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Interview with Ski of Faith Factor

New Jersey based Faith Factor deserves to rank with the more exciting Christian metal bands to hit the scene in recent years.  Forming in the fall of 2005 but not releasing its debut 3 song EP until the summer of 2007, Faith Factor brings a classic power metal sound inviting a comparison to Sacred Warrior, Recon, Jacobs Dream and many others.  In follow up to the review of the bands EP I included as part of the August 12, 2007 update to Angelic Warlord, I conducted an online interview with Faith Factor lead vocalist Ski – former frontman of Deadly Blessing – who goes into detail in regards to his musical background, the bands history and future recording project entitled Against A Darkened Sky.

What are some of your favorite bands and vocalist that you listened to while growing up?  And how did they inspire your music?
Well, when I was real young, around 9 years old, I got a record player for Christmas, but I didn’t have any records so I went to the local department store called Korvetts.  I was walking around in the music section, and I saw these 4 painted faces.  I thought this looked cool I’ll buy it.  As you know, it was the first Kiss album and it blew me away.  So from there my other favorite metal bands and vocalist were Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Halford, Dickenson and Tate.

When did you start singing and when did you know that you wanted to front a rock band?
I started singing around age 12, just messing around on my acoustic guitar.  My best friend Mike, who was a drummer in a band called Zygo, needed a drum tech so he taught me the ropes.  One day at rehearsal the singer didn’t show up, so (they) asked me to fill in.  The first song I ever sang was “Cat Scratch Fever”.  After they heard what I could do, I was the new lead singer for the band.  Then I went to see Kiss for the first time on the Dynasty tour.  Some band called Judas Priest was opening up.  From the time I heard Halford scream, I said to myself “that’s what I wanna do”.  The rest is history.

How did you come up with the name Faith Factor?  Does it have any special meaning?
While on tour with Deadly Blessing in Puerto Rico, I heard the call from God to sacrifice and follow me.  The Lord said stop glorifying yourself and give me honor and praise for the gift of music I have given to you.  So needless to say, you don’t mess with God.  The name Faith Factor was given to me by our Lord.  What it means is- what is your faith, what do you believe in and at what level in that belief are you

Tell me about the history of Faith Factor.  Specifically, when did the band form and how did its members meet?
We formed in February of 2006.  All the members are Blain, Chris and Jim on guitars, Joe on bass and on the drums Dan.  We all knew each through the years playing all kinds of local cover and original bands.  Joe actually played in the rock band Zygo with me and Jim was also in a Judas Priest tribute band with me but never worked out.

Faith Factor - 07/07/07

How would you describe the music of Faith Factor?
We consider ourselves a US Christian power metal band.

Faith Factor just released its debut 3 song demo entitled 07/07/07.  Are you satisfied with the way the EP turned out and how has the response been so far?
For our first EP we’re happy with it and the response has been all good so far.

Can you tell me a bit about each of the 3 songs on the demo?
OK, “Prayer Warriors” is what we as Christians should be doing everyday.  “The Angel And The Butterfly” is gonna mean something to everyone in different ways and “Deceiver” is a warning from satan

I understand that Faith Factor is currently at work on a full length follow up effort entitled Against A Darkened Sky.   How is work progressing on the project?  And how will it compare musically to your demo?
Yes, we are working on a 10 song full length album called Against A Darkened Sky.  Our goal right now is while we are shopping the EP to record labels, Christian and secular, to continue writing for the new album.  If we cannot land a real good deal, if God blesses us to release (the album) ourselves we will.  Well, we have recently lost Jim our guitar player due to personal reasons so right now Blaine and Chris are picking up the pieces.  We are looking for a keyboard player to add atmosphere and mood.  If God wills it- it will be.  If not we will move forward.  If God is for us, who can be against us. Here is a little taste of what will be on the new album: right now we have 6 songs complete, written and arranged (but) not recorded.  They are “The Light Replaces Darkness”, “Armor Of God”, “Divine Temptation”, another power metal ballad called “In Remembrance”, the epic “Ascend Unto Heaven” (11 minutes plus) and “The Rapture”.  A new song called “In Gods Shadow” (is) in the writing stages now and 3 others waiting on God’s blessing.  Musically, the same US Christian  power metal.
Thanks so much and may God bless you all,



Review by Andrew Rockwell


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