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Title Style Label
Babylon Mystery Orchestra The Great Apostasy Gothic/Doom Metal Independent 2006 75%
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Axis Of Evil Gothic/Doom Metal Independent 2008 85%
Babylon Mystery Orchestra The Godless, the Godforsaken & the God Damned Gothic/Doom Metal Independent 2010 85%
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Poinium Cherem Gothic/Doom Metal Independent 2012 80%
Balance Of Power Perfect Balance Progressive Melodic Metal Nightmare
Barnabas Approaching Light Speed Heavy Metal Light
Barren Cross Rock For The King Heavy Metal Star Song
Barren Cross Atomic Arena Heavy Metal Enigma 1988 85%
Barren Cross Birth Pangs Heavy Metal Barren Cross Music 2013 No Quote
Battalion Runaway Melodic/Power Metal Arkeyn Steel 2012 No Quote
Belica For All Hard Rock Megahard
David Benson Purpose Of The Cross Heavy Metal Intense Millennium 2011 70%
David Benson Premonition Of Doom Heavy Metal Retroactive 2012 75%
David Benson Evil Killer Doom Metal Independent 2013 80%
Beyond The Rage Burn Me Away Modern Metal Independent 2012 80%
Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band When Your Time Comes Blues Rock Independent 2016 85%
Biogenesis The Rise, The Fall, The Rebirth Heavy Metal Soundmass 2012 80%
Biogenesis A Decadence Divine Hybrid Metal Roxx Records 2017 90%
Black Fate Between Visions & Lies Melodic Power Metal Ulterium 2014 80%
Black Fate Deliverance Of Soul Melodic Metal Ulterium 2016 75%
Bloodgood Bloodgood Heavy Metal Frontline
Bloodgood Detonation Heavy Metal Frontline 1987 90%
Bloodgood Rock In A Hard Place Melodic Metal Frontline 1988 75%
Bloodgood Out Of The Darkness Heavy Metal Intense 1989 85%
Bloodgood Dangerously Close Heavy Metal Independent 2013 85%
Blues Metal Trance 1.5 Instrumental Hard Rock Roxx Records 2015 80%
Boarders The World Hates Me Metal/Thrash Quam Libet 2007 85%
Boarders R-Existence Metal/Thrsh Roxx Records 2013 80%
Mike Botello Rule Of Law Hard Rock Mijaces 2009 75%
The Brave Rise Melodic Hard Rock Independent 2014 75%
Bride Show No Mercy Heavy Metal Pure Metal
Bride Live To Die Heavy Metal Pure Metal 1988 75%
Bride Silence Is Madness Heavy Metal Pure Metal 1989 80%
Bride Kinetic Faith Hard Rock Pure Metal 1991 90%
Bride Snakes In The Playground Hard Rock Star Song 1992 95%
Bride This Is It Hard Rock Retroactive
Bride Skin For Skin Heavy Metal Retroactive 2006 90%
Bride Tsar Bomba Metal/Hard Rock Retroactive 2009 85%
Bride Incorruptible Hard Rock Retroactive 2013 85%
Bride Lost Reels I, II & III Hard Rock Retroactive 2013 No Quote
Bride Into The Matrix Metal/Hard Rock Retroactive 2014 No Quote
Broken Rain Here Comes The Pain Hard Rock/Metal Independent 2015 85%
Broken Silence Discerning The Times Melodic Metal Retroactive 2011 90%
Bruised Heel Genesis 3:15 Melodic Rock Independent 2006 55%






































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