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Band/Artist Title Style Label
Pacto de Sangre Alerta Power Metal/Thrash Independent 2004 70%
Paradox Power And Glory Heavy Metal Demon Doll 2011 No Quote
Germán Pascual A New Beginning Melodic Power Metal Nightmare 2012 85%
Pastor Brad Reshredded Instrumental Hard Rock Independent 2007 85%
Pastor Brad Shredded Sweet Instrumental Hard Rock Independent 2008 85%
Pastor Brad Heavenly Shred Instrumental Hard Rock Independent 2008 80%
Pastor Brad Break Out! Metal/Hard Rock Roxx Productions 2010 70%
Pastor Brad Back To The Shredder Instrumental Hard Rock Roxx Productions 2011 80%
Pastor Brad Get Real Rocked Up Metal/Hard Rock Independent 2011 No Quote
Pastor Brad Trinity Metal/Hard Rock Independent 2011 No Quote
Pastor Brad Lemonade Metal/Hard Rock Independent 2015 75%
Pastor Brad Storm The Gates Heavy Metal Independent 2016 No Quote
Pastor Brad UP Worship Rock Independent 2017 No Quote
PEO Welcome To The Party Melodic Rock AOR Heaven 2016 85%
Joshua Perahia Something To Say Melodic Rock M & K Sounds
Joshua Perahia Surrender Melodic Metal Ma & Pa 2008 85%
Joshua Perahia Chapter One Melodic Metal Ma & Pa 2008 80%
Joshua Perahia Resurrection Melodic Hard Rock Majestic R&P 2012 95%
Perpetual Legacy A New Symphony For Him Symphonic Metal Metal Survivor 2015 80%
Petra On Fire! Melodic Rock Star Song 1988 70%
Petra Jekyll & Hide Hard Rock Inpop
Petra Back To The Rock Melodic Rock Classic Petra LLC 2010 No Quote
Phantom Serenade In Need Of Rain Metal/Hard Rock Independent 2013 75%
Philadelphia Tell The Truth Heavy Metal Patmos
Philadelphia Warlord Metal/Hard Rock Independent 2016 80%
Mike Phillips Mirrors Within Mirrors Metal Roxx Productions 2009 80%
Pilgrimsprog Pilgrimsprog Progressive Rock Independent 2010 85%
Pilgrimsprog Do You Have Thanatophobia? Hard Rock Independent 2013 80%
Place Of Skulls Love Through Blood Doom Metal Outlaw Recordings
Place Of Skulls The Black Is Never Far Melodic Doom Metal Exile On Mainstream 2006 90%
Place Of Skulls As A Dog Returns Doom Metal GiddyUp! 2010 85%
Promise Land Harmony In Ruins Symphonic Metal XNilo 2014 75%
Prodigal Stand Classic Rock Independent 2006 75%
Prophet Azal Elijah Returns Hard Rock TTM Records 2011 70%
Proto-Kaw Before Became After Progressive Rock Inside Out
Proto-Kaw Forth Progressive Rock Numavox 2011 85%
Proto-KawThe Wait Of Glory Progressive Rock Numavox201590%
Pursuit Quest Progressive Metal Independent
Pÿlon The Eternal Wedding Band Doom Metal Quam Libet 2006 75%
Pÿlon Doom Doom Metal Quam Libet 2009 85%
Pÿlon Armoury Of God Doom Metal Quam Libet 2011 80%
Pÿlon The Harrowing Of Hell Doom Metal Roxx Records 2013 75%
Pÿlon Homo Homini Lupus Doom/Traditional Metal Roxx Records 2014 85%
Pÿlon A Lament Doom Metal Roxx Records 2016 80%
Pyramaze Melancholy Beast Melodic Power Metal Nightmare
Pyramaze Legend Of The Bone Carver Melodic Power Metal Nightmare 2006 95%






































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