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Band/Artist Title Style Label
Pacto de Sangre Alerta Power Metal/Thrash Independent 2004 70%
Paradox Power And Glory Heavy Metal Demon Doll 2011 No Quote
Germán Pascual A New Beginning Melodic Power Metal Nightmare 2012 85%
Pastor Brad Reshredded Instrumental Hard Rock Independent 2007 85%
Pastor Brad Shredded Sweet Instrumental Hard Rock Independent 2008 85%
Pastor Brad Heavenly Shred Instrumental Hard Rock Independent 2008 80%
Pastor Brad Break Out! Metal/Hard Rock Roxx Productions 2010 70%
Pastor Brad Back To The Shredder Instrumental Hard Rock Roxx Productions 2011 80%
Pastor Brad Get Real Rocked Up Metal/Hard Rock Independent 2011 No Quote
Pastor Brad Trinity Metal/Hard Rock Independent 2011 No Quote
Pastor Brad Lemonade Metal/Hard Rock Independent 2015 75%
Pastor Brad Storm The Gates Heavy Metal Independent 2016 No Quote
Pastor Brad UP Worship Rock Independent 2017 No Quote
Pastor Brad Storm The Gates 2 Heavy Metal Independent 2017 No Quote
PEO Welcome To The Party Melodic Rock AOR Heaven 2016 85%
Joshua Perahia Something To Say Melodic Rock M & K Sounds
Joshua Perahia Surrender Melodic Metal Ma & Pa 2008 85%
Joshua Perahia Chapter One Melodic Metal Ma & Pa 2008 80%
Joshua Perahia Resurrection Melodic Hard Rock Majestic R&P 2012 95%
Perpetual Legacy A New Symphony For Him Symphonic Metal Metal Survivor 2015 80%
Petra On Fire! Melodic Rock Star Song 1988 70%
Petra Jekyll & Hide Hard Rock Inpop
Petra Back To The Rock Melodic Rock Classic Petra LLC 2010 No Quote
Phantom Serenade In Need Of Rain Metal/Hard Rock Independent 2013 75%
Philadelphia Tell The Truth Heavy Metal Patmos
Philadelphia Warlord Metal/Hard Rock Independent 2016 80%
Mike Phillips Mirrors Within Mirrors Metal Roxx Productions 2009 80%
Pilgrimsprog Pilgrimsprog Progressive Rock Independent 2010 85%
Pilgrimsprog Do You Have Thanatophobia? Hard Rock Independent 2013 80%
Place Of Skulls Love Through Blood Doom Metal Outlaw Recordings
Place Of Skulls The Black Is Never Far Melodic Doom Metal Exile On Mainstream 2006 90%
Place Of Skulls As A Dog Returns Doom Metal GiddyUp! 2010 85%
Promise Land Harmony In Ruins Symphonic Metal XNilo 2014 75%
Prodigal Stand Classic Rock Independent 2006 75%
Prophet Azal Elijah Returns Hard Rock TTM Records 2011 70%
Proto-Kaw Before Became After Progressive Rock Inside Out
Proto-Kaw Forth Progressive Rock Numavox 2011 85%
Proto-KawThe Wait Of Glory Progressive Rock Numavox201590%
Pursuit Quest Progressive Metal Independent
Pÿlon The Eternal Wedding Band Doom Metal Quam Libet 2006 75%
Pÿlon Doom Doom Metal Quam Libet 2009 85%
Pÿlon Armoury Of God Doom Metal Quam Libet 2011 80%
Pÿlon The Harrowing Of Hell Doom Metal Roxx Records 2013 75%
Pÿlon Homo Homini Lupus Doom/Traditional Metal Roxx Records 2014 85%
Pÿlon A Lament Doom Metal Roxx Records 2016 80%
Pyramaze Melancholy Beast Melodic Power Metal Nightmare
Pyramaze Legend Of The Bone Carver Melodic Power Metal Nightmare 2006 95%






































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