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Band/Artist Title Style Label
M Pire Chapter One Melodic Metal Ma & Pa 2008 80%
Mad Dragzter Master Of Space And Time Thrash/Metal Independent 2015 70%
Mad Max Night Of White Rock Melodic Metal AOR Heaven 2006 85%
Mad Max White Sands Melodic Metal AOR Heaven 2007 85%
Mad Max Here We Are Melodic Metal A-Minor 2008 75%
Mad Max Welcome America Melodic Rock A-Minor 2010 60%
Maestah Maestah Heavy Metal Independent 2015 75%
Magnitude 9 Decoding The Soul Melodic Power Metal Inside Out
Main Line Riders Shot In The Dark Hard Rock Retroactive 2007 85%
Main Line Riders Worldshaker Hard Rock Retroactive 2009 90%
Majestic Vanguard Beyond The Moon Power/Progressive Metal Rivel
Malachia Red Sunrise Melodic Metal/Hard Rock Wayde 1987 75%
Darrell Mansfield Revelation Hard Rock Broken
Martiria The Age Of The Return Epic Metal Underground Symphony 2005 85%
Martiria On The Way Back Epic Metal My Graveyard 2011 90%
Mass Fighter Melodic Metal Retroactive 2010 80%
Mass New Birth Melodic Metal Retroactive 2011 85%
Mastedon It's A Jungle Out There Melodic Rock Regency
Mastedon 3 Melodic Rock Frontiers 2009 80%
MediSin Wheel Fire On The Moon Hard Rock Tate Music Group 2011 80%
Mehida Blood & Water Melodic Metal Napal 2007 80%
Mehida The Eminent Storm Melodic Metal Bullroser 2009 80%
Meliah Rage Masquerade Heavy Metal/Thrash Metro City 2009 90%
Menahem Angels & Shadows Progressive Power Metal Independent 2008 85%
Menchen Red Rock Hard Rock Retroactive 2008 95%
Menchen In The Light Heavy Metal Wrenchen Menchen 2011 80%
Mercy Rule Overruled Melodic Metal/Hard Rock R.E.X. Music
Messenger I'm Talking To You Hard Rock/Metal Independent 2008 80%
Messenger On Delivery (Live) Hard Rock/Metal Independent 2010 No Quote
Messenger You Choose Hard Rock/Metal Independent 2012 80%
Messenger Perfect Storm Melodic Metal Independent 2015 85%
Messiah Final Warning Heavy Metal Retroactive 2010 80%
Messiah Going Insane Heavy Metal Retroactive 2010 75%
Messiah Prophet Band Rock The Flock Hard Rock/Metal Mirada
Messiah Prophet Master Of The Metal Heavy Metal Intense 1986 80%
Metatrone The Powerful Hand Melodic Power Metal Scarlet 2006 80%
Metatrone Eucharismetal Melodic Power Metal Rockshots Music 2016 75%
Millennial Reign Millennial Reign Melodic Metal Independent 2012 85%
Millennial Reign Carry The Fire Melodic Metal Ulterium 2015 90%
Minier Minier Thrash/Metal Retroactive 2017 No Quote
Mirador The Azrael Tales Progressive Doom Metal Rivel
Mission Of One Show Me The Way Hard Rock Independent 2005 75%
Mission Of One Mission Of One Hard Rock Independent 2008 80%
Mission Of One Hostile To The Gospel Hard Rock/Metal Tate Music Group 2013 85%
Neal Morse One Progressive Rock Radiant
Neal Morse ? Progressive Rock Radiant 2005 90%
Neal Morse Sola Scriptura Progressive Hard Rock Radiant 2007 95%
Neal Morse Lifeline Progressive Rock Radiant 2008 85%
Neal Morse Testimony Two Progressive Rock Radiant 2011 85%
Neal Morse Momentum Progressive Rock Radiant 2012 90%
Neal Morse Songs From November Rock Radiant 2014 80%
The Neal Morse Band The Grand Experiment Progressive Rock Radiant 2015 90%
The Neal Morse Band The Similitude Of A Dream Progressive Rock Radiant 2016 95%
Motherlode The Sanctuary Melodic Hard Rock Active Music
My Darkest Time The Last Gothic/Doom Metal Independent 2016 80%
My Disgrace Rise Progressive Hard Rock Independent 2009 85%





































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