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Band/Artist Title Style Label
Taker It Is Finished: The Complete Anthology Heavy Metal Roxx Records 2014 No Quote
Ken Tamplin Wake The Nations Melodic Rock Song Haus
Tempest A Coming Storm Melodic Metal/Hard Rock Pure Metal
Templar Dark Circus Darkwave Metal Rotting Corpse 2009 80%
Temple Of Blood Preparing For The Judgement... Melodic Thrash/Speed Metal Independent 2005 80%
Temple Of Blood Overlord Melodic Thrash/Speed Metal Independent 2008 90%
Teramaze Anhedonia Heavy Metal Nightmare 2012 90%
Teramaze Esoteric Symbolism Progressive Metal Nightmare 2014 95%
Testify 24:27 Heavy Metal Independent 2009 85%
Testify Pushing Back Darkness Heavy Metal Independent 2010 80%
Thee Final Chaptre It Is Written (Deluxe Edition) Heavy Metal DiveBomb 2016 No Quote
Theocracy Theocracy Epic Power Metal Metal Ages
Theocracy Mirror Of Souls Epic Power Metal Ulterium 2008 90%
Theocracy As The World Bleeds Epic Power Metal Ulterium 2011 95%
Theocracy Ghost Ship Epic Power Metal Ulterium 2016 90%
Thieves & Liars When Dreams Become Reality Hard Rock Facedown 2008 95%
Thieves & Liars American Rock 'N' Roll Hard Rock Facedown 2009 75%
Threshold Subsurface Progressive Metal Inside Out
Threshold Dead Reckoning Progressive Metal Nuclear Blast 2007 95%
Thunder Rider Tales Of Darkness & Light Heavy Metal Independent 1997 80%
Thunder Rider Tales Of Darkness & Light - Chapter II Heavy Metal Independent 2002 90%
Time Horizon Transitions Progressive Rock Melodic Revolution 2015 80%
Timesword Chains Of Sin Progressive Metal 7Hard 2010 85%
Tiles Fly Paper Progressive Rock Inside Out 2008 80%
Titanic Full Steam Ahead Heavy Metal Retroactive 2007 85%
Titanic Wreckage (The Best Of & The Rest Of) Heavy Metal Retroactive 2007 No Quote
Titanic Maiden Voyage Heavy Metal Retroactive 2010 80%
Titanic Screaming In Silence Heavy Metal Retroactive 2010 75%
Torman Maxt The Foolishness Of God Progressive Rock Mars Hill
Torman Maxt The Problem Of Pain: Part 1 Progressive Rock Independent 2007 55%
Torman Maxt The Problem Of Pain: Part 2 Progressive Metal Independent 2010 80%
Transatlantic Kaleidoscope Progressive Rock Radiant 2014 85%
TriPart Beneath The Surface Hard Rock Independent 2006 75%
Troglodyte Dawn Troglodyte Dawn Ambient Doom Metal Independent 2003 75%
True Strength The Cross Will Always Prevail Power Metal Independent 2014 80%
True Strength Steel Evangelist Heavy Metal Independent 2016 75%
Trytan Celestial Messenger Heavy Metal R.E.X.
Tykküs Ümlaut Heavy Metal Independent 2005 80%
Tykküs Hystorykküs Maximüs Heavy Metal Stone Groove 2014 No Quote







































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