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Title Style Label
Babylon Mystery Orchestra The Great Apostasy Gothic/Doom Metal Independent 2006 75%
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Axis Of Evil Gothic/Doom Metal Independent 2008 85%
Babylon Mystery Orchestra The Godless, the Godforsaken & the God Damned Gothic/Doom Metal Independent 2010 85%
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Poinium Cherem Gothic/Doom Metal Independent 2012 80%
Balance Of Power Perfect Balance Progressive Melodic Metal Nightmare
Barnabas Hear The Light Hard Rock Tunesmith 1980 75%
Barnabas Find Your Heart A Home Classic/Progressive Rock Tunesmith 1982 80%
Barnabas Approaching Light Speed Heavy Metal Light
Barnabas Feel The Fire Heavy Metal Light 1984 85%
Barnabas Little Foxes Heavy Metal Light 1986 80%
Barren Cross Rock For The King Heavy Metal Star Song
Barren Cross Atomic Arena Heavy Metal Enigma 1988 85%
Barren Cross Birth Pangs Heavy Metal Barren Cross Music 2013 No Quote
Battalion Runaway Melodic/Power Metal Arkeyn Steel 2012 No Quote
Belica For All Hard Rock Megahard
David Benson Purpose Of The Cross Heavy Metal Intense Millennium 2011 70%
David Benson Premonition Of Doom Heavy Metal Retroactive 2012 75%
David Benson Evil Killer Doom Metal Independent 2013 80%
Beyond The Rage Burn Me Away Modern Metal Independent 2012 80%
Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band When Your Time Comes Blues Rock Independent 2016 85%
Biogenesis The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth Heavy Metal Soundmass 2012 80%
Biogenesis A Decadence Divine Hybrid Metal Roxx Records 2017 90%
Black Fate Between Visions & Lies Melodic Power Metal Ulterium 2014 80%
Black Fate Deliverance Of Soul Melodic Metal Ulterium 2016 75%
Black With Stars Black With Stars Doom Metal Independent 2016 80%
Bloodgood Bloodgood Heavy Metal Frontline
Bloodgood Detonation Heavy Metal Frontline 1987 90%
Bloodgood Rock In A Hard Place Melodic Metal Frontline 1988 75%
Bloodgood Out Of The Darkness Heavy Metal Intense 1989 85%
Bloodgood Dangerously Close Heavy Metal Independent 2013 85%
Blues Metal Trance 1.5 Instrumental Hard Rock Roxx Records 2015 80%
Boarders The World Hates Me Metal/Thrash Quam Libet 2007 85%
Boarders R-Existence Metal/Thrsh Roxx Records 2013 80%
Mike Botello Rule Of Law Hard Rock Mijaces 2009 75%
The Brave Rise Melodic Hard Rock Independent 2014 75%
Bride Show No Mercy Heavy Metal Pure Metal
Bride Live To Die Heavy Metal Pure Metal 1988 75%
Bride Silence Is Madness Heavy Metal Pure Metal 1989 80%
Bride Kinetic Faith Hard Rock Pure Metal 1991 90%
Bride Snakes In The Playground Hard Rock Star Song 1992 95%
Bride This Is It Hard Rock Retroactive
Bride Skin For Skin Heavy Metal Retroactive 2006 90%
Bride Tsar Bomba Metal/Hard Rock Retroactive 2009 85%
Bride Incorruptible Hard Rock Retroactive 2013 85%
Bride Lost Reels I, II & III Hard Rock Retroactive 2013 No Quote
Bride Into The Matrix Metal/Hard Rock Retroactive 2014 No Quote
Broken Rain Here Comes The Pain Hard Rock/Metal Independent 2015 85%
Broken Silence Discerning The Times Melodic Metal Retroactive 2011 90%
Bruised Heel Genesis 3:15 Melodic Rock Independent 2006 55%






































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