80%
The Rex Carroll Band That Was Then, This Is Now Blues Rock Retroactive 2010 85%
Cell 9 The Devil's Feast Metal/Hard Rock Independent 2016 65%
Chained Grateful Sinner Metal/Thrash Independent 2009 80%
Chaotic Resemblance Get The Hell Out Heavy Metal SurfMetal 2014 80%
Charizma Rock The World Melodic Rock United Rock
Choirs Of Veritis I Am The Way, The Truth And The Life Symphonic Metal Underground Symphony 2017 75%
Chozen Can You See Him Now? Hard Rock Independent
Derek Close The Beta Sessions Hard Rock Independent 2014 75%
Codigo Eterno Codigo Eterno Melodic Rock Independent 2008 70%
Codigo Eterno Canten La Tierra Y El Cielo Hard Rock Independent 2011 75%
Contagious Free Indeed Metal/Hard Rock Regency Music
Alice Cooper Dragontown Hard Rock Spitfire
Coriolis The Endless Funeral Industrial Metal Youngside 2010 50%
The Crimson Bridge Ministry Remnant Rock Metal/Hard Rock Independent 2016 75%
The Crimson Bridge Ministry Choices Metal/Hard Rock Independent 2017 80%
Cross Metal From Above Heavy Metal Steel Legacy 2007 75%
Crossforce Rockin' Til The Final Day Heavy Metal Roxx Productions 2011 No Quote
Crosswire A World In Flame Hard Rock Independent 2010 85%
Crown Of Mercy New Beginnings Progressive Rock Independent 2007 75%
Crucible Divine Commitment Metal/Hard Rock Tate Publishing 2011 70%
Crystavox The 20 Year Mix Melodic Metal Roxx Productions 2010 85%
Dan Cummins Storm Hard Rock Independent 2016 85%
Michael Cutting Unspoken Rock Independent 2017 80%











































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