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Band/Artist Title Style Label
Daniel Band On Rock Hard Rock Retroactive 2010 70%
Daniel Band Straight Ahead Hard Rock Retroactive 2006 75%
Daniel Band Run From The Darkness Hard Rock Retroactive 2006 85%
Daniel Band Rise Up Hard Rock Retroactive 2012 75%
Daniel Band Running Out Of Time Hard Rock Retroactive 2012 80%
Darkwater Calling The Earth To Witness Progressive Metal Ulterium 2007 90%
Darkwater Where Stories End Progressive Metal Ulterium 2010 95%
Dbeality Dbeality Hard Rock/Metal Dbeality Music 2005 25%
Dead Moons Grey DMG Hard Rock Soundmass 2010 85%
Debellum Legacy Of Blood Heavy Metal/Thrash Independent 2006 70%
Defyance Transitional Forms Power/Progressive Metal Nightmare
DeGarmo & Key D & K Rock ForeFront 1987 90%
Jesse De La O How I've Changed Hard Rock Independent 2012 60%
Deliverance Deliverance Melodic Speed Metal Intense
Deliverance Weapons Of Our Warfare Speed Metal Intense 1990 90%
Deliverance Stay Of Execution Heavy Metal Intense 1992 85%
Deliverance River Disturbance Hard Rock Retroactive 2007 75%
Deliverance Assimilation Hard Rock Indie Dream
Deliverance As Above - So Below Heavy Metal Retroactive 2007 90%
Deliverance The First Four Years Speed Metal/Thrash Retroactive 2007 No Quote
Deliverance Greetings Of Death Speed Metal/Thrash Retroactive 2007 No Quote
Deliverance Temporary Insanity... Varies Roxx Productions 2010 No Quote
Deliverance What A Joke Speed Metal/Thrash Intense Millennium 2011 75%
Deliverance Hear What I Say! Heavy Metal 3 Frogz / Roxx Records 2013 80%
Deliverance The Subversive Kind Thrash Metal 3 Frogz / Roxx Records 2018 85%
Delorean Dauntless Progressive Hard Rock Independent
Destra Joe's Rhapsody Power/Progressive Metal Avantage
Desyre Warning Of The Night Hair Metal Glam Nation 2009 70%
Desyre Glamtron Melodic Metal Glam Nation 2013 85%
Deth Enemy Unmovable Hard Rock Big Sky Song 2015 90%
Disciples Of God Unleashed Heavy Metal Roxx Records 2017 80%
Divinefire Glory Thy Name Symphonic Power Metal Rivel
Divinefire Hero Symphonic Power Metal Rivel 2005 85%
Divinefire Into A New Dimension Symphonic Power Metal Rivel 2006 90%
Divinefire Farewell Symphonic Power Metal Rivel 2008 85%
Divinefire Eye Of The Storm Symphonic Power Metal Liljegren 2011 75%
Diviner Fallen Empires Heavy Metal Ulterium 2015 85%
D.O.G.S. Of Pray The Rise... Gothic Hard Rock ANA 2008 75%
Dracma Perfect Creation Hard Rock Megahard
Dragon's Cry Prophecies Power Metal Independent 2011 75%
Dream Quest The Release Adventure Metal DQ Records
Dream Quest Centralia Adventure Metal Independent 2006 80%
Driver Sons Of Thunder Melodic Metal Metal Heaven 2008 95%
Driver Countdown Melodic Metal Metal Heaven 2012 90%
Dual Edge Knock 'Em Alive Melodic Metal/Hard Rock Intense 1987 40%
Dynasty Motus Perpetuus Melodic Power Metal Avantage
Dynasty Warriors Of The King Classic Metal Independent 2010 85%


































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